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San Diego, CA: ex-officer accused of sex crimes June 9, 2011 SAN DIEGO -- New charges alleging at least two additional victims will be filed against a former San Diego police officer accused of trying to elicit sexual favors from women during traffic stops in the Gaslamp Quarter, a prosecutor said Thursday. Deputy District Attorney Sherry Thompson said she plans to file the new charges against Officer Anthony Arevalos by Friday at the latest. Currently, Arevalos -- an 18-year veteran who was arrested March 11 and fired in April -- is charged with 18 counts involving five women, including false imprisonment, assault under the color of authority, sexual battery by restraint and receiving a bribe. A preliminary hearing is set for June 20, at which time Arevalos is expected to be arraigned on the new charges, Thompson said. The defendant faces nearly 17 years in prison if convicted. The prosecutor said most of the alleged victims were between 20 and 30, and many of them appeared to be students. She alleged that Arevalos tried to find out things of a personal nature about the women he stopped, like their interests and what they were studying. Arevalos, a married father of two, was on duty during the alleged crimes, the prosecutor said. The former officer -- who is free on $200,000 bail -- is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he stopped on Jan. 10, 2010, in three different locations and is also charged with receiving a bribe in connection with a traffic stop of a female motorist on Sept. 28, 2009, Thompson said. The prosecutor said Arevalos made a DUI stop on a 31-year-old woman in the Gaslamp on March 8. When she registered above .08 percent on a DUI test, Arevalos asked the woman what she could offer him in exchange for making the charges go away, Thompson alleged. The woman asked the officer what he wanted, and he allegedly said one woman had given him her bra and panties. Arevalos, 40, told the DUI suspect that they needed to move to a separate location and escorted her to a 7-Eleven restroom, where he locked the door, took her panties, then sexually assaulted her before leaving, Thompson alleged.

The officer stopped another alleged victim for an expired vehicle registration last Dec. 29. Arevalos told the woman he smelled alcohol and gave her a DUI test, which registered above .05 percent, the prosecutor said. Because the woman was under 21, Arevalos detained her for being a minor under the influence of alcohol, Thompson said. When Arevalos asked her what she would be willing to do to make the arrest go away, she told him she was willing to sleep in her car and have a friend pick her up, according to the prosecutor. When that failed to resolve the issue, Arevalos allegedly told the woman they could go in a dark corner for 30 minutes or go in the back of his patrol car for 15 minutes. The woman declined, and when another officer arrived, she was given a citation, the prosecutor said.

Thompson alleged that Arevalos sexually assaulted another woman he stopped on suspicion of DUI last Oct. 22 in the Gaslamp. During the 90-minute stop, Arevalos asked what she was willing to do to get out of the DUI, Thompson alleged. The woman refused to take a DUI test, and Arevalos began poking her breast with his finger, the prosecutor alleged. Arevalos allegedly put his hands down the woman's pants and she showed him her breasts at his request before he called her a cab, Thompson said. The City Attorney's Office has dismissed 15 DUI cases submitted by Arevalos, a spokeswoman said. Comment here

Dallas: Three officers fired June 10, 2011 Dallas Police Chief David Brown fired three officers Friday, two for DWI and one for unnecessary force. Below is a statement from the DPD on the terminations: Officer Brandy Lindsay, #8774, was arrested for DWI on November 7, 2010 by officers from the Murphy Police Department. During a traffic stop for speeding the officers came to believe she was driving while intoxicated. A blood test showed her blood alcohol concentration to be 0.14. Officer Lindsay was assigned to the Northeast Patrol Bureau and had been on the Dallas Police Department since February 2006. Officer Jason Rowland, #8052, was arrested for DWI on March 15, 2011 by officers from the Hickory Creek Police Department. During a traffic stop for speeding the officers came to believe he was driving while intoxicated. Officer Rowland declined to provide breath or blood specimens, but acknowledged having consumed two alcoholic drinks at a restaurant prior to the traffic stop. Officer Rowland was assigned to the Northwest Patrol Division and had been on the Dallas Police Department since July 2001. Officer Michael Mosher, #8470, responded to a call on January 22, 2011 with other officers. During the call he reportedly used unnecessary and inappropriate force against a handcuffed prisoner and made derogatory comments to him. He also engaged in adverse conduct when he became hostile toward another officer who intervened. Officer Mosher was assigned to the Northeast patrol Division and had been with the Dallas Police Department since March 2004. ... 59584.html Comment here

