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Red Iron’s Corner Another successful year has passed, and we have so much to be proud of as a company. We set some big goals for 2016 and accomplished a lot. Crossland has grown in both size and capabilities. We continued making huge strides in updating ‘The Crossland Way,’ our internal policies and procedures. We set a goal in Safety to beat a RIR (recordable incident rate) of 1.5 and we did it! That put Crossland in the country’s Top 1% for safety. Yet, through all of this change, one critical component of our Crossland DNA has remained true – our way of doing business. Hard work. Integrity. Trust. This has been our first generation’s blueprint for success, and it’s the formula that will guide our company’s future. These three elements are also key to our established policies, processes, and best practices. With projects being built all across the nation, spread among our eight offices, it is critical we keep ‘The Crossland Way’ at the forefront of everything we do. To our 160 interns we housed in 2016, you keep us fresh and bring new ideas and innovation. Our success depends on not only the seasoned employees that have been with us through the years, but also the young talent that will become tomorrow’s leaders. You are the company’s future and are vital to our continued growth. To our 1,300-plus employees, we will continue to communicate the direction of the company and form solid pathways for your growth and success. To our clients all across the nation, we will work to ensure that you receive a consistent experience from project to project. Regardless of who is on your project team, we will deliver it, The Crossland Way. Crossland’s foundation has always been our people, and it is our desire to develop, support, and recognize all of our employees, their talents, and their skills. It is through these efforts that our core values and company culture will continue to thrive. I’m excited to see where our company can go, and what our hardworking employees can achieve. We have been so very blessed, and are eagerly looking forward to what 2017 has in store. To our company founder, my dad, thanks for a helluva start, Red Iron.

Patrick Crossland President - Kansas City Division


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Cover Story: Reaching New Heights - Hunt Tower & Infills Rogers, AR


Jim Norton Chevrolet Dealership Broken Arrow, OK


Fowler Volkswagen Dealership Norman, OK

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Enterprise Eastgate Metroplex Tulsa, OK


Connors State College: Allied Health & Nursing and Student Union


Langston University Physical Therapy Building, Langston, OK


K-State Research & Extension Center, Parsons, KS


Edison Preparatory School Tulsa, OK

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Bill and Virginia Leffen Center for Autism, Joplin, MO


Crossland Current: Awards & Recognitions 2016

Eagle Picher Crossroads Expansion, Joplin, MO

Crossland Heavy Contractors Hedge Lane Pump Station & Reservoir, Olathe, KS


REACHING NEW HEIGHTS Hunt Tower - 2016 American Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction Award Recipient.

Client: PH Office 2, LLC Architect: Core Architects Crossland Project Team Jason Miller, Project Manager Brad Hamilton, Superintendent Rafael Oddone, Assistant Superintendent Austin Leake, Field Engineer Cori Miller, Office Engineer Joe Martin, Steel Superintendent Jake Doss, Steel Superintendent 4

HUNT TOWER Rogers, AR— The honored recipient of a 2016 American Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction award, the Hunt Tower project in Rogers, Arkansas is a sight to behold. Located in the heart of Pinnacle Hills, and with the Arkansas Music Pavilion located in its background, the impressive structure is the tallest building in Benton County, forever changing the Rogers skyline. With 263,000 square feet of space, Hunt Tower required four steel crews, a stud welding crew, two cranes, three concrete crews, and two labor crews to complete it. The exterior façade showcases 87,000 square feet of glass curtain wall, with 32,000 square feet of color-changing iridescent composite metal panels. Crews worked at heights measuring nearly 160 feet. For 11 months, they worked on swing stages that were moved over every inch of every floor of the perimeter. An on-site welding shop allowed for our workers to do much of the flagged field welds on the ground, improving turnaround times and safety, and keeping us moving forward during inclement weather. Challenges present themselves during every project, and Hunt Tower was no exception. In the very beginning, and after earthwork had begun, the Owner added a floor, taking the building from its original nine stories to ten. Design teams mobilized to make the adjustments, all while keeping the project momentum. Additionally, steel crews invested in “column climbers” - column-climbing equipment that allowed them to build up to four floors of structural steel without decking or floors beneath them. A lot of time was spent effectively coordinating the use and locations of our cranes and steel crews to maintain peak production. This project’s success was rooted in outstanding supervisory teams and, as with every project, Crossland’s unique ability to self-perform various aspects of the jobs we complete. Not only did that self-performance drive the schedule, it also kept quality control in check. Effective communication was essential because of the job’s unusual sequencing. Crews were performing all the rough activities, including installing structural steel, placing concrete slabs, and fireproofing the structural steel at the same time the finished curtain wall was being installed. Brad Hamilton, the project Superintendent, said with a chuckle, “I had backup plans for my backup plans.” The combination of these efforts kept driving the project forward. It was imperative to the Owner that the tower be completed on time. True to form, Crossland delivered right on schedule.



