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May 2011 • Canyon Lake, Texas • Volume 5, Issue 5

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Canyon Lake Views

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May 2011

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Canyon Lake Views

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May 2011


The “evergreen” calendar listings (entries that don’t change from month to month) can be found on page 5 • Sat, Apr 30, 8am-noon. CL Presbyterian Church Annual Garage Sale, 230 Shepherd Hill Dr (off 2673 near Chamber Visitor Ctr). Laura 830-964-2427. • Sat, Apr 30, 11am until... Chamber’s BBQ Cook-Off at Lazy L&L. Live & Silent Auction, vendors, entertainment, food while it lasts, evening Dance. 830-964-2223. • Sat, May 7, FFA Fundraiser BBQ dinner (6-8) and Dance (8-12) at Fischer Hall. Silent Auction & more. Benefits scholarships for CLHS students. 830-481-8180. • Sat, May 8, 4pm. Mid-Texas Symphony presents Pops at the New Braunfels Civic & Convention Center. Mothers Day Dinner follows the concert. 830-372-8089. • Sun, May 1, 11:30am-3pm. Noon Lions Club Fish Fry at the Rec Center. • Mon, May 2, 6pm. Mid-Texas Symphony Society annual meeting at the GVEC Community Room, 927 State Highway 46, Seguin. All Society members are invited. • Wed, May 4, Noon-1pm, New Braunfels. CASA Voice Tours presentation for anyone who wants to learn more about CASA changes to Wednesdays. 830-626-2272. • Sat, May 7, Noon. HawkSports Camp (HSC) 4th Annual Crawfish Boil & Washer Tournament at Mystic Shores Pavilion. RSVP to to preorder bugs. • Sun, May 8. MOTHER’S DAY. • Sat, May 14, 9am-3pm. Area Churches Blood Drive at ACE Hdw-Sattler & Super SStartzville. DONATE ! • Wed, May 18, 6pm. Lyme Disease Awareness Month presentation of “Under Our Skin” will be shown free of charge at TPMLibrary. Fascinating for adults & teens. 830-964-2119. • Thur, May 19, 11-3. Grand Opening for the CRRC’s Senior Citizens Center adjacent to the Rec Center off S. Access Road (below the Dam). Harp & piano music, refreshments. Game, Book Clubs & plans proposed for day trips, speakers on senior issues, activities. 964-3003. • Fri, May 20, 8am - Registration for VFW 8800 Annual Bar B Q & Chili Cook-off, Startzville. • Sat, May 21, 8am-3pm. North Shore United Methodist Church parking lot Garage Sale, 23880 N Cranes Mill Rd. $25 table rental space.830-935-3667.  • Sat, May 21, 1pm - Judging for VFW 8800 Annual Bar B Q & Chili Cook-off, Startzville • Sat, May 21, 11am-3pm. 10th Annual CLASS Bark B Q fundraiser for No Kill Shelter, 2170 Sattler Rd, Startzville. 830-899-2527. • Tues, May 24, 5:30-7:30pm – Chamber Mixer Silver Sage Grille, NW of Canyon Park Road. Visitors welcome with RSVP to Chamber. 830-964-2223. • Sat, May 29,Comal ISD Graduation. Texas State University Strahan Coliseum in San Marcos: Canyon Lake High-5pm, Canyon High School-9am, Smithson Valley High-1pm. • Mon, May 30, 11am. Startz Memorial VFW 8800 annual MEMORIAL DAY Service at Cranes Mill Cemetery. Assistance for disabled. Social follows at the Post for attendees. • Mon, May 30, 11am. Flagpole Ceremony, VFW Post Flagpole at River Road, Sattler. • Wed, June 1, 10-noon. Carnival and registration kicks off TPML’s popular Summer Reading Program that draws hundreds of kids starts. Grand Finale July 6 awards 12 bicycles. 830-964-3744.

Best Wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Darin Zumbalt! Darin and Myra were married April 2nd. Darin is the Director of Canyon Lake’s Community Resource & Recreation Center. The former Myra Ireland is now Administrative Assistant at North Shore United Methodist Church.

Enjoy the journey...

With May as our Mother’s Day issue, I have the opportunity to tell one of my favorite stories about my son, Dalton, when he was little. It’s someone else’s story really. Dalton outwardly beamed a personable, positive outlook so my mind can vividly see how his little smile and mannerisms must have been – but I may have missed the bigger picture. Susan Roads, my good friend of 20 years, said it taught her a valuable lesson on life. This is what she observed. “I remember seeing Dalton at 4 or 5 at the basketball hoop outside Gruene Hall, playing with much older boys – scooting from side to side like a basketball player, hands open at his chest, ready to catch the ball, should anyone toss it his way. He was moving and smiling having a great time, even though no one ever threw his way – I’m not sure they noticed much that he was even there. I learned a lesson about life that day: ‘It doesn’t matter if you win the game, it doesn’t even matter whether anyone tosses you the ball. What matters is that you’re out there playing ... and you’re having a good time doing it.’” Enjoy the journey, she said. I see a similar message in our cover this month – and I’ll bet most of them are moms – still playing and making good times long after the kids are grown – when it’s often easy to lose your direction. It’s the Fitness Made Fun Class from the Village West neighborhood – they’ve been meeting for close to 30 years! I see emotional stimulation with a physical challenge that in turn keeps your mental faculties in tune – even though turning dull and lazy might sound so much easier. Keep it up, you lucky gals. The cover photo was taken by photographer Doris Cain. She is sponsoring an ad in our June issue for area churches to promote their Vacation Bible School schedules. Thanks, Doris! Of course, we can’t let Memorial Day pass without paying our respects to soldiers who gave their life for our freedoms and to honor the sacrifices our veterans have made. We thank you, too.

C OVER PHOTO by D orisC ain.C OM

Sue Sweat, Publisher Dalton Sweat, Sales & Marketing

Please recycle your post office duplicates!

Call 512-644-2093 • Visit • Email The Canyon Lake Views is a community magazine mailed FREE to all addresses in the 78133 zip code, plus Spring Branch routes that reach Mystic Shores, part of Rebecca Creek, down FM 311 to TX 46, and down TX 46 from US 281 to reach over 9,650 addresses by direct mail! It is also distributed at key locations throughout the Canyon Lake area. The Canyon Lake Views is not responsible for the products, services or views contained in this publication. Entire contents copyright ©2011 by The Canyon Lake Views, 13501 Ranch Road 12, Suite 103, Wimberley, TX 78676.

Canyon Lake Views

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May 2011

Is your senior dog starting to slow down? by Ryan Bullock, DVM

Arthritis is an extremely common condition in older dogs, especially larger breeds (golden retrievers, labs, etc). The most common problem area is the hips. This is because most large breed dogs have the genetics to develop hip dysplasia, which leads to arthritis in the hips. Good news, there are some things you can do for your pet to help! 1) The most immediate relief comes from a class of drugs called non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or “NSAIDS”. You give these medications on an as needed basis when your pet is in more pain than usual and needs some immediate relief. Do not use human drugs like Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, etc as they are toxic to your pets. Ask your veterinarian for more information on these prescription drugs formulated for dogs. 2) A long term approach is to put your pet on a glucosamine/ chondroitin supplement. This is something safe you can give your pet every day to slow down the progression of arthritis. There are many products on the market, and the ones designed for dogs and not humans tend to work better – ask your veterinarian to point you in the right direction. 3) There are some prescription diets available like Science Diet J/D (J for joint) that are heavily concentrated in fatty acids

and glucosamine, both of which are great for joints! These are another safe and effective long term approach. 4) For severe cases, your veterinarian has an injectable drug called Adequan. This drug is safe and helps to lubricate joints and decrease inflammation. So if your dog is starting to have a hard time getting around, don’t just chalk it up to old age, ask your veterinarian about these ways that you can help your pet improve his or her quality of life. Ryan Bullock, DVM and Keith Leakey, DVM are the new owners of Canyon Animal Clinic; Julie Liu, DVM and Jeff Quinn, DVM complete the veterinarian staff at the clinic, a full service primary care veterinary hospital providing care for Canyon Lake’s beloved pets for over 35 years. The Clinic is located at 1834 FM 2673. For more information, call 964-3696.

anyon Animal linic, Inc.


Ryan Bullock, DVM • Keith Leakey, DVM Jeff Quinn, DVM • Julie Liu, DVM 1834 FM2673 • 1 Block West of River Road • Canyon Lake

Tips for aerobic septic tanks

by Steve Salyer Have you ever looked at your aerobic septic system and asked yourself, “what is this thing and how does it work?” Your onsite sewage facility is a scaled down version of the sewage plants that operate in cities with large centralized sewage treatment plants. It performs five functions: separation, aeration, clarification, chlorination, and evacuation. The solids and oils are separated from the water in the trash tank or first chamber. The water and suspended solids are then passed over into the aeration chamber where pressurized air is mixed with the solution to increase the bacterial action which breaks down the solids and blows out the smell. The solution is then passed into the clarifying chamber where the remaining solids settle to the bottom and the remaining water is passed over a chlorine tablet to sanitize it and then into the spray tank to be evacuated to the spray heads or drip piping system. Your septic system is a bacteria farm. The natural bacteria consume the solids and allow the system to perform correctly and efficiently for several years without having to be pumped out. Anything that kills bacteria should not be introduced into the system. This includes bleach, drain cleaning products like Drano, antibacterial soaps, body washes, body oils, etc. These compounds can “kill” your system and make it a total mess, requiring more pump outs and more frequent parts replacement. Cooking oils and raw food should not be introduced into the system either; they should be dumped into the household trash. Excessive use of paper products and personal hygiene products can also clog your system and can damage the water pump. Canyon Lake Views

Adding chlorine for the chlorination phase is usually the responsibility of the homeowner and must be done on a regularly scheduled basis. Swimming pool chlorine won’t cut it here, folks–it’s not strong enough to do the job at hand. Mixing pool chlorine and septic system chlorine can cause a chemical reaction that could cause an explosion under the right circumstances. The addition of chlorine into the system is what keeps us from spraying raw untreated sewage into the air nightly. Think about it and add those tablets or liquid bleach. Ask your maintenance provider for information about chlorine tablets and the best ways to prolong the life of your system and operate it efficiently. Steve is a Startzville resident and a licensed Aerobic Septic System Maintenance Provider. He has six years of hands-on experience in aerobic septic systems and 25 years in construction. He services several hundred septic systems in five counties in the Texas Hill Country. For more information, call him at 830-968-4202.

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Septic Systems Maintenance Provider Stephen Salyer ••

830-968-4202 •• Canyon Lake


May 2011


www In March 2010, Armando Garcia, wrote a book for his mother, Dolores L. Garcia, who had passed away – as a tribute for all the sacrifices she made for her children throughout the years. Armando submitted this for our Mother’s Day issue, he says “with a little help” from his sisters – he has many. Although all our experiences vary at different levels, I found this beautifully touching and a remarkable reflection about motherhood in general for our tribute to mothers everywhere. ~ Sue Sweat, Publisher Canyon Lake Views

Views you can use today

My Mother ~~ My Role Model

Canyon Lake Views

Of Heroes Who Smell Delightfully and Walk Tall Some heroes don’t come with a long history. They just become Heroes. Also, heroes don’t always have to be men. Many women also deserve the honor. Webster’s Dictionary defines a heroine as a “woman of outstanding courage, nobility, or of heroic achievements.” My mother, Dolores Longoria Marroquin Garcia, certainly fits the definition. I lost my father when I was three years old, so, for as long as I can remember my hero has been my mother. She stood five feet, nine inches tall without heels. She never wore slacks; she wore dresses, suits, and skirts. As such, she demonstrated the flair, style, and confidence of a noble lady. At the same time, she possessed the inner toughness needed to single-handedly raise my seven sisters and me. She had a delicate, porcelain complexion framed by long tresses of wavy, jet black hair, later to be highlighted by a stream of gray. Her fair skin and dark hair seemed unaccomplished without the signature beauty mark on the right side between her mouth and cheek. The sparkle of her hazel eyes revealed a soul ready for any challenge. Her head and shoulders always focused forward in a dignified manner and complemented her walk; a gracious walk, full of pride and strength. She was a classic beauty and a classy lady. I feel blessed that I was able to spend so much time with my mother in my early years. However, there is something else that I fondly remember. Time is the most precious of all gifts shared be-

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Armando with his mother, Dolores, in the photo he calls, “The Last Dance”

December 2006 / Jan

tween parent and child. Perhaps that feeling can only be impressed upon the memory of a six-year-old boy who walked to work with his mother early every morning. Sorry to say, I always thought she would always be that strong, nurturing mother I remember as that six-year-old boy of so many years ago. Sadly, my mother suffered from Alzheimer’s before her death, and so that is the reason that I feel robbed of time. I only wish my sisters and I would have been granted a little more time with her. She was a positive thinker. For those who have ever faced disappointment when trying to find the door of opportunity, her “Yes, you can” motto should inspire them and offer a sign of hope. Personally, her words of encouragement, “Mijito, do not worry. I know you will be successful,” have kept me going through my own tough times.All that I am today I owe to my mother. She was the greatest role model my sisters could have ever asked for. All that they were able to accomplish was because of her. It was the same thing for me. From my early days as a young businessman facing both professional and personal obstacles, my mother’s solid work ethic molded my career. Her wisdom has led me to a very successful career. I would not have made it without her guidance. This is the story of my mother, my heroine. With help from my sisters, it is told through my eyes as I lived with and felt her never ending love for her children. Gracias, Mamá. Armando Garcia, Author

Armando L. Garcia, is a Canyon Lake resident, an author, a Realtor, and owner of AG Hill Country-Lake Properties, located in Sattler at Copper Canyon Plaza. His book, “No Greater Sacrifice: A Son’s Model to Success,” was written, he explains, “as a tribute to “my mother for the sacrifices she made in her life and the impact she made in my life.” For information about the book, visit the website To reach Armando, call him at 830-964-2811 or 830-214-4427. Canyon Lake Views • MAY 2011


communit y Calendar

• Every 1st & 3rd Mon, 6:33pm. Optimist Club meets at TPMLibrary. 830-935-2578. • Every 1st Mon, 10:30am. Pilot Club meets at TPMLibrary. 830-832-0340. • Every 4th Mon, 6pm. St.Thomas Cancer Support Group, Ed. Bldg. 210-382-5889. • Every 3rd Tue, 7pm. Native Plant Society of Texas, Lindheimer Chapter meets. GVTC AudI, 36101 FM 3159, Smithson Valley. Public is invited. 830-935-4699. • Every 4th Tues, Sept-May, 9:30am (except Dec). CL Assoc of Retired Teachers & School Personnel meets at TPMLibrary, 16311 South Access Rd. 830-899-6022. • Every Thur, Noon-1pm. CLRotary hosts speakers on local to international subjects at TPMLibrary. Public welcome. Lunch included ($12). 830-935-2728. • Every Thur, 7-11pm. Steak Night (karaoke) at Midnight Express. 830-964-3700.

Canyon Lake Views

• Every 1st & 3rd Thu, Noon. CLNoon Lions Club meet at CLGolf Club, 899-4406. • Every 3rd Thur, 10am. “Friends of Tye Preston Memorial Library” meet. 899-4015. • Every 3rd Thur, 7pm. Lindheimer Chapter Texas Master Naturalists meets. Agri-Life Bldg, 325 Resource behind Moe Schwab Recycle Center. 830-620-3440. • Every 1st Fri, 6-9pm. Parents Night Out at Cranes Mill Baptist Church. Dinner served. Preregister before that night. 830-899-7936. • Every 2nd Fri, 11:30am. Comal County Democratic Women meet at TPMLibrary. Bring a friend and a dish to share. 830-832-4957 or Cathy at 830-935-4504. • Every other Sat, 2pm.TPMLibrary presents Books With Bailey, the Australian Shepherd who enjoys being read to by kids. Call to confirm. 830-964-3744.

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May 2011

by Peggy Kelsey

The smart way to tackle spring cleaning

When the north wind finally stops blowing leaves and pollen, it’s time to hit the dirt, inside and out! If the idea of spring cleaning is overwhelming, that’s when you need to call a trusted house cleaning service. An experienced service can resolve most any problem. Team members can get spring cleaning jumpstarted by decluttering closets or packing away seasonal items. If you plan to move or redecorate, they can help with that. Garage sales are a great way to clean out and clean up. A specialized house cleaning service can organize, price sale items and even run a garage sale for you. Spring cleaning is important this time of year because of special events and parties. The service can help with graduation and prom festivities or other important occasions–before and after. With Mother’s Day approaching, why not give your mom the treat of a day off! Gift Certificates are available in denominations from $75 to $150 for an entire house cleaning. Gift coupons can be purchased for yourself or others starting at $20. A house cleaning service that also includes personal services and errands is prepared to grocery shop for clients and put away the groceries. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly packages for cleaning are available for individuals and area businesses as well. One time services are also available. With summer coming, special pricing is available for weekenders. New or old, select a company that has built a solid reputation for its professional and compassionate service to the local community. Choose one with no contracts to sign and and one that is bonded, insured and will also provide references if you ask. Require that anyone the service sends has passed a criminal background check. In our area, it’s important to know many of the tricks of the

trade to challenge problems that come with lake living: how to clean a three-story house on a rocky hill; how to wash windows in prevailing wind; how to remove street tar from carpet; how to get rid of tough, rust stains from sinks and tubs, and even how to get rid of lake gnats. One surprising lesson recently discovered is that deer will eat plastic poinsettias! Ask for estimates on cleaning out your refrigerator, getting the inside of those windows cleaned, organizing your drawers, cabinets, or pantry or your garage clutter. If you need an extra pair of hands on a regular basis or if all you need is a break, just ask. You deserve it. Peggy Kelsey, the owner of Bless This Mess House Cleaning and Personal Services, is quickly becoming the Heloise of The Lake. She likes to say, “Your mess is our success.”Bless This Mess is located at 10530 FM 2673, #100 in Startzsville. For more information, call Peggy at 830-899-6378, on her cell 830-837-2074, email her at or visit Give Mom a day off!

Bonded & Insured Gift Certificates available!


Free Estimates

Bless This Mess

Bonded & Insured


“Your Mess is Our Success”

Office: 830-899-6378 • Cell: 830-837-2074

Peggy Kelsey, Owner • 10530 FM 2673, Suite 100 • Startzville • Canyon Lake


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Monday-Friday, 9:00am-Noon & 1:00-5:30pm • 14500 Ranch Road 12, Suite 7 • Wimberley, Texas 78676 Canyon Lake Views

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May 2011

The kind of massage you want

Guadalupe Grill

by Cheryl Roe For over 11 years, I have been hearing “I want a deep tissue massage.” OK, deep tissue what? Do you want deep tissue in Swedish massage? Or do you want deep tissue in sports massage, or maybe in an advanced neuromuscular massage? Since there are so many modalities (or kinds) of massage, it’s best if you know what it is that you are asking for. Deep tissue is not a modality. It is a level of pressure that you want to receive. So, be as specific as possible to clarify what you are wanting. Be specific. Chronic back pain? Most lower back pain is caused by the gluteus (butt) muscles, it is the most used muscle of the body and the most neglected muscle of the body. Do you want relief, or do you want it corrected? The therapy recommended depends on how long you have had the problem. Muscles do have memory, and they will try to move back within a week of your first massage – because the muscles think that is where they belong. This is where the re-training of the muscles begins. It will take several sessions in a row to straighten the muscles out. With each session – with every massage – you should feel a difference. If you don’t feel a difference each time, your sessions need to be re-evaluated to determine a plan that best addresses your needs. As a therapeutic approach, I would likely recommend advanced neuromuscular massage to correct the specific problem areas and a follow up with a chiropractic treatment if other problems are indicated and to help the muscles heal much faster. These are some of the massage treatments you might request. A Swedish massage is a relaxing massage that can be light to deep on pressure – or deep tissue. An advanced neuromuscular massage is more specific, targeted only to muscle groups that are causing you pain, like neck, back or shoulders and legs; this type of massage can be really deep. A sports massage is an advanced neuromuscular massage with both passive and active stretching. Reflexology focuses on the hands and feet only. TMJ is used to treat the jaw muscles. A prenatal massage can be very helpful if you’re pregnant. There are many different types of massage and many different techniques. Knowledge of the different modalities of massage therapy will give you a better idea of what kind of massage to ask for. Cheryl Roe is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Medical Massage Practitioner and has over 11 years experience. She is offering massage therapy treatments at Dudycha Chiropractic on S. Access Road near FM 2673. She can be reached at 830-660-4006.

Cheryl Roe, LMT $39 One Hour Massage, Regular $45 830-660-4006

Justin Dudycha, DC

830-907-3811 Medicare • Personal Injury Accidents • Sports Injuries Workers Compensation 14812 South Access Road, Bldg A • Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake Views

TexaS STyle BBQ

• Daily Specials • Catering Available

Fresh Home Cooking • Domestic & Imported Longnecks & Wine • Indoor & Outdoor Seating or Take-Out

(830) 885-7347 Serving Lunch & Dinner Tuesday–Sunday, 11am-8pm


Happy Hour, 3-6, Tuesday–Friday $1.50 longnecks & ½ price appetizers

31623 FM 306 at HiGHway 281, SprinG BrancH

• Hardwater • Iron & Sulfur • Chlorine Removal • Sediment • Bacteria • Heavy Metals • Softeners • Ultra Filtration • Carbon Filters • Sediment Filters • Ultraviolet • Reverse Osmosis

830-833-2074 Laurie & Ralph Cordero 4724 Hwy 281 S • Blanco

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mani/pedi services • facials coming soon • family friendly • walk in’s welcome

(830) 899-4644 • With •

New Location! • Kelly Carson • Anna Perkins • Cathy Pearson • Anna Lisa Bandsma

2154 Old Sattler Rd • • Canyon Lake, Texas • • Next to the Texaco off FM 2673

Trading PosT Specializing in Cedar Since 1972

Cedar Cabins • Storage Buildings & Hunting Cabins • Built On Site or Delivered to Your Location Zach Shipman, Sr, Owner

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Iverson FencIng

Specializing in: RESIdEnTIAl & • Farm & Ranch Fencing coMMERcIAl • Privacy Serving the • Wood & Chain Link Tri-County area • Pipe Fences Since 1997 • Wrought Iron FREE ESTIMATES David Iverson 830-899-4164 • Welding Locally owned & Cell 830-743-5442 • Hole Digging operated • Repairs

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May 2011

Tax credits for homebuyers are still available! by Brian Swiedom

If I told you that you could get a home loan at an equivalent 3% fixed interest rate on a 30-year note, would you be interested? Most people would. Great news! There is a State/Federal Yearly Recurring Tax Credit of up to $2,000 per year! It is the Mortgage Call me today to discuss your options. Credit Certificate Program, also known as MCC. And it is very easy Some people think Allstate only protects your car. Truth is, Allstate to qualify for! can also protect your home or apartment, your boat, motorcycle The $166 per month savings it delivers on a $135,000 loan at 5% even your retirement and your life. And the more of your world you interest rate gives you the equivalent savings of having a 3% interest put in Good Hands®, the more you can save. rate! No kidding! And you receive the benefit year after year, with very little reduction. Harbans Soni How do you qualify for this great deal? (830) 964-5004 • You must not have owned a home in three years, unless you are 1387 Sattler Rd., #C a Veteran Canyon Lake • Maximum Income Limit of $58,600 for a family of two or less • Maximum Income Limit of $67,390 for a family of three or more • Purchase your primary home with a price of $299,250 or less • These are the current limits for Comal & Bexar County Appointments to fit your schedule. Not only will it give you up to $2,000 per year, but it will also Insurance subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company, increase your home-buying power by $15,000 to $20,000. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company. Life insurance and annuities issued by Lincoln Benefit Life Company, Lincoln, NE, Allstate Life Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL, and American Heritage Life Insurance And it will make it much easier for you to qualify for a home Company, Jacksonville, FL. In New York, Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York, Hauppauge, NY. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company. STEVE FOUNTAIN present loan. Many people easily qualify for this credit. Enlisted military, teachers, nurses, police officers, firefighters–self employed business owners come to mind. Can it really be that easy? Yes! We make dozens of these proStarring grams every year! Then why, do you ask, have we never heard of it? The Most lenders and realtors are not aware the program exists, or they Two-Time World Champion • ABC’s ‘The Next Best Thing’ Finalist present have negative misconceptions about the MCC Program that are just • Most Sought-Out Elvis Tribute Artist in the World e n ttrue. s present p r e not Here are the facts. It will not hold up your loan There are no big pitfalls and no dangerous catches for most applicants. For all the Starring official details, go to the Texas Department of Housing and Coment p r e sFinalist munity Affairs official website at: • Two-Time World Champion • ABC’s ‘The Next Best Thing’ homeownership/fthb/mort_cred_certificate.htm Do something good • Most Sought-Out Elvis Tribute Artist in the World for your family, check this out! To find out more about this great e World Champion • ABC’s ‘ThepNext a li s t contact a qualified lender. in F ’ program, g in r e s e n tBest Thing’ Finalist h T t es

e Josephine Theater &

ephine Theater One Night With& STEVE Elvis FOUNTAIN present

he Josephine ne Night With Elvis & Theater &Theater STEVE FOUNTAIN present Brauntex STEVE FOUNTAIN

phine & STEVE FOUNTAIN OneTheater Night With Elvis NTAIN U O F E Starring V E T S ter & Elvis a e h T e n i e h p e ne Night With s i h JosChampion v l E DONNY EDWARDS h e TWorld • EABC’s ‘The Next Best Thing’ Finalist t IN i A NT W U O F t E V h T g i S & rStarring eaeteN ThnStarring eO phinSought-Out eMost s Elvis iTribute in the World i g Artist v l S ta rr inE h t Champion •iABC’s Thing’ IN Best ANext B NTW U‘The t FEVER e N e x tFinalist h FO ‘T hWorld E g ’s V C E B T A N Most Sought-Out Elvis Tribute Artist in the S Brian served in the U.S. Air Force in the 318th Fighter Squadron, • & n io e r p am Oenat e Wo rl d and the 965th AWACS Squadron, and is a veteran of Desert Storm in thWorld • Two is tTime im e Wo rl d C h

Night With Elvis


s l E g u iSUNDANCE IN Ov A h inChampion tT h h g N t u Elvis e s t THEAD i o U B S t O t x s F e o W N M E e • V h E ‘T t gh ampion • ABC’s d rlTribute Artist


ght-Out the World o -T Tribute te A rt ’ F in a li s t ngt t Ein • TwElvis Tri b uGuest lv isSpecial pSrtaerrsineArtist

and Operation Just Cause. He is currently a branch manager for Network Funding, a Texas based Mortgage Banker offering full service home financing. He is especially eager to assist veterans in their needs, whether with refinancing, purchasing, or utilizing the Texas Veteran Land Board programs. He welcomes vets to just drop in and share stories over a beverage at any time!


o h rt is t in th e •WABC’s Tim e Wotarl drr inCg A te u b ri T is “Next Best S h t- O u t E lvt B e s t T h in g ’ F in a li s t • M o s t SCo u’sg‘T x e N e Thing” Finalist h FEVER d m p io n • A B rl o W e th • Most sought after g-Out Elvis Tribute Artist in’ Finalist Special Elvis inGuest the world h in g “AMERICAN IDOL” Fame

S D R A y W a d D i r E F st T FEVER ‘T h e N e x t B e D O N N Y

SUNDANCE HEAD featuring FEVER 7 2 ld r o y a W e M th in SSpecial8 member • 339 W Josephine, Guest band u te A r ti s t b210-734-4646 WARSanDAntonio

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l G u e s t “A S p e c ia“AMERICAN me Fa “AMERICAN IDOL” IDOL”

Canyon Lake, TX 78133

May 2011

Too good to be true

DaviD W. Clary Texas licensed architect

by Jim Dannehy

Do It Yourself (DIY) Assistance Planning, design & documentation for renovations, additions, and new construction

A hard surface floor that is easy to clean, durable, quiet, warm, soft, hypoallergenic, and easy to install; Cork flooring is all of the above and more. Cork flooring is one of the most environmentally friendly products available today because it is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. Just the bark is removed. The tree regenerates the bark which can be harvested from the tree every nine years.  After being stripped from the tree, cork bark is turned into its primary product, wine stoppers. What is left after the stopper production is ground into particles and compressed under heat. The material is called agglomerated cork. Agglomerated cork is then manufactured into all the cork-products we use today; gaskets for the auto industry, soles for shoes, and floor covering just to name a few. Cork has 200 million individual air cells in every cubic inch. When walking on a cork floor you are walking on air. People with foot and back problems find this a real benefit over other types of flooring. The 200 million air cells are also natural thermal insulators keeping the floor warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The completely sealed air cells make cork a very effective acoustic insulting material. Mold and mildew is not a problem because cork is naturally hypoallergenic. Cork is durable and easy to clean. With today’s urethane aluminum oxide nanotechnology, 25 year finish warranties are the norm. Cork flooring is available from several manufactures in many designer colors and patterns from midnight slate to small pebbles to plank or tile looks. Almost all interior design style is achievable. Cork floors can be installed in any room of your home. If you have foot or back problems and like to cook, a cork floor in your kitchen may be a better choice than natural stone or ceramic tile. In a living, family, or home entertainment room cork with its acoustical properties could be more desirable than other types of flooring. Again cork is warm, soft, quite, hypoallergenic, durable, easy to clean, and green – make cork floors a flooring choice with built in ambiance. Jim and Joyce Dannehy are 25 year residents of Canyon Lake and owners of Comal Floors & Interiors. With 30 years in the floor covering industry, Jim has represented major manufacturers during the last ten years wholesaling their products to retail floor covering stores and providing the retail staff with product information. With that background and experience, Comal Floors & Interiors can help you make the correct flooring covering choices.


Serving Canyon Lake & Wimberley since 1985


or o

830-964-COOP (2667)

12444 FM 306 • Across from Maricopa Lodge • Canyon Lake Mon -Wed 11-8 and Fri-Sat 11-9 • Closed Thursdays & Sundays

ChAmp Bell Tx Electrical Contractor Lic #19015 • Tx Reg. Bldr. #19485

Maintenance, construction, remodeling and licensed electrical work for:

• Service Work • Commercial & Residential • Farms & Ranches • Equestrian Facilities Charles Campbell Tx Master Electrician Lic. #8131 • Offshore Deep Sea Service Bachelor Degree, VFW #8800 • Health Facilities

13102 FM 306

Lifetime Canyon Lake Resident

(behind TACO sTAnd)


Need a Doctor for your vehicle? We can service your Call an ASE Certified Technician! air conditioning.

COMAL FLOORS & INTERIORS “Check Engine” light on?

Making your home beautiful one floor Analysis! at a time! We offer~Computer


a full service flooring store carpets, laminates, ceramic & porcelain tiles, natural stones, wood floors & more

Making your home beautiful ~ one floor at a time!

carpets, laminates, ceramic & porcelain tiles, natural stones, wood floors & more

(210) 834-1246

Canyon Lake Auto Repair

COMAL FLOORS & INTERIORS Store: 830-964-2407 Cell: 210-846-7538



Store: 830-964-2407 Cell: 210-846-7538

Jim & Joyce Dannehy 1395 Sattler Rd, Suite 5 • Canyon Lake Next to Mountain Valley Pharmacy

a full service flooring store Jim & Joyce Dannehy 1395 Sattler Rd, Suite 5 • Canyon Lake Next to Mountain Valley Pharmacy

Canyon Lake Views

Phone 830-237-1228 • Canyon Lake • Cell 210-789-4577 • Jamie Riley, Owner/Operator

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May 2011

We believe our eyes, not our stomach

Sunday May 8 4 pm Pops! presents

by Villa Jean Tiller

Mother’s Day Dinner after the concert Civic & Convention Center, New Braunfels David Mairs, Music Director • Tzuying Huang, 2011 Young Artist Competition Winner, Clarinet • Rossini: Overture to William Tell Copland: John Henry • Falla: Three Cornered Hat Suite No. 2 Debussy: Claire de Lune • Tchaikovsky: Marche Slav

T ickets: 830-372-8089 •

Simple Money Management for Women Empowering Women Towards Independence

Sandy Patin, Owner (830)935-4008


PC & MAC Support - Web Design Simple Money Management for Women Empowering Women Towards Independence





(830) 708-9866

Sandy Patin, Owner (830)935-4008 Quality Workmanship ASE Certified 30 years Experience

Computer Diagnostics A/C, Brakes, Tune Ups 4x4 & Diesel

Hillside Auto

Next month learn how the Aqua Massage has been proven to help get rid of cellulite.  New Class at VJ’s is Beginners Line Dancing.

830.899.2525 • M-F 8-5 All Makes & Models Foreign & Domestic

Kirby Westmoreland, Owner 7735 FM 2673 Canyon Lake 78133

excellence • integrity • reliability

Landscapes • IrrIgatIon • LIghtIng

We go the extra mile – one project at a time.

(830) 237-0942 or (830) 237-0780 • professional landscape construction • irrigation systems & repair • professional outdoor lighting Chris Moore, Owner/Operator & Texas Licensed Irrigator #0014435 16 year Canyon Lake Resident • Licensed & Insured

Canyon Lake Views

Over time, our clothes may tell us that we’ve overeaten, but how do we know if we’re having too much when we’re smack in the middle of dinner? Short of eating until it hurts, most of us seem to rely on the size or the volume of the food to tell us when we are full.  We usually try to eat the same visible amount of food we are used to eating. We Eye it, Dish It and Eat It.   What does seem to be the case is that the faster we wolf down our food, the more we eat, because this combination of cues doesn’t get the chance to tell us we are no longer hungry.  Research studies have shown that it takes up to 20 minutes for our body and brain to signal satiation, so that we realize we are full. As Brian Wansink, PH.D. in his book “Mindless Eating, Why We Eat More Than We Think” points out, we Americans start, finish, and clear the table for many of our meals in less than 20 minutes.  Dr. Barbara Rolls of the Center for Behavioral Nutrition at Penn State in her diet book, The Volumetrics Eating Plan, points out after thousands of hours of meticulous lab studies, we are pretty much clueless about when we’ve had enough to eat. While it is hard to calculate calories, it’s easy to eyeball a portion size. We know that if we eat a hamburger that takes two hands to hold, we should be full.  But if we eat one that we can easily hold with a thumb and two fingers, we’ll be looking around for more.  If someone typically eats a huge half-pound hamburger, and you give them a quarter pound hamburger, they will eat it and still feel hungry. Rolls found that if you make the quarter pound hamburger look the same size as the half-pound hamburger, by adding lettuce, tomato, onion and not squishing it down before serving it, the same hungry person will eat it and say he’s full. One possible tip: Cut down portions by using a smaller plate filled with food. Also, take three deep breaths, relax and slow down, showing gratitude and appreciation for each nourishing bite and just may be say “good bye” to indigestion. Wow! It just might be worth it! 

Villa Jean Tiller has a BS in Behavioral Science and a Masters of Divinity Degree. She practices whole body health daily combining socialization, exercise, good nutrition, environment, and spirituality and will help you with a suitable exercise program, good nutrition plan and a healthy outlook. For more information, call 830-964-6046.

VJ’s Fitness express Wellness Center PACE Adjustable Hydraulic Resistant Equipment Circuit Strength Training • Body Conditioning Tai Chi • Silver Sneakers Classes for Seniors Spa Capsule Aqua Massages • Yoga 830-964-6046 • 1387 Sattler Rd., Ste. A • Next to Super S Two FREE Aqua Massages per Month with Membership

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May 2011

Osteoporosis and lifestyle by Carol Vander Stoep, RDH, BSDH Contemplating this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s article, I realize the challenges we face in staying optimally healthy. Since starting my writing career, I rarely relax, sleep too little, often forget to eat, clench my teeth all night, stay stressed, and spend far too many hours at the computer. Worse, my active lifestyle tanked. And right now, the brownies my daughter made to raise money for â&#x20AC;&#x153;Jump Rope for Lifeâ&#x20AC;? are calling me. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right, she raises more money selling brownies than getting pledges for promised physical activity. Warped, but thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s our culture. Well, at least I floss and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t smoke or take steroidal hormones. Yet x-rays show the bone around my front teeth is half gone, even with extremely healthy gums. You see, all the above, plus the fact that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a thin, white, post-menopausal woman contributed. Women with osteoporosis lose 3X the bone height around their teeth compared to those without, regardless of whether they have gum disease. Estrogen, which keeps bone-building cells active, and promotes structural bone protein, subsides in menopause. Inflammatory diets devoid of the mineral content required to digest them, and poor omega 3/omega 6 fatty acid ratios, further drain skeletal minerals. Minerals are important, but just as critical, is the matrix between the minerals that gives bones the flexibility they need to dissipate energy. The immune system, nutrition, activity levels, and hormones work together to keep bones healthy. I have a lot of work â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and play â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to do if I want to change outcome. Warlick, /XPLQHHUV&HUWLÂżHG My vegetarian diet is replete with minerals that keep my can make citrate. The dark leafy pH stable, though I add magnesium EvEryonEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bEautiFul greens I eat daily are smilE rich in A morE and B-complex vitamins. I supplement with K2 when I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t eat K2-rich natto. K2 anchors calcium to bone and directs it away from blood vessel walls, where it contributes to atherosclerosis. Â&#x2021;*HQHUDO'HQWDO6HUYLFHV Now, I think Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll go jump on the trampoline to relax, build Â&#x2021;'HQWXUHVÂ&#x2021;%ULGJHVÂ&#x2021;&URZQV estrogen, and put some load on my bones. Â&#x2021;%OHHGLQJ3DLQIXO*XPV Carol Vander Stoep, author of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mouth Matters: How Your /80,1((56%<&(5,1$7(LVDQHDV\ Mouth :HFDWHUWRFRZDUGV Ages Your Body and What You Can Do About Itâ&#x20AC;? SHUPDQHQWFRVPHWLFVROXWLRQIRUVWDLQHG (, Lana Rich, RDH, and Charles FKLSSHGGLVFRORUHGRUPLVDOLJQHGWHHWK Warlick, DDS work together in Wimberley. Dr. Warlick has been practicing dentistry in &OLQLFDOO\ Wimberley providing SURYHQsince WR ODVW1979 PRUH WKDQ  full service biological dentistry \HDUVfor adults and children. Family Dental Center is located at the Y of Ranch Road 12 and Â&#x2021;1RVKRWVLQPRVWFDVHV Â&#x2021;1RGULOOLQJRIVHQVLWLYHWHHWK Road 2325 across Ace Hdwâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s parking Dr. Warlick, /XPLQHHUV&HUWLÂżHG lot. For more informaÂ&#x2021;$\RXQJHUEHDXWLIXOQDWXUDOORRNLQJ tion, call 512-847-3556.


A P P Y M O T H E R â&#x20AC;&#x2122; S D AY !

ELEGĂ&#x20AC;NSH Skin Care & Skin Correction Center THE SIGN OF EXCELLENCE IN

Maggie Bray Certified Skin Therapist & Esthetician

830-708-7671 Gift Certificates Available


Buena Rogers, LMT â&#x20AC;˘ 512-757-7699

3360 Skyline Drive â&#x20AC;˘ 1/2 Block off FM 2673, Sattler â&#x20AC;˘ Canyon Lake

Now near the Gear Guy in Spring Branch!

â&#x20AC;˘ 7160 Hwy 281 N, Spring Branch â&#x20AC;˘ 1396 Sattler Rd, Canyon Lake 830-228-5830

Sip. Savor. Celebrate. Make Motherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Special

A place where fresh, innovative food is served up with unsurpassed quality and consistency by a passionate staff.

can make VPLOHLQRQO\YLVLWV EvEryonEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s smilE morE Â&#x2021;bEautiFul )UHH GLJLWDO SLFWXUHV RI \RXU SHUIHFW

Family Dental Center


We cater to cowards



Canyon Lake Views \HDUV


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Family Dental Center


â&#x20AC;˘ General Dental Services Â&#x2021;*HQHUDO'HQWDO6HUYLFHV Serving Wimberley since 1979 â&#x20AC;˘ Dentures â&#x20AC;˘ Bridges â&#x20AC;˘ Crowns Â&#x2021;'HQWXUHVÂ&#x2021;%ULGJHVÂ&#x2021;&URZQV Dr. Warlick is an Treatment independent dentist and not affiliated with or sponsored by â&#x20AC;˘ Holistic for Bleeding Â&#x2021;%OHHGLQJ3DLQIXO*XPV DENMATGums HOLDINGS LLC CERINATE Painful

formerly Elite Skin Care


830-935-2293 or

h lunC y a d S Sun P eC i a l as ~ S os e Mim-3:00 e r F ~ 11:00 Page 11

512-762-3095 18382 FM 306 The north side of Canyon Lake Âź mile west of Silverleaf Resort Tuesdayâ&#x20AC;&#x201C;Saturday, 4â&#x20AC;&#x201C;10 â&#x20AC;˘ Sunday, 11â&#x20AC;&#x201C;3 May 2011

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114372 3x3 bw



9:23 AM

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et the family Lstay with us!

Chamber View It takes a village…

by Kim Morris It takes a village to raise a child. I’ve 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 always equated that adage with third 3x3 world countries. That is, until these past 114372 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page CERTIFICATES 1 • GIFT AVAILABLE 3x3 bw 1/28/08 9:23 AM Page 1 114372114372 several years. Current trends show it is bw • MOTORCYCLE FRIENDLY 114372 now a global condition and though we 3x3 PARTIES, REUNIONS & RETREATS come from a variety of villages, we all 114372 114372 3x3 bw Talk with9:23 a Wells Fargo 114372 3x3 1/28/08 AM Page 1 bw face the same responsibility for our col3x3 830-964-3600 • 12381 FM306 • Canyon Lake • 3x3 banker and get lective children. More important is my belief that it takes outstandbw bw Talk with a Wells Fargo ing and supportive teachers who have dedicated their professional just what you need. bw Talk with a Wells Fargo banker and get lives to educating our children. Children who begin school as 114372 Talkjust with aWells Wells Fargo banker and get Talk with a Fargo what you need. young as four and their education process in school encompass Whybanker wait forand someday? Talk with your local get banker and get just what you need. more than book learning. With both parents largely absent during 3x3 Wellsjust whatbanker, you need. Fargo callyour today. Why wait for someday? Talkneed. with local just what you the workday a lot of the life lessons are now learned through teachWhy wait for someday? Talk with your local Wells Fargo banker, call today. Why wait for someday? Talk with your local ers, day care or older siblings. It takes a village… Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 bwwait for someday? TalkWells Why with your local Fargo banker, call today. Wells Fargo banker, call today. The moment young people walk through the front doors of Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 Wells Fargo banker, call today. Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 Startzville Elementary, they enter a safe cocoon of profound nurTalk with a Wells Fargo Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 turing under the guidance of Principal Denise Kern. All these chilCanyon Lake • 830-964-2265 © 2008 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. banker and get © 2008 WellsAll Fargo Bank, N.A. rights reserved. Member FDIC. dren are given the educational opportunities that are necessary to All rights FDIC. © 2008 Wells reserved. Fargo Bank,Member N.A. just you need. © 2008 Wells Fargo what Bank, N.A. ©All 2008 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. FDIC. rights reserved. Member be an active participant in life. The kids are encouraged to take all All rights reserved. Member FDIC. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. the requisite next steps that will carry them towards adulthood. Why wait for someday? Talk with your local These children are the future and are being readied to take on the Wells Fargo banker,c call today. ridget ougall world. And just think… someday they will be taking care of us! Dr. Kern learned of a program that appealed to her sense of R.E. Broker, GRI, SRC, MRA Canyon Lake • 830-964-2265 adventure and sent in her application along with a bazillion other & Quality Vacation Rentals school teachers around the globe. Startzville Elementary was one of only four elementary schools actually chosen for this study pro© 2008 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. gram set up/founded by Apple. All 115 members of the fifth grade 830.964.3127 All rights reserved.830.964.3127 Member FDIC. CanyonDowntown Lake Chamber Mixer at Cooking It Up with The Carles class jumped in and ran with the project interviewing various peoSattler • Next to Super S • Canyon Lake Downtown Sattler Next to Super S • Canyon 1295 Sattler • Road •26, New Braunfels 78132 Lake Tuesday, April 5:30-7:30pm ple, including me as a representative of the Chamber. 1295 Sattler Road • New Braunfels 78132 The question I was asked: How do we welcome new people into our community? In mid-April, I was invited back to the school along with Dr. Sean Maika, principal of Mountain Valley Middle School and Bob Presley, assistant to Superintendent Dr. Marc Walker to witness 5-Star Restaurant class blended with the King of Wild Game! the fruits of their labor. The presentation consisted of an amazClasses are hands-on or ing slide show as well as the live interactive interpretation of their transformed into a dinner party study. All of this was taped and the entire package was to be sent you won’t forget! in that week after final editing. I was a privileged eyewitness to the ~ groups, private or customized ~ adage “it takes a village.” I saw the compassion of hardworking Tina & Ed Carle ~ Your place or ours ~ Canyon Lake teachers and the gumption of the entire fifth grade For reservations, call Canyon Lake, Texas with new dreams in their future. 210.488.4268 class We all share that future. And because of Dr. Kern and Apple, Inc, Canyon Lake is now global! ScorpionS / centipedeS / SpiderS / MoSquitoS Kim Morris is the President of the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber Offices and Visitor Center are open from 9-5 Get an Owner, not just an employee! weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. For more information or to volunteer, call 830-964-2223 or visit coMMercial / reSidential

114372 114372

3x3 bw


9:23 AM

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M d

ScenicRiver River Properties Properties Scenic

pest, termite & lawn

830-228-4484 210-637-1130

State licensed & insured

rodent trapping / excluSion Service / terMiteS

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roacheS / FleaS & More

carpenter antS / beeS

Hill Country Cooking Classes

Tuesday • MAY 24th • 5:30-7:30pm Canyon Lake Chamber After-Hours Mixer

silver sage grill Guests are welcome with RSVP

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May 2011

Tell them you saw them in the Canyon Lake Views! Canyon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

W elcome to our New Members!

Texas Pride Insurance o

we g



cov tcha


Chris & Tish Perry Costco – Selma Tish Perry Joe Mitchell Bobcat – Skid Loader Services 1642 FM 2673, #10 • Located in Sattler at the bottom of Dam Road Realty World – First Choice/Liz Smith Le Healthy Café Canyon Lake & the Guadalupe River Options For Women ...MORE OFFICE SUPPLIES ... MORE SERVICE... Bob & Sandy Waida – Friends of the Chamber UPCOMING

May Events

1 – Noon Lions Club Fish Fry, CRRC 11:30 – 3:00pm 14 – Area Churches Blood Drive, ACE Hardware (Sattler) & Super S (Startzville) 9:00-3:00pm 20 – VFW 8800 Annual Bar B Q & Chili Cook-off Startzville 8:00am Registration 21 – VFW 8800 Annual Bar B Q & Chili Cook-off Startzville 1:00pm Judging 21 – 10th Annual CLASS Bark B Q 11:00 – 3:00pm 24 – Chamber Mixer Silver Sage Grille 5:30-7:30pm 30 – VFW 8800 Memorial Day Service Cranes Mill Cemetery 11:00am

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Come Grow With Us (830) 899-2149 227 Charter Oak Drive Canyon Lake, TX 78133 FM 2673 @ Oaks subdivision entrance Email: or

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Spanish Bible Study 7:00 pm

Pastor John Massey •

1034 Island View @ FM 2673 • Canyon Lake, Texas May 2011 Canyon Lake Views Page 13 December 2009 Views Page 13 February 2011 CanyonLake LakeViews Views Page 13 13 May 2011 2011 Views Page 13 April Canyon Page December 2010

Smart TV’S reviewed!

CANYON CITY SUNROOMS Rooms with a View at an affordable rate

by Chuck Ferguson

Screened Rooms • Room Additions • Lattice Covers & More Call 713-854-2782 for a FREE estimate!

Bruce Coma, Project Manager • 14900 FM 306, Canyon Lake • Office: 830-964-6488

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Chuck Ferguson is CEO of Mainstream Home Theater LLC. Chuck has been in the residential and commercial audio video industry for over 25 years. He holds certifications for sales, service, design and installation of audio video systems and solar and wind power systems. For more information, call Chuck at 964-6040 or email him at

Osmosis Treatment Products & PCA Peels

jane iredale



Patsy Keim, LE • 1395 Sattler Road, Suite 2 • Near the Pharmacy • Canyon Lake

830-964-4315 •


Mark Woolsey

Just in, our first 2011 Smart TV! I thought I’d share some of its features with you. First off, most of the mid level and up models will have wireless or Wi Fi built in, so if you already have a wireless router, all you have to do is go to the menu select “wireless” and enter your password just like you would your laptop. As you have heard me say in most of my columns, it’s always best to hardwire your connection for top speed, performance and reliability. Once online, you’ll notice right off the bat there are a ton of things to do right from your TV screen like Netflix, Hulu, and blockbuster as well as Facebook, Google and Twitter – just like your computer! Another cool feature is being able to see other devices you have connected to your home network like cameras, smart phones and game consoles allowing you to share pictures, music and videos with these devices! There’s a separate section for “apps” – which are programs that people can write and offer for free or a small fee. So if you can’t get enough Sudoku you can buy the “app” for a few bucks – just like you would on your computer or smart phone. In my opinion, the most promising feature is the web browser – just like the one on your home computer. You can go right to an MSN homepage and it allows you to surf the web straight from your couch, one tiny issue might be slower speeds. On higher end models, there is a full mini keyboard with mouse pointer but to review that will have to be another review in itself. The features will vary from model to model and brand to brand, and if you are in the market for a Smart TV, do some research – compare picture quality and features. Don’t let a few bucks get in the way of getting the better model and brand that you’ll enjoy for a long time! If you’re still not sure, I invite you to call and make an appointment with us for a demonstration and tutorial of the Smart TV, 3D and surround sound.

Skylark Cleaning Residential & Commercial cleaning and make ready service Your Local Expert Since 2001

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Canyon Lake Views Canyon Lake Views

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Lost Wills/Unattended Children

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by Charles Sullivan As you are all aware, having the original copy of your Will in a location readily accesRESTAUR ANT at sible and known to your Executor and loved ••••••• ••••••• ones is very important. The original self proven Will makes the probate process easier and OPEN 7AM ~ Tues thru Sun ~ Close at 2pm Sundays & Closed Monday more cut and dried. That being said, sometimes FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED ~ Daily Specials Breakfast ~ WeekendBuffets Buffets FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED ~ Weekend the original Wills are lost. That is why most law offices have a self All You Can Eat Catfish Fridays & Saturdays Daily Specials ~ All You Can Eat Catfish Fridays & Saturdays preservation notice in the Will that authentic copies are stored at the attorney’s office (usually both in paper and electronic formats). 830-935-2980 • • North Side on Hwy 306 at 150 Regal Drive • • Canyon Lake This begs the question, does not having an original Will mean that a copy can’t be probated? No, as copies of Wills are routinely admitted to probate pursuant to several Probate Code provisions and a well developed body of case law. The Texas Probate Code as amended in 2007 does provide that copies of an original may be admitted for probate. The new code eliminated some negative presumptions and did away with some archaic witness provisions. There remains a presumption of revoHomes & Improvements Lic #1C185 cation which must be overcome. This means it is the Applicant’s • Hardscape Designs burden to introduce evidence to rebut the presumption. & Installation Simply put, the most recent Texas appeals cases have allowed • Drainage Installation Will copies to be probated upon a showing that due diligence has • Seamless Gutters • Landscape Materials been exercised to search for the original, and that, despite that dili• Garden-Ville gent search, the original has not been located. In that regard, an Materials Available Amarillo appellate opinion from April of last year stated that “it 1/8 2010 VGuide @ $130 -- cgGaramond Bold is font was not necessary for (the Will proponent) to also show how it was 830-964-4514 4830 FM 2673 • Canyon Lake lost, such as through the eating habits of a neighbor’s goat, the currence of a Kansas tornado, the devastation of a flash flood,Canyon or Lake & the Guadalupe River the like.” lostO Will moreA work A TAT Rrequires N Esome YS T andLexpense A Wbut the Courts and Legislature have wisely toward a more modern 1/12 formoved CLViews Column April10 approach to handle a lost original. It is best to have the original, Ofc: 830-899-3259 8115 FM 2673 as I Cell: am sure lost Wills necessarily result in more probate contests 210-863-6340 Canyon Lakeand at affordable prices litigation. Low pricing on all Hunter Douglas, Graber, TimberBlind On another note I’m sure you are all aware of the terrible tragedy • Quality American products with lifetime warranties • Blinds, of the young mother who lost her baby as a result of accidentally Solar, Roman & Cellular Shades, Plantation Shutters Call today for a free estimate leaving the child unattended. This case and another compelled me & consultation. icanr e m to write that Child Protective Services and statutes define the leavA y Bu ! e d 512-847-8970 a M ing a child seven or under unattended for any length of time in a vehicle is “neglect”, and if it is more than five minutes a crime. Superior Service before and after the sale • Fast delivery & installation in two weeks or less! Charles Sullivan is the founder of Sullivan & Associates, PLLC. His practice is primarily in business, personal injury, and real estate igation, as well as family, criminal and wills and trusts. He never has and never will represent an insurance company. He has offices in Canyon Lake at 8115 FM 2673, Georgetown, and Austin, and can be reached locally at 830-899-3259 for more information.

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Stonecrafters when quality matters

Sullivan & Associates, PLLC

Sullivan & Associates, PLLC AT T O R N E Y S

Ofc: 830-899-3259 Cell: 210-863-6340



8115 FM 2673 Canyon Lake Canyon Lake Views

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May 2011

Now op rsdays! on Thu

Texas Hill Country

Flyin’ things


Patsy Keim, LE

Blinds and Shades, Too!

by Terry Schroller

Better Quality, Better Service,Licensed Skin Care Esthetician and, Better Prices & Permanent Cosmetic Technician than the Big Box Stores 830.624.6521

Osmosis Treatment Products & PCA Peels

jane iredale



Patsy Keim, LE • 1395 Sattler Road, Suite 2 • Near the Pharmacy • Canyon Lake

830-964-4315 •






• Free Estimates & Water Audits • Local, Reliable, Licensed & Insured • Senior & Military Discounts

Master Plumber License #M38706

Gordon McCleary, Jr.

18 Years Experience 30 year resident 830-822-1733 •

Lady Dye’s Salon ... a full service hair salon for men, women & children

Tues thru Fri, 9-5pm • Sat, 9-1 • Evening Appts Available Diana Wallace ~ 830.935.3444

Walk-Ins Welcome 20% OFF ANY SERVICE

new clients only • offer expires 5/31/11 23410 N. Cranesmill Rd • Canyon Lake • Next to North Cranesmill Storage

Specializing in new construction & remodeling


Mark Kelly, Owner

office: 830-935-2867 or cell: 417-235-4883 Free Estimates • No job too big or small Servicing Canyon Lake and surrounding areas since 1989.

Dick’s Decks

Quality Workmanship Guaranteed 20 Years Experience

Free Estimates Free Design

Locally Owned Since 1993

Decks 100% Screwed (No Nails) Carports • Garages Storage Buildings Outdoor Kitchens 8 3 0 - 8 9 9 - 2 2 4 6 • Cell 830-660-2601

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You come home from a stressful day in which you could barely leave your cubicle or maybe you were outdoors wrestling something while pouring sweat and all you want is that first ‘relaxer’. A relaxer is your favorite poison. You know, beer, wine, soda, fruit drink, coffee, etc. I say poison because if we like it and it tastes good it’ll probably kill ya. Anyway, you pour your poison and then dash off to remove the day’s work from your bod and change into something that won’t make the flowers wilt when you walk by. Aahh! That’s better. Now for that ‘relaxer’. Been lookin’ forward to this all day. Your face is shaped like a funnel with ears in anticipation. You spot something out of the corner of your eye. It flies out of the glass and is fluttering around your face. You look in the glass and what? Upon closer inspection you notice there are some things floating on their backs with their eyes barely open, they’re belching and have huge sxxx-eating grins on their faces. No way they could pass a field sobriety test. They can’t even make it out of the glass! Welcome to the world of the fruit, phorid, drain, sewage, filter flies and fungus gnats. Why? Composting, recycling, limited trash pickup, heat, humidity and hey, we’re all on septic systems. Next question. How often do you clean those trash receptacles? I thought so. What about house plants? Got any standing in water? Thought so. Guys, I’m tellin’ you straight up. These things are filthy, nasty, dirty creatures. Fortunately drinking a few won’t kill you but they do add a little crunch to your poison. What to do? Start putting your trash and recyclables in sealed containers. Take your kitchen trash out of the house often. Let plants dry thoroughly between waterings. Keep your screens in good repair. Don’t leave the doors open. Here’s a biggy–they love coffee makers, so clean them frequently and let them dry out. Clorox or treat all drains as well. Do not let fermentation take over. If you’re too lazy to do all this...Drown ‘em and Drink ‘em! Terry and Valerie Schroller, owners of Alternative Pest Control, have been in the Pest Control business since 1976. Their license categories include General Pests, Termites, Weeds and Lawn and Ornamentals. For more information, call 830899-5400 or email them through their new website. They want you to see it!

Check out our new website!

830-899-5400 Email your questions and concerns. This information is for you.

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May 2011

How about nitrogen in those tires?

by Bill Goetz There are still some great mysteries in the world that remain unsolved. The one that we all want to understand will have to wait until the 2012 election cycle gets moving – that being which of the potential presidential candidates were born in the USA. Well, I am sure that you have heard and are relieved to know, that one great mystery has been solved. . .  Donald Trump has recently proven his birth origin so that the focus is no longer on him.   And, just a about as important, there is one other great mystery out there that I will attempt to debunk today. Does nitrogen have significant benefit over compressed air in your vehicle’s tires?  Advertising leads us to believe that nitrogen in tires will make the EPA get out of our lives, stop the fighting in Libya and cause US Senate to eliminate our $14 Trillion debt – all for just $39.99. OKKK!    Now, I actually know two people who swear that their nitrogen-filled tires increased their gas mileage by a lot, so I “climbed the mountain in search of the answer.”  Actually, I just got on the internet, did some research and came upon a mechanic, named Cecil Adams, who has an automotive radio show, or something, and handled a question this way that “Dave from Massachusetts ” asked about nitrogen in tires. (Now, stop laughing. I’m not smart enough to make this stuff up). Cecil said (paraphrased) “Most tires are filled with compressed air which is 78% nitrogen & 21% oxygen . . . filling your tires with nitrogen mainly does two things: it eliminates skinny oxygen molecules with fat nitrogen molecules, reducing the rate at which gas diffuses through tire walls . . . theoretically, tires filled with nitrogen retain optimal pressure longer . . . “  WOW!  With that being said, I then found research from Consumer Report who ran a year long test on tires filled with nitrogen and compressed air – with the result being mixed.  Over a one year period, the tire with nitrogen stayed inflated only 1.3 pounds per square inch (PSI) more than the one filled with compressed air.  HopeFEED fully, there will be no more sleepless nights in Canyon Lake over this ex-mystery. Simply check your tires regularly for best results.

Organic Chicken

Bill and Jan Goetz are Canyon Lake residents and owners of Shell Rapid Lube in Sattler, a full service auto maintenance facility that specializes in all lube services, tire rotation, brake services, tuneups and new car warranty maintenance. Bill spent a 30-year career with Fortune 100 and start-up companies that specialized in developing technologies to streamlined retail operations of large oil companies and retailers. For more information, call 964-5373.

Stop by to see our new Commercial Bay! FREE

BRAKE CHECK VEG. with tire rotation! PLANTS (830) 964-5373

Canyon Lake Views

Tree Service • Trimming Removal Demolition • Construction Cleanup




LAs Barcas 7 Days a Week BREAKFAST TEX Mex Restaurant Special 7-11am Lunch Special 11am-3pm Happy Hour 4-6pm mariachi band Every Friday Night

Serving Beer

10103 FM 2673 • Canyon Lake (Startzville) • 7am to 9:30pm ~ 830-899-2516

Canyon Lake


Complete General Dental Services for Your Family and You

830-964-3161 Fred H. Wilson, DDS • Serving Canyon Lake for Over 20 Years Canyon Lake Professional Building • 1395 Sattler Road, Suite 4 Next to Mountain Valley Pharmacy • Canyon Lake

Hitching Post Enterprises We carry ORGANIC PEST CONTROL & Gardening Supplies

DRIVE THRU’ We load Customer Purchases

Vegetable Plants

40-lbs 3-lb bags

areDOGFOOD in! 50-lb

$13.99 Elite 2 12.99 & Other Garden Pests! dogfood 8F e h t t Chicken GeDBSSZ Organic FEED Gardens & Beds ready No$28.99 ve Corn, Wheat to TREAT @ $Pill Bugs each TimeOR a We h

Soil Amendments


Lady Bug, Medina & Gardenville too.

or Soy!

Pesticide, Fertilizer, Mulches, Compost, Manure ORGANIC Chicken Feed, Pesticide, Fertilizer, Benefi cial Nematodes MulchesCompost & Manure Beneficial Nematodes


Ernie Pavlock, Owner • 1711 FM 2673 at River Rd • Sattler Lawn & Garden • Softener Salt • Gourmet Coffee • Deer Corn Bird Seed • Feed • Pet Supplies • Chain Sharpening

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May 2011

Even warmer days ahead by Kyle Brennan

Your system’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) components each carry a manufacturer’s Limited Warranty, however just as with automobiles and other large purchases, regular maintenance of the system is the responsibility of the homeowner, and is not covered by warranty. Manufacturers recommend having a professional contractor perform a pre-season check-up, once in fall and once in spring. Spring is here. Having your air conditioner or heater inspected and tuned can save you money and prevent breakdowns. The price is well worth it when you consider the cost of larger monthly utility bills, due to decreased efficiency and non warranty repair costs. Pre-season checkups are designed to keep your systems running at peak performance. Below are a few the most common homeowner questions. Question. Is R-22 refrigerant still available? Answer. If you purchase a new HVAC system after 1/01/2010 it will most likely use R410A (puron). R-22 refrigerant will still be manufactured until 1/01/2020.  Question. What is the most common cause of HVAC equipment failure? Answer. Dirt and neglect. Remember to check filters every month and change when needed. Question. What is the average life span of my HVAC system? Answer. On average a well maintained system should last 14 years or more. Question. How often should I add refrigerant to my air conditioning system?

Answer. Contrary to popular belief, air conditioners do not consume refrigerant (freon) as cars do oil, so under ideal conditions it should never need to be recharged. If the system needs refrigerant added it has a leak that should be repaired. As the hot summer is just around the corner, remember to have your air conditioning system inspected by a licensed heating and air conditioning contractor. Stay cool.

Kyle Brennan owns and operates Country Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning in Spring Branch (Lic.# TACLA28573E). Country Comfort provides residential and commercial heating and air conditioning services for Central Texas. For more information on service programs, repairs or install contact Country Comfort at (830)237-0248 or e-mail Lic.# TACLA28573E

H E AT I N G & A I R C O N D I T I O N I N G


residential • commercial

Kyle Brennan, Owner •

“Anytime Fitness has helped me achieve a new level with my life”

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May 2011

Enjoy the outdoors with mom

Gruene Flea Antique Mall

by Steve Sherman

Once spring and Mother’s Day arrives, it may as well be summer here at the lake. Taking Mom boating, camping and most other outdoor activities seem to kick into high gear. Unfortunately, with all the fun activities come all the uninvited guests. No… not the in-laws. The bugs. Keeping the bugs at bay is a lot like trying to keep cool during the summer. It can seem to be a never-ending process. Warm, humid days and still evenings - both favorites of insects - can foil any attempts at comfort. In preparation for this season, stop by your local hardware store and learn about some new tricks for battling the bugs. Don’t let them discourage you from relaxing in your backyard or taking a siesta on your deck or porch. If you paint the ceiling of your porch a pale, pale blue, you can prevent critters from building nests. As I understand it, the wasps, etc. confuse the painted ceiling with the sky and refrain from building there. Outdoor lovers discovered the many products available for the fight against mosquitoes, flies and other winged pests. From herbs to electronic pest repellants, both available at your local hardware store choose your weapon and head outside. Citronella candles are a popular porch or patio bug repellant. Inexpensive and easy to use, the candles emit a scent that drives the bugs away. At night, they add a pleasant glow to the summer air. Citronella candles are available in terra cotta pots, small galvanized pails and on stakes that can be driven into the ground. Lavender and other herbs are a natural repellant. For a porch or deck, place potted herb plants or dried bunches of the herbs on a table. The herbal oils emit scents that repel insects. Herbs also are used in natural insect repellent lotions that you can apply before heading outside. An electronic battery-powered mosquito repeller works great, too. It provides a fifteen foot diameter of protection and is great for picnics and outdoor dining. It is odorless, silent and about the size of a portable phone.

Phone: 830-964-2797 1150 FM 2673 Canyon Lake, TX 78133

The helpful place.

Wimberley Ace

Phone: 512-847-2356 14307 Ranch Road 12 Wimberley, TX 78676

Unbeatable Customer Service, Selection, Competitive Prices, and Close to Home

Canyon Lake Views


intage, quality collectible, antique & estate merchandise 830-226-7179 311 FM 306 • Near the new Target • New Braunfels Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-6 and on Sundays 12-6

Professional Nail Care for Ladies & Gentlemen WALK-INS WELCOME

Gift Certificates Available Mon-Sat 10am-7pm


18200 FM 306 at Canyon Park Rd • Hancock Plaza • Next to Canyon Lake Bicycle Shop

Producing Bordeau bordeaux style Producing Stylered Red wines & chardonnay Wines & Chardonnay Wine Tasting: Sat. 12 – 7PM

or byTasting: appt. 830-935-2407 Wine Saturdays More information & directions: 12-7pm or by appt.

10%discount discountonon Wine 10% wine at vineyard withwith this ad at Vineyard ad

Overlooking Canyon Lake 830-935-2407

Local Boys Lawn Care and Pressure Washing Keith Obeck, Owner

Steve Sherman is the Store Manager for Canyon Lake ACE Hardware, offering excellent customer service, a great selection, reasonable prices – and they are close to home. If you have questions, stop by or call 964-2797.

Canyon Lake Ace

17,000 square feet multi-dealer shopping space

Plain or fancy, primitive or formal furniture, accessories, art & much more

210-380-7883 Canyon Lake •

Member Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce

Carpenter Hardware expert help for your home since 1973

830-899-2112 7719 FM 2673 • Startzville • Canyon Lake Page 19

May 2011

Simplifying softeners

L iq u o r

on the River

at the Lake Startzville 830-899-5626

by Randy Lawrence

Sattler 830-964-2673

Justin King, Owner

Best Selection â&#x20AC;˘ Best Prices â&#x20AC;˘ Guaranteed

Whatever you need to remain independent Serving elders since 1999 Personal Care â&#x20AC;˘ Homemaking â&#x20AC;˘ Hospice Care Transportation â&#x20AC;˘ Live Ins â&#x20AC;˘ Special Requests Customized services for you or your loved one

512-847-7445 or Toll-free 1-866-247-0183

Accepting private pay, LTC insurance, and VA benefits

Quality Framing â&#x20AC;˘ Shadow Box Designs for Collectibles

... made to your order ... made to last ...

Custom Displays for Personal or Professional Business Use


830-660-4249 David Dow â&#x20AC;˘ Canyon Lake

Custom Framing

A fine frame for that fine family heirloom she has always wanted to display...

In recent months, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve discussed many aspects of water softeners and other types of treatment equipment. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve talked about the wide range of prices, and the varying degrees of quality. As is typically the case when considering any household appliance, choosing the least expensive option usually means youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be sacrificing quality of construction and, therefore, longevity. Applying this logic, it stands to reason that the highest priced units will work best and last the longest. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t tell the big guys where you heard this, but most of what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re paying for is a name, and an awful lot of overhead. Many companies will add decorative accessories, such as tank covers, in order to justify higher pricing. Some will try to sell you additional equipment which may not be necessary. Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a point at which youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re no longer getting the added value for your dollar. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever sat through a sales presentation for a water treatment system, watching the endless array of slightly interesting chemistry experiments, and listening to all of the reasons you positively cannot live another minute without purchasing the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Scale-Buster 4000â&#x20AC;?, then youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re well acquainted with the â&#x20AC;&#x153;what did he say?!?â&#x20AC;? feeling which usually follows such encounters. When it comes to the actual equipment, the simple truth is that one component matters far more than the rest of the system. The control valve mounted on top of the resin tank is the brains of the system, and will dictate your overall experience with the softener. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to consider a softener which incorporates recent technological advances, while maintaining ease of use for the homeowner. The goal is to get the most bang for your buck and to find equipment which will provide clean worry-free water with the least possible effort on your part. Sizing and placement of the softener are also crucial and can easily be determined by a licensed and experienced professional. The Texas Commission for Environmental Quality regulates the water treatment industry. It is simple to check the status of licensed individuals by visiting the TCEQ website at Randy Lawrence is the owner of ProQuality Water Systems, a full service water treatment company with 15 years experience. He is one of only five Class III Certified Water Treatment Specialists in Hays County (LIC# WT0002693). For more information, call Randy at 512-618-1334 or 830-822-3533, or email him at


â&#x20AC;&#x153;When you want quality, call a pro.â&#x20AC;?

ProWaterQuality Systems

830-885-5858 Canyon Lake Views

Randy Lawrence A full service water treatment company specializing in customer service & integrity

Certified by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality Class III License # WT0002693

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512-618-1334 830-822-3533

May 2011

rday, April 16 10 - 4

Lyme Disease Informative film at TPML, May 18

in Wonderland: A Musical Adventure Like a real-life horror movie?

13th Annual Butterfly Fest

Or prefer science fiction drama? of each in the 3 – June 26 (Friday, Saturday & There’s Sundaysome Nights) block-buster documentary “Under Our Skin” that reveals the truth behind the Lyme disease controversy that rages throughout the USA. This movie is a gripping expose of the financial espeare Under the Stars - Hamlet conflicts of interest that riddled the development of treatment guidelines doctors think they have to follow. It tells 25 – August (Nightly the6story of realexcept people, Sunday) a beautiful bride, a National Park Ranger and others who suffered for years with Lyme disease without proper diagnosis or treatment. Lyme disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of a deer tick along with at least five other co-infections. May hakespeare - The Tempest is National Lyme Disease Awareness Month. If you have chronic pain, and live anywhere that deer roam, this movie for you! 1 (Friday & Saturday Nights) ember 9 – isOctober “Under Our Skin” will be shown free of charge to the public at the Tye Preston Memorial Library promptly at 6pm, Wednesday, May 18. Adults and teens will find it a fascinating evening. Parents and educators should not miss it! of Lights For more information, call 830-964-2119. Harriet Bishop, the local spokesperson for Lyme Disease Awareness was wheelchair-bound for over a year while ember 26 –undiagnosed. DecemberThere 31 are five known cases of Lyme disease within a square mile of her home at Canyon Lake.

Saturday, April 16 10 - 4

Alice in Wonderland: A Musical Adventure

June 3 – June 26 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday Nights)

Shakespeare Under the Stars - Hamlet July 25 – August 6 (Nightly except Sunday)

1101 FM 2325 Wimberley, TX 78676

512-847-6969 Just North of Wimberley High School

our website <> Lyme disease can persist in the body for years if not properly

treated with antibiotics. Early detection and immediate treatment provide the most successful chance for a cure. Often referred to as the new “Great Imitator,” the illness can take many forms. A bull’s eye rash is the only certain sign of Lyme disease, but many FM 2325 patients don’t develop a rash, and many are unaware of a bite. Lyme is largely unrecognized in Texas, under-reported, and often78676 misdiagnosed by doctors who are not familiar with its clinical berley, TX presentation. You can test negative and still have Lyme disease. Lyme disease can begin with mild flu-like symptoms which 847-6969 typically include extraordinary fatigue but can cause severe nervous system disorders or seriously affect any organ. Initial symptoms can occur as many as eight weeks after a tick bite and ly lessen or even disappear, may recur sometimes with periods of greater intensity every three to four weeks and can be extremely debilitating and occasionally deadly. Contrary to assertions of many physicians, Lyme disease is not a rare illness that is easy to avoid, difficult to acquire, and simple to diagnose; nor is it easily treated and cured. Take a color photograph with a ruler to show size of any similar rash that develops to show to your doctor. This information is not intended as medical advice; consult a healthcare provider who is familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne diseases. Inspect yourself, your children, and your pets frequently. Canyon Lake Views

September 9 – October 1 (Friday & Saturday Nights)

Trail of Lights

November 26 – December 31

Full schedule at

GVTC Security Monitoring

Lyme disease often misdiagnosed

Source: Texas Lyme Disease Association

Fall Shakespeare - The Tempest

Just plain secure. If your home has an existing security system that is not currently monitored, or is monitored by another switch your service to GVTC. forcompany, a full schedule of events. • No deposits required • Low monthly rates • No credit check • Reliable local UL-approved monitoring • Homeowner’s insurance discounts up to 20% (see your agent for details) • One bill for all your services • Excellent customer service, a GVTC tradition



Services described will be provided by either Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc., ("Cooperative") d/b/a GVTC or its wholly owned subsidiary, Guadalupe Valley Communications Systems LP d/b/a GVTC. License B03287

EaGlE MounTain • Flags & Flag Poles • Patriotic Gifts • Knives & Cutlery

512-847-0010 • 800-385-5605

Mon-Thu 9-5 • Fri til 3 • 333 FM 2325 • Wimberley

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May 2011

& Community & C ommunity Th e





Photos courtesy of Canyon Lake Optimist Club’s classy newsletter by

“Bringing out the Best in Kids” fundraiser to support their flag football league. Kudos to the Youth Club “worker bees, Octagon Club members, and DeAnna Pugh, Optimist of the Month. For information or to join call Glenn Erickson at 830-935-2578,

Our 1st Sponsor for the Just For Kids & The Community Page! Thanks First State Bank!

Canyon Lake United Methodist Church

Mother’s Day Out 18 Months – 4 Years Mon. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00 206 Flintstone Drive, Canyon Lake Take Overhill Drive off FM 2673 to Flintstone 830-899-7104 •

thodist Church & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00

Canyon Lake United Methodist Church

Mother’s Day Out

anyon Lake United Methodist Church

ke, TX–78133 nths 4 Years

18 Months – 4 Years Mon. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00

Mon. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00

206 Flintstone Drive, Canyon Lake Take Overhill Drive off FM 2673 to Flintstone 830-899-7104 •

Methodist Church

Optimist President Glenn Erickson presentation to John Ryan Mack and Cati Harrington, 3rd place Essay winner. Not pictured is Mary Kate Crockett.

Optimist Club announces Oratorical & Essay Winners

John Ryan Mack won the Canyon Lake Optimist Club’s Oratorical Contest in the boys division following his 2nd place win in the Essay Contest. Mary Kate Crockett won the Oratorical Contest in the girls division and also won 1st place in the girl’s division Essay Contest. Both made exceptional presentations to earn the award and have advanced to Regional Level. District Level winners will each receive a $2,500 college scholarship, one for the boys division and one for the girls.

Canyon Lake Noon Lions Annual Spring Fish Fry

Sunday, May 1st • 11:30 am - 3:00 pm CRRC Rec Center, 125 Mabel Jones (on S. Access Road) 830 935-4699

Eat-in or take-out, tickets $8 tickets from the Chamber intstone Drive,CASA CanyonVoice Lake, TXTours 78133 now held on Wednesdays on. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00 or any Lions Members. This annual Lions fundraiser supports various CASA Voice Tours are now held on Wednesdays beginning in 30-899-7104 Canyon Lake United Methodist Church non-profit organizations in the Canyon Lake community. May for anyone interested in learning more about CASA (Court Canyon Lake United Methodist Church Appointed Special Advocate) services for children who have been TPML’s Summer Reading Program starts June 1 abused or neglected and are under State care–children who may 18 Months – 4 Years • Mon. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00 not be able to speak for themselves and need your voice. VolunEnds with 12 Bicycle Giveaway onths – 4 Years Mon. & Wed. 8:30 – 2:00 Lake, TX 78133 teer Advocates are sometimes the onlyDrive constant in the child’s 206 Flintstone • Canyon Lake life The Tye Preston Memorial Library Summer Reading Program, during this hard time. Like children, Advocates come from all FMthe 2673 to Overhill Drive to Flintstone “Dig Up a Good Book!” will entertain and inspire children ages walks of life but there are other ways to help. 830-899-7104 3 to 12. A carnival and registration kicks off a summer of fun, The next tours are scheduled on Wednesdays from noon to motivating activities, Wednesday, June 1, 10am to noon. Weekly 1pm, May 4 and June 1st in in New Braunfels and May 11th and programs to educate and entertain make this a favorite activity for odist Church June in SanLake, Marcos. Bring friends and family who might want Flintstone Drive,8th Canyon TX 78133 kids and parents! The daily “Blue Light Special” offers a surprise to learn more about CASA. Church groups, book clubs and other 830-899-7104 if a secretly marked book is checked out. The Grand Finale, July groups are welcome. Individuals or groups considering a dona6 at 10am, awards 12 bicycles to the top readers in various age & Wed. 8:30 2:00attend the tour as well. For more information, call 830tion–may groups. Call 830-964-3744 or for more details. 626-2272 or visit Canyon Lake Views Page 22 May Canyon Lake Views Page 22 December 2010 Canyon Lake Views Page 22 May2011 2011

Mother’s Day Out

Thursday, May 19 •• 11am-3pm •• 830-964-3003

Grand OpeninG CelebraTiOn

C.R.R.C. Senior Center 125 Mabel Jones • C.R.R.C. Event Center

• Door prizes • Harp and piano music Refreshments • FREE blood pressure checks Wii Tournament • Sign up for day trips, book club, guest speaker requests, and other activities.

Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country

Saturday Discovery Camp

Join in for a Saturday of fun, and learn about life of long ago in the Texas Hill Country. Two three-hour programs, designed for second-through-fifth-grade level students, will be held in June and repeated in July. The dates are:

• June 18 & July 16 ~ Dinosaurs and Fossils • June 25 & July 23 ~ Frontier Life

Dinosaurs and Fossils. During the guided tour of the dinosaur tracks, we’ll find out how we know so much about dinosaurs just from the tracks they left. We’ll learn the names of these huge animals that roamed our area millions of years ago. We’ll learn about the fossils that are found in our area and their names – and even go on a fossil hunt! Frontier Life. Find out about how people lived in this area 100 years ago and how difficult their lives were. Grandmother Sycamore will tell how these people used the plants they found for food and medicine. She’ll tell stories about how children lived and went to school. The two Discovery Camp programs are designed for students aged 7 through 11 years and will be held on the museum grounds from 9am to noon. The tuition for each session will be $35. Download a registration form from the website: or call the museum office at 830-899-4542 to have one mailed to you. Mail the completed registration form to the museum with a $10 nonrefundable registration fee; the museum will mail you the necessary permission and health information to be returned completed with the tuition two weeks before the registered camp day. The dinosaur tracks on site, made roughly 100 million years ago, are probably the most prolific site in Texas in numbers. The museum is located between Sattler and Startzville and is open daily from 1pm to 5pm except Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country

Saturday Discovery Camp 830-899-4542 4831 FM 2673 • Canyon Lake Views

Senior Center Now Open Grand Opening • Thursday, May 19, 11-3   The CRRC hosts an Open House every Thursday, 11am to 3pm at the Event Center, 125 Mabel Jones. Area Senior Citizens are invited to share their interests and ideas for their new Senior Center. The Open House provides social time with light refreshments and information on activities planned and proposed. Seniors have been meeting there since February; Game and Book Clubs are now forming. A Grand Opening Celebration is scheduled for Thursday, May 19, 11am to 3pm. There will be harp and piano music, light refreshments, door prizes and sign-up sheets for various activities. Volunteer coordinators, Suzi Ingram and Susan Logue, are asking fellow seniors for their input on day trips, guest speakers, and various projects and activities. The mission of the CRRC Senior Center is to enrich the lives of seniors by using the deep well of knowledge and talents they possess to encourage pride and purpose for themselves and the community. The center plans to be open five days a week soon. Although the center's focus is to provide a place for seniors to stay active, all are welcome. Call 830-964-3003 for information.

Healing Hearts Bereavement Recovery Support Group  

Healing Hearts is a special weekly support group for people grieving the death of someone close. It’s a place where you can be around people who understand how you feel and the pain of your loss.  At Healing Hearts, you’ll learn valuable information that will help you through this difficult time in your life. Grief is a journey that no one should have to travel alone. The group meets Tuesdays at 2:30pm at Canyon Lake Presbyterian Church at 230 Shepherd Hill Dr, West of the Chamber Offices. Call 830-935-2537 or 2437. North Shore United Methodist Church

Church Garage Sale

Saturday, May 21 • 8am-3pm

In the church parking lot • Table rental available for $25 830-935-3667 • 23880 N Cranes Mill Rd, Canyon Lake Canyon Lake Masonic Lodge #1425

Annual Barbeque Dinner Fundraiser

Saturday • June 11 • 11am-2 pm • CRRC Rec Center $10 All-You-Can-Eat • Under 10 eat free • 830-237-1899 $50 Bronze/$100 Silver/$200 Gold Certificate Donors receive lunch tickets & a framed certificate presented in August but any amount donated is appreciated. Supports charities & scholarships for CLHS & SVHS.

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May 2011

1st Saturday March ~ December

Wimberley Market Days

The Hill Country’s


2nd LARGEST in Texas ~ Gates open 7AM

products, vendors, booth numbers, concession menus & more! Wimberley Lions

475+ Booths of Stuff You Can’t Live Without

Market Days Directory 2 0 1 1

475+ Booths of things...

Antiques • Collectibles • Jewelry • Toys Arts/Crafts • Bird Houses • Plants Handmade Soaps • Clothing • Food Furniture • Windchimes • Music FREE 2011 MARKET DAY DIRECTORY w/MAP 3 Large Parking Lots Clean Restrooms • Carry Out Service Cold Beer @ HIlltop Ice House Friendly Vendors FREE ADMISSION & Much More you just can’t live without!

Sponsored by: Wimberley Lions Club FM 2325, Wimberley, info 512-847-2201

Canyon Lake Views

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May 2011

Canyon Lake Views May 2011  

Canyon Lake Views Magazine, serving Canyon Lake, Comal County, and surrounding area.

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