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“What kind of man wants a hood rat? You are out of control bruh. Anyway, I will see you when I see you.” The two embraced once again and Eric was off to his mother’s house. *

* * * * * * As Erica reached the place she called home, her mother’s two story Victorian styled home, she received a call on her cellular. It turned out to be her cousin Shanice. She wanted to know exactly when they were making their trip back to college because she was obviously ready to see her boyfriend again. Erica told her that she wanted to stay the entire summer this year and spend time with her mother. Shanice sounded very disappointed as she hung up the phone and Erica knew why. Shanice has been in an on and off relationship with a football player at the college she and Erica attend. During one of the off periods of this relationship Shanice was asked on a date by the quarterback of one of the rival teams of her college. This quarterback was due to go into the NFL draft as a #1 pick in the off season. She accepted his offer and he took her to Houston in a limousine and out to one of the finest restaurants in Texas, The Breakfast Club.

She was able to meet a few celebrities and professional athletes and had the time of her life. But she made sure that he had her back at school that night, and he obliged. He seemed to be a very nice, well mannered gentleman and he was surprisingly shy. Shanice oddly appreciated the qualities he possessed. She was used to the more aggressive type of guy and this quarterback treated her like a princess. However, Shanice still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend and defensive lineman, Fred Sample. And of course Sample found out about her day in Houston soon afterwards by his teammates and it infuriated him. Sample approached Shanice about the situation and she told him the truth and she also reminded him that they were not together at the time. They had reconsidered their relationship since then, but Sample was extremely jealous of this QB dating “his girl” Shanice. He took his anger out on her that day physically and warned her not to tell anyone of what had happened. Shanice went straight to her cousin Erica and swore her to secrecy claiming she was in love with Sample and wanted it to work out. She thought that the entire situation was her fault and she sought to make it up to Sample. Erica promised her she would not say anything against her better judgment, which brings us to Friday evening.

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May/June 2007

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