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July 2011 • Canyon Lake, Texas • Volume 5, Issue 7

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July 2011


• Every 1st & 3rd Mon, 6:33pm. Optimist Club meets at TPMLibrary. 830-935-2578. • Every 1st Mon, 10:30am. Pilot Club meets at TPMLibrary. 830-832-0340.

• Every 4th Mon, 6pm. St.Thomas Cancer Support Group, Ed. Bldg. 210-382-5889.

• Every 3rd Tue, 7pm. Native Plant Society of Texas, Lindheimer Chapter meets. GVTC Aud., 36101 FM 3159, Smithson Valley. Public is invited. 830-935-4699. • Every Thur, Noon-1pm. CLRotary hosts speakers on local to international subjects at TPMLibrary. Public welcome. Lunch included ($12). 830-935-2728. • Every Thur, 7-11pm. Steak Night (karaoke), Midnight Express. 830-964-3700.

• Every Thurs, 11-3pm, Seniors meet for pot luck lunch, dominos, board games, Wii bowling, chat with friends. Senior/Event Center, 125 Mabel Jones. 830-964-3003. • Every Thurs, 7:30pm. Bingo at Startz Memorial VFW Post 8800. 830-899-7774 after 2 PM.

• Every 1st & 3rd Thu, Noon. CLNoon Lions Club at CLGolf Club, 899-4406.

• Every 3rd Thur, 10am. “Friends of Tye Preston Memorial Library” meet. 899-4015.

• Every 3rd Thur, 7pm. Lindheimer Chapter Texas Master Naturalists meets. Agri-Life Bldg, 325 Resource behind Moe Schwab Recycle Center. 830-620-3440. • Every 1st Fri, 6-9pm. Parents Night Out at Cranes Mill Baptist Church. Dinner served. Preregister before that night. 830-899-7936.

• Every 2nd Fri, 11:30am. Comal County Democratic Women meet at TPMLibrary. Bring a friend and a dish to share. 830-832-4957 or Cathy at 830-935-4504.

• Every other Sat, 2pm.TPMLibrary presents Books With Bailey, the Australian Shepherd who enjoys being read to by kids. Call to confirm. 830-964-3744.

• Sun, July 10, 10:30am-noon. Gospel Brunch with a Texas Twist and Bret Graham at Gruene Hall. Advance tickets recommended. 830-629-5077 • Thurs, July 14, Noon, CRRC Senior/Event Center. Eden Hill talks about new 103 unit independent living apartments. Event Center next to Rec Center. 830-964-3003 before 3pm. • Fri, July 15. Deadline for registering for CRRC’s Senior Day Trip on July 30 to Retama Park Horse Races. 830-964-3003 before 3pm.

• Fri/Sal, July 15-16. Canyon Lake Art Guild hosts an Art Show & Sale at the Library from 1-5 on Friday and 10-4 on Saturday. 830-964-3744. • Thur, July 21, 1pm, CRRC Senior/Event Center. Music by harpist, Lil Peterson. Event Center, next to Rec Center. 830-964-3003 before 3pm.

• Sat, July 23, 9am-3pm. Blood Drive at Ace Hardware/Sattler & Super S/Startzville.

• Tue, July 26, 5:30-7:30. Serve & Protect Chamber Mixer at Dry Comal Creek Vineyard.

• Thurs, July 28, 6-9pm. Samba fundraiser for CASA at The Gardens of Cranesbury View, 1370 S. Cranes Mill Rd, NB. Wine tasting for a great cause. 830-626-2272. • Thurs, July 28, 1pm. Special presentation “Creating a Square Foot Garden”. Learn to grow a vegetable garden in a 3x3 foot space. Seniors/Event Center, 830-964-3003 til 3.

• Sat, July 30, 5:15pm, CRRC Senior Center Day Trip to Retama Park Horse Races. Must register by July 15th. Meet at 125 Mabel Jones Dr. next to Rec Center. • Wed, Aug 3, noon. CASA Voices Tour to learn about Court Appointed Special Advocates for abused kids. Incl. lunch -RSVP to 830-626-2272. 1619 E. Common, Ste. 303, NB

The push of positive thought

Motivational speakers and positive thinking books are everywhere – as it should be. I’m a true believer in the power of positive thinking, although I regress at times – and it shows when I do. I was raised by that philosophy. You’ve heard my dad was reading the power of positive thinking books in the 50’s, way before it was mainstream. Norman Vincent Peale wrote The Power of Positive Thinking that is accepted as one of the most popular books ever published. Great Thinkers of all time have phrased the sentiment and rephrased it: Aristotle, Emerson, Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Einstein, Mother Theresa, Buddha, Mohammed, Martin Luther King, and yes, the Bible said, too – and there are many more. “You become what you think.” “You change your thinking and you change your life.” It’s the belief that the change in your attitude that positive thinking brings about is the simple source for happiness – and success with the right steps it creates. The precursor to the Power of Positive Thinking, and an influence of Peale’s, was the New Thought movement. One of its leaders, Christopher Larson, wrote that there is an innate potential “for greatness in all of us that can be harnessed with the proper attitude.” Informal groups forming at the turn of the century to deal with the problems of industrialization believed that a positive outlook was needed to address the needs of their community. Calling themselves the “optimists clubs,” they took their Creed from Larson’s writings and formalized in 1911 with a mission to help youth. As their hundred-year-old philosophy teaches, positive thinking must be followed by action, and action is Glenn Erickson’s middle name. He’s our Canyon Lake Community Profile for July. President of the Canyon Lake Optimists Club, Glenn is a ball of energy with a passion to improve the lives of kids. Glenn was employed by American Sales Masters who assembled a group of the world’s greatest motivators, trainers, and speakers to produce groundbreaking audio programs. Motivated by the products he was selling and dedicated, positive practice has become a habit through which he lives his life. As a nuturing role model that embodies inspiring others to join his efforts to empower kids, Glenn is a great addition to the community groups at work here. His first year with the local Optimists is only the baby steps to what his efforts will achieve – we have just begun to feel the push of optimism at its best.


Optimist families & extras on Memorial Day Trip to Nimitz Museum

Sue Sweat, Publisher Dalton Sweat, Sales & Marketing & Much More

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Canyon Lake Views

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July 2011

Caring for our waterways with WORD’s good rules

by Mike Dussere The Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County (WORD) is a special district existing within Comal County and vested by the State Legislature with taxing and legislative authority. One of WORD’s functions is to pass ordinances pertaining to littering and safety on the public waterways within the District, which include 30 miles of Guadalupe River and Canyon Lake. Over the 23 years WORD has been in existence, the Board has passed three ordinances, finding that most concerns are already covered by State law. In the late 1980’s, WORD passed laws banning possession of all glass and foam polystyrene from the water – the glass law was passed due to safety concerns. If you’ve ever seen someone step on a broken bottle, then you know exactly why. The foam polystyrene, commonly called Styrofoam, was passed for environmental reasons based on the fact that it does not biodegrade for 50 or more years. In 2009, WORD passed an ordinance banning open plastic containers of five ounces or less. This was a direct result of litter in the form of small plastic souffle cups washing up by the thousands. These cups are commonly used to hold “Jello shots,” a mixture of Jello and alcohol. Unfortunately, they were being handed around, thrown to other folks, and generally end up in the water after use. WORD has no authority over the mixture itself and there is no law in place preventing people from consuming it, but if it is on the water, it must be contained in something other than small plastic containers. WORD mandates that all outfitters post signage at their rental locations notifying their customers of these ordinances. These signs are provided each year by WORD at no cost. Signs are also posted at public access locations along the river to notify any floaters who don’t use an outfitter to access the river. WORD’s goal in doing this

is to notify all of our visitors and residents of the law and maintain the safety and natural beauty of the area. WORD is not interested in ruining anyone’s experience in our beautiful County by giving them a citation for breaking the law, but hopes to give them the knowledge so that they will know what the laws are. Whether you live here or are visiting, play safe out there and have a great time on the water!

Mike Dussere is General Manager of WORD of Comal County, a parks and recreation district with a mission to conserve our natural resources, improve public health, safety and welfare concerns and the operation of public parks located in the district. For more information, he can be reached at 830-907-2300 or visit for comprehensive area information. Publisher Note These are good rules based on common sense to inform those who seem to lose it the minute they arrive on vacation. Most would happily comply if they knew. Property owners with vacation rentals and visitors are asked to inform guests of these ordinances for their benefit and ours, as well as the river’s.

Please help keep our waterways clean. Water Oriented Recreation District of Comal County

Love Your

Love Your

river lake

Catastrophic wildfire dangers address by Chief Wherry Welding, open flames, outdoor burning banned

Although we received rain, Comal County Fire Chief Shawn Wherry clarifies that no amount of rain will bring the dead grass (fuel) back to life. No open fires are permitted in Comal County due to wildfire risks. Outdoor welding and other uses of combustible materials is prohibited without prior approval of a Fire Safety Plan per Order 271 signed by County Judge Sherman Krause on June 15. This includes outdoor cooking with an open flame, unless in a barbeque pit manufactured with a lid. In that instance, additional safety measures must be taken to saturate the ground per requirements in the order and includes constant supervision and observation of the pit or any similar device. Order 269 banning fireworks that was signed by County Judge Sherman Krause remain in effect. Prior to the 4th, Chief Wherry stated, "due to the extreme wildfire danger... In our professional opinion the environmental conditions are simply too unsafe to allow for multiple ignition sources to be freely used by the public. While we recognize the financial impact that this stance may have on a select few citizens in Comal County, our interest in protecting health and life safety of the community and assuring that our own personnel and equipment are not place in harm’s way unnecessarily."  Furthermore he states that the area’s current designation as unCanyon Lake Views

der Extreme drought has raised the consequent wildfire danger status rating. A commonly utilized measurement of fuel moisture (measured and forecasted in the grasses) by the Texas Forest Service "marks an unprecedented situation in which we have drought and heat cured ground fuels (grasses), which are primed for a possible catastrophic wildfire similar to the large scale brush and grass fires which have burned across Texas this year. The only thing separating our community from a possible conflagration is a simple ignition source." Due to the seriousness of circumstances present in the current drought conditions that would be exacerbated by outdoor burning, Judge Krause signed Order No. 268 prohibiting all outdoor burning in the unincorporated areas of Comal County. On June 16th, Judge Krause signed Order No. 271 renewing and extending the Declaration of Local Disaster for Comal County regarding the restricted use of combustible materials until September 15 or until the Court deems the drought conditions no longer exist. This information is intended to summarize warnings and County Orders for residents but questions and confirmation of details required by the order should be directed to Comal County Fire Chief Wherry or Fire Marshall Wayne Ellington at 830-643-3748.

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July 2011

December / January 20062006 December / January


~ Bringing out the best ~

www.CanyonLakeV Views you can use

“When you wholeheartedly adopt a ‘with all your heart’ attitude and go all out with the positive principle, you can do incredible things.” — Norman Vincent Peale “Be the change you want to see in the world.” When Mahatma film, and later videotaped foryou resale or rental as corporate training Views you can use today Views can use today Gandhi said that, he could have had Glenn Erickson in mind. Glenn vehicles for big business. Revolutionary, however, was the collecis the President of the Canyon Lake Optimist Club that celebrated tion of talent assembled – a relative who’s who of the pioneers trailits first anniversary on June 6th. Glenn is busy, successful and posi- blazing the persuasive power in positive thinking: Norman Vincent tive, sincere and supportive, and modestly credits members for the Peale, author of “The Power of Positive Thinking;” Zig Ziglar, moClub’s success – members however recognized Glenn’s hard work tivational speaking wizard; Ty Boyd; J Douglas Edwards and more. with a plaque and touching personal notes to commend his efforts! Glenn listened closely to the tapes he was marketing and absorbed An enthusiastic participant at every event, encouraging words come the personal development, communication, and sales techniques naturally as Glenn effortlessly notices attributes to commend. He based on positive motivation. Those traits and experiences helped has been involved with Optimist Clubs elsewhere for 43 years, and him create the template for developing a successful business of his was District Governor in Florida over 6,900 Optimists in 173 clubs! own, Viking Productions, Ltd – that sells motivational sales training Glenn is living a life of integrity, passion, and activism promoting tapes to dealerships. kids that sets an example for those around him – being the change he These positive experiences influenced Glenn’s introduction of wants for the world while helping it happen for others. the Optimist Club to Canyon Lake – or vice versa. Determined not Glenn grew up in Big Rapids, Michigan where his dad was Su- to interfere with what’s working, Glenn offered and offers the new perintendent of schools for 38 years. That’s Glenn with two N’s club’s assistance to local organizations already making a difference – his mother, a concert pianist who didn’t read music, named him for KIDS in the community, with a keen eye to find niches of need. after Glenn Miller because she played a guest spot in his Orchestra Effective leadership and organizational skills produce results and before Glenn was born. He was the oldest of four kids, all four years pleased volunteers who feel meaningful, albeit a bit tired at times. and four months apart. A partial list of Optimist accomplishments this year include esGlenn was always an achiever. He was an all-state End, Editor tablishing the Octagon Club at CLHS–a group of enthusiastic high of his high school yearbook, and Sports Editor for the sizeable Wol- school kids learning the fun and rewards of community service, the verine yearbook at the University of Michigan where he earned his oratorical scholarship contest, flag football for 43 kids, a Memorial BA. At 23, he was hired at General Motors, went straight into man- weekend trip to the Nimitz Museum while adopting New Life Center agement to become their youngest General Foreman and later as projects. Valentine Day’s strawberry sales were fun and kept the cost night superintendent supervised over 2,000 on 24/7 shifts at several of Flag Football affordable. Optimists assisted with Float-a-Soldier plants. He was a Dale Carnegie Instructor at GM teaching the cov- events, CLHS’s holiday basketball tournment, and judging of homeeted sales course based on the book, “How to Win Friends and In- school debates and Youth Appreciation Week. Post June events fluence People.” Recognized as one of the first bestselling self-help planned include an Adopt-A-Highway section, sponsoring Hawk books ever published, it laid groundwork for Glenn to achieve more. Sports Camp, Junior Golf, and the Learn to Sail & Sail Racing Team Leaving GM and Michigan after divorce, Glenn sold stock for a Octagon project. There will be more. Whole families are encouraged big insurance company. For fun, he worked parttime as a DJ from to attend meetings; family outings are planned. 6-9am for a Rock ‘n Roll station. In six weeks, his show became Glenn especially enjoys working with the Octagon Club, recogthe top morning show in Indianapolis. Next selling aerial advertis- nizing them as leaders already in action. Optimists teach leadership ing, he walked into a KMart, met the General Manager, and sold and avidly celebrate the accomplishments of our young folks that do $100,000 worth of advertising on his first sales call. Planning ex- community service as part of their education and development. pansion to Florida during the icy winter months, Glenn sold $80,000 “It keeps me feeling young just trying to keep up with them, of aerial advertising for a Bucks game in Tampa. The first scheduled Glenn explains, “they inspire me with confidence about the future night, sea fog rolled in to cancel the flight–most monies had to be of our great country. They’re role models for the younger kids they refunded. Life isn’t perfect. But Glenn was an optimist at heart and assist in a lot of our projects.” formally an Optimist Club member–and optimists see opportunity Commited to show others the joy of giving back – and he is – in obstacles. Glenn is making an impact on an entire community. By inspiring By the mid 70’s, Glenn was selling tickets for the American Sales others to work toward the goal of “Bringing Out the Best in KIDS,” Masters seminars. Motivational speakers were recorded on 16mm Glenn has managed to bring out the best in us. Canyon Lake Views

Canyon Lake Lake ViewsViews Canyon

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December 2006 2006 / January 2007 2007 December / January

The Optimist Club of Canyon Lake meets the first and third Monday of each month at the Tye Preston Memorial Library at 6:33pm. Glenn, Suzanne Drucker of Goin’ Postal, and Gil Ortiz laid the groundwork for the upstart of Canyon Lake Optimist Club. For more information, visit their website at or call the Optimist Club contact at 830-935-2578. Canyon Lake Views

~ JULY 2011~

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July 2011

Cute... but please, don’t touch! by Ryan Bullock, DVM

Having just moved to the Hill country this past January, being around so much wildlife has been a really neat experience so far (except for the rattlesnake I found in my garage a month ago)! Obviously, we have tons of deer in the Canyon Lake area, and this is the time of year that the doe are having fawns. I’m not sure if there are too many things in this world cuter than a baby fawn.The urge to help what appears to be an innocent, cute, defenseless, abandoned little animal like a deer fawn is too much for many people to resist! Well, I’m here to tell you to please stop! If you see a fawn, please leave it alone – shoo, scram! In almost every case, mom is nearby with plans to return and care for her baby. Does will leave their fawns for several hours to go off and feed. The fawns stay put so that mom is able to come back and find them. In their first few days of life, fawns have no flight reflex that older deer have, so they are actually easy to catch and won’t run from humans. This makes people want to catch and care for them even more. But, if you catch a fawn and handle it, you are likely doing way more harm than good. Many doe will not care for their fawns once they have had human contact. The next time you see a fawn in your yard or under your car, my advice is to leave it alone. Wait 48 hours and if the fawn is still

where you originally saw it, then odds are that it is an orphaned fawn and will need care. But, I‘ll bet nine times out of ten the fawn will be gone and back with mom by the next day. If you do find a truly orphaned fawn, there are wildlife rescues that you can contact for information how to care for fawns, and some may even take the fawn and care for it themselves. Ryan Bullock, DVM and Keith Leakey, DVM are the owners of Canyon Animal Clinic and Canyon City Animal Hospital; Julie Liu, DVM and Jeff Quinn, DVM complete the veterinarian staff at Canyon Animal Clinic, full service primary care veterinary hospitals. For more information, call 830-964-3696 in Sattler, 830-9643551 in Canyon City or visit

