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What exactly are Blue Collar Jobs? - 4 Blue Collar Jobs Described The term BCJ covers a whole range of jobs that perform manual labor, these jobs can be skilled or unskilled. The areas covered by bc workers are in construction, maintenance, engineering or any other kind of work where manual physical labor is needed. Bluecollar workers are normally paid an hourly wage as opposed to white collar workers such as clerk jobs who work in an office environment who are paid a monthly or yearly salary. So what kinds of jobs are available for blue collars workers? Below we take a look into four different jobs in the blue collar category.

Carpenter Jobs A carpenter is one of the skilled professions within the blue collar industries, working with timber to construct items of furniture and building materials. A carpenter is employed on many construction sites when building homes to create all the window frames and door frames and to hang the doors. The work involves manual labor and you can be working indoors or outdoors depending on the materials being crafted. There are many different types of jobs falling under the umbrella of carpenter, such as a cabinet maker or a finish carpenter

Longshoremen Jobs Ever wondered what a longshoreman does for a living? Well they are workers who load and unload ships; they are called by varying names throughout the world including Stevedores in Europe and Dockers in the United Kingdom. Working in all weather conditions it is a hard manual job for the physically fit, but the rewards are high and often the pay is very good for the most experienced longshoremen

Electrician Jobs Another of the skilled professions coming under the umbrella of blue collar workers is that of the electrician. An electrician is a tradesperson who specializes in all things electrical like the wiring of a home or other buildings. They can be employed on construction sites wiring all the new homes or commercial buildings and are employed to do electrical repairs and renewals.

Labor Jobs

Manual labor jobs are all kinds of jobs carried out by a person where they have to manually work, such as a labourer on a building construction site. A laborer could be helping a skilled plumber carrying and fetching pipes and other equipment or helping a bricklayer by carrying bricks and cement. There are many job opportunities for labor jobs in lots of industries. Overall there are many jobs to be filled in the blue collar jobs sector for both skilled and unskilled professions and if you are looking for a change of career or job then a blue collar job could be the answer.

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What exactly are Blue Collar Jobs 4 Blue Collar Jobs Described