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Commitment is key.

New coach brings fresh perspective


Janine’s At h l e t e ’ s Community & C u lt u r e April, 2013 Issue 10

Will have you ready for BBQ.

Jake Beans is DIESEL

“We are in the land of the free because of the brave.” As Written by JP Lytle, Coach at CFA and proud brother of a US Marine; “I believe my brother Sergeant Wallace H. Lytle USMC is the bravest of them all. He has always been my role model, and my family is beyond proud of all his accomplishments. He is currently training at Camp Lejeune North Carolina before he goes on another deployment overseas. Wally will be turning 27 on April 29. Rather than doing a birthday WOD, my family has decided to do a Hero WOD every Saturday for 27 weeks. We want to celebrate him and all of the sacrifices he has made. This is one way we can show our appreciation and love, while acknowledging his absence. We will be doing the first Hero WOD on May 4 and continuing this tribute until the 27 weeks have been accomplished. If you are free Saturday mornings, feel free to join my family as we support Sergeant Wallace Lytle USMC, all current military deployed, veterans, and all the service members who never made it home. No matter where you are over the next 27 Saturdays, I hope you can join us in any way possible. For example, commenting on CrossFit Akron's Facebook page giving feedback on how you felt during and after the WOD, or share a comment or shout out to any current military member or service member or even a simple prayer. We will be posting the Hero WODs in a blog throughout this time. The link to the blog will be posted on my Facebook Sergeant Wallace page for your referH. Lytle USMC ence.” Let’s exemplify the support of the CrossFit Community!

1 hour lifting sessions star ting 6/7. Improve technique, explosion & perfor mance

“This [partnership] fits right into our objective of holding continued Crossfit competitions at the Arnold Weightlifting Championships. This year was a major milestone for us to involve Crossfit athletes at the ‘Arnold’ and paves the way for 2014.” says Mark Cannella, Head Coach and President of Columbus Weightlifting. These one hour courses will be specialized in the Olympic Lifts and all of our CWL certified instructors will be involved. Tentatively, the one hour sessions will be held in two groups at Crossfit Akron at 4:15pm and 5:15pm on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month and the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month and at Crossfit Akron North at 7pm., and will be an additional $25/month. Want in? Call or Email Your Box today. These sessions will be limited.

Wally’s HERO Wods


Columbus Weightlifting Sessions 2



Josh Felber

Jamie Grigas Jason Elrod Nate Napolitano Cindy Virdo Dustin Shaffer JP Lytle Hannah Whitman Aaron Whisman Eric Wilson Greg McElravy

