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Ideas for inspiring people in Yorkshire

JUNE 2012 Issue Sixty Five

SWYP Smoking DPS



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Advertiser’s Announcement

Warming to the idea Living a healthy lifestyle lowers the risk of becoming seriously ill or dying early.

Make this your last‌


SWYP Smoking DPS



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of a healthier YOU? A healthy lifestyle allows you to enjoy more aspects of your life.

Want to Stop Smoking? Smoking is the main cause of avoidable illness and premature death in Barnsley. Giving up smoking is the single most important thing anyone can do to improve their health.

• Advice on nicotine replacement therapy and other stop smoking medications

Give yourself a better chance of quitting and talk to Barnsley NHS Stop Smoking Service based on Eldon Street in Barnsley town centre and in the Outpatients Department at Barnsley Hospital.


What we do… • Free weekly one-to-one sessions throughout Barnsley • Tips on how to deal with cravings and break the habit • Help you stay motivated

• Information about local sessions in your GP practice, pharmacy, hospital or other community venues.

If you are a mum-to-be, we can help you stop smoking. You can be seen on your own or with your partner or other family members if they smoke too and you want to quit together before your baby is born. There can be few better times to stop smoking than when you are pregnant, both for yourself and your baby.

and place to suit you. The support we offer is confidential. We work with schools and colleges making it easier to use the service. If you would like more information about any of these services, advice on stopping smoking or to make an appointment, please contact the Barnsley NHS Stop Smoking Service on 01226 737077 or email barnsleystopsmokingservice@

Under 18?

Alternatively, you can call in and see us at our one stop shop on Eldon Street, Barnsley, the Hospital Quit Shop, Outpatients Department, Barnsley Hospital or you can speak to your GP, pharmacists, midwife or health trainer for more information.

The service makes it easier for you to get help to quit at a time

You can also visit us at

Did you know you are more likely to quit successfully with help from your local Stop Smoking Team!

Find us on facebook

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6 TEAM EFFORT Pack leader: An insight into champion herder’s skills in the field.

PROPERTY A wonderland: Tapping into a luxurious Woolley home


23 WALLPAPER Bold prints: It’s good to stick to the classic collections.

OUTDOORS Terrific teak: Trendy furniture to make your garden look fabulous


26 FURNITURE Home made: Cute designs to furnish your child’s bedroom


MOSAIC Ideas for inspiring people

Published by Acredula Group 47 Church Street Barnsley South Yorkshire S70 2AS Printed by Buxton Press

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As Britain prepares to revel in an orgy of jubilee-based patriotism there’s an international feel to this edition of Mosaic. One of Australia’s most talked about chefs tells us about his South Yorkshire village upbringing — and offers some advice on how to put vim into vegetables. And we take a trip to Bruges to enjoy the fabulous architecture and sample some of the renowned beers synonymous with Belgium. What's more it’s only a ferry ride from Yorkshire. Closer to home sheepdog handler Lawrence Taylor talks about the trials of training his animals in preparation for the annual Harden Moss event. He’s seen it all before but still relishes the challenge. Also on the moors we catch up with members of the Woodhead Mountain Rescue who volunteer their time to keep walkers, cyclists and horse riders safe. Any of us who venture on to the Pennine ‘tops’ should be grateful. They are unsung heroes. Restoration work has started at Wentworth Castle to dismantle and repair the Victorian conservatory. Six monarchs have reigned while the glass house has stood. The work will ensure it outlives many more.

ART ATTACK Holmfirth event: Special festival to celebrate what’s good


Adam Civico, assistant editor


MATT’S RECIPES Vegetable dishes

VICTORIAN GEM Castle’s project

30 Editor Andrew Harrod 01226 734205

OUTDOORS Rescue memories

COLOURS Analysis service: An expert looks at colours that best suit your skin tone

Reporters Adam Civico Rachel Parry Paul Nizinskyj Kate Pickles Mike Cotton 01226 734262

Production Editor Jill Lowe 01226 734203

MOTORING Magnificent machine

LAST WORD Kate Pickles

Page editors Fran Sykes Ben Robinson 01226 734202

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Lawrence Taylor has been competing in sheep dog trials for four decades. Kate Pickles found out what makes a champion herder.


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One man and his dogs: Lawrence working with Cap and Robbie.

The good shepherd “THAT’LL do,” says Lawrence Taylor to his excitable three-year-old border collie Robbie, before the dog makes another dash towards the sheep. Ever keen to impress, the young dog has not stopped herding the Penistone sheep since we arrived in the field, often without needing the commands of his owner. “You can tell the ones that enjoy it, they want to satisfy you. “All that dog is wanting to do is keep them by me,” he says, as the flock of sheep huddle near to us. “Some dogs drop into it quite quickly, others take quite a bit of

training. “If you can work with them every day then you’re best off, they get used to it then.” Lawrence has been competing in sheep dog trials for 40 years and enjoyed working with dogs before that. He tells me there are just three basic commands of ‘stop, left and right’, and listening carefully, you can make out the subtle differences to his whistles. “You have to have time to do it as there’s a lot that goes in to it. As soon as they start to show an interest you

start training the dog. “When you put a collar on it you are training it, getting them to lie down and things like that. “You move onto them being around sheep, that’s when it really starts.” Whilst a lot of the dog’s interest is unquestionably instinctive, getting them to take the herd where the master requests clearly takes some groundwork. “Firstly you should get a few sheep in a pen in a field so the dogs learn to go around it. “You have to train a dog to stop which takes time, some drop into it


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Ready for action: The dogs wait to be called upon.

At work: Robbie herding the Penistone sheep.

and are naturals, some aren’t, some are trial dogs, some aren’t. “You have them in this pen so they aren’t running them around the field. You want them to stop straight across at ‘12 o’clock’ and ‘six o’clock’.” He explains the outrun, where the handler sends the dog to the sheep; the lift, where it starts to move them around the field; the drive around the course, and then into the pen. A final command can be given to split one of the sheep off which might be required for something like lambing, he tells me. The retired mechanic, now 80, has spent much of his life in the countryside at Holmfirth where he


would spend time on the moors, helping farmers to bring their sheep down from the hills. He has competed in more sheep dog trials then he cares to remember and with the 101st Harden Moss competition fast approaching, this year promises to be no different. “It gets very interesting if you get a young dog that’s wanting to do it and not being foolish with it. “A good dog is one that has that quiet interest, especially for a trial dog. There’s what they call quiet power where they will just stare it out, that’s what it’s all about. “You get these older sheep that take a bit of bringing with lambs. The dogs

are not to bite them you see, they have to stare them out. It’s funny.” Lawrence, who now lives in Upper Cumberworth, lets 12-year-old Cap out of the back of his car where he has been quietly waiting for his turn. The two of the dogs immediately set about working together as a team, skilfully taking the increasingly tired herd, to where Lawrence instructs them. They only stop when Lawrence gives his final command. “That’ll do,” he says, before loading them back into the car.  Harden Moss sheep dog trials will be held at Greenfield Road, Holmfirth, from June 22 to 24.

Eco Power FP



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A constant stream of sunlight hits your roof every day Install a Eco-Power Solar PV system and you can convert daylight into electricity which you can sell for a profit and use in your home or business as free electricity. We design and install Solar PV in domestic, commercial and agricultural environments. Our extensive background in renewables, energy saving technologies and electricity distribution make us the No.1 choice for Solar in Yorkshire and beyond.

 Make over a 10% return on your investment in Solar each year  Reduce CO2 emissions  Generate your own FREE electricity  Benefit from an extensive warranty and guarantee  We have the best Solar PV systems available to suit your budget Contact us for a free no-obligation survey, including a full written proposal and your projected income over the next 25 years.

08000 842 346 Want to know if your property is suitable? Try our online remote survey tool at:

BBIC, Innovation Way, Wilthorpe, Barnsley S75 1JL

08000 842 346




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Open as normal all Bank Holiday weekend

Summer Sale


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John and Jan Munnelly have built several homes in Woolley, including the one in which they live. Rachel Parry was given a tour.


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Beautiful both inside and out: Interior and exterior shots of Woodgrove House.

