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September 2011 This month’s newsletter includes notice of the BMBO AGM at Ingleton on Saturday 19th November. Do please make every effort to be there –we need the support of all BMBO members. Also, as the summer comes to an end, we have roundups and event reports from the regional and national leagues, and the National MBO Score Champs.

Fixtures September 2011 Sat 24

Chopwell Woods, Tyne & Wear


Sun 25

Driffield Airfield, E Yorks

MBO L/M/S MBOScore 40min

BMBO National MBO 10/11 NYMBO


Dark & White Taster Evening NYMBO summer 9/9 National MBO Score Final Round SMBO 6/6


Cross Cumbria Cyclists (XCC) Summer 7/7 Dark & White Winter 1/7


Pedal Mad SW League Round 2/6



October 2011 Fri 7

Peak District

Sat 8

Fountains Abbey

MBO Score 2hr Bike O Night Event MBO Score 4hr

Sun 9

Ae Forest, Scottish Borders

MBO Score 3hr

Sun 16

MBO Score 4hr

Sun 16

Bewaldeth Northern Lake District, Cumbria Edale, North Derbyshire/Dark Peak

Sun 23

South Dartmoor

MBO Score 3hr

Sun 30

Autumn MBO - Isle of Man

MBO Score 3hr

MBO Score 3hr





November 2011 Sun 06 Sat 19

Central/NE Peak District Gisburn Forest

MBO Score 3hr MTBO long

Dark & White Winter 2/7

Sat 19

BMBO AGM Ingleton Youth Hostel Dark Peak

Details in Newsletter


Enduro 45/61km

Dark & White

Sun 20

Full calendar and lots more info on the BMBO website

Copy date for the October Newsletter 12th October

Details Enter


BMBO ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2011 The serious business of the AGM: The BMBO Annual general Meeting will be held at Ingleton Youth Hostel, Ingleton, near Carnforth, Lancs on the evening of Saturday 19th November at approx 8:00pm To vote at the AGM, you do need to be over 16 and a full member of BMBO – check by logging into the website and clicking “my membership details”. Then check the date your membership expires. And while you are there, check the rest of your details, especially your e-mail address, are correct, and if needed print out your membership card with your number. The membership card will note whether you are a full or associate member. Associate members are welcome to attend the AGM and enter the discussions, but are not allowed to vote. Non-members are welcome to take part in the social activities of the weekend. Members can attend the AGM even if they are not staying at the hostel overnight. The AGM agenda will be available later, but the following proposals have been received so far. Proposal 1: Constitution paragraph 5.4: Reduce the notice required for the AGM from 56 days to 42 days Proposed by Karen Blackburn Supporting Statement: It is difficult to arrange the AGM in November and give 56 days notice. Proposal 2: Constitution paragraph 5.5: Reduce the notice required for constitutional changes from 56 days to 28 days Proposed by Karen Blackburn Supporting Statement: To bring requirements in line with paragraph 5.4, and also allow time for members to propose changes. Proposal 3: Constitution paragraph 6.1: Change financial year to run from 1st November to 31st October. Proposed by Karen Blackburn Supporting Statement: To bring constitution in line with current practice

If anyone has any matters they wish to be discussed at the AGM, or wish to nominate a member for the committee, please let the chairman know as soon as possible:

The provisional minutes of the 2010 AGM were in the newsletter of Nov 2010 newsletter Nov 2010.pdf

More serious BMBO business BMBO is urgently in need of volunteers to take on some of the administration. The more volunteers we have, the less each person has to do. Below I list the people involved in 2010/2011, and indicate if they are retiring at the AGM Committee members

Non-committee posts/jobs Web manager/developer Treasurer Calendar coordinator Newsletter Editor MBO co-ordinator SI coordinator Membership Secretary Secretary Publicity

2010/2011 John Houlihan-chair Peter Strong John Dixon Karen Blackburn

John Houlihan John Dixon Peter Strong Karen Blackburn Tony Brand -Barker Bernard Moore Andrea Foster Vacant Vacant

