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Issue 6

Winter 2013/14

Students enjoy day at Westminster Who’s who – Page 2 Read the story – Page 3

sy of Amilia

Photograph s courte Watson.

“ ” The students’ interviews were terrific. So professional, informed and enthusiastic!

“” A great event – enjoyed getting Grimethorpe and the Yorkshire coalfields back on the Westminster agenda! John Clegg

Dan Jarvis MP

“” It was superb – Kevin Maguire remarked to me twice how good he thought it was.

Angela Smith MP

Horizon Theatre, Dodworth Road, Barnsley

Saturday 29th March

“ ”


Tickets on line at

It was one of the highlights of my entire life!

Simon Hirst – Capital FM, DJ


2 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Web Comment

From the Editor Hello, and welcome to the sixth edition of The Horizon. It has been really pleasing to see the number of students involved within our News Team increase, and I would like to welcome those new recruits on board. This publication really isn’t possible without the input of our students and it is great to see young, budding journalists so keen to represent the college. Thanks, Mr Addy.

Meeting every challenge “Congratulations to all members of Horizon’s learning community: students, parents, guardians, governors, teachers, support staff and the wider community – everyone played their part to the full. “Let’s not forget that this school came into existence just under one year ago; every challenge was met with optimism, determination and professionalism. “I am delighted for everyone! They were awesome results in the every sense of the word. However, this is now history – sights are now firmly set on ensuring the Year 11 of 2013-14 fulfils its potential. Congratulations and every best wish for the future.” Sharon Bailey


2 3

4 5


(from left to right): 1. Stephen Tompkinson, Helena Hunter, Jim Carter, Madison Barlow, Will Batty, Philip Jackson, Sienna Howard, Nathan King, John Bostwick and Jacob Simpson.

At your service…

2. Madison Barlow, Lord Prescott, Jacob Simpson and Nathan King.

From left to right: Jane Bukovina (Admin Team Manager) Jane Charlesworth Pearl Ambler Jenny Hilton Christine Micklethwaite Lucy Kenyon Sam Dimelow

3. Jim Carter, speaking to John Bostwick, with Madison, Helena and Jacob.

Who’s who on the front cover 4. John and Christine Clancey (original Calendar girl, ‘September’) with Jim Carter, and Beryl Bamforth (original Calendar girl, ‘January’) and Terry Bamforth. 5. Nadia (Mayoress) and Ken Richardson (Mayor). 6. Dennis Skinner, Rodney Bickerstaffe, Mel Dyke, Kevin Maguire and Angela Smith.

Kilimanjaro climb for charity

The reception/administration team.

In September 2014 I am planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in Africa. The climb will be in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity close to my heart as two of my friends battled and defeated cancer at a young age. The charities which supported them through this challenging time provided invaluable support and I would like to give something back. In order to take part in the climb I need to raise a minimum fee of £2,600. So far, with the help of friends and family I have managed to raise approximately £1,600. I’m humbled by the support of people who I know and even those who are strangers to me – they have donated a wealth of items which I have sold at car-boot sales and through Ebay.


In addition to this, Mr Bowen has very kindly let me use one of the activity rooms in Horizon to run a fitness class, KFC (Kev’s Fitness Class), every Monday at 17.30. I cannot thank enough Horizon Community College and all the staff who have attended, it is really appreciated by both myself and the Teenage Cancer Trust. I know the task of raising the money will be hard but I don’t think it will be as hard as the actual climb! If anyone would like to support my cause they are welcome to battle the Christmas ‘bulge’ by attending KFC from Mon 13 January, or by sponsoring me to take part in my climb via the Just Giving website Many thanks Kevin Heskett


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WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 3

Ellie Hawcroft & Amy Richardson Year 8 interviewed Horizon Community College Principal, Mr Bowen, on the Principal’s report.

Second term report IKIC and the Barnsley Big Challenge “These are really good projects for Horizon to be involved in because it brings students from different schools and businesses from around Barnsley together and working on different projects and developing an entrepreneurial culture. That means students thinking about starting their own business. Increasingly when people leave schools, colleges and universities, they will have to be more enterprising and will probably have had a number of jobs throughout the course of their lifetime. When I went to school, students would have been in the same job for the majority of their careers and that used to be the case. Things change now and students have to be adaptable, enterprising, have a real can-do attitude and be entrepreneurial. We need young people to start businesses and more and more people rather than going and working for someone, will be looking to build an enterprise which will be able to sustain them and their family. Having experience of that in school, running your own business and getting a real feel of what that is like, is invaluable. Students will have an idea, create a product, design it, make it, market it and deal with the finances while having a business mentor to support them doing that. I know firsthand that the students who did these projects last year took a lot out of it

and those who don’t go on to have their own businesses will go into college, university and employment with a bank of skills that they didn’t necessarily have beforehand. We are a school and we are about our students getting brilliant qualifications, but a student who leaves us with a bank of really good qualifications may not necessarily have the right skills for employment. IKIC provides those skills and it is great to be involved again this year.”

Tips for Year 10 and 11 exams “As students get in to Key Stage 4, the focus for them is very much on exams. It is important that students come to school, they are happy, they enjoy school, they get involved with plenty of activities but there is a focus on examinations and examination results because what they will do is unlock the door to go onto higher education to do A Levels or an Apprenticeship. My advice is that you only get one chance at this and don’t leave it right until the end of Year 11. My advice to Year 10s would be that you start your GCSE right at the very start of Key Stage Four and what you do in Year 10 will make Year 11 so much easier. My advice to Year 11s would be that it isn’t too late to have a big push and put in all your effort in this last year at school. What students and parents need to do is focus very much on revision. Parents can very

much help students by giving them a good space to work in at home and encourage them to do little bits of work every night. Exams of course aren’t the be all and end all because students need to very much get involved with extra-curricular activities such as the newspaper and the various things we offer around the college.”

2014 “IKIC will definitely be a highlight going into 2014 as the businesses come to fruition and the students behind those businesses develop essential skills. We had some great businesses last year and a number of students won awards at the final event so I will definitely be following it this year. We have an increased number of students who have applied and businesses have come forward from that which is great to see and I hope this continues to increase year after year. One of the other things we are hoping to introduce in 2014 is the action of surveys we sent out to students to identify the amount of activities students are involved with inside and outside of school. The results were very positive but it has also identified a small number of students who aren’t involved in any kind of activities and we are going to put together an awards scheme where students receive a number 1 to 4 depending on their contribution to college life and the

Mr Bowen, Principal Horizon Community College community, with the gold award being for the most involved. I am really looking forward to this year and I hope we will be looking forward to another really good set of exam results and improve on what we achieved in 2013. I don’t hide the fact that as a school we are ambitious and I don’t want Barnsley as a local authority to be near the bottom of the league tables. Our results last year because we are the biggest school contributed massively to Barnsley being the 16th most improved local authority in the country. There are 151 local authorities and Barnsley were the 16th most improved. We were still near the bottom so there is still a lot of work to do but Horizon’s results made a contribution to that improvement with us being the biggest school. We look forward to seeing ourselves and Barnsley improve as we make sure that the education which we are providing the young people enables them to achieve just as highly as anyone else in the country. Another project which has been launched and I am really looking forward to seeing is Barnsley Business Inspiring Students (BBIS). This is a local company which is a financial services organisation and they have been working with Horizon to gather a large number of local businesses who have agreed to be speakers in school about their experience in life and in business to inspire the next generation. We have a pilot running with BBIS at the

moment and the website for that can be accessed via our website. We will be piloting that this year at Horizon and we hope to extend that to other schools as there are some really inspiring people in Barnsley and it will be great to get them into school to talk about their life, their businesses and their ventures to inspire the next generation.

Final thoughts “While the college and staff are really working hard to get really good exam results for our students, it is really heartening to see so many students involved in Community Enterprise. It is really pleasing to see all year groups really getting involved in things outside of the classroom. I was really keen when we started at Horizon that we won’t be seen as just an exam factory and that students had the opportunity to succeed outside of the learning environment. I am heartened by that and the amount of work which is occurring with our primary school, local community and projects within school. At Horizon we are very much in the early stages of our journey and to be a school which can hold its head up high in terms of examination results. It is just as important that we are also a school which is recognised nationally for the work it does in developing students as leaders in school and in the local community.”

Students enjoy day at Westminster By Mr Nathan King I come from Barnsley and the community and its development is very important to me. Presenting the area in a positive way is key to its success, as is my recent involvement with Mel Dyke’s book ‘Grimethorpe Revival’. Writing about the positivity of the area and how my own experience in education at a time of great turmoil has become a driving force, has led me to where I am today. At Westminster I was honoured to read a section of the book I had written and was proud to represent the area and the fantastic school I am working at, Horizon Community College. I selected a group of media students to take down and share the experience. It was a fantastic day and I was extremely proud of the students that came along, they were a credit to the school and year group. Everyone commented on how fantastic they were in all aspects, from behaviour to the way they spoke to the people involved in the event.

Mel Dyke with David Moody Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire and Rodney Bickerstaffe.

Dennis Skinner, with Kathy and John Bostwick.

By Jacob Simpson, 10N

careers, as I aspire to do in my life. Meeting these people was a real confidence boost that 12 November was quite an exciting day. It was showed it is possible! There were many other the day myself and four other pupils joined well known people from Barnsley there to celstudents from several other schools and travebrate with us, including the Mayor. Whilst at elled to Westminster in London. Westminster we were able to hear an extract We were there to represent the rejuvenation from the newly published book ‘Grimethorpe of Barnsley since the closure of the coal mines. Revival’. The day as a whole was extraordinary Our very own teacher, Mr King, went up on and something that I will never forget! stage and read an excerpt from the book ‘Grimethorpe Revival’. It was his very own By Madison Barlow, 10M experiences of when he was in school and how On 12 November 2013 myself life was changing around him due to the shutand four other people, plus our down of the pits. teacher, went on a trip to Westminster. We also got to meet and greet famous people We went to represent Barnsley to show how who were born and bred in our local area. much it has grown since the pit closure. Our Personally it was inspiring to hear how individteacher did a speech and we meet loads of uals were able to rise above the challenges of famous people who were born and raised in the town and exceed the aspirations of Barnsley. Personally I think it was a brilliant Barnsley people. experience that I probably won’t have again. I also gained some confidence in speaking to By Sienna Howard, 10Q people that I have never met before. On 12 November myself and four other students from Horizon Community College travelled to London to visit the Westminster Pa l a c e , i n c o m m e m o r a t i o n o f t h e Grimethorpe pit closing and the ‘rebirth’ of Barnsley. When I was asked by my Creative Media teacher, Mr. King, who was reading his part in the book ‘Grimethorpe Revival’, to accompany him and a few other students in my year, I felt Angela Smith with Philip Mosley. extremely privileged to be selected! The visit was so much better than I had imagined. When I was informed the event was to be held at Westminster I personally thought it would “Slightly nerve-racking reading in front of just be crammed with speeches about the Carson from Downton Abbey but a pleasure to contribute to a fabulous event!” – Jane Godber impact the closing of the pit had on Barnsley as a community. To my surprise I was mistak- “Inspirational day – respectful of the past, but en, the event was an amazing experience! I was highlighting the successes of the class of ’93, and able to meet some actors such as Stephen the talent and confidence of today’s students”. – Adrian Waite & Judy Sidebottom (BDA) Tompkinson, Jim Carter and Phillip Jackson who were in the film ‘Brassed Off!’ Sadly Ewan “One student, toying with the idea of going McGregor couldn’t attend! This, especially, was into politics has decided that this is absolutely a real honour, to meet people from Barnsley, his choice. It was truly inspirational.” – Barnsley College who had been successful in their acting

More quotes from the day…

Nathan King, reading an exerpt from the book.