New Milford,CT: suspended officer to speak on extortion June 10, 2011 NEW MILFORD -- Next Friday, suspended police Officer Brant Cadovius will have a chance to respond to an administrative investigation launched after his criminal arrest last July. Cadovius, 40, a 10-year department veteran, is charged with threatening and trying to extort money from a teenager he alleges stole his wallet, took more than $350 cash from it, and then discarded the remaining contents, including his badge and pistol permit. In the presence of Danbury police, the now 18-year-old teen, Taylor Cucchiara of Southbury, reimbursed Cadovius $100 more than the amount he said he found in the wallet. He claims Cadovius continued to threaten and harass him, demanding he repay $2,000 or he would have him arrested. Danbury police did not arrest him. Cadovius plead not guilty to Cucchiara's charges and filed a civil lawsuit against him, claiming the teen committed a theft that has caused him financial and emotional distress. To date, Cadovius has been denied an application for the accelerated rehabilitation program and rejected a state plea offer. He is proceeding toward a jury trial, with his next court date Sept. 14. An investigation into Cadovius' conduct has been under way for several months. Police Chief Shawn Boyne confirmed Friday that he gave Cadovius the official findings last week. As a member of the police union, Cadovius is entitled to what is officially called a Loudermill hearing as part of the town's due process requirement for employees who may be faced with disciplinary action, including termination. Prior to the hearing, a public employeemust be given specific written notice of charges against him and an explanation of the employer's evidence, "so the employee can provide a meaningful response and an opportunity to correct factual mistakes in the investigation and to address the type of discipline being considered.'' Boyne explained he cannot publicly disclose the findings until Cadovius and his lawyer, Thomas Allingham, present their case at the required closed-door hearing. Those attending the hearing will include Boyne, town counsel, Cadovius and his legal representatives. A message left for Allingham at this office Friday afternoon was not returned. After the hearing, Boyne said he and Mayor Patricia Murphy will have up a week to review the information before making a final decision. Cadovius, who has worked 17 years in law enforcement, has been on paid suspension since his arrest, which occurred almost a year after he lost his wallet on a train ride at the Danbury Fair mall. Cadovius earns an annual salary of $63,549. BY: Nanci Hutson ... 419401.php Comment here

Berwyn, IL: decorated officer's hiring questioned June 10, 2011 Berwyn, IL — The hiring of a Berwyn police officer has been questioned after a recent Chicago Sun-Times report that stated he was fired from the Chicago Police Department. That officer was also arrested – but not convicted – of battery and attempted theft during an incident in the 2009 mayoral campaign, the Berwyn Life has learned. Robert W. Gordon, a current officer with the Berwyn Police department was fired during his probationary period with the Chicago Police Department for falsifying his resum é, according to the Sun-Times report. He was later hired by Morton High School District 201 as their head of security and was sworn in as a Berwyn police officer in September of last year. According to the Sun-Times report, Gordon is also friends with embattled district 201 board of education president Jeff Pesek. City Administrator Brian Pabst defended Gordon's hiring and noted that the officer has 32 commendations for his service in the Broadview Police Department and letters of appreciation from six area police departments. ―In my 25 years in municipal service, Officer Gordon is one of the most decorated officers I have had personal contact with. Officer Gordon has proven his passion for law enforcement as a police officer. Conceivably, this passion is in part due to his brother being killed in the line of duty as a Chicago Police Officer,‖ said Pabst in a written statement. Gordon also was arrested in April of 2009 for allegedly punching a rival campaign worker in the head. In that incident, Gordon, who volunteered on Berwyn Mayor Robert Lovero's election campaign, was alleged to have stolen a campaign sign for former mayor Michael O'Connor. Gordon was then confronted by Jim Rinehart and two other men who were working for the O'Connor campaign. A scuffle ensued, and Rinehart later signed a criminal complaint for battery and alleged he was struck in the head. O'Connor also signed a complaint for attempted theft, but was not convicted of that charge either. Police reports indicated that Rinehart showed no signs of injury, and Rinehart later dropped the charges on the advice of his lawyer. BY: Brett Schweinberg Comment here

