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Ideas for inspiring people in Yorkshire

APRIL 2013 Issue Seventy Four

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WELCOME TO MOSAIC As I write, Spring has not yet sprung and we remain wrapped up at our desks in thick coats, cardigans and jumpers.

Rachel Parry Features editor

Nevertheless, we are getting into the springtime spirit this issue with a delicious seasonal recipe of roasted rack of English lamb from The Three Acres’ new head chef Tom Davies. Heading up the Emley kitchen, Tom says he loves nothing more than creating hearty dishes using fresh, local produce – in particular good quality meat. Hear, hear we say. Elsewhere we meet blind runner Chris Blackabee from Mexborough who regularly takes on five kilometre runs and now has marathon aspirations.

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Published by Acredula Group 47 Church Street Barnsley South Yorkshire S70 2AS Printed by Buxton Press

ON LOCATION Penistone: Stunning scenery ...



Mummy’s the word: Captivated by all things Egyptian.

Back indoors we visit a contemporary family home in the village of Hepworth and discover the top trends in kitchens for 2013.



FOOD Head chef: How Tom is racking up compliments

ARTS AND THEATRE Sweet music: Filling concert halls for almost 80 years.



On the doorstep: Style and luxury without travelling miles.

Picture perfect: Andy and the lengths he’ll go to!

FARM SHOPS Demand rises for the home-grown

PROPERTY Toy story


Marathon hopes



Ideas for inspiring people in Yorkshire



Heading outdoors we take a wander around the market town of Penistone and meet talented landscape photographer Andy Hemingway who captures stunning countryside scenes from throughout Yorkshire and the Peak District.




Another determined person to grace our pages is Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher, who hails from Barnsley. She tells us about her new television series on ancient Egypt which she persuaded the BBC to premiere in her home town rather than the capital.

Latest news and views

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FASHION Glamour: Why it’s hats off to designer Aileen ...

INTERIORS Kitchen roles: Recipes for the perfect living-kitchens

JSS Installations FP



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WHY A J.S.S SOLID CORE COMPOSITE DOOR? 1. Solid hardwood core 48mm thick with 30 minutes fire protection, edge banded on all four sides

6. Exclusive designer furniture

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Showroom open: Monday to Friday 7.30am-7.00pm Saturday & Sunday 9.00am-4.00pm Unit 13, Aldham Industrial Estate, Mitchell Road, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HA


BS 7950

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Registered Company

01226 341234 Visit our online showroom at www.jssinstallations.co.uk




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Nestled on the eastern edge of the Peak District National Park among rolling green hills, the market town of Penistone has plenty to entice visitors. Ed Elliot went for a wander around.





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Stunning scenery


ITUATED in the foothills of the Pennines, about 230 metres above sea level, the town’s main attraction has to be its stunning scenery. Rugged landscape and spectacular views of wide-open countryside stretch as far as the eye can see, with reservoirs and woodlands dotted around the surrounding area. The rural setting is inextricably linked to Penistone’s farming history and offers visitors outdoor adventure and a rustic retreat only minutes from the nearby towns of Huddersfield and Barnsley. Perhaps the perfect time to visit is during the second Saturday in September when the town’s flagship event, Penistone Show, is in full swing. Renowned throughout the region, the show has agriculture at its heart and thousands descend annually in order to catch a glimpse of a vast array of livestock including Highland cattle, horses and whitefaced woodland sheep – the native Penistone breed. Alternatively, the Thursday market or monthly farmers’ market, held inside the £1million-plus oak-framed market barn, are also prime times for a trip. There is no doubt the focal point of the town is the imposing St John the Baptist Church. Dating back to the


middle ages, it underwent restoration at the end of the Victorian era and stands proudly in the town centre, just off the main high street. A stone's throw from the historic church is Penistone Paramount; widely regarded as the jewel in the town's crown. The community venue hosts live events, including organ concerts and stage productions, as well as

showing the latest films on its state-ofthe-art cinema screen. An oldfashioned style interior transports cinemagoers back to days gone by and is a key feature in attracting visitors in search of a more traditional experience. Despite being considered 'out in the sticks' by residents of more urban areas, Penistone has its own 

Browns A4



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 railway station and good transport links to Barnsley, Sheffield and Huddersfield. Manchester is also within easy reach, via a quick change in West Yorkshire, and the scenic Pennine rail route offers passengers yet more views of dramatic landscape. Travelling westwards, the track runs along the magnificent 30 metre-high grade two listed Penistone viaduct, constructed in the early to mid 19th century. For the more outdoor-minded explorers, the train need not be used at all. The Trans Pennine Trail, a 215-mile coast-to-coast path, cuts conveniently cuts through the heart of the town centre, offering countless opportunities


for walkers, cyclists and horse riders to enjoy the plentiful natural beauty. Preserved by a relatively newly-formed volunteer group, the ever-popular trail runs along a former railway line and is surrounded by trees, shrubbery and wild flowers - stretching as far as Southport in the west, and Hornsea in the east. Possibly the best way to fully appreciate the attractiveness of the area is to take a trip to Royd Moor viewing point, in the adjacent village of Thurlstone. Benefiting from 1,000 square miles of uninterrupted views of open countryside, the feature was created to mark the millennium, and it is said that York Minster can be seen

on the horizon on a clear day. A further point of local interest on the outskirts of Penistone is Hartcliff Folly. Constructed in 1856 by a linen merchant at the height of Barnsley's linen industry, the tower sits south-east of the town and some believe it may have used as a viewing platform for game shooting. With the abundance of outdoor opportunities on offer, you could be forgiven for thinking that Penistone is a place purely designed for the summer. Yet nature-loving enthusiasts flock all year round and a winter trip may well be rewarded by a period of snowfall which can leave the town looking its picture-postcard best.

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G Smith FP



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kitchens & bedrooms

at 310 Barnsley Road, Cudworth, Barnsley S72 8TD.

• DESIGN • SUPPLY • INSTALL 25 years experience


Tel. 01226 711611

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You might expect an Egyptologist to be a tweedy old professor poking round the pyramids. You wouldn't expect Dr Joann Fletcher – all wild red hair, big smile and Barnsley accent. Helen Williams met her.

Picture: Callum Bulmer


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Dr Joann Fletcher is smashing through the stereotype of history programme presenters.

Mummy’s the word ... D R Joann Fletcher is a selfconfessed ancient Egypt ‘anorak’. Even before she could read, she was captivated by the pictures in her parents’ book collection. “My mum’s family were massive Egypt fans,” she says. “She had a book about Tutankhamun, and the pictures of those people, to a kid, it’s wonderful. They look bright, beautiful and happy. Even at nursery, the first pictures I drew were of Egyptian gods.” Joann grew up in Barnsley and when the Tutankhamun exhibition came to London in 1972 she was first in the queue, even at the tender age of six. “When my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, she didn't flinch when I said I wanted to be an Egyptologist. She just said ‘well you can be if you work hard at school’.” Joann did work hard and went on to study history and Egyptology at


University College, London. She specialised in the Ptolemies (an ancient Egyptian dynasty) and Cleopatra and did her PHD in ancient Egyptian hair and wigs. Then, not for the last time, she confounded the establishment when she decided to become a ‘freelance’ Egyptologist. Critics said she wouldn’t stick it – but they had underestimated her Barnsley grit. “I wanted to smash the stuffy image of yet another old bloke talking about history on the telly,” she says. “I didn't have the right accent, I didn't wear the right clothes. The spite I got because of it was surprising. “We’ve been brainwashed that Egyptology is the preserve of the home counties when in fact, Sheffield, Leeds and Harrogate have spectacular collections of Egyptian artefacts.” Joann promptly went off to Cairo and it wasn’t long before she got into filming. 

Sophisticated technology means we can see what’s inside a mummy's wrappings.

Walton Manor



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Dr Joann Fletcher says the world of ancient Egypt has much to teach us. For example, women pharaohs ruled on an equal level with men.