Grimethorpe Revival by Mel Dyke My main purpose in writing ‘Grimethorpe Revival’ was to save one record of working in schools and living in a mining community when coal fuelled the nation; not least for children who never will be able to do that. An invitation to Westminster from Michael Dugher MP to celebrate those days was a unique opportunity to take some of today’s students back to find out for themselves. Mixing with people who all had links to mining and the Barnsley area, they certainly did that; and, judging by some of the responses they gained from it, they were a credit to the town.

4 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Kingpins and Horizon students come together for Pogmoor planting By Dave Griffin We were up at the park on Friday 29 November with pupils from Horizon Community College, and children from the Kingpins Nursery, to plant 2000 bulbs along the Royston Lead boundary.

As usual, the Horizon students were a pleasure to work with and were a credit to their school. Horizon College has helped to plant trees and bulbs on four occasions now. Each time, the students’ behaviour has been exemplary and they have approached the task ahead

with a professional attitude. We are very grateful for the continuing support of Horizon Community College. We also wish to thank the Old Town councillors for providing the bulbs this year. You may recall that the Old Town councillors also donated 2000 bulbs to us last year. These

were planted along the Cresswell Street and West Road boundaries of the park. We are currently discussing a major joint project with Horizon College which would form the third phase of the park development. Further details of this should be available now.

Summer Lane Primary School

Dear Diary By Aimee Walton

The Storm mighty boat while a grey wave of darkness blanketed the sky! Wild gusts of wind became untamed beasts, howling like a pack. Suddenly we were being jolted back and forth like a rocking horse; the everlasting waves were making the ship uncontrollable, when was this going to end? Furiously huge sparks of lightning struck the waves like fiery weapons, which gave the waves a boost of energy to terrify us even more! Unfortunately the bitter water engulfed me as it moved up and down like a roller coaster. Shivering with pain my body turned to ice, this temperature was unimaginable but the blizzard’s force was not giving up…

Today has been the worst day ever! A gigantic, monstrous wave came crashing down on the ship. We were sailing on the Pacific Ocean when in the distance we saw a storm. Before long we were in the storm. Sea salt sprayed my face as the treacherous waves drenched me from my knees to my toes. Anxiety frantically filled my body as we got deeper and deeper in the wild uncontrollable storm. I looked ahead to see the waves were everlasting and the storm was infinity. My heart caged up and quickly turned to ice. Two treacherous (tsunami sized) waves shadowed me from both sides of the passageway. It felt like being in the middle of two cars colliding. By Ruby P Viciously the boat jolted and I could Today has been a horrifying day, not control myself. I had to let go… because a colossal storm hit our ship. Suddenly the sea changed from By Mollie King a gentle daydream to a terrifying Aggressively the treacherous waves nightmare as the storm reared its were making cartwheels around the ugly head. My heart skipped a beat

when I saw the first major wave. Aggressively, it crashed onto the boat, roaring like an untamed beast! Defenceless, the boat started to rock from side to side as if it had been possessed. CRASH! A powerful wave surged through the boat’s main porthole! It came to where I was hiding; instantly paralysing my whole body – it was as cold as ice!

Kingpins staff and children with Horizon students.

Wednesday 27 November, 2013

By Sophie V

Today has been a horrifying day, a fierce storm (like a tsunami) hit the ship. Peacefully, we were sailing along round about midday, unaware of the tragic storm we were about to encounter. Suddenly, the storm hit… The dark grey clouds replaced the blue sapphire sky, the thunder and lighting clapped and banged. The By Libby Lowe dark, daunting, monstrous waves Today has been a terrifying experi- fiercely crashed against the rusty ence, a ferocious storm (like a tsuna- boat. We rocked up and down like a roller mi) hit the rusty ship. Peacefully, we sailed along the calm coaster, it was getting uncontrollable. sea into this monstrous storm we Shawlands Primary School were about to encounter. Suddenly, the storm hit the ship... Aggressively we approached the vicious storm. The boat became uncontrollable! The salty sea smashed against the old rusty boat. It was like water cartwheeling over the boat. It was bitter cold! I was terrified the frantic waves were darting under and above the boat. The other men were rocking all about, actually one man got hurt all down his arm, I was really scared. The water was as fast as a cheetah racing! We just could not stop it. My heart was beating like a drum! The menacing clouds replaced the sunny blue skies. Will this storm ever end?

By Tilly Ellis Today has been a tragic day! A horrific storm has hit, and led the boat to rock from side to side like a rocking horse! We were sailing happily along the salty seas of the Pacific Ocean, and suddenly a monstrous wave hit the boat like you could never imagine; waves were cartwheeling around the boat, and fish were trying to escape in every direction! Gradually the boat became uncontrollable which made my heart skip a thousand beats, and made my emotions go wild. (It must have been a tsunami!) Despite the fact that my heart was beating like a drum I knew I needed to act quickly so I tried to take control of the ship, but the storm was much too bad; rain began to pour down , and waves started to leap over the boat, it was Finley, Georgia & Aimee with M & M Productions who gave the worst day of my life, would this a brilliant performance in the pantomime, Pinocchio. ever end?

Violent waves were as tall as the Eiffel Tower. The salty seas pushed one of the crew members, even though my heart was beating like a drum, I had to do something. It was super strong it was making the board go the wrong way. I was really scared, I wanted to go home. I questioned myself, will this ever end? About 5.30 the storm finally stopped, the boat was now in control we were making sure that everyone was ok and everything on the boat was friendly. It was time to go home now. Goodbye Pacific Ocean!

Outdoor learning at Shawlands By Mr McClure, Head Teacher Shawlands Every year we survey our pupils to find out what they love about Shawlands and, more importantly, what they would like to change for the better. This year there have been a large number of changes at our school and some of the most beneficial to date have come from the ideas shared by our pupils. Assemblies, class names and the environment have been adapted to meet the interests and needs of our pupils. The most recent improvement has been outside the school, on the playground! The pupils said that they were bored at playtimes so we have put together an outdoor learning environment plan. The money raised at

last year’s Summer Fayre (over £2,000!) has been kindly donated by the Parent Council to our plans. We started by buying two huge pots of outdoor playground equipment and training all the Y6 pupils to be playground leaders. Next, we bought a range of outdoor (weather resistant) display boards with maths, spelling, grammar, science, history and geography learning opportunities. We also painted the outdoor PVC panels using blackboard paint so that children could use big chalks to practice their numbers, letters or artistic work. We have a small amount of money left and we plan to purchase two outdoor libraries (using summer houses) for our KS1 and KS2 reading fans to use. Thank you to everyone who came to or supported our Summer Fayre and to the Parent Council for making this possible.

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 5

French tea party helps beat language barrier

Babyroom News

Planning for children’s interests is a major focus in the nursery. As a result of a new child starting in the setting whose first language is French, we chose some simple French words to teach the children. This began a chain of events which led to a huge topic on France. Parents brought in souvenirs, postcards and photographs from recent holidays in France and we made a table top display. We asked our expert parent for some French translations for every-

Horizon’s Kingpins’ new baby sleep pods have been a resounding success. The pods provide the babies with a sense of security and comfort giving them their own individual space to sleep or chill out and look at books. Each child has a picture of their keyworker attached to their pod and access to their covers and comforters which help them to develop a sense of belonging and allows them to explore from a secure base. The older babies can babble to each other from pod to pod and can choose for themselves when they want to go for a rest or get up

day objects in the room and put signs on chairs, doors and other items in the room and used these so that the children could learn some simple French words and phrases. On Friday 22 November, we held a French tea party (Francais partie de the). We had a café and the children served the parents with pastries and cakes. Everyone dressed in French-style clothing and parents and children joined in a round of Frere Jacques. The nursery also held a raffle in

New baby sleep pods.

Sleep Island of Dreams aid of Ben who has a brain tumour and we raised £120. Quote from France topic: “We have been very impressed with what Beatrix has learned about France. The party was great fun and the perfect way to show off what the children have learned so far. Kingpins has involved the parents in this project and the party was a lovely reward.” – Beatrix’s mummy.

from sleep. This helps in building their confidence and independence. Comments from parents: “Mason really likes the beds and sleeps well in them due to them being cosy.” – Mason’s mummy “The beds look really pretty and Sophia sleeps longer at nursery now. “I really like the fact that the children have familiar items in their pods to make them feel more secure and I am impressed that they make it so that staff are visible to them on their level when they wake up, rather than in cots.” – Sophia’s mummy.

A comment from a parent on our “Help Us to Improve” forms “My child is looked after very well. All the staff are friendly and brilliant with the children. He eats healthy, home cooked meals. He is happy when I drop him off and pick him up. He is stimulated and learns well but is able to have free play too. His file is impeccable and records of his development are all accurate.”

‘The Real Experience’ A stimulating, secure environment where children are encouraged to become confident, independent learners.

Quiz to aid learning We set questions and topics to research and share them with children and parents to extend our knowledge and learning. From this we are all learning together on a weekly basis and have found out lots of different facts that we didn’t know.

We have compiled this quiz: 1. Do giraffes lie down to sleep? 2. What noises does a giraffe make? 3. What is a baby giraffe called? 4. What is a styracosaurus? 5. What does a styracosaurus eat? 6. Which is the longest dinosaur? 7. How many teeth does a triceratops have? 8. What is the name of the national anthem of France? 9. Which river does the Eiffel Tower stand beside? 10. What is the name of the large stone arch monument in Paris? 11. Why do snails produce bubbles beneath them? 12. How many eyes does a grasshopper have?

Answers 1. Giraffes sleep for just a few minutes at a time. They curve their neck around and rest their head on their bottom. 2. Although giraffes are usually silent they sometimes bleat or make flute like noises. If threatened they may even grunt or roar. 3. A baby giraffe is called a calf. 4. A styracosaurus is a dinosaur. 5. A styracosaurus eats plants as it is a herbivore. 6. The longest dinosaur is a diplodocus and measures almost 30 metres. 7. A triceratops has 600 teeth. Children have 20 teeth called milk teeth. 8. The national anthem of France is “La Marseillaise”, which means “The Song from Marseille.” 9. The Eiffel Tower stands beside the River Seine. 10. The large stone arched monument in Paris is the Arc de Triomphe. 11. Snails produce bubbles to protect

them. These bubbles are so strong that a snail could go along a really sharp knife edge without getting cut. 12. A grasshopper has 5 eyes but no ears; they have antennae instead.

We have made up a rhyme to help you to remember facts about grasshoppers: Grasshopper, grasshopper on the ground, Grasshopper, grasshopper leaping around. You have no ears but you have 5 eyes,

Judged by Ofsted to be outstanding in all areas of provision.  Children aged 0-5 years.  Open from 7.30 am to 6.00pm Monday-Friday.  Full and part time places available.  Fully qualified and experienced staff.  Fantastic outdoor facilities.  Free places for 2 and 3 year olds.  Flexible childcare arrangements catered for.  Competitive rates.

Contact Sue Wood

You jump up high into the sky. You eat your greens to make you strong And now we sing your grasshopper song. (Researched and composed by the children, parents and staff at Kingpins Nursery).

Situated in the old Kingstone School Campus on Broadway.

Tel: 01226 207158 Email:

6 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Doncaster Road Primary School

Gawber Primary School

Close relationship really helps

Great Gawber goings on! Tremendous Topics! By Martha and Helena Year 4

This year we have continued our close relationship with Horizon Community College, we have a number of initiatives running between the schools which are of great benefit to all our children. On Thursday afternoons Mr Year 11 students Chelsea Bannister and Eleanor Manley West comes down to Doncaster helping with maths. Road with four Horizon Students, Owen Wildblood, Brad Kaye, school netball club which also Chelsea Bannister and the girls Harrison Lynch and Archie runs alongside the football ses- support our Y6 pupils with their Markwell, who deliver an after sions. maths work. This is a great project school football coaching session Every Friday morning between and all the children really enjoy to our Y6 and Y5 students which is 9 and 10am Miss Dix comes down working with the older students. a highlight of the boys’ week. We to Doncaster Road with Year 11 This was something we were have recently set up an after students Eleanor Manley and keen to continue from last year.

