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... dry biofuel as a source of energy


Focus Energy has the capacity to provide a solution that can use all kinds of dry biofuel: wood fuel in the form of pellets, briquettes, dry woodchip, sawdust and shavings, or crop fuel in the form of cut straw, pellets, seed waste, grain and other granulated biomass product suitable for incineration. All the different kinds of installations we provide are fully automated and designed for stepless regulation of performance in the 10–100% capacity range. This translates into optimal operation and combustion at both high and low capacity usage of the plants. Combustion takes place on moveable grates. Focus Energy adapts installation solutions to suit customer requirements and applicable requirements from the authorities regarding emissions. In fact, we supply all kinds of installations in the performance range of 400–3,150 kW based on our Biomaster P Boiler with horizontal piping – a compact, efficient installation that is easy to operate and to service and which is suitable for installing in existing buildings or transportable containers. Installations that generate 4,000 kW or more are based on our Biomaster boiler with vertical piping. This makes slightly higher demands with regard to the physical framework.

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... waste wood converted into green energy!

A mobile container solution makes it possible to expand the heat supply to a local area in step with new consumer connections – and to move the heating plant as requirements change.

Integrated incineration grate – where combustion takes place on a hydralic travelling grate – built into the boiler flue.

The flue gases are cooled in either a vertical or a horizontal pipe system. Correct control of the temperatures, water flow and pipe purification ensure stable and efficient operation.

The installation is adapted to suit the applicable environmental requirements regarding emissions.

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Focus Energy develops and supplies equipment for the production of heat and electricity. This equipment covers everything from individual boilers to turnkey heating and CHP plants. Installations and plants are designed on the basis of ongoing dialogue with the customer, an approach that allows Focus Energy to ensure the best possible solution and operation. The complete system solution approach also involves Focus Energy following up with competent and efficient service after delivery. Focus Energy’s vision: to be a leading supplier of energy plants for environmentally responsible heat production. To this end, Focus Energy places emphasis on acting as a sounding board for its clients throughout the process from planning to delivery, and on being an exciting place to work – a workplace that develops constantly. Focus Energy’s mission: we aim to develop and supply plants that use the available energy sources to generate thermal energy. We want to make optimal use of the energy by applying modern technology and know-how.

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Dry biofuel as energy source  
Dry biofuel as energy source  

Dry biofuel as energy source