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14 2017 Life’s fabber when you’re a WABer TUESDAY FEBRUARYISSUE 19

E was an easy choice in our latest A-Z of Barnsley...

Prizes on offer for Tarn’s apprentices Can you beat Team WAB at new escape room? GRAB A WAB in over 130 local outlets! It’s free to pick up and is a WABsolutely fabulous read ... It’s bursting with ways to save, win and shop smarter!


Love is in the air and prizes are to be won IT MUST be love, love love... Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovely lot! It’s the most romantic day of the year, and to celebrate, we’ve put together a special Valentine’s Day themed issue of the paper. In this week’s issue we’re playing cupid, and so we’ve got some cracking Valentine’s prizes up for grabs, including the opportunity to win bottles of wine, roses, cinema tickets and a spa day. We’ve also got some Valentine’s Day themed stories and our WAB Wall of Love, featuring your messages of love for your better halves – how romantic! Also this week, you’ve had your say on some local issues, including policing and doctor’s appointments, while we’ve also got an

update on the Better Barnsley scheme. Plus, Olivia’s back with one of her Room 101 rants.

But what’s she banging on about this week? For all that, and as ever, much, much more, read on...

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IT’S Valentine’s Day! What will you be doing to celebrate? Going to the pub? Going for a slap up meal? I wonder what Kim and Kanye are doing? They are probably on a yacht somewhere in the Bahamas... We’ve asked our WABers who their favourite celeb couple is! Be sure to pick up a copy of the paper to see what they said!


Tuesday February 14, 2017

Well, we’ve just got used to the new plastic fiver, and now a plastic tenner is on its way! Details are sketchy, but it will feature Jane Austen, and is due out some time in the summer. There’ll be a few ‘rare’ versions knocking around on eBay!

Could you rise to the TV food challenge? FANCY yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or Mary Berry? Well, now’s your chance, because TV producers want locals to star in a new ITV cooking programme starring Gordon Ramsay and other celebrity chefs. Culinary Genius will run for four weeks on ITV, and each episode will see nine keen amateur cooks competing across a range of challenges in the hope of taking home a cash prize, and the title of Culinary Genius. Featuring a different

guest professional chef each week, with Gordon Ramsay appearing in the first week of shows, the series will air in 2017, and the host will be confirmed in due

course. Applicants must be aged 18 or over. You can apply for the show by emailing

Mixed reaction to possible re-opening of travellers’ site BARNSLEY Council is considering reopening a controversial site for gypsies and travellers on Grange Lane. The site at Stairfoot closed nearly two years ago just weeks after opening, amid concerns travellers were staying too long. It is expected to reopen because it forms part of the council’s approach to tackling the issue of unauthorised encampments across the borough. Residents who live nearby have received a letter informing them of the plans and asking for their opinions on the site. The letter states measures implemented on the site will include a charge of £20 per week per caravan, and that travellers will be allowed a maximum 14 days on the site. The 11-pitch site was shut down in April 2015. It was set up as an emergency stopping place for gypsies and travellers who were allowed to remain for up to 14 days, with no return allowed within three months. But one of the first encampments remained for

eight weeks and only left after the council began legal proceedings. As a result the council closed the site, removed the temporary toilets and water facilities, and created a soil barrier to prevent further access. A decision on the site is expected in early March. Here’s what you had to say... Michael Oldfield: We have a gypsy camp on the East side of Barnsley at Smmithies. Maybe to balance the borough up we should put one on the west side of Barnsley for example Silkstone/Cawthorne or Penistone. Chris Ogden: They have to live somewhere. People are quite happy to accept refugees. Travellers aren’t all bad. Some are some aren’t. I can think of plenty of non travellers who I’d class as a waste of space. Margaret Hamblett: Grange Lane isn’t a suitable place. People are being fined for dropping litter. People are given anti social behaviour orders. You can’t help the homeless by giving them somewhere where they can pitch tents, but it’s ok to give travellers land.

Lauren Bywater: The problem is that Grange Lane is not really suitable, it’s a very busy road. Last time it was open, you had to drive very cautiously because there was little kids from the travellers site playing either on the road or very near it. I’m aware that we should drive safely anyway but I think Grange Lane is not a good location. Becky Jackson: Good, they need somewhere to stay. Maybe they won’t have to keep breaking into public places such as parks and car parks. Maybe not on Grange Lane but somewhere where people can’t moan about it. But they need rules and need to pay ground rent and council tax for the rubbish taking away just like the rest of us. Roland Rodgerson: Have we forgotten about the irreparable damage the travellers caused to Monk Bretton Priory by stealing the iron bars from the Priory’s windows? Are we to permit these disgraceful acts and maybe worse all over? How many hundreds of thousands of tax payer’s pounds did it cost to have them removed and the site cleaned up last time??

Angus gets on his bike! BARNSLEY FC defender Angus MacDonald will take on an epic 300-mile bike ride for charity this summer when he cycles from Paris to London. The centre-back will complete the challenge in aid of Epilepsy Research UK – a charity close to his heart as his sister suffers from the condition. MacDonald said: “As some of you may know I have previously completed a charity event for Epilepsy to raise awareness and funds for the charity ‘Epilepsy Research UK’. “My sister suffers with

epilepsy and after seeing my first seizure, I wanted to make a stand. “This wasn’t just for my sister but for others out there who have suffered also. “So, in the summer I will be cycling from Paris to London in a personal event to raise as much for this charity as I possibly can to spread awareness and do my bit to help fight for all sufferers. “This is for you, sis.” Visit fundraising/AngusMacDonald7 to donate.

Tuesday February 14, 2017


WABer W A ABer of the th he Week Week

Support for garden grows

Chris lands our weekly prize EVERY week we celebrate a WABer who deserves a special treat. Our WABer of the Week pays tribute to someone who goes above and beyond, who does something for charity or who’s generally just an all round star. Our winner will receive a meal for two at the Oakstar Cafe. Got someone you want to nominate? Send us a picture and tell us why your nominee deserves to win to, message us on Facebook or post to 47 Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS. This week’s WABer of the Week is Chris Calderbank.

Chris was nominated by his wife Keely, who said: “I believe my husband Chris Calderbank deserves a treat. We have had a tough few years where he lost his parents within two years of each other. Our son was also diagnosed with autism. “After all that seven months ago I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder meaning I had to stop driving and struggle with walking and talking among other things. “Chris has had to lower his working hours to help more at home. He has to push his 30 year old wife around in a wheelchair - and he never moans or complains about anything.

Rock: Chris Calderbank. “He never shows that anything is getting to him he truly has been my rock!” Top lad Chris! Enjoy your meal.

A LOCAL mum has started a Crowdfunding campaign to keep Wentworth Castle Gardens open to the public. Emma Robinson started the page after learning of the “dreadful loss” of the iconic tourist attraction. The Heritage Trust behind the gardens announced last week that it has not been able to make enough money to cover the running costs and management of the site - despite a £3.74 million restoration of the garden’s Victorian conservatory back in 2013. Emma said: “This is a dreadful loss of a beautiful place. “I, and my children and many people in Barnsley and surrounding areas take great pleasure from visiting these stunning gardens. “Barnsley will really lose somewhere special if they close and I’m not willing to let that happen without a fight. “I’m sure with some changes and a

Justin WAB was a hit... WE had an interesting email in the WAB office last week. Turns out we caused a bit of a stir when we featured pop superstar Justin Bieber on the front of WAB a few weeks ago. Bieber fans across the country have taken a photo with their Bieber copy of WAB – and sent them in! Well guys, here you are, you’ve got a special shout out as you requestFans: Eleigh Moody from Southampton, Liam Bell from Cumbria and Sheffield’s Sarah Chelsea. ed!

bit of clever thinking the gardens could be making much more money, they could be a goldmine for a canny investor.” Visit ntworthcastlegardens to donate.




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Tuesday February 14, 2017

Who are your fave Couple up and win some celeb couples? lovely Valentine’s prizes AS it’s Valentine’s Day and we like to make a fuss here in the WAB office, we thought we’d go out into Tarn and ask the locals who their favourite celebrity couples were! We had some very interesting answers! Here they are! Brian Vardy: “I’d have to say Jason Statham and that blonde bird he goes out with, she's an absolute blinder!” Paige Rusby: “Ross and Rachel are the first ones that spring to mind, they’re a very iconic couple aren’t they?” Sue Moss: “Who do I like? I like Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on breakfast television they work great together!”

Andy Neil: “Jamie Redknapp and his Mrs, they keep themselves to themselves, they’re never in the papers, there’s never any scandal. I ike that, they don’t do anything for headlines.” Matthew Ings: “It has to be Beyonce and JayZ, they are a power couple aren’t they? They always come out of all the drama on top.” Olivia Golby: “The couple from Pretty Woman, just because it’s my favourite film, I never get bored of it.” Christine Charlesworth: “Prince William and Kate! They look fantastic together, now our country should be very proud of them.”

Win a spa trip for your other half TREAT your better half to a relaxing day at the spa courtesy of our mates at Thomas Cook. The travel agent who have now moved from Cheapside into their new concept store in the Alhambra, have got the perfect Valentine’s Day treat for those couples who have been a bit too busy to indulge. Enjoy a selection of five soothing taster treatments, plus the use of the spa facilities at the Bannatyne Health Club and Spa, which can be found on Barnsley Road in Dodworth. With manicures, massages and

facials on offer, your loved one will get the chance to unwind with a 15 minute treatment carried out by one of Bannatyne’s professional beauty therapist. For your chance to win this wonderful treat for your loved one, just answer this question... What business themed BBC show did Duncan Bannatyne appear on? Send your answers to, the WAB Facebook page or to WAB Spa, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS.

Not everyone’s in love... IF you’re bitter because you don’t have a significant other to buy you things on Valentine’s Day, hopefully this collection of painful Valentine’s Day fails will make you feel better... The worse Valentine’s Day for me was the one where I learned that when a woman says she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day she’s lying. I received a big box a chocolate strawberries, but it came with no note. So I spent ALL day trying to think who would send me strawberries. My ex from a few months ago? The guy I went on a few dates but fizzled out? A secret admirer? Turns out my aunty had sent a box to all of her nieces. Trolled again by aunty Betsy. I once got a mix cd, I later found it

on her playlist listed with the title ‘James’ Birthday Mix’ with James being her most recent ex... In high school I was crazy about this one girl. But she had a boyfriend, so I stayed in the “trusted friend” category. She breaks up with her boyfriend! We plan to meet up for dinner a day before Valentine’s day. I’m stoked, I buy her a Valentine’s Day teddy bear, and I’m seriously gonna ask her out, tell her my feelings, etc. Well I pull up to her house, and she comes out, and the first thing she says to me is “Me and my boyfriend got back together, aren’t you happy?” The girl I’m in love with gave me an envelope on Valentine’s Day, I was super excited... until I opened it and saw that was an invitation to her wedding.

Cinema prize could be just the ticket for a loved up couple... TAKE your lad or lass on a neet art t’cinema! We’ve teamed up with Sheffield’s Cineworld for a fantastic prize, two pairs of two tickets to see any film, including 3D, 4DX and iMax screenings*, at any time. For the perfect date night,

whether you want to see Fifty Shades Darker or T2 Trainspotting, enter the competition by answering this question... Which film currently out at the cinema tells the story of a man who saved 75 people during World War Two without firing a

single bullet? Send your answers to, the WAB Facebook page or WAB Cinema, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS. I The prize excludes VIP screenings.

Tuesday February 14, 2017


Thatt was Tha was a the WAB WAB A week week that th hat was... was a ...