TENANT INFILLS Along with construction of the Hunt Tower core and shell, Crossland was also tasked with three of the building’s tenant infills. The negotiated leases were already in place before the start of the project and served as the driving force in the building schedule. Precise management and seamless coordination were necessary to ensure the operational lease dates were met for all three tenants. Crossland crews came through with all infills delivered on time.

The Harvest Group, a 12,567 square foot infill located on the seventh floor, was the primary accelerating force behind the schedule on the building’s core and shell. To meet The Harvest Group’s operational date, the structure’s entire 260,000 square feet of core and shell had to reach substantial completion. The largest of the three infills belonged to Advantage Sales and Marketing. At 64,278 square feet, the organization occupies the first, second, and third floors of Hunt Tower. Included in their space was a second floor commercial kitchen with walk-in freezers and coolers. Because of the commercial kitchen, grease ducts had to be routed from the second floor to the tenth floor, with access panels on floors three through ten. The ductwork placement required additional two-hour shaftwalls, fireproofing, and changes to the other two ongoing infills to meet the requirements necessary for the extra safety features. The sixth floor was occupied by Bayer Health Care, a Walmart vendor team, to the tune of 14,642 square feet. The three pre-set operational dates burned the tight schedule into the forefront of everyone’s minds. Without the assistance of additional supervision for the tenant infills, managing the timely completion of these spaces fell on Crossland’s Hunt Tower team members. True to form, Cori Miller, Austin Leake, and Rafael Oddone stepped up and added tenant infill management to their already heavy workload. We elected to engage three separate subcontracting teams to avoid spreading one team too thin. As a result, at any one time, multiple electrical and mechanical contractors, painters, and journeymen were working to meet the deadlines. Crossland didn’t disappoint – the infill schedules were met on time and on budget, and delivered to three delighted tenants.


AD VAN TAG E S OLU T I ON S Client: Advantage Sales & Marketing, LLC Architect: Core Architects Square Footage: 64,181

B AY ER Client: PH Office 2, LLC Architect: Core Architects Square Footage: 14,642

TH E H AR VEST G ROU P Client: PH Office 2, LLC Architect: Core Architects Square Footage: 12,567



Client: Jim Norton Chevrolet Architect: Gensler Architects Crossland Project Team Aaron Stoops, Project Manager Jerrod Marcangeli,Superintendent Todd Roberts, Assistant Superintendent


Broken Arrow, OK— When it came time to build the new $13.3 million Jim Norton Chevrolet project in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, the Owner knew he wanted excellence, making Crossland Construction the obvious choice for the job. The 68,550 square foot facility includes a main building, a used car building, and a carwash. Building exteriors are constructed of silver and Chevy Blue aluminum composite material panels, tilt-up panels, and a glass curtain wall. Nearly the entire perimeter is tilt-up panel, with each panel insulated for energy efficiency and LEED certification. It was important to the Owner that the new facility be energy efficient; LEED certification was a top priority. To that end, many energy efficient items were placed during the building process to ensure the longevity of the structures, including reclaimed tanks for water

recycling. The interior has a clean, modern look, meeting GM/Chevrolet’s finish requirements. For Aaron Stoops, Project Manager, the dealership construction process was a joy from start to finish. “This was a wonderful project. We had nearly all of our self-perform scopes working together – earth, concrete, and steel. If there was an issue, each scope’s Superintendent would meet and, collectively, we came up with a solution. No issue was too big. We have great relationships with each other and had a good time together every day. That type of atmosphere really brings up team morale. The Owner and Architect had full trust in our decision-making abilities. That trust, combined with the sense of togetherness, made for an extremely successful project experience.”



