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This year we will be going to the science lab every other cycle. When we entered the science lab, we will have a lot of fun!  We will be doing a lot of interesting things in there, like we did in the Croon’s class.  Last time we were in the Science Lab we worked with partners.  We classified seeds and organized them by their properties of texture, color or size.  My partner Hannah and I classified our seeds by texture.  We organized them into smooth and rough groups.  That is what you might do in the science lab.

Lately we have been going to the science lab every other cycle. This week we did an experiment with worms.  It sounds disgusting, but it really wasn’t.  We wanted to see what the worms would do in response to all these tests.  First we just touched the worms.  Don’t worry we wore gloves and goggles.  The worms wiggled away when we touched them.  Next we put a drop of water on the worms.  The worms liked that.  Then we put them in dirt.  The worms were in paradise!  Sadly we had to stop because it was the end of the experiment.  This was so much fun!

Science Lab Book  

This book chronicles our first year piloting the science lab program

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