Romantic Danny wows his love with cinema, pizza ... and a new sofa! LOVE is in the air ... Happy Valentine’s Day WABers! I know it’s not for everybody, but I think there’s summat special about it. I’m treating my gorgeous girlfriend to a meal out, the cinema, a pizza for tea and – wait for it ... A SOFA. We’ve managed to get a cracking deal on a corner suite and a big cuddle chair – so we’re going for it! Can you beat that for a present? I’m sure there’ll be a few engagements knocking about. Congratulations to all of you. Speaking of things we love – a local mum has set up a Crowdfunding campaign to save Wentworth Castle Gardens from closure to the public. I think it’s great that we stand up to be counted when something like

that happens. We’re a strong community in Tarn – other places should be jealous! We’ve had a couple of interesting debates this week, too. The police are bringing Operation Duxford back to Barnsley this week – it’s an operation to protect vulnerable people, engage with communities and tackle crime. I think it’s good that the police are willing to listen to us about what crime needs cracking down on the most. You’ve had your say on Page 11. I had a meeting with someone from the council last week. We were talking about the Better Barnsley project – and I suggested that it would be a good idea for the council to hold a forum with members of the public, so we can hear more about the project and have our say on

the scheme. I think Better Barnsley is something we should all be excited about – the plans look fantastic. But it would be nice to sit down with the council and hear it from the horse’s mouth. Did you catch me on Dearne FM’s Red All Over show on Friday? I was asked to go on to talk about Barnsley – and I’m pleased to say my prediction of a point away at Reading came true! It was a great result for the Reds – who take on Aston Villa at Villa Park tonight. Rumour has it they have a couple of old Barnsley boys playing for them now – will be nice to see you again, messrs Bree and Hourihane ... Al si thi next week! Danny

Barnsley pick up valuable point at Reading BARNSLEY had a great result on Saturday, as they picked up an excellent point away at promotion chasing Reading. It was a good game – with both sides missing some fantastic chances – and Barnsley probably had the better of it. Marc Roberts headed just wide for the Reds in the first half, while Adam Hammill blazed over from a good position. Reading had the lion’s share of possession – but it was Barnsley who came close again, as Tom Bradshaw volleyed inches over shortly after the re-start. The home side responded as Yann Kermogant forced a good, low save from Reds’ stopper Adam Davies, while Garath McCleary also went close for the Royals. But it was Barnsley who again came closest to a winner, as Marley Watkins struck the base of the post with a fine effort. The game ended goalless but Barnsley will have left the happier of the two teams. Barnsley have now dropped

Marley Watkins to 10th in the league – but it was a solid result at the start of a run which sees them away at Villa, before two home games against promotion hopefuls Brighton and Huddersfield. They take on Villa tonight at Villa Park – a game which sees the Reds reunited with Conor Hourihane and James Bree. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates. Full Reading and Villa match reports in this week’s Barnsley Chronicle.


Tuesday February 14, 2017

Fast Eddie has a huge medal haul BARNSLEY is certainly not short of sporting talent, and Olympic star Ed Clancy is no exception. The track and bicycle racer who grew up in Ingbirchworth and went to Springvale Primary School, is now hailed as one of Yorkshire’s greatest Olympians after winning three gold medals over Olympic career, and also a bronze medal under his belt, making it the best medal tally of any Yorkshire person. His third gold medal came just months after the Olympian almost became paralysed after suffering drop foot, a form of muscular weakness or paralysis, which came after a nerve in his foot was squashed and almost permanently damaged he began losing motor skills on his left side and could have been left paralysed if he hadn’t have an operation. Despite this he pushed on, leading out the GB team cycling team at last year’s Rio Olympics to go on and win the gold, also setting world records in the semi-final and final.

Sport stars and beauty spots excel Elsecar’s Park is an at letter E... Fond memories of award winning site SOME people will have very fond memories of Elsecar park! The park spreads over 45 acres and it’s not just us Barnsley folk that love it! Last year it picked up the title of the ‘Nation’s Favourite Park’ thanks to Keep Britain Tidy’s

awards, and the park’s won the Green Flag award nine times! Whether you’re looking to go for a run or have a family day out, Elsecar Park is just the ticket, it’s on your door step! Why not go down!?

OUR Best of Barnsley A to Z is back – and this week, we’re focusing on the letter E! But who, and what, have we included in this week’s page? Well, we’ve had a look at a Barnsley FC legend, who helped the club win promotion to the Premiership back in the 1990s, an award winning local attraction, an Olympic cycling hero and a Barnsley museum. Read on to find out more...

Elmhirst School... IS there anyone from Worsbrough and Ardsley who can remember the old Elmhirst School? The comprehensive was located on Ardsley Road and was originally known as Worsbrough High School until

the late 1990s. The school had over 550 pupils until 2004 when it closed to make way for Barnsley Academy. In September 2006 the academy opened for pupils aged 3-18.

Sheffield-born Red who helped Experienced our Tarn to the promised land... rich history yet?


WE couldn’t get to the letter E without mentioning Barnsley legend Nicky Eaden. Eaden played nearly 300 times for Barnsley between 1992-2000, and was part of the famous side that gained promotion to the Premier League in 1997. Sheffield-born Eaden played alongside quality players such as Neil Redfearn and Clint Marcelle, and was a key figure in Barnsley’s dressing room. He was a battling defender, and notched up 10 goals for the Reds during his time at Oakwell. Because of his role with the Reds during one of their most successful periods, Eaden was an easy choice for our A to Z.

WHETHER you’re new to Barnsley or you want to brush up on some Barnsley history, we have an entire museum dedicated to providing us locals with all Tarns’ highlights! E is for Experience Barnsley! You can uncover all Barnsley's best stories through old artefacts, documents, films and recordings that have been donated by people living in our town. There’s something for everyone! With a walk in cinema and regular activities for all ages there’s plenty to get involved with. But it’s not just histori-

cal artefacts in the museum, there’s also special activities take place during the school holidays. In the February half term Experience Barnsley are inviting Tarn’s budding young cricketers to come forward and learn new skills, and there’s creative activities for little ones too! There’s currently a Best of Barnsley Banners art work collection on display and a Barnsley football team collection. So if ever you’re stuck for something to do, Experience Barnsley has got you covered!

Tuesday February 14, 2017


WAB Charity corner LOCAL lass Louise Unwin is raising money for SMILE, a support group for families who have children with additional needs. The group is vountary run by people who are in the same situation, and they aim to offer support through shared experience, knowledge and understanding. To find out more about the project, or to donate, visit: http://www.crowdfunder.c SARA’S Flowers & Teas are always doing their bit to raise money for charity, whether it’s locally or nationally. They’ve just held a coffee morning to raise money for local charity Pathway’s Domestic Violence and Family Support. Look at that cake! Helping people by eating, now that is my kind of charity work!

My hate for jumped up Bransons THIS is a very specific one, but I can’t be alone when I say that people who wear T-shirts / hoodies / socks with their job title on do my box in! And people that brag about the fact they have a managerial role at their work place, that’s another one that gets right up my nose. Every chance they get to slip into conversation the fact they’re a manager they do, I know you’re a manger, you’ve told me 12 times in the past half an hour, well done, your Blue Peter badge is on its way in the post! Don’t get me wrong I’m all for showing pride in what you do, I love my job and I’m very proud of my work, but you won’t catch me ramming it down anyone's throat, it’s way too much! There’s a time and a place to show your workplace authority.

Don’t act like you’re Richard Branson if you’re a manager down at your local super market. And don’t even get me started on the job title clothing, who invented it, and why did they invent it? Did they literally want people to know what they did for a living that much, they got it printed on a T-shirt? I don’t understand. If you’re not familiar with what I mean I’ll give you a brief summary: it’s the type of T-shirts that say, for example: ‘General Manager, because miracle worker isn’t an official job title.’ I know it’s only a T-shirt but my opinion on someone would completely change if I saw them in an item of clothing with their job title plastered across. Imagine meeting someone you fancied for a pint and they had a T-shirt like that on!

If you’re in the army, or you work in public services you have a free pass to be immensely proud of what you do, shout it from the rooftops! But if you’re a site manager, don’t get me wrong, that’s great too, but there’s no need to drop it into conversation at every opportunity. It’s embarrassing, could you imagine if I walked round town in a T-shirt that said ‘WAB Reporter, because miracle worker isn’t a job title’? I’d get some right stick, and righty so in my opinion. The point I’m making is, you have a job, which is fantastic but there’s more to life than work, and there’s definitely more to life than telling people about your work. Olivia

The last dance was worth the wait...

Services will help your motor run like a dream... WHETHER you’re driving around in a Renault or a Range Rover the team from D. Harding will do their bit to ensure your car is running like a dream, with their repairs and £30 MOTs. The team took over the garage six months ago and are already off to a flying start, they’ve even hired an

ROOM 101

apprentice to spread the workload. Owner, Matt said: “Both myself and Chris have been in the trade since we were 16, and since we’ve took over at the garage it’s going really well, we’re booked up weeks in advance which is great.” The facility is located on Heelis St, Barnsley S70 1LW

THERE was a lot of sweat and loads of tears – and we’re all sad that it’s over. The finale of ‘Our Dancing Town’ aired on BBC Two last week - and what an episode it was. It brought all of the towns that took part – including the mighty Tarn – together for one last big dance. Some old favourites made an

appearance, including the loveable Joan and Danny’s grandad Eric. Here’s what you had to say on the finale... Hailey Swann: I live in Peterborough and whenever someone has recognised my accent it’s been followed by: “wasn’t it amazing to see your town on TV – they did Barnsley so proud.” It was amazing and I’m especially proud of my rugby

girls doing us proud! Norma Wilson: Brilliant Barnsley I’ve lived in Canada for 42 years and snowbirds in Florida for 12 years but loved watching the dancing. Good old Barnsley. Yvette Llewellyn: Couldn’t watch it without a tear in my eye. It was brilliant. Let’s keep on doing positive things for the town.


Tuesday February 14, 2017

WABBAdabbadoo... W A ABBAdabba adoo... B Bee a WAB WA AB winner winn ner Double up for a special night out ‘round Tarn... YOU could be enjoying a night out on the Tarn end courtesy of The Civic and the Oak Star Cafe. We’ve teamed up with these two town centre favourites to give you the chance to win two tickets to a show of your choice at The Civic and a two course meal for two before the show

at the delicious Oak Star Cafe. To win, just answer this question... on what street can you find The Civic and the Oak Star Cafe? Please send us your entries to, to the Facebook page or to WAB Civic, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS.

Chance to land a perfect tipple IT’S National Drink Wine Day on Saturday! Rejoice! Not that any of us need an excuse to enjoy a tipple or two... To celebrate, we decided that one of our WABers deserved not just one bottle of wine but three. So we’ve teamed up with our mates at The Grapevine, stockists of fine wines, beers, spirits and food, all available at their Huddersfield Road shop. They’ve got a bottle, of red rosé and

Team WAB prove they have the Crypt-on you have it? WELL, we did it! The We Are Barnsley team – with a little help from our mates at Script Media – became the first group to get out of the Tarn’s new escape game in under the time limit! Cryptology – on Eldon Street – is unlike anything else we’ve got in Barnsley. Locked in a room – built like a submarine – you’ve got under an hour to escape before the submarine sinks – and bomb a German ship while you’re at it. We can’t give too much away

– but it’s an unforgettable experience, and you’d be daft not to give it a try! Visit: for more information.  THE WAB team did it – but can you do the same? The Tarn’s new escape room, Cryptology, opened earlier last month, and we’ve got a cracking prize up for grabs for all you budding escapees! We’ve got a ticket for up to six of you to board the HMS Cypher in World War 2.

The ship is sinking and you’ve got an hour to get out – and bomb a German ship while you’re at it. To be in with a chance of winning this adrenaline-fuelled prize, just tell us: What year did the film ‘The Great Escape’ come out? Send your answers to us on Facebook, email or post to WAB, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS. And good luck – you might need it!

Last week’s winners

First Floor, 20 - 26 Eldon Street, Barnsley S70 2JB

07904 267164

An unforgetable team experience for 2-6 people - suitable for all the family Open Mon - Sat 10.30am - 8.30pm (CLOSED Tues) Sun 12.00pm - 8.30pm

Cineworld VIP: Lyn Woodward Stan Plus Stan Two photoshoot: Jo Darling Carvery for four: Don Harding Soap hamper: Mark K Oak Star and Civic: John Thompson We’ll be in touch about how to claim the prizes.

