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Cloud Boutique Hotel 云端精品客栈


work project at Scenario Design Studio

Anchorage Lakeside Hotel 桃源‘泊’客栈


work project at Scenario Design Studio

Spring of Silver Resort 银箔泉度假酒店


work project at Scenario Design Studio

Facade Design and Construction Drawing


internship projects ChengDu JiZhunFangZhong Architecture Studio

Architecture Workshop studio project under the Xiamen University - National Quemoy University architecture exchange studies project




PERSONAL DATA Full Name Email Gender Nationality Date of Birth Address

Cory Crossman Female Indonesia 07 February 1989 Tmn Permata Indah 2 blok I/7 Jakarta Utara Jakarta, Indonesia 14450

EDUCATION 2007-2012 Bachelor of Architecture Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Xiamen University, Fujian, CHINA 2006-2007 Chinese language course Department of Foreign Language Xiamen University, Fujian, CHINA

AWARDS 2012 First Place in Xiamen University International Student Fellowship 2010 Excellency Award in the Xiamen University - National Quemoy University architecture exchange studies project 2010 Third Place in The “ZhuJing” Landscape Design Competition, held by JiaGeng College of Xiamen University and Xiamen HanZhuoLuQiao Landscape Art .Co



Aug 2012-Aug 2013 Assistant Architect at Scenario Design Studio, Dali, YunNan, CHINA Participated and co-lead the design team for preliminary design phase of various projects within the studio Developed construction Drawing for hotel projects Worked with team of structural engineer and construction team to achieve the project’s success

Sept 2011- Des 2011 Architecture Intern at ChengDu JiZhunFangZhong Architecture Studio ChengDu, SiChuan, CHINA

Involved in numerous projects within the studio ranging from facade design to large scale mixed-use projects Worked closely with project architect in producing sets of construction drawing

LANGUAGE SKILL Indonesian Mother tongue English Intermediate: writing, oral, listening Chinese Intermediate: writing, oral, listening

SOFTWARE SKILL AutoCAD Vectorworks SketchUp Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator MS Office Suite


●●●●○ ●●○○○ ●●●●○ ●●●●○ ●●●●○ ●●●○○ ●●●●○

I am hard-worker in making sure the success of projects I am involved in, this also represents my sense of responsibility in the various tasks. During my experience working in fast-paced China construction environment, timing is everything, therefore I am trained to be a quick-learner and to work under strict deadline. I am easy-going by nature and have experiences in working with team from different backgrounds.


C L O U D boutique hotel work project at Scenario Design Studio

Location Area Date Status Description

ShuangLang, Dali YunNan, CHINA 1621 sqm Aug 2012 in construction The client had built foundation on the site and they approach us when they realized that their design were no longer suitable because of a new construction nearby had blocked site’s view to the lake. It was the main challenge for us to design the new solution within the existing grids on the site while exploring and giving the boutique hotel its new concepts of hospitality design to stand out from the local tourism crowd. ShuangLang’s retreat tourism suddenly boomed in 2010, it has since brutally crowded with hostel and tourist, therefore it is critical to redefine the hospitality design in ShuangLang. The boutique hotel no longer served as a place to stay but it need the essence of spatial experience in enjoying nature and nice weather in this beautiful site. The local weather is dry high-altitude climate, but long exposure during the summer afternoon and evening can be uncomfortable due to high ratio of UV. The site’s main view is facing west, therefore it is important to provide shelter to enjoy the excellent west-facing lake view, it is achieved by blurring indoor-outdoor space’s boundary and it also gives a different perspective to enjoy the scenery and weather.

Main Responsibility 1 Developing preliminary design, outline proposal and design presentation for the client 2 Assisting in design development and design reviews as well as identifying and addressing potential problems before starting the construction drawing 3 Communicating with the client, the structucal enginner and the construction team in major challange of the project 4 Producing set of construction drawings for the main structural frame 5 Continue in developing more detailed construction drawings with interior fittings

Site’s initial condition Construction photo as August 2013, because of the site’s limitation, the building is divided into two structures

Loft space and Large opennig of the guestroom


Bird Eye View

North East View


First Floor Plan

Natural Stonewall Detail Drawing

Second Floor Plan1:100 二层平面插座布置图 201



Third Floor Plan

Room Loft Plan

Axonometric Drawing of the Concrete Structure


Largest Room with Loft The concept of the balcony is redefined here, it has become a two tier outdoor with interconnected space yet has different privacy level, as in lower tier, more secluded area is reserved for the outdoor bathtub.

Each function in the guest room is defined by its level in this trapezoid space. Lowest level for utility, second tier for the working table, bedroom and sunken bathtub, highest tier for relaxing. In between the main levels, there is a smaller tier as stair’s platform while providing as wardrobe below.


