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Wednesday, October 14, 2009




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ON THIS DAY... PRESTIGE FENCING T: 384433 ● 1977 – Actor and singer Bing Crosby dies of a heart attack while playing golf. ● 1964 – African American civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Junior is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent resistance to racial prejudice in America. ● 1944 – German Gen Erwin Rommel, nicknamed ‘the Desert Fox’ is given the option of facing a public trial for treason,

as a co-conspirator, in the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, or taking cyanide. He chooses the latter. ● 1913 – 439 workers die in a massive coal mining explosion in Wales. The incident was one of Britain’s worst ever mining disasters. ● 1890 – Future President Dwight D Eisenhower is born near Texas. He was President of the United States from 1952 to 1961.

14.10.09 14.10.09

Making waves: Barnsley College business and management graduates marched through town before collecting their certificates at the Town Hall. About 40 students were joined by the Mayor and Mayoress of Barnsley, MPs and other dignitaries for the procession which was led by a brass band.

A BARNSLEY woman posted a birthday card for her son’s partner in Spain two weeks before it needed to be there – but it arrived the next morning. Sheila Marshall, 64, of Maltas Court, Bank End, posted the card carrying two first-class stamps from the post box near the Mall Alhambra in town midmorning on Thursday. It was destined for Collado Mediano, a small town high in the Guadarrama mountains about 30 miles north-west of Madrid. She said: “It can take three weeks to post stuff sometimes, especially around Christmas. Marta’s birthday is October 14 so I decided to send it on Thursday the first. I rang my son, David, the next day to talk to him about something else. I said ‘by the way I’ve posted a card’ and he said ‘I’ve got it’. “I just couldn’t believe it. It must be a record.” Royal Mail said it was unusual for international mail to arrive the next day but said it was difficult to calculate the ‘normal’ delivery time because once mail leaves Britain it is totally in the hands of the destination country’s postal service. A spokesman said: “We are pleased that the customer is happy with the service provided by Royal Mail.”

Club gets busy after overhaul K INGSTONE Club has a t t r a c ted a b out 350 new members since its r esc ue a nd r ef ur b ishment in the summer. T he c lub has ab out 700 member s but was facing closure until former Mayor of Barnsley Peter Doyle stepped in. The building has had doub le g lazing f it ted, undergone roof repairs and got new furniture and carpets. Mr Doyle, w ho supervised the improvements, said t he tap room resembled a Mississippi river boat. He said: “I believe a pub or club has a vital par t to play in the community.” T he club is receiving applications for membership ‘vir tually ever y day’. Activities include dancing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and a Soul night on alternate Saturdays.












u PV C, Alumin iu m and Timb er Misty Windows, Broken Hinges, Handles, Locks Replaced, Letter Boxes. Discoloured panels replaced and fitted.

School bursar Helen Sellers said: “We’re absolutely over the moon. Racecommon Road is so busy. “The parents staged a protest some time ago. “We’ve been trying to find someone but we’re thrilled we have now. “Barry’s lovely.” He used to work for the Ford Motor Company. He wanted to retire to Yorkshire and set up home in Kendray. He worked as a crossing patrol guard A treasure: Barry Woodbridge. Picture: Jamie Lorriman back in Great Yarmouth for two years.

BY MIKE COTTON PUPILS at a Barnsley school have finally found their lollipop man after years of crossing a main road without one. Joseph Locke has struggled to find the right man for the job, and their new guardian, Barry Woodbridge, 64, is from Great Yarmouth. Barry, who has retired to Barnsley, told the Chronicle he is enjoying the job so far. “It’s great. They’re lovely kids.”