Woolley wonderland


ucked away in the idyllic village of Woolley are several houses that share the same look. Beautiful reclaimed stone builds with neat symmetrical detail. Each has been masterminded by property developer John Munnelly with the help of his wife Jan. They both love the peaceful village and have succeeded in their goal to create timeless new builds that blend in effortlessly with their surroundings. Upon completing six properties within Woolley Hall Gardens, the couple were approached by a resident who offered land for development in the neighbouring Woolley Park Gardens. The brief was to build a


bungalow for the resident on part of the plot, while the remainder was for John and Jan to do with as they pleased. “There was a 1960s’ house on the plot which we knocked down,” said John. “We built the bungalow in what would have been the gardens of the property and then left the rest of the plot as we weren't sure what to do with it. “A while later we decided to keep the development for ourselves so we tweaked the plans to ensure the layout of the house would suit us as a family.” John, Jan and their four children moved into the property in 2009 —

four years after buying the land. Since that time Woodgrove House has served as the perfect family home with flexible accommodation spread out over three levels. Unlike many new builds, Woodgrove House does not lack character. There is great attention to detail to be found within the elevation, layout and interior features. Sticking with tradition, John and Jan wanted Woodgrove House to have the appearance of a farmhouse with modern eco-friendly touches to ensure a high level of energy efficiency. “A lot of modern new builds feature large areas of open glass but I feel

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these designs will date easily. I prefer to create something that will stand the test of time.Within my designs I like to include symmetrical detail, large lobby areas and a great deal of hidden storage which can be forgotten about by some developers.” Through the double doors of Woodgrove House lies an impressive entrance hall with gleaming white marble flooring. The eye is instantly drawn to a main feature of the house — a bespoke turned staircase with wrought iron spindles which ascends to the first and second floors. Moving from room to room, Jan points out that every area serves a

purpose. The formal drawing room and dining room provide space to entertain guests while the stunning open-plan dining kitchen with a spacious elevated sitting room is where the family spend most of their time. The first floor contains four of the property’s five bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, storage, internet connection and Sky TV. As well as providing access to the final bedroom, the second floor boasts a large study area for the kids plus a gymnasium with vaulted ceiling. Decor throughout is classic and traditional with unique features in reclaimed timber beams and a large

stone fireplace. Modern additions can be found in high quality fixtures and fittings and thanks to the property's many windows there is an abundance of natural light. As developers, the 'three year itch' has set in for John and Jan who are now on the look out for a new project in more rural surroundings. Said John: “We will definitely want something to develop or build ourselves as we like to put our own mark on a property — after all we build a nice house.” I couldn't agree more.  Woodgrove House in on the market with Carter Jonas for £950,000.





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Lose pounds... barnsley

without spending





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Advertiser’s Announcement

Little changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference to your health and can be rewarding and fun! If you have decided it’s time to lead a healthier lifestyle and shed some pounds then Barnsley Change4Life Weight Management Service is on hand to help. With hectic work schedules and demanding family commitments, it’s easy to develop bad habits like grabbing fast food on the go and relying on ready-meals or takeaways when it comes to eating at home. By the time we reach middle age, the majority of us could do with losing at least a bit of weight. Being overweight isn’t just about the way we look, it can lead to aches and pains and problems sleeping. People also report a loss of energy and confidence, along with the increased risk of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. But it’s not too late to make changes. Barnsley Change4Life can show you lots of small, easy to take steps to make being

healthy easier and assist in losing weight. The team can offer advice and support to make long-term changes to choose healthier foods, enable you to stay in control of your eating habits and be more active, leading to a healthier, leaner you for life. Our free, fun groups are delivered by our friendly NHS trained healthy lifestyle advisors. They are run in community venues at various different times and days in the week, including evenings. Each week we discuss new topics along with how to make healthier changes. In addition to this we have a team of specialists (dietician, doctor, physiotherapist) on hand to provide extra support if you need it. If you are over 18 years old, have a Barnsley GP and you are overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 you can come along. (If you are not sure what your BMI is you can ask your doctor or practice nurse.) If you would like to attend as a

family you may be suitable for our children and families programme, ring 01226 737060 for more information. Barnsley Change4Life also helps pregnant women. Having a baby is a special, life-changing experience, but unfortunately for many women it is a time when they gain a lot of weight which they struggle to lose, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Losing weight isn’t advised during pregnancy, although if you are already overweight when you fall pregnant, Barnsley Change4Life are on hand to advise on healthy lifestyle changes. We can help to avoid excessive weight gain and make sure your growing baby gets everything it needs to grow and develop healthily. Children’s sessions also available, 2-4, 5-7 and 7-13 years old. If you are ready to change today then give us a ring on 01226 737060. You have nothing to lose but the weight!

We can help you make lifestyle changes that can last

For more information contact us on:

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• Children’s sessions also available, 2-4, 5-7 and 7-13 years old • Free to join and attend • Lifestyle change course • Run by NHS trained Healthy Lifestyle Advisors • Suitable for men and women aged 18 years and over • Suitable for people with a BMI over 30 • Groups run all over the Barnsley area evening and daytime • Relaxed and fun group sessions

Carpet Centre A4 1



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up to

20% OFF

on selected items*

Find us on the main A633 Barnsley/Rotherham Road, Wombwell.


01226 753300

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday 9.00am-5.00pm • Sunday 11.00am-4.00pm *Offer ends 31st August 2012.

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Richard and Sophie Cryer saw a new build in Emley as a blank canvas to create the perfect family home. Rachel Parry went to view the results.


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Basking in luxury


hen pulling onto the sweeping driveway of Park House in Emley it’s hard to concentrate on anything but the views. The attractive property is located in an elevated position boasting breathtaking sights over rolling countryside as far as the eye can see. It’s this asset that first attracted Richard and Sophie Cryer in 2006. A developer had built the property on the footprint of a nearby farm’s outbuildings at the time, but Richard and Sophie were keen to put their own stamp on the development. “When we came to view the house we loved the location but the property wasn’t exactly to our taste,” said Sophie. “The developer hadn’t quite finished it so we asked him to leave it as it was so we could start making changes straight away.” When it comes to property projects, Richard and Sophie form something of a dream team. As a lover of interior design Sophie comes up with the creative ideas while construction expert Richard makes his wife’s visions reality by putting detailed designs on paper and handling any structural requirements. One of the biggest challenges faced by the couple at Park House was to gain planning permission for an extension to the rear of the property and the addition of a triple integral garage, which took two years. Once granted Richard and Sophie converted the original garages of the property into a spacious dining/sitting room and added an impressive games room to the rear with a cinema room above. Other structural work included taking out walls to create a more open-plan style of living on the ground floor and removing fake beams from the kitchen ceiling. Room uses and positions were allocated to suit the family’s needs while making the most of the exceptional views. Upon achieving the perfect layout, Sophie was left to work her magic on


Contemporary class: The family bathroom, above, and aspects of the interior at Park House.

the cosmetics. “I wanted a style of decor that flowed throughout the property — most rooms are traditional with contemporary touches.” As intended, a luxurious heather colour palette flows effortlessly throughout the property's key rooms in elegant wallpaper, opulent furniture and sumptuous furnishings. Stand out examples are found in the dining/sitting room, Richard’s lavish games room and the large breakfast kitchen, complete with bespoke handmade units and traditionally styled painted doors. As the hub of the home, the kitchen also incorporates a breakfast bar and individually designed leather-lined booth, where the couple and their two young daughters, Isabelle and Alexandra, enjoy most of their meals. Other ground floor rooms include the girls’ play room and the family

room, with two large arched windows to frame the views. Although each area of the fivebedroomed property has been designed to accommodate the family's wishes, there is still plenty of potential for the next owners of Park House to once again alter its contents. “The fourth bedroom above the dining/sitting room has planning permission for a dormer window and space to create another ensuite,” said Sophie. “In addition, the family room with first floor annex, could be converted into a separate living area of an elderly relative or teenage children. “Although we love this house we are ready for a new challenge. We have grown more ambitious with each of our projects and feel we are now ready to do a property from scratch.”  Park House is on the market with Carter Jonas for £1,495,000.

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Koffi Bean dps



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Advertiser’s Announcement

 Take away  Loose leaf teas  Gift range  Fully licensed  Gourmet coffee beans and much more…!