Guest Room with Dormer The dormer window is not only extending the space to the scenery, it is also providing another source of light and together with configuration of the loft platform, creates playful integration between voids and light inside the room space.


ANCHORAGE lakeside hotel

work project at Scenario Design Studio

Location Area Date Status Description

TaoYuan Dali, YunNan, CHINA 1034 sqm (site); 1950 sqm (floor) Nov 2013 in construction The project sets on four old farmhouses at the westcoast of ErHai lake. The main challanges of the design are to obeying local building code on architecture style that has to resamble the traditional BAI architecture, and keeping public alleys that divide site into four seperate landmass. Therefore the design focuses on dividing functions into several smaller volume of buildings with courtyards and alleyways as its connector and controlling size propotion that are the main harmonic features of the traditional architecture.

Main Responsibility 1 Assisting principal architect in directing and preparing preliminary design and design development 2 Consulting project structural design with structural engineer and construction team 3 Became the architect-in-charge of the production of construction drawing

Bird Eye View


First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

West Facade


First Courtyard Section

Third Courtyard Section

Fourth and Third Courtyard View


Second Courtyard First Floor Plan

Second Courtyard Second Floor Plan



Stair Construction Plan

First Courtyard First Floor Plan

Stair Construction Section

First Courtyard Second Floor Plan

First Courtyard Section


Second Floor Guestroom

Lakeside Deluxe Room Concept


S P R I N G of S I L V E R resort

work project at Scenario Design Studio

Location Area Date Status Description

Dali YunNan, CHINA 4485.2 sqm (site); 3471 sqm (floor) Feb 2013 Preliminary design The site sits on the foothill of Changshan mountain with a vast view to the historic Dali Old Town and Lake ErHai. The resort design’s main goal is to prolongs the surroundings quietness and serenity inside the landscape, it also respects the local tradition and architecure. The site plan is heavily inspired by the nearby traditional village, with is uphill downhill narrow alleyways intersecting with small plaza and unparrarel earth architecture.

Main Responsiblity 1 Compiling the related field research and conducting primary feasibility research 2 Assisting Principal Architect in leading the team of architects on preleminary design phase 3 Developing and directing design presentation’s method and materials

Site plan


Nearby traditional village that has represent the surrounding serenity, heavily influences the design apprach

Site model indicating plants on the site that will be preserved and also become major element in overall site planning

Water feature system

Circulation system

Site panorama photo


Prespective View

Water Feature and the Courtyards


Scale model


FACADE DESIGN internship project at ChengDu JiZhunFangZhong Architecture Studio

Location ChengDu, SiChuan, CHINA Date Sept 2011 Description The above apartment building has nearly came to completion, but the client was not satisfied with the shopping facade design. The new facade design proposal aimed not only to give the pedestrian more comfortable scale between high-rise buildings, but also brings lively facade using box and rectangle elements while incorporating with the apartment’s theme and material. Main Responsibility 1 Proposing the facade design 2 Supporting in technical details of the facade design

South East view

North East view

construction D R A W I N G


internship project at ChengDu JiZhunFangZhong Architecture Studio Location ChengDu, SiChuan, CHINA Date Oct 2011 Description This set of construction drawings includes detailed floor plans, elevations and section of a 3-floors shop that is a part of a 10000 sqm shopping-residential development projects in ChengDu. As it is a huge development project, all the drawings has to have precise axis, x-y position and measurement to help the construction documentation‘s efficiency. Main 1 Drafting the floor plans, elevations Responsiblity and section drawings 2 Reporting daily to the Project Architect 3 Completing and reviewing the construction drawing to meet with the national drawing standard

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Main Elevation

1-1 Section



studio project under the Xiamen University - National Quemoy University architecture exchange studies project

Location Area Date Collaborator Description

Xiamen, Fujian, CHINA 3780 sqm Sept 2010 Wang Jue By this project, we are trying to explore the possibility of providing Xiamen University Department of Architecture building which envokes an architectural workshop within its primary educational function. The division between function is clearly divided, with north part of the buidling reserved for the administration and professor’s office, while the entrance with public classroom and exhibition space in the middle, and the architecture studio rooms in the south section. The teired architecture studio is providing more working space in limited area, its also creates interesting interaction between students.


Site Plan


Concept Diagram

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Fourth Floor Plan

Longitudinal Section


Three plus One tiered Architecture Studio Room not only provides more working space but also creates interesting interaction between students

Architecture Studio Room Plan

Scale Model

Horizontal Section

Cory Crossman 2013

Architecture Works Portfolio of CORY CROSSMAN  

CORY CROSSMAN's works portfolio 2013

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