Mentor Coaches Emre Erdem Holly Waters-Williams Ryan Snyder Dan LaPointe

Media Team Katie Middendorf Megan McDaniel

Operations Ben Klingeman

Athlete Services Representative Dominic Martucci

Corporate Wellness Coordinator Laura Honzu

… If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

Words from Felber


Team Member Bio: McElravy


Oly Lifting Schedule


Coach’s Tip: Tools


Primal Chiropractic


Welcome On-Ramp Grads


Rail Against Breast Cancer


Bring a Friend/Community Day


Corporate Wellness & CFA


Upcoming Events


Spring Cleaning


Janine’s 9


Member Transformations


Coolest & Newest: Con-Cret Creatine


What We Saw Last Month


Words There is no way around it. In order to see the benefits from CrossFit, you need commitment. You need that voice inside your head that tells you that you want a result and you’ll do anything you can to achieve it. Every night, when laying on the couch seems better than the Filthy Fifty, you still get up and go to the box. Or when Burpees take the place of your 6 am cup of coffee, you roll out of bed half awake and get your workout in to start your day. We get it. Being committed to a fitness program can be a challenge. You already have a routine you don’t think you have the time to fit another thing in, especially something that will challenge you mentally and physically. Work, stress, and kids all seem to provide the excuse you need to ignore your own health and well-being. Being committed to CrossFit is first and foremost purely a mental game. You know that you want something different, whether you need a change from your old workout routine or you need the tools to begin your journey. CrossFit can lead you to success, but you can’t get there without commitment and consistency (translated: don’t skip WODS!). Your coaches, your box, your CrossFit Community are all there because we want you to succeed. As coaches, we are committed to helping you find success. Use us! As a Box, we are continually bringing in new equipment to allow you to have the hardware to achieve the success you desire. Grab on and put them to use. As a Community, we are all there for each other. There is little I can think of as strong as the bonds forged in CrossFit. Use them to help motivate you to get to class. To push for that new PR, to reach your goals...and offer the same in return. You know what you need—and you know what you have: the resources. Now you have to put in the work. It takes patience and persistence. If you want better results don’t be afraid to talk to your coaches about what else you can do. We are there to help you reach your goals. With regularity comes progress. Integrate CrossFit Akron as a part of your daily routine of life. The great thing about CrossFit is that it takes a fraction of the time to get a well-rounded, challenging workout in then it does at a globo-gym. Get your workout in and get back to life. With your hard work and committment will come results. You will feel better and look great. Everyone has to start somewhere and by reading this, you are already ahead.

Yours in Good Health, Coach Felber

: GREG McElravy Olympic Lifting Coach Greg McElravy, specializes in Olympic Weightlifting and Explosive Athlete Development. After running the 400m hurdles and the mile relay at the University of Akron he moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he began training and competing in Weightlifting. During that time he qualified and competed in 4 National USA Weightlifting Championships, 3 American Opens, and was a one time competitor in the Pan American Games. In 2010 Greg had a brief stay in Daphne, Alabama where he led Olympic Weightlifting seminars for the Daphne High School football team. That season Daphne's football team went on to win the 6A Alabama State championship. Greg's accumulated experience in the field and emphasis on safety and flexibility is proven to enhance your athletes success and overall team performance.

Get in on Greg’s Classes*. Athletes are pumped about PR’s and improvement in form. MON: 6a @CFA

WED: 5p @CFA

Welcome to the team, Greg!

THS: 5:30 @CFAN *This would replace one of your regular WOD classes.



Use them to your benefit.

How are the RPM Goal sheets going everyone? If you just said to yourself “What the hell is Jamie talking about?” please ask your coach or one of the girls at the front desk to print you off one.

This RPM goal sheet can be one of the most powerful tools for your path in this new lifestyle which you are creating for yourself. When you went through OnRamp you were given a sheet to write down your goals, the reason why these goals are important to you, and how you are going to achieve them. Ok now is the time you find your RPM goal sheet and take a look at it. See if you can find yours. Right now. I’ll wait. How is your process going? Have you reached any of your goals? Have you made new goals for yourself? This RPM goal sheet can be one of the most powerful tools for your path in this new lifestyle which you are creating for yourself.

Coach Jamie Grigas

Here is a little reminder on how to use it: *In the middle section labeled “Results” you are going to write down your goals. *On the right you have the purpose/why the goals you wrote down are important to you. *The last section of the sheet is your “MAP” or massive action plan; this is where you are going to write out how you are going to achieve your goals.

The importance of the MAP is that the steps you have to take to achieve your goals you can start them the day you write them down. Demand perfection of yourself by staying accountable towards your goals no matter what they might be. And, if you ever want someone to look at your goal sheet please email them to me, 2013 is going to be your year so lets get after it. - Coach Jamie

Located in CrossFit Akron NOW OPEN. All insurances accepted.

*call to confirm yours

It’s time to take an evolutionary approach to your health and wellness. It’s time for Primal Chiropractic located in Akron Ohio.

$25 for CFA Athletes *$50 for initial eval

Primal Chiropractic in Akron Ohio, is a state of art Chiropractic and Wellness clinic located inside CrossFit Akron. At Primal Chiropractic we are not going to treat your symptoms like most of the medical field. We will find the underlying cause of your symptoms and correct that problem without drugs or surgery. With our state of the art equipment and Use OnPatient Personal Record highly trained Chiropractor, you will receive the best and most effective Chiropractic treatments for your conditions. Primal Chiropractic offers complete solutions ranging from chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, muscle activation technique, and cold laster therapy. Schedule Today, either ONLINE or call 330.664.9252.