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July 2011

Massage: A necessity for many

by Crystal Golden Riley, LMT

The importance of massage is becoming more and more well known. The common idea that a massage is just a luxury has become a thing of the past as people start to understand how a massage can really help with a variety of problems in a natural way. For example, low serotonin levels are associated with anxiety and stress; because massage releases serotonin in the body, a person automatically rests better at night, which in turn makes for a better day tomorrow! Massage increases blood circulation; good blood circulation is very important to stimulate new cells and therefore assists in the healing process. As the massage moves the blood in our bodies, it also helps eliminate toxins. The human body is like a machine; if we don’t keep it oiled up, it has a hard time doing its job. As the massage relaxes the muscles and reduces stiffness, the body becomes more mobile; some sessions can include stretching. Aroma also contributes to the healing process. Studies have shown that scents from some oils can have beneficial effects – most probably think of lavendar as a calming aroma but it can also help heal burns. One client loves lemon because it is great for concentration and helps keep the immune system strong. I often use bergomont for sore muscles, but the list goes on. For a really deep penetrating heat, hot stones can be used at times at the end of your massage. The polished balsam stones are used as a tool during massage because this particular stone holds heat for a long time. As a finishing touch, hot towels are wrapped around the feet – one of the most important parts of the body because all the nerve endings at the bottom of our feet are stomped on all day! While many associate the use of massage strictly as relief of pain caused by tight or pulled muscles – a critical use to someone experiencing pain – the benefits of massage extend far beyond just pain relief to faster healing through improved circulation and the release of toxins. Reduced stress and more flexibility makes better days today and tomorrow. With serotonin levels increased, you not only move easier, you sleep better, and on and on. In our fast paced society today, regularly scheduled massages are routine for many to relieve the build-up of job-related stress. For those accustomed to experiencing the overall tension release, massages have become a necessity of life. So, do yourself a favor and schedule a massage. Take care of your body naturally – it’s the only one you get! Crystal Golden Riley is the owner of Body Mechanic, and a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in muscles and injuries. She is a 20+ year resident of Canyon Lake. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call Crystal at 830-237-1228.


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July 2011

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Cool it, Dude! by Steve Sherman In case you haven’t noticed, July is here and so is the heat. The heat can affect our lives in many ways. I’m not a physician by any means, but I know the heat can affect us personally through dehydration, sunburn and just general discomfort. Our homes can also feel the effects of heat. If a house is not well insulated, the air conditioner can burn itself out trying to cool it. If you are using window units to cool your home, you can zone sleeping areas by keeping the doors closed at night. Be certain, too, that you don’t try to run a window unit with an extension cord. The cord could easily overheat and cause a fire. Caulking can go a long way in helping to cool or heat a home. Check your window and door sills and trim for any air leaks. Check around your electrical outlets and light switches, too. These areas can leak a lot of outside air in (and a lot of inside air out), but are seldom thought of. The leakage is most noticeable during the winter. If you place your hand near a switch or outlet and you feel an unwelcome breeze (cold in winter, hot or warm in summer) blowing on it, it’s time to stock up on foam insulation specifically designed to fit behind switch plates and outlet covers. If you notice the ground backing away from your slab, you may want to run some water on the area for awhile. This will loosen the dirt, etc. near the slab and help keep the slab from settling or cracking. Keeping cool outside can be a challenge, but, once again, your local hardware store has some answers for you. Setting up a portable outdoor gazebo can provide needed shade from the sun. Setting misters around can help you keep your cool, too. You may find your outdoor pets hogging the misters, because they need the cooling water, also. Keep an eye on the heat with proper eye protection from the sun’s UV rays, too. Bottom line: Keep cool and enjoy the summer! Steve Sherman is a Store Manager at Canyon Lake ACE Hardware. He’s donating the ties he has to the Smithsonian Institute for their “Why Do Men Have to Wear This” exhibit. For more information, call the store at 830-964-2797.

Canyon Lake Ace

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Unbeatable Customer Service, Selection, Competitive Prices, and Close to Home July 2011

Pet friendly flooring

Glass Repair & Replacement

by Jim Dannehy

While pets love us unconditionally, pet owners often find themselves at the end of their patience as they see that new carpeting taking on that “brownish tinge!” Pets just like people are not perfect. They have accidents all the time. Even that top of the line carpeting with its ten year warranty now looks terrible. And the warranty? That only covers normal wear. When you have pets, there is no such thing as normal wear. Fortunately today, there are many pet friendly floors to choose from. Laminate, wood, ceramic and porcelain, and luxury vinyl tile and plank are the best flooring categories for pets. Let’s compare. For many people hardwood floors are the only option. lf this is true for you here are a few tips to keep your floors in shape. Buy a species of wood pecan, hickory, or Brazilian cherry that is harder than oak. Avoid high gloss finishes; satin finishes that are hand scraped will not show the wear. Minor scratches will add to your floor’s patina. Sweep, vacuum, or dust mop at the very least weekly. Clip your pet’s nails regularly. If your pet has an accident, wipe it up immediately with a towel. Avoid harsh chemicals. Laminate floors are tough because its wear layer is made of aluminum oxide making it extremely scratch resistant. In our home, we have both laminate and hardwood floors. With three Labs the laminate has held up much better than our wood floors, but it is noisier. My dogs’ nails tick, tick, ticking took some time to get used to as they ran up and down the hallways. Luxury vinyl plank and tile with its hard durable finishes are extremely scratch resistant. These are made from PVC – the hard plastics used in plumbing pipes so they are waterproof products. Vinyl is a low allergent, is moisture resistant, and very quiet. Your dog’s tick, tick, tick running on the floors will be a distant memory. Accidents are easy to clean up. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are very pet friendly. However, to avoid absorbing pet accidents, the grout must be sealed. Tile can be difficult for older dogs with hip problems – not to mention, slippery for us, older humans! If anyone tells you they have a pet proof flooring…run, with your dog! There is no such thing. However, with an honest evaluation of your lifestyle and your expectations, you will make the best flooring decision. Jim and Joyce Dannehy are 25 year residents of Canyon Lake and owners of Comal Floors & Interiors. With 30 years in the floor covering industry, Jim has represented major manufacturers during the last ten years wholesaling their products to retail floor covering stores and providing the retail staff with product information. With that background and experience, Comal Floors & Interiors can help you make the correct flooring covering choices.


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Cedar Cabins • Storage Buildings & Hunting Cabins • Built On Site or Delivered to Your Location Zach Shipman, Sr, Owner

Office 830-885-6114 • • Mobile 210-887-7195 • •


or o

COMAL FLOORS & INTERIORS 830-964-COOP (2667) Making your home beautiful ~ one floor at a time!

12444 FM 306 • Across from Maricopa Lodge • Canyon Lake COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL Mon -Wed 11-8 and Fri-Sat 11-9 • Closed Thursdays & Sundays

a full service flooring store carpets, laminates, ceramic & porcelain tiles, natural stones, wood floors & more

a full service flooring store Jim & Joyce Dannehy 1395 Sattler Rd, Suite 5 • Canyon Lake Next to Mountain Valley Pharmacy

Canyon Lake Views

830-632-2340 / Locally Owned & Operated Franchise /

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Store: 830-964-2407 Cell: 210-846-7538

Jim & Joyce Dannehy 1395 Sattler Rd, Suite 5 • Canyon Lake Next to Mountain Valley Pharmacy

Septic Systems Maintenance Provider Stephen Salyer ••

830-968-4202 •• Canyon Lake


Simple Money Management for Women Empowering Women Towards Independence

ScorpionS / centipedeS / SpiderS / MoSquitoS

Get an Owner, not just an employee! Simple Money Management for Women

roacheS / FleaS & More

carpenter antS / beeS

Sandy Patin, Owner (830)935-4008

Empowering Women Towards Independence coMMercial / reSidential

pest, termite & lawn

830-228-4484 210-637-1130


State licensed & insured

Sandy Patin, Owner trapping / excluSion Service / terMiteS (830)935-4008

I buy & sell cars I pay top dollar! trucks • RV’s • boats • motorcycles, etc. Phone 830-237-1228 • Canyon Lake • Cell 210-789-4577 • Jamie Riley, Owner/Operator 210-789-4577

Quality Workmanship ASE Certified 30 years Experience

Computer Diagnostics A/C, Brakes, Tune Ups 4x4 & Diesel

Hillside Auto

830.899.2525 • M-F 8-5 All Makes & Models Foreign & Domestic

Kirby Westmoreland, Owner 7735 FM 2673 Canyon Lake 78133

excellence • integrity • reliability

Landscapes • IrrIgatIon • LIghtIng

We go the extra mile – one project at a time. or

(830) 237-0942 (830) 237-0780

• professional landscape construction • irrigation systems & repair • professional outdoor lighting Chris Moore, Owner/Operator & Texas Licensed Irrigator #0014435 16 year Canyon Lake Resident • Licensed & Insured

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What is COPD? by Barbara Rosen

Cholesterol, a fatty substance found in the cells of all humans, is essential to build and maintain cell membranes. So even though cholesterol is vital, too much can increase your risk of heart problems. Eating foods that are high in saturated fat is often the cause of high cholesterol levels. Saturated fat increases the level of cholesterol in the blood by encouraging the liver to make more. The cholesterol is released into the bloodstream and then forms fatty deposits on the artery walls – blocking them up and restricting blood flow. Some people have raised cholesterol levels, even though they follow a healthy low fat diet and this is because they may have inherited the condition. The inherited form of high cholesterol is not likely to respond to diet alone, and many people will need to take cholesterol-lowering drugs as well as keeping to a healthy diet. You can ask your doctor to check your cholesterol levels via a simple blood test. The most significant way to lower your cholesterol is in following a well-balanced diet that follows the guidelines on the food pyramid,  The human liver typically produces the amount of cholesterol that a body needs to be healthy. However, each day many of us eat foods that come from animals and contain cholesterol. Some examples include eggs, dairy products, meats, fish, and poultry. This means our bodies could have too much cholesterol and we could be putting ourselves at risk for developing cardiovascular disease.  Most food from plants, like fruits and vegetables, do not contain cholesterol. Eating more grains, fruits and vegetables in place of animal products is one way to lower cholesterol levels. Another way is to watch intake of saturated fat and trans fats. If you look at the food pyramid, you will note that it encourages you to eat more fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Physical activity helps to keep cholesterol levels in check. Regular physical activity (a minium of 30 minutes per day),also helps lower other risks of heart disease and stroke including obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Wimberley Home Health offers free diabetic education classes at the Wimberley Community Center. Call fr the current class schedule and to reserve your seat. Wimberley Home Health has serviced the healthcare needs of Wimberley and outlying communities since 1997. They care for those who choose to obtain medical care and attention necessary to remain healthy at home. The highly experienced staff tailors services to meet the specific needs of their patients. Call 512-847-7080 for information or visit www.WimberleyHome