Norman, OK— Crossland Construction was pleased to be awarded the $6.5 million Fowler Volkswagen project in Norman, Oklahoma. At 48,000 square feet, it is one of the largest Volkswagen dealerships in the United States, along with one of the largest service departments. The new 2.0 building design incorporated changes from the previous Volkswagen standard. Large amounts of Owner-supplied equipment and materials for the facility were installed during our portion of the construction, making frequent and clear communication and scheduling a necessity. It is a tilt-wall building, with white block and an exterior insulation finishing system treatment. Interior finishes include carpet, stained concrete, wood floors, and tile. Exposed offices on the second floor overlook those on the first floor. The facility’s uniqueness goes beyond its finishes. Inside, customers enjoy impressive artistic creations by local talent. The dealership walls are home to two sculptures, 20 twodimensional pieces, and seven three-dimensional works of art created with Volkswagen parts. Four murals, including a 156-foot mural created by 10 graffiti artists, are featured as well. “The vision was to create an art gallery within a car dealership. We wanted the space to be intriguing for customers and a place in which our employees were proud to work,” said Kristen Vails, Director of Community Outreach for Fowler Holding Company. Weather was a constant battle during the course of this project. Rain and snow were prevalent during both the erection of the building and the slab pours. Fortunately, however, our self-perform steel crews were able to work in the bad conditions to maintain the schedule. Despite all obstacles, Crossland crews completed the project on time and on budget. The dealership was an exciting endeavor for Eric Brown, Project Superintendent, and Kort Sagehorn, Project Manager. Crossland was happy to transform their out-of-the-box concept into a state-of-the-art reality.

Client: Fowler Holdings Architect: Architects in Partnership Crossland Project Team Eric Brown, Project Manager Kort Sagehorn, Superintendent Francisco Rodriquez, Field Engineer Tim Ryan, Mentor Paul Pearson, Steel Superintendent 9



Client: Enterprise Holdings Architect: Entos Design Crossland Project Team Greg Smith, Project Manager Aaron Burns, Superintendent


Tulsa, OK— The $8.4 million Enterprise EastGate MetroPlex project, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a 170,000 square foot, tenant infill project. The project included the construction of offices, conference rooms, and lobbies, as well as the installation of cubicles, secure files, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, an elevator, and interior finishes. This project was fast paced with superior finishes. In addition to Crossland’s scope of work, our crews helped integrate Owner and Landlord-furnished items and installed them. The raised access floor is 140,000 square feet and holds the electrical and low voltage generator systems. For each day of construction, there were approximately 100 different tradespeople working on site. In the end, the project was not only aesthetically beautiful, but was also built with LEED environmentally sustainable standards, achieving LEED Gold certification.

Client: Eagle Picher Architect: Chad Greer - Corner Greer & Associates Crossland Project Team Brandon Rowton, Project Manager Frank Burton, Superintendent Matt Still, Estimator Keith Humphrey, Mentor

