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...versatile gas and oil-fired plants


Focus Energy provides complete solutions and installations containing everything a heating plant requires. This means everything from individual components and boilers to turnkey solutions including all construction work, permits from the authorities, etc. Our solutions cover a wide range of performance: from 315 kW to 15,000 kW. They are based on hot water, high pressure hot water or steam boilers for traditional gas and oil-firing or on gas motors for CHP production. In cases where Focus Energy can see additional opportunities for increased efficiency and a reduction of production costs, our system is integrated with heat pump technology in order to take advantage of all available energy in the flue gas. Use of biogas and bio-oil as fuel is a proven technology for Focus Energy. Our many years of experience and development enable us to provide the specialised knowledge required for designing these systems. Focus Energy has years of experience in supplying customised solutions that can be retrofitted into existing plants. In this context, Focus Energy draws on our vast experience and skills in designing of systems – choosing components, dimensioning boilers, selecting motors, etc. – so as to deliver extremely versatile solutions.

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Two boilers in a compact customised solution tailored to suit an existing installation.

A complete heating plant consisting of numerous components assembled to form a stable solution with optimal output.

Four different motor installations, each of which has been defined by financial considerations and customer preferences.

Exhaust boilers use exhaust gases to generate hot water or steam.



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Gas motor Catalytic converter Muffler Lubricating oil Waste oil Muffler Heat pump HT Energy master

9. LT Energy master 10. Ventilation 11. Ventilation 12. Chimney 13. Hot water to urban network 14. Cold water to urban network 15. Liquid cooler 16. Accumulation tank

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A hi-tech control system for multiple units, with regulation and monitoring functions to ensure optimal co-ordination of the plant and to minimise production costs.

Focus Energy adapts fuels and boilers to obtain the lowest possible emission values.

A Focus Energy heat exchanger ensures optimal utilisation of the energy in flue gases.

Correctly dimensioned exhaust boilers improve the economics of the plant as a whole.

1. Burner 2. Boiler 3. Shunt pump 4. Safety valves 5. Heat exchanger 6. Chimney





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Focus Energy makes its expertise available as early as the planning stage. We prepare technical descriptions of different scenarios, carry out feasibility studies and make a complete presentation of the solution including a financial overview and an offer for execution. Focus Energy continuously strives to develop technologies based on the applicable regulations governing environmentally friendly incineration. This aim applies to the entire system and to every single component. The use of gas and oil-fired installations can be integrated into the concept of “energy with consideration� when the plants in question have the required flexibility. A straightforward investment in an installation that can quickly be called in as back-up in connection with other sustainable energy plants.


Focus Energy develops and supplies equipment for the production of heat and electricity. This equipment covers everything from individual boilers to turnkey heating and CHP plants. Installations and plants are designed on the basis of ongoing dialogue with the customer, an approach that allows Focus Energy to ensure the best possible solution and operation. The complete system solution approach also involves Focus Energy following up with competent and efficient service after delivery. Focus Energy’s vision: to be a leading supplier of energy plants for environmentally responsible heat production. To this end, Focus Energy places emphasis on acting as a sounding board for its clients throughout the process from planning to delivery, and on being an exciting place to work – a workplace that develops constantly. Focus Energy’s mission: we aim to develop and supply plants that use the available energy sources to generate thermal energy. We want to make optimal use of the energy by applying modern technology and know-how.

Jens-Ole Aagaard Jensen CEO, Managing Director

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Gas and oil fired plants  
Gas and oil fired plants  

Gas and oil fired plants