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A challenge focused on improving your lifting, metcons and performance levels. No matter where you are now, working towards where you want to be.

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 Personal Goals  Performance  Strength  Community  Personal Improvement in (and out) side The Box.

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 8 Saturday I Am CrossFit Akron WODS (in addition to your regularly scheduled WODS)  Double Under Challenge (you'll receive your own rope, so in registration indicate if you currently can do

    

double unders, so we can acquire the appropriate rope for you).  Success Series GuideBook  BodPod Body Fat Testing  1 Success Coaching Session with Brian (The Goals Guru)  Challenge T Shirt  Before & After Baseline WODS to test and evaluate your metabolic skills, conditioning and Strength.

' Register Early. Price: $99

(a sweet deal for the bundle of goodies listed above which value OVER $400)



The Team Founders Josh Felber Brian Parana

Coaches Jamie Grigas Jason Elrod Nate Napolitano Cindy Virdo Dustin Shaffer JP Lytle Hannah Whitman

Media Coordinator Katie Middendorf

Intern Coaches Eric Wilson Nathan Strome Aaron Whisman Ryan Snyder Kirsten Beverley

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A Little Something to think about… “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.” — Christian Larson Contact us @ 330.664.9671 or For more information on CrossFit Akron, go to

Wazzup? At CrossFit Akron you will always get the Best. What do I mean by that? Do you ever decide to go to the second best doctor? Wouldn't you prefer a highend luxury car over the second rate used car? Hey coffee lovers, wouldn't you want to stop by Starbucks a couple times a day? Do you know who won second in the 100 meter dash at the Olympics this year? Value is perceived by excellence and that is exactly what our program is all about. We offer a Results Driven Training Method that guarantees results and success in more than just exercise and nutrition. We provide for life. Here are just a few of the reasons that may help clarify why you should not settle for anything less than the absolute best when it comes to your health and fitness: 

Our coaches are full time with numerous certifications. This allows us to always provide excellent coaching and holds us to the highest standards. Our mentors that participate in a lengthy process to develop their skills and learn to serve the Whole Athlete. The Best Coaching Knowledge. We continue to develop our skills and gain industry knowledge. We recently brought in the USAW certification in October and are now bringing Rob Orlando in February for the CrossFit Strongman Certification. We seek out the best instructors and mentors to help guide our education process. New Facility provides Best Support! We offer a substantial upgrade from 2200 ft.² to 7000 ft.². A lounge area to hang with friends, a workout floor capable of supporting and aggressive WOD schedule, and quality equipment provided for all WODs. The BodPod will be introduced shortly to our athletes. This machine is the gold standard of body fat measurement. Get excited. This will become part of being an athlete, periodic checks of your body fat to keep you progressing forward. Flexibility with the schedule. Have you seen what the enhanced class schedule looks like? Classes start every half hour and they go practically all day long. We can accommodate everyone's needs. Programs, Events, and Challenges are always being created to engage you in doing your best. The Whole Life Challenge just wrapped up which created a huge momentum in the CFA community. Up next... The I Am CrossFit Akron Challenge. January starts this performance driven challenge which focuses on pushing you to your limit and beyond.

This list is only the beginning. It is our mission to help improve the community of Akron Ohio. The last two years we spent building. Now it is time to revolutionize the community around us and help as many people as we can. Good Health To You, Brian (The Goals Guru) Parana

MEMBER TRANSFORMATIONS Charity Russell Growing up I was always an athletic person so after gaining 60lbs during my first pregnancy I was depressed, but to top it off I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor told me to keep moving, it would help keep the RA from settling more into my joints more so I tried to keep up with the coed softball team but found that I was Megan calling off work every Monday because of the amount of pain I McDaniel was in from the games the day before. I honestly thought that I would never be as active as I once was and completely lost motivation. Then came baby number 2, I didn't gain as weight but I weighed the exact amount at delivery with both babies. I tried different diets to lose weight, joined a gym and even tried zumba 3 nights a week with my girlfriends, but again the pain was there and so was the weight; I was on verge of giving up. Then Jason contacted me and told me about Crossfit opening up pretty much in my backyard, I had heard a lot of great things about it so I figured I would give it a shot. CFA has transformed my life in ways I didn’t know were possible for a "gym". Before CrossFit, I felt a sense of accomplishment after a good softball game or a sweaty Zumba session. I had no idea what was coming!