Interactive Puzzle - Solving Escape the Room Games

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners this week. They are: Roses, chocolate and Prosecco: Cherylyn Waite Domino’s voucher: Brett Cleaver Spa day: Lucy Mullholland Toothbrush: Paul Bray

Bistro Romanos A glass of wine each for two with this voucher when dining 24 Shambles Street • S70 2SW 

white wine for one of readers to win, all you have to do is answer this question... What was Dom Prérignon’s occupation when he invented champagne? Send us your answers to, the WAB Facebook page or WAB Wine, 47 Church Street, Barnsley S70 2AS.

Grab glasses before summer IT’S not summer yet, but it doesn’t help to be prepared does it? Which is why we’ve teamed up with our mates at iVision Opticians to give one WABer the chance to win some designer sunnies! iVision have got a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to give to one lucky WAB winner, and to win you just need to answer this

question which you’ll find somewhere else in the WAB paper... What year did iVision Opticians open in the Tarn centre? Send your answers to, the Facebook page or WAB Sunnies, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS.

Tuesday February 14, 2017


Is a ‘better Barnsley’ edging closer? THE council has provided an update on the Better Barnsley project – including news on the new cinema, a planned bowling alley, the new shopping boulevard and a planned gym in the town centre. At a forum earlier this month We Are Barnsley learned that work on the new town centre library is due to start this month – with a planned opening in early 2018. The new shopping area in the town centre - to be named The Glassworks - will feature 26 shopping units, including 11 restaurants and

cafes, and six large units. It will run through the end of and at the back of the Metropolitan Centre. The shops on the council’s wish list are H and M, River Island, Jack and Jones, Schuh, Dr Martens, Lush, HMV, DW Sports and Footasylum. The list also features major food outlets and restaurants such as Five Guys, TGI Fridays, Krispy Kreme, Bella Italia, Las Iguanas, Nando’s and Handmade Burger Company. The new cinema will be a 14 screen multiplex, and there are plans to include a

new bowling alley in the facility. There will also be restaurant units underneath the cinema. The cinema’s planned location is where the temporary May Day Green market is now – and work will commence on the facility in winter 2018. The council says that talks with the new operator are progressing well, and that there will be an announcement in the coming weeks. As well as that, there are plans for a new gym to be built on Cheapside. The Better Barnsley scheme is scheduled to be completed in May 2020.




Little Red Harry is a worthy winner... THIS week’s Mini WABer is a Barnsley FC fan through and through! Linzi Bradders sent in this photo of her little Reds fan, Harry – we just had to pick him as this week’s winner. We hope you enjoy your play passes to Playmania If you think your little one could be our next Mini WABer and win the two play passes to Elsecar’s Playmania then send us their photos to or the WAB Facebook page.

LLOL OL lin lines nes

Free Child Places Low Deposits Flexible Payments Free Insurance Savings On Brochure Prices

31 High Street, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HB

Tel: 01226 340034 Top Tyke: This week’s winner is youngster Harry Bradders. ABTA No. G302X

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability.

Open 7 days a week inc. Sundays 10am-4pm

Plus many more…

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Tuesday February 14, 2017

Calling all apprentices ... Amazing prize package worth over £1,000 to be won ces only ti n re p p a r fo n o ti ti e p m Exclusive co CALLING all apprentices! The tenth annual National Apprenticeship Week takes place between March 6-10 2017 – and to celebrate, we’ve got a MASSIVE prize hamper worth over an unbelievable £1000 to give away. We’ve got six cracking prizes up for grabs, including: An iPad Air 2 £200 worth of ASOS vouchers

A six-month membership to the Metrodome’s gym £100 worth of Tyke Racing vouchers Four tickets to Cineworld’s VIP lounge Four tickets to Barnsley’s home game against Brentford in April This prize is exclusive to apprentices, and one of you lucky bunch could win the lot! To be in with a chance of winning this exclusive We Are Barnsley prize, in no

more than 20 words, answer this: “I love being an apprentice because ...” To enter, email, message us on Facebook or post to WAB Apprenticeship, 47 Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS. We’ll be announcing the very lucky winner in our special National Apprenticeship Week edition of the WAB paper on March 7. Entries for the competition close at 10am on Monday, March 6. Good luck!

Win win win  An iPad Air 2  £200 worth of ASOS vouchers  A six-month membership to the Metrodome’s gym  £100 worth of Tyke Racing vouchers  Four tickets to Cineworld’s VIP lounge  Four tickets to Barnsley’s home game against Brentford in April

Diets to give the wide berth?

Milly makes her mark on most popular book list WE ALL love local author Milly Johnson – and it turns out the rest of the country does too! That’s because the Barnsley author’s book – Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe – is among the most popular borrowed from libraries.

It is in 12th place on the UK list by Public Lending Right, while five of her books feature in the top 36 of borrowed books for Yorkshire and the Humber, and three are on the top ten for Barnsley. Milly said: “My book came 12th in the whole country, I thought ‘is

this a joke?’ “It’s nearly 200,000 lends of my books. If you multiply that by however many authors there are, that’s an awful lot of people going into libraries, which is thrilling.” Go on Milly lass!

There’s a special day for everything now isn’t there? There’s even a National Cabbage Day, and it’s this week! February 17! I once went on the cabbage soup diet... What funny diets have you been on? We’ve listed some of the craziest ones below ... 1. The cotton wool/tissue diet This is absolutely ludicrous, the idea is to replace your meals with cotton wool or tissue soaked in orange juice! Could you imagine that? What do you want for your tea tonight love? I’ll have a pack of cotton wool and a some orange juice in a gravy boat! Bonkers! Cotton wool isn’t food, obviously, so it’s indigestable, so please don’t try this at home ... 2. The prayer diet Now I like this one, it’s the perfect diet if you’re optimistic! All you have to do is pray

every day that you’ll use weight... Theoretically it could work, you could subconsciously convince yourself to make healthier choices if you do it enough! I might give it a go, stop me from reaching for the quarter pounders. 3. The baby food diet This is definitely too much, I’d rather not eat. What you have to do is wolf down 16 jars of baby food per day instead of regular meals and snacks. ‘You look like you’ve lost weight, have you been dieting?’ ‘Yes I’ve been on the baby food, 16 jars a day.’

4. The tapeworm diet This one is pretty grim. The idea is to put a tapeworm inside yourself so that it can eat the food instead of you. I would rather not be on a diet than share my body with a parasite. It’s a no from me. 5. Sausage and beer diet This is my kind of diet, all you is eat beer and sausage. Six beers a day and two sausages a day, that doesn’t sound like a diet to me! Quick question, can I have bread and ketchup with my sausage? Because I love hot dogs! Olivia

Tuesday February 14, 2017


Is thin blue line getting thinner? Delays not exactly what the doctor ordered... TWO new doctors have been appointed to the practice in Dodworth to meet patient demand. Do you find it easy to book a doctor’s appointment? Ashleyjay Laughton: Yeah if you know you’re going to be poorly four weeks in advance or have 35 minutes spare in a morning to continuously ring for a same day appointment. Lyndsay Robertshaw: Cannot fault ours at Ashville Medical Practice at Kendray. My little girl was ill last week, I called at 2.30, got a triage call back from a doctor at three and my little girl had an appointment and was on antibiotics by 4.30! 99.9 per cent of the time we get an appointment too. Martyna Kurzela: It’s an absolute joke! Even if you get to the doctors then you are going back home with nothing more than a sick note, but you still don’t know what’s wrong with you... Paul Dunhill: The worst phone system I’ve ever dealt with, but even in the unlikely event you do get through you never get an appointment until you are over your aliment. Alison Robinson: Great if you know in advance when you’re going to be ill. It’s not just Dodworth though it affects most doctors’ practices in Barnsley. Kala Wood: No, it’s a joke it took me 150 times to get in touch with the Dodworth practice one day last week.

Sam Snape: Dodworth is horrendous at the moment, and for the privilege of NOT getting through until you’ve called 100+ times, you get spoken to like dirt by the reception staff that apparently think they’re the judges and gatekeepers of healthcare. Amy Mincher: Absolutely beyond a joke. Took my two- yearpold son in October, they said he had a virus and to put him in a bathroom once the bath has run and let him inhale steam. We’ve done everything possible, took him again last week (once finally getting through) appointment at 7.20am still didn’t get seen while 8am and all she said was to give him some ibuprofen. Unbelievable. Waste of time/effort/patience. Hannah Kirk: My doctor is always running at least half an hour behind. So if I have a doctors’ appointment I can’t make any other plans for that day. Jay Boss: It’s stupid. You get told you need to ring at 8.30 in the morning and then you get the engaged tone due to everyone being told same, and WAM there’s no appointments available. Absolutely STUPID. Rachael Kaye: I live in Dodworth and the best thing I did was register at Huddersfield Road surgery. Tracey Baker: Rang this morning for an appointment only to be told that they’ve all gone.Was given an alternative number to ring but guess what? I can’t get through. It’s ridiculous.

POLICE want to hear from local people about what type of crime officers need to crack down on most in Barnsley. As part of Operation Duxford – an operation to protect vulnerable people, engage with communities and tackle crime – residents will see increased police presence in Barnsley. Officers and PCSOs will be in the town centre, Kendray and Goldthorpe, talking to people and listening to any concerns they have. But what do you think?

Garry Peary: Motor bikes and quads using bridleways on Pennine trails go hell for leather with no regards for young kids, people out walking or people on horse back. That’s what we want stamping out. Chris Edge: So now we have to pick and choose which crime we want tackling? Crime is crime, whether it be littering or burglary. All crime should be dealt with accordingly. Dave Kershaw: What about bobbies on beat? Too many house being robbed; sheds and

vans, too.. And when you report it they can not be bothered coming out. Here’s a crime number. Come on pull your finger out and do the job your paid for not the one you choose. Gary Mark Thornton: How about just a police presence? I know your numbers have been cut drastically but when we used to have local beat bobbies there was far less crime. Only time I see them in Grimethorpe is when they’ve got the sirens on.

Manufactured and installed to the highest standards. DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT!

Fish and chips can’t be battered WE’RE a nation of chip lovers, which is why this week, from February 16, is National Chip Week! We’re not short of places to get a nice mound of chips in Tarn, from fish and chip shops to restaurants and pubs, whatever you like with your chips you’re sure to find it

in Barnsley. We went into Tarn to find exactly what meals you all like to enjoy with your chips... Andy Neil: I love chips! It’s got to be fish and chips – simple! And mushy peas of course. James Marshall: For me it’s chips, beans and fried eggs. I love to dip my chips in the

egg yolk! Sandra Perry: Chips go great with a big juicy steak, a fillet steak! All smothered in Diane sauce. Jess Goodwin: I’d choose sweet potato fries over chips any day! Darren Cooper: Large fish, chips and curry sauce from the local chippy – nowt nicer.

Here’s what our customers on Which Trusted Trader: “Brilliant from start to finish… I will use them again” “Excellent, professional, courteous yet friendly…”

For these and other reviews log on to Which Trusted Trader

Bridge End, Penistone, Sheffield S36 7AH

01226 770060


Tuesday February 14, 2017

WAB W A AB Lifestyle Liifesttyyle

Bring romance into your home LOVE is in the air down in the WAB office and we’ve gone crazy for all things Valentine’s! This is why we’ve decided to inject a bit of pink into this week’s Lifestyle page, the perfect way to bring a bit of romance and love for your home – it’s also the perfect trend for spring.

From candles to cushions, you can get pretty much anything for your home in pink at the minute, and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! After all, pink makes all the boys wink...

Embroidered cushion, Primark, £10.

Paisley quilted throw, Primark, £17.

Shell cushion, Amara, £95.

Paisley cube candle, Primark, £2

Heart cushion, Primark, £3.

Powder pink chair, Cuckooland, £299.

Flower vase, George at Asda, £8.

Flamingo tealight holder, Primark, £3.