 “In 2002, I took Terry Jones (of Monty Python) around ancient Egypt. It was hilarious – he dressed up as an Egyptian. He's a lovely, warm man.” She has also supervised the mummification of Torquay taxi driver Alan Billis for a Channel 4 programme 'Mummifying Alan,' which won a Bafta. Joann has now filmed all over the world, working on mummies in South America, the Yemen and Libya. Egypt is not the only place with mummies - the technique was actually first developed in northern Chile. Joann has just hosted the world premiere of her new series ‘Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings’, which traces the lives of an ancient Egyptian architect and his wife. The couple's tomb was found completely intact. Typically, Joann persuaded the BBC to have the premiere not in London – but in her home town of Barnsley. Introducing her at the event, BBC head of history Martin Davidson looked like he had met his match. He said: “She is a bit of a star, and in 20 years time we'll be able to tell people that we were here.” Joann, a mum who lives on the Yorkshire coast with her analytical chemist husband, also writes books on female pharaohs Nefertiti and Cleopatra, lectures at York University and works with local museums – such as authenticating items in storage. She still does talks and lectures at Barnsley schools and the sixth form college and has a wealth of fascinating facts at her fingertips and left me with this: “For instance, did you know Cleopatra was a redhead?” 14 MOSAIC PROFILE

Once the ancient temples of Egypt were painted in shades which symbolised life in the glowing colours of the sun – and of blood.

Mummies of the ancient Egyptian couple whose story is told in ‘Ancient Egypt: Life & Death in the Valley of the Kings’. Their tomb lay undisturbed for almost 3,000 years.

Moorgate Care Village FP



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ON! at


Unbeatable full house deals! Thousands of rugs on display, from economy to the ultimate in luxury, some…


• Established over 60 years • Largest stockist of Axminster carpets in the area • FREE MEASURING • FREE ESTIMATES

1 Churchfields, Barnsley (rear of town hall)


01226 242720




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Tom Davies has recently been appointed head chef at The Three Acres in Emley, a challenge in which he revels. Rosemary Crampton spoke to him. MOSAIC FOOD AND DRINK 17




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Racking up compliments


om Davies has always enjoyed a challenge – and managing a busy, professional kitchen is his most exciting yet. The Three Acres’ head chef, who was promoted to the top position at the beginning of March, is quietly confident in his new role and is determined to continue delivering classic, English cuisine of the highest quality. Tom has always been passionate about food. As a child, he loved baking with his grandmother – and, at just 15, landed his first part-time job in a professional kitchen. The young chef later moved to Ireland, where he spent 18 months at a County Mayo restaurant. It was, he recalls, a far cry from the fast-paced environment in which he now enjoys working. A four-year stint at Crossland Moore’s The Sands House followed, and when ambitious Tom heard The


Three Acres were looking for a new chef de partie, he jumped at the chance to apply. Its proprietors were impressed with the breadth of his experience – and the rest, as they say, is history. Five years on and Tom has risen to the position of head chef – a role which requires him to devise menus, create new dishes and oversee a busy kitchen. “It’s a high-pressure environment, but I enjoy it,” says Tom. “I could never sit in an office all day.” He is also in charge of The Three Acres’ experienced kitchen team, with whom he loves working. “They’re great lads, and always really supportive,” he says. His new role is as rewarding as it is challenging. The West Yorkshire head chef has always enjoyed working in a fast-paced environment, and takes real pride in the dishes he and his team create. 

RIGHT Premier Eye Care FP



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Loss of central vision is the leading cause of registered vision impairment for people over 50 in the western world. Macular degeneration can occur later in life, it leads to varying degrees of visual impairment and will impede daily activities such as reading, driving, recognising faces and working with fine detail.


If you have noticed a sudden change in your vision Premier Eye Care can diagnose the symptoms and refer you to a retinal specialist clinic.


If ever you’ve visited the opticians and had that ‘funny’ little test done before your actual eyesight check (you know the one where that machine blows a puff of air straight into your eye) then you’ll welcome the investment that local opticians Premier Eye Care have made in the future eye care of the community, whilst at the same time putting patients at ease during the examinations. The new invention gives the optician a measurement of Intra-Ocular Pressure (IOP - Eye pressure for Glaucoma check). It’s a lightweight portable hand held instrument which takes readings directly off your eyes with a gentle touch – it gives an instant accurate reading and there’s no uncomfortable drops, no puff of air or major contact with your eyes.

Transitional lenses are as clear as ordinary lenses indoor or at night. Providing comfort by darkening outdoors reducing glare and tired eyes. Protection for eyes by blocking 100% UV rays, 100% of the time.

Does my child have eyesight problems? Good eyesight is crucial to ensuring a child develops at school and socially to the best of their ability. Anyone can develop sight problems - but it is especially important to look after children’s eyes, as they are still developing and learning to see. Research shows that around 20% of school-aged children1 have an undiagnosed vision problem - that’s one in five children.

Why regular eye examinations are so vital It’s easy for us to neglect our eyes because they don’t usually hurt when there is something wrong. The eye is still developing throughout childhood so if problems are treated early it can make a life-lasting difference. 84% of British parents believe that good vision has a positive impact on their child’s performance2 The i-care tonometer is suitable for use on adults and children alike and with investment from Premier Eye Care being so considerable - in excess of five figures, having the same I-care as well as other upgraded equipment across all practices - it’s a sure sign they are committed to a long term future within the local community and indeed the surrounding areas.

All children are entitled to a FREE NHS eye examination and help with the cost of glasses Children are entitled to a FREE NHS-funded eye examination and an Optical Voucher. An optical voucher entitles you to help towards the cost of glasses or contact lenses. Further information is available at www.nhs.co.uk

What symptoms do I need to look out for in my children? Many eye conditions do not display any symptoms and children are often unaware that their vision is not perfect. It is important to have regular eye examinations if you are concerned.

5 King Street, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9JU • 01226 742158 3 Learoyd Way, Hillsborough, Barracks, Sheffield S6 2LR • 0114 285 2696





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 “The sense of job satisfaction is great,” says Tom, “Especially when you see a whole dish come together, and get compliments on your food.” For several years, desserts and pastries were Tom’s particular forté – today, however, he enjoys cooking with “good quality meat”. Indeed, great ingredients have always been a priority for the Three Acres’ chef. He strives to source top quality local produce, of which there is certainly an abundance in Yorkshire. “Our vegetables are from Barnsley, less than ten miles away, and we’re lucky to have the moorlands at the other side of Huddersfield,” says Tom. Nearby Bolster Moor Farm Shop supplies the restaurant with the ‘good quality meat’ Tom speaks of, including the rack of lamb which inspired his spring recipe.

Tom’s passion for fresh, local produce is evident, and when it comes to creating dishes, he's keen to let these ingredients shine. Everything is prepared from scratch and, above all, Tom loves cooking hearty, British staples. "It’s important not to detract from

how good the ingredients are," he says. “Our fare is classic English, with a contemporary twist and I don’t want to change anything too much. After all, we’re very good at what we do.” Food lovers, then, can rest easy – Emley’s much-loved The Three Acres is certainly in safe hands.

Roasted rack of English lamb, shallot purée, dauphinoise potatoes and purple sprouting broccoli. (Serves four people) For the dauphinoise:

3 large baking potatoes 500ml double cream 3 cloves garlic (peeled and roughly chopped) 2 sprigs rosemary First, pour the cream into a saucepan with the garlic and rosemary. Slowly bring to the boil. When boiling, turn off the heat and leave for 20 minutes. Next, peel the potatoes and thinly slice. Grease an oven proof dish with butter and layer up the potatoes seasoning each layer with salt and pepper. When all the potatoes are in the dish, pour over enough of the cream to just cover the potatoes. Cover the dish with grease proof paper then tin foil and bake for 30 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius, or

until the potatoes are tender. Remove the grease proof paper and tin foil and cook for a further 5 minutes to colour until golden brown. For the caramelised shallot purée:

6 banana shallots Knob of butter Peel and thinly slice the shallots and place in a saucepan with the butter. Cook on a medium heat until soft and golden. Leave to cool for 5 minutes then put in a food processor until a smooth purée forms. If the purée looks too thick, add a little cream left over from the dauphinoise potatoes to lighten the mixture. Set to one side, this can also be made in advance and warmed when required.


For the lamb:

2 racks of English spring lamb 750ml lamb stock (available from supermarkets) Dessert spoon red currant jelly 75ml red wine 300g purple sprouting broccoli (if unavailable use tender stem broccoli) Pour red wine, lamb stock and red currant jelly into a saucepan and heat until the quantity is reduced by half. This should give you a rich and glossy sauce. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Bring a litre of salted water to the boil. For the lamb; seal the whole racks in a large frying pan or griddle pan which have been rubbed

with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. When coloured on all sides, place on a roasting tray and place into preheat oven for 18-20 minutes. Take the racks out, lightly cover with tin foil and leave to rest for 8-10 minutes. While the lamb is resting, place the broccoli into the boiling salted water for 3-4 minutes, then drain. Plate the broccoli and shallot purée, slice the lamb into individual chops allowing three per serving. Drizzle the sauce around the lamb. Serve the dauphinoise potatoes as a side dish.