Four months later I am down 14lbs and 4"; which is awesome for me and I feel great. Before Crossfit I was taking 34 pills and 1 shot every week just to keep my RA under control; as of today I h have not taken my RA medicine in over 2 months and the pain I fe el today is only from the WODs kicking my butt and I love it.

Since walking through the doors at CFA 8 months ago, I've lost lots of inches, 50 lbs and every idea I ever had about what it felt like to get a good workout in. I've learned that I love being strong and push myself to lift heavier every day. I've learned what its like to really have muscles. I went from being unhappy with my body, tired everyday and unmotivated to do things in life to constantly trying to better myself (mind and body) with loads of energy and always wanting to try new things. Pre-CFA I despised running and although I don't love it quite yet, I've ran 5 5K's and 2 mud runs, including the Warrior Dash which I did with 2 sprained ankles. Jason, Jamie, Brian and all my other CFA family have helped me to always push myself, in the gym and all other facets of my life. The CrossFit community is what really drives it home for me. I've met some awesome people at CFA who push me through every workout making me better. They inspire me. It's good to look around the gym and think "If they can do it, so can I." The main reason I joined CFA was because of my boyfriend Jason. We joined a week apart so since the beginning, we've had a competition going. We talk

Crossfit was just what I needed to feel better about myself, every WOD gives a different challenge and I look forward to the next. Through this short experience I feel better about myself mentally and physically, I have learned how to eat better and I have made a some new friends. The support system at Crossfit is amazing and it feels great to walk into the box! Charity THEN

Megan THEN Megan NOW

Charity NOW

smack during the strengths, push each other through the WODs and always help with advice after we leave the gym. Thats the best part. I always have someone to talk to about my frustrations and triumphs who completely "gets it." So I have him to thank, along with the CFA coaches and members, for helping me gain the confidence that although I may not be the best or strongest at everything in life, I'll always try my hardest to get there.

COACH’S TIP: Hit a road block? 2 ways over it.

It happens to everyone. We are not made perfect. 1st: Join a crowd. Find some friends or acquaintances who will help you with your minor slump. You’ll find that working out or even hanging out with a friend or a group will not only bring out the positive beliefs that make you the strongest person you can be- but it will also bring out the best in the crowd that you are with as well. 2nd: Laughing and Positive Thinking. It was a beautiful Thanksgiving morning, so I decided to get it going with a great run with the family. What better way to bring home the point of the Holiday? While running we were all talking and laughing - just enjoying our time together. I was reminded of the power of laughter and how contagious it is. It not only took our mind off of running but it cured any multitude of illnesses that we may have had at that time. So the nexttime you encounter a roadblock that may seem impossible (and it will happen), smile because it is your motivation to conquer your life and find some folks who will smile right along with you. My college coach once told us to not turn one bad day into two. I want you to think about this for a second - apply it to anything in your life. Whether it is exercise, job related, attitude, relationships, etc. Life throws curveballs at you, but the ones who come out of tough times have the support they need. Maybe you are one of the people providing the support for somone. This is why a team or group can help bring the best out of anyone.


Teams provide the support and backbone that can help bring out the positive results one may need to turn the unmotivated into motivated - the down to the positive - and the discouraged into the ones who are now providing that encouragement to others. Find the right crowd to become the person you know you can be!

Sail through the

Holidays with our

Bring a Guest Days Have some friends or family who keep asking you what this CrossFit thing is that you’re doing? Wanting to know what’ s creating this kicka** transformation in you? Well, here’s the chance to show them. Let them experience it for themselves, see how hard, how rewarding, how life altering this CrossFit, this Community really is.

Resource Guide Everything you’ll need to successfully navigate the next couple of months.