Heart bowls, Oliver Bonas, £30

Tuesday February 14, 2017


Pap P ap your yo our p pet et

Snap happy as our mailbox is filled... IT never ceases to amaze us just how much our WABers love their pets! It’s National Love Your Pet Day on Monday, so because you lot love your furry friends so much and send us so many photos of them every week, we’re running another very special Pap Your Pets contest! We’ve gone through and picked our favourite 20 pets from this week’s entries and rounded them up for the paper. From the top 20, we’ve picked three winners. In first place we’ve got Peanut, Willow takes second place and in third place we’ve got Hetty and her orphaned baby squirrel who will all win a selection of goodies. Thanks so much as always for all your entries, make sure you keep entering for your chance to win some goodies from our proud Pap Your Pet sponse, Cookes Pet Supplies! Send us your photos to, the Facebook page or WAB Pets, 47 Mi Mi and Pip. Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS. L-r: Bernard and his wife Bernadette ; Gino is Joanne Johnson’s best mate and Milo.

Top three: Our winners from l-r are: Peanut; Princess Willow and dog Hetty snoozing with an orphaned baby squirrel. Rocky the cowardly lion.

Laino Boo does some photo bombing.

L-r: Millie; Roxy and Bella.

L-r: Handsome Jack the tuxedo cat. Is Timmy a dog or a deer? And Woody.

Stray ra of th the he w week eek k

Can you take in one of life’s drifters? THIS week’s stray is Drift from Royston Animal Welfare (RAW). Drift is a very handsome chap of around three-years-old, a lovely and friendly cat who has settled into home life after coming to RAW as a stray. Janette Ball of RAW said: “His wandering days are behind him and now he’s looking for a family to call his own. “He loves to curl up on a knee

and make himself at home. Can you offer Drift his dream home?” All animals from RAW come with an adoption fee of £65 for cats and £130 for dogs. This fee includes a full vet check, neutering, flea and worming, vaccinations, microchipping and four weeks free insurance. To offer Drift a home or to find out about any of the other Strays call RAW on 0787435689.


Tuesday February 14, 2017

One For The Girls

Matches made in heaven

Romantic meal

Night on the town

WHETHER you’re off out on your first date, spending your night as newlyweds or you and your bestie are celebrating your love, Valentine’s Day is a time to look your best. We’ve come up with three date night outfits to give you some inspiration on what to wear, one for a cinema date, one for a fancy meal for two and one for a night out on the town.

Date night

Mint green leather jacket, New Look, £39.99 Choker neck jumper, Apricot, £25 Skirt, River Island, £35 Black ankle boots, Dune, £165

Floral wrap blouse, George at Asda, £14 Coated skinny jeans, Pretty Little Thing, £22 Yellow suedette bag, Oliver Bonas, £34

Pink tuxedo dress, New Look, £34.99 Diamante choker, Miss Pap, £10 Silver velvet clutch bag, Very, £18 Gladiator heeled sandals,, £38

Tuesday February 14, 2017


Youngsters feature in gripping BBC drama WE’VE got some young superstars on our hands! These two budding actors have had their big break, after starring in the new BBC One drama The Moorside. The programme stars Sheridan Smith and tells the story of the disappearance of Shannon Matthews from Dewsbury, and the role her mother Karen played in it. Jaimee Bailey, seven, plays the daughter of Karen’s neighbour Natalie, who became suspicious of Karen’s behaviour during the search for her daughter. Jaimee’s mum Joanne, of Darton, said: “Jaimee absolutely loved it, it’s the first time she’s ever had a featured role. She loves going to filming and playing make-believe. “There is something about television which she loves.” Ten-year-old Alfie CrewdsonPrice, of Dell Avenue, Grimethorpe, also appears in several scenes. He was photographed in the background of a promotional shot which shows Sheridan’s

Brian returns home IMAGINE having a voice like Brian Blessed! The booming actor, who was born in the town and is patron of the Dearne Playhouse, returned to the theatre for one night only last month. An Evening With Brian Blessed was held to help raise funds for the

Stars: George and Jennifer Clark. character Julie being interviewed by the media. His mum Claire, 38, said Alfie did eight full days of filming last autumn and was filmed for the community marches, riding a bike and running off with a policeman’s hat.

Playhouse, which became a charitable organisation last year. Hosted by Wath’s Cast Academy co-director Amy Parker, Brian reminisced about his time on stage and screen and his Barnsley upbringing. He’s the only good thing about the film Flash Gordon! What a legend!

WABers fave tipple...

HEYUP, just noticed It’s National The second and concluding part Wine Day soon! of the drama is back on our But what’s your favourite bevy? screens tonight. There’s nowt like a nice pint of Get your autographs of the kids Guinness, puts hairs on yer chest... while you can before Hollywood We asked our Facebook followers comes calling. what their tipple was, and it seems like a lot of you agree that Guinness is the way forward! Here’s what you had to say... Peter Beard: Guinness puts lead in the pencil, bugger is I’ve got no bugger to write to! Tracey Dunkley: Pint of Guinness every time, full of goodness... Lyndsay Thompson: New Irish bar in Hoyland as well for a fab pint of the black stuff. Paul Shirt: I’m on a diet! Vodka and Dave Clarkson: Tetley..... Tea that is. soda water! Steve Lynn: The best Guinness is Ashley Ncfc Wright: Bitter John’s entering a local park by a waiting times at the sur- three months. Smiths, Worthington?, I like that. over here in Ireland. barrier funded by a hous- gery were too long, while A report by the Council ing developer. shows the number of 76 per cent of patients The barrier will be fines for dog fouling and said they were satisfied installed at Smithies littering is on the rise. with their surgery’s out Lane Recreational From October to of hours service. Ground to prevent nuiHowever, both those fig- December last year, sance and noise caused ures were consistent with 1,453 fines were issued by the illegal use of and 129 environmental the national average. motor bikes, with the enforcement related Sunday February 21 money also going prosecutions were car2016 towards an access ramp Rise in dog fouling and ried out. throughout February for wheelchairs. There has also been an litter offences The money was set increase in the amount ALMOST 1,500 fines aside as part of a legal were issued for dog foul- of recorded fly-tipping agreement between the across the town. ing and littering in just council and Saul Construction, the developer behind the Cypress Heights estate off Carlton Road. Thursday February 18 2016 Patients struggle to get through to their GP on the phone OVER a third of GP patients struggle to get through to their doctor on the phone, according to a survey by NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group. Survey results discovered that 35 per cent of patients experience difficulty getting through on the phone, higher than the national average of 26 per cent. 47, Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS • Tel: 01226 734659 However, once through, Email: 86 per cent found the receptionist helpful, with 83 per cent able to make an appointment. Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. – Friday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. A third of patients said

A day in WAB history ...

Reds dispute the John Stones transfer fee quoted by Moyes IT’S that time of week again, we’re delving into the WAB archives to look at news from years gone by. This week, we’re off to February last year. But what hit the headlines? Tuesday February 16 2016 Barnsley hit back at Moyes over Stones fee BARNSLEY FC has hit back at claims by former Everton manager David Moyes that the Merseyside club paid just £1.25m for defender John Stones. Moyes was a guest on Sky Sports’ Goals on Sunday show at the weekend when he was asked about the signing of Stones from Oakwell in January 2013. The widely reported fee for Stones was £3m, but Moyes claimed it was significantly less. But in a statement issued this morning, the club said: “David Moyes played no part in any negotiation with Barnsley FC concerning the transfer of John Stones, which may explain why he is mistaken as to the fee paid. Thursday February 18 2016 Motor bike barrier to be installed at local park NUISANCE motor bikes will be stopped from

25% off

all children’s books


Tuesday February 14, 2017

What’s Wha t’s ’s on with witth Olivia Olivia a Taylor Ta aylorr

Louise Distras.

The Libertines.

Dickie Bird.

Love, music and the great escape! HAPPY Valentines Day WABers! How will you be spending the day? A slap up meal with your significant other? Drowning your lonely sorrows on your own? Well whatever you do, have a fantastic time! I’ll be doing what I do best, having a pint! (Shock!) Be sure to read on if you want the lowdown on exactly what’s going down in our town this week. If you’re looking for something a little bit different I went to the Cryptology Escape Room on Eldon Street the other day, that was fantastic! It’s literally like you’re locked in a submarine and you need to get out, make sure you take someone clever with you though, because it’s not as easy as it looks. This would even be a great alternative Valentine’s Day date! If the thought of being locked in a room makes you feel a bit claustrophobic, and you want something more carefree, local school children have come together to perform an enchanting Chinese fable ‘The Magic Paintbrush’.

Barnsley composer Helen Madden has teamed up with pupils from Greenacre and Barugh Primary School so if that sounds like something you and your little ones would like, why not head down tomorrow (Wednesday February 15) at Barnsley Civic. If you’re into music we have so much going on in and outside of Barnsley! The music scene in South Yorkshire just keeps on growing! You’ve got the opportunity to listen to a woman that’s been described as ‘the one woman sound of revolution’ this week, Louise Distras is coming to The Underground in Barnsley to perform her original indie hits! That’s on Saturday February 18. If you don’t mind venturing out of Barnsley the line up for Tramlines Festival (in Sheffield) has been announced, and it is absolutely HUGE! Whether you want indie rock from The Libertines (one of my favourite bands) or you’re after a bit of reggae from Toots and the Maytals, Tramlines has you covered, and tickets are only 40 quid, you can’t go wrong!

But that’s not till July, so don’t get too excited just yet. If you’re not a massive music fan, but you love a bit of Barnsley entertainment, you’d be mad to miss Dickie Bird’s exhibition at Experience Barnsley! Dickie Bird: My Life In Cricket will give locals the chance to explore Dickie’s life, discovering the many funny stories and successes of his life! That exhibition opens on February 18. What do you reckon to that? Is that enough for you? If anything it’s too much to choose from! As always, if ever you have an event that you’d like to promote head over to our website, or give me a call 01226 734 407. Alternatively, if you’ve been to a gig or an event and would like to see your name in print, write us a short review and email it to and we’ll see what we can do! See ya later, Olivia

WAB goes to the cinema

with Oliver Dyson

The Founder leaves you feeling underserved... THE FOUNDER (12A) Directed by: John Lee Hancock Starring: Michael Keaton, Laura Dern, Nick Offerman AFTER 2004’s Super Size Me, a lot of people wrote off McDonalds for life. After The Founder, they might be repulsed by one of its creators too. The Founder follows businessman Ray Kroc, the man who stole a fast food empire from beneath the feet of the McDonald brothers, Dick and Mac.

Pioneers of today’s culture of service in seconds, they unwittingly invite the fox into the hen house when they invite Ray in for a look. Dick – played by Nick Offerman as the steelier, more savvy of the two – soon realises the folly of their ways, and you see John Carroll Lynch’s heart breaking as their family burger business is packaged up and commercialised nationwide. Witnessing the birth of a cultural icon like the Golden Arches is naturally interesting.

Buoying it up is a stellar performance from Michael Keaton as Ray, driven to success at any cost and living on a one-word mantra - persistence. And as the film progresses, so does his ego, to the detriment of all those around him. Laura Dern, usually incredible, makes the best of what she is given as his neglected wife Ethel. But she is incredibly underserved by a plot which itself seems unclear about whose side you are meant to be on.

There’s a lot of sympathy for the McDonald brothers, watching their carefully cultivated burger place and ideas be stolen by this interloper. But on Kroc’s side, there’s a certain malevolent glee to be had when his sales veneer slips and you see the ugly face of his ambition underneath. The story, whilst interesting, is not a particularly nice one. And Keaton is brilliant. It’s a shame the movie that surrounds him is a little undercooked. 6/10

Tuesday February 14, 2017



BOOK SIGNING! Images of the Past:

Coal Mine Disasters in the Modern Era c.1900-1980

RRP - £14.99

OFFER PRICE £11.99 Meet Brian Elliott and have your copy signed!