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GRAND OPENING April 1st 2013, 11am

YORKSHIRE’S ONLY 100% KRINGLE CANDLE STOCKIST The son of Yankee Candle. Top quality, highly fragrant candles and accessories. House and shop party bookings being taken now. Telephone or email for details.

07792332808/07792271834 info@siblingcandlery.co.uk 53 Park Road • Worsbrough Bridge • Barnsley S70 5AA


Sibling Candlery

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Cupid Connections Cupid Connections extends a warm welcome to all. Our spacious showrooms provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere in which to select either the wedding gown, bridesmaid or prom gown of your dreams. We provide a wide choice of modern and traditional menswear for the groom. In addition we have a fantastic range of accessories to make your look complete. Please call in and allow us to help you experience your dream. Opening times: Monday: By appointment only Tuesday: 10am – 5pm Wednesday: 10am – 5pm Late night by appointment Thursday: By appointment only Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 10am – 4pm Sunday: Closed

Upper Floor, Jack Harris Precinct, Wombwell Lane, Barnsley S70 3NX

Tel: 01226 215352

www.cupidconnections.co.uk Find us on under bridal shop




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Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir has been filling concert halls and surprising audiences for almost 80 years. Dan Greaves finds out more.





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Sweet music


HERE are few performers who could tackle the songs of Abba, the Kinks and specialist jazz pieces that had been written specifically for them – and there are even fewer choirs who could say the same. From its humble beginnings as a small village choir, Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir has won fans and admirers the world over for its talented singing and ability to surprise audiences. When the choir was formed in 1934 there were only four public buildings in the village. Its first conductor was William Evans, who was then choirmaster at St Mary’s Church in Bolsterstone. William led the choir for more than 30 years, even through some of the


more difficult times. In 1947, a bus carrying the choir crashed in Holmfirth, killing eight passengers and injuring others. A memorial window was donated to St Mary’s Church in 1997 – commemorating the 50th anniversary of the crash. The choir continued performing to crowds across the country and overseas. Chairman Roger Pont, 66, has been involved for almost six years. Roger, a former policeman with 30 years’ service, has been helping lead a recruitment drive to attract new members. “I’ve been chairman for coming up to four years. They’re a great bunch of guys.

“I’ve always had an interest in male voice choirs. I sang whenever I got the chance but obviously there wasn’t much opportunity to do much singing in the force. “One day I was approached by one of the choir members who said to me ‘you’ve got a deep voice, why don’t you join us?’ “The rest, as they say, is history.” Roger isn’t the only member from a non-musical background. The choir boasts a Catholic priest, a butcher, a couple of soldiers, accountants, the secretary of the British Shorthorn Beef Society, a stonemason, a former RAF pilot, a former newspaper editor and a former Fleet Street journalist, among others with ages ranging from 16 to 80.

Toffs FP



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Picture credit: Adrian Stavert-Dobson

 “Whenever we ask anyone to join, they always say the same thing – ‘I can’t sing’ – but we teach them how to. “We’ve got a great team here.” The choir is led by its musical director Fran Wells, the head of music at King Edward’s school in Sheffield, who last year led the group when they topped the bill at the London Jazz Festival, bringing the house down at the sold out event. For the performance, the choir premiered a piece called Lifelines, which had been written specially by world-renowned composer and multiinstrumentalist John Surman. The performance was broadcast on BBC Radio three. Said Roger: “It consisted of nine pieces and took about an hour to sing but the night was sold out and it was fantastic for us.” The choir currently has about 80 members and is continuing to recruit. “We lost a few of the older members last year so we're trying to top up from the younger generation. “The recruitment drive is paying off though, we’ve had five new members join within a week. “But we’re keeping busy and taking bookings right up until Christmas already.”


Next year will be the choir’s 80th birthday, a milestone that Roger says they will celebrate with a special concert. “Everything is currently in the pipeline. We're just trying to confirm a date and a venue that everyone can attend.” The choir has also set up a charity in its own name and has helped a range of other causes, including Children In Need and the Royal

British Legion. Last month they performed at the Venue in Stocksbridge as part of a fundraising campaign to save the local sports centre. With a busy year ahead and birthday celebrations to organise, the choir continues to meet for their weekly practice on Monday nights in the village hall. “You should come down, it will change your life.”

Yorkshire Caravans NEW FP



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01302 710366

MASSIVE SAVINGS on caravans (new and pre-owned), awnings, porches, flooring and accessories.

RING NOW! A deal is waiting for YOU! 1931





e, Dad? Can we ’ave on

Northern Caravan Dealer of the Year 2011 as awarded by Doncaster Road • Bawtry • Doncaster DN10 6DG • Next to Robin Hood Airport Tel: 01302 710366 • Fax: 01302 710910 • www.yorkshirecaravans.com

Valley View



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Advertiser’s Announcement

A spacious homely feel at Valley Care Home Sitting in a quiet location with stunning views across the local countryside, Valley View provides accommodation for 59 elderly people which includes a 17-bed dementia unit.

improving their quality of life as well as providing a safe and comfortable environment. We hope to maximise all areas of their life including their social and physical well-being.

The manager of Valley View, Hazel Liparoti, has many years experience within both the care and mental health sector and is a real asset to the home.

Each floor has its own suite of bedrooms, an open plan dining room and lounge area, a quiet lounge, and bathrooms with state-of-the art bathing equipment

Valley View welcomes people into our care with the aim of

• Each bedroom has its own modern en suite shower room. • Hair and beauty salon. • Weather permitting, a large pleasant outdoor area. • A full programme of activities,

including regular trips and outings to places of interest. Visitors are welcome at all times, relatives and friends are encouraged to attend the home’s social events. For more information please contact: Valley View Care Home, Wakefield Road, Lepton, Huddersfield. Telephone 01484 539304.

29.30, 31



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Aileen Bawley revels in keeping the glamour of the 1920s and 30s alive through her creations. Lynsey Bradford met the hat-maker from Ecclesfield ...


29.30, 31



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Hats off to Aileen


N THE past, hats were an indicator of social status. While those times have long gone, the glamour of the 1920s and 30s can still be found in the vintage-inspired hats made by Aileen Brawley. From an early age, women were expected to have their hair covered by veils, kerchiefs, hoods or caps and it wasn’t until the end of the 16th century that women’s structured hats began to be seen. By the middle of the 19th century, the bonnet dominated women’s fashion and although early in the 1900’s most hats were enormous and adorned with flowers, feathers, ribbons and tulle. But by the mid 1920s women's hair had become much shorter and the shingle cut and the cloche, which hugged the head like a helmet with a very small brim, had come into fashion. The 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era, and it’s these styles that Aileen is so inspired by. Aileen has been a professional machinist since leaving school in 1974 and has made everything from


children's clothes to military uniforms for the Ministry of Defence. She turned her hand to making hats after spotting an advert for a multiperiod re-enactment event which sparked an interest in the fashions of the war years. She originally set out to make 1940s outfits, thinking the people who attend such re-enactment days might be interested. But she soon discovered her real passion lay with making hats, especially ones inspired by the style of the 1920s. When most people think of hats, they think of the blocked type where felt is stretched over wooden blocks to produce the various hat shapes. But Aileen works from patterns where the material is cut out and stitched together in much the same way that a dress would be. She said: “The hats can be quite straight forward to make but the real art is in the decoration. Some of the embellishments like buttons are bought in but others are costume or fashion jewellery that’s adapt and others like some of the fabric flowers and bows are custom, designed and make from scratch.