Class 3

Class 3 have been working on Ancient Class 0 Egypt. They have made dung beetles and Class 0 have been working on Diwali. pyramids. They have cut out some hands and Class 4 coloured them with pens to look like Class 4 have been learning about World mendhi patterns. War 2. They have been to Eden Camp to Class 1 find out more. Class 1 have been thinking about old Class 5 and new. They had to bring in a toy from Class 5 have been studying the Romans their mum or dad and one of their and have learnt lots about this fascinatfavourite toys. ing topic.

Class 2

Class 6

Class 2 have been finding out about Florence Nightingale. They went on a Class 6 have been discovering all about school trip to learn more about this The Titanic. They did some beautiful pieces of art work! exciting project.

Year 7

Clee Club’s helpful hints and gardening tips By Curtis Holmes, 7R Weeding You need to weed your allotment on a regular basis, this is to stop the weeds from strangling the herbs and flowers you plant. To do this you need to lift the soil and remove any foreign plants.

Flowers To plant flowers make sure it is the right date/season and make a hole and put your seed in. You should sow your seeds inside first if you plan to plant mature flowers. Add water and wait. Be sure to water your seedlings on a regular basis. Eventually you will have flowers.

had to do, we were worried that we were going to do something wrong.

Activities We also did some activities, we did some weeding. We were clearing a large space to plant bulbs in, we put the weeds in the compost bin so that the ground was ready for planting some new flowers.

Netting It’s a good idea to put netting over the herbs and bulbs that you plant so birds can’t get them. You can do this with tent pegs and a garden net or netting with soil used to weight it.

Bulbs To plant garlic you put garlic in the soil, the bulb should be buried with the tip poking out. Put netting over the garlic so birds can’t get it. Make sure that you plant the bulbs about 10-20 centimetres apart. When they are ready to come out, pick them and leave them to dry out in the garden shed. Once they are dry you can cook them.

By Courtney Asquith, 7Q Introduction On Wednesday we were introduced to the allotments. The allotment is at the back of the Year 9 school, it looks like a normal allotment. We have got a poly tunnel and a shed to keep our things safe and to put our stuff in so that they are not in the way while we are working. When we first started the lesson we had a look for some seeds to plant in the appropriate year or month.

By Lewis Dale, 7R On Wednesday we went into the allotment and when we got there. We got asked to work in different sections of the allotment. Alan and I got asked to start weeding the herb garden. Then we got asked to stop and go get a trowel, to dig up a patch of mud, this was so that the spring flowering bulbs could be planted. Finally we started digging so we

could start planting the bulbs. We had to dig about 5cm in the mud so that they can grow better with plenty of space.

and then we took our red hoodies off. We put back all the tools we had been using.

By Reece Evans, 7Q By Céline Makiese, 7P Last Wednesday we put our hoodies on and we got a big green net; then we placed it on the bulbs that we were planting. After that we got some soil to hold it in place, this was to stop the birds from damaging any of the bulbs. This Wednesday we were doing different things; like Diogo and Reece were weeding, me and Curtis were pulling some old weeds out of the flower garden. It was really hard pulling the weeds because it was like it was glued into the ground. It was hard but it was really fun. When we were all finished we went to Miss

Last Wednesday we collected the trowels so we could flip the soil over. We needed to get the last of the weeds out of the flower garden. We all helped each other so we could plant the bulbs. Four of us did weeding with a shovel including Mrs Clee, and three of us planted Garlic and onion bulbs. We had to think about which part of the bulb needed to be in the ground. It’s the peak at the top that has to poke out the top of the soil. We planted garlic, red onion, white onions and spring flowering bulbs. During the spring and summer we will have delicious garlic and onions to cook with, yummm.

Behaviour We were all asking questions because we weren’t sure of what we

How to make a simple bird feeder

Our Team

Step 1 Equipment needed: • 1 large mixing bowl • string • 1kg lard • bird seed and nuts • scissors • an empty container • a butter knife

Step 5 Add the lard to the mixing bowl. Pour your bird seed and nuts in. Mix together using your hands.

Step 2 Very carefully, pierce a hole into the container using the scissors. Be careful! You might want to ask an adult for help with this!

Step 3 Thread your string through the hole. Make sure you have string through the whole length of the container.

Step 4 Use the butter knife to carefully cut your lard into small chunks. Don’t be too precise.

Step 6 Step 7 Apply pressure to make sure there are no air pockets.

Pour the mixed bird food into the empty container.

Step 8 Place your filled bird feeders in the fridge and leave overnight. Once chilled, tip the container upside down to release the feeder. Hang appropriately in the garden.

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 7

Keeping close ties with local residents By Josh Oldfield 7S Friday 1 December saw Horizon Year 7 students, children from Kingpins Nursery and the residents of Pogmoor come together to work on restoring Pogmoor Park. Horizon Community College and the residents of the Pogmoor Area Residents Association kept up the close ties they formed last year, which saw students from our college tree planting in the park. This time daffodil bulbs were the order of the day with 2,000 arriving in the park to be planted.

Year 7 student Josh Oldfield’s diary of the morning’s events We walked a long way in the cold weather to get there, once there we carried the bulbs in a wheelbarrow and took turns helping Horizon Kingpin children plant their bulbs in one area of the park and then went off to plant the rest along the side of the park. We each had to dig the holes for the bulbs and plant them, covering them back up with soil. Some of us dug more holes further around the park and in doing so got covered in mud! We learned how to use a few different gardening tools such as a pitchfork and shovel and gained some good gardening experience. We all hope the bulbs grow really nicely along the edge and hopefully they won’t get

Kingpins pictured with Horizon students and the Pogmoor residents.

destroyed by the weather or the mowers! We want the Sensory Garden to be able to merge in with the environment and we will feel proud to use it knowing we helped to make it so nice. The Kingpins children and the rest of the community helped out a lot too. The bulbs should be fully grown in a few months time ready for spring. We spent a couple of hours and we had a brilliant time, we put a big effort in and there was a good sense of team spirit amongst us all. It truly was an amazing experience and I would tell anyone to help out in their community, we are proud of what we achieved.

You can see all the pictures from the morning on our website.

Sensory Garden

crashed in the park during World War Two, guiding his plane down in the old quarry in order to miss nearby houses, saving the lives of the residents of Pogmoor.

By Mr Woodhouse (Community Enterprise Coordinator) Horizon Year 7 will be working with Pogmoor Area Residents’ Association again in the near future on a Sensory Garden Project, with a Year 7 garden design competition being launched at Horizon last December. The winning designer will have their garden built in the park in a special area set aside to remember Pilot Sergeant Alexander Hollingworth who bravely

Mr Storey

Students working on the design of the Sensory Garden with Mr McCall.

Jungle book at the theatre By Charlotte Hollingworth, 7U Millie Scofield, 7U

The M.I.T. group with Miss Hirst.

Horizon history on tour Monday 9 December saw the start of an epic journey for a group of very enthusiastic Horizon Year 7 History students. The students had been studying an investigation into the Tollund man as part of their history curriculum and enjoyed it so much that they asked if they could deliver the investigation as a workshop to other students. The students even delivered a presentation about it to the rest of their year in assembly. Thanks to the hard work of Mrs Townsend and Miss Hirst the Horizon MIT (Mystery Investigation Team) was formed. The MIT includes students – Sofia Gregoriou, Georgia Healey, Jack Ward, Jack Morffew, Ruby James, Millie Bateman, Beth Rodgers and Emma Wakenshaw, although new members are currently being recruited as we speak. Our MIT Tour has really taken off and the team are currently booked into 12 different primary schools where they will deliver a

two hour investigation on the Tollund man, a historical discovery made in Denmark in 1950. The workshops lasts two hours and are delivered by six of the Year 7 students on a rota basis, supported by two Horizon members of staff. The students split each class into investigation teams and support the primary students through a series of clues, observations and discussions in order to find out more about the Tollund man discovery and what happened to him in his life. The winning team from each primary school is entered into Horizon’s History Final which will be held at Horizon Community College towards the end of the academic year. The students’ enthusiasm for history is infectious and if they are not already booked into your school and you would like them to come and deliver to your Year 4/5 class please contact Mr Woodhouse on lwoodhouse@

Comment Grace Mitchell, Year 7 Student Enterprise Coordinator I really loved attending that meeting. I can’t wait for the next one! I really love being apart of this amazing team. Thank you for letting me be a part of this great team. Thank you!

On Monday 2 December a group of 70 year seven students travelled to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to watch a performance of the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. We had been doing the topic all term, so this was the perfect way to finish it. With a thorough understanding of the book, we were all excited to see the show. When we arrived and got sat down we were all speechless. The whole the-

Leadership Team report

atre had become a jungle and looked amazing. Then the show started. With a fabulous array of talent, making the story intriguing and enchanting, the singers and dancers all performed, as we watched in awe. It was really good because the characters were really believable and you almost certainly fell in love with them. You became entranced in the story. We all really enjoyed ourselves and thought that the performance was amazing. Thank you to the teachers for a fantastic trip.

With the first term officially under our belts, all involved with the Year 7 School are able to reflect on what has been a very positive start to the year. Our goal has been to ‘lay the foundations for success’ and I am confident that we have achieved that over the first four months. Students have really embraced all aspects of their new surroundings and have made a very positive impression. Beyond the classroom, the term has witnessed a number of significant events with a visit from popular Children’s illustrator Liz Million, a talk from Barnsley FC CEO Ben Mansford and a day with local Rugby League legend Paul Broadbent, as part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme, being personal highlights. We are looking forward to building on this foundation in 2014 and on behalf of all members of the Year 7 school would like to wish you all a prosperous New Year.

Community Enterprise report Mr Woodhouse

The zoology club pictured with Mr Turney (left) and Barnsley Biodiversity Trust.

Barnsley biodiversity visits the zoology club By Charlotte Hollingworth 7U In the past few weeks, members of the Horizon Zoology Club have been attending meetings with the Barnsley Biodiversity Trust. In many of the meetings we have been assessing the school grounds to see the potential that it has to offer wildlife, and now, after extensive brainstorming and planning, we are pleased to say that we have been offered

some fantastic opportunities. Their first idea for our grounds was to build a wetlands area, near the gates. This will be six inches deep and will have areas for other creatures, one foot deep. There will also be wildflowers planted around this to make the area bug friendly. Secondly, we will have a bird hide near to the horticulture area. This will consist of a simple metal bird hide and will be surrounded by a seating area

so students from Horizon can watch the birds. Finally we have been given a number of boxes to put up around school. These are to be used to house: bees, bats, birds, hedgehogs and kestrels. Some of these will be fitted with cameras which connect to iPads in school. We are still working on our charity Wild Horizons and will keep you updated on events around that. Any donations will be kindly accepted.

We now have eight Student Enterprise Coordinators who have hit the ground running, helping out at numerous school events and delivering excellent speeches in our Remembrance assembly. The house system is also up and running. Eight house captains have been appointed, they are as follows (House followed by Captain): Blyton – Joseph Ryder; Wilson – Neve Stretton; Anderson – Kieron Hanlon; Dickens – Millie Schofield; Rowling – Sofia Gregoriou; Seuss – Amelia Driver; Kipling – Ellie Sanger; Dahl – James Lister. Former rugby league star Paul Broadbent has been in school for a second year running, working exclusively with Year 7. We are also working closely with Barnsley Business Inspiring Students who provide inspirational guest speakers from the business world to work with our students. Barnsley Chief Executive Ben Mansford came in before Christmas and delivered a great talk to our students, we are looking forward to more guest speakers this term. My Role is to Support the Year 7 curriculum with a range of exciting and interesting activities. You can find me in the community office just below the first floor of the Year 11 School. If you have any new ideas around exciting and interesting activities email me on Follow us on @horizon_y7

8 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Caught reading!

Mr Powell.