Retiring Retiring Retiring

Retiring Retiring Retiring

Over the past few months, the newsletter has published articles from each of the postholders detailing what the job involves. If you think you can do one of the jobs, or just take on a small part of a job, please, please volunteer. There are actually only three of us retiring, and as far as I know none of us is leaving the country, so we will be around to help new volunteers become familiar with the tasks. The event organisers, planners and regional league co-ordinators all do a terrific job, but we do need some central administration to support them with things like insurance, the SI kit, and the website for news, fixtures, on-line entries and results etc. Not to mention keeping membership records, looking after the money and liasing with other organisations such as British Orienteering. If you want mountain bike orienteering to continue to develop and flourish, please think seriously about how you can put something back into the sport by helping. If you would like more information about any of the posts, without committing yourself, get in touch with the relevant person – our contact details are on the website contacts page

Offers to help can go to the current chairman John Houlihan

The social side of the AGM weekend There is a MBO event at Gisburn on the Saturday, only about 15 miles from Ingleton Youth Hostel. There are four courses, from M21 to novice. Details are available on the BMBO website. Competitors should enter the event themselves and pay their fees to the event organisers via the website as normal. There’s plenty of scope for road or off-road rides locally if you do not want to compete at Gisburn on Saturday, and for social rides on Sunday. If anyone would like to organise a low key treasure hunt style event (no SI needed) for the Sunday, let us know, please. BMBO will subsidise the cost of the hostel accommodation and food for the first 30 members to book and pay. So you can compete in an event on Saturday, attend the AGM in the evening, enjoy subsidised dinner B&B, and relax with a social ride on Sunday. That’s a good value weekend! Please book for the hostel dinner and B&B as soon as you can as we need to confirm the numbers with the hostel. There is an application form below for you to print off.

BMBO ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2011 Saturday 19th November. Application form for accommodation/food at Ingleton Youth Hostel Name(s) BMBO no e-mail address Phone no Address

Dinner B&B at £15.00 Dinner only at £5 B&B only at £10.50 TOTAL

Number Number Number Number Number Number

of of of of of of

Veggie............. Non veggie....... Veggie............. Non veggie....... Veggie............. Non veggie.......

£ £ £ £

These are the subsidised prices which apply to the first 30 members to apply and pay. Make cheques payable to British Mountain Bike Orienteering please. Return your form to Enquiries to John Dixon, Winton Lodge, Northallerton Road, Brompton, N Yorks DL6 2QA

Chairmans Message BMBO needs members to come forward and run BMBO. Its an organisation run by its members for its members. Things have really tightened up on the running of BMBO, we do more now than ever before with fewer people and for less cost. However it will not run with out members taking on a few vital roles and somebody willing to have a vision of where they want BMBO to go in the next few years. The current committee want an orderly transition which means working in tandem for several months with the new committee. This will ensure continuity in the first instance for our functions. It will also allow the new committee to ask questions and get an understanding of why BMBO works the way it does currently. The new committee will have their own ideas about how things should be done and also new enthusiasm for the task. Many things will remain as they are because they function well. Key areas that needs developing are marketing and relationship building with new organisers (mentoring). The new committee will develop their own plans but the old committee is here to help the transition which means " You will not be dropped in at the deep end!" John Houlihan BMBO Chairman

BMBO membership Secretary – job description Most members now join or re-join via the website, reducing the work of the membership secretary. From event organisers, I receive and store for insurance purposes the hand written lists of riders who are not already members. I also administer the requests (automated from the website) for email address changes, but this is often already actioned by the website manager. Also the verification of free membership for youths and organisers.

MTBO Coordinator - Job Profile

If you enjoy writing dozens of emails and getting no replies then this is the job for you! The role involves the twisting of many arms to persuade people to put on enough MTBO events to form a National League. Last year I was offered about twenty events in total (thanks to Emily and Nigel Benham launching the Southern Series) so I was in the envious position of being able to select events to form the league. Such luxury does not always exist. Once a list is agreed it requires publishing and as the season progresses a league table compiled. Writing an MTBO update for the newsletters throughout the season and finally arranging trophies/prizes for the winners round off the role. Tony Brand-Barker MTBO league coordinator

Do we owe you money? The treasurer wishes to remind organisers owed money such as refunds from the online entry system, to e-mail him with their bank details as soon as possible, and definitely before the end of the BMBO accounting year, which is 31st October

National MBO League Update September 2011 Change of Date. Please note that due to access difficulties the October event at Tankersley has had to be rescheduled to the 5th November. Killian will post details on the website calendar as soon as the parking venue is confirmed.