Chiro practic massage mobility

Welcome OnRamp grads! N

Alise Sanders

Michelle Freeman

Ashley Lewis

Mike Stakliff

Chris Brown

Nicole Endejann



New faces you’ll be seeing around the box:

y Roth

a Perez

Jovana Bukvic

Rob Zelch

Matthew Swartzbaugh

Sally Nyburg

Michael Gray

Sean Minor

Antonia Villalon

Beth Benjamin

Bill Wyatt

John Ditrick

Elisa Caloca

Jared Atkin

Jodie Brewer

Kelly Givens

Sherry Ritzinger

Thad Krejci

Community WOD May 11 9:30a We are opening our doors to the community! Bring a friend! Tell a friend! You don’t have to come with a CFA member. CrossFit at another Box? Great! Come experience the community at CFA too. Curious about CrossFit in general? Come check it out! If coming in for the first time, just come in clothes and shoes that allow for activity and arrive a few minutes early. See you then!

BBQ to Follow. Plan to hang, satisfy the appetite you just built and make some new friends!

& Featured Sponsor: PrimalLife Organics I am proud to now call CrossFit Akron home, & to work to develop a strong program that will help other local companies We our proud to welcome Laura Honzu as achieve their Wellness goals. I have a our new Corporate Wellness Coordinator. strong passion for Corporate Wellness,and Laura was a collegiate athlete at Mount Un- am excited to be able to offer a program like ion, & graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor's none other through CrossFit & our amazing degree in Athletic Training & double minor in staff! A recent Working Well survey found Exercise Science & Health. After graduation, that employees participating in wellness she spent a year working overseas at P&O programs had more energy, felt healthier Cruiselines out of Southampton, England as & happier, were more health-conscious, their Assistant Spa & Fitness manager. She felt they had a greater support system, & soon became the Manager of Employee felt more valued by their employWellness for InfoCision, where she created ers. Those are the exact characteristics & & implemented all of the programming they results we are going to build & share with are known & have won awards for since our local businesses! 2006. She became a Certified Personal Trainer and works with over 60 corporate clients 5 days a week, teaching fitness clas- It's no surprise that medical insurance rates are at all all time high, and show no signs of ses, giving nutritional advice, & monitoring their progress toward health & fitness goals. decreasing in the near future. US companies lose nearly $225 million in decreased


productivity & absenteeism annually. Most people spend more hours at work than anywhere else, & the typical American works 47 hours a week. Couple that with Americans that are the most stressed, most obese society in the Western world, and you have a recipe for disaster! Given these statistics, it is easy to see why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is becoming increasingly important. Through our new program, CrossFit Akron: Corporate, we will offer local businesses large & small, a systematic approach designed to enhance the health of the company & it's most important asset: its employees. We will give employees an not only a great workout that they don't even have to leave their building to participate in, but we will also counsel them on proper nutrition, track their progress, & create a strong sense of community & camaraderie among the staff. Being CrossFit members, we all know how fantastic the programming is AT our box, but here are some more of the great reasons why I am excited to offer CrossFit Akron: Corporate to any & every local company I can: STRESS REDUCTION High stress levels are one of the leading causes of on-set disease, depression, low energy levels, lack of mental clarity and creativity. By reducing employees stress levels companies will increase overall productivity, employee’s positive attitude, while lowering insurance costs.

IMPROVED MORALE “A healthy employee is a happy employee.” People who are fit Coach and healthy tend Dan to be happier and more productive at their place of work; and their upbeat and positive attitude tends to be contagious increasing productivity.

“It's no surprise that medical insurance rates are at all all time high, and show no signs of decreasing in the near future. US companies lose nearly $225 million in decreased productivity & absenteeism annually”

REDUCED ABSENTEEISM Corporations lose $225 million dollars in lost productivity due to absenteeism every year. It is no secret that lifestyle behaviors have a direct correlation with diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. By preventing certain illnesses affected by lifestyle choices, employee sick leave decreases dramatically.