Koffi Bean dps



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A warm welcome awaits Taking pride of place in The Arcade in Barnsley’s town centre is a new asset to the popular Koffi Bean Company. The Tea & Coffee Emporium forms a new branch to the company as it continues to deliver the very best in coffee and tea and coffee products to customers in both trade and retail. A warm welcome awaits within the cosy shop where shelves are filled with a wide variety of speciality teas and coffees from around the world. There is a product to suit every pocket and taste with friendly staff on hand to help and advise on the extensive range of loose leaf teas and gourmet coffee beans. For tea and coffee enthusiasts there is an impressive selection of percolators, strainers, specialist tea pots and sweet syrups, plus a wide gift range to enhance hot beverages at home. From the emporium The Koffi Bean Company also serves hot drinks and sweet snacks for shoppers and local businesses to takeaway. Well known for using quality coffee beans, the Koffi Bean menu includes its signature lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. For trade customers, The Koffi Bean Company has a full range of barista equipment, supplies and machines, available to buy in store and online. They are also fully licensed, selling selected champagnes, single malt whiskeys and much, much more. Owners, Selby and Yvonne Trotter, work closely with other local businesses in the area, Pollycandles and Beatson House Boozy Infusions, to bring exciting products and services to the public.

Find us on

19 The Arcade • Barnsley • S70 2QP email:

Tea and Coffee


01226 770706

Carpet Town FP



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Whatever your favoUrite colour, We have a carpet to match

If it happens to be red, white or rosé collect your complimentary bottle of wine with every order* and mention of this advert

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* minimum spend applies




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Sanna, top, Ludvig, left, and Elin from Sandberg’s ‘Gabriel’ Collection.

Permeating patterns


old patterned papers remain strong for the feature wall trend but more subtle styles are appealing to those choosing to paper entire rooms. In recent years the fashion has been to paper just one wall and paint the rest, but the trend has moved on a step with many home owners opting to deck two, three or even all four walls in decorative paper. For this look, softer designs are required. The elegant colour palette of Sandberg’s latest collection ‘Gabriel’ lends itself perfectly. According to its creators the comprehensive collection of surfaceprinted wallpapers has been designed for use throughout all rooms in the home, offering a mixture of old and

new which work in perfect harmony. “The Gabriel collection has a modern poetic feel, based around everyday pleasures and comfort,” said managing director, Orjan Sandberg. “It has historical links to original patterns from the late 18th Century and Art Nouveau, as well as to the home of famous Swedish painter, Carl Larsson. “The colours and patterns from these periods are all permeated by elegant simplicity, which has been enhanced through the use of surface printing to achieve beautiful, living textures.” The collection contains 16 designs, some of them based on documents in the Sandberg archive, others newly drawn by the Sandberg studio.

For classic comfort within the home there are simple yet stylish designs to be found in Gabriel and Ludvig, both of which feature an elegant diamond motif, plus Rita – a broad stripe in a range of both traditional and contemporary shades. There’s also an exquisite selection of floral papers. Sana, which features an enchanting trail of sweet peas, is ideal for twee country cottages while the flamboyant floral damask motif of Edgar is perfect for more modern homes. Finally for fans of the feature wall the striking designs of Sandra, Elin, Nikolaj and Amalfi are strong enough to make a statement on just one wall.


Yorkshire Caravans




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JUNE at YC Leisure During June call down and view the entire range from Swift, Sprite and Bailey. We have every model from the lightweight Sprite and Bailey Orion to the top of the range Swift Conquerer and Bailey Unicorn.

On offer this month with any Swift Challenger Sport receive a FREE Alko secure lock and hitch cover

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e, Dad? Can we ’ave on

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Natural beauty: Teak garden furniture can be the perfect material for all types of weather.

Teaking the boxes


hen searching for outdoor dining furniture good looks are key but most also want something that will last. Before getting bogged down deciding which style to go for, you might want to consider what material will best withstand the British elements. The basic materials often used are plastic, metal, wicker and wood, each with its own set of pros and cons. Plastic options are 100 per cent weather proof but most score low in the style stakes. Meanwhile metal designs are usually elaborate and impressive in both traditional and contemporary designs, but the hefty furniture is difficult to move and can be subject to rust or corrosion. For comfort, wicker furniture comes out on top but it’s also the first to get blown over when the wind picks up. And then we have wood – teak in particular is a popular choice in the manufacturing of patio furniture because it’s the most durable of the hardwoods, making it perfect for all weather conditions. Timber options are sturdy enough to stand their ground on blustery days

and unlike metal designs, teak sets will not absorb heat so they’re comfortable to sit on when the sun is shining. Best of all teak tables and chairs easily retain their good looks. Left untreated the wood turns a beautiful grey colour as it ages, but it can easily be returned to its natural honey hue with a light sanding. These teak examples come from outdoor furniture specialists In

Garden, which offers a unique online range of modern, high quality furniture and accessories that look great but that are also low maintenance and functional. Options range from large slated rectangular tables with matching chairs, to ultra modern high bar stools and benches plus compact, circular designs for two.





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Built to last: Sarah Watkins couldn’t find attractive and durable furniture on the high street, so she made her own.

Tough love


inding children’s bedroom furniture that is both attractive and hard-wearing is no easy feat. For this reason many parents settle for mundane MDF models that struggle to withstand troublesome toddlers and clumsy kids. Upon searching the high street for solid furniture for her son Sam, West Yorkshire mum Sarah Watkins declined the flimsy wardrobes and draws on offer and instead took matters into her own hands. She decided if she couldn’t find what she wanted, she would make it herself and so Fairbourn Children’s Furniture was born. Initially Sarah made her beautiful hand-crafted pieces of furniture from home, but as news of her business spread she set up her very own workshop and showroom to meet demand. Today the Fairbourn team supply customers all over the world who share Sarah’s desire for solid timber furniture with dovetail joints and hand-turned knobs. The collection includes cute beds, wardrobes, draws and dressing tables as well as personalised stools, toy boxes and accessories.


D&I Window Solutions FP



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A touch of class for a modern property

3x3m Victorian Conservatory

3x3m Edwardian Conservatory





Bi Folding Doors 2 SECTIONS






P.O.A. Composite Doors


£600 Tel/Fax: 01226 WINDOW SOLUTIONS


Mobile: 07762 292995 Unit 5, Modern House, Summer Lane, Barnsley S70 2NP LTD

W: E: *Photos for illustration purposes only

JSS Installations FP



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Manufacturers & Installers of High Quality PVCu Doors, Windows & Conservatories





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Quality products Extensive choice Free, friendly advice No pushy salesmen Well equipped factory showroom • Own dedicated fitting team




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Design Interiors Barnsley Ltd. Showroom & Office, Unit 11, Mitchell’s Enterprise Centre, Bradbury Balk Lane, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HR





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World renowned: Textile guru Kaffe Fassett.

Holmfirth Arts Festival will bring 11 days of music, comedy and theatre to the town this month. Kate Pickles found out what is in store.

Celebration time


UIRKY, fun and full of surprises is what Holmfirth Arts Festival, now in its fifth year, aspires to be. And with acts ranging from MOBO-nominated jazz trumpeter Matthew Halsall to workshops including making a pinhole camera, this year promises to be every bit as diverse as its billing suggests. The festival, which is run by a committee of volunteers and professional festival director Jonathan Best, has grown in size and prominence since it started in 2008. “There have always been a lot of the Holme Valley and Yorkshire influences in the festival,” says Jonathan.


“We always have artists and performers from the region. The first festival had the likes of Joanne Harris and Ian McMillan and all sorts of choirs and bands. We try to balance it with enough acts from outside. “Last year we doubled the audience we had from the year before and we have started commissioning acts for the festival ourselves. There will be an exhibition of poetry and drawings that are being done especially for the festival, originals which you won't see anywhere else.” Jonathan, who works in theatre when he is not organising the festival, said a committee of about 40 to 50

volunteers were involved in producing the festival. This year will include performances by Britten Sinfonia and national championship band Brighouse and Rastrick, a rare UK appearance by textiles guru Kaffe Fassett, and comedy from Radio 4’s madcap German Henning Wehn. “It takes a huge amount of organising. There are a lot of people who work around the year. It takes about 18 months to plan for a festival so we are always working on two at once. “We tend to get a real mix of people coming. It’s mostly a Yorkshire




Page 3

That’s entertainment: The Devil’s Violin, above, with a character from the Invisible Thread Theatre of imagination and The Fitzrovia Radio Hour, right.

audience with people from Holme Valley and Huddersfield, some come from Barnsley and Sheffield, North Yorkshire and Manchester. “The number of people who are coming from out of town is getting bigger. It is good because we are looking for people to come and enjoy Holmfirth. It’s as much about people coming and enjoying what it has to offer as much as the festival.” Holmfirth’s Hade Edge Band will be headlining the Festival Stage as a part of a six-hour celebration of community talent. A programme of classic big band swing will kick off the festival on the

Friday and the Fitzrovia Radio Hour will recreate the spirit of 1940s’ radio plays at the Picturedrome. The live theatre and comedy show has already been a hit in the West End and at the Edinburgh Festival, with its cut glass accents, clever sound effects and affectionate homage to a bygone era. There will be plenty to keep children entertained with a play of the Gingerbread Man and a story trail and picnic to capture the magic and mystery of the town’s past. Jonathan said the festival was a way of celebrating Holmfirth. “It’s a lovely town, it’s pretty in a

down to earth way. The cobbled streets and weavers’ cottages in amongst the countryside is a really pleasant place to walk around. “There’s lots to do and we try to make a fun atmosphere on the weekends. If you want to wander around and do a few festival things then most things are free. “In the evenings there are more ticketed events like concerts. We try and bring a festival atmosphere and pray it doesn’t rain.”  The festival will run from June 14 to 24. You can visit the website:


LEFT Bsly Wholesale Retail



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Unbeatable full house deals! Thousands of rugs on display, from economy to the ultimate in luxury, some…

LESS THAN HALF PRICE! • AXMINSTERS • SAXONY • 80/20 TWISTS • BERBERS • Established over 60 years • Largest stockist of Axminster carpets in the area • FREE MEASURING • FREE ESTIMATES


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01226 242720




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Seasons usually represent the four differing weather periods throughout a year. However, they take on a whole new meaning when a professional colour expert surveys your skin tone. Kayley Worsley went along for her colour analysis.





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Colour me pretty “WITH the exception of about five colours, everybody can wear every colour, but it’s the tone of the colour that’s important,” explains Karina Leacock. The image consultant and colourist of Oxspring starts my colour analysis by explaining that everyone has either a blue ‘cool’ tone under their skin or yellow ‘warm’ tonal values. “It’s nothing to do with your hair colour or the colour of your skin. But when you get it right, your eyes automatically look clearer and your skin fresher. This in turn makes you look healthier. “When people look at you, the first impression is formed in 30 seconds. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression and so you’ve got to make it count,” said Karina, who used to work in IT until she started running her image consultancy franchise about four years ago. House of Colour uses a colour wheel invented in the 1920s by Bauhaus, containing 144 different hues which allows people to understand how


tonal values work together. These are spilt into the four seasons. My colour analysis begins and Karina, who conducts her business from her home studio flooded with natural light, places white all around my face. She then starts to whizz through colours placed next to my make-up free skin to see how those colours reflect upon me. I often wear black, especially for work, yet Karina told me that black doesn’t complement my skin – bringing out black circles round my eyes and dark lines on my face. Through the colours she placed on me, certain greens and yellows I would never have picked off a clothing rail in a shop were found to work with my skin tone. After a while looking through the mirror at myself, I could see the colours changing and the theory seemed to make sense. I found myself liking colours I would never have entertained before, which is amazing for somebody who keeps only certain colours in her wardrobe.

Karina informed me I was an ‘autumn’ and handed me a wallet of the 36 colours I should wear in my spectrum. This should be used when shopping, to pick out the best tones. “You are what you are and colour analysis is all about making you feel and look better, enhancing your natural assets. Everybody has to know how to work with their physical architecture. “When you wear neutral clothes, you feel neutral and so blend a little bit more into the background. When you wear colour, it’s much more striking,” said Karina. Next, she completed a short makeup consultation, featuring autumnal colours. Jewellery and accessories are also explained, an important feature to build up key clothes bought for a wardrobe. “It’s an investment in your wardrobe which can be used going forward. The wallet can be used as a guide but after a while people can scan a shop without it and know the colours that suit them,” added Karina.




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Next, she does an analysis of my ‘physical architecture’ to guide me on what necklines, belts, skirts and jackets, among many other elements, I can wear. It is a very detailed description, with my height measured and face shape determined. She also asks me questions to determine my style – she found mine to be ‘natural ingenue’. All of these elements put together form a style that suits me personally to create the best possible first impression. In total, there are 23 different style profiles for women and eight for men. And, yes, men do go along and the sessions also attract groups of people who offer each other moral support. In October, Karina will host a fashion update and loves to look the part herself. “I walk my walk and feel I’m a great advert for what I do,” said the mother-of-two.

New look: Kayley Worsley having a colour consultation with Karina Leacock.


White Rose A4



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Installation by our own experienced fitting teams.

CALL NOW 01226 388500 Unit 26, Claycliffe Business Park, Barugh Green Road, Barugh Green S75 1JU.




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People associate Belgium with two things: beer and chocolate. But there is so much more than meets the eye, writes Lynsey Bradford.





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Royal Galleries.

Grand Place. The Minnewater, Bruges.

Venice of I the North

n Belgium, beer is more than just a drink – it is a culture. As well as for its chocolate, Belgium has a global reputation for its ales. There are hundreds of varieties, with many having their own personalised glasses in which they are served and which are supposed to enhance the flavour. Whether you’re a beer drinker or not, you’re bound to find one to suit your taste – and mine was Duvel, a strong golden ale. As a non-beer drinker, I was slightly apprehensive and had never really appreciated the varied tastes of different beers. But I quickly became accustomed to its malty, slightly bitter taste. De Halve Maan brewery in Bruges is the only remaining active brewery – bottling Brugse Zot and Straffe


Hendrik. From the roof there is a fabulous view of the centuries-old skyline. The Burg is one of the city’s most beautiful squares and despite the rain, tourists cram in to get their photos showing they have visited the city known as the Venice of the North. At night it takes on a magical, ethereal quality as the buildings are lit by hundreds of tiny lights. In stark contrast, the Beguinage former convent and Minnewater, a small lake, offers an air of tranquility. The lake is dotted with swans – a symbol of the city – some swimming, some lolling, but all adding to the picturesque scene. Meandering along the narrow, winding cobbled streets, I find




Page 3

The Burg.

myself in the commercial heart of Bruges – the Market Square. Horses pull carts of people along the cobbled streets at a frightening pace and I’m constantly checking over my shoulder to avoid being run over. There is beautiful embroidery and lace displayed in shop windows, with minute stitching and intricate detailing. And ever so often there is a whiff of sugar and cream emanating from street sellers who offer fabulous pastries covered in icing sugar, strawberries and other delights. Somehow I resist temptation – I’m holding out for the chocolate. I hate cheese so the visit to a fromagerie wasn’t to my taste and the smell as the shop door opened was enough to send me running, but I

managed to contain my repulsion. The different coloured cheeses were lined up in rows behind a glass counter, an army of my worst nightmares, and I wonder why people would want to eat gone off milk, let alone think it tastes nice. I wasn’t tasting any and waited until our next stop, a chocolate shop. Here I was in chocolate heaven. The chocolate, made on the premises at Chocolaterie Sukerbuyc, is creamy and rich as it melts in my mouth, I wonder why unhealthy foods always taste the best. A stone’s throw from Bruges is the picturesque, medieval town of Damme which is in contrast to the liveliness of Bruges. The Schelle Mill, a working mill on the edge of the river, is typical. Belgium’s capital, Brussels, is about

an hour’s train ride away. On first impressions, it is ‘just another capital city’. But hidden deep are many pearls, including the magnificent Grand Place, the wall of Tintin and the Manneken Pis – a bronze fountain sculpture of a brazen little chap urinating into the fountain’s basin. It was almost impossible to see the famous little boy who has worn hundreds of suits, as people pack into the small street corner and fight to catch a glimpse or a photo. Not really understanding the magnitude of its importance to the Belgian people, it was the perfect opportunity to kick back and muse over with a lovely Belgian beer. Lynsey flew with BMI Regional from Leeds Bradford to Brussels Airport.


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Kitchens & Bedrooms that tick all the boxes  Style   Price   Quality   Service 


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BARNSLEY FC * Season Ticket NOW! For 1 adult and 1 child *With any purchase over £3,500

Until 30th June Terms and conditions apply

Visit us at Unit 1 to 3, Humberside Way, Carlton Ind. Est., Barnsley S71 3RN CALL FOR OUR FREE DESIGN & QUOTATION SERVICE

Tel: 01226 202588 Open Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm • Saturday 9.00am - 1.00pm




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Chef Matt Wilkinson grew up in Silkstone and learned about hard work in Yorkshire pubs. These days he has a cult following in Melbourne. Adam Civico finds out why, for Matt, vegetables come first.

