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WELCOME Dear Crossing Friends and Family, We are so glad you are with us today. We are diving into a controversial and difficult portion of our current teaching series, “Epic Journey: Minor Prophets.” The subject matter is difficult because there are so many opinions about abortion, pro-life, and pro-choice. My job today is to open God’s word and interpret what it says. I would ask you to have an open heart as we deal with these issues. My objective is not to offend and attack anyone at The Crossing. This is my home church and family and I love each and every person dearly. If this is your first time with us I pray that God would speak to you and encourage you today! I hope you leave here with a better understanding of God’s heart for his people. Pastor Greg & Tamara Dumas Lead Pastor

Your Pastor, Greg and Tamara Dumas, Lead Pastor

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Habakkuk 2:8; John 8:31-32

Lead Pastor: Greg Dumas

SCRIPTURE Habakkuk 2:8 (NIV) Because you have plundered many nations, the peoples who are left will plunder you. For you have shed man’s blood; you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them. 8

John 8:31-32 (NIV) 31 …”If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

OBSERVATION • • • • • •

The Major and Minor Prophets were written to underscore God’s standards and served to warn Judah and Israel of God’s immanent judgment. Throughout the words of the prophets, idolatry, infanticide, greed, oppression, immorality and moral decay were rampant. Once a nation, or a people, or an individual loses moral and objective standards of truth, they proceed to do what is right in their own eyes. Doing life apart from God’s life-giving standard brings forth judgment, loss of freedom and ultimately total destruction. The church in America has largely capitulated to the culture. The church MUST regain its FAITH in God and His Word if we are to preserve our future.

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APPLICATION I. Infanticide (Amos 2:7; Habakkuk 2; Jeremiah 32:35; Psalm 106:37-3; Psalm 72:12-14; Psalm 139:13-16; John 4:4-26) •

Minor (Major) Prophets

America Today

II. The Big Question(s) 1. Is it alive? “Life begins at conception,” “It is not a potential person – it is a person.” 2. Is it human? Its DNA is that of a human. “Left to grow, it will become a full human person.” 3. Is it a person? Each new fertilized zygote is already a new person because its DNA is uniquely different than anyone else’s. In other words, if you’re human, you must be a person. 4. Is it independent? Even after birth, and for years to come, a child is still dependent on its mother, its father, and those around it. 5. Does it have human rights? “The only difference between a fetus and a baby is a trip down the birth canal.” 6. Is abortion wrong? Abortion is clearly prohibited by the Word of the God.

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PRAYER Lord, thank you for life! Thank you that you are the originator and sustainer of all life. I am beginning to understand your commandments and your ways. I am learning to depend on you and your Word for all of my needs. I still don’t understand everything, and from time to time I even doubt, but every time I do I sense you comforting me and urging me on toward faith. You are surprising me with your grace and power. I know now that you really do love me, and that you have the very best in mind for me and for the ones I love. Help me to continue to understand what I am learning and help me to communicate it to others. I want them to know how good you are. I am so glad that my life is changing for the better!

LIFEGROUPS Use the following as a resource for your LifeGroup to go deeper with this week’s message. We hope this helps you as you “do life together”.

Opener: This may be one of the most intense LifeGroups you have ever had. Instead of just barreling in, please take extra time as a LifeGroup, praying for God to reveal Himself and for the truth to come forth. What do you make of this statement from Pastor Greg’s notes? “ The church in America has largely capitulated to the culture ...” True? Untrue? Does it matter? Can you give some examples? Digging Deeper: As a LifeGroup - share some of your thoughts from reading through Jeremiah this past week, following along in the Life Journal. What patterns did you see? As an example, check out the wording found in Jeremiah 25:3,7 and 8. How many times were the Israelites warned? Why does God give them so many chances? Next, read the sad ending of this story - see Jeremiah 52, particularly vs. 27. It may be obvious, but what happened?

Application: The Word of God is alive and active. As Pastor Greg noted, it is the truth that sets us free (John 8:31-32). As it was for the Israelites, so will it be in our time -- God is holy and just. We must decide whether or not it is important to obey God’s Word. So here comes the really hard/great part. Where has your life mixed with culture so much that it is apparent you are not listening to God and His Word any longer? Without a doubt, this may be the most pivotal question you ever answer in LifeGroup. We can close our eyes and pretend it does not matter to God and His Kingdom work, or we can repent and find God’s mercy empowering our lives. That’s next-level discipleship.

The Crossing Church Bulletin Minor Prophets August 21-22, 2010  
The Crossing Church Bulletin Minor Prophets August 21-22, 2010  

The Crossing buletin Minor Prophets series 8/21-22