League Update. Many thanks to the eagle eyed competitors who spotted my mistakes in the league table. As a result the M40, M50 and M60 rankings have changed. An updated copy is attached. Please contact me if you see any more errors

2012 League. It is that time of year when I start twisting arms again. The 2011 league is almost an end and I am looking towards getting a league together for 2012. At the moment I have no events at all - that is no league in 2012! I am sure that is a situation that you are not happy with. I need 12 people or groups of people to commit to trying to organise an event. They do not need to be events on new areas. Old areas will do. Many of the maps already exist, saving a lot of work. New planners on old areas can often provide a new twist to familiar territory. If you are keen but not sure how to get things going contact me and I will try to point you in the right direction. There are plenty of others who will be willing to offer advice as well. It would be really good to see a few new faces planning this year. Remember MTBO does not happen without planners. If you enjoy competing maybe it is your turn to have a go at planning and ensure the future of our sport. Looking forward to a rush of e mails, Tony Brand-Barker MTBO league coordinator By Age Classes Philip Vokes Staf 100



Events 2

Chris Brand-Barker




Alan Hartley Tim Fairbrother Angus Shedden Iain Stamp Ben Plowman

M21 M21 M21 M21 M21

6 5 4 3 3

100 93 93 98



Swyn 100




95 84

100 81 86 95 89

96 85 60








Points 200



67 80 100

590 410 301 288 285

99 75


Alex Bottomley Alistair Powell Tim Gilbert Daniel Mathers Stuart Lynch Mark Stodgell

M21 M21 M21 M21 M21 M21

3 3 3 3 2 2


Ifor Powell Peter Simmonds Andy Conn Andrew Windrum Warren Mason Killian Lomas David Peel Chris McSweeny Paul Gebbett John Houlihan Bryan Singleton

M40 M40 M40 M40 M40 M40 M40 M40 M40 M40 M40

5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2


Stuart Norman Tony Brand-Barker John Rawden Nigel Benham Pete Couldery Andy Jones Colin Slade

M50 M50 M50 M50 M50 M50 M50

6 5 5 3 2 2 3

84 100 93 94

Richard Steptoe David Rose Eric Harper Paul Graetz Alain Wilkes Tony Hext John Shucksmith Jan Belza Michael King Trevor Bridle Richard Smith

M60 M60 M60 M60 M60 M60 M60 M60 M60 M60 M60

5 3 4 2 3 2 2 2 3 2 2

88 100


80 71 100





64 81



100 100

100 96 92

100 71 85 91 79

100 87

87 85

100 88

67 96 100 74 82 74 80

100 86 67 100 95 88

96 100

92 74

100 82

85 100 60


75 99 83 100



100 98 95 65

67 62

60 91 89

81 57

95 80





100 100 99

72 97




76 54 100




100 100



70 91 87.965 83 61.983

94 73

43 60 66

238 238 214 205 200 199 495 394 381 372 313 282 256 253 216 188 174 538 499 407 277 195 195 195 487 276 255 196 192 182 177 164 162 154 139

Peter Howlett Colin Palmer Ian Cooper

M60 M60 M60

2 1 1

Emily Benham Ruth Shedden Karyn Burns Helen Clayton Steph Fountain Caroline Gay Liz Snell

W21 W21 W21 W21 W21 W21 W21

5 4 3 3 3 3 2


Jenny Peel Melanie Slade Sarah Bayliss Sarah Francis Elizabeth Clayton Jenny Lightfoot Woo Allen Tina Stratford

W40 W40 W40 W40 W40 W40 W40 W40

3 3 3 3 2 2 1 1


Charlotte Somers-Cocks Angela Brand-Barker Shirley Robinson

W50 W50 W50

6 3 1


Denise Harper Diana McClure Judy Douglas

W60 W60 W60

6 2 1



Chris Couldery Katherine Bett Theo Johns


3 2 2

48 60 49


60 100


100 74

100 75

80 78 60

75 60 59





108 100 100

100 100 73 83 63 56 47


100 78 80



100 72 100


95 100



94 67

73 100

47 100 88

500 328 254 238 201 176 147 300 295 257 257 194 140 100 47

100 95

100 60



600 243 100

88 90 100

89 100



577 190 100

100 98 75

248 158 124


Due to Cancellation of the Sunday event at Sheffield the league is now best 6 events from 11. Only those who have competed in 3 or more events are shown above. For the full table or to report any errors please contact Tony Brand-Barker on