Friday 17th February at 11am at the Barnsley Chronicle Bookshop


Gawber Road WMC

Notice to Members and Associates

THE BILLY BLACK BAND As seen on the Voice UK Saturday February 25th THE KILL Ultimate Rock Show

Birk Avenue, Kendray. Telephone 01226 206059 Saturday 18th February

Monday 20th February Monday 29th June Saturday 27th June

STEVE THE BOYZ CENTRAL DAVEY BETCHA BY GOLLY WOW BARNSLEY WMC Star Boy Band Superb 3 piece vocal harmony BEYER NICHOLLS Birk Avenue, Kendray. Telephone 01226 206059 from North East show Popular vocal entertainer Superb Vocal Entertainer Members and Associates Mon.,Notice Wed., to Thurs., Fri. Jackpot Card Games


Notice to Members and Associates Sunday 19th February

KARAOKE/DISCO in the Lounge with Lance Saturday 18th February


Saturday March 4th

THE EMERALD THIEVES Back by popular demand Saturday March 11th


Back by popular demand STILL ONLY £1 ON THE DOOR Free Function Room Available for Hire – All Sky & BT Sports available

To advertise call 01226 734666

Sensational Male Vocalist

Saturday 25th February


Telephone: 01226 203088 Saturday February 18th


Wentworth Castle Gardens

Superb Soft Rock/Pop Band

Excellent Live Rock/Pop Band


All Live Sport now on big screen in the Concert Room Check website on


Elsecar Heritage Centre

Craft and Gift Fair Sunday 19th February, 10.00am to 4.00pm There will be around 80 stalls, fabulous local crafters selling a wide range of: HOMEWARE, JEWELLERY, COUNTRY CRAFTS, GIFTS, ARTWORK, CARDS, CUPCAKES, BABYWEAR, FOOD and so much more. Entry is FREE so come along to this fantastic event

February Half Term Fun 19 -26 - 26 February

Crazy Creatures from Outer Space Garden Trail

Drop in children's craft activities Tues, Wed, Thurs between 11.30am -2.00pm.

Free with normal garden admission.

wearebarnsley 47, Church Street, Barnsley, S70 2AS • Tel: 01226 734659 Email:

To advertise call

01226 734666 To advertise call

01226 734666

SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR DETAILS. wentworthcastle Tel: 01226 776040 GARDENS Near J37 M1 Barnsley, Sat nav S75 3EN


Tuesday February 14, 2017

Sales & Wants Farm and Garden

Curtains and Blinds


made in yorkshire*

• Fencing panels manufactured and supplied • New timber • Decking • Oak beams and mantles, pine and oak flooring • New & reclaimed railway sleepers from £10.00 inc VAT each • Stone and architectural products • Natural stone and slate paving

Metro Trading Centre, Barugh Green Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley S75 1JU. Ex display and seconds up to 50% off

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Dismantling Co.

Call for discounted local prices


• Luxury garden rooms • Summer houses • Kennels 35 years of unbeatable • Sheds • Greenhouses value… unrivalled service • Gazebos

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Tinker Lane Foot, Hoyland Common, Barnsley S74 0PR


Tel: 01226 747221 Delivery service available All major credit cards accepted


Quality sheds supplied and fitted

e.g. 6x4 £300; 8x6 £380; 12x12 £850.

DRY STORED Seasoned HARDWOOD LOGS • Builders Bag • Bulk Loads

Unit 5, Aldham Ind Estate, Wombwell, Barnsley, S73 8HA Tel: 0800 975 8751


For All Types of Blinds



Up to 6ft Any Drop

Other sizes available. Providing a competitive and reliable service. Established for over 20 years. You’ll find it hard to beat our quotes.


No gimmicks

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JR Quality Blinds & Curtain Designs

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• We specialise in all aspects of blinds at manufacturers prices • Conservatory specialists • FREE survey • FREE fitting Telephone: Hoyland

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Windows, Doors & Conservatories


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Paving & Landscaping


1 vertical for £38 WX600

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• Huge selection of fully fitted kitchens • Kitchen runs to suit any budget • We supply everything for your kitchen – including the kitchen sink Call us TODAY! on 07932 163129 or 01226 732821 HOYLAND ROAD, HOYLAND COMMON SHOWROOM quality kitchens supplied and fitted from the B&Q range at a much more competitive price - Tel. Richard 07908 143980

V-Care: Redefining hygiene & comfort standards. The new shower toilet from Vitra


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Driveways, paths, block paving, patios

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Tree and Hedge Specialist

HAYES Fencing & Sheds Ltd. We can design, build and install a shed to meet your requirements.


All panels are now pressure treated as standard. Concrete fencing and panels always in stock and available for cash and carry.

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4 SEASONS LANDSCAPING Driveways, patios, brickwork, excavation, decking, fencing, turfing.


01226 231243 07752 640 949 NOTHING TO PAY UP FRONT


CHOOSE THE DESIGN THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOUR GARDEN AND POCKET With over 24 years experience our customers are always impressed. Twibell Street, Barnsley. Telephone 01226 280988 Open: Mon.-Fri. 8am-4.30pm; Sat. 8am-3pm.

Trees reduced, dismantled and felled. Hedges trimmed and reduced in size and removed. For a free quotation call Jamie:

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WELL rotted farmyard manure. 10 bags £20, 20 bags £35. Topsoil, 10 bags £20, 20 bags £35. Wood chippings, 10 bags £20, 20 bags £35. All bags emptied. Delivered free – Tel. 01226 713420 GARDENERS looking for work. Spring tidies, trees trimmed, pruned and cut down, shrubs trimmed or dug out, borders dug over etc.– Tel. Ian 01226 740487, 07765 237721 TREE-LAND Tree Services. Felling, pruning, topping, hedges trimmed. Qualified tree surgeon. Fully insured, free quotes - Tel. 01226 201734



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LOCKSMITH To advertise call



Coal Merchants


212 Pontefract Road, Lundwood, Barnsley, S71 5PN Telephone Barnsley 284757, 241869

95CM deep by 200cm wide large two seater and arm chair, dark green pattern. Good, clean condition, £50 – Tel. Barnsley 249107

Pet Services RSPCA Barnsley has a variety of cats and kittens needing good homes. Adoption fee includes vaccinations, microchip, neutering – Tel. 07823 550886 www.rspca–

Stair Lifts

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Excellence Comes as Standard

ABANDONED and stray dogs and puppies in need of permanent, loving homes. Adoption fee payable. Cliffe Kennels - Tel. Barnsley 762391

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NEW From £1350 Pre-owned From £695 Easylife Mobility, Wombwell

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Est 17 yrs

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90 Park Road, Barnsley S70 1YG

Tel. 01226 248766

Tuesday February 14, 2017



Tours & Travel

Flats or Houses To Let

Tours and Travel

Mapplewell Area



1 & 2 Bedroomed Apartment Gas central heating, uPVC. Part furnished. Off-road parking. Close to all local amenities. From £100 per week.

Telephone 07815 738533 BARNSLEY town centre, furnished, 2 bedroomed, luxury terrace, recently modernised. £435 pcm, bond required, no DSS. Available from March 1st 2017. – Tel. 07950 282558 TOWN centre, 2 / 3 bedroom terrace. £350 bond, £390 pcm. No pets – Tel. Ian 07990 685542 or Kev 07590 984308 THREE bed semi, Worsborough Common, Barnsley GCH, new double glazing, recently decorated through out. Quiet street, private garden. £525 pcm, bond and references required – Tel. 07867 976537 TOWN centre. Dodworth Road, two bed terrace £100 pw, DSS welcome. Admin. fee applies – Tel. 07932 697468

Commercial Premises AVAILABLE to rent, 1000 sq.ft office space inclusive of restroom / toilets. Approximately 2 minutes from Jct.36 of M1 Motorway Birdwell Barnsley S70 5TW. Please call for further details – Tel. 01142 619122 (Mon–Fri 9am–4.30pm)

TWO bed terrace house, 5 minutes to town centre. Private garden to rear. £100 p/w and bond required. Private landlord – Tel. 07931 907086 ELSECAR, modern one bed house. Quiet location, off street parking. Bond £300, rent £85 pw – Tel. 07850 487664 OFF Doncaster Road, Sunderland Terrace, 3 bedroom terrace. £120 pw. Admin fee applies. DSS welcome – Tel. 07932 697468 HOUSE to let, Lancaster Street, near town centre. £400 pcm. Admin fees apply – Tel. 07976 357422 DARFIELD, quiet area, 2 bed terrace. DG, GCH, alarm. No pets or smokers. £415 pcm + bond – Tel. 07774 917983 TWO bed terrace, town centre off Summer Lane £360 pcm. – Tel. 07719 550797 or 07948 977446 TOWN centre, Day Street, large 2 bed terrace. £125 pw – Tel. 07932 697468

Rooms or Bedsits WOMBWELL, large room in shared house. Large kitchen, bathroom, dining room. £85 pw including all bills – Tel. 07784 936896 LARGE double room, en suite, available now, Ardsley. No DSS – Tel. 07850 915702 ROOMS for rent, town centre. From £70 pw, no bills. Workers only – Tel. 07719 550797 or 07948 977446 QUALITYLETS Double £70pw. En–suite Double £95 Bills inc. Town centre. Professionals only. – Tel. 07801 543947

SMALL secure shop, Racecommon road Barnsley would suit, hair/ beauty / tattooist, £120 pw, private landlord – Tel. 07931 907086

# All UK airports # 8, 14 & 16 seater mini buses 24 HOUR SERVICE # Airports # Locals # Coastals

BARNSLEY 245555 or 208888 Disabled access

MINI Bus, 1 – 16 seats, wheelchair access. Days / nights out, airports etc. We will get you there and back comfortably – Tel. 07970 651889 or 08445 616011

Camping and Caravanning CARAVANS to let, Ingoldmells. Close to Fantasy Island. 2 and 3 bed. Most weeks available – Tel. 01226 741175 or 07713 006772 INGOLDMELLS caravan. From £150 PW. Near Beach and Fantasy Island. – Tel. 07854 474644


TRAVEL CENTRE 2017 British Coach Holidays FANTASTIC VALUE!! HOME NATIONS THEMED BREAK LLANDUDNO – Evans Hotel MARCH 6TH, 2017 – 5 days HB was £199 NOW ONLY £179 A Celebration of the British Isles


LAST FEW ROOMS! 27 Feb Torquay, Headland Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £219 now only £199 REDUCED! 06 Mar Paignton, Queens Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £239 now only £199 REDUCED! 06 Mar Blackpool, Manhattan Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £149 now only £139 SPECIAL OFFER! 10 Mar Llandudno & Chester, Evans Hotel, 3 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £109 now only £99 13 Mar Looe, Portbyhan Hotel, 5 days HB. . . . . . . . . . . . . only £245 REDUCED! 13 Mar Scarborough, Cumberland Hotel, 5 days HB plus one lunch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £189 now only £179 NEW LOWER PRICE! 13 Mar Eastbourne, Haddon Hall Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £215 now only £199 20 Mar Seacroft Holiday Village, 5 days HB ‘Fun, Laughter & Variety’ Themed Break . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £179 20 Mar Porthcawl, Seabank Hotel, 5 days HB plus one lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £199

MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND ST. ANNES ON SEA – Ashton Park Hotel MARCH 24TH, 2017 – 4 days HB was £169 now only £159 A lovely hotel offering a warm and friendly welcome plus indoor swimming pool

To advertise call

01226 734666

MOTHER’S DAY 24 Mar Blackpool, Manhattan Hotel, 4 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £139 27 Mar Mill Rythe Holiday Village, 5 days HB ‘Great British Remember When’ Themed Break . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £175 31 Mar Great Yarmouth, New Beach Hotel, 4 days HB only £129

To advertise in

Property 01226 734666

To advertise call

01226 734666

CUT & FINISH - £14.95 HIGHLIGHTS - from £29.95 All colouring, cutting, perming and finishing services available with fully qualified

Graduate Stylists First Floor Salon Appointments available Mon - Sat Late till 7pm Wed, Thu, Fri.