REDUCED TURNOVER The cost of recruiting, hiring and retaining a qualified staff in today’s job market can be staggering not to mention a tremendous strain for employers. Providing wellness programs to employees adds to their benefit package and also demonstrates that the employer cares about the employee’s well being.

HEALTH CARE COST CONTAINMENT A recent medical study concluded that sedentary lifestyles will cost $24 billion in annual medical costs. If as little as 10% of these sedentary individuals adopted a regular walking program, it is estimated that $5.6 billion in medical costs could be saved.

If your company has not invested in a corporate wellness program for your employees what are you waiting for? Help your employees help themselves, contact me today at 330.664.9671 or email me: to find out how!

June 15, 2013 Lock 3 • Akron,OH

Run on the CrossFit Akron Team! REGISTER HERE Akron Autism 5k and Walk is a great way to build the community and raise awareness of the day-today challenges faced by people with autism and those who love them. All money raised here, stays here to provide services and support to families affected by autism in the surrounding counties of Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit and Wayne.

CrossFit Endurance Workshops Start June 4 for Akron Marathon Prep for the race season the CrossFit way. Call The Box for Details Special Class Schedule May 6-10 See the next page for details. Memorial Day Murph May 25, 9:30a at CrossFit Akron. More details to come. Grace Race May 27. Get out and run for a great cause. Click the Grace Race text for details. Spartan Challenge June 1, 9:30a. Details to come. Prepare your inner Warrior. Crossfit Regionals Central East, June 7 - 9 at the Columbus Expo Center. Akron Runs for Autism 5K June 15 at Lock 3. CFA is a sponsor and this Charity Run raises funds for a great cause. 1 in 88 kids are diagnosed. Run on our team! Ask how at The Box. Click above to register. CrossFit Akron’s 2nd Annual 4th of July 5K/10K July 4th. Cookout to follow. More details to come. CrossFit Games Juy 22-28 in Carson, CA. Plan to join us and cheer Betsy on now!

Check out our weekly ad in stores or online. We have great coupons and even more savings HERE.

Spring Cleaning MAY 6-10

Our first of four weeks this year with a special schedule. Regular WOD schedule will not happen. Instead, see the schedule of classes below focusing on mobility and yoga. Time for a break!


Inner Warrior


Stretchbands: Mon: 5a, 6a, 9a, 4:30p, 5:30p Wed: 9a, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p Thur: 6a, 9a, 5:30p, 6:30p

Stretchbands Tues: 9:30a, 6:30p Wed: 6:00a, 5:15p, 6:30p Fri: 5:00a, 6:00a, 9:30a

Mobili ty Tues: 6a, 9a, 5:30p, 6:30p Fri: 5a, 6a, 9a, 4:30p, 5:30p, 6:30p

Mobili ty Mon: 6:00a, 9:30, 5:15p, 6:30p Wed: 5:00a Thurs: 9:30a, 6:30p Fri: 5:15a, 6:30p

Yog a Mon: 6:30p Wed: 5a, 6a Ths: 4:30p

Yog a Mon: 5:00a Wed: 9:30a Fri: 6:00a

Click to watch coach Jamie explain.

Hello CFA family and friends, Let me introduce myself. My name is Janine Lytle, you may know a few members of my family who are also often at The Box; my sister Sam, who at 8 months pregnant was still doing burpees and my brother Wally, the big, red-headed ogre, who could probably move a tr uck if you dared him to. Or maybe you know my other brothSweet potatoes er, J.P. or aka coach J.P., who is disgustingly good at everything he does . These 2 boys (they probably will are the new “Louis comment on the fact I said boys not men) are the main Vuitton”, only reason I took a huge interest in food and nutri tion because believe i t or not we hung out together and trained together from cheaper! when we started micro soccer to college soccer. So obviously we train together for Cro ssFi t and have discovered that CrossFit is just as much about nutrition as it is about WODing.

When I was out at college wi thout access to my own ki tchen for a couple years, I realized how much I loved cooking and learning about different foods . Wi th that in mind, I realized that I wanted to take my abili ties and love for cooking to a professional level. I graduated from Valparaiso Universi ty wi th a degree in Exercise Science and Dietetics and am going for my Masters in Nutri tion later on this year (girl needs a break!). I want to help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle eating delicious food and to help my communi ty understand what foods can do to our bodies, good or bad. So I’ve become a regular contributor to the ACC publication, and I’m so happy to share my knowledge of what we fuel our bodies wi th. Here we go! The sun is shinning, the tank is clean!...the tank is clean?!?! My nephew is extremely obsessed with Finding Nemo and clearly that movie quote is fitting for the summer season upon us. Sunshine, warm weather, swimsuit and grilling season, and of course WODing without dreading going outside for a run in the snow! With grilling season comes delicious, mouth watering, brown sugary, high fructose corn syrup BBQ sauce over a slab of ribs with a side of creamy, buttermilk ranch potato salad, and loads of pasta salad. All the wonderful smells and staples of summer. But wait, you don't want to be out for the next

week due to the"stomach flu"!? Never fear, janine's 9 Is here to help you and your bodies to survive cookouts to keep that sexy crossfit body that's been hiding under all the winter sweatpants and sweatshirts. - Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and of course bbq sauce are all staple condiments found at a cookout and they are full of added sugars, salt, and other chemicals to make them delicious and not so nutritious. So to save yourself from a chemical sh** storm... MAKE YOUR OWN!

Honey bbq sauce -2 15oz cans of tomato purĂŠe (I used Hunt's no salt added) -1 large onion chopped - 4 garlic cloves chopped -5 tbsp chili powder -3 tbsp ground cumin -2 tbsp paprika -salt and pepper to taste -4 tbsp ground Dijon mustard - 5 tbsp honey -1/2cup apple cider vinegar Throw everything into a crockpot and set on low to cook over night or to cook all day. Slather it over any kind of meat or dip your sweet potato fries in it. Nowadays living like Jake Gyllenhaal does in bubble boy seems to be the only way to be safe from cancer causing agents. I am with everyone else where there is nothing better than a nice, grilled, juicy piece of meat. The only problem with that is the grill marks on your food means an increase in 2 cancer causing agents: PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and HCAs (heterocyclic amines). I know right, great, just when you thought paleo couldn't take anymore out of your old life before you become addicted to CrossFit. But the good news is you don't have to throw away your "kiss the cook" bbq apron but try to use these tips to help decrease the admission of such chemicals: - Don't expose the meat to direct heat because the more the meat has those delicious, crispy grill marks, the more susceptible the meat is to those cancer causing agents. -Marinate your meat! Using a mari-

nade on your meats will blunt the heat and protect your foods from those harmful cancer causing agents. Plus your food will taste better too! Herbs Gone Rogue -2 sprigs of rosemary, chopped -4 tsp of thyme -2 tsp oregano -3 tsp of garlic (4 for those garlic lovers) - 1/2 to 3/4 cup balsamic vinegar - 1 lemon zested and juiced - 1/2 cup of walnut oil This is really good for steak and chicken! -Precook your meats in the oven, low and slow. Then when your ready put it on the grill to finish cooking. My mom always precooked our foods in the oven just because we were all so impatient to wait for the grill to finish our foods. If my family waited for the grill to do all the cooking we would all look like the zombies from the walking dead, not exactly a look anyone is going for! -Trim fat from meats because when the fat is cooked off during grilling time, that causes the flames to increase which in turn causes an increase in PAHs and HCAs. - Don't grill out every day that way grilling is saved for weekends and special occasions! Last but not least - Use your sides as "accessories" to your meat. Ladies, vegetables and sweet potatoes are the new "Louis Vuitton," except cheaper! Baked sweet potato fries with garlic salt, nutmeg, and red pepper

Want local exposure to hundreds of passionate athletes focused on their health and well being? Contact for details.

flake with some coconut oil dipped in a honey, Dijon dipping sauce is probably the best side you could ever have! Also you can make a boat out of tin foil and throw in summer squash, zucchini, mushrooms, garlic, and onions with some EVOO, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. Seal that up and cook until tender. Happy eating and grilling everyone!


