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Crooked Walker Zine : Skate Rock edition All images, illustrations and ideas by Roger Allen With the exception of Rhino’s image of Salba on P 8-9 and Chet Childress illustration on P 2.

SKATE ROCK S.N.F.U. – Visiting the Bad Again STUPIDS– Born to Build to Grind BIG BOYS – We Got Soul S.T.R.E.E.T.S – Worms RAP GOOFZ – Bezzy Party SNEAKERS AND LACE – Ballad of Billy Wheels PILLSBURY HARDCORE – Heavy Puckin Metal CONFLICT – Increase the Pressure GISM – Anthem THE PARASITES – Fool for You THE MISFITS – Attitude BL’ AST – Ssshhh! DRAGON BROTHERS – Aerials To The Earth Suite DRUNK INJUNS – Not for Ever Yours BIG BOYS – Assault GANG GREEN – Skate to Hell SEPTIC DEATH – Kichigai OPERATION IVY – Bad Town URBAN DANCE SQUAD – Deeper Shade of Soul GREEN AND WOOD – Heathen Corpse BAD SHIT – Hell Ride S.N.F.U. – Gravedigger BONELESS ONES – The Keg Kept A Flowin’ SKOUNDRELZ – Jimmy Closet AGENT ORANGE – Blood Stains

LOS OlVIDADOS – Don’t Cry CELTIC FROST – Return to Eve SUN0))) – Sin Nanna SOLGER – I Hate It UJ3RK3 - Eisenhower and the Hippies D.O.A – Season in Hell JFA - Skateboard RED TIDE – Reagan Sucks PIL – Terra Gate McRAD – Sundial THE STUPIDS – Born to Built to Grind THE BIG BOYS – We got Soul STREETS – Worms BEOWULF – Hussy JOHNNY RAD & THE JORDANAIRES - McTwist and Shout FRATRICIDE - Dangerous Class INSTED - Tell Me DJ DRAWLS - No Static THE ACCUSED - Take no Prisoners: SECTION 46 - I Don’t Mind LAMA – Valiakainen THE FAITH – Limitations THE DICKS – Hate the Police

SKATE ROCK LETHAL VIRUS – Alcohol DAVE ALLEN AND THE ARROWS – Skaterdater Rock JAN & DEAN – All Over the World VENTURES – Diamond Head RICKY AND THE QUEEN TEENS – Skateout SNEAKERS AND LACE – Ballad of Billy Wheels LED ZEPPELIN – Hots on for Knowhere SURF PUNKS – My Wave BIG BOYS – Brick Wall RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS – Police Helicopter BAD BRAINS – Pay to Cum CROMAGS – Street Justice D.O.A. – Fucked up Ronnie BEYOND POSSESSION – Tell Tale Heart THE ACCUSED – W.C.A.L.T. SEPTIC DEATH – Quit SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – Memories of Tomorrow OLIVE LAWN – Carving is the Devils Paintbrush MILK – Knife Song THE SORCERER’S – P.Y.T. S.O.D. – Kill Yourself VOID – Black, Jewish and Poor S.O.A. – Draw Blank C.O.C. – Hungry Child GISM – Anthem

APE WAR – Korean Hard Unkle OUR GENERATION – Run Down Every Street GENE MOSS – The Surfing Monster BILL OF RIGHTS – The Unknown Surfer WILLIE AND THE WHEELS – Skateboard Craze THE SCORPIONS – The Sails of Charon JFA - Skateboard SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – I Shot the Devil (demo) BARK HARD - Intro/Hardcore THE FACTION – Friends and Enemies SKATE DEATH – Better Not Snake Me ZERO HOUR – Speed Metal FIREHOSE – Brave Captain CHRIST ON PARADE - Don’t Draft Me JOHNNY RAD & THE JORDANAIRES - Skate and Destroy NO MERCY – Die or be Killed TOKEN ENTRY – Jaybird FULL SPEED AHEAD – Overload H-STREET – What is it all about CEREBRAL BALLZY – Don’t Look my Way ROYAL FLUSH – World Wide TERELL SAFADI – Kick, Push, Grind NATE EVANS – Da Dunez

He’s 50 year old, has been skateboarding for 40 years and rips on the guitar. Still skating hard and trespassing on a daily basis. Kind of sums it up for skate - rock - punk. Salba photo by Rhino

The baseplates of the trucks take the full impact and leave an impression of the day’s skating. The impression I have made from the baseplates are a record of every bail and every victory that has been inflicted on that specific board. I have been skateboarding for over twenty years and the impressions left by my trucks display a history of my life. My age, travel, interests, and how I skateboard, have all been charted in these prints.


Power slides, speed wobbles, nervous laughter, school at dusk, Zorlac graphics, pivots on curbs, high school sessions, East Van bowls, distant calls of “skaters suck!�, focusing boards, broken arms, skating by myself, security guards, fitted khakis & white t-shirts, wipeouts, rolled ankles, catch it clean.

In the beginning skateboarding was derived from surfing and in turn skaters adopted surf music. The guitar driven instrumental music that was the soundtrack of the beach also began to reflect the hills of Torrance, California. But skateboarders soon were looking to distinguish skateboarding as its own cool subculture and films like Skaterdater presented a soundtrack with aggressive sounding songs like Skaterdater Rock and Skate Out. Magazines such as Skateboarder started featuring music sections and the idea of “Skate Rock” existing as its own genre continued to grow. Early on, the majority of the music skaters were listening to was not performed by skateboarders, leading to many corporate characters trying to cash in on the scene. Countless awful bands were formed by companies to record disco and funk tracks with skateboard imagery slapped on the album covers. To counter these lame musical attempts, skaters turned to different types of music to reflect their skateboarding subculture in the eighties. Ska, hardcore, new-wave, rap, punk began to influence the look and sound of skateboarding. Bands like the Big Boys started using skateboard imagery on their handbills and records showing what most skateboarders actually looked like (a mix of punk and hardcore and not the California dayglow style popularly portrayed in mainstream media). By the mid eighties the big three skate rock albums were released: Thrasher Magazine’s punk Skate Rock 3 Compilation, Pushead’s hardcore Cleanse the Bacteria, and the metal influenced Welcome to Venice. These records were recorded largely by people who actually skated and the punk/hardcore/metal sound went on to dominate what Skate Rock has been known as throughout the eighties and nineties. Canadian bands like DOA, Beyond Possession, and SFNU also made a huge impact on the skate rock scene and that tradition was carried forth into the 2000s by band like S.T.R.E.E.T.S, China Creeps and more recently, The Sorcerers. Much like the eighties, skate rock today is influenced by many things and no one sound defines it. Original Bones Brigade Tommy Guerrero’s punk influenced but soulful music, can appear beside Andrew Reynolds The Goat, Lavar McBride’s rap,or Navveret’s Shed.

RICK HOWARD · Fantasia · Plan B Skateboards · 1993 Ned’s Atomic Dustbin · Grey Cell Green · The Questionable video

MOSES ITKONEN · Mad Circle Skateboards · 1992 The Staple Singers · I’ll Take You There · Let the Horn’s Blow

RUDY JOHNSON 路 Girl Skateboards 路 1994 Dinosaur Jr. 路 Just Like Heaven 路 Video Days

Mutant · Skull Skates Skateboards · 1987 Gang Green · Haunted House

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Crooked Walker zine  

Issue 1 Skate Rock

Crooked Walker zine  

Issue 1 Skate Rock