BMBO National Championships - Torver in the Lake District Sunday 11 September 2011 Organiser’s report There were tough conditions with 58 people turning out to defy the weather. After a dry and windy start the forecast rain came in and all entrants were caught out in the wild weather. All riders did return to the finish, some in worse condition than others! This did not seem to dampen spirits with most people enjoying the course, the refreshments and the banter after. In the male category scores were very tight with 2006 Champion Bryan Singleton leading the way with 547 until the last team of Chris Hope and Bob Glaister came in with a huge score of 587. The female category was similar and very close with only a few points separating the top 3 places - Pipper Archer finished with the highest score of 430. The BMBO National Championship Trophies were presented to the winners, Chris Hope and Bob Glaister winning the male category and Pipper Archer winning the female category. Congratulations to them and to all the category winners who are listed below. Full results of the day can be found on the BMBO website. M21 and overall National Champions - Chris Hope and Bob Glaister. M40 - Bryan Singleton. M50 - Graham Fielding. M60 - Henry Syska. W21 and overall National Champion - Pipper Archer. W40 - Jo Cleary. W50 - Angela Brand-Barker. W60 - Karen Blackburn. X50 - Mike Jewell and Helen Brownlie. Thanks to all for turning up and making the event another success. Peter Strong - Event Organiser.

BMBO National Championships - Torver in the Lake District Sunday 11 September 2011

Keswick Bikes’ Chris Hope and Bob Glaister win the BMBO National Championships. The annual British Mountain Bike Orienteering (BMBO) National championship was held at Torver (South Lakes) on Sunday 11th September. The event was 4 hours in duration and required competitors to navigate around an area covering Coniston, Grisedale Forest, Blawith Common and Walna Scar. The day was foul with heavy squally showers and a very strong southerly wind which made the going particularly difficult. Here is Chris Hope’s account of the event. Bob and I had a quick look at the map at registration and were both surprised that it appeared to be a fairly condensed area, so before even seeing where the checkpoints were located we expected to plan a route which would be based on missing out very few. Aware of the inclement conditions we decided that a clockwise circuit would be preferable so that we would be heading south, into the wind, through Grisedale Forest which would provide some shelter. This would also enable us to descend Parkamoor - which is preferable to climbing it. With that vague plan in mind, when we picked up the marked up map, the first decision we had to make was whether to start by heading up onto the Walna Scar road for checkpoint 19. We decided that it was a long way up for a single 30 pointer which would take a reasonable amount of time, and with plenty of much easier 30 pointers to get, we opted to leave it and see whether there was time at the end for a last minute dash in and out for it. If not, then we would have saved ourselves a whole load of effort.

So we headed up the road with a tail wind through number 30 on the cycle track to Coniston, and then in and out for 16 at the bottom of the Walna Scar road. We then found it hard to decide on the most efficient way to collect the next few checkpoints without dropping any. We opted for 2, then along the bridleway to 22, onto the road and through 12. We climbed up the rough track onto the Tarn Hows road and descended through 20 cutting off left onto Hawkshead hill and collecting 4. We then dropped all the way down to the lake and collected 13 and 3 before climbing up to 14. After climbing up to 14 we decided to keep our well earned height and continue up through Lawson Park and head back north to the mast and checkpoint 21. With hindsight I don’t think this was the most efficient way but it was good enough. We then headed for 11 and descended the rough bridleway being careful not to puncture and then collected 23. Although we had gained some height at 23 we opted to lose the height and retrace our path back to the previous forest road junction then follow forest roads to the top of Parkamoor. For some reason we seemed to race between 23 and 15 clocking a split of about 14 minutes which felt fast at the time. On Parkamoor the rain started and wind picked up so it started to feel a bit fresh. We had a good descent through 5 and all the way down to 24 where if it hadn’t been for another competitor reaching the gate at the bottom and dibbing their sportident I think we both would have forgotten and ridden past it- we were having too much fun! The road diversion due to the bridge closure was certainly made easier by working as a pair. We passed Matt Martindale on his single speed and said bet you wish you had a bigger gear now! To prove a point he overtook us with his legs doing about 150rpm muttering something about big gears being over rated. I think his chain started to over heat though and he had to slow down. We then headed over Blawith through 6 and onto 7, with Bob on my wheel trusting me that I knew the way as we followed the track which Pete had marked on the map. We left 26 for the return journey and avoided the climb, so headed south for 25. Then it was a bit of road work picking up 10 and climbing up to 17 via the disused road. The next road section felt great with the wind behind us as we quickly arrived at 28. The legs were starting to feel a bit tired but we had an hour left. Was the clean up on? We descended through the fields to 27 which was incredibly hard going. The wind seemed to be getting stronger and it was now raining fairly hard. The ground was soft and I have to admit that the track was quite vague and I wasn’t entirely sure that we were on the correct route. A quick check of the map and I spotted the gate with the control on it. The descent to the road proved to be very slippy and a bit of poor braking led to me ending up on my backside much to Bob’s amusement. We used the allowable track to Greaves Ground and collected 26, then came back for 8 and headed for Torver. Now about 30 minutes to go. We were either getting slower or the going was harder and it was obvious that the clean up wasn’t on but thankfully we didn’t have to go up Walna! We headed for checkpoint 18 through a track which had turned to slurry. I’m sure there were a few annoyed dog walkers on Monday morning! The next checkpoint was 29 by the tarn. Once this was collected we turned round and headed back to Torver collecting 9 on the back road. We were just approaching the finish as we hit 4 hours. In a moment of madness I said to Bob, “I think we can get number 1 and be back to the finish in less than 7 minutes which would gain us a point”. It could be the winning move. I was later regretting this as we were still descending after 7 minutes. That move actually took 8 mins 45 seconds so in the end cost us 3 points. You don’t know till you try. As it happened it didn’t matter. We scored 587 points which gave us a decent margin ahead of the next highest score which was Bryan Singleton with 547. Chris Hope

MBO SCORE EVENTS – news from the regions NEMBOS Events Thanks to Martin Edwards, Conrad Ellison & Jill Furphy, Neil Hymer & Barry Watson and Steve Watson for planning the events at Blanchland, Guisborough, Hamsterley and Wark while I planned the event in Teesdale. Thanks also to everyone who helped on the day and congratulations to the League winners who received their prizes at Wark Forest. M21 Kris Smith


W40 Jill Furphy 181 M40 Andy Conn 299 M50 Graham Fielding 267 W50 Angela Brand Barker 229 M60 John Dixon 251 W60 Karen Blackburn 187 Gen James & Richard Martin 217 The league will be repeated next year and all of the planners have agreed to have another go which is brilliant. It would be great to see more riders in 2012 so please try to spread the word as all 5 areas are a pleasure to ride Steve Willis - organiser, North East Mountain Bike Orienteering Series.

Nembos League 2011 The NEMBOS League was resurrected for 2011 after a few years absence and despite excellent locations and enthusiastic planners didn't seem to attract a lot of support. The League was based on best 3 out of 5 events with the expectation that riders must enter at least 3 to be considered. M21: 25 riders turned out over the year but only 2 did 3 events. Kris Smith won the class. W21 was less well supported with 10 riders but only 1 completing 2 events. M40 - David Cowgill rode 5 out of 5 while Conrad Ellison planned 1, rode 4 but scored 0 in the final. This class also included Andy Conn who almost cleaned up with 299 points out of a possible 300. W40 - Conrad's partner, Jill Furphy, matched him - except she got points at Wark to win her class comfortably. A shame there was only 4 in that class anyway with one of them entering two and two entering just one event. M50 was well contested, almost as many riders as M40, with Graham Fielding entering the last 3 to take the honours. That was despite John Rawden and Adrian Baskerville entering all 5 - with Adrian running the SI system as well. Tony B-B did 4 out of 5 to come 3rd while his better half, Angela, won W50 riding 3 events to win over 7 others who only did 1 or 2 each. M60 - 13 riders turned up over the year but only John Dixon managed all 5 to beat Ray Morris who managed 4, along with Dave LLoyd. The rest only entered 3 - but still quite commendable compared to some. W60 - Stalwart Karen Blackburn managed 4 out of the 5 to top her class - of one - but her score was better than a lot of her younger rivals. Well done Karen! The mixtures were poorly represented: Geoff Moorhouse and Andrea Foster managing 2 events in a class of 5 while James & Richard Martin rode well in 3 events to win a generation class of 2. What was it that failed to attract support? Travelling costs, other diversions, lack of competition? If you know - or have an opinion - then speak up! I don't know the financial standing of NEMBO - marginal, I imagine. Will it run next year? (Yes –see above) The only way forward is to come to the AGM and talk about what you want from BMBO. It doesn't happen by magic, we need commitment from organisers and support from membership. John Dixon, NEMBO statistician and (until the AGM) BMBO Treasurer