01226 243201

58 Eldon Street, Barnsley, S70 2JL


Sat 18th Feb . . . . . . .TRAFFORD CENTRE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Sun 19th Feb . . . . . .WHITBY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Mon 20th Feb . . . . . .YORK ‘VIKING FESTIVAL’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Tue 21st Feb . . . . . .THE DEEP, HULL (COACH ONLY) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Wed 22nd Feb . . . . .NAT. FOOTBALL MUSEUM & OLD TRAFFORD . . . . . . . £29.00 Thur 23rd Feb . . . . .LIVERPOOL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Sat 25th Feb . . . . . . .BRIDLINGTON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Wed 1st Mar . . . . . . .MANCHESTER SHOPPER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Sat 4th Mar . . . . . . .CHESTER SHOPPER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Sun 5th Mar . . . . . . .LLANDUDNO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £14.00 Mon 6th Mar . . . . . .PICKERING & WHITBY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00 Wed 8th Mar . . . . . .DEWSBURY MARKET & HOLMFIRTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £13.00


Health and Beauty




Call 01226 284153


01 MayTorquay, Headland Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . only £275 08 May Eastbourne, Afton Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . only £249 20 May Cromer, Hotel de Paris, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . only £259 26 May Babbacombe, Hotel de la Mer, 5 days HB . . . . . only £259 03 Jun Weymouth, Berkeley Hotel, 8 days HB. . . . . . . . . only £379 05 Jun & 31 Jul Troon, South Beach Hotel, 5 days HB . . only £265 11 Jun Ilfracombe, Imperial Hotel, 7 days HB . . . . . . . . . only £329 12 Jun Isle of Man, Chesterhouse Hotel, 6 days HB . . . . only £399 15 Jul Great Yarmouth, New Beach Hotel, 8 days HB . . only £395 21 Sep Peebles, Hydro Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £319

(Door to door pick up service available subject to area/tour)

NOW registering new NHS patients

EASTER BREAKS 14 Apr Blackpool, Manhattan Hotel 4 days HB Only £159 17 Apr Great Yarmouth, New Beach Hotel 5 days HB plus one lunch Only £219 17 Apr Skegness, Savoy Hotel 5 days HB Only £235


or email

(Formerly Dove Dental Care) 18 Pitt Street

03 Apr Lake District & Carlisle, Crown & Mitres Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £259 03 Apr Isle of Wight, Shanklin Hotel, 5 days HB plus one lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £239 03 Apr Llandudno, Evans Hotel, 5 days HB ‘Around the World’ Themed Break . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £219 REDUCED! 03 Apr Bournemouth, Devon Towers Hotel, 5 days HB plus one lunch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £239 now only £219 05 Apr Torquay, Regina Hotel, 5 days HB plus one lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £219 10 Apr Babbacombe, Hotel de la Mer, 5 days HB . . . . . . only £239 10 Apr Northumbria, Hadrians Wall & Holy Island, Caledonian Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £239 SPECIAL OFFER! 10 Apr Eastbourne, Haddon Hall Hotel, 5 days HB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . was £239 now only £215 10 Apr Southport, Royal Clifton Hotel, 5 days HB. . . . . . only £249 19 Apr Exmouth, Cavendish Hotel, 5 days HB plus one lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . only £239

Prices include - • Luxury Coach Travel • Accommodation as Specified • En-suite Bedrooms • Excursions (exc Llandudno 3 days & Gt.Yarmouth 4 days) • Entertainment (exc Southport, Peebles, Lake District & Northumberland) • Local Departure Points For details on these and many more tours contact

you can either call

Dentecare (Barnsley) Limited

Travel with confidence

(Barnsley) Ltd



R Nicholson, 1 Laithes Lane, Athersley.

Tel. 01226 295535


Barnsley Benefits Advice Do you need help to fill in a PIP, DLA, ESA or Attendance Allowance form. Call our experienced benefits adviser Stefan to book a home visit for just £40.

Full Dentures from £450

Tel: 07713 994658 or visit our website:

01226 246334 2 Hornby Mews,

Foot Health Practitioners

DENTURE DESIGN Cope Street, Barnsley GDC 127656

DENTURE STUDIO 94 Sheffield Road For quality dentures


731 168 Same day denture repairs


FOOT CARE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME Nail Trimming, Corn Removal, Ingrown Toenails, Verruca Treatment, Calluses Reduced. Foot Care for Diabetics. PATRICIA AND RYAN TWIGG BSc, Dip. CFHP, MPS (pract) Accredited register of foot health practitioner members

0800 954 5008 07950 037718 Your Foot Health at our Fingertips

Qualified C.D.T.A.

OLIVIAʼS mobile hairdressing – 30 years experience, specialising in older clientele. – Tel. 07745 253532

MAXINE Clark. DipCFHP, MPSPract. Mobile Foot Health Practitioner. All aspects of foot health covered – Tel. 079772 78074

To advertise call

01226 734666

Personal Services BARNSLEYʼS Executive Suite massage, 10 – 8.30, 7 days. New and old customers welcome – Tel. 01226 248500 UNIT 8, massage, Sheffield junction 33, 7 days, 10am – 8pm – Tel. 01142 617924 or 07881 041415. MATURE lady offers relaxing massage in your own home or hotel, Barnsley – Tel. 07951 280275

EMMERDALE ‘STUDIO TOURS’ Sat 8th April, Sat 10th June, Sat 5th August Sat 30th Sept – All Seats £30 DOWNTON ABBEY EXPERIENCE Sat 22nd April, Sun 20th August Adults £35.50 Child £30.00 (Barnsley Interchange departure only) SWANVALE LODGE HOTEL, GT. YARMOUTH ‘ELVIS TRIBUTE WEEKENDS’ 7 – 10 April, 21 – 24 April ‘50’s, 60’s, 70’s TRIBUTE WEEKENDS’ 31 Mar – 3 April ALL FROM £89 PER PERSON TOURS 2017 20th - 24th Feb . . . . . .ISLE OF WIGHT . . . . . . . . . .MARINA BAY HOTEL. . . . . . . . . . . £125 20th - 24th Feb . . . . . .WEYMOUTH . . . . . . . . . . . . .CARLTON HOTEL . . . . . . . . . . . . . £166 20th - 24th Feb . . . . . .GT YARMOUTH . . . . . . . . . .SWANVALE LODGE HOTEL. . . . . . £130 24th - 26th Feb . . . . . .HARROGATE . . . . . . . . . . . .OLD SWAN HOTEL . . . . . . . . . . . . £144 27th Feb - 3rd Mar . . .ISLE OF WIGHT . . . . . . . . . .MARINA BAY HOTEL. . . . . . . . . . . £125 27th Feb - 3rd Mar . . .PERTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SALUTATION HOTEL . . . . . . . . . . . £252 27th Feb - 3rd Mar . . .TORQUAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CAVENDISH HOTEL. . . . . . . . . . . . £117 1st - 5th Mar . . . . . . . .FALMOUTH . . . . . . . . . . . . .MEMBLEY HALL HOTEL . . . . . . . . £228 4th - 5th Mar . . . . . . .CHESTER WEEKEND . . . . . .WESTMINSTER HOTEL. . . . . . . . . . £76 6th - 10th Mar . . . . . . .BLACKPOOL . . . . . . . . . . . .HARLANDS HOTEL . . . . . . . . . . . . £124 6th - 10th Mar . . . . . . .LLANDUDNO . . . . . . . . . . . .CHATSWORTH HOTEL . . . . . . . . . £155 6th - 10th Mar . . . . . . .TORQUAY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CAVENDISH HOTEL. . . . . . . . . . . . £128 13th - 17th Mar . . . . . .ARROCHAR, ALPS & GLASGOW ARROCHAR HOTEL. . . . . . . . . . . . £189 13th - 17th Mar . . . . . .LLANBERIS & SNOWDONIA .ROYAL VICTORIA HOTEL. . . . . . . . £239 13th - 17th Mar . . . . . .ST ANNES-ON-SEA . . . . . . .MONTEREY BEACH HOTEL. . . . . . £186 13th - 17th Mar . . . . . .GT YARMOUTH . . . . . . . . . .SWANVALE LODGE HOTEL. . . . . . £140




Tuesday February 14, 2017

Recruitment Full-Time Recruitment

Secretary Full-Time Cleaners required Driving licence essential CSCS card preferred but not essential as full training will be given.

Please contact Julie on 07584 029512

required for family matters, wills & probate Full-time, but Part-Time would be considered. Please send covering letter and CV to


required for the following areas: G Town, Worsbrough, Dodworth, Barugh Green, Darton, Staincross, Athersley, Cudworth, Wombwell & Darfield • Full training provided for successful applicants • Flexible hours available • Mature attitude required • Above national wage

7 Station Road, Royston, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 4EW

All successful applicants subject to DBS clearance. All applicants will be treated fairly. We are a non-discrimative company

01226 381905 or 07815 099115

Dignity Homecare

We are three very capable people who have mental health illnesses & live together in a small care home in the community. We are looking for a new

SUPPORT WORKER to help us with the day to day running of our home. If you have lots of get up & go with a can do attitude, a great sense of humour & can cook a healthy meal we’d like to hear from you. Shift times currently 9am – 3pm (7 shifts over a 2 week rota) If this sounds like you and you would like to be part of a friendly, relaxed, flexible team send in your cv to or call between 9am-5pm Mon - Fri on 01226 292680



MALE AND FEMALE CARE WORKERS Thinking of advertising? Think wearebarnsley

01226 734666 Trust staff bank health care support worker The Trust is looking to recruit the following: Candidates who have an interest in delivering the highest quality of care to join our Trust staff bank to provide support in all areas of our Trust on an ad hoc basis.

The Trust covers a large geographical area including Barnsley, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Huddersfield and Halifax which includes inpatient, community and forensic services. If you are recruited to the Trust staff bank workforce, there is an expectation that you will complete all mandatory and core training as identified by the Trust bank office staff. You will also be expected to commit to completing an online care certificate within five months of being successful in your application. You will be given the necessary support to complete this. You must be enthusiastic, motivated, have a caring attitude and a desire to work in the NHS. Flexibility is essential, as available shifts include long days, long nights (12 hour shifts), short days, nights, weekends and bank holidays, plus travelling to various locations. You will be able to express your preference as to where you would consider working.


Previous experience not essential as full training given, and also the opportunity to gain NVQ Level 3 28 days paid holiday Good rates of pay Drivers preferred. Please call

01226 249577



We have a vacancy for a Room Leader within our busy Toddler Room. Must have previous experience working in a senior role within a nursery setting.Will be managing a small number of staff. Must have Level 3 NVQ or above in childcare.

EARLY YEARS PRACTITIONER Must have previous experience working in a nursery. Level 3 NVQ in childcare. Wages Negotiable.

Please send C.V to stating which position you are applying for

You must possess grade A-D GCSEs or equivalent in Mathematics and English and be able to provide your certification. However, all shortlisted candidates will be subject to a values based assessment centre held on 18th March, 2017. To apply please register at or ring South West Yorkshire trust bank office on 01924 327235 for an application form.

Thinking of advertising? Think wearebarnsley

01226 734666



to work in busy showroom in Wombwell. Minimum 2 years experience required. Please call: 01226 750320 for more information.




Please call 01226 245536 or pop in for an application form.

To advertise call

01226 734666

Part-Time Recruitment

Silkstone Golf Club

Experienced COOK/CHEF required Initially PART TIME, but additional seasonal hours will be necessary. Day, evening and weekend included. Salary based on experience. Please contact: Joanne on 01226 790328 Option 1 or email:

Plant Glazing Services Ltd of Fall Bank Industrial Estate at Dodworth. We require a Part Time

Warehouse Packer/Driver Hours 20-25 week.

• The position is 95% warehouse based with occasional driving duties. • Need to be over 25 with experience of driving long wheelbase van. • Clean driving License required • Must be a good time keeper • Some heavy lifting involved • Fork Lift truck experience preferable. • Some early starts 6.30am. All starts will be am. Mostly 8.00am • We require a suitable applicant to start in early March • Hourly rate negotiable, dependng on experience • Please, no phone calls or Agencies. Email applications only

Send CV to Generations Cafe Bar Penistone REQUIRES PART TIME EXPERIENCED KITCHEN ASSISTANT Email CV to or call 01226 761583

EXPERIENCED cleaner required, must be able to drive and have own car. Good English and a knowledge of the Barnsley area essential. Above average rates of pay for suitable candidates – Tel. Caroline 07810 376724

You must be aged over 18 to apply

Park Road, Worsbrough


PART time class 2 HGV driver required. For more information – Tel. 07984 598663

All health care support workers will be paid at band 2 level.