A fresh approach


att Wilkinson was born in Yorkshire, cooks in Australia and loves a good pork pie. Yet his first cookbook, Mr Wilkinson’s favourite vegetables, is about, well the clue is in the title. He starts the book asking: “So why a book on vegetables?” It’s a reasonable question and by way of explanation Matt says: “It’s quite simple. Thinking about vegetables first is how I cook. “I build my dish around what vegetables are in season because this is when they will be the cheapest, most readily available and, most importantly, taste the best – and surely this has to be the most important factor.” It’s an interesting approach and one which has brought Matt critical acclaim in his adopted city of Melbourne – which he says is one of the best dining cities in the world. Matt, who grew up in Silkstone and attended Penistone Grammar School, got a taste for good food and hard work with a series of jobs in pubs around Hoyland Common, Barnsley, as a teenager. A stint at Barnsley College followed where Matt studied hospitality management. A year into the course he realised his passion was for the kitchen, not front-of-house.

Dishy: Chef Matt Wilkinson.

After speaking to his tutor, the late John Stevenson, he decided to move to London to cook in a restaurant called Warren House. “This is where I got my passion for cooking under head chef Michael Taylor, after two years I moved to Edinburgh to work for one Michelinstarred chef Martin Wishart. “After two more years I moved to Australia in 2000 and became second chef at one of Australia’s best restaurants, Vue de Monde. “I then became head chef at one of Melbourne’s top restaurants, Circa the Prince of Wales, for five years, and for the last two years have run my own two businesses, Pope Joan and the

Bishop of Ostia.” It’s a world away from the Pennine towns and villages Matt knew as a lad and he still hankers for the beauty of the place – and the occasional bit of good Yorkshire grub. “You don’t realise how beautiful Yorkshire is until you have been away for a while. “Melbourne is just a really cool place and one of the best dining cities of the world. But I think what I miss the most about Barnsley is my nan’s Sunday roasts, they rocked, and a good pork pie.”  Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables is published by Murdoch Books, £20.





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INGREDIENTS 150ml (5fl oz) olive oil 50g (1 3/4 oz) butter 4 small white onions, halved and sliced 4 small red onions, halved and sliced 5 thick cut slices smoked bacon, sliced 130ml (4 1/3 fl oz) brandy

70ml (2 1/4 fl oz) port 200ml (7 fl oz) white wine 100ml (3 1/2) red wine 30g (1oz) plain flour 2l (70 fl oz) ham/ vegetable stock, or water 2 tablespoons flat leaf parsley leaves, chopped Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Barnsley Onion Soup


t’s clear Matt Wilkinson's South Yorkshire upbringing has influenced his style of cooking, which explains the inclusion of potato scallops, ‘me nan’s Yorkshire puddings’ (made with self-raising flour, eggs and milk and cooked in lard) and ‘Barnsley onion soup’ in his book. He writes, “stuff the French and their thinking that they invented the whole cuisine of the world. I’m naming this soup after my hometown, made by a


Barnsley fella in Australia with a French recipe.”

3. Add the brandy and port, strike a match and carefully flame the alcohol. Once the flame has gone, add both wines and cook until reduced by half. 4. Turn the heat to low/medium and stir in the flour until there are no lumps.

METHOD 1. Heat a saucepan over medium heat and add the olive oil and butter. 2. Once the butter has melted, add both types of onion, the garlic and bacon and cook for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

5. Add the stock, increase the heat and bring to the boil. Simmer for 50 to 60 minutes or until the soup is a thick broth consistency. 6. To finish add the parsley and season with salt and pepper. Serve with bread.




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Baked Beans


aked beans are a staple of a decent breakfast. Matt perfected his recipe at Pope Joan in Melbourne.

METHOD 1. Heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion and gently sweat. 2. Once translucent add the spices and cook for four minutes. 3. Add the tomato puree and cook for three minutes. 4. Add the sugar and vinegar and reduce by a third, or until sticky. 5. Add the tomatoes and water and boil for five minutes on full heat stirring continuously. 6. Turn the heat back to medium, add the beans and cook until the beans have started to absorb the tomato and flavours of the sauce, about 15 to 25 minutes. 7. Serve with buttered toast or with a breakfast.

INGREDIENTS 150ml (5fl oz) olive oil 1 white onion sliced 1 teaspoon smoked paprika 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 teaspoon fine salt 1 teaspoon ground allspice 1 teaspoon cumin 1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric

2 tablespoons tomato puree 100g (3 1/2oz) sugar 235ml (7 3/4 fl oz) red wine vinegar 2 x 400g (140z) tins crushed tomatoes 1 tin of water (use one of the empty tomato tins) 750g (1lb 10oz) cooked white beans (tinned or cooked at home)

The beans will keep refrigerated for a week.





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Mango and tuna salad


ango freshens this lively salad that goes well with savoury dishes like seared rare tuna.

METHOD 1. Heat a large frying pan over medium heat. Once hot add chorizo and grapeseed oil and fry until coloured on all sides. 2. Take off the heat and strain, reserving the oil and chorizo. The oil makes a lovely salad dressing. 3. Place the mango, onion, peppers, half of the lemon juice and the parsley in a large bowl. Add enough of the chorizo oil to bind it all together. 4. Arrange the salad and the cooked chorizo pieces on a serving plate. 5. Heat a large pan on high heat. Add the olive oil and sear the tuna on one side until it is cooked halfway. INGREDIENTS 6. Take off the heat, glaze the tuna with a little chorizo oil and the remaining lemon juice and season with salt and pepper. 7. Place the tuna onto the plates and scatter over some rocket, drizzle the plate with a little more chorizo oil.

1 fresh chorizo peeled and cut into 2cm (3/4) inch cubes 100ml (3 1/2 fl oz) grapeseed oil 1/2 mango, finely diced 1/2 small red onion, finely diced 400g (14oz) jar piquillo peppers (available at a good deli) drained

and finely diced Juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsps finely chopped flat-leaf parsley 50ml (1 2/3fl oz) olive oil 4x100g pieces of tuna loin Sea salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper 1 cup baby wild rocket leaves


Toffs A4



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design unlimited…

• unlimited design opportunities

• unlimited panel splits and colours

Welcome to Toffs Fitted Bedrooms, where the only limit is your imagination. The contemporary way to make your bedroom furniture special from a company with three generations of experience. Toffs can cater for your every need and desire.


01226 387525


Unit 1C, Metro Trading Centre, Barugh Green Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley (behind Metro Sheds)

46 Old Post Office A4



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The dilapidated Victorian conservatory at Wentworth Castle is about to be dismantled and taken away for restoration. Adam Civico took a look at the grade II listed structure before it went.





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Heart of glass


n intricate scaffolding structure has cocooned the grade II listed Victorian conservatory at Wentworth Castle for years. It’s an ugly incongruous contraption but without it the eroded iron framework of the glasshouse would have collapsed a long time ago. As it is, it still stands. Just. Before Christmas I was shown inside, but only after I had donned a bulletproof suit to mitigate the risk of falling glass. There was an ominous crunch of broken glass underfoot and the full extent of the neglect became apparent.


Since then the overgrown area surrounding the conservatory has been cleared, revealing the sorry state it is in. Yet, despite its dilapidation there is something impressive about the decorative ironwork and the sheer scale of the building. With a small leap of imagination it’s possible to envisage what a magnificent thing the conservatory could be. That image is certainly enough to make Wentworth Castle Trust director Claire Herring excited that restoration work is about to begin. But she admits there have been some nervous moments over recent winters.

“The structure cannot cope with the weight of snow,” she says. “And we have had some serious snow falls in recent years. The big down pipes are also structural and take the weight of the conservatory. But they have filled with leaves, which have caused them to rot from the inside because it is very acidic.” Thanks to the scaffolding the erosion has not been catastrophic and this month contractors will begin the yearlong restoration project. It’s no small task and, as is the modern way, there are a range of health and safety checks to be done. Claire says: “They will spend about




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Exterior and interior shots of Wentworth Castle’s grade II listed Victorian conservatory and, bottom right, estate manager Michael Klemperer inside the structure.

three weeks marking all the different pieces to ensure safety – and so they know how to put it back together again. Then they will take about six weeks dismantling it.” The metal work will be taken off site, gently cleaned and assessed. Anything that can be restored will be and where necessary replicas will be made using Victorian techniques in order to meet strict restoration regulations. “It’s a highly specialised job and will need real expertise,” says Claire. She estimates about half of the structural ironwork can be saved, while most of the decorative panels – featuring a passion flower design –

will be restored. New glass will be created using machine-drawn techniques used at the time it was built. Although the same method will be used the panes will be thicker than the originals – health and safety, again. Then it will be planted with a range of temperate climate plants from around the globe in an attempt to recapture the ‘plant-hunting’ interests of the Vernon-Wentworth family that built the conservatory, Claire adds. “They were great collectors and put things in the conservatory. There is a huge archive and some of the trustees have devoted so much time in

researching the history.” Once restored and planted a terraced area will be built in front of the conservatory with stunning views across the estate’s parkland. The passion flower detail will be replicated in benches giving visitors the chance to enjoy the scene. And Claire hopes it will be an asset that will draw thousands more to the parkland that is rapidly becoming one of the best attractions in the north. “It’s south-facing,” says Claire. “People will come from the front of the house and into the gardens. “I’m excited because it’s going to have that wow factor.”


50 Lower Belle/Wellthorne



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£425,000 A four bedroom barn conversion set within approaching 2 acre grounds surrounded by glorious open countryside. Lower Belle Clive Farm sits overlooking the valley resulting in breathtaking views and whilst enjoying a delightful countryside setting is only a short drive from the market town of Penistone and associated services. Boasting a detached stable block 4 car garage with workshop and being within a 10 minute drive of the M1 motorway.


£775,000 Wellthorne House occupies a private position off a private lane within this much admired village with outstanding rural surroundings. This individually designed and built home offers spacious accommodation throughout, presented with highest level of fitments, boasting extensive parking, three car garage with accommodation over, gardens and excellent infrastructure links. The property boasts central heating and double glazing, a sophisticated security system and potential to convert the roof space which would lend itself to a number of varying uses. HEAD OFFICE: 121 PARK LANE, MAYFAIR, LONDON W1K 7AG

1 Queens Court, Regent Street, Barnsley S70 2EG. Tel 01226 729009


51 Upper Randle/One Oak



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£695,000 A stone built character home dating back to 1650 with adjoining barn which presents potential for further conversion and development. The whole is set within stunning gardens and adjoining paddocks all of which total approximately four acres. Upper Randal sits off Marsh Platt privately enclosed and commanding glorious rural views with spacious accommodation which would easily present a self contained annex or guest house.Whilst enjoying this idyllic rural setting the property is well served by local services including a train station and highly regarded schools whilst being commutable positioned central to surrounding commercial centres.


£799,950 A detached period home privately situated within grounds approaching half an acre with stunning south facing gardens, located within one of the area’s most established premier locations. One Oak has been sympathetically extended resulting in spacious family accommodation whilst retaining original character features throughout. Located off a private lane with similar style homes only a short drive from both the M62 and Huddersfield centre. HEAD OFFICE: 121 PARK LANE, MAYFAIR, LONDON W1K 7AG

1 Queens Court, Regent Street, Barnsley S70 2EG. Tel 01226 729009


Keptcastle A4



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Rose Villa 44 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley

FOLLOWING COMPLETE RENOVATION AND REFURBISHMENT TO A HIGH QUALITY SPECIFICATION IS THIS HANDSOME DOUBLE FRONTED STONE BUILT DETACHED VICTORIAN VILLA PROVIDING GENEROUS THREE RECEPTION ROOMS, FAMILY KITCHEN, FOUR/FIVE BEDROOM AND THREE BATHROOM ACCOMMODATION. Retaining period character features, yet providing superb contemporary 21st Century living for a growing family, this charming family home occupies a commanding position within this established conservation area approximately 1/2 mile North West of Barnsley Town Centre. Set in its own grounds with a large garage, the accommodation comprises reception hall, cloakroom/wc, lounge, dining room, study, large family breakfast kitchen, utility room, four/five bedrooms, two with ensuite shower rooms and house bathroom. To the rear there is a good sized privately enclosed garden.

Price: O/A £420,000 Open for viewing Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June • 11am – 3pm

KEPTCASTLE LIMITED 15 Regent Street, Barnsley • Telephone 01226 206021 or 07790 395326

GM Wilson A4



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DO YOU FEEL AS AN EMPLOYER YOUR HANDS ARE TIED? Employment law is a fast changing and complex area of law. We are here to help you with clear, commercial advice and solutions to your problems. We are here to advise employers on all contentious and non-contentious matters.

• Employment contracts • Service agreements • Terms and conditions of employment • Compromise agreements • Grievances • Disciplinary procedures • Redundancy • Unfair dismissal • Transfer of undertakings WE CAN HELP Contact Melissa Cook now on 01226 794140

gm wilson SOLICITORS

01226794140 4 Great Cliffe Court, Great Cliffe Road, Dodworth S75 3SP ONE MINUTE FROM J37 OF THE M1 WITH FREE PARKING

also at 1 Crown Court, Wakefield WF1 2SN. Tel. 01924 291111

54, 55



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Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team: Nigel Smith, Mike France, Scott Roberts, and John Halstead.

Searching F questions When Mike France joined the Mountain Rescue team in 1970, the M62 was under construction, you could pay for your groceries with a ten bob note and telephones and cars were luxury items. Katia Harston finds out how things have changed.


our decades ago the world and mountain rescue were very different. Rescuer Mike France, of Huddersfield, was a keen young whippersnapper who had just started out as a volunteer with mountain rescue. Since then he has clocked up 42 years of saving lives in wild and remote places after joining what eventually became Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team, formed through the amalgamation of the Huddersfield Scout MRT, Stocksbridge Barugh Rovers and Sheffield Scout MRT. Like many of the volunteers that make up the Woodhead team today, Mike has worn many hats during his time. He’s been both deputy and team leader, incident controller for 14 years, a role he holds today, as well as search manager. His mountain rescue ‘CV’ is impressive by any standards, and, if anyone knows about the challenges facing the team, it’s him. He says the three biggest hurdles to overcome are funding, membership and commitment.

“When I say commitment, I mean people actually being able to commit their time through the week, not just at weekends. When I first started, having a few hours out of the week off from work to volunteer wasn’t a problem for employers. “Now it is a very different situation.” Incident numbers in the Woodhead team’s patch have quadrupled in 40 years and volunteers are no longer only needed at weekends. “It is still the busiest time for us, a Saturday and Sunday, but we are getting more and more incidents through the week these days,” says Mike. “People have more free time, they might see the weather is nice on a Monday morning and go for a walk. But in a couple of hours’ time they could be on the tops of the hills and have broken their legs. “That’s why we need bigger numbers on the teams so you get enough people to manage the

54, 55



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incidents, regardless of when they are.” However, there is a bright side as new and improving technologies, such as GPS and better clothing, have played a huge role in reducing response times. “I suppose in the early days it took us a lot longer to do things, and anybody that was out there on a search or rescue, their clothing would be sodden and some caught hypothermia and had to be carried off themselves. “We literally had on woolly jumpers our mothers made for us and cotton shirts that would stay sodden all day once they were wet. “What we get now is people go missing and we have so much technology and applications to hand,

we can send information to a mobile phone and it tells us where people are.” However, funding is still a problem. Woodhead MRT receives no cash from the government and members have been known to supply their own torches, rucksacks, radios, kit and fuel to attend emergencies. “Funding is an issue, but we will manage. “What’s happening now is the Mountain Rescue England and Wales, the national co-ordinating body for volunteer search and rescue teams, is getting better at fund-raising so we are seeing the benefits of that with

some things being paid for such as vehicle insurance, which is massive for us.” So many people assume members are paid but the truth is it often costs these people money to volunteer. But as Mike says they do it because they enjoy it and want to help. “It keeps us out of mischief too I suppose, which is always a good thing,” Mike jokes.





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The Audi A6 is lighter and more nimble than ever. Mike Cotton takes a peek.

Dream machine: The Audi A6 ticks every box.

The amazing A6


F it’s a big, luxury executive saloon you’re after, the Audi A6 will surely tick all the boxes. The latest redesign of its flagship saloon included comprehensive weight-saving measures. It now features a composite aluminium and steel construction, making it 15 per cent lighter than an all-steel equivalent. That means performance from the whole range is sharper, but also more fuel efficient. The 2.0 TDI with 175bhp emits 129g/km of carbon and combined fuel economy is 57.7mpg. Yet it will hit 62mph in 8.7 seconds and go on to a top speed of 142. The figures make this the perfect allrounder when it comes to economy versus performance. However, if you want to go nuts (and I often do) there is the A6 Quattro S Line TFSI, 3.0, 300 horsepower. Bang tidy, as they say. Handling promises to be nimble for such a big car, and the suspension


Luxury inside and out: Kitted out in leather and chrome.

strikes a perfect compromise between comfort and control. Standard equipment includes alloy wheels, leather upholstery, cruise control, front and rear parking controls, satellite navigation, Bluetooth phone preparation, and light and rain sensors.

Available options include comfort seats with heating, cooling and massaging functions, acoustic glazing, supple leather trimming for the centre console, a 15-speaker Bang and Olufsen audio system with 1,200 watts of power, and TV reception.  The A6 starts from £30,495.

Wakefield Audi



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Mike Cotton gets a nice surprise when testing the Land Rover Freelander on the A1.

Dream model: The Land Rover Freelander Exclusive limited edition.

Magnificent machine


HE Land Rover Freelander is a brilliant machine which took me a little by surprise. I’m a Land Rover fan. I’d already road-tested the Range Rover Evoque, Sport and Vogue, the Discovery 4 and the Land Rover Defender, and loved them all. I wasn’t all that excited about the Freelander but it quickly became one of my favourites. There’s something about climbing into a Land Rover which makes you want to sing God Save the Queen. The smell, the feel of it, reminds you that Britain is still brilliant at making things, and the Freelander is no exception. It drives beautifully at all speeds, and is supremely comfortable — a very smooth, luxurious ride, but agile and forgiving in the corners too. Controls are all in easy reach, and the off-road settings could not be easier to master. A dial by the


Well-equipped: The cockpit.

gearstick can be turned from normal driving to grass/gravel/snow, mud and ruts, or sand.

The test car was a limited edition Exclusive, with the bespoke leather, rear spoiler, privacy glass and metallic paint, costing £28,345. What surprised me most was the fuel economy. I tested the 2.2 TD4 (there is an even more efficient eD4 version) on a 200-mile round trip down the A1. Sticking to 60mph, I averaged 53mpg. Even driving ‘swiftly and aggressively’, or in town traffic, the economy barely dipped below 35mpg. For a car of this bulk, with all its offroad capabilities and refinement, that is stunning performance. It's for good reason that the Freelander is in high demand all over the world, not least in car-hungry China. About 1,000 extra workers have been taken on at the factory on Merseyside just to keep up with demand.  The Freelander starts at £22,700.

Guy Salmon



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Mike Cotton ventures into wind-in-your-hair motoring — driving the Mazda MX-5.

A cool car: Madza MX-5 Venture Edition.

A topless beauty


DON’T care how wet and cloudy our summer is going to be, I still wish I owned a Mazda MX-5. It’s impossible not to love this iconic roadster. It looks and feels beautiful but doesn’t cost the earth, either to buy or to run. The 1.8 will do just shy of 40mpg combined. We don’t get many of those glorious British summer days, with a beating hot sun and a gentle breeze, but when we do, there can be few nicer places to be than behind the wheel of an MX-5 with the roof down. It’s officially the world’s most popular open-top sports car and Mazda says heart-racing excitement and wind-in-your-hair exhilaration are ‘all but guaranteed’. The engine choices are 1.8 or 2.0 petrol, with 124 and 158bhp respectively. Both versions have Mazda’s trademark agility and vitality in spades. There’s a limited edition version Venture Edition at the moment with decadent Havana Brown heated leather seats, leather


Your choice: It comes in hard top or soft.

steering wheel and hand brake with contrasting grey stitching, climate control air-conditioning, piano black dashboard detailing, alloy pedals, cruise control and satellite navigation. There will only be 1,000 Venture editions in the UK, 250 of the soft top

and 750 of the hard top. Prices are £18,995 and £22,285 on the road respectively. It’s easy to see why the world loves this car.  The MX-5 range starts from £17,995.

Perrys Mazda



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Mike Cotton takes the Mercedes E class for a spin.

Stunning: The Mercedes E 250 CDI Sport.

Perfect from all angles


eauty, precision and power in a car sometimes come at the expense of comfort, luxury and fuel economy. But the Mercedes E 250 CDI Sport comes with the perfect dose of all the above. It really is a fantastic car. I absolutely did not want to take it back. You can’t help but smile in the luscious leather cockpit, surrounded by gadgets. The almost comical long bonnet stretches out in front of you, with the trademark Mercedes badge peeping up in the distance like the sight of a rifle. A passing fellow E-Class driver pipped his horn and saluted as I was getting into it one morning – he was obviously equally pleased with himself.


The intuitive automatic gearbox gives you as much of the 204 horsepower as you need. It has flappy paddles on the steering wheel if you chose to drive manually, or to force a gear change. When you need to get somewhere fast it’s incredibly direct and feels invincible in the corners. It’s easy to drive, and fun too. But amazingly it can still manage 56.7mpg combined, and 67.3 out of town.

The stop-start is probably the best system of its type I’ve seen. It restarts smoothly and quickly and no matter how much you try and beat it, the power is always there when you need it. Road noise is minimal, as is engine noise at cruising speeds. There’s a pleasant roar when accelerating. And it looks stunning. I spent quite a long time trying to find an angle from which I didn’t love this car. I failed.  The E-Class starts at £29,125.

JTC 600 Mercedes



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Ward Green



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Mike Cotton takes a look at Kia’s best-selling car.

A touch of luxury: The Kia cee’d.

cee’d’s reputation grows


IA’S best-selling car the cee’d is reborn this month with the arrival of an all-new model. The new cee’d made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The mid-sized hatchback is fresh-faced and eager to impress. It features a striking front end, with a ‘tiger nose’ grille, and LED daytime running lights. It’s longer, and more streamlined, with a more athletic look and a wider track. It is more aerodynamic, thanks to extensive wind-tunnel testing in Korea. Engines include a 1.4 or 1.6 petrol, with 100 and 135bhp respectively, a 1.4 diesel producing 90bhp, and a 1.6 diesel tuned to either 110 or 128bhp. The 1.6 diesel is expected to be the biggest seller. It will return excellent fuel economy, but still accelerates to 60mph in less than 11 seconds. Kia says the latest cee’d has a more refined cabin than the last — it will be quieter and more comfortable. The glass is 14 per cent thicker, the door mirrors have a ‘low drag’

A back view: The Shapely rear end.

aerodynamic profile, the door seals are double layer and there is increased foam lining, which all reduce cabin noise. The dashboard layout features a cockpit-like design with an aircraftthemed, driver-oriented fascia. The main control panel wraps

around the steering wheel, placing all switchgear within easy reach. The main control groups such as audio and air-conditioning have been segregated. There’s a more premium, luxurious, big car feel to the interior. The new cee’d is available from June 1.


Sandal BMW



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Log burning fires • Wood burning ranges and stoves • Fire pits • Pizza ovens etc…

One ton bag logs £40 delivered (Prices (Prices may may vary, vary, dependent dependent on on timber timber supplies) supplies) • Logs • Sticks • Compost • Mulch • Wood Chippings • Hanging Baskets • Plants • Shrubs Cutting Edge Garden Centre Knowle Knowle Road, Road, off off Sheffield Sheffield Road, Road, Barnsley Barnsley

MIRROR IMAGE Family run business with a personal, friendly service


SHOWROOM 108 Barnsley Road Wath-upon-Dearne Rotherham S63 6DQ

PHONE 0500 123435


Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm

26/30 The Arcade, Barnsley. Tel: 01226 203891 Eldon Street, Barnsley S70 2JL. Tel: 01226 203891 13/17 Cross Square,Wakefield West Yorkshire WF1 1PQ. Tel: 01924 372548

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For every room in your home

For every occasion in your life

A story of indoor scents and perfumes. Inspired from nature, to live well every day.

SALE NOW ON! furniture interiors

FANTASTIC SHOWROOM DISPLAYS AT: The Old Garage | Genn Lane | Ward Green | Barnsley

T: 01226 280773 or visit

woodward carpets f l o o r i n g s p e c i a l i s t 1 Barnsley Road, Dodworth, Barnsley

THE FAMILY BUSINESS, OFFERING... • Quality and personal service to customers • No outside contractors • Over 30 years’ experience in carpet trade • FREE Fitting • FREE Measuring & Estimates Call in our showroom or telephone:

01226 282161

Ask for Ian or Greg. Details on request. GR EE EN

Station RO AD

War Memorial



We welcome...




