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Table of Contents The Oneidas Food Homes Religion Music and Acts Fun/ games Roles of Men and Women and Kids

Introduction The Oneida was a very interesting tribe. They had a lot of fun with their foods, homes, customs, religion, art, music, and the games they played.

Food One way the Oneidas got food was by fishing, they were very good at it. Sometimes the Oneidas traded throughout the area. The people in this Native American tribe grew corn, beans and squash. Most of the time they settled by the water to get water and fish to eat. The Oneidas had a lot of food. They also hunted for food like deer and bucks. Do you wish you could get food this way?

HOMES Oneidas lived in longhouses. Inside each longhouse it could fit a clan as many as 6O people. A longhouse could be 200 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 20 feet high. Longhouses were good homes for people who would stay in one house for a long time. When the men went on hunting trips, they would stay in wigwams. Women might stay in the same longhouse for their whole life.

Religion The Oneida tribe had many parties throughout the year. During the Planting Festival they would ask the spirits to help plant seeds. One other festival was the Strawberry Festival because the strawberry was the first food. The Oneidas had a cermony called the False Face Mask ceremony to scare the bad spirits away. They carved the mask out of bark.

Arts and Music One way the Oneidas got music was making it out of wood like they do with the flute. They used a wall to paint the story in a circle. Their paint was a rock with water. Their wampum was made out of beads. Try this!

GAMES One game the Iroquois played to train and strengthen their body and help with their agility was Snow Snake. Iroquois played many games but Lacrosse was there favorite game. Lacrosse prepared men for war and gave them strength.

Roles of Men, Women, Boys,and Girls The men would hunt animals and protect the village. The boys would learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and make traps for bear, turkey, dear, rabbits, and other animals. The girls would make pottery, make clothing, and learned how to cook. The women picked the crops when they were ready.

Good Bye The Oneida was a very interesting tribe. We learned a lot of information about the Oneida. It was so much fun doing this project. Hope you enjoyed our book!!!!


This is a research book about the Oneida Tribe.