WINDOW cleaner required, 3/4 days pw. Driver preferred but not essential. Text only for details – 07980 880149 EXPERIENCED and reliable Bank Staff Carer required to cover extra hours, sickness and holidays. Working with team, caring for two people with severe learning disabilities. Full clean driving licence, DBS check. – Tel. for details 0782 8885221 or 077 66764282

Cleaner/ Bar staff

required for Hoylandswaine Sports Club, Haigh Lane, Hoylandswaine S36 7JJ Excellent rates of pay, hours to be negotiated. Weekend work is necessary. All further information available from the club

Tel. 01226 765726

PART time Stable Hand, mucking out, tidying up, etc. Must have experience with horses. References essential – Tel. 07730 066497 PART time gardener/handyman required. For general gardening work. – Tel. 01226 753100

To advertise call


Tuesday February 14, 2017


Make a Date 0844 381 5902

folllow the instructions you will also get


Experts Or Text... REPLY3 (leave space)

0906 515 7201


box number (leave space) and then enter your message & send to 80098 eg: REPLY3 123456 hi get in touch... then send to 80098 Successfully received messages cost £1.50 per SMS received (Max 160 characters). You must exchange 7 messages each before you can swap contact details. Messages may be moderated for your safety and security.

Dates in YOUR region

0906 515 7203

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EMILY, mature well educated lady, blonde and smart and broadminded seeks gent any age for no strings fun. ACA. Tel: 0906 515 3023 Box 421375

LORRAINE, 65, 5ft4, smoker, lovely short hair, likes eating in and out, holidays, WLTM a gent for friendship and company to begin with. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 425729 a

RICHARD, 55, nice looking, brown hair, blue eyes, n/s, enjoys sport, music, country walks, social events and days out, looking for a lady with similar interests and qualities. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 425629

Gay Singles JEAN, mature lady, genuine with many hobbies, slim, blonde and attractive. WLTM interesting gent with GSOH, must be cheerful, looks unimportant. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 424675 a SARAH, mature feminine lady, kind caring but still has a sensual side, hoping to meet like minded, confident, non smoking gent with GSOH, looks unimportant. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 424777 a EILEEN mid 60s seeks gent 50s-60s for friendship, possibly much more. ACA. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 425341 a SUE, attractive genuine lady, own home, loves to spoil a man, give me a call or text. ACA. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 424673 a

Customer support Call 0207 720 7130 Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm or email us at

PROFESSIONAL gent, mid 60s loves holidays, wining dining, shows in London, seeking similar minded lady to romance. Own house car. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 425941 a JOHN, mid sixties widower, cultured and interesting, solvent with own home. WLTM lady 55+ for genuine companionship. ACA. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 425939 a GENUINE single gent, 55yrs, seeks friendship hopefully leading to true love with lady 35-55, looks unimportant. Please call or text me. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 425937 a SOLVENT gentleman, young 70s, loves life seeking a lady of any age to spoil and pamper, take on holidays, wine and dine. Genuine advertiser. Tel No: 0906 515 7201 Box No: 425935 a COLIN 49, kind, caring, loving, seeks cuddly, large, kind, caring, loving lady 50-56 for LTR. Must like cuddles, kisses and holding hands. Text only. Mailbox: 5771405 a

REMEMBER: Calls cost £1.55 per minute plus your phone companyʼs access charge. Texts cost £1.50 per message received.




0800 389 0185

• Alarm systems Installed • Existing Systems Repaired, Serviced or Upgraded. • CCTV

ONLINE: HTTP://MAKEADATE.BARNSLEY-CHRONICLE.CO.UK CALL CHARGES*: DATING 18+ and have the bill payerʼs permission. 0844 calls cost 7 pence per min, 090 calls cost £1.55 per min, plus your phone companyʼs access charge. Calls are recorded and may appear on your bill. TEXT*: Text alerts are charged at £1.50 per week. To unsubscribe to text alerts, text DATING STOP to 63333. To cancel free match alerts, text STOP to 07781474042. For full T&Cs go to REPLY BY TEXT*: 80098/89990 costs £1.50 per SMS received (max 150 characters). Guaranteed up to 4 messages for each message you send, Service only available where phone icon shown. Messages are moderated. Minimum 7 messages must be sent before contact details can be exchanged. This service is not computer generated. All messages are responded to by real service users. No meetings can be guaranteed. If arranging a meeting be sure to choose a public space and do not give personal details to people you have not met. To STOP text stop to 80098/89990. Service provided by No Goats Ltd. Help: 0207 720 7130. ALL SERVICES*: By texting any shortcode you consent to the owner of that shortcode sending you the occasional marketing message. To opt out of receiving these send NO INFO to 80098. DATA PROTECTION: Service provided by JMedia UK Ltd, RH16 3EG, 0207 720 7130. We will collect the details you provide and may send you details of other services and events operated by us. We may pass your details onto this newspaper for marketing or PhonePayPlus for regulatory purposes. Advertisers may come from our national database and from our pdc app, your ad may also appear on our dating app. wc. 13/02/17

717360 Established •

The local family business who care

since 1991

Barnsley Security Systems CCTV & Intruder Alarm Specialists Installation – Servicing – Repairs

Over 25 years Experience Call for a free quote or visit our website for more details

Tel. 01226 727396 Mob: 07970 197824

To advertise call

01226 734666

Roof Repairs

07960 829455


Permanent flat roof systems (60 years life expectancy) Re-Roofs • Fascias & Soffits • Velux Windows Domestic & Commercial • Insurance Work • Storm Damage

0800 954 5179 • 07889 361739 • 01226 307688

To advertise call

01226 734666



For best prices in Barnsley?


15 years in the trade • Friendly service Extra sockets from £45, fuse boxes, rewires, replacement fittings, CCTV.

Tel. 07546 178973


// fully insured // PART P approved // no job too big or too small

All roofing work undertaken • Fully Qualified • Local Authority Approved Contractor • Fully insured. Health & Safety Certified • Free Estimates. No obligation quotes

EST. Over 30 years of top quality roofing

01226 292586 Qualified Choice Mobile: 0798 571 3755



G All work undertaken G No job too small

REMEMBER: Calls cost £1.55 per minute plus your phone companyʼs access charge. Texts cost £1.50 per message received.


T: 01226 236834

BOBBY, 24yrs not gay but could be, WLTM mature man to show me the ropes. Text Only. Mailbox: 4016294

FEMALE, 45, looking for female friends, out going, lots of interests, girly chats and laughs. Text only to Mailbox No: 4341386

No mess, courteous engineers, upgrades and repairs to old systems


G Rewires from £1200 G Fuse boards from £250 G Test and inspection/



HD/IP CCTV systems to view on your smartphones


MATURE gent, looking for slim TV or cd for daytime meets. Must have own home. North Staffs area. Text only. Mailbox: 5378837 a



safety checks

Andy 07795 145726 Justin 07947 348549 01226 321122 All aspects of domestic electrical work undertaken

• Sockets • Lighting • Security Lighting etc. No job too big or small Part P.

07834 189868


• Ridges re-pointed • Chimneys re-pointed • Slates • Tiles replaced • Flat Roofs • Leaks • Guttering • Verge Caps • Storm Damage • No Job Too Small

All Roofing Repairs 07792 101 509 or 01226 386571


Carpet Services




Established 1993

LOCAL Electrician, lights, sockets, fuse boards etc. Inspecting and testing, Part P registered, work guaranteed – Tel. Carl, 07966 268882



01226 745001 07950 735586

Part P. Approved (ELECSA) All types of Electrical work. Testing and Inspection. NO JOB TOO SMALL 01226 236834 07960 829455

CARPET, upholstery and leather cleaning services. Fully insured. Small carpet from £15. Contact Clare – Tel. 01226 370594, 07817 294618

wearebarnsley To advertise call

01226 734666

SPENCER Roofing Services

All roofing work undertaken Free no obligation quote

07414 108333 01226 828247 Not only supporting a local business, but a local charity Supporters of Tiny Hearts Appeal PDS Roofing Services Ltd. Covering all aspects of roofing, from little repairs to full re–roofs/chimney specialists – Tel. 01226 750347 or 07504 112207 ROOFING repair service. Chimneys, slates, pointing etc. – Tel. 07948 977446 or 07719 550797


Tuesday February 14, 2017


Female plasterer offering a fabulous professional finish. 17 years experience, friendly and reliable. All aspects of plastering catered for.


Tel. 07507 622051

Parks Plastering • Professional and quality finish • Over 10 years experience • No job too small • Free quotes/competitive prices

Call today 07707 182023

KL PLASTERING Be st Pr ice s k Worrk & Qu ali ty Wo

e ienc xper ars E e Y Coving Tiling 40 Artexing Plastering Contact Kev 01226 491726, 0800 2118421 07713058110

HANDYMAN Company, including plastering. 150 years combined experience. Visit k - Tel. Richard 07908 143980

PLASTERING, re–skims, rendering, pebble–dashing, coving, damp–proofing, CSCS registered. Free survery – Tel. Hemingways 01226 234384 or 07970 329614 WALLS skimmed from £30. 40 years experience – Tel. 07914 177441


Plumbers Plumbing and Heating Tap washers to full central heating systems. FREE QUOTES NO JOB TOO SMALL GAS SAFE REGISTERED Home Tel. 01226 240473 Mobile 07917007306

L T PLUMBING Bathroom Specialist Showroom Finish All tiling work. Radiators, power showers.

OAP Discount

All plumbing work undertaken.

Contact Lee TELEPHONE BARNSLEY 243544 or 07763 405622

S. P. PLUMBING SERVICES Bathroom suites fitted inc. tiling, showers, washing machines, radiators, kitchen sinks.

For all your general plumbing needs.



BARNSLEY telephone engineer. Sockets, faults, slow broadband. Insured – Tel. 01226 732422 or 07950 462260

 01709 870909


Waste Management Ltd. Skip Hire & Recycle Centre • Local Discounts

Skips from 2 Tonne to 16 yard

Mini digger & dumper hire available.

0800 988 8017 / 01709 898441 All Major Credit/Debit Cards Accepted


• Boiler breakdowns • Tap washers • Servicing TEL. BARRIE

01226 751048 07785 261711

PLUMBING and heating, Hamilton & Croft. Gas Safe registered. Free estimates, bathrooms, boilers, maintenance – Tel. 07795 105047

01226 217803 07738 217778 07738 217777

OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE ALL WORK GUARANTEED • Guttering • Tiling • uPVC Fascias • Ridge Tiles • New Roofs • Pointing • Flat Roofs • Insurance Work • Storm Damage • FREE ESTIMATES • Discounts on new roofs


All types of repairs to PVC windows, doors and conservatories. Locks, door panels, handles, hinges, letterboxes, anti snap barrels supplied & fitted. Failed double glazed units. Telephone 01226 287859 Mobile 07986979626



All enquiries welcome – All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Tel. 01226 754740 Web:



Screened multi purpose top soil and type 1 hard core for sale

Rubble and Soil Skips only

£63 £140

From 2 tonne to 8 tonne

HEELEY SKIPS 2 ton skip......£90 3 ton skip....£100 4 ton skip....£115 5 ton skip....£130 Ring for details



P. HeeleyMiniMixConcrete


Quality Guaranteed Concrete 1/2m and Upwards, Laying Service Concrete 01226 726832 Mobile 07889 288107

TV Sales/Repair Shop TVs sold from £55 (most repairs done same day) Shop Open: 9am to 5pm Monday to Saturday

Call: 01226 218877

Next to the Lite Spot, Pontefract Road, Hoyle Mill, Barnsley S71 1HF

01226 388200 or 01226 701161 or 07920 180076

Loft Storage Solutions Ltd Economy Package 96 sq.ft. tongue and groove flooring, insulation, ladder, hinged hatch, light. ONLY £450 Ladder & hatch separately from £170. Other packages available Upgrades: superior ladders, uPVC hatch, extra electrics, shelving, plasterboard & skim,

Velux windows. For quotation contact Mike Freephone 0800 3890588 or 07801 660760

FOR THESE PRICES 4 tonnes £80 8 tonnes £120 10 tonnes £140

Look no further. Doors to extensions, inc. full kitchens etc. NO JOB TOO SMALL

Tel Derrick Eaden on

07732 566247 01226 350533

HANDYMAN Company, including joinery. 150 years combined trade experience. Visit k - Tel. Richard 07908 143980

HIGHFIELD Joinery. Fitted wardrobes, fitted kitchens, balustrades, all joinery - Tel. 0114 2312043 or 07773 072858

01226 734666


BOMBERS Services. Household rubbish and old furniture disposed of from £10. Environmental Licence shown on request. Receipt given for all waste collected, BMBC approved. No job too small, same day service – Tel. 07760 480019 RUBBISH removed, free quotes, cheap prices, Waste Carriers registered. Fast and reliable service – Tel. Terry 07887 670527 or 01226 953350

Builders HANDYMAN Company, including bricklaying. 150 years combined trade experience. Visit k - Tel. Richard 07908 143980

BRICKLAYER requires work. Brickwork, stonework, pointing. Apprentice trained. Over 30 years experience – Tel. 07941 772199 or 01226 956837


Allen’s Aerials



BRITISH GAS TRAINED ENGINEERS Vaillant, Ideal and Baxi Approved Installer. Upto 10 Year Warranty on Boilers • All gas appliances serviced, repaired and fitted. • Landlord Certificate. • Boiler replacement. • Full central heating fitted. • Energy efficient condensing systems. • 35 years experience.