   

Including Highlights on the correct approach to fitness and nutrition Workouts that can be done anywhere And a bonus section with even more tips.

12/6-7-8 1/10-11 Nitty Gritty: 

 

Shoot an email to to let us know date and time you’ll be bringing your buddy. We’ll also need name, tel & email address of the guest. Bring your friend with you to your WOD. You MUST attend with your friend. Arrive 10 min. early to complete the waiver.

Should your guest end up joining, we’ ll send a Perka Stamp your way.


1. Choose your meals. 2. Customize them. 3. Wait for them to be delivered to the box: FREE. 4. Eat ‘em up.

Welcome OnR

New faces you’ll be se

Mike’s THougHTs afTer on-raMp …

The onramp classes greatly improved my technique and comfort level with all of th improved my strength and endurance very quickly in preparation for the WOD class ment. Brian and Josh were able to spot flaws in my movement that could of lead to exercises that helped open up my body. I was most impressed with how my flexibili

Ramp grads!

eeing around the box:

he major movements that could be thrown my way in a future WOD. They also ses. Another aspect that I never thought about was the critiquing of my moveo injury if not corrected. We were able to work on specific mobility and flexibility ity opened up during the OnRamp!

TEAM TEAM-MEMBER BIO: Jamie Grigas Jamie is one of our Head Coaches. Jamie born and raised here in Akron. While growing up he played all different kinds of sports but decided to focus swimming. After a successful swimming career Jamie started coaching for Firestone swim club. During his 8 years of coaching Jamie became out of shape and he needed to make a change. Jamie started at CrossFit Akron back in November 2010 and changed his life around. As an experienced coach Jamie has moved from the pool to our CrossFit Box and is very excited about his new career path. Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Certified CrossFit Running Coach Pose Running Coach Level 1 USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Trigger Point Therapy Certified First Aid, CPR

Still looking for some Spiffy Duds to wear to the Bash this weekend? We’ve got you covered.

Save Up to 55% on a Tux Rental (because you’re with CFA, of course.) Fashion Tux $54.99 Platinum Tux $59.99 Any style shoe is an extra $10 20% discount on any New Tux and/or Accessory purchase Summit Mall 330-869-2889

Chapel Hill 330-630-2889 Event #39-0302

Belden Village 330-499-2889

Think you should be in pictures? Here’s your chance.

A retail chain with advertising based in the area is looking for TRUE ATHLETES, not models, for ongoing print campaigns. Check out their requirements below to see if you may be a good fit. • 15 years of age or older (no age cap) • Males 15-16 yrs of age must be 5’7" & taller. Males 17 years & older must be 5’9" and taller • Females 15 & older must be 5’6” + in bare feet • Must currently/regularly participate in one of the following and must be on a skilled level: football, soccer, track, cross country, bowling, golf, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, hockey, wrestling, baseball, softball, archery (bows & cross bows), CrossFit. P90x and rugby. If interested please email with the subject line “Athlete.” In the body of the email, please include your name, contact information, the sport(s) you play and your skill level in that sport. Also attach a head shot, full body shot and a shot of you playing your sport. All emails must be under 1MG in size. We will return contact if our client is interested. Please no phone calls on this opportunity.


Plan now so you don’t miss a beat.

CHRISTMAS Monday, 12/24 On Ramp at 8a. Christmas Eve WOD 9a & 10a. All other regularly scheduled WODs canceled. Tuesday, 12/25, Christmas Day Closed.

NEW YEAR Monday, 12/31 On Ramp at 8a. New Year’s Eve WOD 9a & 10a. All other regularly scheduled WODs canceled. Tuesday, 1/1, New Year’s Day Closed.


Develop your skills. Achieve your goals.

Learn how to perfect commonly made mistakes with specific movements. We will focus on some of the most important movements and exercise over the course of six sessions. 3 have passed,3 remain. Register today to improve for the future.