“This makes every hat unique as each is hand made and hand decorated.” If she learned anything from the reenactment scene, it’s that there are different types of vintage. ‘True vintage’ is an original item of the period, while reproduction aims to produce something as closely resembling the original period item as possible. ‘Vintage inspired’ takes original patterns, designs, materials mixes in some modern colours materials and tastes and results in Aileen’s hats. Originally working almost exclusively in various forms of felt, Aileen began by making ladies 1940s-style fashion berets and pillbox hats before trying her hand at flat caps. But she was lured away from men’s hats by the glamour of the 1920’s. She added: “I still use felt quite a lot I find its a versatile material but I also use taffeta, chenille, modern fleece in fact anything I think will look good made up. “I even made a lovely bucket hat from burgundy waxed cotton with a fleece lining and a reversible belt style hat band with small brass buckle. Warm, water resistant and lovely I was

29.30, 31



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Aileen at work, more of her hats and modelling some of her creations. Pictures: Paul David Drabble Photography

surprised when it didn’t sell but I liked it so much I decided to keep it and wear it myself.” Aileen’s favourite style is the cloche hat and a rucked ‘bucket’ style hat, but she adds: “I hate the term bucket hat it sounds so unglamorous but when made from the right fabric and

decorated they can be really gorgeous.” Aileen works in a studio at the loft of her home in Ecclesfield, which is split into three areas for sewing, design and photography. Her creations can be found online at www.aileens-hats.co.uk


Reader Holidays A4



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You don’t have to travel miles to escape the daily grind and get away for a night, as Katia Harston discovered when she stayed at the 315 Bar and Restaurant near Huddersfield. Picture: Linda Whitwam


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Luxury in Lepton


TYLE and luxury go hand in hand at the 315 Bar and Restaurant. It is already well known for its fine dining and gourmet food prepared by head chef Jason Neilson, who started his career at Raymond Blanc’s restaurant Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. Jason then went on to become the only Englishman working in a threestar Michelin restaurant in the Alsace region of France before moving to Thorpe Grange Manor, Almondbury. But two years ago he decided to go it alone and bought an old pub on Wakefield Road, at Lepton. Jason transformed it into 315, retaining the pub’s original frontage and building the business onto the back of it. It not only houses a bar and restaurant with large conservatory, but also an eight-room hotel and a function room for 100 people.


So understandably, I was quite excited when I was asked to spend the evening there with my partner and sample what it has to offer. 315 is ideally located for those wanting to get away for the night. The delightful town of Huddersfield is just down the road, and Yorkshire Sculpture Park is only a few miles away, creating the perfect opportunity to make a proper day of it. For me, first impressions are everything and 315 doesn't fail to please. The building itself is attractive and inviting with its pristine old stone, timber and glass catching your eye from the roadside. The modest exterior belies the true size of the building and as you enter, it opens up into a well-appointed bar area to the left, and a relaxed and stylish eating area to the right, with further dining areas in a conservatory

and a function room on the ground floor. We were given a warm and friendly welcome by the general manager, and asked whether we would like a drink before being shown to our room. I declined due to a long day at work and opted to go to the room and freshen up before sitting down to a three-course meal. There are eight rooms in total, all individually designed, which are named after areas in Lepton. They are all en-suite, with king-size beds, luxury robes and fluffy towels. We stayed in the Lydgate suite at the back of the building, overlooking open countryside dotted with quaint farmers cottages. Decorated in clean, contemporary colours, the first thing I noticed about the room was how fresh-smelling it was. It was plenty big enough to

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accommodate a sofa, a small chair and table, dressing table, TV and the two of us without feeling cramped. My second point of inspection was the bathroom, which I almost fell in love with, purely for the double walkin power shower which was to die for. I was happy, it was bright and clean, and a spec of dust couldn’t be found no matter how hard I tried. So far 315 had ticked all the boxes for an overnight stay – and then came the bed test. Again, it didn't disappoint and I sank into it with ease – making for a great night’s sleep. Admittedly though, the delicious Rioja wine may have had something to do with that. It goes without saying that the food at 315 was superb. It was fresh, tasty and filling. I was pleased to see the brik pastry on the menu, a delicacy that is very popular in France. The desserts at 315 are worth the trip there alone, and are definitely a showcase for Jason’s culinary talent. If you have room do try the bitter chocolate cup – it was heaven. In the morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruits, cereals and toast with juice and coffee. We both decided against anything heavier as we had a long walk at Yorkshire Sculpture Park ahead of us, but those with a heartier appetite can enjoy a full English or a lighter bite of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. My partner and I walked out of 315 feeling refreshed, relaxed and

Picture: Linda Whitwam

wanting more. We would happily stay there again and it has a variety packages available for those looking to escape the world for the night, proving you really don’t have to go far for a sumptuous getaway. You can opt for dinner, bed and breakfast for two which won't

break the bank at £130 or you could go the whole hog and enjoy a champagne stay over with the Veuve Clicquot package at £175 which includes a bottle of the lovely bubbly in your room on arrival. Visit www.315barandrestaurant.co.uk


Earnshaws Fencing A4



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Talented photographer Andy Hemingway bought his first camera when he was 20 – working all summer sweeping factory floors to buy it. Adam Guest spoke to him about his stunning work and the lengths he goes to for a perfect picture.





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Picture perfect


ndy Hemingway has held an interest in image making since childhood. And from using his dad’s old Kodak camera, the professional photographer and graphic designer has come a long way – he has both a diploma in art and design from Huddersfield Technical College and a degree in printmaking from the Norwich School of Art. Andy, 46, first started taking photos for magazines in 1991 after leaving art college. He runs his business AHG Photography alongside his work as a graphic designer at an agency in Leeds. Photography has always run in parallel to his graphic design work, he says. The Worsbrough Common snapper shoots stunning landscapes of the Dark and Northern Peak District as well as the Pennines of North and West Yorkshire.


In 2007 he branched out into product and PR photography and a year later into wedding photos. Andy, who is originally from Huddersfield, has been caught out in a hailstorm on moor tops and has trekked across bogs, sinking knee deep in peat to capture his beautiful panoramas. “Quite often, the best images can come out of the worst conditions, so putting up with such conditions is an occupational hazard,” he says. “The main quality you need to get the images you visualise is persistence. In some cases, it has taken two or three years of going back to the same location again and again, until you get the perfect conditions for the image that you want to capture.” So what is it that draws Andy to the hills? “They are the hills that I grew up

amongst,” he says. “My dad used to take me walking in the hills around Huddersfield and beyond. The landscape of the Pennines is a part of my identity. Some of my earliest memories are of drystone walls and horse troughs. I love the moors and feel completely at home on some odd shaped rocky outcrop, jutting out of the heather.” And, Andy says Barnsley folk are lucky to have such stunning scenery on their doorstep. “Britain has a fascinating and beautiful variety of landscapes. I love the Scottish Highlands, but of course the Peaks and Southern Pennines are a bit more accessible from where I live.” He says he is also a sucker for a good story and that adds to the attraction of taking photographs. “The hills of the Southern Pennines have a history of habitation that goes




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Andy’s work: Left: Iced rocks at Stanage Below left: West Nab Below: Standedge Below middle: Baslow Edge Bottom: Sunrise Over Carl Wark

back several thousand years. It is a history of ordinary people, rather than just kings and queens. Layers of history and folklore often overlay each other to tell the story of a particular location.” Andy likes to read about the history behind the spots he chooses; looking at as many books, papers, periodicals as he can as well as trawling the internet for information on a given subject. He will visit a location at different times of the day and even the best time of the year for his photos. “I like to tell stories with many of my images, so it is important they reflect the layers of history and narrative that has built up, sometimes over millennia,” he says. No doubt there will be many more more fascinating stories to tell. www.ahgphotography.co.uk





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Bill Bass, Horticulturist: Totties Garden Centre

“The gray fields shall be covered with the magic of the meadow, And the brown sky shall be painted with the blossoms of the rainbow.” “I want to hear the warm sun and feel the robin singing, Watch the scent of the flowers and smell the Arvie Calimlim butterflies flying.” “Spring is now here, time to get cracking!”


JOBS In The Borders: Herbaceous perennials and shrubs will be growing well and coming into flower now. Lupins, Delphiniums, Corelopsis are some of the first to flower. A top-dress with a potash fertiliser will encourage more and better flowers, Slugs and snails will be active now, so protect your plants. The Delphiniums will need staking, this is best done early, or it never looks right Hoe in-between the plants to keep the weeds down. Make note of gaps or plants that are in the wrong place and rectify later. Soft wood cuttings can be taken at this time from hardy perennials. Cut out the none-flowering growing tips just below a node and put around 5 cuttings in a four-inch pot. Water in and place a clear plastic bag over the pot and put out direct mid-day sunshine, till the cuttings root.

April is usually the first time we see the sun in earnest and it can be the first time you get an urge to start potting about in the garden. After winter, the scene can be a bit drab and uninspiring, but if you make a good start now you will be rewarded with glorious flowers and plant growth come the summer. 1. Plant summer flowering bulbs. Gladioli and Begonias. When planting, break down any large clumps of soil and plant bulbs two to three times their own depth and around two bulb widths apart. 2. Plant potatoes around the second week. Place the potatoes on a layer of grass clippings. This feeds the crop with nitrogen and helps produce a cleaner crop. 3. Sow a selection of herbs. Garlic, Chives, Basil and Rocket will do well. 4. Dead-heading naturalised spring bulbs, will keep them vigorous and healthy. Also feed with a potash fertiliser to promote next year’s flowers 5. Start planting your salads (tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce) indoors on a window sill or out in your greenhouse if it is warm.