Florida Corrections officer arrested for groping women June 11, 2011 A Florida Corrections officer was arrested Thursday at a Fanning Springs bar after several complaints of him allegedly groping female patrons. James Leslie Cassidy, 44, was at the Dawg House Bar when female patrons began to complain that he was sliding his hands down their pants, attempting to grope them, reports the Levy County Sherriff’s Office. After several complaints, Cassidy reluctantly left the bar only to stir up more trouble in the parking lot. Several people attempting to leave the bar noticed their tires were slashed. Deputy Willie Barnes III reviewed the video from the outside surveillance cam and witnessed Cassidy slashing the tires on six cars, causing nearly $3,000 in damage. Once in the police car, Cassidy made several threats to Deputy Joseph Sabbag, including threatening to kill him and his family, in addition to swearing at him and kicking out the plastic divider window in the police car, causing $100 in damage. Advertisement According to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office, deputies discovered that Cassidy had been drinking moonshine earlier in the evening. Cassidy was placed in a special restraint chair while at the jail until he was sober and no longer violent. He was a sergeant and a 24 year veteran at the Cross City Correctional Institution. According to reports, Cassidy was fired by the Florida Department of Corrections after the arrest. Cassidy was arrested for disorderly intoxication, two counts of battery, seven counts of criminal mischief and threat to a public servant. BY: Brian Gillie ... oped-women Comment here

Lakeland, FL: Deputy trainee arrested on grand theft charge June 11, 2011 LAKELAND - A 21-year-old Plant City man with aspirations of becoming a deputy sheriff is in trouble with the law. Nicholas David Cabrera is charged with grand theft after he allegedly took $4,000 in cash from an automated teller machine. Cabrera, who was working for Wells Fargo Bank at the time, was supposed to be re-stocking the machine. The suspect was also in training to become a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy. According to a Polk County Sheriff’s Office report Cabrera was employed by the Wells Fargo location in the 1400 block of South Combee Rd. in Lakeland from January 1, 2011 until May 4, 2001. The alleged crime occurred on April 29. Detectives say the suspect took the money and placed it in his back pocket on that date. He was arrested on Friday and booked in the Polk County Jail. He was released after posting a bond of $1,000. During questioning Cabrera admitted to taking the money and spending it on personal items. He also put approximately $1,000 of it in his savings account say investigators. Comment here

Tulsa: OK: officer corruption trial update June 12, 2011 After nine days of witness testimony and attorney arguments, Tulsa Police Department officers Nick DeBruin, 38, and Bruce Bonham, 53, were cleared on all charges. The jury found retired Cpl. Harold R. Wells guilty on five of 10 counts. Here's a day-by-day breakdown of the trial's developments: Day 1: May 31 More than 100 potential jurors were selected for the jury pool. A jury of seven men and seven women two to serve as alternates - was selected. Prosecutors and defense attorneys gave their opening statements. "As you hear the testimony and receive the evidence in this case, the truth will be that these three defendants are guilty of the crimes for which they have been charged," said prosecutor Jane Duke, first assistant U.S. attorney of Eastern Arkansas. Day 2: June 1 FBI Agent Matt Lotspeich testified about a 2009 undercover FBI sting during which the agency videotaped Tulsa Police Department officers John K. "J.J." Gray, Bruce Bonham and Nick DeBruin apparently stealing cash. Lotspeich talked about two other stings that year during which the agency targeted retired Cpl. Harold R. Wells. However, Wells did not take cash or drugs during either operation, Lotspeich testified. Lotspeich said there were 77 phone calls made that day among Gray, Wells, Bonham, DeBruin and former TPD officer Eric Hill. Defense attorneys quizzed Lotspeich about breaks in the FBI's video and audio portions, asking whether the FBI had turned off the tape at any time. Lotspeich said the breaks were due to the recording devices being moved or unplugged as officers searched the room. Gray testified that he stole money during the sting and committed numerous other crimes for which he is not charged. He said Wells was aware that he was taking money and did nothing to stop it. He testified that during a search of a drug dealer's home in 2008, officers found about $80,000 in cash and 100 pounds of marijuana. Gray said he, Wells, Hill and former Officer Callison Kaiser shared money that was stolen during the search. Bonham's attorney, Bill Lunn, called Gray a "thief, liar, perjurer and obstructor of justice" who testified to gain probation for his own crimes. Day 3: June 2 Prosecutors played eight taped telephone calls and one taped meeting between Wells and an undercover FBI agent posing as a drug dealer named "Joker." Wells discusses allowing the dealer to come to Tulsa and sell methamphetamine to customers who would not be arrested, provided that the dealer allowed one customer to be arrested. "I don't want to hurt you, but I want to turn something in to make the district attorney happy," Wells said on a telephone call.