New XCC Event on the Calendar 16th October 2011 The Cross Cumbria Cycles (XCC) event at Bewaldeth in the Northern Lakes that had to be cancelled in May is rescheduled for Sunday 16th October. A four hour mountain bike orienteering score event in a varied event area with lots of controls and great riding on bridleways, minor roads, forests, and fell tracks. This is very short notice, so check out the details on the website now (there is a flyer available) and get your entries in. This is the last event in this summer’s XXC league.

NYMBO news The NYMBO site is back online but the information is 3 months old as it still can’t be updated. Steph Fountain has set up a Facebook page at She is going to keep it up to date with information and results but it's up to you to make it work so please join in. There is more NYMBO news and reports in the news archive and the results archive sections of the BMBO website.

NYMBO League after 8 events

Men's and Mixed categories have still to be decided with just one event to go. M21 is between Rob Harrison and Rik Thompson, M40 is probably down to Conrad Ellison or Andy Conn. Only 1 point separates John Rawden and Mike Nayler in M50 and it is the same gap in M60 between Dennis Jacques and John Dixon. In X50 Steve & Andrea Foster will have to battle it out again against Chris & Ralph Defty although the Defty's will need to score 82% to overtake Steve & Andrea. The Scores so far are on the BMBO website

Last event in NYMBO Summer League

This is at Fountains Abbey on Saturday 8th October and will doubtless take us on excellent bridleways and minor roads on the moors north east of Nidderdale and in the valleys of the rivers Skell and Laver before we return to Sawley Village Hall for refreshements and NYMBO prize-giving at 3.30. NYMBO T-shirts have been donated by Muddybums while Halfords of Northallerton have supplied a range of cycling kit at reduced prices for the minor places. Please enter online, email or on the day as there will be 30 spare maps. All the details on the BMBO website.

This event is also the final round of the 2011 National MBO Score League. BMBO award trophies to the class winners of this league

NYMBO League 2012

There will be 9 events again starting in March but, again, no dates, venues or planners decided yet - except for August Bank Holiday - so please let me know if you want to volunteer.


Dave & Sue Relton have been running our SI system for the last 9 years but Fountains Abbey will be their last event. They have decided to get their bikes out of the garage and take part next year!! So a huge THANKYOU to them and if anyone has basic computer skills and would like to volunteer to help at registration or download I would be very grateful to hear from you. Usual rate of pay - free entry to each event!!

Winter MBO Series

There will be 4 events again on Saturday mornings starting in November. No dates, venues or planners decided yet so please let me know if you want to volunteer Steve Willis - organiser, North Yorks Moors Mountain Bike Orienteers

Last event in Scottish League

This is on Sunday 9th October in Ae Forest – one of the famous Seven Stanes mountain bike centres in the Borders. Series prizegiving after. It could be a terrific weekend to do both Fountains and Ae Forest......

Winter Leagues Dark and White have already finished their summer league, and have their winter series registered on the BMBO calendar page. Pedal Mad are starting a new series next month in the South West. I’ve heard that there will be winter events from NYMBO and CLOK, and usually XCC and West Coast keep active. So no excuse to hang up your bike shoes for the winter. Some of our most memorable events have taken place in the winter, with tales of defying the elements to complete the course and get back to the pub!

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