EAGLE PICHER CROSSROADS EXPANSION Joplin, MO— The Eagle Picher Crossroads expansion project is a 101,000 square foot addition located adjacent to the existing facility and connected via a covered hallway. The new facility provides 21,000 square feet of office space, which also holds four conference rooms, 20 new private offices, two large open office spaces, six restrooms, a large lobby entrance, and a break room that doubles as a storm shelter. Production space also increased by 67,000 square feet; a 12,000 square foot warehouse, complete with loading dock, was also part of the project scope. Because of the nature of Eagle Picher production, the new space also has several “dry rooms” – climate controlled workspace. From an architectural standpoint, the building’s façade is complex. The entrance is a unique blend of six different building systems: Cast stone, composite metal panels, insulated metal panels, wood-appearing aluminum siding, aluminum storefront, and metal flashing and trim. The interior has a vibrant mix of color with unique lighting fixtures and decorative block walls with coves. The lobby has beautiful elements with glass shelving, and a wood and copper-clad reception desk. Large murals, complete

with fighter jet and space satellite graphics, cover the open interior office space, and the two conference rooms are surrounded by glass walls giving the space a spacious and bright feel. A tight schedule was met as the result of a collaborative project team. Crossland Project Manager, Brandon Rowton, was quick to compliment those efforts. “We couldn’t have completed this project on time without the excellent guidance of the design team, headed by Corner Greer & Associates, Allgeier Martin, Tappana Ondrick, Varco Pruden, and Conway Duncan. Any time we presented an issue, they quickly came up with new and innovative solutions to the problem and were willing to listen to our feedback. We also couldn’t have completed the project without the hard work of our on-site personnel and subcontractors. They took this from design to reality. The project was headed by Frank Burton, one of the best Superintendents I’ve ever worked with. He never hesitated to get his hands dirty. The Owners were also great to work with, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to build a facility like this.”

Crossland Project Team: Steel Crew Superintendents: Travis Day, Bryan Kelley, and Broc Cook. Concrete Superintendents: Ben Hill and Jose Aleman. Concrete Foremen: Louis Martinez, Armando Medina, Martin Ramirez, Castulo Becerra, and Mauricio Mancillas.



Muskogee, OK— The Connors Allied Health and Nursing Facility is a 38,800 square foot facility located on the campus of Connors State College in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The $7.7 million building was delivered to the college in just 13 short months under the direction of Project Manager Colin Skipworth. The Allied Health and Nursing facility provides students with a 21st century educational experience. There are 10 new classrooms, each with a 30-person capacity. Four skills labs feature simulated hospital beds and a Code Blue nurse call system. The 3,300 square foot lecture hall can hold 100 students. A commons area features a 180-degree glass wall that bathes the space in natural light. Sixty-four individual computers are located within the computer lab. The administrative wing has 23 offices, accommodating every professor and administrative staff member. That space is also home to a small computer lab used for testing, two conference rooms, and a break room.

Client: Connors State College Architect: Architects in Partnership Crossland Project Team Colin Skipworth, Project Manager Aaron Burns, Superintendent


The new building is a long awaited asset for the college. “Muskogee is a healthcare hub now,” said Mayor Bob Coburn, “This will help fill those positions that are needed in the community. To continue to boost our regional healthcare image… It’s much needed. There are opportunities for kids to go to work immediately upon graduation.” Past President of Connors State College, Dr. Tim Faltyn, said “As far as we know, it’s the only one like it in the state, so we’re really excited about that.” Weather plagued this project, hitting our workers with over 60 days of rain, sleet, and snow. Crossland crews, in typical fashion, stepped up the schedule and beat Mother Nature at her own game, completing the facility on time and under budget.


Warner, OK— The newly renovated Connors State College Student Union was a project Crossland Construction was proud to have delivered. The 20,000 square foot building is home to a ballroom, a community meeting space, a student activity space, a state of the art kitchen space, and an art gallery. Upon completion, the building had three separate entrances to better accommodate student traffic. Students, faculty, and staff are excited about the modernized and centralized eating area that allows them to remain on campus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The original building, constructed in the 1950s, had served as a hub for activity and campus life. To capture a glimpse of that rich history, some architectural elements from the old building were incorporated into the updates, including the masonry veneer. However, with the integration of old and new materials came significant challenges. As always, Crossland crews worked together to surmount these challenges and delivered a beautiful new building graced with a touch of history at a cost of $5.7 million.

