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2 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

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A couple of rascals: Charlie Holt and Daisy Bairstow. Picture: Scott Bairstow. PD44106

THERE’S nothing like seeing your little one off to the school for the first time. The anticipation, the nervousness, the excitement, and that’s just the parents. And now your son or daughter has settled in at school and started to make friends with their classmates, it’s time for the

Chronicle to come along and record that special moment for our First Class supplement. Our photographers have been out and about, visiting every school in Barnsley and district and taking photographs to cherish for years to come. Our supplement will

also serve as a keepsake for one of your proudest moments. Readers can obtain prints of all the photographs in the supplement on the Chronicle website. Log on to and click on the First Class link at the top of the page. Your child’s school

photograph can come as a print, or you can have it made into a gift, such as a T-shirt or jigsaw. Follow the online instruction and when prompted type the unique PD number, which can be found under the photograph at the end of each caption.

All Saints Academy Darfield: Jessica Allatt, Thomas-James Allot, Holly Archer, Ethan Buckley, Alex Connelly, Abbie Corker, Zack Embleton, Leon Gryzelka, Aisha Hazlehurst, Edward Hughesmorton, Charlie Humphreys, Ty Jowett, Jayden Lewis, Grace Mitchell, Evie Palmer, Verity Parker, James Pursehouse, Kyle Robinson, Macaulay Sheldon, Joshua Sharman, Olivia Shurdhi, Millie Thomas, Akira Townsed, Sebastian T-Walton, Mrs Parker and Mrs Copley. PD43287

Athersley North Primary: S Jones, A Harrod, Dylan Lynch, Daisy Rushforth, Nicole Walker, Alisha Stickland, Kacey Leigh, Shaima Fellah, Jack Leech, Kori Watkinson, Katy Ann Barron, Hannah Agumagu, Brooke Bennett, Tegan Mason, Lexi Exley, Alfie Bretton, Keaton Johnson, Summer Cooper, Sam Cooke, Stevie-Leigh Johnstone, Olivia Keirs, Andrew Burton, Kyle Self, Archie Kelk-Schofield, Alyssa Taylor, Cameron Scholey, Morgan Williams, Harrison Woods, Archie Olsson Kennedy, Lleyton Taylor, Eleonora Kaimina, Jogile Darulyte, Sapphire Watson, Rusne Darulyte, Destiny Gill, Weyland Maskill, Jessica Bird, Nicole Nyika, Dillon Barton, Jayden Dickinson, Addyson Collins, R Brook and H McKnight. PD43555

Athersley South Primary School: Mrs Fitzpatrick, Miss Jordan, Mrs Brown, Casey Apsee-Naylor, Millie Armour, Scarlett Atkinson, Justin Bartholomew, Bryce Batley, Kenzie Bedford, Taylor Caunt, Evie Clyde, Logan Cole, Daniel Coles, Maddison Collins, Lewis Cooper, Blake Day, Corey Egley, Carla Everdell, Peter Foers, Kian Ford, Lexi-Mai Gibson, Maddie Gray, Alexis Hall, Mia Hardcastle, Alessa Hepple, Kulraj Hundal, Shelley Ives, Joshua Lee, Callum Mitchell, Leona Naylor, Lily-May Naylor, Logan Nutt, Eromosele Ovienloba, Chester Randle, Lexie Robinson-Bell, Ethan Rose, Regan Smith, Leo Tetley, Kaitlyn-Marie Walker and Alexander Williams. PD43583

Barugh Green Primary picture one: Joe Chadburn, Oliver Hadfield, Charlie Goodyear, Heidi Goodyear, Harrison Pinnell, Eleanor Stables-Shaw, Georgia Smith, Jack Madeley, Ruby Booth, Lawrence McNiffe, Erin Gravil, Lexie Doran, Ellie-Mae O'Brien, Annabel Kitchen, Jack Delaney, George Townsend, Owen Smith, Alana Carter, Libby Hanson, Rosie Mills, Poppy Owen, Harry Palmer, Mrs Harding, Mrs Morgan and Mrs King. PD43359

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 3

Barugh Green Primary picture two: Isobel Barron, Rosie Shillito, Freddie Wajnerm Harvey Telford, Teighan Uttley, Eden Cross, Maddie Blackburn, Harvey Ibbotson, Jessica Baatty, Leo Garner, George Aston, Bethany Allam, Amy Broadbent, Alice Smith, Ellie Jepson, Katie Drew, Jorge Derbyshire, Olivia Robinson, Hope Hardy, James Hargreaves, Mia Moxon-Wilson, Mrs Elliott, Mrs H Morgan and Mrs A Morgan. PD43360

Birdwell Primary: Ruby Atkinson-Lomas, Jacob Bailey, Lucy Bebb, Eleanor Benson, Kelvin Binns, Ian Clayton, Megan Cowdell, Alfie Davis, Jessica Day, Ellis Deighton, Wiktoria Domin, Lily Duerden, Elliot Fitt, Thomas Fretwell, Imogen Gibson, Chloe Goodhall, Isaac Lindsay, Tom Lockwood, Isla Markey, Harley Maxfield, Lily McConnell, Charlotte Ormston, Elijah Orwin, Mirren Roberts, Joshua Shelley, Madison Sinclair, Grace Swallow, Grace Waugh, Max Woodhouse and Mrs Barrott. PD44115 Birkwood Primary: Blake Jones, Charley Kemp, Layla Kemp, Theo GlenLevitt, Lillie-Rose Morrison, Adam Musgreave, Alisha Olah, Lexie Parker, Cole Robinson, Jack Round, Leona Rushforth, Harrison Stonier, Max Taylor, Evie Wagstaffe, Sophie Wagstaffe, Cody Waltham, Harley Ward, Lily-Beth Warsop, Ashton Wombwell, Libby Woodhouse, Mrs Medlock, Mrs Baker, Kane Blinkhorn, Harri Blythe, Ashton Bostock, Mylie-Nicole Clarke, Samuel Cole, Nya Cooper, Alisha Crossland, Rhianne Cullen, Alfie Curson, Bobbie Davies, Evie Dean, Owen Eastwood, Jenna Geddes, Brogan Goose, Callum Greenwood, Tilly Louise Halfpenny, Lily Hanby, Morgan Hides, Madison Holt, Mrs Lawson and Miss Westlake. PD43787

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4 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Brampton Cortonwood Infants: Cordelia Bennett, Joe Browne, Ella Dhrif, Alexander Evans, Bethany Firth, Neve Gaffney, Kien Larder, Melissa Mapfuma, Roman McClean, Grace McKnight, Summer Oxborough, Joshua Powell, Dylan Robinson-Breadshall, Jakub Sojka, Summerose Taylor, Ryan Woodthorpe, Jayden Bowdrey, Heidi Bradshaw, Cassie Brown, Abigail Jessop, Ruby Kay, Riley O’Connor, Dillan Pettinger, George Reading, Bethany Skirrow, Max Sojka, Erin Spencer, Morgan Vaughan, Mason Watkin, Kaiden Wilson, Helen Davison and Steve Lomax. PD43123

Brampton Ellis Infants: Scarlett Barnard, Georgie Brown, Katelyn Corner, Morgan Flicken, Chloe Galloway, Beau Isherwood, Amy Hanksworth, Lewis Hulks, Joshua Jeffries, Lily Jones, Talia Jones, Hayden King, Lauren King, Amelia Lax, Jack Lepine, Paris Johnson, Ava Meynell, Katie Peat, Sophie Petty, Jude Pooley, Rosie Sue Ratchford, Millie Rowe, Alexander Scholey, Cody Smith, Lilly Watson, Awen Browne, Henry Goodall, Beth Harvey, Amelia Newsome, Koby Morton, Ben Raikes, Amelia Roche, Richie Wild, Mrs Williams, Miss Smith, Mr Kempton, Mrs Daniel, Mrs Sykes and Mrs Griffiths. PD43715

Brierley C of E Primary: Taylor Armitage, Lewis Baker, Angel Bossons, Emily Clark, Lucas Cunnane, Evie Jordan-Day, Chester Ferrier, Harrison Favier, Ava Gill-Hanley, Reuben Goose, Evan Howell, Lexi Kirk, Rhys McAvley, Vanessa Ndambakvwa, Roseann Price, Francesca Richards, Kevin Rogers, Jacob Smith, Jesse Stanley-Wright, Alex Tiggardine, Jacob Towers, Benjamin Wike, Mrs Biggs and Miss Bretton. PD43332

Burton Road Primary picture one: Jake Bennett, Alfie Braithwaite, Lucas Brennan, Bethany Griffiths, Emily Hibberd, Kadie McNicholas, Liam Burton Fish, Jacob Fowler, Lance Higton, James Selwood, Zander Johnson, Gracie Kirk, Maisie Mount, Abigail Sharpe, Emily Stott, Cody Walker, Danielle Webster, Gracie MaeBrook, Miss Pearson, Mrs Procter and Mrs Snelling. PD43609

Burton Road Primary picture two: Alex Beverley, Daniel Bowen, Ava Broadbent, Reece Deighton, Noah Firat, Lucy Greenwood, Ollie Hamilton, Annie Hartley, Halima Inua, Drew Moss, Charley Jay Reade, Ava Lee Roantree, Zachary Firat, Evie Senior, George Smith, Liam Thomas, Kaci Wilson, Alysha Wood, Harvey Wright, Miss Hayes and Mrs Cooper. PD43725

Carlton Primary Academy: Miss S Hopkinson, Miss D Tallant, Mrs C Green, Miss H Chappell, Michael Anthony, Oliver Austin, Jacob Boydell, Mischa Bullen, Ruby Carr, Liam Crossland, Ava Cymbal, William Darby, Neve Fisher, Sebastian Flanagan, Isaac Green, Jack Green, Olivia Harban, Harvey Hobson, Keira Hodgson, Arron Jackson, Logan Jordan, Alesha Marsh, Alexander Paling, Lydia Parkin, Jade Peel, Lucy Sidlow, Keeley-Ann Simpkins, Liberty Ward, Oliver Wyatt, Harrison Yates and Alex Zolnierczyk. PD43557

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 5

Carrfield Primary: Miss Sheehan, Miss Wright, Joe Eade, Imogen Foster, Leah Pilling, Trinity Elliott, Heidi Jones, Ebony-Rose Lewis, Devon White, Alfie Nash, Mrs Kerry, Mrs Methley, Alfie Walsh, Alaina Cumberbatch, Katelyn Leonard, Millie Johnson, Molly Ferguson, Phoebe Constable, Alfie Randerson, Cadie Mower, Jaya Evans-Duggan, Leeson Peach, Roman Stone, Archie Chappell, Cameron Wright, Zane Rogers, Bailey Brown, Owen Mower, Daniel Towler, Shar Gregory, Tyler Kelly, Jayden Roughley, Journie Squires, Brayden Dews-Barnett, Amelia Jackson, Harry Garrett, Evie Blessed, Ruby Shepherd, Charlotte Skilbeck, Harrison Wake and Maddison Andrews. PD43276

Cawthorne CE Primary: Lyra Allott, Lily Bagshaw, Cody Barry, Georgina Braidley, Ellis Cayre, Ollie Cheetham, Isabella Cocker, Erin Dunkley, Lily Dyson, Owen Edgar, Leah England, Cody Grosse, William Openshaw, Fergus Robinson, Stephanie Rogerson, David Scorah, Daniel Scott, George Seaman, James Taylor, Anya Van Sandan, Poppy Whitehead, Mrs Hutchinson and Ms Campling. PD43504

Cherry Dale Primary: Millie Baldwin, Lexie Barrowclough, Jayden Brockman, Jack Butterworth, Abigail Clarke, Keegann Copley, Alyssia Derrick, Mia Dvelys, Jessica Dyson, Rosie Eland, Harley Ellis, Isla French, Olivia Gracanin, Alex Hall, Taylor Hall, Sophie Hurd, Ryan Ingram, Ethan King, Emmie Leason-Hurley, Devon Makinson, Mitchell Oliver, Anabell O'Malley, Marlie Owen, Jordan Prior, Brandon Robinson, Tyler Shaw, Amelia Smailes, Madison Smailes, Taylor Vicary, Ruby West, Evie-Mae Wilson, Coban Wright, Kaitlin Yates, Suki Yip, Max Ravenhill, Kelly Huang, Miss Simmons, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Hoyle, Mrs Dewsbury, Miss Phillips and Mrs Woodcock. PD43785

Cudworth Churchfield: Mrs Davies, Henry Atkin, Lewis Hollinworth, Leo Thorpe, Kieran Cade, Brooke Haigh, Amelie Spicer, Ashton Medlock, Evie Goodliffe, Grace Martin, Kyle Lee, Corey May, Mrs Baker, Milie Scarfe, Esme Brailsford, Harry James, Alex Rhodes, Jake Wright, Holly Cleaver, Jaden Klak, Miss Taylor, Isabella Bownes, Tyler Keeling, Oscar Proctor, Blake Chamberlin, Emma Dean, Daisy Selby, Cory Simmons, Casey Guest, Guyvin Dawkins, Kale Mosey, Warren Wilson, Nathan Rawson, Noah Cuthbertson, Rowan Hall, Meddy Skeldon, Aston Hancock, Oliver McHugh, Madisyn Mawson and George Heaton-Johns. PD43786

Darfield Upperwood Primary Academy: Joshua Addy, Tilly Blackwell, Rebecca Bradbury, Tilly Burke, Anneliese Butterley, Evie Chadburn, Madison Davies, Kenzie Flynn, Maya Harris, Brooklyn Harvey-Robinson, Jessica Hays, Charlie Heavey, Mason Hughes, Eva Hulme-Cocking, Alex Humphreys, Thomas Kitching, Igor Lipski, Evie Markham, Jack Norvelle, Cameron Parks, Jay Ritson, Lucas Rouse, Grace Roudd, Farran Timmons, Lexi Walton, Alfie Wild, Logan Wilson, Zack Wilson, Dominic WinnardOrrell, Imogen Brammer, Lauryn Duffy, Samantha Dunnill, Bailey Ellis, Corey Goddard, Nyah Hillson, Max Hutchinson, Emily Merrills, Sid Ramsey, Mckenzie Sheard, Akavi Sureshkumar, Thomas Taylor, Lilly Wood-Holmes, Miss Hayhurst, Mrs Bernardes, Mrs Glazzard, Mrs McHale and Mrs Horne. PD43570

Darfield Valley Academy: Aston-Lee Adcock, Imogen Bochen, Ameerah Bouranene, Angela Carry, Shane Chitongo, Bradley Currie, William Davies, Mollie Mae Dawson, Tomos Hodge, Ava-Grace Hoyle, Evie Lancaster, Jack Rodgers, Cassidy Rose, Harry Sinnott, Joshua Sixsmith, Nizar Smego, Sebastian Snowball, Casey Stevenson, Jack Thompson, Macey Tout, Jayden Wardle, Molly Willis, Mrs Hill and Mrs Bennett. PD43324

6 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Darton Primary: Tiffani Adams, Madison Barnard, Olivia Brocklebank, Sophie Burton, George Carr, Iris Child, Leah Cooper, Ruby Hodkiss, Jacob Hodgson, Harry Hudson, Clara Hunsley, Phoebe Jackson, Amber-Rose New, Ava Newman, Joseph O’Carroll, Elliot Osbourne, Max Overend, Evie Piper, Lewis Robertshaw, Lauren Roe, Joe Schoefield, Isabelle Simmons, Summer Scott, William Taylor, Gracice Tindall, Harry Tyler, Jack Walker, Taylor Wilson, Ellis Garbutt, Charlotte Jackson, Jayden Popplewell, Lola Cronin, Mrs Portman, Mrs Standen and Mrs Best. PD43720

Dearne Goldthorpe Primary: Rylee Ashworth, Kamaran Bindlyan, Emmi Bone, Logan Brannan, Crystal Brown, Theo Caddick, Megan Clegg, Taylor Crossland, Harry Davis, Harvey Durose, Cory Fox, Jared Gray, Britney Green, Levi Green, Courtney Guest, Kelsie Hackett, Nathan Harris, Sam Hopcraft, Grace Kowbas, Lola Lackenby, Stan Lee, Leela Naylor, Nikki Oates, Leon Price, Jack Rich, Cody Robinson, Evie Marie Scothern, Summer Thorpe, Tyler Walford-Krebs, Preston Warrender, Lexi Wassell, Kristian Wickson, Ms Cowlishaw, Mr Frost and Miss Whitehouse. PD43587


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Dodworth St John the Baptist CE Primary: Emily Allen, Niven Allen, George Booth, Jack Brown, Thomas Burland, Amber Cutler, Reese Dearden, Harriet Exley, George Farmer, Grace Ford, Harry Goodinson, Maisy Haigh, Isabelle Haran, Jack Kennington, Dan McKenning, Tilly Raistrick, Todd Rushforth, Joel Rutkowiski, William Smith, Evan Stainrod, Francesca Stokes, Lily Taylor, Isabel Wall, Katy Whelan, Olider White, Lilly Zazlos, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Rainford and Mrs Birkett. PD43719

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First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 7

Doncaster Road Primary: Izan Alonso-Brown, Riley Breadshall, Olivia Beverley, Kitty Cavanagh, Kennedy Charles, Clayton Cross, William Dooling, Millie Finch, Morgan Green, Bailey Hague, Daisy Harpin, Enya Hepplestone, Lauren Hyde, Emily Johnson, Joshua Jones, Grace Lee, Kenzie-Lee Lunn, Haiqa Mohsin, Luke Molyneux, Brody Moore, Caitlin Newton, Jack Owen, Amelia Parr, Lilly Sephton, Ummar Sharif, Alisha Sharp, Stephen Sharp, Rihanna Spooner, Eric Stankiewicz, Gabriela Stepane, Owen Stirling, Cameron Turai, Abel Voros, Jaiden Wake, McKenzie Watt, Mrs Clarke, Miss Smith, Mrs Smith and Mrs Ledger. PD43526

Gawber Primary: Rose Baker, Ruby Barker, Lydia Barrett, Sonny Boreham, Eliza Burton, Annie Cooper, Micheal Davis, Daisy Deakin, Denny Fitzgerald, Lillian Furniss, Ava Hanson, Darcey Hill, Adam Jessop, Husna Khan, Maryam Khan, Umar Khan, James Lees, Olivia Maddock, Sonny Millington, Layla Pearce, Savannah Pindar, Ben Ramsden, George Robinson, Jack Ryan, Riley Scargill, Joseph Sykes, Jessica Tacey, Tommy Turner, Ella Wadsworth, Christopher Wilson, Mrs Talkowski, Mrs Huntington, Mrs Pinder and Miss Taylor. PD43269

Greenacre School: Debby Tinker, Emma Lee, Sarah Clayton, Helen Barnard, Kelly Jay, Zach Panther, Marisa Griffiths, Shannon Nee, Adam Pendlebuty, Daniel Karev, Brenda Hey and Callum Strange. PD43726

Elsecar Holy Trinity CE School: Eben Allott, Tia-May Burgess, Reece Cockrem, Scarlett Emmett, Madison Garner, Phoebe Garner, Liam Gatti, Millie Grant, Leah Hall, Neve Haslam, Riley Kemp, Matthew Leathers, Ethan Linton, Joshua Manton, Harvey Moore, Riley Pearce, Erin Spensley and Bethan Thomas. PD43912

Gooseacre Primary Academy: Rose Alesha Burton, Sophie Clark, Alice-Jacey Clegg, Mason Davies, Charlie Henderson, Riley Jordan, Cadie McKenning, Charlie Mortimer, May Norris, Kasiemay Sugden, Alfie Wood, Logan Bainbridge, Oakley Barker, Maria Cowley, Millie-Mae Dawson-Firth, Callum Guest-Goddard, Alfie Hudson, Logan Jackson, Eden Johnson, Logan Johnson, Jack Mallinson, Alexi McGill, Lacey Rose McKeown, Georgia Mellor, Tia Preston, Liam Sanderson, Charlie Senior, Star Stubbs, Lexie Tansley, Zac Unsworth, Liam Warrington, Katie-Ann Lockwood, Indiana-Grace Wilson, Kieron Wynne, Mrs Olsen, Mrs Town, Miss Ascroft, Miss Allen, Miss Fletcher and Mr Nuttall. PD43910

Greenfield Primary picture one: Miss Senior, Mrs Haigh, Evan Allen, Georgie Bailey, Betty Bell, Finlay Boswell, Molly Brookes, Kaelem Bryan, Harvey Bryson, Harry Bywater-Cruz, Ellie-Mae Chadburn, Sophue Chambers, Emiee Charlesworth, Jake Cheeseman, Olivia Chorlton, Imogen Hall, Jax Kirkham, Harry Mann, Olivia Marsden, Dane Pickering, Dexter Rolbiecki, Billy Sanderson, Lucas Shapcott, Aron Steele and Ethan Winder. PD43926

8 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Greenfield Primary picture two: Miss Hirst, Mrs Stancer, Choen Andrews, Lottie Barker, Paige Caine, Kian Chappell, Noah Foster, Charlie Geraghty, Layla Hamer, George Hanson, Logan Hirst, Caitlin Howard, Harley Hunt, Harvey Lea, Olivia Loomes, Amelia Maksimek, McKenzie Meakin, Harry-James Nicholson, Ronnie Padgett, Maebh Rodgers, Kaitlyn Short, Skye Stokes and Arry Woodcock. PD43984

Havercroft Academy: Millie Cardall, Callum Carrington, Amirah Clements, Chloe Earnshaw, Emily Fitzpatrick, Leon Gregory-Jones, Ellie Harrison, Grace Harrison, Lewis Hirons, Alexi Jayne Jackson, Lewis Johnson Brown, Summer-Rose Knott, Billie-Jo Penketh, L'Pricia Rhodes-Siron, Esmay Soroseb, Ellie Mae Turner, Dylan Wainwright, Jasmine Winfield and Miss Fenn. PD43411

Heather Garth Primary: Alex Bamforth, Benjamin Beck, Jack Cooper, Summa Cotton, Luke Currie, Lainey Dawn, Louie Earnshaw, Lydia-Mae Farr, Alex Gamble, Gabriella Hampton-Guest, Noar Harrison, Mason Heyes, Poppy Heyes, Charlie Hinchliffe, Freddie Jackson, Logan Jardine, Pheobe Lee, Ryleigh-May Lorraine, Alex Love, Tilly Pears, Grace Roberts, Ella-Jane Russell, Caydon Smith, Kayden Stables, Anna Sumner, Harvey Turner, Oliver Webb, Marley Webster, Samuel Winspear, Aiden Wood, Miss Andrews and Mrs Little. PD42964

High View Primary Learning Centre picture one: Callum Birley, Cody Macadie, Isabel Clayton, Lola Mae Hepple, Aurora Sinton, Samuel Bates, Holly Jones-Young, Grace North, Max Longden, Maddon Walker, Lily Cornthwaite, Honey Dolan, Jessica Beechy, Oliver Lumb, Bradley Needham, Maisy Mackenzie, Maddison Grange, Jayden Wilson, Ramsey Winfield, Ethan Steadman, Annie Mansell, Mikey Scholey, Jacob Stewart, Hussian Mahmood, Bailey Dyson, Oliver Pope, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Hibberd. PD43565

High View Primary Learning Centre picture two: Ben Akrill, Daniel Akrill, Samuel Barker, Gypsy Baxter, Louis Breadmore, Jack Bluck, Cameran Brampton, Sam Caddick, Maisy Chapman, Maeve Charlesworth, Noah Childs, Lara Davies, Alex Dyson, Soban Faiz, Samuel Firth, Brandon Gledhill, Blerton Javori, Faith Kerry, Aston Lupton, Mollie Pepper, Poppy Probert, Sonny Ravenhill, Roxie-Lea Simmonds, Kirikaran Subaskaran, Maddison Taylor, Kara Whittlestone, Ruby Wilde, Hayden Woodcock, Leah Wrigley, Mrs Banks, Mrs Thompson and Mrs Farmer. PD43679

Highgate Primary Academy: Josephine Antwi, Daisy Asquith, Billy Breadsley, Kye Bedford, Jacob Butler, Preston Carr, Dylan Clark, Aiva Cooper, Lilly Crawford, Arron Fox, Sophie Garland, Ruby Garnett, Layton Heath, Alanna Hepworth, Cooper Holmes, Summer Jarosz, George Johnson, Khair-Un-Nisa Mursleen, Emme Pennington, EvieeRose Perry, Leo Phillips, Sebastian Rymer, Logan White, Sophie Whitehurst, Bailey Wilkinson, Cadie Wilson, Brooke Carr, Liam Dray, Jonny Farmer, Holly Fletcher, Logan Gent, Jessica Humphries, Evie Jennings, Charlie Jones, Elizabeth Lawton, Caleb Newsome, Katie-May Slater, Keira Stone, Alfie Stringfellow, Safina Yasin, Miss Snape, Mrs Allsopp and Mrs Kitchener. PD43348

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 9

Holy Rood Catholic Primary: Rhea Stephenson, Albie Neale, Felicity Devoy, Lucy Speight, Oliver Dyke, Christiphor Derbyshire, Isaac Charlesworth, Madison Wood, Maxinee Bowns, Antoni Starobrzynski, Harley Pleasant, Joel Crossland, Thomas Leather, Harveer Batth, Melissa Kazembe, Pheobe Morre, Charlotte Hindle, Myles Silcock, Zachary Shaw, Lottie Manterfield, Edward Davies, Macey Hirst, Szymon Chamula, Ammur Warraich, Lyden Swallow, Mrs Dignan and Mrs Dalton. PD43516

Holy Trinity three to 16 Catholic and CE picture one: Aleisha Wheeldon, Caiden Gyte, Calvin Stenson, Charlie Wilmot, Courtney Leeder, Dakota Lane, Darcey Waddington, Destiny Parish, Dylan Fisher, Elijah Ncube, Emily Neal, Freya Dix, Georgia Williams, Cillian Murphy, Harrison Abbotts, Hector Harrod, Holly Dawson, Isabella Bailey, Jaimee Howard, Jane Hope Khongoni, Lucas Dunning, Maddison Bankes, Mason Coles, Megan Goddard, Nell Plunkett, Olivia Cleever, Rutendo Chinoputsa, Samuel Jones, Sienna Kelly, Mrs Hall and Mrs Burton. PD43573

Hope House School: Mrs Sessions, Joshua Barker, Isaac Martins and James Wright. PD43568 Holy Trinity three to 16 Catholic and CE picture two: Amelia Bamford, Annelise Szoke, Callum Farnworth, Carson Armitage, Charlie O’Donnell, Dylan Johnson, Elsie Heckingbottom, Freddie Fisher, Freddie Steer, Gabriel Jones, Harry Cottrell, Holly Boyer, Jaime Eastwood, Lauren Binns, Libby Thompson, Logan Brennan, Luca Laverack, Lyla Fiddaman, Matthew Matiyenga, Morgan Ralphs, Nell Sanders, Nelly Painter, Olivia Millward, Reece Hill, Ruby Robinson, Scarlett Blackwell, Scarlett Morrison, Thomas Hall, Tiana Grant, Ximena Manzano, Mrs Jones and Miss Beckingham. PD43574

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10– First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Hoyland Common Primary picture one: Francesca Baker, Ronnie Lawton, Amelia Marlow, Melissa Sherridan, Aleks Torta, Daniel Bagshaw, Sarah Bray, Rosemary Salter, Rory Child, Evan Sharp, Max Wainwright, Natasha Quinn, Issac Ward, Macey Willis, Ruby Wilson, Theo Gibson, Alfie Collins, Gracie Copley, Olivia Hill, Millie Hopkinson, Emily Berridge, Ava Evans, Oliver Moore, Lucy Armer, Mrs McManus, Mrs Peet and Miss Jubb. PD43614

Hoyland Common Primary picture two: Chloe Eyre, Hope Keys, Emily Taylor, Blake Booker, Joseph Mason, Marley Taylor-Lund, Euan Davies, Keira Henry, Mia Cusworth, Chloe Cowlishaw, Kirah Hodson, Archie Bailey, Teegan Hutton, William Steads, Charlie Whitham, Adam Salt, Evie Rolbiecki, Joe Rolbiecki, Alissa Derbyshire, Ebony Murray, Kai Shelley-King, Renee Smith, Spence Robinson, Jake Symons, Miss Ring, Mrs Hardy and Mrs Burgess. PD43636

Hoylandswaine Primary: Harry Allison, Oliver Bowers, Matthew Brock, Reese Brophy, Ava Bunting, Luke Burton, Amelie Couldwell, Jack Craggs, William Dodd, Lucy Elliott, Toby Ibbotson, Charlotte Marsh, Louie Massarella Burton, Samuel Nash, Stan Parkin, George Pearson, Holly Reynolds, Ellie Richardson, Oscar Sellers, Felicity Shaw, Teddy Underwood, Olivia Walton and Mrs Beever. PD43551

Hunningley Primary: Poppy Axon, Ella Baker, Leland Cooper, Jasmine Doherty, Damian Ez El Dine, Jaden Healey, Casey James-Proctor, Logan McGill, Bradley Ndlovu, Maria Placzek, Aiden Roantree, Shay Roddis, Grace-Eva Smith, David Strong Goodhall, Aden Walshaw, Alex Warris, Archie-Joe Wilkes, Benas Zernys, Jake Beadle, Jack Billingley, Amelia Broad, Oliver Coney, Gracie Eastwood, Cody Farrah, Charlie French, Isla Leonard, Seth Massey, Harvey McCallum, David Newsome, Szymon Palcyski, Aimee Roper, Kamelia Saddington, Colby-Ethan Watson, Layton Wilkes, Mrs Graham, Miss Eley, Miss Brennan and Miss Hodgson. PD43572

Joseph Locke Primary picture one: Markuss Aleksanders, Joel Bladen, Aston Boansi, Evie Brian, Destiny Buxton, Caiden Caulfield, Charlie Drummer, Jensen Elsworth, Nicole Flavell, Alexander Fraser-Barber, Luke Hague, Bailey Hargate, Aleksa Ivanjura, Bethany Kempt, Light Mukendi, Jasmine O’Connor, Conna Parker, Fenn Peel, Callum Robinson, Benjamin Robson, Evelin Seres, Mason Thompson, Jack Thomson, Tairu Touray, Poppie Webb, Alisha Winrow, Becky Yates, Jenson Yould, Ms C Reed, Miss A Pugh, Mrs S Sanderson and Miss G Mitchell. PD43528

Joseph Locke Primary picture two: Shiloh Adeoye, Lacey Barnett, Antonina Bembenek, Codie Blair, Bradley Booth, Blake Brown, Callum Brownhill, Brody Clarke, Lillie Clayton, Syke Corby, Kacey-Lou Davies, Demi Donohue, Kacper Firyn, Samuel Freeman, Autumn Heppenstall, Kieron Hogan, Charlie Hoggett, Lucas Holt, Tanesha Ives, Evan Kneale, Ellie O'Malley, Alicia Phipps-Whiting, Kai Rodgers, Lucas Scarlett, Molly Seward, Alfie Wagner, Mr L Hill, Mrs H Day and Miss H Mountain. PD43606

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 11

Jump Primary: Mrs Pettinger, Mrs Bradley, Ms Hallam, Mr Dunn, Jessica Anderson, George Bown, Jake Cockerill, Andrew Collins, Scarlett Denton, Alfie Fellows, Poppy Fisher, Paige Foister, Amy Hebdige, Jack Hebdige, Emmily Hegyaljai, Georgia Henry, Holly Hopkinson, Tyler Jones, Ella Longden, Jake Lovell, Evan Murray, Liam Newey, Grace O'Kane, Mia Penty, Callum Pepper, William Reavill, Macie Richards, Dylan Ripley, Lily Smith, Aleksandr Thorpe, Scarlett Travil, Reece Warburton, Millie Wheeldon and Declan Wroe. PD43966

Keresforth Primary: Lila Carr, Ellie Davey, Lacey Green, Isabelle Gregory, Amelia Hale, Abigail Harrod, Lily Hobbs, Josh Kitching, Sonny Middleton, Riley Moody, Jasmine Senior, Amy-Jo Wheeler, Ronnie Wilkes, Mrs Walsh and Mrs Saxon. PD43569

Kexborough Primary: Alfie Stephens, Amelia Graham, Archie Lomas, Bailey Watkins, Callum Nash, Charlotte Myers, Chloe Erwin, Eloiise Taylor, Emily Bellwood, Gabriel Chapman, Hannah Wilson, Harry Smart, Holly Braithwaite, Jay Cartwright, Lauren Graham, Lewis Gratton, Lilly-Ann Wall, McKenzie Caves-Walker, Norah Williams-Brown, Oliver Esposito, Owen Grosse, Riley Senior, Simon Tryba, Timothy Tryba, Toni Spencer, Mrs Illingsworth, Mrs Ripley and Mrs Crosby. PD43580

Lacewood Primary: Bailey Adsetts, Eadie Ashley, Ruby Askew, Olivia Bramall, Joseph Brannan, Logan Clark, Heidi Clough, Charlie Dickinson, Holly Gardner, Logan Goodson, Jamie-Leigh Hamilton, Evie-Mai Harrison, Madison Hearne, Natalia Hearne, Gemma Jarvis, William Jefferson, Ellie Keddy, Ryan Key, Mckenzie Middleton, Shelby-Marie Parkin, Olivia Pugh, Joel Ratcliffe, Eve Richardson, Michael Siddons, Warren Simpson, Whyatte Snee, Lydia Webster, Paige Williams and Lucy Smith. PD42965

Ladywood Primary: Kyle Bailey, Tilly Baines, Katie Bell, Alfie Buckingham, Harvie Burgess, Lacie Clay, Mckenzie Drakeley, Maddison Dwyer, Leah Gallagher, Katie Garrity, Amy Guy, Kayla Hebberd, Koby Houlston, Mariama Hydara, Aiden Ineson, Kye Roberts, Oliver Schofield, Megan Sellars, Joshua Sharman, Kia Shaw, Ian Townend, Jack Turner, Dylan Vaughan, Darren Waldron, Bladen Warburton, Loui Whitehead, Sandra Rybak, Mrs S McQuillan, Miss J Brookes, Mrs V Heeley and Mrs L Hanson. PD43334

Littleworth Grange Primary Academy picture one: Emily Bailey, Reece Childs, Holly Collinson, Harrison Darby, Jessica Dews, Harley Gogarty, Nicole Goodfellow, Lalia Grabowska, Khiara Hancock-Studd, Alicia Harris, Eve Hartley, Ruby Hepple, Emily Rose Leach, Lukas Lister, Crystal McQueen, Harley Reid, Charley-Jo Reynolds, Eric Rosa, Millie Rushforth, Ellis Scargill, Tyler Sellars, Archie Sennett, Maddison Shaw, Archie Swift, Deacon Wake, Ellie Watson, Rebekka Wilde, Tyler Worrall, Lenny Wrigley, Miss Allott, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Johnson. PD43721

12 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Littleworth Grange Primary Academy picture two: Ellie-Mae Arnold, Layla Benson, Alfie Cook, Charlie Cook, Jay Coulson, Ellen Dryden, Lily Ford, Paige Garrity, Amber Hepple, George Huntington, Andrew Jackson, Ellie Jones, Melodie Lang, Sebastian Magiera, Alexia Marshall, Layla Miller, Charlie Peary, Cameron Robinson, Harry Robinson, Mason Shaw, Nicole Shepherd, Logan Shipley, Charlie Standish, Pippa Wall, Sydni Watson, Kai Weldrick, Nathan White, Mrs Allen Mrs Noble, Miss Busfield and Mrs Wilkinson. PD43722

Mapplewell Primary: Mrs Tarry, Daisy Bairstow, Elissa Barker, Hayden Briggs, Kaden Brown-Charlesworth, Isheeta Chowdhary, Olivia Jackson, Erin Ward, Grace Wyke, Jamie Yates, Miss Cavill, Adam Bailey, Cobi Brankin, Grace Brown, Brandon Curran, Joseph Drury, Beau Eyre, Madison Fisher, Evan Fox, Kayden Gomersall, Max Hepplestone, Natasha Hewitt, Grace Howarth, Millie Howarth, Ava Hunsley, Tegan Johnson, Mason Kyle, Haydn Midgley, Riley Mitchell, Harrison Naughton, Joe Naughton, Lewis Popplewell, Caitlin Ripley, Casey Steward, Lucie Stewart, Sydney Wade, Oliver Wilson and Patrick Zapala. PD43617

Meadstead Primary Academy: Leah Arblaster, Cacey Austin, Owen Brown, Demi Cowlishaw, Harry Fisher, Tyler Fisher, Kian Goldsborough, Sienna Lang, Cody LavenderBaker, Hollie Lofthouse, Oscar Mackenzie, Paul Maposa, Jack Marshall, Owen Moon, Sarah Newman, Kayden O'Laogun, Stacie Powell, Tyler Watson, Eevie-Mai West, Isabelle Womersley, Maha Yousaf, Miss D Berry and Mrs J Fuller. PD43548

Milefield Primary: Emily Akhtar, Connor Aldous, Macey Austin, Leah Barraclough, Molly Beastall, Victoria Budzynska, Riley Clarke, Aston-Lee Drinkall, Jaydan Flavell, Matthew Goodchild, Regan Greenwood, Robson Hepplestone, Kendon Hickley, Chloe Hughes, Lewis Johnson, Leon Jones, Roxanne Jones, Lewis King, George Martin, Liam Nixon, Spencer Phillips, Tyler Robinson, Stanley Savage, Jamie-Leigh Sharp, Olivia Szablewska, Vanesa Valkovska, Oliver Waszkiewicz, Miss Loy, Miss Lindley and Mrs Archer. PD43333


School pictures are just a click away 1 1 0

2 M










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First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 13

Millhouse Primary: Harley Botwright, Alexander Carr, Alexander Cash, Archie Clegg, Ryley Dickinson, Gregor Dillon, Joseph Dunkley, Jayden Garside, Benjamin Goldstraw, Harry Johnstone-Rose, Frederick Mallinson, James Dillon, Seth Morris, Jacob Plaistow, William Raybould, Beatrice Ritchie, Lexie Roberts, Riley Robinson-Cherry, Freya Smith, Jake Taylor, Oliver Tweddle, Finley Vippond, Eva Wiley, Mrs J Phoenix, Mr G Mangham and Mrs S Kershaw. PD43540

Oakhill Primary picture one: Daniel Arnott, Alfie Boyes, Imogen Bruerton, Sonny Burton, Taylor Carless, Niamh Exley, Millie Fletcher, Millie Goodyear, Isabelle Hawke, Freya Jezusek, Jensen Millard, Jasmine Olbison, Oliver Parkin, Imogen Robinson, Oscar Thompson, Alexander Vaines, Addison Watkin, Hollie White, Ruby Woodward and Mrs Stevenson. PD43525

Oakhill Primary picture two: Jack Barraclough, Connor Bell, Lauren Bowell, Kiera Clarke, Ruby Fox-Hendley, Amelia Freeman, Rebecca Greaves, Billy Hardcastle, Tianna Harston, Matthew Huxley, Paisley Missa, Gracie Phillips, Megan Ripley, Saphia Rowley, Ava Sedgwick, Holly Severn, Jack West, Harrison Wilson and Miss Smith. PD43716

Oxspring Primary: Mrs Taylor, Mrs McMath, Jack Bolton, Jonah Brown, Annie Butler, Sonny Chambers, Lucy Darby, Ila Fox, Benjamin Guest, Louie Hall, Roseanna Hill, Miles Holmes, Harley Kelly, Lily Mace, Archie Potter, Jemima Raggett, Rhea Simpson, Edward Sparrow, Daisy Stewart, Scarlett Taylor, Connie Taylor-Flynn and Alexander Thorpe. PD43544

Parkside Primary Academy: Ella Brown, Thomas Dabbs, Jack Fletcher, Reece Hackleton, Archie Hall, Charlie Harrison, Abi Jones, Joshua Keany, Keegan LarkinCoucom, Jaden Lloyd, Sarah M-Cook, Oriana Morley, Mckenzie Powers, Ashley Read, Jonathan Rodgers, Leon Senior, Ruby Sharp, Miley Wassell, George Westmoreland, Miss Katie Haverty, Mrs Mandy Williams and Miss Vicki Sharland. PD43550

Penistone St John’s CE picture one: Connor Watts, Gilbert Rushton, Lydia Schofield, Jacob Bell, Jake Woodward, Jake French, Ruby Lee, Abigail Walters, Emmeline Hooper, Jacob Firth, Minnie Marshall, Archie Curran, Charlotte Dyson, Faith Green, Connor Shering, Alissa Frith, Reece Blackshaw, Alix Hampshaw, Miss Stacey Dixon, Mrs Sarah Dougal and Miss Amy Thomas. PD43541

14 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Penistone St John’s CE picture two: Archie Gleed, Sophie McDermott, Amelia Veitch, Rihanna Mills, Nehemiah Andrew, