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1st Place - Scholarship Award SFCS Sponsored Studio

This project began as a sponsored group project by an architecture firm that specializes in design for the elderly. Our task was very open-ended; we were to design a product for elders. So to begin, we did research on our user group. We learned about their needs, wants, lifestyle, and disabilities. All of this helped build a strong base on which to begin this project.


research After doing research on the needs of elderly people, it became clear to us that one of the best ways the we could help them would be to increase their independence. We wanted to be able to keep elderly people in their own homes for as long as possible. Every little thing that can make life easier for an elderly person living alone will help them to stay independent. We chose to tackle one of those things as our project so we started to look at the process of doing laundry.


My mother paid someone to do her laundry for her because she could no longer do it herself.

Group Members: Elliott Crompton Tony Smith Lisa Licata





Full size “traditional” Washing machine


45º loading door


removable internal basket

“Hamper” style Bedroom washing machine

Brings the washing system to where the clothes are.

Flipping Concept Mounts on the wall or can be flipped upside down and sat on a table.


Combines the washer and dryer into one machine

Final Concept Small and convenient Wall mounted design Single machine


concept The machine’s small size and mounting options allow it to be placed wherever is most convenient for the user. In this case, the machine is mounted on the wall next to the dresser.



We wanted to simplify the process of doing laundry for the elderly. To start with, we chose to move the washing machine to where the user removes their dirty clothes: the bedroom. The cyclONE can be mounted in a closet and can function as a replacement for the traditional hamper.


technology To simplify the process further, we turned two machines in to one. To make this possible, we used a nearly waterless washing system. It uses beads to remove dirt and stains from clothing. The machine uses hardly any water or detergent and the beads are reusable so it is very environmentally friendly.

Clothes are loaded into the washing machine.

Both the inner drum and the outer drum begin to spin, mixing the beads with the clothes.

The beads are tumbling along with the clothes, pulling out stains and cleaning the clothes.

The outer drum stops while the inner drum continues to spin. This separates the beads from the clothing.

The clothes are now clean and dry and ready to be removed from the washing machine.


testing • Wall mounted design allows the machine to be adjusted to the height that is most comfortable for the user. • High mounting enables the user to reach all the way to the back with ease • Control dial is placed at a height that allows for ease of use and sight




Control Dial

sh a W d a Be

• Rotary Dial • Braille Indicators • Haptic Indicators

Tu m ble

• Built-in timer


final design •The outside of the machine is wrapped in wool felt. This serves as a sound deadening material but also gives the machine a lighter look and casual feel.

•The points of contact are marked by dark gray santoprene for grip as well as visual identification.

•The shape of the cyclONE gives the machine a lighter look and feel while still maintaining enough room for internal mechanisms and resovoirs.



cyclONE Washing Machine  

This product has been designed as a solution for the elderly to help them wash their clothes more easily.

cyclONE Washing Machine  

This product has been designed as a solution for the elderly to help them wash their clothes more easily.