At Totties: There is an abundance of plants, tools, gifts. decorations and sundries to choose from.

May: In Vegetable Garden: Earth up potatoes as they come through. This will help support them, prevent the potato crop from going green and promote a bigger crop.

The Lawn: Mow regularly, this will encourage a better quality grass and keep lawn weeds down. The weeds hate regular mowing. Continue to feed and (feed and weed) if necessary. Kill any moss before raking it out.

Shrubs: Prune spring flowering shrubs that have already flowered. This will encourage the growth for next year’s flowers. Again take softwood cuttings, using the method I described earlier.

Enjoy your gardening and let’s hope this year we get a summer. 40 MOSAIC GARDENING




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Standout splashback: Izumi Nero kitchen design from 端ber furniture.

The rise of living-kitchens has brought with it a demand for attractive yet practical suites, complete with professional appliances. Rachel Parry looks at recipes for the perfect kitchen ...





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Bordeaux and Ebony high-gloss kitchen design from 端ber furniture.

Kitchen roles ...


o longer just a space for cooking, many kitchens have become the real heart of the home with open-plan designs providing space in which to socialise and entertain. The setting, therefore, must be aesthetically pleasing but a renewed interest in home cooking means functionality is also key. Kitchen trends for 2013 attempt to tick all the boxes with handsome yet convenient designs which suit a variety of home styles and personal preferences. After making a stir in all its 50 shades in the publishing world, the colour

Sleek and sophisticated: S2 LM handle-free design in lotus white matt from SieMatic.


grey is now making its mark in kitchen designs. The versatile tone can be used in both modern and traditional settings, looking equally attractive in matt wood and high gloss suites. It also provides a neutral alternative to stark white, giving a clean but warm finish. Kitchens in lighter shades of grey emit an air of comfort and elegance while darker tones are suited to more masculine interiors. For those wanting to go a shade braver, colourful kitchens form one of the biggest trends for 2013. For a fun and friendly atmosphere choose bold primaries like red or orange, or inject




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Home comforts: Freestanding Bastide range from Fired Earth.

Island accent: Moderne freestanding kitchen, units in Sandy Shore and island in Eggplant, from Fired Earth.

some zest in vibrant lemon or lime green. Alternatively for a more regal finish, look for deep shades of purple, blue or red. Colour can be incorporated into kitchen designs in numerous ways; from colourful accessories such as quirky kettles, toasters and food mixers, to eye-catching furniture in contemporary dining suites and modern bar stools. Coloured splashbacks are another top trend, providing a cool focal point that is easy to clean. Many designers also offer coloured cabinetry in painted wood suites as well as simple matt and modern highgloss finishes. Forming part of the ‘mix

Mix and match: SmartDesign S2 design in greige/titan walnut from SieMatic.

and match’ trend, many are opting for neutral coloured suites with the addition of a bold accent colour. So base units could be grey, black or white whilst wall units are plum, royal blue or cranberry. Alternatively an accent can be used to make a feature of a kitchen island by using a subtle tone in wall units and a more striking hue for the island. For colour-shy homeowners the ‘mix and match’ trend can still be an option by sticking to a neutral colour palette but incorporating more than one material or finish in cabinetry. This might mean using a combination of wood effect and plain-coloured high gloss cabinets together or perhaps

using a mix of cabinetry finishes that combine dark and lighter tones at different levels. Meanwhile those who like to keep things clean cut will be pleased to know minimalistic remains on trend. The look is sleek and streamlined in tones of white with most appliances neatly tucked away behind matching cabinetry. Finally, one look that never fades, pure and simple wood. Warm and comforting, the durable material has long reined a top choice in kitchens. With numerous natural and painted finishes to choose from, there are many options for traditional, modern and rustic style homes.





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Fresh fare


desire for fresh, home-grown food has led people to look beyond the big supermarkets when it comes to their weekly shop. In addition to butchers and bakers, we are now regularly visiting farm shops for our groceries as demand for locally-produced food continues to grow. Yorkshire boasts many excellent farm shops offering a wide variety of organic goods, home-baked treats and general groceries, as well as delicacies you might struggle to find elsewhere. Visiting farm shops, for some, is a necessity, while for others it provides the perfect opportunity for a leisurely day out with many boasting cosy tearooms and quaint restaurant/bistros to enhance the shopping experience. Often located in peaceful settings, away from the hustle and bustle of busy town centres and supermarkets, farm shops offer a relaxing atmosphere in which shoppers can browse aisles while chatting to experts


about where and how the food was produced. Most farm shops include a butchery counter with fresh cuts of meat from home-reared cattle. Skilled butchers carefully prepare the meat and are happy to assist customers in their choices, offering expert advice on the best cuts and how to cook them. Home-made pies and sausages are often farm shop specialities and simply must be sampled, with some butchers even boasting top awards for such produce. Bakers are usually housed under the same roof producing freshly baked breads, savouries and delicious cakes, buns and biscuits. Some farm shops also feature deli counters offering fresh cream, yoghurts and local cheeses as well as cured meats such as hams, salami, pastrami and chorizo. Elsewhere on the shelves shoppers will find fresh fruit and vegetables, free range-range eggs and a wide selection of preserves including home-made

chutneys, pickles, sauces, marinades, marmalades, jams and, of course, Yorkshire honey. A number also stock a range of local real ales, beers, ciders and organic wines, meaning shoppers can get their full shop under one roof. In addition to groceries, farm shops can also be a great place to pick up beautiful gifts for friends and family, with many stocking a selection of crafts, homeware, home-made chocolates and luxurious food hampers. When the shopping is complete, most visitors reward themselves with a trip to the coffee shop or restaurant. Here customers can indulge in fresh food prepared to order featuring many products and ingredients straight from the farm and its shop. Menus include comforting homemade meals as well as a choice of delicious home-made snacks and sweet treats. The perfect end to a perfect shopping trip.

GM Wilson A4 FP



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Am I entitled to make a claim for a slip, trip or fall accident?

If you have suffered an injury caused by falling in a public place, or due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation for your injury.

gm wilson SOLICITORS


794140 www.gmwilson.co.uk

4 Great Cliffe Court, Great Cliffe Road, Dodworth S75 3SP ONE MINUTE FROM JUNCTION 37 OF THE M1 WITH FREE PARKING Also at 1 Crown Court, Wakefield WF1 2SU. 01924 291111

Totties Garden Centre FP



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Advertiser’s announcement

The gardening season has now arrived at Totties Gardening season has finally arrived – and, whether you’re tending to a neglected lawn, reviving tired beds, or even creating a brand-new window box, Totties can help. Spring is certainly in the air at this much-loved Holmfirth garden centre. Its nursery is fully stocked with seasonal plants, beds are more accessible than ever, and onsite bistro The Olive Tree has unveiled its latest menu. In short, there’s never been a better time to visit – particularly if you’re looking to give your plot a spring makeover! This season, Totties’ trained horticulturalists recommend investing in spring and summer bedding plants, colourful rhododendrons, and early flowering clematis. Pick up alpines and herbs for your window box – or herbaceous plants and spring flowering shrubs for the borders. You can even plant summer bulbs – not to mention seed potatoes (which will be ready to harvest in July). And not forgetting the lawn itself! It’s high time you aerated yours, making holes in the surface to promote oxygen circulation. Removing any unsightly moss should also be a priority – and, at Totties, there are plenty of lawn-care products to choose from. Customers can even pick up ground feed, which ensures that plants flower and thrive. It’s never too soon to start planning for summer, either! Totties’ horticultural staff are now taking hanging basket orders – and, unsurprisingly, their colourful, custom-made creations always prove

popular. Visit the garden centre (which is open from 9am - 5pm) to reserve yours. At The Olive Tree, meanwhile, spring has certainly arrived. The popular bistro recently unveiled its latest menu, which features a host of innovative summer dishes. Prepared onsite from the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, they’re fresh and light – not to mention wholly delicious. Diners can also choose from a range of vegetarian and glutenfree options. Or, how about traditional afternoon tea? The Olive Tree (which now opens from 9.30am – 5pm) is renowned for its jam and cream scones – and delicious Lavazza coffee. Hot food is even served until 4.15, making it the perfect spot for a post school-run snack. Its free Wi-Fi always proves popular; indeed, we defy you to find a business-meeting venue with better views! An enthusiastic champion of local produce, Totties’ stylish bistro jumped at the chance to stock Yee Kwan gluten free, artisan ice cream – and little wonder. Available in a range of ‘oriental’-inspired flavours (including chocolate and chilli), it won two gold stars in 2011’s ‘Great Taste Awards’. We can’t wait to sample a scoop – or to attend The Olive Trees’ latest monthly Bistro night. Indeed, there’s every reason to pay Totties Garden Centre a long-overdue visit. Call in today, and learn more about its Landscaping and Garden Maintenance Service - perfect if you’re looking to transform your garden this spring! Contact Totties on 01484 683363; or, for more information, visit www.tottiesgardencentre.co.uk

Traditional Garden Centre & Nursery

Soak up the fantastic views, enjoy a light meal or a coffee before browsing our large array of plants, trees, shrubs and gifts… Now is the time to re-think YOUR garden design

• Breakfast served from 9.45 daily • Our new Spring Menu is now available • Traditional Sunday Lunch served all day from 12 noon • Lavazza coffee • Comprehensive wine list • Bottled beers • Italian lagers

• All our food is fresh daily and locally sourced • Selection of vegetarian meals • Gluten free food (approved by The Coeliac Society) • Yee Kwan Oriental Artisan Gluten Free Ice Cream (assorted flavours)

BISTRO EVENING Saturday 27th April – 3 course £21.95. Bookings only. Ideal location for:

• Small funerals • Business meetings (free WiFi) • After school treats

Spring Colour Plant of the month

CAMELLIA • Bedding Plants • Rhododendron • Herbs/Alpines • Herbaceous • Early Flowering Clematis • Spring Flowering Shrubs • Planting Summer Bulbs • Planting Seed Potatoes

Our GARDEN MAINTENANCE AND LANDSCAPING SERVICE is available from general tidy to a full re-design of your garden. • Hedges • Lawns • Trees • Paths and Patios • Fencing • Planting and Pruning • Sand • Gravel • Topsoil All backed by our motto…

“If it grows here it grows anywhere.” For advice and free quotes please contact Martin on 01484 683363. NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR HANGING BASKETS FOR MAY

TOTTIES Star Rating Scheme 5 out of 5 

Hot food served till 4.15pm • Now open till 5pm • Large parking area

DOWNSHUTTS LANE, TOTTIES, HOLMFIRTH HD9 1AU Tel: 01484 683363 (Garden Centre) or 01484 680227 (Café)

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE Open 7 days including all Bank Holidays





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Toy Cottage is quirky, cosy and relaxing – Paul Nizinskyj went along to take a look ... and to meet a pig called Wilbur.





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Toy story


OY Cottage may sound like a strange name for a spacious house in Hepworth but this accurately reflects its quirky charm. This idyllic property lies on the slope of a hill overlooking the magnificent rural landscape of the village, including what looks to be West Yorkshire’s answer to Tabletop Mountain, in clear view from the kitchen-living room. This room is the pride of the house, lit through 11 windows on the far wall and a large skylight, flooding the living area with light. The kitchen itself is furnished with minimalist cupboards and appliance fittings and a large island work surface, complete with large drawers and ideal for preparing meals. Another view from this room is the farmyard – which is presently occupied by Highland cattle, a donkey and a pig called Wilber – and the large field attached to the property. True to its quirky name, the house has an ‘upside-down’ design, in which the kitchen and living area are upstairs and the bedrooms downstairs. The lower floor is not encumbered by a


lack of light, however, as it too looks out over the magnificent hillside view. Designed by firm One 17 AD, the house takes its name from the older adjacent Toy Barn, which was built by a farmer comparing his seven acre plot to a huge farm he visited on holiday in Australia. Owner Garry Hirst moved into Toy Cottage from Toy Barn in February 2012 after overseeing the project but has now emigrated to New Zealand. Some of the features he had built into the house include a ground source heat pump with hot water underfloor heating and an impressive audio system in each of the main rooms and four bedrooms, which plays either radio or an mp3 player through high quality speakers. Each of the rooms has a visual interface on the wall which allows the user to control the volume and other features. The master bedroom is currently occupied by the tenant’s children but would be ideal for couples of any age or a single person. The most exciting feature of the room is an en-suite walk-in shower/wet room complete with two




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sinks, a toilet and marble tiling. The other bedrooms compare favourably in size and would be perfect for older children or for use as spare rooms, such as the study used by the current tenants. The en-suite is complemented by a large main bathroom/wet room, which features a separate shower and bath as well as heated towel rails. The house has a large storage room and laundry room and, a bonus for families large or small, is the spacious barn adjacent to the property – perfect as the handyman’s garage or somewhere to store all those toys. Toy Cottage manages to achieve being quirky, cosy and relaxing as well as functional, energy-efficient and versatile. These features make it ideal as much for a young couple as a large family, as a bachelor pad or a children’s adventure house. Toy Cottage is being sold by Yorkshire’s Finest with an asking price of £775,000. For more information visit www.yorkshiresfinest.org/property/26 34275


??L F&C Tankersley House



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An 18th century character home standing in grounds of approximately 5 acres which include the main house, adjoining 1 bedroom annex, stables paddock and gardens, the majority of which are south facing. Tankersley House enjoys a private semi rural position enclosed behind a tree lined boundary, enjoys original period features such as working window shutters, several fireplaces and a 13th century moat. Presenting spacious versatile accommodation located central to a number of commercial centres and being within immediate access of open countryside and only a 2 minute drive from the M1 motorway. EPC Rating: G

1 Queens Court, Regent Street, Barnsley S70 2EG. Tel 01226 729009 19 Railway Street, Huddersfield HD1 1JS. Tel 01484 550620 Scan me with your smart phone to view the listed properties online.

fineandcountry.com HEAD OFFICE: 121 PARK LANE, MAYFAIR, LONDON W1K 7AG

??R F&C Edge Cliffe Farm



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Set within grounds of approximately 10 acres and commanding breathtaking rural views is this farm house property with attached cottage and adjoining outbuildings which subject to planning permission would convert to form part of the main home. Edge Cliffe Farm presents spacious versatile accommodation with an enviable rural position central to a number of commercial centres and only a short drive from the M1 motorway network. A character property with retained original features offered to the market with no upwards chain and being well served by local facilities within the neighbouring market town of Penistone which includes some highly regarded schools. EPC Rating: E

1 Queens Court, Regent Street, Barnsley S70 2EG. Tel 01226 729009 19 Railway Street, Huddersfield HD1 1JS. Tel 01484 550620 Scan me with your smart phone to view the listed properties online.

fineandcountry.com HEAD OFFICE: 121 PARK LANE, MAYFAIR, LONDON W1K 7AG

Keptcastle Darley



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Registered house builder

are pleased to announce their development at

DARLEY CROSS The development of detached and semi-detached properties now under construction to be released for sale in

Spring 2013 Darley Cross is pleasantly located at the junction of Park Road and Bank End Road, S70 4AF

For further details: 01226 206021 www.keptcastlehomes.co.uk




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Blind runner Chris Blackabee regularly takes on 5km runs and now has marathon aspirations. Matthew Murray caught up with him ... eventually. 54 MOSAIC SPORT

53, 54, 55, 56



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Marathon aspirations


HRIS Blackabee isn’t letting his condition stop him having fun. The 44-year-old, who is completely blind, competes regularly in the Locke Park 5k run while he often goes tandem bike riding throughout South Yorkshire. In fact, Chris, who hails from Essex, met his partner, Severine Renard, who is also blind, at a cross country ski holiday in Norway. “I guess I’ve always been one to keep active and not let my condition stop me and it’s kind of typical of me that I met Severine on a ski holiday,” says Chris. “One evening the group had arranged to go indoor climbing and that’s when we met. She’s from Belgium and we just got on really well. We exchanged details and now she lives with me in Mexborough and we have a nine-month old son.” Chris first started running about three years ago when

he took part in a 10k charity race in London to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind. “I don’t have a guide dog myself but I have had one in the past,” he says. “It’s a charity that has supported me in the past and this was my way of giving something back to them. I started running then and it gave me the bug. That was about three years ago and I haven't let it go since. I absolutely love running.” Chris was born with a problem with his optic nerves but had a small level of sight as a child, seeing light and dark and shadows. In his late teens, he lost all sight. Severine, 40, is also completely blind but joins him on the 5k runs. “We obviously have to have someone drive us there and there are several ways of doing the actual run with a condition like ours,” says Chris.