Welcome to #CaughtReading, a Horizon Community College campaign to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read. Join the staff, students and the community who are all embracing this initiative to get everyone reading! We’d love to know what you are doing to support literacy and spread the word to “get caught reading”! Please share your ideas, initiatives, and pictures to us @horizon_cc #caughtreading. Who will be next to get #caughtreading?

Year 11 prefects.

Eve Lodge, 11R.

Mr Robson.

Mr Haynes.

Mr Bowen.

Mr Harrison with Mrs Daykin (hiding).

Miss Dix.

Making a difference this Christmas! Barnsley Youth Choir, who are based at Horizon CC, have released a Christmas CD to raise funds for Barnsley Hospice. BYC has over 200 members aged 719 years old who are from all areas of Barnsley. The CD features 2 tracks; ‘O Holy Night’ by the older Youth Choir and ‘Winter Wonderland’ by the younger Children’s Choir. The project has been led by Dan Jarvis MP, Andrew Harrod (Editor Barnsley Chronicle), Dawn Charlesworth (Barnsley Hospice) and a number of BYC colleagues. Dearne FM had the first exclusive play of the tracks on Monday 11 November. The CD has now gone on general sale at a cost of £2.00 each. They will be available at a number of outlets across Barnsley including Horizon CC reception. The CD has been mixed by the international award winning studio engineer, Simon Humphrey as well as staff and

students from University Centre Barnsley. Please buy the CD for yourself and encourage others to do the same – the money will be going to an excellent local cause! A special thank you to local business Riviera Multimedia for producing the packaging for the CD. Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis who helped promote the charity Christmas CD for Barnsley Youth Choir.

This is a brilliant opportunity for the Barnsley Youth Choir to demonstrate the amazing work that they do. We have fantastic young people in the town and at Horizon and local schools across the borough and I think this is a great opportunity for them to come together to raise money for a fantastic charity, Barnsley Hospice. They do great work across Barnsley and I am really excited about the music single. I am confident that people will go out and buy it. I know I will be buying numerous copies for friends and family. Dan Jarvis

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 9

Gaps need to be filled before deadline By Bradley Healey, 8K

Practice makes perfect – Students prepare for the Remembrance assembly.

Students ‘credit to school’ By Brad Healey, 8K On 7 November, the Year 8 students gathered in the theatre to admire a wonderful Remembrance assembly. There were people at the front, who read about war, and the effect that women had on it. The Y8 students were described as ‘a credit to the

school’ as they stood in two minutes silence, with no interruptions. Poems were read by Mr Buckley, Mr Gallagher and James Miller and everyone else read out information about the wars. Statements were read about Ghurkhas, Flanders Fields and WW1 etc.

With the January transfer window now open and no. 1 goalkeeper, Luke Steele, injured, many fans are asking questions about a new ’keeper. Stoke loanee and England U21 international, Jack Butland, has impressed at Oakwell and has been relied on many times in the two months he has been here. However, there are some other gaps in the team as Barnsley need to bring in a new left back, and with Lewin Nytanga out, a new centre back is needed. There are also some questions around Norwegian striker, Marcus Pedersen. Vitesse Arnhem, the club he is loaned from, can now sell the 23-year-old international in the January window, which is likely as the striker has also impressed so far at Oakwell.

Pedersen has bagged himself two goals, and created a few himself. These new players have definitely had a positive impact because, after a difficult start, Barnsley have improved and lifted themselves off the bottom. Meanwhile, former Celtic fan-favourite Paddy McCourt has settled in well at Oakwell. The fans are definitely enjoying his displays so far and have even started singing a now well-known song about him. The tricky winger has bagged himself his only goal, but a memorable one at that, as he slipped past five Middlesbrough defenders to slot it past Jason Steele. So who do you think Barnsley should sign in the January window? Do you think many of Barnsley’s players will stay and are Barnsley’s survival hopes in the Championship still alive?

Jenny and Beth with deputy head teacher Mrs Bradshaw.

Bikeability rides again… A big well done to the following students, Louis Philburn, Jenny Doran and Bethany Keys who have successfully achieved their level 3 “Bikeability” cycling training course with “Active Barnsley”.

Football is a very popular sport, so it is not surprising that there are leagues almost everywhere in the world. Every once in a while, a hidden talent is found amongst the ranks of the youth academy, development squad etc. But what if there isn’t that hidden talent? As the years go on, the bigger clubs often ignore their academies and turn to money. The formula is simple, if you have plenty of money, you will do well. Take Manchester City for example. A few years ago they were a mid-table team with a small budget, and were struggling to stay away from the relegation zone. However, when the club was purchased by Arabians, and more funds were injected into Manchester City, they were then able to buy the top players we know today: Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero, Joe Hart etc.

Just think, would Manchester City be the ‘big club’ we know them as today if they were not given the money the Arabians brought? Barnsley were a top team about 15 years ago. This was because they did not have to turn to money, and had a decent youth team, which brought them plenty of good players. They were even promoted into the Premier League because of this. However, now that money is imperative, Barnsley are struggling to even stay in the Championship and many people beat them because they have better players, and more money to buy them. Hard work can only get a club so far, they need that little bit of talent. Unfortunately, that ‘little bit of talent’ requires a lot of money and, therefore, only the richer clubs can get the talented players. What do you think about the change in the game? Does it ruin football in your opinion?

Mr Buckley It has been a very promising start to Year 8 and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners and stakeholders for their ongoing support. This has been a very productive first term with all Year 8 children now in receipt of their first set of grades. Two further sets of achievement data will be gathered at points after the Christmas break which will include a full school report following which parents will be invited to see their child’s teachers at our annual Consultation Evening in April. Mrs Marriott, who joined our Senior Team in September, has been working closely with me to ensure that all of our students are on track to make at least the minimum expected amount of progress in all of their lessons and the analysis from this first set of achievement data is looking very promising indeed. I am delighted to be able to report that the attendance of the Year 8 students collectively has remained very good. Parents and students alike will be familiar with our mantra ‘Think Big – Achieve Your Personal Best’. The children in Year 8 have really risen to this and in addition to the excellent achievement and attendance it has been wonderful to see so many of our youngsters getting involved with projects outside of the classroom.

Exciting support project begins A new exciting project has just begun in the Year 8 School. The aim of the students’ visit to Gawber Primary School was to identify what type of support Horizon Community College can provide, such as; extra-curricular activities, teacher training, event

support and so much more. Now the girls have this information, they will contact the relevant staff to see how we can react to Gawber’s needs. The team will be expanding and visiting even more primary schools across Barnsley.

Community Enterprise report

Is money that important to the game? By Brad Healey, 8K

Leadership Team report

Mr Powell

Struting their stuff – Shawlands Come Dancing.

Shawlands does the Cha-Cha-Cha By Imogen Butcher, 8S On the 19 and 26 November, a group of Year 8 girls went to Shawlands Primary School to teach them how to do the Cha-Cha-Cha. They went down and performed a dance to show what they would be doing and then taught the pupils the basics

steps and a New Yorker. They said that they enjoyed teaching younger pupils and that it improved their teaching and performing skills. They also hope they can come again and teach the Shawlands pupils another dance such as the Jive, Paso Doble or the Salsa.

What a great time it has been for Y8 community enterprise since we started back in September. Lots more opportunities have been created including introducing new members into the student ambassador programme. This is where students have to apply formally for this prestigious post, successful applicants are then trained in all aspects of community enterprise and given lots more responsibilities within Horizon and the local/wider community. We are also going to be developing a unique exercise DVD that was created by Y8 students, which was funded by Barnsley Rotary. The DVD went to several residential care homes for the elderly. We now want to extend the DVD and offer it to more care homes on a much wider scale. Y8 have also been chosen to take part in a major national folk project called “The Full English”. Our pupils will be working with professionals to create a fantastic piece of work that will be performed both at Horizon and at a major national event later on next year at Birmingham. The I Know I Can programme has also been launched to all Y8 students, where they will be recognised for their involvement in community enterprise. Again, please visit our Y8 web page to find out about all of the exciting opportunities that are happening constantly in Year 8.

10 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Radio Sheffield visits Horizon

Terrific time with Toby By Ellie Hawcroft & Bradley Healey BBC Radio Sheffield Presenter, Toby Foster arrived in Horizon Community College Heartspace on Tuesday 10 December. We were given the pleasure of going live on air with Toby and interviewing him. We turned the tables on him, by asking him an abundance of questions, including What Christmas Means to Adults? Toby and his team were very welcoming and approachable, Toby was especially funny and enthusiastic as he was so eager to dive into our interview. He even forgot he was still on air and turned off his microphone too early! We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity and we would like to thank him and his team for this amazing experience.

Tuesday 10 December saw an unusual start to the day, as Horizon Community College welcomed Toby Foster and the BBC Radio Sheffield Breakfast team into college to broadcast their show live from our Heartspace. Students and staff alike were interviewed live on air, with music from the staff choir and the Barnsley Youth Choir. There was also a rendition of “When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney” by the children from Kingpins Nursery. You can hear the entire breakfast show at: Toby Foster pictured with news reporters, Ellie and Brad. Below: BBC Radio Sheffield Breakfast team.

Amy Thomson and Jenifa Palmer who were interviewed during the Breakfast Show.

Toby Foster with his team.

Toby, all smiles with Mr Brammer

Kingpins children enjoying their morning out.

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 11

Kate Rusby announced to perform at Horizon

The cenotaph memorial that was built in the Heartspace.

Remembering those who gave their lives for their country By Ms Johnston

By Mr Bowen

On Thursday 7 November the college community came together for our annual Service of Remembrance. The service took place in the Heartspace at 11am, when there was a two minute silence, followed by the laying of wreaths, readings and prayers to commemorate those who gave up their lives in service of our country. This moving ceremony, watched by hundreds of students from across the college, was part of a weeklong commemoration. The History Dept worked with form tutors to provide students with a range of activities, culminating in the creation of a Peace Wall. Students also presented year-group assemblies around remembrance.

“The two Remembrance services were really interesting on a number of levels. Firstly, it really showed how we can use the space in the school differently. We have the theatre and one would normally think that we would use that location for the Remembrance. The event we had in the school was a wonderful use of the Heartspace so having the service in there with the peace wall, the drums, the wreaths and the students and visitors sitting around the Heartspace was a pleasure to see. What was really moving was seeing the students in the galleries and gathering around. I thought it showed incredible respect and was really powerful. The evening event was very much a British Legion event and what we wanted to do through media, film and music was recapture and celebrate the lives of the soldiers who gave their lives and to remember that. I was delighted that students and staff here at

Horizon got the chance to celebrate an important event because there are lots of families within this area who will have associations with soldiers currently in service. Remembrance services mean a lot more these days because of the involvement of our own services being in action again in various parts around the world. I was absolutely delighted with the daytime and evening events and next

year is the centenary of the beginning of the First World War so it is a huge year and the British Legion are very keen to use the facilities here again. I am thrilled that our students and the community get the opportunity to be part of something major like that and that the college in terms of its facilities and the students and staff are offering things to the wider community such as the British Legion.”

Of all the stars in Folk Music’s wondrous firmament, few shine as brightly as Yorkshire’s Kate Rusby who has been announced to perform at Horizon on Saturday 29 March, 2014. A remarkable interpretive singer, Kate’s soulful vocals resonate with the wistful beauty of an earthbound angel. Inhabiting a lyric with unforced conviction – no matter how old or how modern – she has that rare ability to transport her audience, of touching them emotionally and making each tune live vividly within their experience and imagination. After a couple of years rest from Spring tours, Kate has decided this Spring it would be a good time to return to some smaller, more intimate theatres not visited in recent years and take in some exciting never-visited-before venues too. Audiences are sure to be thoroughly entertained by Kate’s choice of much-loved classics from her back-catalogue stretching over her two decades of music making. As ever, she will be joined on stage by the cream of British folk musicians who form her band. These virtuoso artists are sure to delight you with their exceptional talents. The crossover appeal Kate enjoys is unprecedented for a folk singer and has been achieved without resort to compromise. Rusby’s wondrous singing and hugely engaging

Yorkshire wit and the intuitive support of the band ensure that audiences will be treated to a truly remarkable and unforgettable concert experience. Tickets are available at:

“…exquisite interpretations of traditional material from the pocket sized folk singer with the heartbreakingly tremulous voice and bawdy Yorkshire wit.” Daily Telegraph 2012

“Everybody loves and respects Kate Rusby, not just for her lovely voice, but for the way she has moved folk forward while remaining true to tradition…” Sunday Times 2012

Songbird, Kate Rusby.