Athlete Transformations

Our traditional Success Stories and Empowerment Stories highlight people who found CrossFit at a time when they were de-conditioned and found their way back to an active, healthy lifestyle. This year, we set out to find a way to highlight athletes who found CrossFit as conditioned athletes. These were active, competitive individuals who were looking for a new challenge and found exactly that in CrossFit. They too have seen tremendous physical transformation and are now better, stronger, faster in everything they do. I started Crossfit with CFA, about 3 years ago. I was never really out of shape more out of touch with what I wanted to get out a workout each day. I had played every sport I could of played while in high school. I loved competing and being on a team. When I went to college, I lost that team aspect and was left on my own to decide how I was going to be working out. At that time I was doing the "normal" methods of working out and going to the gym with CrossFit is friends and spending definitely a way hours doing a couple machines, just trying to look to become a like I was in shape. I was Ninja. also running 3-5miles a day when it was nice out because I hated being inside all the time. When I became bored with the gym/running routine I started searching for something different. I did the P90x kick for awhile and then that became boring. I went to different gyms to workout and everyone was always doing there own thing no one ever talked to you, so that ended quickly. I just felt like I was missing something from working out, which didn't make any sense because I have always loved exercising. One day I was doing a little circuit training outside while running in the streets of Akron, (Probably something I read in a magazine) it was something where I was doing box jumps and push-ups on benches, interrupting my run and one of my co-workers saw me

doing this. She suggested that I should look up Crossfit.

his th i rt. w That's when it all started. I found CFA and one day just Ce ke a p J came in to see what it was like. I came in believing that i m Ra On was in good shape. Let's just say, it was a very humbling ex-

perience. This was a whole other beast in fitness. That's when I feel in love with Crossfit. The challenge, the theories, the community, the team, everything drew me in and gave me what I was missing this whole time. One of the most important things to me about Crossfit is best expressed in this quote I heard when I first started. "Crossfit is about building an engine of a ferrari, not just having the body of one." I have had many friends in the past that judge people’s level of fitness strictly on how "jacked" they are so everyone I knew was just trying to get a big as they possibly could. I was never interested in being big. I always wanted to be the size that I am, but be able to perform extraordinary task. A ninja in some sense. Crossfit is definitely a way to become a ninja =). My goals are to continue to keep learning everything I can about Crossfit. I'm planning on getting my level one certification to get a better understanding of what Crossfit is. I also ’ plan on continun i k oc ing to build my ’s r ps. e h u engine with the w e No uscl great members and m staff at CFA.

Why Con-Cret? Strength & Endurance Muscle Recovery No Water Retention Superior Solubility Micro Micro--Dosing® Based on Body Weight No Loading, No Cycling No Cramping, Bloating or GI Issues

What is Creatine? Creatine is used by every cell in the body to catalyze functional energy. Without sufficient creatine, the body functions, but all cellular metabolism and repair happens at a diminished rate. Our bodies produce about half of the creatine it needs – the remainder comes from our diet (mainly meats & some seafood). Many diets lack sufficient amounts of these food groups and therefore supplementation of creatine is advised for optimized body functions. Creatine is CRITICAL for everyone and is especially key for muscle strength, overall endurance, and recovery. There are many synthesized creatines, but most have negative side effects (cramping, water retention, bloating, diarrhea). Concret’s patented formula is more potent and avoids these side effects.

Get it At the Box. Questions? Great! ASK! We have answers. Coach JP Says: I recover faster and I am able to hit my next wod with as much intensity as the day before! I strongly recommend Concrete because it helps your body to reach it's full potential.

Thoughts? Ideas? We’d love to hear them. We appreciate your input, suggestions and ideas! So please be sure to share them with us. If it’s related to the newsletter, shoot Katie an email at

What we saw last month...

CrossFit Akron's Athlete's Community & Culture  

Community and Culture collide with fitness and wellness at CrossFit Akron. May's issue is here.

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