To Penistone

Jct 37 M1

• Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri 9.15am - 5.00pm • Thurs 9.15am - 1.00pm • Sat 10.00am - 3.00pm

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express blinds& curtains

• Venetian

• Roller

• Skylight

• Pleated

• Curtains

• Roof Blinds

• Window Films

• Perfect Fit

• Shutters

• Pelmets

• Cushions

• Spare parts & repairs

• Vertical


• Velux

Mon – Fri 10am - 4pm Sat 9am - 1pm Unit 5, Aldham Ind. Estate Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HA

Tel: 01226 756111


Fencing & Sheds Well worth the visit!



NO MAINTENANCE • 10 year guarantee against rot eg. 6' x 6' vert/lap £21each incl. VAT Any size made to order EXCELLENT CHOICE OF VARIOUS DESIGNS

All concrete products available


Telephone 01226 280988 OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK

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up to 2 years

0% FINANCE now available on all new Yamaha mopeds, scooters and motorcycles up to 125cc

with only £99 deposit! Yamaha YBR125 £2,570 O.T.R.

Saturday 9th June

An evening with

DAVE BURLAND Barnsley Folk Legend

Friday 15th – Sunday 17th June and Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th June

THE WIZARD OF OZ Friday 13th July

BOY ON A DOLPHIN The Lamproom Theatre, Westgate, Barnsley

Box Office: 01226 200075

* 2 years parts and labour warranty * 100 plus MPG * 1 years RAC cover

Yamaha Vity 125 £2,070



HYPNO-GASTRIC-BAND plus: HELP STOP WEIGHT, SMOKING, DRINK, DRUGS, FEARS, PHOBIAS, CONFIDENCE, STRESS, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, OBSESSIONS, Sleep, Pain & other powerful life changes for adults, teenagers & children.

* 2 years parts and labour warranty * 100 plus MPG * 1 years RAC cover Large car park • Easy access • 2 minutes from town centre • Servicing • MOT • Tyre fitting • New and used bikes in stock • Full clothing range.

Telephone: 01226 391557 Unit 28, Cannon Way, Claycliffe Business Park, Barugh Green S75 1JU Barugh Green

SAVE £20 OFF YOUR 1st SESSION Replace old, unhappy, negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour, with new, happy, positive ones. Motivate success of your goals and targets within: self, life, relationships, work and sport.

Jeana Hallas, BSc (Hons) Psy, Dip.Hyp, Dip.Couns: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, CBT FREE DETAILS or FREE CONSULTATION Tel: 01226 230447 (24 hrs) for free details Large Website Including ‘Free’ Videos:

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Glen Hewitt Pennine plumbing heating and gas SERVICES FOR HOMEOWNERS AND LANDLORDS including landlords’ certificates Plumbing • Heating • Gas • Powerflush 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE Contact Glen Hewitt 07836 Tel/fax messages 01226

578879 767476

No job too small!

Oven cleaning is what we do best. Our unique and innovative domestic system is the perfect solution to restore your oven to “good as new”. Environmentally friendly & caustic free solutions give outstanding results from our courteous, reliable, full trained specialists. Ovenclean specialists are fully equipped to clean: • Ranges • Stoves • Electric • Gas • Hobs • Microwaves • AGA’s etc.

Call your local Ovenclean specialist Steven Bell now on 07426 595 386 or 01226 213805

If you love musicals, you’ll love The Academy Theatre – THE place for musicals… Monday 11th – Saturday 16th June L.S. Theatre Productions’


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Tickets and information:

01226 74 44 42

Thursday 21st – Saturday 23rd June

Les Musicals IV

NOW BOOKING:Wednesday 4th – Saturday 14th July

Miss Saigon (School Edition)


311 Sheffield Road Birdwell Barnsley S70 5TU

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Page 1 The benefits of artificial turf:



We provide a friendly and reliable one stop shop solution to all your home improvement needs.

• Bespoke joinery • Decking • Fencing • Flooring • Decorating • Plastering • Electrical work • Plumbing • Gutter, fascia and soffit repair and replacement

• Pet friendly • Perfect all year round • NO mowing • NO weeding



The Garage You Can Trust • SERVICING • REPAIRS • MoT’s ALL MAKES and MODELS Petrol and Diesel, Cars and Light Commercials Appointed Member (and National Excellence Award Winners 2011) of The Good Garage to carry out industry standard servicing to all makes of vehicles.

Rimington Auto Services Ltd. (COLIN BELL)

Telephone 01226 754764 or Freephone 0800 035 1143 And leave the rest to us. Free local collection and delivery. All cards accepted. Rimington Road, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8DQ

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Sale Now On - Hurry, these deals can’t last forever CELEBRATING 20 YEARS WITH 20% DISCOUNT OFF EVERYTHING 3m x 3m EDWARDIAN




£6300 FITTED





£2000 FITTED

COMPOSITE DOORS from £600 fitted 3m x 3m VICTORIAN




£6000 FITTED




All conservatories include: • 35mm roof • Plaster • Electrics • Radiator

Y rkshire Conservatories






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Kate Pickles “I can bring you a selection of cold cuts if you like?” the waitress offered as a starter. We’d been unwittingly sucked in. A large dish containing a selection of three cold meats came to the table. There was no disputing the fact they were delicious.


ver been so hungry you could eat a horse? Well, I think I did... albeit inadvertently. Not a whole one admittedly, merely a few slices as a starter in fact. But it wasn’t until after we had polished off the sumptuous meat platter, my boyfriend smiled and said: “I think we’ve just eaten horse.” I had already been warned it was considered a bit of a delicacy in Ljubljana, the quaint capital city of Slovenia, we were visiting. Guide books, written in a distinctly mocking style, told us to get over our love of ‘Mister Ed’ and tuck in to the lean and low fat alternative to beef. I remained unconvinced. It didn’t take long though. On the second night of our stay we stumbled across a traditional restaurant, largely frequented by locals, which proved a welcome shelter from the unrelenting rain that evening. Perhaps it was the distraction of a minty liqueur given as an apéritif by the waitress while we were browsing the minimal menu, but I clearly didn’t have all of my wits about me. Sipping it reminded me of the herbal toothpaste that was popular a few years ago, strong and not entirely unpleasant for a local drop. The starters seemed wholly unspectacular and, not very taken with the offer of soup or salad, we plumped to go straight into the mains.


There was the obligatory veal, pork medallions and three other choices that left us scratching our heads. Colt (thigh,) colt (back) and a third, prime cut of colt, dominated the menu. “What’s colt?” we asked each other, then brushed it aside without giving it any more thought. The mixed grill at ten euros seemed a decent option. “I can bring you a selection of cold cuts if you like?” the waitress offered as a starter. We’d been unwittingly sucked in. A large dish containing a selection of three cold meats came to the table. There was no disputing the fact they were delicious. The chef, who had been busily working away in the open kitchen before us, came to the table next to us smiling as he showed a cut of meat that could only be described as a leg. The penny dropped with a thud. I finally remembered ‘colt’ was the term for a young, male horse. The dark meat we had just been eating was obviously a cured form of something I had taken pleasure from sitting on for many years. But while Anthony broke the now obvious news on what we had been happily munching on, it didn’t change a thing. The guide book was right. I was too young for Mister Ed anyway.

KC Design House



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The Wortley Arms NEW



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GREAT FOOD, GREAT BEER, GREAT COMPANY Here at The Wortley Arms we take pride in providing a warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

WEDDINGS, DINNERS, PARTIES AND PRIVATE HIRE AVAILABLE FOR THAT ‘SPECIAL’ OCCASION • Local Real Ales • Fine Dining and Gastro Pub meals • Private Dining • Parties catered for up to 80 people • Live music on selected nights • Our exciting new menu and ‘specials board’ has been updated – come dine with us! • Private restaurant available for weddings • Seating up to 50, evening 80 • Bespoke packages tailor-made to suit your needs

Book early to avoid disappointment Charity Event 26th August – In aid of Sheffields Hospitals Charity Leukaemia Ward. Live Music, BBQ etc. Come along have fun and support a good cause!

The Wortley Arms Halifax Road Wortley Sheffield South Yorkshire S35 7DB Tel 0114 288 8749 Web Join our mailing list for future events, details on website.

Mosaic Magazine Issue 65 (June 2012)  

As Britain prepares to revel in an orgy of jubilee-based patriotism there’s an international feel to this edition of Mosaic. One of Australi...