Coming Soon… Thursday 13th February, 2014 Chair of the Royal British Legion, Aubrey Martin-Wells.

Horizon Theatre

Mr Bowen addressing the assembled audience.

Photo: Frank Reid, Hartlepool Mail.

12 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Family Learning Signature comes to Horizon! What is a Family Learning Signature? The Family Learning Signature is a great opportunity for families to come together and spend time discussing their learning strengths and needs. It encourages families to take a moment to realise and be proud of what they do well as a family and also highlights what they could improve. There are no right or wrong answers and no perfect results. A Family Learning Signature is what it says, a personal signature of your learning. The Signature has 36 triangles which allow families to discuss how each element operates within their family and

the impact this has. Quite often, after discussing each element, families feel a sense of pride and achievement and discuss how they can make positive changes to further improve their family’s learning.

Who is the Family Learning Signature for? The Family Learning Signature is being used to support the transition from Primary School to Horizon Community College. We know that no two families are the same and encourage each family to decide who comes to the event. This could be: Parents, Carers, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, friends… anyone who you consider to be a part of your family.

The story so far.... The Family Learning Signature has been well received at Horizon Commun-

ity College with 134 families accessing the Signature so far. The team is now in the process of looking at the completed Signatures and working with families to support their learning and celebrate their achievements. “I would just like to say how much we enjoyed the session as a family. It was delivered with enthusiasm and effectively explained the reasoning behind the process. It also raised several pertinent points to reflect upon regards our learning environment as a family. So well done to all!” (Mr M Mitchell). What is your job title and role? Sara Dickinson – Family Engagement Coordinator. As part of my role, I support children and young people and their families to engage in learning. I am also passionate about ensuring that children and their families are able to access the right level of support at the right time

when there are additional needs. How long have you worked with young people? I have been working with young people for the past 13 years and supporting children in education for the last 6 years. What kind of things do you do? I’m lucky that my job is varied so it includes a lot! I am responsible for the delivery of the Family Learning Signature and the Strengthening Families Programme. I support families through the Common Assessment Framework and hold the role of deputy safeguarding lead for the College. What are your hobbies? Going to gigs, walking, mountain biking, camping, music and reading. If you could have any super power what would it be and why? That’s a tough question! I think I would like to be able to see into the future.

Sara Dickinson – Family Engagement Coordinator

Anti Bullying Week – improving school life By Sonia Swaby, School Nursing Team The School Nursing Team spent Monday 18 November in the Horizon Heartspace, meeting students from all different year groups to promote Anti Bullying Week. The aim of the day was to meet with students from all different year groups and to gain feedback so that services can be improved for our young people in schools. Students met with the School Nurses and came up with lots of ideas for how school could improve services for young people and make positive steps towards improving school life. The students gave excellent feedback and as always engaged in lively discussions with the nurses.

‘BBIS’ bandwagon gathering pace Horizon College has been very active on social media over the last month or so, capturing on camera teachers and students in the act of ‘reading’. Well, the college, together with forward-thinking, Barnsley-based financial management company Lifetime, have been delivering a great story in their own right!

Marcia Sanderson (Trinket Box) pictured with Ashleigh Porter-Exley.

1 1 0

2 M




Lifetime is the driving force behind the ‘Barnsley Businesses Inspiring Students’ (BBIS) venture, which is being trialled at Horizon before hopefully being rolled out to other schools in the borough. And the ‘BBIS’ bandwagon is truly gathering pace, with a number of committed speakers, including Lifetime’s own managing director Ian Dickinson, having already met students and told their terrific, inspiring business tales! Ian was delighted to engage with Horizon’s Year 10 Business Studies group, holding a ‘question and answer’ session on Thursday, December 19. Ian said, “It was a pleasure to be asked and I really enjoyed it. I hope the students got plenty out of it. Giving just a little might make just that little difference – and the outcomes can be huge.” The first ever BBIS speaker was Barnsley FC’s chief executive Ben Mansford. He may have had quite a lot on his plate in the last month of 2013 – trying to find a new first team manager following the departure of David

Flitcroft – but that did not stop him speaking to around 200 Y7/Y8 students at an after-school master class on Thursday, December 12. And the very next day the BBC’s 2012 Young Apprentice winner Ashleigh Porter-Exley ‘inspired’ the Year 10 assembly. This month (January) also promises to a busy BBIS time too! Liz Paton and her business partner Jon Preston, who together run the Barnsley-based Tarnished Studios, will speak to the Horizon master class on Thursday, January 16. They will be holding a university style lecture based on animation/CGI design and business. And Josh and Jake Ingamells, professional musicians and owners of Big Sky Records, who were taught by Horizon’s very own Vice Principal Charlie Brammer, will tell their story to the Year 11 assembly on January 21. BBIS speakers Ian Dickinson and Andrew Lodge.



20 12



Storm Damage, Leaks & Emergencies within 1hr! We won’t be beaten on price! Our buying power plus high volumes of work enable us to work off small margins and pass the savings on to you! • We are a family company with 24 years of experience plus 3 generations of family knowledge • Over 75% referral work (95% over last 12 months) • Free written quotes usually within 24 hours • References & portfolio available with all quotes • Fully insured, qualified tradesmen • Finance available from 0%, written details on request • Deferred payment on all work allowing you time to inspect work ensuring 110% satisfaction




MOBILE: 07805 004718 BARNSLEY: 01226 299399

Web: Email: Head Office: Unit 26, Longfields Road, Carlton, Barnsley S71 3HT

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 13

Interact Club pictured with guests from the Rotary Clubs of Stainborough and Barnsley Rockley.

Interact Club’s inaugural celebration Tuesday 12 November, the date of the official “Inaugural Ceremony” of Horizon Community College’s very own Interact Club. The club, which is one of the youth organisations of the Rotary Club, is opened to all children aged 12-18, and acts to build the leadership skills of our students, as well as international understanding and development.

The ceremony itself was a formal occasion, with visitors from the college, and the Rotary Club being in attendance. Students were the lead of the ceremony, with the President, Bhekumuzi Habvane, and members Lewis Hamer and Megan Dixon all delivering speeches to the audience. Amongst the attendees was District Governor Simon Kalson, who per-

sonally presented each member with their own membership pin badge, and the president with the presidential medallion. Invited other guests were members of the Rotary Clubs of Stainborough and Barnsley Rockley who sponsor the Horizon club, who presented the “Family and Community Service Award” to

Horizon’s own Jane Cater for her part in the creation of the Interact Club. Alongside the formal ceremony, representatives from the Barnsley Food Bank were in attendance, and officially accepted the club’s donation of tinned goods, which they had successfully collected in the first few weeks of term.

Bheki does his year proud

ASDA’ll do nicely Horizon’s Year 9 Interact Club members raised a whopping £451.85 for the Philippines typhoon disaster relief campaign. The students took to the tills of Barnsley’s ASDA on Saturday 23 November to raise money to support a fantastic charity that will help the victims of the typhoon. In exchange for donations, the students packed the bags of shoppers, between 10am and 4pm. A long and busy day’s work proved that

nothing was going to stop the students from pushing themselves to raise more money. The Interact Club showed their commitment and out of their own time, showed energy throughout the session. Members of the public were very pleased to see the dedication of students to help raise money for an important cause. The students helped to raise money to put towards the UK’s grand total of £13 million, well done!

For Year 9, student and President of the Interact Club, Bhekumuzi Habvane was interviewed live on Radio, speaking about his experiences within college, and as part of the young Rotary group. Bheki spoke with great confidence, and really did his school proud!

Leadership Team report Year 9 have certainly approached their second year at Horizon with enthusiasm: students have received their first set of attainment grades and are making good progress; we were particularly pleased to note the improvement in Behaviour for Learning scores for a significant number of them. Our attendance is ‘on the up’ (currently above the national average) and the Interact Club is once again in full swing, following its official inauguration. Many have also found time to fundraise, our girls are doing brilliantly in cheerleading and we have a world champion in our midst! Some of our students from Interact raised £451.85 by packing shoppers’ bags at Asda in aid of the Philippines Appeal, whilst six students, led by Lucas Sutheren and supported by Mr Clayton, raised a staggering £1,100 by doing a sponsored Bikeathon in the Heartspace, in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma research. Zak Hamshaw returned from Italy with a gold medal he received taking part in a kick boxing world championship. Determined to raise the aspirations of all our students, we have undertaken a number of visits to universities this term (with many more planned for the New Year); recently, students enjoyed outings to Hull, York and Cambridge and returned furnished with clearer ideas about career paths and the next stages of their academic careers.

Bheki with Toby.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Preparing for next year’s expedition Year 9 students have continued with their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award training this term, with preparations for next year’s expeditions in full swing. The group of committed students have continued to attend every Thursday, and take part in such training exercises as campsite food preparation and cooking, nutritional values and, most recently, first aid. During the first few sessions, pupils were asked to create lists of foods they would and wouldn’t take on an expedition, before then finding out its weight and the amount of energy it would give them. Using this as a reference, they were then able to create a meal, cooking only with the Trangia stove. Students cooked a wide range of meals, from porridge to pasta, and from soups to curry.

Community Enterprise report Mr Brammer

Active Barnsley… committed to keeping students in good health by Dave Drumgoon

In more recent weeks, students have been taking lessons in first aid, an essential area they need to cover before their expedition. The lessons have covered areas such as what to do in the event of an injury, if someone falls ill, and CPR.

Active Barnsley is working with lots of Horizon students. We are committed to working with a range of partners to increase the quality and quantity of sport and health provision in the area. We work across the Borough with a wide cross-section of people on Health, Sport and Educational Programmes. These include: Healthy Lifestyle programmes, Holiday

Sports/Health Camps, Bikeability level 1, 2 and 3, Adult Cycle Training PPA, Planning, Preparation and Assessment and Specialist Sport and Health projects. Active Barnsley staff members include: Adam Robinson, Chris Reeves, Jamie Moxon, Chris Dixon, and Dave Drumgoon. For more information check out our comprehensive website at

The last term has been very busy for Year 9 Community Enterprise. The Interact Club has had its inaugural ceremony, (which officially declared the club active) in a formal event which saw visitors from the school and the Rotary Club of Britain come and celebrate the formation with our students. The club then proceeded to take part in a school and communitywide fundraising attempt to help the aid relief in the Philippines. Our students taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme have also been very busy, with after school training preparing them for the expeditions this year. The students taking part have to be commended, as they continue to come along in their high number, despite the cold and dark nights drawing in. Our Year 9 Student Enterprise Co-ordinators have begun a busy Social Enterprise project; the premise of which is to provide a reading service for children stuck in hospital. Whilst this is still early days, the enterprise idea has come right from the students themselves, and has inspired some real passion. Hopefully we will be able to bring you more information about this in the future.

14 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Lille Trip 2013 – Christmas markets – Joyeux Noël à tous! By Mrs Rao

Students enjoy their French breakfast in Calais.