Client: Connors State College Architect: OSU Long Range Facilities Planning Crossland Project Team Colin Skipworth, Project Manager Argyl Hill, Superintendent



Langston, OK— The Langston University Physical Therapy building is a 25,600 square foot higher-education facility. With a brick and exterior insulation finishing façade, this one-story structure sits near the campus pond. Window placement in the building’s multipurpose room was designed to maximize the students’ views of the water. Other interior features include administrative offices, classrooms, skillsbuilding labs, and an anatomy lab in which students perform work on cadavers. At the groundbreaking ceremony, Kent Smith, Jr., President of Langston University, had this to say: “I am pleased with the progress our University is making and will continue to make. The physical therapy building will be more than an

Client: Langston University Architect: McFarland Architects, PC Crossland Project Team Colin Skipworth, Project Manager Russell Hutcherson, Superintendent


educational facility, but (also) a way to influence the lives of our future medical professionals.” The press release goes on to say, “This building will offer Langston Physical Therapy students the extraordinary opportunity to develop the existing academic programs, grow student activities, expand community engagement, and eventually serve a greater number of education seekers in the region who lack convenient, affordable access to high-quality education.” The Langston University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program is one of only two programs offered in the state of Oklahoma. Crossland Construction was proud to contribute to the futures of countless students through the construction of this facility.

Client: Kansas State University Architect: The Clark Enersen Partners Crossland Project Team Nate Kirk, Project Manager Matt Gath, Superintendent



Parsons, KS— Crossland Construction was honored to receive the $2.2 million contract for the K-State Southeast Kansas Research Extension Center in Parsons, Kansas. This 13,500 square foot facility offers a space for collaborative research efforts of the KSU research teams in both Chanute and Parsons. Focused on strengthening global food systems, water resources, human health, youth development, and community vitality, researchers now have access to 21st century information technology. “K State Research and Extension” is the abbreviated name for the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. This program was formatted to create and make available applicable agricultural facts for the betterment of Kansans. With a headquarters located in Manhattan, Kansas on the campus of Kansas State University, this new Research Extension Center serves to both expand their outreach capabilities and unify their research teams. Completed in June 2015, the building’s interior is spacious. A conference room with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment can seat 175 people, and can be divided into smaller meeting rooms. An onsite catering kitchen can accommodate conferences and workshops. There are ten faculty offices; an open common

area and a smaller conference room are home to the support staff. The laboratory space is modern, with a functional design. “This building enhances the capacity of our extension and research faculty in the discovery and application of researchbased information important to the people across this region of Kansas,” said John Floros, Dean of Kansas State’s College of Agriculture and Director of the Research and Extension. “With this new facility, we will also be able to bring 21st century information technology to southeast Kansas through the new conference center.” Crossland crews faced numerous challenges over the course of construction. As always, Mother Nature often deals the most difficult obstacles, over which there is little control. Wind was a significant issue, reeking havoc on the insulation installation process. The roofing system was time-consuming for the team. Bi-layered with blanket insulation between, team members essentially roofed the structure twice. The bi-level roof was a unique feature as well, not commonly seen in metal buildings. Components of the roof were assembled on the ground, then raised and put in place. This method offered increased stability for assembly and increased safety for our crews. 15


EDISON PREPARATORY SCHOOL Tulsa, OK— Tulsa Public Schools made the decision to proceed with the Edison Preparatory School addition project, and they chose Crossland Construction Company to put their plans into action. The new, two-story, 27,400 square foot structure is now home to two lecture halls, two classrooms, five offices, a conference room, and two computer labs. The lecture hall areas serve as FEMA shelters for students and staff. The shelter space was constructed with 12-inch thick concrete walls and a four-foot deep, pre-cast concrete double tee ceiling.