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TESCO has created 120 jobs with the expansion and refurbishment of its store at Stairfoot. The new ‘Tesco Extra’ will open at 8am on Monday, October 19. The store has been closed since the end of August and

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14.10.09 14.10.09

‘NEW CAR PARK TOO PRICEY FOR DRIVERS’ BY MIKE COTTON THE new £4.50-a-day car park on the site of the old club on Pogmoor Road is not being used enough, an opposition councillor says. The former Pogmoor Club owners forced the council into buying the club in light of longterm plans to put a road

through the site. The council spent a total of £965,000 purchasing, flattening and redeveloping it into a car park, intending to reduce the number of hospital visitors and workers parking in residential side streets. Coun Peter Middleton said: “It’s just not getting used enough. It’s too expensive. “There’s free parking in other

parts of the borough and I don’t see why Pogmoor should be any different. “At £4.50 a day it’s the same price as the town centre. That’s ridiculous – the town centre’s too expensive anyway. “It obviously needed a car park but they’ve priced people out. They’re not going to use it at that price. “With all the hassle there is

with parking around the hospital it would seem sensible to have a sensible parking charge.” Businesswoman Marjorie Watts, of Trend Hair Fashions, opposite the car park, said she welcomed it although usage seemed low so far. She said: “A lot of customers use it on Saturday when it’s free, and that’s fantastic.

“I’m not sure if it’s any good to anyone working at the hospital if it’s £4.50 a day, but maybe for visitors, at £1.50 for up to four hours isn’t too bad. “It’s early days, so hopefully people will use it. They needed to do something about parking.” A council spokesman said: “The pricing structure reflects that it is not a town centre car

park, so the up to four-hour charge of £1.50 is much cheaper than the £2.20 charge for town centre car parks. “The car park has only been opened for two weeks and although we would not expect a high take-up for several months. I am pleased to advise that we have had over 50 per cent daily usage in the first week, recorded by sales.”

Advertiser’s Announcement

Barnsley Stop Smoking Service 10th Anniversary ‘I don’t smoke’…three increasingly satisfying words that I am able to say when offered a cig’. I’ve now been smoke free for 150 days at the time of writing (If counting the days seems a little nerdy-read on). I decided that I must quit smoking for both health and financial reasons (to be honest more for financial reasons than health….how misguided is that?).

Steve Grimeshaw

I could never fool myself into thinking that I have the greatest will power in the world and that stopping would just be a matter saying No…I’ve been trying that for many years without success.

Passing the Stop smoking service in Barnsley one day I thought ‘what have I got to lose, I’ll see what they’ve got to offer’ This has got to be one best off the cuff decisions I’ve made in a long while. The initial consultation was friendly, informative, and as the initial weekly meetings continued, very supportive. I wont pretend that it has been easy all the way; I still have cravings for a cig every now and again, usually after a drink/meal. Ex smokers tell me that 20 years later they still feel the occasional urge for a cig’. If, in twenty years time, I can say ‘I still feel like a cig every now and again’…but shrug it off I’ll be a happy (and richer) man.

Back to my earlier point of counting the days. I believe if you want to stop smoking and need to see something tangible for doing so, make a note of how much you’re saving (try put that money away) I have a spread sheet on my desktop which each day adds up how much I’ve saved. The fact that 150 days of stopping smoking has put almost £1100 into a special savings account is fantastic (and given us an extra winter holiday this year) If you really want to stop and feel you can’t do it alone pay a visit to the Stop Smoking Service…it could change your life in so many ways.



SOCIAL CLUB WILL SUPPORT THE DISABLED A SOCIAL club to help people with learning disabilities integrate with the rest of their community opened this week. Support worker Nichola Poulton, 27, of Denton Street, set up the club which meets at Harborough Hill WMC every Tuesday afternoon and evening. She is targeting children and young people with and without learning disabilities, their parents and carers, adults with learning disabilities, and anyone else who fancies a party on a Tuesday. She said: “It’s about integrating, rather

Town to get more online BAR NSLEY w ill host an event as par t of ‘Get Online’ day to encourage more people to understand and use the internet. The event w ill be hosted at Barnsley Central Lib rar y and R oyston Com m unit y Lear ning Centre. Barnsley Council chief executive P hil Coppard said the events on Friday, October 23, would help mak e Barnsley the digital capital of the UK . The council has the aim of getting ever y person in Barnsley ‘online’ by 2012.


than segregating people. “There can be a lot of ignorance, and I think a lot of kids especially don’t understand disabilities. “I’ve had quite a good response.” Nichola said the club will also provide volunteer job opportunities for club members, including DJ and subscriptions collectors. The club does not have a name yet – it will be named by members. Anyone interested in joining should turn up between 4pm and 9.30pm on Tuesday.

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Caring: Support worker Nichola Poulton.

Beer festival to host local brews, and some Rugby

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A NUMBER of dark beers including Gorlovka, a Russian stout produced by Acorn Brewery, Wombwell will feature in a beer festival. It will be at Barnsley Rugby Club, Shaw Lane, on November 12, 13 and 14. Jeremy Sykes, beer festival organiser with Barnsley Campaign for Real Ale, said it was hoped to include beers from brewers within a 20-mile radius of the town and, because of the venue, from Rugby, Warwickshire. The festival is from 6pm to 11pm on the Thursday and Friday and noon and 11pm on the Saturday.

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Council to recruit ambassadors BARNSLEY Council is looking to recruit two ‘town centre ambassadors’. Their jobs will be to help create a more welcoming and better managed environment, provide information to shoppers and businesses, identify issues that need to be addressed and ensure problems are resolved quickly. Salaries are £19,621 to £21,519 pro-rata. The jobs are temporary for two years. They will also ‘improve standards’ by ‘becoming the council’s eyes and ears on


the street’, giving early warnings about problems like damage and graffiti. Coun Bill Newman said: “The town centre ambassadors will create a much higher profile for the council in town and will be there to re-assure and help customers, but also to make sure that local retailers and traders know what is happening in town. “Many towns have shown how ambassadors can make town and city centres much more welcoming.”

14.10.09 14.10.09

TALENTED WENDY WINS TOP AWARD A COOK has won a lifetime achievement award at a national ceremony for her contribution to school dinners in Barnsley.


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Wendy Wood, 67, was awarded the prize at the National Awards for support staff which was held at a hotel in Northamptonshire. She has worked in school kitchens across Barnsley for 35 years and has been at Greenacre School for 15 years where she provides meals every day for the 177 pupils with special needs. Since joining the team at Greenacre Wendy has obtained a silver award for healthy eating and introduced a staff deli as well as providing refreshments for buffets and staff meetings. Wendy said: “I am very pleased and honoured to have won this award. It’s not just an award for me but for all of the children with special needs at Greenacre School. It was a very special weekend which I will always remember.” Headteacher Sue Hayter added: “The whole school community is delighted and proud of Wendy for winning this very special award.”

Tourism under scrutiny THE promotion of tourism in the borough is one of the matters undergoing scrutiny from councillors this month. Council scrutiny commissions will also consider emergency planning and resilience, public toilets, air quality and the impact of under-age boozing.

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Barnsley’s bonniest babies, together in our special supplement… Ronnie Neville Photography Great prizes supplied by the competition sponsors:

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O Featuring all of the cute tots entered into the competition. O This quality full-colour supplement will make a lovely keepsake for parents and grandparents alike.

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BID TO BUILD NEW FLATS A FORMER council depot in Athersley could be turned into flats. J Arkwright, of Doncaster Road, Barnsley, has applied for planning permission to redevelop the Athersley North depot on Mansfield Road. The existing office and storage build-

Wedded bliss: Pupils from Greenacre School — Trinity Anderson and Christopher Dawber take park in a mock wedding at St Edward’s Church. Picture: Jamie Lorriman

Could you serve as a magistrate? ARE YOU aged between 16 and 65 and willing to give free time to administrate justice locally? That’s the question being asked by Barnsley Magistrates’ Court as it searches for new members for its bench. Particularly welcome would be prospective candidates from the Dearne Valley area. Secretary to the Barnsley Advisory Committee, Debbie Sivyer, said: “All criminal cases start in magistrates’ courts and more than 95 per cent conclude there. “Magistrates are ordinary members of the public and unpaid. They deliver local justice out of a sense of social responsibility and a desire to contribute positively to their community. “Anyone interested can contact me on 320000, come along as on observer to the courts which are open weekdays from 10am or attend the court’s open day being staged from 10am and 4pm on October 24.” Information packs, including DVDs for employers, are also available from the court here or on the internet.