Dec 15: Kip Movement (pull up/k2e/t2b) Jan 19: Gymnastics (rings/HSPU/handstand walk) Feb 16: Squatting Sessions held Saturdays, 10a 10a--11a in ‘12. Saturdays, 9a 9a--10a in ‘13. $30 per session Registration open NOW.

listen. This opens up a whole new stress free life with your dog by being able to let him become an active part of your life. You dog can go running with you, have the freedom to be able to run around and play or fetch their favorite toy to get exercise.

By Katie M.

Many dogs (like people) want and need to be challenged. They also need rules, structure, routines and understand what is expected of them. Once the dogs understand this and you have a way to enforce this 95% of dogs are happy to comply. We train the owners as much as the dogs.

So I was lucky enough to have some time to chat with one of our Whole Life Challenge Sponsors, Paul Pollock Owner and Training Coordinator of Sit Means Sit, and the parallels between CrossFitting and successfully training our dogs. Amazing the similarities in the philosophies with CrossFit Akron. Read on…

CFA: CF'ers are a different "breed" of athletes (yes, I had to go there) ... what sets SMS apart from other obedience centers in the area? SMS: The same thing that separates CrossFit Akron from your everyday gym. It’s our unique training techniques!

CFA: Who are you? SMS: Sit Means Sit is the largest and most successful US based dog training company in the history of the United States. We also have several locations in Canada. Our mission is to provide dog training programs that result in a happy, confident, and obedient dog, as well as a happy, confident, and satisfied owner. Our unique training method and experienced and dedicated trainers will teach you how to have off leash control of your dog, even around severe distractions. Pretty Cool.

Roughly 50% of the dogs we train have been through some type of paid formal training where the owners don’t get the results they were hoping for, so they end up having to pay for training twice. We are very results driven. Once our clients work with us they never have to go anywhere else. 35 to 40% of our business comes from client referrals and we train 35 to 55 new dogs a month.

Featured Sponsor: PrimalLife Organics

CFA: CrossFitters are competitive. Do you train dogs to compete? SMS: Sit Means Sit trainers and customers dogs have competed and won in every phase in the dog sporting world. We’ve been featured on ESPN, The Animal Planet, The Outdoor Channel and David Letterman. We also have trainers that done everything from running The Presidential K9 staff to FEMA Search and Disaster Trainers that have been deployed to many of our countries disasters. We can train and coach you and your K9 companion to whatever level you desire and we’ve never found a dog we can’t train so I’d say YEAH.

We’ll come to your home for free with one of our dogs outside so you can get an idea of what your dog will be able to do—and more importantly we will do a demonstration with your dog to show you first hand that we can help you. We listen to your goals and challenges and then make some recommendations to get you the results you desire. Our motto is ‘Talk Is Cheap, We’ll Show You!’ CFA: What's been your most rewarding experience working with canines? SMS: It would be hard to narrow it to only one. It never gets old for me to work with aggressive dogs that other trainers say are not trainable and should be euthanized and transforming them into family pets. Another is seeing the enjoyment and smiles on the owner’s faces when we train their dog and they are able to give the dog commands and have it listen in any situation no matter what the distraction or situation.

CFA: You could kinda’ say we’re into fitness. How/ what techniques does SMS encourage fitness in dogs that aren’t fit? We specialize in “Off Leash Obedience around Severe Distractions’ and set the bar high for our standards. This gives you and your dog Off Leash freedom in any situa- Paul Pollock with Simba & Roxie, 2 of tion. When you and the confi- his well-trained Canine Companions dence to put your dog in any situation and know he will

CFA: CF'ers are pretty motivated and passionate folks. What motivated you, personally, to get involved with dogs ... what motivates you still/drives your passion today? SMS: I had never thought of a career in dog training. I was introduced to Sit Means Sit when I had an unruly dog and was living in Denver, Colorado. A friend referred me and I was amazed at how fast I was able to achieve results with my own dog. I could not believe

the levels they were able to take these dogs to and knew this company was onto something big. I watched the company for a few years and became more involved. I always wanted to own my own business so when I moved back to NE Ohio where I grew up I decided to go to their training school and open my business in the Akron-Cleveland area. What motivated me the most to open A class of well-trained pups happy to pose for a post session shot at Sit Means Sit … looks like one of our post WOD shots. the business was the ability to change the dogs and owners lives. I knew I could make a difference by helping dogs in need of this training and frustrated owners that never thought CFA: Much like CFA, you recently opened an excelthese results were possible. lent facility. Where? How to people get in touch? I opened our new state of the art training center this I opened Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Akron on November 27th of 2007 and my passion for training dogs grows year in Copley. The address is 1062 Jacoby Rd, Copley stronger on a daily basis. Oh 44321 in King Arthurs Court Warehouse Complex. For more information, people can call us at 330-310My desire, passion and legacy to be remembered as one (DOGS)3647. of the best dog trainers in world continues to drive me forward daily. CFA: Clearly, you’re an expert. What one at-homepointer can you give to those of us who share our homes and hearts with pups of all sizes? SMS: Your dog will only be as consistent as you are. CFA: Consistency, Results, Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best. Sounds Just Like Us. What are the most commonly requested behavioral changes you hear? SMS: That’s a tough one. I can rattle of a few:                 

COME on command WALK next to you without PULLING on the leash SIT – DOWN – PLACE STOP going POTTY in the house STOP AGGRESSIVE behavior WAIT at the door (no more bolting) STAY within boundaries QUIET on command Stay OFF the furniture STOP chewing STOP digging STOP poop eating STOP jumping STOP play biting STOP nuisance barking STOP mounting STOP excessive licking

They can also like us on FACEBOOK and should check out some amazing videos on YOUTUBE.

UPCOMING EVENTS Toy Drive: For The Battered Woman’s Shelter December, 2012. Bring your new or like-new toys into the box. The Drive kickoff is at the bash on 12/1. PARTY! Grand Opening of new location & 2 year anniversary 12/1 9:30-11a Special WOD 6-9p Red Carpet Party the new CrossFit Akron location IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY, RSVP FOR THE PARTY. Bring a Guest Days, 12/6, 7 & 8. See page 7 for details. Winter Skills Session 4 of 6: Kip Movement (pull ups/k2e/t2b) 12/15 10a SPECIAL HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Details listed on page 11. You’ll need to register for Christma’s Eve or New Year’s Eve WODS if you plan to attend.

2nd Annual I Am CrossFit Akron Challenge 1.5-2.23. Registration opens next week. Winter Skills Session 5 of 6: Gymnastics (rings, HSPU, handstand walk) 1/19 9a

. .

HARDCORE Holiday Packages It’s all about giving back, so we are giving back to our Athletes and making it so easy to stay on track through the muddling of schedules, sugary treats, and exuberant merriment that so often makes us groan after it’s all done.

& Gift Cards

Pick up one of these packages we’ve put together (or drop some hefty hints to family & friends) so you have all kinds of motivation to get you through the next couple of months without the residual sluggishness and growing waistline that usually appear post-holidays.

SIMPLE Package CFA T-shirt, X-factor Point Ball, SFH Recovery Protein, 3 Private TrainHolidayTrigger packages ing Sessions, 3 Success Coaching Sessions Retail Price $350 Holiday Pricing $199.99

WOD Package

CFA Hoodie, Reebok Nano 2, 1 Tissue Rejuvenator, 1 Trigger Point Grid, 3 Success Coaching Sessions or 3 Private Training Sessions Retail Price $450 Holiday Pricing $299.99

PIMP Package CFA Hoodie, Reebok Oly Shoes, 1 Trigger Point Kit, SFH Fish Oil, SFH Recovery, 3 Success Coaching Sessions and 3 Private Training Sessions Retail Price $750 Holiday Pricing $499.99

Holiday Pricing has started. Your last chance to pick up all this CrossFitting Marvelousness is12/24. Tell your family you want one. Buy one for yourself.


Buy one for someone who should be here. Give the Gift of FITNESS . It’s the most powerful thing you can put in a wallet.


Kick a** this season -don’t let it kick yours.

NOSH ON THI THIS S. Grandma’s Hungarian Beef Briskset—Paleotized. Courtesy of Claudia Berk

Ingredients Brisket Ingredients: 3-4 lb. flat cut beef brisket with fat attached. 1 bunch carrots with tops peeled and cut into stew sized chunks a few parsnips peeled diced into smaller bits a huge onion cut into oblong chunky slices 1 bottle Organicville chili sauce (no corn syrup!) a few generous dashes of Worcestershire sauce freshly ground pepper cayenne pepper to taste a generous drizzle coconut palm nectar or honey (You want it sweet and hot!) 3-4 red, yellow, or orange peppers cut into chunks a couple of Tablespoons of Ghee (clarified butter) horseradish for an extra kick when serving Paprika to taste Side Dish Stir-In Ingredients: caraway seeds full fat cream cheese Ghee salt and peppa

Its a real c hallenge to take a han family rec ded-down ipe and tra nsform it Paleo versio into a new n with no delicious one even n oticing! I The origin d id it! al recipe ca lled for bro syrup lad w n sugar, c en bottled ornchili sauce soup mix w and a pac ith who kn ket of onio ows what Serve this n in it. sweet/hot brisket wit spaghetti h all its juic squash or es over mashed ca uliflower. To please th e non-Pale o diners, a or gluten-f side of egg ree version noodles does the tr ick. A little pre paration, p atience wit and you w h the cook ill be sure ing time, en joy this hea great the n rty meal. ext day or This is for as long as it lasts —- Clau ! dia.

How to prepare and Cook: Preheat oven to 350 degrees Score the beef diagonally in both directions so it cooks flat take a roasting pan and line it with a layer of onions Place brisket on top of onions and sprinkle ground pepper and cayenne pepper to taste. Dump the chili sauce, Ghee, Worchestershire sauce, honey or coconut nectar, and carrots and parsnips over top of the meat. Tightly cover the pan with 2 layers of foil. Bake for about 3 hours. Go WOD or enjoy a nice outing and come back to the smell of deliciousness! Remove beef only and slice into about a quarter inch thick slices.

Put beef back into pan and arrange the sauce to cover all the slices, add peppers and lightly cover the pan. Cook for another 1-2 hours depending on the size of the brisket. Prepare your side dish and toss with lots of cream cheese and some Ghee, sprinkled with caraway seeds. This works on noodles, spaghetti squash, or cauliflower.

Try it. Take a Pic. Post it. Let us know what you think! Share other recipes! We wanna see what you have cookin’! Post them on FB or send them to

The X-Factor Massage Ball is bigger and firmer than the original massage ball and will not lose shape. The ball mirrors the pressure of a forearm for a firmer massage and its primary focus is to relieve muscles of existing minor aches and pains by applying pressure. This tool can be used anywhere on the body including those hard-to-reach areas. It’s great for the neck, shoulders, back, chest, piriformis, calves, or anywhere that you have minor aches and pains. What are the differences between the X-Factor Ball and the TP Massage Ball? The X-Factor Ball is larger than the TP Massage Ball. The X-Factor Ball is harder than the TP Massage Ball. The X-Factor Ball will not lose its shape.


Maintains cold effectiveness for up to 3 hours Compact, travel friendly

Patent Pending Design

Patent Pending Gel Core

Stainless Steel roller resists scratching and breakdown Polyurethane Wheels for easy rolling and durability


Place in freezer for 2+ hours

Wipe down with warm washcloth to remove frost Begin rolling with only light pressure allowing muscles to adjust Do not stop rolling while using Cold Roller

 


Thoughts? Ideas? We’d love to hear them. We appreciate your input, suggestions and ideas! So please be sure to share them with us. If it’s related to the newsletter, shoot Katie an email at

What we saw last month...

CrossFit Akron's Connection, December 2012  

CrossFit Akron's Connection to the Community, December 2012. a journal of events, news, and information for athletes, enthusiasts, and ever...

CrossFit Akron's Connection, December 2012  

CrossFit Akron's Connection to the Community, December 2012. a journal of events, news, and information for athletes, enthusiasts, and ever...