Pupils on the first Horizon trip to Lille Christmas market certainly got into the festive spirit at the beginning of December. The 42 Key Stage 4 French students set off on Friday 29 November and travelled by coach down to Calais, where a somewhat rough crossing had a few of them green at the gills! That certainly didn’t stop pupils from filling up on a hearty French breakfast of croissants and baguettes with ‘chocolat chaud’ in a typical French café in Calais, before heading off to the ‘Chocolaterie de Beussent’ chocolate factory to learn about the chocolate making process. There was plenty of time to sample the wares and purchase some early stocking fillers for family back home. We then headed off to the atmospheric Christmas market in Lille where pupils practised their French at the quaint

MFL in the spotlight October saw a busy month for the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department at Horizon. We kicked off the organisation for our 2013-14 Paris trip, which will see 80 Year 9 pupils heading to what is classed as the most culturally inspiring capital city in Europe. Not only will pupils be visiting the most iconic landmarks of Paris, such as the Eiffel tower, the Sacre Coeur and the Arc de Triomphe, they will also be speaking the lingo, tasting French food and enjoying a boat trip along the Seine. We have also seen the welcome return of our Key Stage 4 Marche de Noel trip to Lille in northern France. 42 KS4 pupils joined tourists from across Europe at the delightful Christmas market in the centre of Lille at the beginning of December. Here, their linguistic knowledge

was put to the test in order to buy Christmas gifts and souvenirs, order meals and follow a demonstration of chocolate making at a famous chocolate factory. Finally, October saw the MFL department embark on a teacher training collaboration project with Sheffield University. The department hosted 24 MFL student teachers from the university who, throughout the day, took part in several workshops about language teaching, observed Horizon MFL teachers in the classroom and even team taught six Year 8 classes. Dr Mark Payne, from Sheffield University, gave glowing feedback about Horizon saying, “The students really enjoyed the day with you. They are very impressed with the school indeed and really impressed with the pupils also.”

The student teachers took so much away from the day, as Helen Geraghty’s feedback highlights, “I just wanted to say thank you for organising the experience at Horizon. The pupils and staff gave us such a nice welcome. It was a great experience for me and I feel I can take a lot from the day.” Horizon’s MFL department is looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Sheffield University by hosting several Chinese student teachers after Christmas, together with Amy Loukes, a former Kingstone pupil, who is now training to be an MFL teacher. Moreover, on the back of our successful teacher training day in October, Sheffield University has already requested that we deliver the same event for student teachers next year.

dominated by an 18-metre high Christmas tree, a veritable winter wonderland. We certainly returned home full of festive cheer, albeit a little bit sleepy!! JOYEUX NOËL À TOUS!

Worsbrough Common Primary School

Worsbrough Common pupils getting ready for their visit.

Kids visit Robin Wood Reported by Joshua, Alfie, Kyle, Ryan, Olivia and Amie

Keresforth Primary School

Keresforth rocks Monday 2 December saw Mr Woodhouse and Mr Robson from Horizon Community College visit Keresforth Primary School to talk to pupils about their upcoming Christmas concert. Greeted with a warm welcome by Mrs Jones and pupils Mia Lister, Matthew Mills, Cayleigh Pipe, Thomas Gill and Keira Hill, the group discussed the roles each pupil would play in the concert and how they were feeling in the run up to the concert. Here is what the pupils thought: Keira Hill – “I am an angel in the concert; I would like to wear a white gown. I don’t have a speaking part but I am looking forward to singing; there are eight songs in the concert.” Thomas Gill – “I am singing in the choir. I am really looking forward to the concert, it is being held in the hall and parents can come and watch.” Cayleigh Pipe – “I am one of the shepherds in the Christmas play; I hope I can dress up in a shepherd’s costume. I am singing

Tom Masters ‘comme modéle’ during the trip to Lille.

wooden chalets offering Christmas decorations and festive food, as well as arts and crafts. Some pupils even braved the cold and dizzy heights of the Ferris Wheel on the main square,

‘Look in the Mirror’ with all the shepherds and wise men” Matthew Mills – “The concert was held in our hall on 11, 12 and 13 December. In the play my part is singing, we have eight songs to sing. It was great last year we all enjoyed it.” Mia Lister – “I am a wise man

and I have a speaking part. Everybody is involved in the play except our teachers. I know I will enjoy it, I have a cloak and a camel.” Look out for our next article and we will tell you how the concert went.

Mr Woodhouse works with some of Mrs Jones’ class.

23 Pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 visited Robin Wood Activity Centre in Cumbria for a two night residential. The pupils and four adults from Worsbrough Common Primary School started their visit on Monday 25 until Wednesday 27 November. The activity centre has many awesome and thrilling activities including: Trapeze, giant swing, piranha pool, archery, crate challenge, dungeon of doom, the climbing wall plus lots more besides. The experience, from arriving to leaving, was action packed and exciting. The staff at Robin Wood were funny, kind and very helpful. The accommodation was clean and comfortable. We were all split into three groups, rapids, lake and spring group. Each group took turns in all activities. Before we got to Robin Wood we had to walk up a steep hill, which

was very tiring. We had to pack our kitbags, which we put all our spare clothes in, just in case our clothes got wet or if we had a shower. Safety equipment was provided by the centre. The food was provided and we had an all day breakfast every morning or you could have toast and cereal, it was delicious! Alfie said, “Robin Wood was awesome, I have been three times and the piranha pool was amazing!” Ryan commented that Robin Wood was awesome! Olivia was amazed at the exciting activities. Everyone says that they would love to go again.

Testing their archery skills.

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 15

Italian job for kick-boxing star By Tommy Crossland, 10R I’ll start with the journey to Italy. It took around an hour and a half to get to Manchester airport, as of course I was travelling with the rest of our gym team. To be honest the trip was quite fast as it was only a small plane that we travelled on, so we actually landed in Italy earlier then the predicted time of our landing. This is where Italy became stressful as it took us three hours to travel to Team England’s hotel but on the other hand it was fun at the same time, mainly because no one could sit still and everyone was socialising with each other. When we arrived at our hotel at 12.30pm, as you can guess, it wasn’t surprising that no one wanted to stay up. Moving on to the next day, this was actually my only time off

as it was only the karate/taekwondo competition, so what me and some of the others from our gym and Team England did was that we decided to enjoy Italy as much as we could. This ended up with everyone eating pizza, swimming in the sea, shopping and even renting pedal bikes. Over the next four days this is where Italy once again became stressful as I had to stay in a sports hall for nine hours a day every day with over 5,000 people competing all together. On the first day of this I competed in the light-contact kick-boxing category, because I was in the age category between 13-15 this made me one of the strongest within my category. This led to me simply winning the category and going to finals on Sunday. The next day was quite calm for me as none of my cate-

gories were on, however, I still stayed in the sports hall as I wanted to support my fellow fighters from Team England. This pattern simply continued on the next day as sadly only one other person was in my category for the full-contact Thai-boxing. But, on the other hand this sent me to a straight final on the next day. The finals were now upon me and this basically meant that I had two challenging fights to compete in but I won both finals as I overpowered my opponent in the light-contact kick-boxing and TKO my opponent in the full-contact Thai-boxing with two knees to the stomach. So after four stressful days I came out of it with two golds, the Thai-boxing category was run by a different organisation and in that organisation they basically give you two medals if you win, so I actually came out with three medals.

Leadership Team report Mr Wright

Medal winning Tommy Crossland.

By Kate Pursley, 10J On Friday 22 November, Horizon’s very own school bands performed for an American band called ‘Paul Lamb and the Detroit Breakdown’. We all performed songs for them and they gave us feedback on how to become better musicians. Our group: me, Caitlin Reynolds, Mary Foers and Charlotte Butler, did a cover of Mr Brightside and our feedback was really positive. We asked

them things like ‘how do you get your inspiration?’ and ‘how do you make yourselves sound original?’ which will help us all in our music GCSE. It was a great experience, we all enjoyed it and learnt something from it. They perform for people all over the world and that’s a dream for our entire group. This will be great experience for our future and we really appreciate the time and effort put into making it happen.

Photograph by Mitchell Parker 10M

Paul Lamb and the Detroit Breakdown

Students have had an excellent Autumn term at Horizon Community College. They are amongst the most fortunate in the country, having a world class facility and resources to match. Embarking on a wide range and diverse set of KS4 qualifications that only a college this size could possibly accommodate. There is a more mature and focused approach evident and students are rising to the challenge. Changes have been made to some areas of staffing and Mr. Plant, Mrs. Derbyshire and Mrs. Hewitt have had a significant impact in their new roles within the Y10 Leadership team. They are working closely alongside a very capable team of form tutors to ensure that students are fully supported and have every chance to fulfil their potential. Early indications show that the 63% A*-C including English and Maths statistic from last year’s results will be significantly exceeded in the summer of 2015. Our end of term Celebration Assembly saw an impressive nine students who were awarded with joint first place in the Behaviour for Learning rankings. They were awarded a Grade 1 (outstanding) for Behaviour for Learning in every subject by their teachers. 126 students were awarded with Ambassador badges following the first data collection and it has been pleasing to see these students being recognised in such a positive way. We are very happy with the start that students have made to KS4 and hope that they can maintain their high standards throughout KS4.

Paul Lamb and the Detroit Breakdown with Mr Wilkinson and Year 10 students.

‘Barmy Bunting’ inspires students

‘Aperture’ one of the businesses that made the top 10 for the IKIC Barnsley Big Challenge.

To continue the success of last year, once again Horizon will be taking part in the I Know I Can “Barnsley Big Challenge”. For those not familiar, I Know I Can (IKIC) is a brand developed by partnership organisations who want to make a positive contribution to the lives of young people in Barnsley. Part of the IKIC offer that specifically looks at developing young people’s employability skills is the IKIC Barnsley Big Challenge. This is being delivered by working in partnership with employers to look at the skills young people need to

enable them to succeed in life and allows young people to experience first-hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The Big Barnsley Challenge was launched in Horizon to Year 10 on Tuesday 19 November. Mr West, along with Helen Shaw from IKIC, explained the challenge and gave the 400 Year 10’s the opportunity to get involved, but it was current Year 11 student Eve Lodge who really inspired the students. Eve spoke at the launch explaining what she had got out of the challenge last year and how it has helped her in all aspects of college life.

Year 10 Ambassadors pictured with Mr Plant.

Community Enterprise report Mr West In Community Enterprise, Year 10 have been blessed with the continuation of the I Know I Can Barnsley Big Challenge. Horizon are looking to continue last year’s success. We also have strong links with the Pogmoor Park residents and in early November I went along with a group of Year 10 students to help the residents plant some saplings to regenerate an old World War One crash site. The students were a credit to Year 10 and Horizon. Year 10 have continued their work in local primary schools over this last term, seeing the football coaching at Doncaster road now develop with four Year 10 coaches going down and delivering football sessions to Year 5 & 6 students. Also down at Doncaster Road we have now started some netball coaching for the Year 5 & 6 girls. This first term has been extremely busy in Year 10 and there has been so much going off in Community Enterprise. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of students that want to get involved in all the different initiatives at Horizon. If the Year 10’s keep up their willingness and drive to get involved the rest of this year will truly be a worthwhile one for the students!

16 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Past pupils tell students We Know You Can! Through the ‘I Know I Can’ Programme, Barnsley MBC is providing support to organise and facilitate the set-up of alumni networks for schools and colleges across Barnsley. However, this project is not just about getting back in touch with old teachers and friends. The aim of this project is to provide inspirational role models who can say to current pupils that they went to the same school as them, this is what they have achieved since leaving and that they know they can too!

Liz Wallis, the project manager explains, “The focus is on how former students have ‘made a life’ for themselves. We will aim to connect with students who have left Barnsley, as well as those who are still in the locality, and who illustrate a variety of life experiences to inspire current students to consider the many options and opportunities available to them.”