Recognise me? This photograph was found in a second-hand chest of drawers by Michael Houghton, of Monsal Crescent, Athersley South. To claim it call Kate Pickles on 734207.

ing, currently occupied by a graphic design company, would be demolished to make way for a two-storey detached block with eight one-bedroomed apartments. There will be eight parking spaces. Documents submitted with the application say: “The site’s orienta-

tion particularly on the south boundary has attracted unwanted gangs of youths, which has inevitably given rise to vandalism of the site and buildings. Therefore, with the demolition of the structures and the redevelopment of the site, it may relieve this problem.”




BUSINESS BOOMING AS BREWERY POWERS AHEAD BY CARLA GEORGE A BREWERY is celebrating after a 21 per cent increase in sales on last year. Acorn Brewery began brewing in 2003 and has since invested in a new brewery to reach a production capaci-

ty of 100 barrels a week. The Cask Ale Report, which is produced by Barnsley born author Pete Brown, says cask ale attracted 400,000 new drinkers in 2008, was served in 3,000 new pubs and now has a 13.5 per cent market share – up from 11 per cent in 2007. Original brews Barnsley Bitter, Barn-

sley Gold, Old Moor Porter and Sovereign have won over 40 awards including wins across three categories at the Sheffield Beer Festival. Acorn’s Old Moor Porter led the way to scoop silver in its category, Sovereign and Northdown Blonde took bronze awards in both the Best Bitters and Bitters classes respectively.

Dave Hughes, managing director of the Wombwell-based brewery, said: “When we decided to invest in a new brewery two years ago it was a big risk, but our substantial sales growth clearly shows the wide acclaim that our beers enjoy. “Winning three awards at Sheffield was particularly welcome as they

demonstrate that our cask ales are much appreciated in our own heartland. “Meanwhile the national cask ale report reaffirms that there is a very healthy future for cask ale as people turn away from bland big national brands to look for quality.”

Jobsfair and advice day Fair play: Members of the Mikron Theatre Company performed ‘Fair Trade’, a musical about the history of the Cooperative movement at the Lamproom Theatre yesterday. (S)

Get ready to vote in baby contest ENTRIES have now closed for the Barnsley Baby of the Year competition. All bonny baby contenders will feature in Friday’s special supplement and the winner will be announced in the Chronicle on November 27. Prizes include a photo session and portrait for the winner and nine runnersup from Ronnie Neville Photography, Cudworth, a £100 ASDA voucher, a £100 voucher to spend in shops at the Mall, and two £50 vouchers for second and third places, a 15-inch LCD TV from Haworth News, a buggy from Barnsley Babyworld, Doncaster Road, and a birthday party with 11 other children at Hullaballoos, the indoor play area at High Green. The winner will also receive a free birthday message in the Barnsley Chronicle’s ‘Champagne Occasions’ section for every birthday up to the age of 18, worth an impressive £1,000.

Jobcentre Plus and Barnsley Work and Skills Board Are pleased to announce the 2009 Barnsley Jobfair

Employers with vacancies include: • The Armed Forces • Premier Inn • CareForce • Talent Services • Game • Ventura… and many more

Wednesday, 14th October 2009 10am-3pm YMCA Blucher Street (Off Pitt Street) Barnsley




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14.10.09 14.10.09

Cricket lovers pick out their top talent of the season WOMBWELL Cricket Lovers’ Society has dished out its annual awards, with former England opening batsman Marcus Trescothick being the main winner. The Somerset batsman picked up the cricketer of the year and Learie Constantine Fielder of the year awards – after scoring the most runs and taking the most catches in the 2009 County Championship season. Duncan Hamilton took the JM Kilburn cricket writer of the year award for his profile of Notts and England fast bowler Harold Larwood. He will be speaking at the society and receiving his award in February 2010. Yorkshire’s Adil Rashid won the award for best performance in Yorkshire/Lancashire games. The Cricket Lovers’ programme continues on Thursday with the visit of former Glamorgan/Sussex batsman Tony Cottey. Members should also note that David