Client: Tulsa Public Schools Architect: KSQ Design Crossland Project Team Mark Moudy, Project Manager Chad Miller, Superintendent


The building’s exterior is primarily glass curtain wall. The concrete walled shelters are covered in a special order Spanish porcelain tile. Probably the most notable of the exterior features is the 30 foot long cantilevered overhang, which serves as a lounge area for guests and is enclosed in glass. Internally, a special order custom ceiling system is integrated with linear light fixtures. Additionally, antique-styled Edison light bulbs and fixtures are seen throughout the addition to reflect the inventions of Thomas Edison himself. The corridors are wrapped entirely

in custom fabricated wood panels. Bob LaBass with Tulsa Public Schools said, “This is a college prep school - we’re trying to give that atmosphere for the kids, plus have the hardened (shelter) space.” Project Manager Mark Moudy discussed the challenges that his team faced with the prep school addition. “The interior ceiling grid system had never been installed before in this area. Neither the installing subcontractor, our crew, nor the architect had ever worked with this product before. Of greater significance, however, was the fact that the lecture hall FEMA shelter ceilings were also the floors for the second story offices. Because the concrete pre-cast double tees have a camber or ‘arch’ to them, the upstairs floors were going to be very uneven, creating gaps in doors, among other issues. After several structural modifications, our solution was to pour a tapering concrete slab that varied in thickness over the top of the double tees to achieve an overall evenness.” Hats off to you and your team, Mark, for creating a beautiful addition for the students of Edison Prep.


CENTER FOR AUTISM Joplin, MO— Following its destruction in the 2011 Joplin tornado, the Bill and Virginia Leffen Center for Autism now has a permanent place to call home. The new facility offers innovative, state-of-theart treatment for children on the autism spectrum, those children experiencing difficulty processing sensory information. Design features of the facility include brightness controlled lighting, softcovered walls that absorb sound, and movable walls that allow for both small group and one-on-one interaction between students and teachers. The Center’s multipurpose room doubles as a safe room for students and staff in the event of inclement weather. Mary Parrigon, Executive Director of Ozark Center, said the services provided by the Leffen Center for Autism will help clients gain a better quality of life through their ability to function in society. “This building is an essential piece of that puzzle. An autism center of this caliber is a

rarity, and Joplin should be proud to have a gem such as this that was developed by the community for the community.” Kristy Parker, Clinical Director, feels that the new building is well situated to collaborate and share resources with nearby organizations. “I think the possibilities for growth are endless. We’ve just created this neighborhood of support for our families and our kids.” Matt McConnell led Crossland’s team as Project Manager. This hard bid project is a 19,000 square foot facility, coming in at $3.7 million. “This job had a very tight schedule with a lot of unique finishes – a recessed floor base, several different types of flooring, and different wall coverings,” said Matt. “We coordinated the complexity of the framing to ensure that both the Owner and the Architect were pleased with the end result. As always, our team came through. I’m proud to have been a part of this important project.”

Client: Ozark Center Architect: Corner Greer & Associates Crossland Project Team Matt McConnell, Project Manager Ron Parker, Superintendent


Crossland Heavy Contractors is a heavy and civil contractor that can manage and build your project with confidence. We offer a wide range of construction services with the experience and resources you need to get the job done right.


PUMP STATION AND RESERVOIR Olathe, KS— Crossland Heavy was honored to build the Hedge Lane Pump Station and Reservoir for Water District #1 in Olathe, Kansas. At a contract value of $21.3 million, this public works project was a 30 million gallons per day (MGD) with a 7.5 million gallon underground reservoir. Arriving at that completion, however, could easily be described as tedious. However, the process did not deter Crossland Heavy crews who had a unified vision – to create a facility that would serve Kansas residents for decades to come.

The startup of the Pump Station was a major challenge because of the complexity of the entire system. The Pump Station’s main control room is located in an Owner’s facility miles away from the Hedge Lane job site. Every pump was put through various testing to ensure that it was running at optimal speed. Startup occurred in the winter when water demand is not at its annual peak. Therefore, in order to test pumps to full capacity, the Owner drained some holding tanks downstream and opened fire hydrants to create a “false” demand.

Crossland Heavy’s journey to project success was multifaceted. Quality control was essential to their process. Concrete was extensively tested to meet the specified Owner standards, as well as those of the National Sanitation Foundation. Six different mix designs each underwent trial batch laboratory testing. During construction, testing was repeated to ensure that the concrete standards met those achieved in the laboratory. Logistically, the pumps were built in Kansas City, Kansas. Prior to shipment to the job site, each pump underwent a four day factory startup and testing, with the Owner and Engineer. Crossland Heavy had a Field Engineer that was assigned to the quality control process and monitored all quality control testing that was completed in the field.

The ultimate result was an extremely satisfied Owner. Not only was Crossland Heavy able to complete the project with resounding success, we were able to contribute to the wellbeing of the residents of Johnson County, Kansas. “Our company has always been dedicated to not only completing our contracts successfully, but to building relationships with the Owners and communities we serve,” stated Mark Sell, Crossland Heavy Contractors, President.


Crossland Heavy Contractors is proud to have exceeded our company expectations through the completion of the Hedge Lane Pump Station and Reservoir project.

Client: Water District 1 of Johnson County Engineer: Black & Veatch Crossland Project Team Bill Morehead, Project Manager Chance Tucker, Superintendent Courtney Smith, Pump Station Super. Brandon Bentley, Reservoir Super. Ben Schmidt, Field Engineer



For nearly 40 years, Crossland Construction has used our industry expertise to deliver quality projects to valued clients. Powered by our Core Values—trust, responsibility, integrity, and passion—the Crossland Team has dynamically impacted the landscape of our communities, and we look forward to further growth and development nationwide. Our firm has grown from a small family owned company into a Top 100 Contractor in the United States. We may be bigger than we used to be, but the basis of our business is still the same today - build excellent projects for valued communities and befriend clients along the way— that’s the Crossland Way.

Check out some of our accomplishments in 2016


Crossland Companies


Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Build Oklahoma Awards Santa Fe High School Football Stadium, Edmond, OK Unit Corporation Office Building, Tulsa, OK

American Builders and Contractors (ABC) Oklahoma Chapter, Excellence in Construction Awards Rosa Parks Elementary Expansion, Tulsa, OK Tulsa C.A.R.E.S. - Charles Faudree Center, Tulsa, OK Langston University Physical Therapy Building, Tulsa, OK Jim Norton Chevrolet Dealership, Tulsa, OK Edison Preparatory School College Counseling Center, Tulsa, OK OSU Equine Educational Facility, Stillwater, OK Unit Corporation Office Building, Tulsa, OK

American Builders and Contractors (ABC) Heart of America Chapter Excellence in Construction Award Kocher & Beck, Lenexa, KS Boulevard Brewing Visitor Center, Kansas City, MO Hedge Lane, Olathe, KS

2016 ABC STEP GOLD Award Winner - Crossland Construction Company, Inc. 2016 ABC STEP SILVER Award Winner - Crossland Heavy Contractors American Builders and Contractors (ABC) Arkansas Chapter, Excellence in Construction Award Hunt Tower, Rogers, AR J Street Project, Bentonville, AR Bentonville Community Center, Bentonville, AR Crossland Heavy Contractors, Tyson Data Center, Rogers, AR

Building Memphis 2016 Finalist (Memphis Business Journal) Southland Park Gaming & Racing Best Renovation or Conversion Project (more than $5 million)

Varco Pruden (VP) 2016 Hall of Fame

Bentonville Community Center, Bentonville, Arkansas - Recreational Category 19

Crossland Construction Company, Inc. PO Box 45 833 S East Avenue Columbus, KS 66725

The foundation of Crossland is our people. We devote considerable resources to skill development and lifelong learning with our award-winning, nationally accredited, in-house education and training department, the Crossland Academy. Your talents and skills will be developed, supported, and recognized at Crossland. This is the starting point in your career. You have the ability to choose your path and climb as high as you want.

Prsrt Std U.S. POSTAGE PAID Columbus, KS Permit No. 18




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Red Iron Fall-Winter 2016  

Cover Story: Reaching New Heights, Hunt Tower-Rogers, AR

Red Iron Fall-Winter 2016  

Cover Story: Reaching New Heights, Hunt Tower-Rogers, AR