Current members of the network already include award winning artist and Holgate School alumni, Lee Gascoyne, who has shared his journey from apprentice to artist with the students of Horizon Community College, sharing real life experiences and offering advice. The project is running across the whole of Barnsley and any ex-school

or college pupil who is willing to share their story is welcome to join. Members can get involved in anything from speaking at careers events to chatting to a small group of pupils about what life has been like since leaving school. Liz added, “Barnsley has recently gone through a major overhaul of its secondary schools with many old buildings and schools being updated or even merged. We would still like to hear from anyone who went to school here. Inspiration is often in meeting someone who grew up

where you did and we can still make that happen if people are willing to volunteer.” If you would like further information or to get involved go to: BarnsleyAlumni or e-mail: “If you feel that you’re a bit different, don’t worry and don’t be afraid to go against the grain sometimes. Are you living your life or copying someone else? It can be hard to push out of your comfort zone but take a risk and have self belief.” – Lee Gascoyne

Horizon Community College smash National NEET figures After a very successful first year at Horizon Community College, the Careers Department is very happy to announce that the NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) figures are well below the national average. Horizon’s first year figures are as follows: 98.5% into Education, Employment and Training and 1.5% NEET.The national average for NEET school leavers is currently at 5%. Speaking on behalf of the school, Mr Paul Harrison, who is the Careers Adviser at Horizon, explained, “I am extremely pleased and fortunate to have played a small part in these young people’s lives. With the everchanging job market that we are currently facing, it is imperative that young people receive up-to-date Impartial Careers Information, Advice and Guidance to help them make well-informed decisions regarding their future. “These figures could not be achieved without the help and support of the hard working staff and pupils at Horizon and the supporting agencies that work with us. I must also say a big thank you to my colleague, Mrs Daykin, who has been

invaluable and played a very important role in helping to achieve these low figures.” Following the opening of Horizon Community College in September 2012, the college has invested significantly in Careers, IAG and Work Related Learning for their students. Mr Harrison further explained, “The students at Horizon have many opportunities to enrich their own knowledge about further and higher education. College and university visits are set up for our students to enable them to gain an insight into what learning will be like post-16. “Bespoke menus of careerthemed workshops are set up by Mrs Daykin that enable local employers, colleges and training providers to come into school and give talks to our students about courses, jobs, apprenticeships and training. “Throughout the year groups, career-related group-work sessions are delivered to all students within tutor time to enable them to keep up-to-date with the latest changes and expectations within the world of work. “This is just a small sample of the career work that takes place here at

Helping students ‘think outside the box’ By Mr Harris The Year 7 and year 8 Master Class is now in full swing. Over two hundred Year 7 and 8’s attend ‘The Master Class’ on a Thursday between 3.15pm and 4.15pm. Over the past four weeks we have seen a range of lecture style classes to stretch, broaden and make the students ‘think out of the box’. These classes are aimed to increase students awareness of what university will be like and give them the aspiration and enthusiasm to focus on what happens to young people who continually want to do well. The first week had an introduction to the programme which gave the students an insight into what the first half term will have on offer. We then moved onto Mathematics, where Mr Slinn showed us how businesses control queues in their shops. This was a great insight into how Mathematics is used within business. In the third session the stu-

dents were given a guided tour around my house. Along the way they encountered many weird and wonderful experiences and objects. Many students can still remember what these were as this was showing them how they can use memory to help them. The next session was led by Mrs Ola-Craig and Mr Clayton who made us think about the London riots in 2011 and the reasons behind them. Students gained an insight into social situations within today’s society. We are now looking forward to the next sessions as we have lined up the Chief Executive of Barnsley Football Club and the director of an animation and creation business. Also on the agenda is ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and we had a very special visit from the great man, Santa. All the students are thoroughly enjoying ‘The Master Class’ and we look forward to more exciting lectures.

Horizon. Everyone works extremely hard, including management, teachers, support staff and students themselves to achieve a common outcome and that is to prepare young people to be the best they can be and enable them to take their rightful place within our society.”

Mrs Daykin and Mr Harrison, careers advisors.

Queen’s Road Academy

All schools from the Academy trust pictured with Horizon bands and Mr Wilkinson (centre, back).

Schools ‘Come Together’ By Callum Needham On Friday 25 October, Year 6 had a Beatles Party with the other schools in our Academy Trust. The first school to arrive was Darfield and I was a little shy until I saw my Uncle Josh. It took me a few minutes to recognise him because he was wearing his fancy dress costume! We had dinner together and it was really good fun to be able to show the other school what we got up to at dinner time.

When it was one o’clock, we got into our costumes. I was wearing a jacket with strings and matching trousers. St Mary’s arrived at half past one and we all went into the hall. First on stage were the ‘fake’ Beatles. They were funny because they were pretending to sing and play. Horizon students came on to sing next and they were brilliant! I’ve never seen a live band and it was incredible! We got to join in and dance. Thank you Horizon!

By Ella Wilks

On Friday 25 October, the Beatles came to QRA! The Beatles were a well loved boy band from the 1960’s. First of all, we learned some key facts and practised a couple of their songs (Yellow Submarine and Hey Jude.) Darfield All Saints and St Mary’s came to join in too. We all dressed up in 1960’s costumes – we looked fabulous! First on stage were the ‘fake’ Beatles – these were really the staff from Horizon. They were dressed up to look like the real Beatles but didn’t really sing and play – they mimed. It looked quite funny! The best bit was when the Horizon students came on to sing. They were incredible! The music teacher was playing with them as well. He got Brad and Rhea to join in. Brad played the drums and Rhea sang. The students were playing all the instruments like the real Beatles. They played Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude and 8 Days a Week; and plenty more! We got to sing and dance along, like at a real concert. Thank you Horizon – this was the Queens Road Academy pictured with Horizon students. best afternoon ever!

A special thank you to CopyCat Costumes for providing the Beatles outfits.

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 17

Leadership Team report Mrs Franklin

Ready to make a difference – our newly appointed prefects.

New leaders look forward to challenge in coming year On Tuesday 19 November, Year 11 School hosted its first prefect meeting. This was a chance for all new prefects to hear about some of the exciting opportunities that will be presented to them over the coming months. Almost 140 students applied to

take on this important role, with many of them expressing an interest in helping young students, supporting departmental work or getting involved in the wider community. The school will be looking to these students to lead the way and

set an example to all Horizon pupils, regarding behaviour and attitude in and around the school. Opportunities on offer to prefects already include working with local primary schools, supporting students from other year groups and helping out at school events, such as

the Christmas concert; roles that play a vital part in the day-to-day running of Horizon Community College. The prefects have been challenged to make a difference to school life. It’s exciting to see what impact they’ll undoubtedly have.

Students gain life experience at Shelley College By Nicola Daykin, (Careers Advisor) A group of Year 11 students recently visited Shelley College, Huddersfield. It was an excellent opportunity for them to experience life within a sixth form college and for them to take part in an A Level lesson of their choice. As part of the morning, a tour of

the College was also included. This gave Horizon students the opportunity to speak to Shelley College students in Years 12 and 13 about their experiences at college. Students were also able to find out how they had settled into their new environment, the courses on offer, as well as the enrichment opportunities available to them.

Year 11 pupils are certainly an enterprising bunch! By Enterprising Barnsley

Fundraisers – Year 11 students, Kirstie McNicholas and Chadani Tiwari.

Silent success pays off By Kirstie McNicholas, 11N On 15 November I did a sponsored silence for Children in Need. I did it during school time and the Year 11 day starts at 10am, finishing at 4.15pm so that it is over 6 hours. In total I raised £28.45. It was challenging to be silent all day but I managed to complete the task successfully. I did it because I enjoy helping children and young people who need additional support. For example, I

like helping those who have no money to buy basic things, who have health problems and issues, such as autism. There were a number of other fundraising events going on across college. These included the non-uniform day for students and staff and some other Year 11 students including Chadani Tiwari (11H) and Chloe White (11N), organised and completed a sponsored run.

Horizon students are busy working with Miss Dix, Community Enterprise Coordinator for Year 11, and Sue Coffey, one of the team from the Enterprising Young People project which was launched earlier this year. The project aims to help any young person (aged 14-24) who has a hobby they think might turn into a business, or a bright idea that’s worth exploring. It could help to provide some pocket money, it could go towards paying your way through college or university, or it could become a longer-term job. Sue is in Horizon each week, usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 810am in the mornings and during the afternoons, and usually in the Adult and Family Learning rooms on the ground floor behind reception. If in doubt Miss Dix will know!

This term we have rewarded our Learning Ambassadors with a new “Gold Star” badge which I am delighted to see the pupils wear with pride. Learning ambassadors are pupils who always show good behaviour for learning standards in every lesson. We have also now appointed our Year 11 prefects. Prefect status is about Leadership. All prefects are asked to carry out a leadership role in the College. All pupils in Year 11 were given the opportunity to apply for prefect status using a common application form. Around 150 pupils applied from across the ability range. We reward pupils every week, who have excellent attendance and punctuality profiles. At Christmas we will be holding a draw for an iPad Mini to be awarded to a pupil with a 100% attendance record. Good attendance and punctuality really are more important than ever for our students. Did you know that just one week’s absence will equate to 25 hours of missed education. Our target is for all pupils to have an attendance figure of 95% or more; this is absolutely realistic. I suspect that the vast majority of employees meet this target every year It was wonderful to see the respect our pupils have shown for others this term. We held a stunning assembly to commemorate Remembrance Day, the pupils were impeccably behaved. We also raised money for Children in Need. Everybody contributed, and some pupils went the “extra mile” by completing their own sponsored events to raise more funds.

And just some of Year 11’s young people who have come forward to explore their ideas are:  Aaron Purcell-Cox and Bartosz Jurus, who are starting up in web design. It’s early days yet but they are already looking at the best designs and their marketing plans.  Courtney Jones and Keira Holmes are researching venues around Barnsley where they can sing to the public, and are even looking at writing their own material.  Then there is the team of Jenefa Palmer, India Fretwell, and Amy Thomson who have ambitious plans for a TV series on issues facing teenagers and how to deal with them. The project is part funded by Yorkshire & Humber European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) programme and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Community Enterprise report Miss Dix From a Community Enterprise point of view, this term has been a very interesting one! Year 11 students don’t have quite the same flexibility as other pupils so it’s been a challenge trying to find ways to ensure that they’re still engaging in community and enterprising activities. We’ve just launched our prefect system, meaning that any student wanting to take an active, leading role in school life can now do so as a prefect, provided they meet some basic behaviour requirements. We also have some exciting events on the horizon! In January we hope to host a Prom Fair, where students will have the chance to browse and buy their outfits for the prom. There’ll be an emphasis on affordability and local businesses will be invited to bring their promrelated wares along. There’s also the Year Book committee and Student Council taking shape, meaning that lots of Year 11 students can continue to take part in enterprising and community focused projects.

18 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14


Let’s go to the movies!

What’s the story? With Mrs Storey

By Courtney Ramsden, 11Q As a Year 11 student at Horizon Community College, dance is a big part of my school life. Late in October we held the annual Dance Show. This year’s theme was ‘At The Movies’. It gave every single pupil at the college a chance to show off their talent and dance to well-known movies. From my point of view, it was the best show yet! It was my last show at the college and I thought it was wonderful. The movie and dance styles had a wide range, from Contemporary to Street Dance and from Titanic to the Addams Family! The pupils were able to create fantastic pieces of choreography, to whatever they were comfortable with. The pupils who took part in the dance show, showed commitment and outstanding behaviour during rehearsals and on the night. The behaviour and the maturity the pupils executed, is something the whole school should be very proud of. Mr Bowen, the Principal of Horizon Community College, said, “As the Principal, I get invited to a lot of events in school. Sometimes you go to things, because you have to go to things and you don’t always look forward to it. Going along to the Dance Show, which I knew was from 7.00pm whilst 10.00pm, after a long busy day, I knew would be exhausting. But wow. I was absolutely blown away. It was one of the best

evenings I have had since arriving at the college. The quality of dancing was absolutely stunning and it was really inclusive. Everyone took part and there was a range of quality. It was good to see everyone showing their talents. “I also loved the film idea! It was very clever as students were

The dances and the costumes brought all the memories back for me. The quality was outstanding and I could not have been more proud.

able to show a range of skills. Contemporary, modern, and the Charleston are a few examples. “Whatever the theme of the movie, you were getting that theme across through costumes and movement. I love films! It reminded me of when I watched them when I was younger. “The dances and the costumes brought all the memories

back for me. The quality was outstanding and I could not have been more proud.” From the audience, we got excellent feedback of how well the show was presented. Mr Howarth, a teacher from Horizon Community College, said, “An absolutely fantastic display of a range of styles, with excellent representation across the college and the community. “Highly entertaining and I loved the optical illusion dance!” The whole purpose of inviting teachers, family and the community to these events, is to make them proud of what their children are achieving in school. From being into dance for five years, I’ve seen myself and my team mates progress into fine dancers. I am very proud to be able to say I was part of the Horizon Community Performing Arts team. I cannot wait for future shows when I will be sitting in the audience, cheering the pupils on, who will keep the outstanding performances going! From all of the dancers, a massive thank you goes out to Miss Hunt and Miss Martin for guiding us in the right direction and for helping us to progress!