FREEPHONE: 0800 9758249 Mobile: 07899 097693 Barnsley 242934

01226 730200 / 07599 546288


Concrete Services


Installed for only New storm proof design. Less then than half the size of a normal aerial. Ideal for over 90% of homes in Barnsley. Extra rooms from £30.


Other sizes available

01226 725398 07960 656323 day delivery. 07808 218421 6 days aSame week. All prices inc. VAT

Garage Doors

TV Aerial

Available 8am-late 7 days


Sat dishes fitted. Sky, Freesat and other boxes. Sat ext. points. Phone/internet ext. points, Wi-Fi, Smart TV setup.

Fast, efficient, low cost repairs to all makes of washers, dryers, cookers, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners.

Unit 5 • Shawfield Road • Carlton Industrial Estate

Windows and Conservatories

To advertise call



07789 608801 or 01226 210206



Commercial Enquiries Welcome 3, 4 & 8 Ton Skips Available • Open Monday to Saturday

Contact Mark on

HANDYMAN Company including decorating. 150 years combined trade experience. Visit k - Tel. Richard, 07908 143980

MAN and van, full removals to single items, affordable and friendly service – Tel. Bri 07599 344355 or 01226 236143 GOULDYS Removals. House moves, single items, house, shed, attic, garage clearances. Free quote. Call Adam today – Tel. 07599 402105 VAN and man/men. Anything, anytime, any distance, reliable – Tel. Steve 07833 787701

Skips Available From £49 +VAT

All Waste Accepted – Tipping Facilities

Gas and Plumbing services

Bathroom Suites.

G&P Painters and Decorators, quick professional service. Landlordsʼ special rates. For free quotes and advice – Tel. Barnsley 785330 or 07944 267715 P&D decorating services, all interior and exterior work carried out, fully insured, call Dave – Tel. 07379 333585 WINTER sale 10% reduction, Painter and Decorator, 40 years experience. Free quotes, OAP reductions – Tel. Barnsley 724027, 07894 403608 AC Decor, handyman services. 30 years experienced tradesman. OAP and landlord discounts. Free no obligation quotes –Tel. 07513 601714 JOHNʼS Decorating, over 10 years experience, discount for OAPʼs. Friendly and reliable service. – Tel. 07841 015682

All major credit & debit cards accepted

Call Steve 01226 790323 07963 902666


Painting and Decorating



10 year warranty • Finance available

01226 734666

Skip Hire & Recycle Centre


Leaks to Full Heating Systems.

To advertise call

General Services

Skip Hire

Re ou cycli r f ng ut fo ur r e

Plastering and Artexing

Family Run Since 1981

HANDYMAN, roof and gutter repairs, plumbing, tiling, decorating, double glazing repairs, flat pack assembly - Tel. Richard 07908 143980

HANDYMAN, inside/out. Fencing, gardening, decorating, plastering, flagging. No job too small – Tel. 07841 909211 or Barnsley 712526 CHIMNEY Sweep. C & G qualified, vac / brush, good clean service. Insured. Fire spares supplied - Tel. Dave, Barnsley 242357 CHIMNEY Sweep (Jepson). 35 years experience. All types of fires and woodburners – Tel. 01226 295992 07788 852737 HANDYMAN, 30 years experience, no job too small, I do it all – Tel. 07851 974443 SEMI retired joiner, available for property repairs and maintenance. Special rate for retired people. No job too small. – Tel. 07720 762266 HANDYMAN. Been let down? Joinery, plumbing, tiling, decorating, flat pack assembly. Call Tony – Tel. 07872 963583

wearebarnsley To advertise call

• All aerials digital ready • Upgrades and bad reception problems • Storm damage & insurance work • Sky Digital Multipoint Systems • All work fully guaranteed


Telephone 01226 387517 Mobile 07789 772451

Astral Garage Doors FREE ADVICE AND WRITTEN QUOTATIONS SUPPLY• INSTALL• REPAIR• ALL TYPES OF GARAGE DOORS Main dealers for: Cardale• Garador• Henderson• Novoferm• Legbud Gilderol• Alluguard• Steel-line Doors• Wessex •Woodrite • Hormann Garage Doors• Lakeland Awnings

Phone: 01226 700048 Freephone: 08000 745162 Mobile: 07850 633800 Free Phone: 0800 0745 162

01226 734666


PDS Brickwork/Stonework Walling. Garages, extensions etc (repairs, lintels and chimneys). Free quotes – Tel. 01226 750347 or 07504 112207

HANDYMAN Company, including tiling. 150 years combined trade experience. Visit k - Tel. Richard 07908 143980

POINTING work, brickwork and stonework. Grind out and repoint – Tel. 07719 550797 or 07948 977446

MB Tiles, specialising in floor and wall tiling. For a free no obligation quote – Tel. Barnsley 709602, 07875 654774

Thinking of advertising? Think wearebarnsley

01226 734666

Tuesday February 14, 2017


Motors Motorcycles

Services, Repairs and Testing



Order Your New ’17 Reg. Bike Now! • 3 Years Parts and Labour Warranty • 140 MPG • 1 Years AA Cover

Yamaha Tricity MW125

No re test fee

Tel. Iain on 01226 211143 Find us on or 07814580770 for the latest

0% finance

RRP £3471.00

Deposit £100, 36 Months £93.64 2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty 1 Year RAC Cover 3 Years Free Legal Cover

RENAULT SPECIALISTS 86 Wakefield Road, Barnsley S71 1NF

Licensed credit broker. Written details on request.

Full range of clothing, helmets and accessories Unit 28, Cannon Way, Claycliffe Business Park, Barugh Green S75 1JU Barnsley

FOR THE BEST SERVICE AND PRICE LOCALLY TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS inc. LIGHT COMMERCIALS on servicing, repairs, timing belts, laser tracking, brakes and clutches LATEST DIAGNOSTICS • MOTs £30 by appointment

Tel: 01226 391557

offers & promotions


VW Specialists • MoT Station Unit 13, Albion Road, Carlton Ind. Estate, Carlton, Barnsley.


New VW Golf swings its way into UK THERE’S a new Golf in town for all you car nuts! The updated Volkswagen Golf is open for orders in the UK with the option of all-new engines, more technology, improved connectivity and revised styling. The brand’s family favourite arrives in UK showrooms towards the end of March, but order books are already open for the eagerly awaited updated version of the most popular European car to date. Now standard across the range are LED rear lights, while the majority of models across the Golf hatchback and Estate line-up are also now offered with a new generation of larger and more sophisticated touchscreen infotainment systems. Volkwagen says the new Golf sparkles with technical innovations. For the first time in the compact class and depending on model, the new Discover Navigation Pro radio-navigation and online system can be operated via gesture control. Sporting a 9.2-inch screen, the system complements the Active Info Display that is also new in the Golf and appears as standard on all Performance Golfs. Meanwhile, the range of online services and apps has also been enlarged. The UK line-up retains a familiar feel, beginning in the hatchback range with S and rising through SE, SE Nav, GT, R-Line, GTE, GTE Advance, e-Golf, GTD and GTD BlueLine to GTI, GTI

AUTO ELECTRICAL LTD. • RADIO DECODING • AIR CONDITIONING • DIAGNOSTIC FAULTS: Air bags, central locking, electric windows etc. 01226 286163 Unit 41, Dodworth Road, Barnsley, S.Yorks S70 6DY 2 mins from town centre

Caravans For Sale Cash waiting for your used Caravan or Motorhome 2000 to 2016 Please call Julian Goodall on 07872 521926




Wombwell Lane, Stairfoot S70 3DP 01226 779708 ACORN Auto Electrics. Starter motors, alternators supplied and fitted from £40, no VAT. Ask for Pete – Tel: 01226 716999/ 716452 or 07899 003476. Quote WAB when ringing FROM full resprays to a small dent removal, We do insurance repairs. We will beat any genuine quote. Kirby Vehicle Sales – Tel. 01226 750320 MOBILE mechanic. Servicing, repairs, diagnostics £20, spare keys made, repaired, programe – Tel. 07432 869359 or 07534 194098

Cars For Sale



04 MITSUBISHI SHOGUN SPORT, TD equippe, v.g.c. throughout ........................................£2450

Performance and, ultimately, R. The estate family offers generous choice, too, with S, SE, SE Nav, GT and GTD and GTD BlueLine models being joined by Alltrack and R. The car also creates a new benchmark for assistance systems in the compact class, employing technologies that will significantly improve safety. Depending on model, these include: City Emergency Braking with new pedestrian monitoring (Front Assist); a new Traffic Jam Assist that offers semi-automated driving at speeds of up to 37 mph (60 km/h); and Emergency Assist which is also new to this segment. Emergency Assist notices if the driver is incapacitated and initiates various measures to rouse them in escalating stages culminating, if the driver remains inactive, in carrying out an emergency stop. Sounds fancy!

Thinking of advertising? Think wearebarnsley

01226 734666

54 HYUNDAI SANTA FE CRTD, very clean & tidy ........................................................£1395 07 FIESTA 1.25 ZETEC, 5 doors, only 17,000 miles, excellent condition ......................£1795 09 TOYOTA AYGO 1.0 PLATINUM, v.g.c. throughout..................................................£1695 08 PUNTO 1.2 GRANDE, excellent condition throughout..............................................£1395 08 PEUGEOT 308 1.4, 5 door, excellent condition throughout..............................£1595 06 MITSUBISHI COLT CZ3 DIESEL, 68k, tested Oct, v.g.c. ..................................................£1395 05 MINI ONE 1.6, 1 year MOT, v.g.c. throughout..............................................£1695 54 SEAT IBIZA 1.2 SX, excellent condition for year ..............................................................£895 57 HYUNDAI AMICA 1.0, 5 door, 30,000 miles, FSH, superb condition ................£1395 56 RENAULT SCIENIC 1.6 DYNAMIQUE, 63,000 miles, FSH, v.g.c. throughout ....£1295 57 CORSA COMBO CREW VAN 1.3 CDTi, very clean, trade sale ........................................£1000 03 ASTRA CDTi DIESEL, very clean & tidy ................................................................£695 98 VOLVO V70 SE AUTO ESTATE, good condition for year ....................................£595


To advertise in


you can either call

01226 734666 or email


Tuesday February 14, 2017

We Are Barnsley | February 14th 2017  
We Are Barnsley | February 14th 2017