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Badenoch & Clark / Executive Search Finance | Human Resources

Strategic ties for continuing success Badenoch & Clark is an international executive search organisation that ties senior professionals to strategic positions. In the Netherlands the company focuses on the fields of Finance and Human Resources. We offer demonstrable added value by emphasising competences and personal qualities that reinforce your organisation’s identity and determine the success of your long-term strategy. We actively, yet discretely utilise our network to fill positions that demand a high level of specialisation and leadership skills.

“Trust has to be earned day in, day out. We do so by personally identifying with your organisational goals and linking these to professionals who are of immediate and continuing added value.� Wouter van Hoeckel Director Badenoch & Clark - Nederland

To us, executive search means: contemporary professional knowledge, a presence in and the organisation of the relevant networks, active, intelligent recruitment and selection skills in line with the perceptions of senior professionals. We work quickly and efficiently, but look beyond short-term results. We are committed and focus on strategic ties for continuing success.

Our methods


• We link client, sector and market knowledge to transparent, result-oriented recruitment and selection processes

Techniques to be utilised: • Headhunting • Networking • Social Media

• We bring together cultural and administrative aspects, strategic goals and core competences so we have a comprehensive framework for identifying, selecting and actively approaching the right professionals with a suitable proposition • We understand that speed is of the essence, but we don’t make concessions when it comes to quality We actively utilise our network. We do so systematically in an effective framework which guarantees quality control and interim reporting. We work discretely, professionally and in an enterprising fashion.

Selection Our consultants are trained and experienced in using competence and personality-oriented interview techniques both on the telephone (pre-selection) as well as face to face (final selection). If so desired, we carry out testing and assessments. We have developed a search and selection method in which we put the focus on all the aspects relevant to optimum working employment.

Key Result Areas Environment



Culture Team

Badenoch & Clark Badenoch & Clark is a leading, international executive search organisation with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Luxemburg and the UK. The company which employs well over 550 staff was founded in London in 1980 and has been part of the international Adecco Group, a Global Fortune 500 company since 2010. Badenoch & Clark strives to create ties between organisations and senior professionals with added value development as its core principle. In the Netherlands Badenoch & Clark focuses on the fields of Finance and Human Resources. Badenoch & Clark consultants distinguish themselves through their in-depth professional knowledge and skill at the highest level of search & selection. Badenoch & Clark works for a wide range of organisations from high-level SMEs to multinationals. Badenoch & Clark approaches every assignment as if it is unique and puts out client-specific feelers to surpass the desired outcome.



Our clients can utilise a tailor-made range of services. We carry out individual research assignments or take responsibility for entire processes from profile advice to entering into employment.

Badenoch & Clark offers specific solutions for clients and assignments. We operate on the basis on pre-agreed fee structures in line with the position to be substantiated. We will provide you with a tailor-made quote.

The techniques used include: • Headhunting • Networking • Social Media

Information For specific information and/or an obligation-free meeting please contact the Badenoch & Clark team by calling +31 33 46 000 29 or e-mailing: For further – general – information please refer to





Hire (or not)


Explanation of position

Possible additional input on position/department

Interviews & Feedback

Negotiations & Feedback


Badenoch & Clark

Intake & Advice

Search, Interview & Select

Support & Communication

Support & Communication


1 Face-to-Face meeting (company visit with focus on culture) 2 Discuss core competence list 3 Check & modify, if necessary

1 2 3 4

Extensive search Telephone interview Face-to-face interview Selection on the basis of core competences 5 Proposal of candidates with CV and reasoning

1 Coordination of candidates and clients 2 Communicate feedback from the candidate-client process

1 Face-to-Face meeting 2 Evaluation by client 3 Share own feedback with client

Badenoch & Clark / Executive Search Finance | Human Resources

Badenoch & Clark Executive Search Our specialities

Our consultants

• Finance • Human Resources

Our consultants combine professional knowledge with the intrinsic drive to set the new standard in high-level executive search. To this end, we study and immerse ourselves in: • Organisational structures • Work and management cultures • Human motives and ambitions

Our focus Positions with strategic/substantive criteria such as: • High professional specialisation level • High-level of experience • Demonstrable leadership skills • Success in position is co-determined by qualities and impact Salary guideline: € 65,000 gross per year and up.

Our commitment In executive search we put the emphasis on active approach. We don’t wait, but initiate career moves within our network of senior professionals. • Active approach and targeted activation of our network • Presence on relevant (online) professional forums • Organisation of and participation in networking activated and discussions • Career development advice to professionals By actively monitoring professionals we know exactly who we can approach at which point in time with a targeted proposition as well as who we should leave alone (for the time being).

We are critical, always think ahead and act in a transparent manner. What’s important to us are results organisations and professionals talk about far into the future!

Please contact us at:

Badenoch & Clark Nederland Philipsstraat 1 a 3833 LC Leusden The Netherlands Tel. No: +31 (0)33 460 00 29 E-mail: Website:


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