Day 4: June 5 After viewing the FBI video, Police Chief Chuck Jordan testified that the officers' behavior violated his personal practices if he were in a similar situation. Hugo Gutierrez, an illegal immigrant, testified that officers stole more than $30,000 in drug proceeds from him during a search in 2008. Internal Affairs Capt. Luther Breshears testified about a letter that Wells wrote last summer after an indictment had been unsealed in the corruption case. In the letter, Wells claims that he confronted Gray about alleged theft. "He (Gray) denied taking money but eventually turned back all the money he had taken (to the best of my knowledge)," Wells' letter states. Day 5: June 6 Prosecutors continued to present their case, putting on three more witnesses. Former Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney Tony Evans testified that Wells did not have a confidential informant agreement in place for Jason Lujan, an undercover FBI agent who posed as a drug dealer. Hill testified about receiving $500 in money stolen during a drug search. He said Wells gave the money to Kaiser and to him for their part in the search. Hill also testified about a conversation in which officers decided to turn in money that was stolen during a May 18, 2009, drug sting. Kaiser testified that on four occasions he took money that was stolen during drug searches or arrests. He said DeBruin, Wells and Bonham took part in the thefts. Kaiser also testified about the practice of drug substitution, saying he learned the practice from Wells. "The general philosophy that was taught to us from Cpl. Wells is that you keep the guilty guilty but never make the innocent guilty," Hill said. Day 6: June 7 The prosecution wrapped up its presentation, and the defense began presenting its case. Officer David A. Foust testified that he was present May 18, 2009, at a restaurant where officers were alleged to have met to discuss a possible drug sting. Foust contradicted Hill, a government witness, who said the officers discussed the possibility of a government setup and what to do about the money allegedly taken by officers during the sting. Foust said he heard nothing about the officers allegedly discussing such details. Witnesses testified that the defendants' behavior, including placing drug money in their pockets, could be explained by common practices among many Tulsa police officers. "If I didn't have an evidence bag, I would need to put it somewhere," said Pat Dunlap, a Tulsa Police Officer for 29 years.

Day 7: June 8 Officer James Bohanon testified that he saw Wells' tackle box, which Wells used to store drug kits. Wells was accused of carrying a tackle box in his car that contained "replacement drugs" to be placed on individuals whose drugs might have been lost or destroyed during an arrest. Bohanon said he never saw illegal drugs in the tackle box. DeBruin took the stand in his own defense, challenging the prosecution's interpretation of a surveillance video that was alleged to have shown him, Bonham and Gray pocketing several thousand dollars of FBI sting money. DeBruin said Wells' taped conversation with Gray, during which Gray pockets thousands of dollars, seemed suspicious. "Yes. That concerns me, and if I had known it when I entered the room, I would have had questions to ask," DeBruin said. Day 8: June 9 Defense attorneys for the three indicted officers wrapped up their case. Debbie Bonham, wife of Officer Bruce Bonham, testified that her husband attended a sporting event on the night of the FBI sting. She said her husband had accidentally taken home DeBruin's keys that night and that DeBruin had called him to retrieve them. Prosecutors allege that Bruce Bonham showed up at the hotel long enough to steal about $1,000 and leave the scene to return home. Officer Bruce Bonham testified that his police car was parked just a few minutes away from the Super 8 motel where a drug sting took place. He said evidence bags were likely in the vehicle. Despite the car's proximity, police officers placed thousands of dollars in their pants pockets, as shown on an FBI surveillance video. Bonham said the money in his pocket was meant to go before a drug-sniffing dog. He testified that placing the money in evidence bags would have been smarter. "In the best case scenario, absolutely," Bonham said. Day 9: June 10 Wells was found guilty on five of 10 counts against him. DeBruin and Bonham were found not guilty on all counts. "I'm happy," DeBruin said "I don't know what to say. What else can I say? I've gone through hell the past year with the support of only my very close friends, my attorney and my investigator."

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