53, 54, 55, 56



Page 4

“The traditional way is to hold the hand of a guide but I prefer holding onto a cane or a piece of elastic with the guide holding the other end. When I first did the 5k run at Locke Park it took me 34 minutes, but I'm down to 24 minutes and 48 seconds now, which was my personal best." But Chris has warned that he might have to stop running if he fails to find a new guide. He added: “The support we’ve had from the park run leadership team has been absolutely wonderful, but we often struggle to find running guides and this is obviously vital for us. “We both have aspirations to run marathons and compete in bigger events, and we also want to start triathlons. But we can't do any of this without guides.” If you can help Chris, call him on 07703741127.


Wortley Hall A4



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Looking for a variety of events? Wortley Hall, one of South Yorkshire’s most beautiful venues, has something to offer everyone… Tuesday 9th April • Walk & Dine • £22.50pp Friday 26th April • Fish & Wine Night • £29.95pp Friday 10th May • Motown & Mayhem • £29.95pp Monday 27th May • Garden Fair • £2.50pp Sunday 2nd June • Summer Garden Party • Free Admission

Wortley Hall, Wortley, Sheffield S35 7DB Tel: 0114 2882100 E: info@wortleyhall.org.uk Visit our website www.wortleyhall.org.uk for more information on all these events

Edwardian Bedding A4



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Made in Mexborough

ANY SHAPE ANY SIZE ANYWHERE The Edwardian Bedding Company


44 Bank Street, Mexborough Tel: 01709 589673 • 01709 512579 www.edbed.com • Email: enquiries@edbed.com Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm

Rimmington Autos A4



Page 1

The Garage You Can Trust

• SERVICING • REPAIRS • MoT’s ALL MAKES and MODELS Petrol and Diesel, Cars and Light Commercials Appointed Member (and National Excellence Award Winners 2011) of The Good Garage Scheme.com to carry out industry standard servicing to all makes of vehicles.

Rimington Auto Services Ltd. (COLIN BELL)

Telephone 01226 754764 or Freephone 0800 035 1143

And leave the rest to us. Free local collection and delivery. All cards accepted.

Rimington Road, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8DQ

60 Kia



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Pro_cee’d with Kia


IA has unveiled pricing and specification details for the all-new pro_cee’d that is now available to order from Kia dealerships across the UK. The new pro_cee’d joins the cee’d hatchback and cee’d Sportswagon as the third instalment in the latest generation cee’d family and will be joined by Kia’s first ever performance-orientated model – the pro_cee’d GT – from the summer. The stylish new three-door hatchback is offered with a choice of two trim levels – ‘S’ and ‘SE’ – both of which are new and unique to the pro_cee’d. The ‘S’ comes with a comprehensive level


of specification, while the ‘SE’ adds a host of luxury and comfort features. Two engines are offered in the new pro_cee’d line-up – a 1.6-litre GDi petrol and a 1.6-litre CRDi turbodiesel with Intelligent Stop & Go (ISG) – and both are available in each trim grade. A six-speed manual transmission is standard across the range and Kia’s six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) gearbox is also available in 1.6 GDi ‘SE’ guise. The 1.6-litre GDi provides 133 bhp at 6,300 rpm and 164 lb/ft at 4,850 rpm. Top speed is 121 mph across all variants. In ‘S’ trim, the 0-60 mph dash takes 9.8 seconds (9.5 on the ‘SE’) and returns 52.3mpg on the official

combined cycle with CO2 emissions of 124g/km. The 1.6-litre CRDi provides 126 bhp at 4,000 rpm and 192 lb/ft in between 1,900 rpm and 2,750 rpm. Top speed is 122 mph. In ‘S’ grade guise, the 0-60 mph sprint takes 11.5 seconds (10.5 on the ‘SE’) and returns 74.3 mpg on the official combined cycle with CO2 emissions of 100g/km.As with all new Kias, pro_cee’d comes with an industry-leading seven year / 100,000 mile warranty (unlimited mileage in the first three years) that is fully transferable to subsequent owners. The new pro_cee’d is priced from £17,495 on-the-road.

Ward Green A4



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62 range rover



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Black to black ... The Range Rover Evoque Dynamic model coupé and 5-door models already offer unprecedented customer choice and personalisation options across three design themes. And now there is another option to tailor. Dominic Musgrave reports ...


HE new Black Design Pack is now available to order on the Range Rover Evoque Dynamic model. The coupé and 5-door models already offer unprecedented customer choice and personalisation options across three design themes: Pure, Prestige and Dynamic, to give every customer the opportunity to tailor their Evoque to suit their lifestyle. The Black Design Pack emboldens the Range Rover Evoque ‘Dynamic’, with a host of striking black exterior detailing exclusive to this model, including 20-inch, nine-spoke forged wheels painted in gloss black, never before offered as an option. All exterior bright finishes have been removed to create the Black Design Pack. Dark exhaust finishers painted in Santorini Black are complemented by a gloss black rear bumper and inner and outer sump guard, which is carried through on the front.


Darkened front headlights and fog lamps continue the black theme, while the rear lamps have been modified to give a clear effect so that they do not visually appear permanently red. Santorini Black painted ‘RANGE ROVER’ lettering across both the bonnet and tailgate and a rear sport spoiler complete the look. The Black Design Pack made its debut earlier this year on the Evoque Special Edition model. It is currently still on sale and available in both coupé and five-door body styles. Customers can choose from two exterior colour schemes unique to the Special Edition: a Sicilian Yellow exterior body finish with a Santorini Black contrast roof, or a Santorini Black exterior body finish with a Sicilian Yellow contrast roof and door mirrors. Unique interior finishes include yellow contrast stitching on seats, central storage area, door trims and fascia mid-section, plus an anodised yellow horizontal finisher.

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Perrys Citroen



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65 Vauxhall Adam



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ADAM: It’s all about personalisation


HE new Vauxhall ADAM is available to test drive now at Perrys of Barnsley.

The ADAM, Vauxhall’s first-ever urban-chic city car, made its official debut at the Paris Motor Show, and is available to order from the dealership on Claycliffe Road, with prices ranging from £11,255 to £14,295. The three-door, four-seater model is keenly positioned to take the fashionled A-sector by storm; with over a million specification and trim combinations, the new urban-chic

model is all about personalisation. Customers have a choice of three trims – JAM (fashionable /colourful), GLAM (elegant/sophisticated) and SLAM (racy/sporty) – as well as 20 different wheel designs, over a dozen interior shades and 12 different body colours, some of which are unique to ADAM. ADAM also comes with clever, forward-thinking premium technology. The new IntelliLink on-board infotainment system which integrates the owner’s smart phone (Android and iOS) with the car, making internet-

based applications available on the facia mounted touch screen. On the outside, ADAM is the first car in the sector to have LED daytime running lights. It is initially offered with three petrol engines (1.2-litre 70PS, 1.4-litre 87PS and 1.4-litre 100PS), all of which are available with Start/Stop technology. To arrange a test drive of the Vauxhall ADAM, visit Perrys of Barnsley on Claycliffe Road, Barugh Green, Barnsley. Alternatively, call 01226 399455.


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for all your shopping and services needs

Glen Hewitt Pennine Thursday 4th to Saturday 6th April and Monday 8th to Saturday 13th April


plumbing heating and gas

Monday 15th to Saturday 20th April



Monday 29th April to Saturday 14th May

Plumbing • Heating • Gas • Powerflush 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE


The Lamproom Theatre, Westgate, Barnsley

Box Office: 01226 200075 www.barnsleylamproom.com

including landlords’ certificates

Contact Glen Hewitt 07836 Tel/fax messages 01226 glenokehhewitt@aol.com

No job too small!

578879 767476

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For every room in your home

For every occasion in your life

furniture interiors

SALE NOW ON! LAMPE BERGER PARIS NOW IN STOCK A story of indoor scents and perfumes. Inspired from nature, to live well every day. FANTASTIC SHOWROOM DISPLAYS AT: The Old Garage | Genn Lane Ward Green | Barnsley

T: 01226 280773 or visit www.furnitureinteriors.biz

woodward carpets f l o o r i n g s p e c i a l i s t 1 Barnsley Road, Dodworth, Barnsley www.woodwardcarpets.com

THE FAMILY BUSINESS, OFFERING... • Quality and personal service to customers • No outside contractors • Over 30 years’ experience in carpet trade • FREE Fitting • FREE Measuring & Estimates Call in our showroom or telephone:

01226 282161

Ask for Ian or Greg. Details on request. GR EE EN

Station RO AD

War Memorial



We welcome...