It will not have escaped anyone’s attention I’m sure, that Les Miserables, the very first whole school stage production at Horizon Community College took place in the penultimate week of the summer term. The cast have also been continuing their run of performances as guests at numerous special events ever since, including the Primary Speaking Awards at the Holiday Inn, our own Horizon Awards Evening and our recent grand Digital Opening Celebration. If you came to see the show, you will have witnessed for yourself the

“ ” …you will have witnessed for yourself the breathtaking standard our students were working at.

breathtaking standard our students are working at. The talent we have among our singers and actors here at Horizon really is astounding for young people of their age. I think they are a real credit to our school and the wider community and an inspiration to pupils and teachers alike. The Year 6 Open Evening

before half term was the very final time the cast of Les Miserables performed together as a team and it was an emotional occasion as we have so loved being a creative family on this project… but the good news is that it is now time to start thinking about the next whole school production, which will take place the same time next year, in July 2014. Whatever will it be? How can we possibly follow the phenomenal success of Les Miserables? We are hard at work brainstorming ideas, but if you have any thoughts on the matter yourself, please do not hesitate to forward them on. We always welcome input and ideas. The exciting Horizon Glee Club has also resumed and new members as well as old are encouraged to come along on a Monday after school and get involved. The club is aimed at all who have an interest in Drama, Music and Dance and is seeking further opportunities to showcase its talents in front of an audience. Last year many members of the Glee Club went on to play principal roles in Les Miserables, so anyone wanting to be involved in next year’s school show is encouraged to attend Glee for some preparatory training before auditions begin. And finally, we are a little emotional as our Year 11 students now prepare their very final piece of practical

Mrs Storey.

“” we have so loved being a creative family on this project…

coursework which will be seen by an external examiner as a live production early next year. We want to make sure that these are the very best performances they have ever created and that they really give themselves the opportunity to shine and show what they can do. The title of the unit is ‘Devised Thematic’ which means they must take initial inspiration from a theme presented to them by their teacher. One group was given ‘Departure’ and another was given ‘The Strangers.’ There have been some creepy goings-on as many have opted for a horror based take on the words and the scary, eerie content will have you on the edge of your seat in terror! Everyone will have the opportunity to come and see these in the Horizon Theatre in March 2014.

2014 sees action packed week in Austria An Horizon First – Ploughing off into the New Year, at February half term, will be 80 students and 11 staff members who will be sliding off to the slopes of Austria for Horizon’s first ever major school trip and ski tour. Organised and led by Geoff Howsam, Horizon’s very own Ski Coach, the school will travel out in convoy, in two coaches, to the World Cup ski region of Flachau, which is the home town of Herman Maier, Austria’s most celebrated skier who can regularly be seen training on the slopes. Flachau forms part of the six valleys of the Sport Welt region with an amazing 865Km of pistes for students to ski and snowboard, and take in the breathtaking alpine scenery and views. The team members put together for this trip, each bringing with them a varied range of skills, all of which will be put to good use. Students can expect to be entertained by Miss Hunt, Mr West and Mr Brammer each evening with a programme of Après Ski entertainment, and with staff members experienced in photography and filming on the trip as well. On the piste each day, Go Pro Head Cams will film the day’s action on the slopes with the compilation of a trip DVD being made. Copies will be

made available for students and parents after the trip. With an action packed week, both on and off of the slopes, students and staff can expect to enjoy an exhilarating and entertaining week carving up the powder in the Sport Welt.

Snozone Castleford In preparation for the ski trip, students from Horizon enjoyed a four week programme of ski lessons on the indoor slopes at Xscape Castleford in West Yorkshire. Around 40 beginner skiers and snowboarders enjoyed eight hours tuition, all taught by fully qualified Snow Sports Instructors. Organised and led by Mr Howsam from Horizon, the idea was to provide students with some basic snow sport experience and skills before travelling out to the resort at February half term.

supplying the surrounding area with quality snowsports equipment, together with expert advice and service. Almost everyone can be catered for at Bennett’s, from complete beginner through to the competitive racer. As approved stockists of Fischer, Dynastar, Lange, Salomon, Head, Eider, Look, Scott, Bloc, Teko, Falke

to name a few, please feel free to contact either Russell or Richard regarding any ski related query, no matter how small or large. Russell Bennett has skied from childhood and has retained a keen interest in the sport principally through his son Elliott who, at only 10, is a prolific junior racer with a bright future ahead of him. Russell is currently the secretary of

the Lions Ski Club at Castleford and is a qualified snowsports Instructor. Richard Mills began his skiing education aged 6, on water, being towed behind a boat before changing to the frozen variety aged 10. Having worked for numerous large winter sports retailers he now provides help on all the technical aspects of skiing, such as boot fitting and ski servicing at Bennett’s.

Bennetts Partnership In partnership and in support of the Horizon ski trip is Bennett’s, a local winter sports provider, situated on Sheffield Road, Barnsley. Operated by Russell Bennett and Richard Mills who both enjoyed school ski trips as former pupils of Kingstone School, they both now work and actively participate in the snowsports industry. Bennett’s Winter Sports opened in autumn 2011, with the objective of

Horizon staff and students at Xscape.

WINTER 2013/14 Issue 6 The Horizon – 19

Ellie earns place in Under 14’s football

SportFXSY football sessions continue to grow at Horizon College

By Brad Healey, 8K On 16 October 2013, Horizon student and footballer extraordinaire, Ellie Hawcroft, attended trials in Rotherham for a place in the South Yorkshire Girl’s Under 14’s football team. There were 80 girls battling for one of the 16 places and striker Ellie Hawcroft succeeded and earned her well-deserved place up front. I caught up with Ellie and asked her about what was going through her mind at the big trial. I asked her how she felt in Rotherham as she was trialling and she replied, “I was so nervous, I had never felt that way before but I knew that this was my big day and that I needed to relax and play my game, which is exactly what I did.” I enquired about what she did at the trials and she said, “We got put into two teams in the second round of the trials where there were just 25 of us remaining and 23 of those girls were year 9’s. That didn’t concern me as I play with boys on a regular basis at my local football team so I have learnt to be physical. “I played my normal game, which is to look up for options and play someone on goal if they are in a better position but I also scored a volley which made all the parents

Year 10 rugby team pictured wearing their new kit, kindly sponsored by Andrew Appleyard.

on the sideline gasp in shock at the goal. Overall, I enjoyed it and that is what I needed to keep my cool on the ball.” I then asked about her reaction, when she learned that she’d earned a place in the team. She laughed and said, “It was quite embarrassing as I cried with happiness. I was really overwhelmed and absolutely over the moon.” The girls have not yet had a game, but have an upcoming match against Lancaster and Horizon are wishing Ellie good luck.

Charlotte Booth with Police Inspector Julie Mitchell.

The football coaching sessions promoted by 2010 World Cup Final and Premier League referee Howard Webb, started back before the October half-term and have attracted well over 80 boys and girls every Wednesday night. The sessions run from 6pm to 8pm in partnership with the South Yorkshire Police, the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright, the Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA and Horizon Community College and are aimed at providing football coaching by qualified FA coaches. Each session is open to anyone aged from 10 years to 19 years and is completely free of charge. Howard Webb attended some of the school assemblies and explained the importance of football in bringing people together in a positive way and how, by giving young people something to aim for at any level, it can quite often change their lives around and make them think about their futures. He said, “The football coaching sessions are an opportunity for youngsters to come along and play, learn and achieve anything they want to. “The kids that come to the Horizon Community College night are great and it is encouraging to see the energy that they put into the sessions. It is hoped that we can attract more young people and the project can develop further with the opportunities for tournaments and events.” For further information on the project, you can follow on Facebook or Twitter @SportFXSY

PCSO Armitage, Inspector Mitchell and Mr Brammer with the students.

Leon Hilmi receives signed photo of Howard Webb from Julie Mitchell.

20 – The Horizon Issue 6 WINTER 2013/14

Lucas Sutheren, 9U.

Mr Clayton with Lucas before the start of the event.

Bikeathon – Lucas Sutheren By Mr Clayton

Horizon are National Champions – Again!

On Tuesday 19 November there were two teams racing against each other throughout the day, to help raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma research. They had to cycle in 15 minute intervals, from 8.30am-4.15pm A massive thank you to everyone who has supported the Bikeathon! Mr Clayton, who helped organize the event with Lucas, said, “The boys involved (Robbie Richardson, Gregg Dawson, Billy Allen, Lucas Sutheren, Sam Tingle and Luke Simmons) have been an absolute credit to the college and I know how proud they feel to have supported Lucas and his charity, Leukaemia and Lymphoma research. “There have been so many generous donations from staff, pupils and outside agencies and so far, I

am pleased to say, the boys have raised over £1000. “There is also more money to be collected, so everyone watch out for

updates and we will announce the grand total when we know. Huge congratulation to all the boys and thanks once again!”

Between the six of them they rode 320 miles in just under 8 hours.

Horizon girls’ cricket team hits other schools for six By Darcy Hancock, 8K and Imogen Butcher, 8J.

Mrs Smith with the cheerleading champs.

By Eve Lodge 11R and Chloe Hennessey 11W On Sunday 24 November, Mrs Smith took our Pom Dance Team, the Horizon Hotshots, to Manchester to compete in UK Cheerleading Association Winter National Championships. As this was both ours and Mrs Smith’s last competition, all of us wanted to do our best to

make her proud; that is exactly what we did by winning the Level 2 Junior B Pom Dance 1st place! Despite only having a short amount of practice time, the girls pulled off a stunning routine created by their coach. We would like to say thank you to Mrs Smith for the opportunities she has given us over the years and we are so proud of our team!

as player of the Horizon Under 13’s Butcher 8J, Darcy Hancock 8K, Ellie team for outstanding batting Hawcroft 8I, Lucie Barlow 8P, Elana throughout the tournament. Hadfield 8V, Tiegan Bligh 8R, Eve On 11 December 2013, the Year 7 The team members on the day Deacon 8U, Anika Hill 7Q and and 8 girls’ cricket team had an early were: Adrianna Darlow 8R, Imogen Amelia Bentley 8P. morning wake-up to head off to the Sheffield Institute of Sport to compete in a cricket tournament. In the first game, against Aston Academy, wicket keeper Ellie Hawcroft dived to catch a fast ball which was edged by the batsman into the slip and Horizon went on to win the first match 114-28. The second opponents of the day were Silverdale and Horizon won with 128 runs compared to 34 runs, from the opposition. In the last fixture of the day, which the girls knew they had to win, Ellie Hawcroft once again caught a fast ball that slightly chipped the bat. The girls went on to win the last game 99-38 and Ellie’s talent for wicket-keeping was noticed by an umpire who observed their matches. She was nominated as the player of the Under 13’s Girls’ Tournament. Lucie Barlow was also nominated by Joe Lucas, the coach for the day, Girls Under 13 cricket team with Mr Gaywood, coach (left).

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