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EndTerminationSupport® Program

ATTENTION WIRE ROPE FABRICATORS Another industry first from Crosby® In addition to our long time philosophy of providing quality products, Crosby is committed to offering our valued Business Partners support services that enhance their wire rope fabrication business. - As our partner, you know that the reputation of the Crosby brand has been built on providing products with uncompromising quality. As a further commitment to that promise we have put in place  tools designed to support and enhance your fabrication operations of the swaging and socketing of wire rope assemblies. We call it the Crosby EndTerminationSupport® Program. We see this new program as a way to expand Crosby’s overall philosophy of providing “Value Added” features and services to the products that we supply. - The EndTerminationSupport® Program accomplishes this through a combination of inspection and maintenance services, along with a newly developed on-site training program for your employees. As a further commitment to this program, we now have a full time dedicated technician. - In association with the Crosby EndTerminationSupport® Program, our technician is available to provide your company with:  • Inspection Services • Maintenance Services • Employee Training

The following services are available through the Crosby EndTerminationSupport® program. Inspection/Maintenance Services At the standard day rates, the following inspection and maintenance services can be provided to your business by our factory trained technician. • Thorough inspection of National swaging machines. • Thorough inspection of National Swage dies, with installation of RFID record keeping and documentation technology. • Maintenance services for National swaging machines. Training While at your facility, we can also provide training to your employees in the following areas at no additional cost. • Swaging training, with certificates. • Socketing and Wirelock® training with certificates.

Why is the Crosby EndTerminationSupport® Program important to you? • Inspection. Your business, as a company that focuses on the supply of wire rope slings and assemblies, depends on having swaging machines and swaging dies that are regularly inspected and properly maintained to ensure that they perform as expected. • Maintenance. Down time, reduced production and unscheduled maintenance cost your company money. • Training. The specialized nature of the wire rope products that you manufacture requires that you employ a well trained and highly knowledgeable team of riggers. Properly “factory trained” operators will result in improved efficiencies. Crosby U.S.A. P.O. Box 3128 Tulsa, OK 74101 U.S.A. Sales Office: (918) 834·4611 FAX (918) 832·0940 9992270

Crosby Canada 145 Heart Lake Road Brampton, Ontario, L6W 3K3 Canada Sales Office: (905) 451·9261 FAX (877) 260·5106

Crosby Europe Industriepark Zone B nr 26 8-2220 Heist-op-den-Berg Belgium Sales Office: 32-15-757125 FAX: 32·15·753764

Crosby® EndTerminationSupport Program®  

Crosby® EndTerminationSupport Program®

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