Hall, the Yorkshire CCC archives chairman, will now be speaking at the Society on Thursday, October 29, not November 5 as original scheduled. The society’s Winter coaching classes registration night takes place at Ardsley Oaks WMC on November 19, which will be a pie and pea supper event. Tickets are £2 and can be obtained from Society Function Officer Ron Firth on 01302 707210. Meanwhile, tickets for the Christmas lunch at Ardsley House Hotel on Sunday, December 6, are now available from Mr Firth, priced £20. The special guest is David Steele, who played for Northants and England in the 1970s and 80s and won lasting fame for his brave batting against the 1975 Australians and the West Indian quick bowlers the following summer.

Tall team: The Barnsley Leaders basketball squad who enjoyed a dramatic opening-day-of-the-season victory over the Bradford Dragons at Darfield Foulstone. (S)

DRAGONS SLAIN IN OPENING FIXTURE BARNSLEY Leaders recorded a dramatic win in their opening 2009-10 EBL NE Conference fixture against the Bradford Dragons at Darfields Foulstone School sports hall. A Luke Rowley free shot in the final seconds of regular time had cancelled out the Dragons’ onepoint lead, to post a 52-52 scoreline and send the game into overtime. And with just a few seconds of that extra period remaining, Leaders’ captain Arron Bailey was awarded two free shots. Bailey, who had only hit five out of 14 free shots in the game, missed the first but kept his cool to score the second, to record a sensational lastgasp win for the Leaders.

Forward Ryan Bramley had opened Barnsley’s scoring in the very first minute of the contest, and Bailey, Reece Marshall, Jack Hallsworth and Rowley were also on target as the first period ended with Barnsley 17-15 in front. The defences were on top in the second period as only 12 points were scored. Barnsley got seven of these, including a first EBL basket for George Bentley, to lead 24-20 at half-time. After six minutes of the second period the Dragons had gone ahead at 28-27. The lead then changed six times in four minutes but the Dragons eventually scored 22 to the Leaders’ 15 in the period, to finish three points in front. Six points from Bailey restored

Barnsley’s lead, but the Dragons then had a 5-0 run to lead 47-45 with three minutes left. Rowley, on his way to his best EBL haul of 14 points, hit two free shots to level at 47-47 but a 5-1 Dragons run put them 52-48 up with one minute to play. Rowley and Barnsley’s Lithuanian-born guard Aivaras Vosylius then, in turn, went to the line for two free shots and converted all four to reduce the Dragons’ lead to one point. A free shot from Rowley then sent the game into overtime, and although the Dragons went two points up, Vosylius hit back to level the scores, before Bailey stepped up to win the game with his final free shot.

First taste of triathlon Trade & for lakeside team Retail Kitchens BEST PRICES IN TOWN

NEWLY formed triathlon club Team Manvers has held its inaugural race. The triathletes, based at the Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, Wath, faced tough conditions on a cold windy morning. The event consisted of a three-mile run, ten-mile bike ride and a one-mile run around the lake. For many, this was their first taste of the multi-event sport. The race came to an exciting climax with a sprint

finish, with Mark Benton just holding off Jon Harworth and Darren Mountrey in third. Team Manvers is now trying to develop the sport in the Dearne Valley area. Anyone who is interested in duathlon/triathlon or just keeping fit then you can contact Paul Bennington on 07899 906482 or call down to Wath Leisure Centre on Sundays at 5pm, or Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6.15pm.

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Barnsley Independent (Week 42)  

• Barry's the right man for the job • Nicola does her bit for the community • Wendy's dinner's a winner

Barnsley Independent (Week 42)  

• Barry's the right man for the job • Nicola does her bit for the community • Wendy's dinner's a winner

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