To Penistone

Jct 37 M1

• Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri 9.15am - 5.00pm • Thurs 9.15am - 1.00pm • Sat 10.00am - 3.00pm

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ose products are not just ordinary products. The same goes for their headphones. Ideal for exercise, the SI2is are comfortable, sweat and weather resistant, have specially designed tips that stay in place even during vigorous movement and have alternative cord lengths. Needless to say, the sound is amazing. These headphones are available in green or orange and come with a matching Reebok-designed armband to hold your Smartphone or music player firmly in place and protect it from the elements. To win a pair just answer the following question;

The Bose slogan is Better sound through…? Email your answer with your name and telephone number to nrwlodge@sky.com, please include your daytime contact number, winners will be notified by email. Closing date is April 30th 2013. Terms and conditions apply: Non transferrable to cash, entrants may be contacted by Audio Installations in the future. Audio Installations decision is final. No purchase necessary.

Order Your New ‘13’ Reg. Bike Now!


Yamaha Vity 125 £2,070 O.T.R.

• 2 years parts and labour warranty • 100 plus MPG • 1 years RAC cover


MOT, servicing and repairs to most makes of bikes including Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki etc.

SPECIAL OFFER: MOT, OIL AND FILTER CHANGE FROM ONLY £60 Unit 28, Cannon Way, Claycliffe Business Park, Barugh Green S75 1JU www.roadandtrials.co.uk Barnsley

Telephone: 01226 391557 Licensed credit broker. Written details on request. All prices and offers correct at time of going to press.

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MIRROR IMAGE Family run business with a personal, friendly service

FITTED BEDROOM SPECIALISTS www.mirrorimageuk.co.uk

BARNSLEY HYPNOSIS Counselling & Coaching


HELP CHANGE THOUGHTS & FEELINGS Replace old, unhappy, negative thoughts, feelings and behaviour, with new, happy, positive ones. Motivate success of your goals and targets within: self, life, relationships, work and sport.



Jeana Hallas, BSc (Hons) Psy, Dip.Hyp, Dip.Couns: Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, CBT, Life Coach

Please visit our showroom for details.

SHOWROOM 108 Barnsley Road Wath-upon-Dearne Rotherham S63 6DQ


PHONE 0500 123435


Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm

FREE DETAILS or FREE CONSULTATION Tel: 01226 230447 (24 hrs) for free details Large Website Including ‘Free’ Videos: www.Barnsley-Hypnosis-Coaching.co.uk

• Suppliers of fires and fireplaces to suit all budgets and styles including flueless fires and stoves • Extensive choice • Personal service from in-house experts

Wakef largest t ield’s wo showro floor Approx om. i mins fro mately 15 m Barn sley. WEL



OPEN MON – SAT 10am – 5pm (Follow signs for Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 01924 335998 11am – 4pm www.tlrfireplaces.co.uk 131 Doncaster Road Wakefield WF1 5DY

Hoyland Kitchens FP



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UNBELIEVABLE PRICES Please visit our large showroom to view our full range of products

Telephone 07932 163129 or Barnsley 732821 HOYLAND ROAD • HOYLAND COMMON

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express blinds& curtains

• Venetian

• Roller

• Skylight

• Pleated

• Curtains

• Roof Blinds

• Window Films

• Perfect Fit

• Shutters

• Pelmets

• Cushions

• Spare parts & repairs

• Vertical


• Velux

Mon – Fri 10am - 4pm Sat 9am - 1pm Unit 5, Aldham Ind. Estate Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HA

Tel: 01226 756111

Our single ply membranes provide homeowners facing flat roof problems with an ideal, long-lasting and cost-effective solution for roofs such as garages, extensions, dormers, porches etc.

The benefits of a Single Ply Membrane are: • No molten material or naked flames, eliminating any potential fire hazard • Consistently outperforms other types of flat roofing material • Fully compatible with bitumen and can be readily used for overlays of existng felt roofs • Root and algae resistant • UV stable • Shrink Resistant • Life expectancy is in excess of 30 years. BBA approved • Insurance backed warranties on all installations

01924 270822

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for all your shopping and services needs

• Kids Beds to Superking • Mattresses and bases sold separately • Leather Bed Frames • Ottomans • Early delivery times available • Duvets • Pillows • Mattress Protectors • Children’s Bedding


01226 292292 Modern House, Summer Lane, Barnsley

Free Parking. Free Local Delivery.

BEDDING Open 6 days: Mon. - Fri. 8.30 am - 5.30 pm Saturday 8.30 am - 4.30 pm

OWEN & OWEN GAS SERVICES • Replacement Boilers and Full Heating Systems with 5 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee • Boiler Servicing £35 • Boiler Repairs • Heating System Power Flush £125 Tel: Mark on 07717136447 Energy Efficiency Qualified or 01226 212805 All work fully insured and guaranteed Email: madri961@aol.com

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Baker Finch Interiors


Suppliers of beautiful bespoke kitchens and bedrooms Based in Horbury Bridge, we supply and fit kitchens including appliances, bedrooms, doors and flooring. A full installation service is available including gas and electrics.

Telephone: 01924 271999 Mobile: 07768 222913 Bridge House, Bridge Road, Horbury Bridge, Wakefield WF4 5NN

A quality service from design to installation

Part of the Leods Group




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Lynsey Bradford speaks to ...

GUY HARRIS “You just look at someone or something and imagine how it talks. My voice is quite flexible and the range is there to be able to play around with things. I can talk really high or go really low.”


t the first mention of his name you could be forgiven for not instantly recognising Guy

Harris. It’s the sound of his voice that will ring a bell with most people. If you’ve seen advertisements for the Strictly Come Dancing tour and the iPhone 5, then you've heard Guy Harris. He has voiced hundreds of television and radio commercials and perfected his skill after imitating his doctor when he was young. “I was bullied at school and went into my shell,” says Guy, “but I would imitate my doctor, much to my mum’s despair – she would say ‘stop it, someone might hear you!’” In the early 1990s, Guy entered an impressionist competition on a local radio station in Leicester. His combination of characters, which included Billy Connolly, Prince Charles and John Major, led to him winning and the producer is now one of his best friends and a colleague at Real

Radio, where Guy presents the weekend breakfast show. “The radio presenter at the time called me Leicester’s best impressionist and he started using me on his show. He would ring me up and get me to do different characters,” recalls Guy. Guy has been doing voice-overs for about 18 years, though it was only in the year 2000 that he started making money from it. He’s already the voice of video games such as Worms, Harry Potter Lego, and Anomaly-Warzone Earth and can be hear voicing Alesha Dixon’s Street Dance Stars. But it is video games that he really wants to get into and his real ambition is to voice a PIXAR movie. He adds: “You just look at someone or something and imagine how it talks. My voice is quite flexible and the range is there to be able to play around with things. I can talk really high or go really low.” He reels off dozens of impressions. In fact, his impression of Dobby the

house-elf from the Harry Potter films is so good, I ask him to do it again. As well as producing multitude of phone apps, Guy has won awards for his work. In 2011, Guy was named best male voice-over at the Vox Awards, and last year he won the best spoof award. And it is his voice-over work which he has to thank for leading him in to local radio Guy presents the weekend breakfast show on Real Radio where he has interviewed a whole host of stars including the Spice Girls, One Direction, Robbie Williams, Will Young, Westlife and Boyzone. “You just go on as yourself. Mostly it's all about music and then you put the presenting in around that. “It’s amazing to be able to go into a box and talk and play music and mess around and that's kind of what we do. McFly were really nice genuine guys and were really lovely. I’ve interviewed them a couple of times and they deserve everything they get.”

White Rose Int A4



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• Kitchens • Bedrooms • Studies All our furniture is manufactured to your design & specification in our own factory and to the highest standard, fully installed by our own team of installers.

Full range of appliances by Bosch, Stoves, Teka etc. Free planning and design service. SUPPLY ONLY SERVICE AVAILABLE.


 01226 388500

Opening Times: Mon - Fri 9am - 5.00pm • Sat 10am - 4pm

OPEN ALL OVER EASTER Unit 26 Claycliffe Business Park, Cannon Way, Barugh Green, Barnsley S PA C I O U S F R E E C A R PA R K

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Profile for Barnsley Chronicle

Mosaic Magazine Issue 74 (April 2013)  

As I write, Spring has not yet sprung and we remain wrapped up at our desks in thick coats, cardigans and jumpers.

Mosaic Magazine Issue 74 (April 2013)  

As I write, Spring has not yet sprung and we remain wrapped up at our desks in thick coats, cardigans and jumpers.

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