Skilled Nursing • Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy • Social Work Personal Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

512.847.7080 (24 hours) • 201 A Stillwater, Suite 6 • Wimberley Bee Happy • Bee Healthy • Bee Home

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July 2011

XI. Ozone in dentistry by Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH

Ozone is one of the most exciting and versatile tools in the dental toolbox. Not a new idea in medicine, Germans successfully applied ozone to gaseous gangrene wounds during World War I. An inexpensive yet powerful antimicrobial, germs do not develop resistance to it. Like the idea of halting or reversing decay? Teeth remineralize given the right conditions, but which conditions deliver predictable results? Research shows fluoride, oral hygiene, or anti-microbials used alone render unpredictable results. We must move away from symptom-driven mindsets. Pathological germs thrive in acidic conditions; they crowd out friendly bacteria. On the other hand, an oral pH hovering around neutral supports a healthy oral microbial ecosystem. Think of teeth as mineral banks â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the balance of minerals into or out of teeth, shifts depending on the oral environment. Teeth lose minerals in the highly acidic environment unbalanced germ populations provide. Teeth gain minerals when a neutral oral environment supports beneficial germ populations. Abundant saliva can provide all the minerals a tooth needs to stay healthy; we just have to keep the oral environment neutral to slightly alkaline to keep them flowing in the right direction. It turns out it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just disease-causing germs that create oral acidity, their waste products are highly acidic. Ozone gas, applied long enough to reach deep into a decayed lesion dramatically shifts the disease environment. It denatures the protective coat that protects germs from pharmaceutical products, then oxidizes the Dr. Warlick, /XPLQHHUV&HUWLÂżHG germs and their wastes. The oral environment in general changes as friendly bacteria begin to predominate. can make Even in the worst cases, it takesEvEryonEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s months for germ smilE populations to revert to an unfriendly morE bEautiFul balance. In the meantime, tooth banks are set to accept mineral deposits rather than lose them. A person actively seeking health can support the positive balÂ&#x2021;*HQHUDO'HQWDO6HUYLFHV ance by monitoring their oral pH. If consistently below 6.8, they Â&#x2021;'HQWXUHVÂ&#x2021;%ULGJHVÂ&#x2021;&URZQV detect and address possible causes.  Taking oral probiotics, mechanically removing plaque, and usÂ&#x2021;%OHHGLQJ3DLQIXO*XPV ing remineralizing washes and paste support a permanent terrain :HFDWHUWRFRZDUGV change. MID dentists will â&#x20AC;&#x153;gasâ&#x20AC;?/80,1((56%<&(5,1$7(LVDQHDV\ a tooth, then paint on Caphasol or SHUPDQHQWFRVPHWLFVROXWLRQIRUVWDLQHG its generic to begin the remineralization process. 

Family Dental Center


Carol Vander Stoep, author of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mouth Matters: How Your Mouth &OLQLFDOO\ SURYHQ WR ODVW PRUH WKDQ Ages Your Bodyâ&#x20AC;? ( andCharles \HDUV Warlick, DDS, work together in Wimberley. Dr. Warlick has been Â&#x2021;1RVKRWVLQPRVWFDVHV practicing dentistry in Wimberley since 1979 providing full service Â&#x2021;1RGULOOLQJRIVHQVLWLYHWHHWK Dr. Warlick, biological dentistry/XPLQHHUV&HUWLÂżHG for adults and children. Family Dental Center Â&#x2021;$\RXQJHUEHDXWLIXOQDWXUDOORRNLQJ is located at the can Y ofmake Ranch Road 12 and FM 2325 across Ace VPLOHLQRQO\YLVLWV Hdwâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s parkingsmilE lot. For morE more information, call 512-847-3556. EvEryonEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bEautiFul Â&#x2021; )UHH GLJLWDO SLFWXUHV RI \RXU SHUIHFW VPLOH &DXWLRQ 7KLV FRXOG EH OLIH FKDQJLQJ

â&#x20AC;˘ General Dental Services Â&#x2021;*HQHUDO'HQWDO6HUYLFHV Serving Wimberley since 1979 â&#x20AC;˘ Dentures â&#x20AC;˘ Bridges â&#x20AC;˘ Crowns Â&#x2021;'HQWXUHVÂ&#x2021;%ULGJHVÂ&#x2021;&URZQV Dr. Warlick is an independent dentist and not affiliated with or sponsored by â&#x20AC;˘ Holistic Treatment for Bleeding Â&#x2021;%OHHGLQJ3DLQIXO*XPV DENMATGums HOLDINGS LLC CERINATE Painful

Family Dental Center


We cater to cowards





any one service by Anna Lisa Bandsma

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘cut â&#x20AC;˘ color â&#x20AC;˘ hilites â&#x20AC;˘ permsâ&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ ad. OFF â&#x20AC;˘ExpiresMention styles â&#x20AC;˘ sets â&#x20AC;˘ updoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 8/31/2011 maniâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;˘ pediâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

A New Location!

2154 Old Sattler Rd â&#x20AC;˘ Canyon Lake â&#x20AC;˘ Next to the Texaco off 2673

Call for an appointment today! (830) 899-4644

Skylark Cleaning Residential & Commercial cleaning and make ready service

830-237-2541 Present ad for $

10 off first cleaning

Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day BuffeBuffe t t Sunday Lunch Serving Beer & Wine RESTAUR ANT

at Canyon Lake â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘

free wi-fi!

â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘ OPEN 7AM ~ Tues thru Sun ~ Close at 2pm Sundays & Closed Monday FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED ~ Daily Specials Breakfast ~ WeekendBuffets Buffets FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED ~ Weekend All You Can Eat Catfish Fridays & Saturdays Daily Specials ~ All You Can Eat Catfish Fridays & Saturdays 830-935-2980 â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ North Side on Hwy 306 at 150 Regal Drive â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ Canyon Lake

Cheryl Roe Massage Therapy

$39 One Hour Massage (First Time Only) (Regular $45)


14812 South Access Road, Bldg A â&#x20AC;˘ Canyon Lake

Iverson FencIng

Specializing in: Canyonâ&#x20AC;˘ Lake & the Guadalupe River Farm & Ranch Fencing


â&#x20AC;˘ Privacy Serving the â&#x20AC;˘ Wood & Chain Link Tri-County area â&#x20AC;˘ Pipe Fences Since 1997 â&#x20AC;˘ Wrought Iron FREE ESTIMATES David Iverson 830-899-4164 â&#x20AC;˘ Welding Locally owned & Cell 830-743-5442 â&#x20AC;˘ Hole Digging operated â&#x20AC;˘ Repairs

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July 2011

Chamber Members roudroud Chamber Members Sponsors



and Sponsors Bridget Mcdougall

Chamber View Beat the heat!

by Kim Corolla Looking for a sure-fire way to beat the heat? Come get into Canyon Lake or the Guadalupe River! What a beautiful, summer 830.964.3127 jewel Canyon Lake is, and sets a superb set830.964.3127 Downtown Sattler • Next to Super S • Canyon Lake ting for summer fun. Downtown Next to Super S • Canyon 1295Sattler Sattler • Road • New Braunfels 78132 Lake We all enjoy living among the beautiful 1295 Sattler Road • New Braunfels 78132 setting of Canyon Lake because of the rolling hills, lush beautiful 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 trees, cool refreshing water, and friendly people. Visitors report that our warm welcome and friendly attitude is what was on the top of their wish list for a holiday destination. They also admit that, while 114372 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 the main attractions they enjoy are the lake and river, they love seeing 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 real cattle and sheep in the fields nearby. What a treasure we have to 3x3 share! 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM• GIFT Page CERTIFICATES 1 114372114372 AVAILABLE During summer, the area comes alive with lots of attractions. Here bw are a few “Must Sees” and “Must Dos” in Canyon Lake: 114372Lake • 830-964-2265 • MOTORCYCLE FRIENDLY Canyon 3x3 • Walk the dam. Attractions do not always need an entrance ticket. 114372 114372 PARTIES, REUNIONS &Page RETREATS 3x3 bw Talk with a Wells Fargo 114372 3x3 1/28/08 9:23 AM 1 A real “must” see is our dam in the middle of town. Admire the magbw 3x3 nificent view of Canyon Lake as you stroll the dam. 3x3 banker get bw • Canyon 830-964-3600 • 12381 FM306 Lake • and • Drive River Road. Enjoy the beauty of the river winding through bw Talk with a Wells Fargo just what you need. bw the hills as you experience the thrill of driving River Road. Talk with a Wells Fargo banker and get 114372 Talk with a Wells Fargo • Hike the Gorge. Experience and explore the Canyon Lake Gorge; banker and get with asomeday? Wells Fargo just you need. WhyTalk wait forwhat Talk with your local banker and get take the tour! You must preregister for a guided educational tour. banker and get just what you need. 3x3 Wellsjust whatbanker, you need. Fargo callyour today. • Attend a concert. Canyon Lake hits the big time! Join Bob Dylan Why wait for someday? Talkneed. with local just what you wait for someday? Talk with your localhas he sings on the Guadalupe River at Whitewater Amphitheater on Wells banker, callWhy today. Why waitFargo for someday? Talk with your local Canyon Lake •local 830-964-2265 bwwait Why for someday? TalkWells with your Fargo banker, call today. July 24th. Wells Fargo banker, call today. Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 Wells Fargo banker, call today. And tubing and rafting, of course! Experience the thrills of tubCanyon Lake • 830-964-2265 CanyonLake Lake••830-964-2265 830-964-2265 Talk with a Wells Fargo ing•and Canyon rafting on the Guadalupe River. There are many outfitters on © 2008 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. banker and get the Guadalupe River ready and waiting to provide you with rentals for © 2008 WellsAll Fargo Bank, N.A. rights reserved. Member FDIC. All rights FDIC. © 2008 Wells reserved. Fargo Bank,Member N.A. everything you’ll need to start your Guadalupe River adventure. Most just what you need. © 2008 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. ©All 2008 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. FDIC. rights reserved. Member All rights reserved. Member FDIC. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. provide parking and transportation as well. We have it all! Wether you crave water sports, sightseeing or just Why wait for someday? Talk with your local meandering down a trail or in a park, there is always something to Wells Fargo banker, call today. appease and delight your senses. Pair the scenery with the numerous 5-Star Restaurant class blended places to eat, with varying prices and flavors to enjoy, and you are Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 with the King of Wild Game! sure to find something to delight you. Stay once and you may never Classes are hands-on or transformed into a dinner party want to leave – we may just become your favorite “Home Away from you won’t forget! Home!” © 2008 Fargo Bank, ~ groups, private orWells customized ~ N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. The 2011 Visitor Guide is here and filled with lots of great infor~ Your place or ours ~ mation on the area, and makes a great planning tool to send your famCatering small parties, ily and friends gearing up to visit the area. Stop by the Visitor Center weddings & get togethers and get your copy today! Tina & Ed Carle up to 100! For more information, please visit or Canyon Lake, Texas For reservations, call call 830-964-2223. 210.488.4268

R.E. Broker, GRI, SRC, MRA & Quality Vacation Rentals

ScenicRiver River Properties Properties Scenic

et the family Lstay with us!


Hill Country Cooking Classes & now catering

mized ~ ~

New Chamber Member! Office 830-964-3331 Direct 832-455-6263 NMLS#2297

Brian Swiedom, Branch Manager 422 NMLS # 211081 2075-B FM 2673 FAX 832-550-2024 Canyon Lake, TX 78133

Canyon Lake Views

Swim, Fish, Tube, Hike, Ride and Get Outside! Canyon Lake Friendly Chamber of Commerce Canyon Lake


Complete General Dental Services for Your Family and You

830-964-3161 Fred H. Wilson, DDS • Serving Canyon Lake for Over 20 Years Canyon Lake Professional Building • 1395 Sattler Road, Suite 4 Next to Mountain Valley Pharmacy • Canyon Lake

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July 2011

Congratulations Tish & Chris on the birth of Dallas Toby Perry!

Texas Pride Insurance

Canyon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce


W elcome to

ur New Members!

• Canyon Lake Medical Clinic – Sattler • Spyderware Technologies • Wesch RV/Boat Storage • John & Carole Kerker, Friends of the Chamber

we g

830-226-5540 Chris & Tish Perry

Tish Perry

1642 FM 2673, #10 • Located in Sattler at the bottom of Dam Road

Canyon Lake & the Guadalupe River


... ver’d

a co otch

New Chamber Member!

J uly Events!

4 – Independence Day Parade – VFW 8800 Startzville FM2673 11:00am 4 – Independence Day Fun Fair – Habitat for Safe Seniors (following parade) 16 – Hot Dogs & Kool Cats – CLASS 23 – Blood Drive Ace Hardware – Sattler & Super S Startzville 9:00am – 3:00pm 26 – Chamber Mixer for “Serve & Protect” Hosted by Dry Comal Creek Vineyard Donations this year benefiting the Canyon Lake Fire/EMS (New theme for 2011 – Come enjoy a “Grape Stomp” race for more details call the Chamber) 5:30-7:30 29 – BBQ & Chili Cook-off Dam Red Barn (Benefiting Jr. Livestock, CASI & South Texas Chapter of ALS)


Serve & Protect Mixer July 26th

computer service We service all of your • 7160 Hwy 281 N, Spring Branch commercial and residential • 1396 Sattler Rd, Canyon Lake computer and IT needs.




“Your Mess is Our Success”

Office: 830-899-6378 • Cell: 830-837-2074

Peggy Kelsey, Owner • 10530 FM 2673, Suite 100 • Startzville • Canyon Lake

Mention this ad.

Sip. Savor. Celebrate.

GREAT LUNCH MENU Monday - Friday 11AM - 2PM

A place where fresh, innovative food is served up with unsurpassed quality and consistency by a passionate staff.

830-935-2293 or



Free Estimates

Bless This Mess

any service


The “Serve & Protect” mixer is a long standing annual event sponsored by the Canyon Lake Chamber that doubles as a fundraiser for the emergency services and Sheriff’s Department on alternate years. To show appreciation for the excellent level of services the community receives and to assist the departments with equipment upgrades, etc., local businesses and individuals donate to the silent and live auctions. The bidding for the live auction becomes a lively show of good natured competition and great fun to watch. Member turnout is impressive as are the donations from the community. The festive event always provides an excellent opportunity for networking and tasty food sampling with recognition for the emergency service providers at the meeting’s end. Anyone interested in Chamber membership is welcome; RSVP to the Chamber and bring your business cards! The event is hosted by Dry Comal Creek Vineyard at 1741 Herbelin Road, and is scheduled on July 26 from 5:30-7:30pm. The theme for this year is “Come enjoy a ‘Grape Stomp’ race.” For details, call the Chamber. Bonded & Insured



OURod! H y p HAp ne & Fo

~ Wi Beer, E C i A L S pm 6 p 4 S , ~ iday ay-Fr Mond

18382 FM 306 The north side of Canyon Lake ¼ mile west of Silverleaf Resort Mon-Fri 11AM-2PM & 4PM-10PM Sat 5PM-10PM • Closed Sunday

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Take back the coffee table!

Texas Hill Country

SHUTTERS Blinds and Shades, Too!

by Chuck Ferguson

Better Quality, Better Service, and, Better Prices than the Big Box Stores


Producing bordeaux style red


Laurie & Ralph Cordero 4724 Hwy 281 S • Blanco

Licensed Plumbing Services M-16172

• Hardwater • Iron & Sulfur • Chlorine Removal • Sediment • Bacteria • Heavy Metals • Softeners • Ultra Filtration • Carbon Filters • Sediment Filters • Ultraviolet • Reverse Osmosis

DaviD W. Clary SKYLARK CLEANING Texas licensed architect Residential & Commercial

and make Do It Yourself (DIY)cleaning Assistance Planning, design & documentation for renovations, additions, and new construction

ready service


$10 OFF next cleaning


Present ad for Serving Canyon Lake & Wimberley since 1985

ChAmp Bell Tx Electrical Contractor Lic #19015 • Tx Reg. Bldr. #19485

Maintenance, construction, remodeling and licensed electrical work for:

• Service Work • Commercial & Residential • Farms & Ranches • Equestrian Facilities Charles Campbell Tx Master Electrician Lic. #8131 • Offshore Deep Sea Service Bachelor Degree, VFW #8800 • Health Facilities


(210) 834-1246 Lifetime Canyon Lake Resident

EaGlE Mark Woolsey ! MounTain

With the lazy days of summer upon us who wants to be wrestling with the multiple remotes on your coffee table? Watching someone play musical remotes trying to play a DVD or watch TV can be comical. The newer all-in-one remotes are easy to use and extremely versatile. Many people purchase equipment but don’t use it because it’s too time consuming and troublesome. Now, by pressing one button from one remote you can turn on your TV, turn on the satellite/cable box, and turn on your sound system. Want to change from watching live TV to a DVD or Blu-ray? No problem – just press Watch DVD and it will effortlessly switch all the proper inputs for you because the one remote talks to all your devices for you; it’s that simple. Many people leave cabinet doors open because standard remotes can’t talk through the doors; most all-in-one remotes avoid this. Some upgraded remotes offer many convenient features besides talking to your TV – they can even talk to your house. Would you like to easily turn on or off your landscape lighting or outside lights? No problem – it’s as simple as replacing a light switch. Now you can access that light from the same remote on your coffee table – all from the comfort of your Lazy Boy chair, but hey, that’s for another column. The point is, instead of having three, four or even five remotes, you can do it all from one remote. Remote features and prices will vary by manufacturer so make sure yours will suit all your needs now and in the future.  Some dos and don’ts: 1) Do have this installed by a trained,  certified audio/video technician to avoid issues. 2) Do contact a reliable local source to lead you in the right direction and offer support for future upgrades and add-on devices. 3) Don’t be persuaded if your friend, cousin or brother wants to sell or install this new device for you. From my experience, that situation rarely ends up working the way it was meant to. 4) Don’t hesitate considering an all-in-one remote; you’ll be glad you did and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!  As always, thanks for using your local businesses!

Chuck Ferguson is CEO of Mainstream Home Theater LLC. Chuck has been in the residential and commercial audio video industry for over 25 years. He holds certifications for sales, service, design and installation of audio video systems and solar and wind power systems. For more information, call Chuck at 964-6040 or email him at

• Flags & Flag Poles • Patriotic Gifts • Knives & Cutlery

512-847-0010 • 800-385-5605

Mon-Thu 9-5 • Fri til 3 • 333 FM 2325 • Wimberley Canyon Lake Lake Views Views Canyon

Your Local Expert Since 2001

(830) 964-6040 1457 FM 2673 • Canyon Lake


October 2010 July 2011

Job and school applicants and background checks by Charles Sullivan Many schools, employers, licensing bureaus, and government employers will ask you on various applications if you have ever been arrested for a crime of moral turpitude, or an alcohol or drug related charge. Many people are unaware that when they are cleared of the crime by deferred adjudication, dismissal, acquittal or any other reason that misdemeanor arrest remains with them in the form of a criminal record. That means a $40 hot check mistakenly written that resulted in theft by check charges as a “B” misdemeanor arrest can make you look like a thief. Even when the check was promptly taken care of and the charges dropped. Many are not aware that a record still exists. The information of the case often stays on the record and may impact the ability to find a job or an apartment. While it is certain the use of background checks has been a useful tool for employers, licensing boards, and schools, it is also clear that often enough candidates are disqualified for minor misgivings which happened long ago and have no bearing on the persons character and integrity. In the interest of protecting its citizens from being marked for life for minor infractions, Texas law allows persons to have their records cleared or sealed under certain circumstances. The two main procedures are expunction and non-disclosure. Expunction is primarily for defendants whose charges are pled to lesser crimes, misdemeanors deferred adjudication and deferred disposition pleas, dismissed or who win not-guilty verdicts. An expunction will ensure that all records pertaining to the court are destroyed. Any agencies which may have record of the case will be ordered to throw them out. Non-disclosure applies to defendants who successfully complete deferred adjudication or probation for certain more serious offenses. Non-disclosure will essentially seal the records, limiting access only to certain authorized agencies such as hospitals, schools, and licensing boards. In both expunction and non-disclosure, one may legally deny that the offense ever occurred. Agencies that do have access to these records will also be informed that the record was sealed which they may consider in making decisions regarding the prospective employee. The problem is the expense of getting this done can be high as it involves the filing of an actual civil lawsuit. We have been able to significantly reduce these costs by grouping several cases together so that trips by the attorney to court are minimized and the repetitiveness makes the overall cost considerably less. Charles Sullivan is the founder of Sullivan & Associates, PLLC. His practice is primarily in business, personal injury, real estate litigation, family, criminal and specializing in probates, wills, and trusts as well. He never has and never will represent an insurance company. He has offices in Canyon Lake at 8115 FM 2673, Georgetown, and Austin, and can be reached locally at 830-899-3259 for more information.

Canyon Lake Views

Sullivan & Associates, PLLC AT T O R N E Y S


Ofc: 830-899-3259 Cell: 210-863-6340


8115 FM 2673 Canyon Lake

Tree Service • Trimming Removal • Demolition • Construction Cleanup



Canyon Lake Auto Repair

13102 FM 306

(behind TACO sTAnd)


Need a Doctor for your vehicle? We can service your Call an ASE Certified Technician! air conditioning. “Check Engine” light on? We offer Computer Analysis!

Ask me about Accident Forgiveness. With other insurance companies, having an accident can mean your rates rise asmuch as 40%. But with Allstate’s Accident Forgiveness, your rates won’t go up at all just because of an accident. Don’t wait! Call me today.

Harbans Soni (830) 964-5004 1387 Sattler Rd., #C Canyon Lake Appointments to fit your schedule. Feature is optional and subject to terms and conditions. Safe Driving Bonus® won’t apply after an accident. In CA, you could still lose the 20% Good Driver Discount. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company.

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July 2011

by Terry Schroller

An inspector’s prayer

The Structural Pest Control Service is my Shepherd, I shall not want. They restoreth my faith if I pay my annual fees. They leadeth me in the paths of the law as I proceedeth with my inspection.

Yeah, though I slither through the crawl spaces of infestation, I shall fear no evil; For my spotlight, snake stick and bump hat are with me.

Knowledge anointeth me with enough common sense to keep the selling agent at arm’s length as I remind them I protecteth the buyer.


on the River

at the Lake Startzville 830-899-5626

Sattler 830-964-2673 Justin King, Owner


Local Boys Lawn Care

Forgive all parties their indiscretions, and innuendos, as they plead innocence to any knowledge of needing such a document one day before closing as their minds have simultaneously gone blank. May my strength to stand against closing dates, financial institutions, and all interested parties be maximized as I tell them they have an active infestation of wood destroying insects.

They maketh me to present my report in triplicate to all concerned. Leadeth me along the path of righteousness as my Certified Applicators License and signature are required for the final report. May experience remindeth me to take pictures to provide proof against mine adversaries. Surely goodness, mercy and a check shall follow my endeavors and I will trust in the protection of the sales contract until date of termination. May my soul rest peacefully knowing my recommendation was the right one. Amen Terry and Valerie Schroller, owners of Alternative Pest Control, have been in the pest control business since 1976. Their license categories include General Pests, Termites, Weeds and Lawn and Ornamentals. For more information, call 830-899-5400 or email them through their new website. They want you to see it!

and Pressure Washing Keith Obeck, Owner

210-380-7883 Canyon Lake •

Member Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce

Canyon Lake Views

830-899-5400 Email your questions and concerns. This information is for you.

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July 2011

Filtration is the key

by Bill Goetz Most of us never associate changing our vehicles various filters with increased gas mileage and a more pleasant driving experience. I guess that is why I enjoy writing this column each month. Simple, common sense things become important solutions.  That may be one good explanation as to why those in Washington DC never read this paper.    Most cars and trucks have two, three or more filtration devices â&#x20AC;&#x201C; each with a specific cleansing responsibility. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s start with the engine air filter. This device has another purpose other than storing your squirrelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s acorns for the winter. The air filter is the first line of defense in preventing dirt from the environment from getting into the engine and your oil, thus reducing friction in the engine and providing for improved gas mileage. Cleaner oil means better protection and fuel efficiency. And, no, simply blowing the filter out, or banging it on the car bumper when it is being checked accomplishes nothing. When debris can be seen on top of the filtration material, the pores are generally clogged and air flow significantly reduced. The air filter should be inspected on a regular basis and changed out when dirty.  Most engines also have an exterior fuel filter in the fuel line.  This is designed to catch any debris from the fuel tank, like rust, from getting to the engine where it can do significant damage.  A clogged fuel filter can suppress engine performance and fuel efficiency.  Unfortunately, most of these filters cannot be visually checked and should be changed out according to the manufacturerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mileage recommendation.  Most fuel filters on diesel engines also capture condensation from the diesel fuel so that performance is not reduced.  Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one more filter that most do not even know their car has â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the cabin air filter. Now, not all vehicles have them, and often the dealership does not even put one in when you purchase your car in order to save a few bucks.  This filter is not related in any way to engine performance or fuel efficiency, but will make for a better driving experience. Just like the return air vent filters in your residential air conditioning system, this filter traps all of the dirt, dust and allergens in the air and prevents them from entering your vehicle. That gives you fantastic fresh air in the vehicle cabin.     Bill and Jan Goetz are Canyon Lake residents and owners of Shell Rapid Lube in Sattler, a full service auto maintenance facility that specializes in all lube services, tire rotation, brake services, tune-ups and new car warranty maintenance. Bill spent a 30-year career with Fortune 100 and start-up companies that specialized in developing technologies to streamlined retail operations of large oil companies and retailers. For more information, call 964-5373.


Serving Beer

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LAS BARCAS 7 Days a Week

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1034 Island View @ FM 2673 â&#x20AC;˘ Canyon Lake, Texas Page 17

July 2011

830-964-4315 •

LAS BARCAS Carpenter Hardware expert help for your home since 1973

830-899-2112 7719 FM 2673 • Startzville • Canyon Lake

Lady Dye’s Salon ... a full service hair salon for men, women & children

Tues thru Fri, 9-5pm • Sat, 9-1 • Evening Appts Available Diana Wallace ~ 830.935.3444

Walk-Ins Welcome 20% OFF ANY SERVICE

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Doggone Grooming


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Jane Cutbirth, Owner • 14455 River Road Sattler • Canyon Lake TX 78132 Monday-Saturday 8-3

Patsy Keim, LE Licensed Skin Care Esthetician & Permanent Cosmetic Technician

Osmosis Treatment Products & PCA Peels

jane iredale



Patsy Keim, LE • 1395 Sattler Road, Suite 2 • Near the Pharmacy • Canyon Lake

830-964-4315 •

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A breakfast made to slowly unfold

by Linda Allen Breakfast must be the most subjective meal of the day. For some, it doesn’t exist. For others, it’s leftover pizza at its finest, last night’s won ton soup, cold steak grabbed from the fridge as they race out the door. Or maybe it’s cereal and cold milk crowned with summer berries, oatmeal and apples spiked in cinnamon, eggs and cheese wrapped in fresh tortillas and sauced with a searing salsa, heavy on the cilantro, please. In Bulgaria, I understand it to include fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, yogurt. In Japan, tiny dried fish, sheets of dried seaweed and rice. But for me, breakfast, at its best, is a seasonal menu and should behave accordingly. Summer breakfasts, whenever possible, should be eaten outside, preferably on a rooftop or a deck or a balcony. They should include sweet, cold fresh fruit and, if the heart gives its grace, a splash of heavy cream. I can remember my mother spiraling the skin from Stonewall peaches at the breakfast table on the screen porch. Juice ran down her arms as she sliced the flesh from the pit and dropped the slices into thick cream. We countered that sweet tartness with Pecos cantaloupes, bred of dust and cactus and a river that only a cowboy could love, the melons bred small and intensely perfumed like some West Texas saving grace. My grandmother peeled figs from her neighbor’s prolific tree, which was gnarled as a Bible verse, a great green-fingered shade for dozens of fresh chickens. She fed us in her back yard and dropped the soft figs into cream that curdled almost to a mascarpone in our bowls; then she poached the fresh eggs that we pulled from beneath angry hens, the yolks running like sunrise over the toast. She squeezed lime juice over honeydews, then took us fishing. I remember breakfasts in Mexico on the rooftop of the Oceana Hotel—chunks of golden pineapple and mango juxtaposed with huevos rancheros and musty refries, fresh squeezed orange juice, pale as a memory of morning, but sweet, like waking happy. Beneath us, the Pacific drummed against the bulwarks of our dreams. Coffee was serious and black as the night before. Sometimes, if the situation warranted, we drank breakfast beers. There have been summer feasts with my children—an offering of thin, crepe-like pancakes with golden butter and maple syrup beneath the cypress needles above the creek….a gift from my mother’s table, passed down to my family and their friends. There have been breakfast canvases on sailboats with odd, tropical juices sipped against a background of black lava islands garlanded in rainy season green, a sunrise unhinging on the horizon. There have been breakfasts in the rain, the outside pressed against our window like a good movie, the coffee a stiffer black for the rain, the music a low, longing jazz. Those are the lazy breakfasts to remember, when time slows its pulse, and the first meal wakens the day with nothing more than the promise of time well-spent until the next breakfast unfolds.

Linda Allen is the owner of Linda Allen Catering and Linda’s Fine Foods Restaurant located at 500 FM 2325 in Wimberley, across from the Lion’s Market Day field. Linda’s Fine Foods offers a wide selection of take-out items, dining in and entertains special orders. Linda has offered full service catering in Wimberley, Canyon Lake and the surrounding Hill Country for 15 years. For more information, call 512-847-5464. Page 18 July 2011

Rainwater harvesting: is it right for you? by Randy Lawrence

These days it seems everyone’s interested in the idea of rainwater collection. As both the concept’s popularity and environmental awareness increase, many homeowners are considering some form of rainwater harvesting. Ironically, interest in these systems reached an all-time high during the recent drought, one of the worst on record. Here are just a few items to consider. When deciding what type of system is right for you, one important step is to determine the square footage of the collection surface (using the structure’s footprint). For every 1,000 square feet of collection area, you can expect to reclaim an estimated 550 gallons per inch of rainfall. According to local climate data, our average rainfall is around 34 inches annually. Although it’s difficult to determine an exact figure, it’s estimated that the average Texan uses 80-100 gallons of water per day. This accounts for all water used throughout the day both inside and outside the home. In order to ensure an uninterrupted water supply during a drought, even a conservative water user would require a sizable storage tank, and/or an extremely large collection surface. Since these might prove impractical for most homeowners, it is important to plan ahead for how you will utilize the stored water. If your main reason for collecting rainwater is irrigation, you can use a much less expensive holding tank, as well as eliminate the need for any treatment equipment. In some cases, the tank can be elevated to allow for gravity flow, thus making a pump unnecessary. A simple system for garden watering can be a relatively inexpensive investment. On the other hand, if you intend to use the stored rainwater for daily household use, then it must be stored in an appropriate tank, and repressurized using a booster pump. It is also crucial to filter debris and disinfect the water prior to use. It’s also recommended that you utilize a well to supplement your rainwater system. A licensed water treatment specialist can design a user-friendly treatment system to handle any combination of well water and/or rainwater ensuring a constant supply of quality water for your home. Randy Lawrence is the owner of ProQuality Water Systems, a full service water treatment company with 15 years experience. He is one of only five Class III Certified Water Treatment Specialists in Hays County (LIC# WT0002693). For more information, call Randy at 512-618-1334 or 830-822-3533, or email him at “When you want quality, call a pro.”


RANDY LAWRENCE A full service water treatment company specializing in customer service & integrity

Certified by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality Class III License # WT0002693

512-618-1334 830-822-3533

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CANYON CITY SUNROOMS Rooms with a View at an affordable rate

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Master Plumber License #M38706 Gordon McCleary, Jr.

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Stonecrafters Homes & Improvements

• Hardscape Designs & Installation • Drainage Installation • Seamless Gutters • Landscape Materials • Garden-Ville Materials Available


Lic #1C185

when quality matters 4830 FM 2673 • Canyon Lake Page 19

July 2011

Church in the W ildwood Assembly of God Called, Committed, Caring

Service Times SUNDAY

Come Grow With Us (830) 899-2149

Sunday School 9:30 am Worship Service 10:30 am Children’s Church 11:15 am Spanish Worship 4:00 pm WEDNESDAY NIGHT

227 Charter Oak Drive Canyon Lake, TX 78133 FM 2673 @ Oaks subdivision entrance

In the Word 7:00 pm Youth Service 7:00 pm Bible Quiz 7:00 pm THURSDAY NIGHT

Email: or

Royal Rangers 7:00 pm Missionettes 7:00 pm FRIDAY NIGHT

Spanish Bible Study 7:00 pm

Pastor John Massey •

Hitching Post Enterprises 9-5 & We carryMonday-Friday ORGANIC PEST CONTROL Gardening Saturday 8-3 Supplies

DRIVE THRU’ We load Customer Purchases

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GPS and your computer by Gary Poss

On May 17, I had open heart surgery and am doing great! Thank you for your collective prayers, cards, and calls. It is wonderful to be alive, working again, and among friends.

My GPS (Global Positioning System) adventure began a couple of days before surgery when I was transported from New Braunfels to downtown Houston a distance of 186 miles – from hospital to hospital. The ambulance van utilized an add-on GPS unit (on the dash) which took us straight to our destination – The Methodist Hospital. While recuperating, it occurred to me how important a GPS is and how it can be efficiently used with a computer. Keep your maps and other data on your GPS up to date. Most dedicated GPS devices come with a USB connection (some with Bluetooth) and software CD. You can download the latest road map and other data as needed. Many manufacturers allow you to purchase, download and install supplemental maps that go beyond the base maps that came with your device. Sometimes, you can use your laptop computer itself as a GPS navigator – depending on your GPS model and capabilities. Check the GPS product features and manual. Plot routes before you depart, and download and analyze trip data when you return. GPS receivers may come with mapping software that permits you to plot a route on your personal computer before you depart, and then download it to your GPS device. This can be especially useful for day hiking or backpacking, when used in tandem with detailed supplemental topographic maps. Conversely, when you return from a trip or workout, you may upload your trip data back into your computer mapping software to analyze and graph the data. Storage and analysis of workout data, creating a digital, high-tech training diary, is especially useful to athletes. Some online digital photo services, such as Flicker (and Google Picasa photo editor) that let you attach GPS location data to your photos. These photos are keyed to a map, creating location-based photo galleries. Checkout Google Earth also. Have fun on your next GPS adventure! First, go to and the left navigation column, read about How It Works and What It Removes – then go to Download, and finally Download Now. After installing, run it – carefully – unchecking boxes for programs you want to remain running.

Ernie Pavlock, Owner • 1711 FM 2673 at River Rd • Sattler


PC & MAC Support - Web Design GARY POSS



Lawn & Garden • Softener Salt • Gourmet Coffee • Deer Corn Bird Seed • Feed • Pet Supplies • Chain Sharpening

Canyon Lake Views

We lo


Gary Poss is the owner of Local Tech Service, providing PC and Macintosh hardware, software, and service support as well as web design services. For more information, call Gary at 830-708-9866 or visit

Mulches, Compost & Manure Beneficial Nematodes



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(830) 708-9866 July 2011


Whatever you need to remain independent Serving elders since 1999 Personal Care • Homemaking • Hospice Care Transportation • Live Ins • Special Requests Customized services for you or your loved one

Seniors meet at CRRC’s Event Center, Thursdays 11-3

512-847-7445 or Toll-free 1-866-247-0183

Seniors are meeting every Thursday, 11am to 3pm at the Event Center and enjoy a potluck lunch and activities in addition to scheduled special presentations. Stop by and visit and share your ideas and suggestions. A list of the July schedule follows.

Accepting private pay, LTC insurance, and VA benefits

Senior’s July Calendar

Every Thurs, 11-3pm, Senior Center meets, enjoys a potluck lunch, dominos, board games, Wii bowling and chats with friends.

• Thurs, July 7, 1:00pm. CRRC Seniors celebrate July birthdays. • Thurs, July 14, Noon. CRRC Senior Center, Eden Hill brings special treats and talks about new 103 unit independent living apartments. • Thurs, July 21, 1:00pm. CRRC Senior Center, special presentation, music by harpist, Lil Peterson. • Thurs, July 28, 1:00pm. CRRC Senior Center, special presentation, “Creating a Square Foot Garden.” Learn to grow a vegetable garden in a 3 x 3 foot space. • Sat, July 30, 5:15pm, CRRC Senior Center Day Trip to Retama Park Horse Races. You must register by July 15th!

The Event Center is located at 125 Mabel Jones Drive, next to the Rec Center off South Access Road. For more information, call 830-964-3003.

Professional Nail Care for Ladies & Gentlemen WALK-INS WELCOME

Gift Certificates Available Mon-Sat 10am-7pm


18200 FM 306 at Canyon Park Rd • Hancock Plaza • Next to Canyon Lake Bicycle Shop

Gruene Flea Antique Mall

Plain or fancy, primitive or formal furniture, accessories, art & much more

17,000 square feet multi-dealer shopping space


intage, quality collectible, antique & estate merchandise 830-226-7179 311 FM 306 • Near the new Target • New Braunfels Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-6 and on Sundays 12-6

A FREE service for lost and found dogs in ALL OF “COMAL COUNTY” has photos posted on Facebook at this link https:// ... or email for info.

Healing Hearts Bereavement Recovery Support Tuesdays at 2:30pm



A special weekly support group for people grieving the death of someone close meets Tuesdays at 2:30. Grief is a journey that no one should have to travel alone. Healing Hearts is a place where you can be around people who understand the pain of your loss. The group meets at at Canyon Lake Presbyterian Church, 230 Shepherd Hill Drive, west of the Chamber offices and Visitors Center. Call 830-935-2537 or 830-964-2427.

   




                    

Canyon Lake Views

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July 2011

for Th e



he CT ommuni ty



“Girls love football too”

Hawk Sports Camp

“Player Awards” “Had FUN, Tired Out” photos courtesy of Glenn Erickson

Session II, 6-8pm: July 12-14, and July 19-21

Hawk Sports Camp and Canyon Lake Hawks Football League (CLHFL) that includes cheerleader classes, have flourished under the direction of founder, Cory Martelli, and have been welcomed under the umbrella of Optimist Club “special projects,” an option that will reduce expenses and provide an additional community support. Hawk Sports Camp was designed to get kids off the couch during the summer. Session II is specifically for football and cheerleading training and instruction. Coaches, referees and volunteers 830-899-7104 www.canyonare always needed. If you would like• to assist in these great KID programs, visit or call the Optimist Club at 830-935-2578. Canyon Lake United Methodist Church

Mother’s Day Out 18 Months – 4 Years Mon. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00 206 Flintstone Drive, Canyon Lake Take Overhill Drive off FM 2673 to Flintstone 830-899-7104 •

Mon. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00

Report child abuse. Call 1-800-252-5400. It’s Canyon your Lake, moral responsibility and it’s the law. intstone Drive, TX 78133

30-899-7104 Canyon Lake Views Canyon Lake Views Views Canyon Lake Views

2011 Flag Football fun sponsored by the Optimist Club 830-935-2578

Art at The Lake is here!

The Canyon Lake Art Guild has plans for the month of July with classes in pastels, watercolor, photography, mask making, drawing, scribble art, and more. Classes are free – registration began in June at the library. Students who sign up will be emailed by the instructor if they need to bring supplies to the class.Children over 12 can attend any class with a parent or adult friend. Space is limited to ten students per class; parents supervising but not taking the class do not count as attendees. Register at the Help Desk at TPML. For complete list of events, supplies, instructors, etc. please visit CLAG is hosting an Art Show & Sale at TPML on July 15 from 1 to 5pm and July 16 from 10am to 4. Canyon Lake Art Guild, established in 1984, is a non-profit organization, a creative, ongoing presence in the community supporting local charities that now calls TPML home. Each year the Guild proudly awards an art scholarship to a graduating high school senior. CLAG members display their work year-round on a three-month rotating basis. Additionally, the library will host numerous CLAG events both inside the library and on their beautiful verandas. CLAG welcomes new members, no matter the level of the artist or genre, from novice to seasoned artist. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. Visitors are always welcome.

A special event benefitting CASA

Canyon Lake United Methodist Church


From the Publisher ~ One source for this content was the TPML e-newsletter. Learn how extraordinary your library really is. Sign up for the newsletter and learn the amazing variety of educational programs they offer throughout the year ~ and they do it for free, just for you.

. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00

ke, TX–78133 nths 4 Years

CT o

“Line Dancing Contest”

“CLHS Color Guard”

thodist Church


Th C o

Thursday • July 28th • 6-9pm The Gardens of Cranesbury View 1370 S. Cranes Mill Road New Braunfels

3rd Annual

Taste the wines of South America while supporting a great cause For information, call 830-626-2272 or visit

Page 22 Page 22 Page 22 22

    

            

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Meals on Wheels Drivers Needed!!


Maureen Schein, Resource Program Director for the Community Resource & Recreation Center is calling for volunteers needed for the Meals on Wheels program, a program homebound seniors depend on. As little or as much time as you can give will help. Contact Maureen preferably by email at mjschein@gvtc. com or call CRRC at 830-964-2324.

Saturday Discovery Camp


CASA Voices: Explore CASA’s mission

In 2010, CASA was able to serve only 44% of the 581 children who had suffered abuse and neglect so severe that they were taken in to state custody. With volunteer numbers steadily increasing, this is twice the 23 percent that were served seven years ago. A great accomplishment, but that left 323 children still without a CASA. Court Appointed Special Advocates of Central Texas invites you to learn more about the organization and its mission by attending one of its CASA “Voices” Tours. The one-hour session will provide information about CASA and the work CASA volunteer advocates do in the community. The next tours scheduled are: New Braunfels Office             San Marcos Office Wednesday ~ July 6, noon         Wednesday ~ July  13, noon Wednesday ~ August 3, noon    Wednesday ~ August  10, noon You are invited to attend a Voices Tour and bring friends and family who might be interested in learning more about CASA.  Church groups, book clubs and other groups are welcome.   Lunch will be provided, so please RSVP to Brenda Collins at (830) 626-2272 or The two offices are located at 1619 E. Common, Ste. 303, New Braunfels, TX 78130 and 104 MLK, San Marcos, TX 78666

It’s a Saturday of fun while learning about life in the Texas Hill Country long ago! The program will be held at the museum 9amnoon in July. • Designed for students aged 7-11 years • Tuition for each session is $35. Registration forms are online at

July 16 Dinosaurs & Fossils Dinosaurs and Fossils

Frontier Life

• Learn how people lived in this area 100 years ago and how difficult their lives were. • Grandmother Sycamore will tell how these people used the plants they found for food and medicine. She’ll tell stories about how children lived and went to school. The museum will mail you the necessary permission and health information that should be completed and returned with the tuition about two weeks before the registered camp day.

The museum is located between Sattler and Startzville and is open daily from 1pm to 5pm except Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country Saturday Discovery Camp


4831 FM 2673 •

Your Friendly Neighborhood Shipping Center



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July 23 Frontier Life

• Go on guided tour of dinosaur tracks AND go on a fossil hunt! • Find out how we know so much about dinosaurs just from the tracks they left. • Learn the names of the huge animals that roamed our area millions of years ago. • Learn about the fossils that are found in our area and their names

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y B ac k To S ch oo l Sp e c ia l ... NOW?

School is almost out for a glorious Canyon Lake Summer! But…school will be back again in just a couple of short months. For your “back to school” convenience and savings, we are offering school supplies for each grade at both Mountain Valley Intermediate and Rebecca Creek Schools. Pre-packed and ready to go for your student, we will have each item as specifically required by the Administration and Teachers at these two schools. Just call by 6pm, July 15, to reserve supplies for your students. You will save time, driving, and money. Who can beat that? Give us a call beginning June 15 through July 15 to order.


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Fax (830) 935-2598 • 18382 FM 306, Suite 103 • Canyon Lake TX 78133


Next to Italian Garden Restaurant at the Blue Sky Propane Strip Center

Canyon Lake Views

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Y S EA July 2011

1st Saturday March ~ December

Wimberley Market Days

The Hill Country’s


2nd LARGEST in Texas ~ Gates open 7AM

products, vendors, booth numbers, concession menus & more! Wimberley Lions

475+ Booths of Stuff You Can’t Live Without

Market Days Directory 2 0 1 1

475+ Booths of things...

Antiques • Collectibles • Jewelry • Toys Arts/Crafts • Bird Houses • Plants Handmade Soaps • Clothing • Food Furniture • Windchimes • Music FREE 2011 MARKET DAY DIRECTORY w/MAP 3 Large Parking Lots Clean Restrooms • Carry Out Service Cold Beer @ HIlltop Ice House Friendly Vendors FREE ADMISSION & Much More you just can’t live without!

Sponsored by: Wimberley Lions Club FM 2325, Wimberley, info 512-847-2201

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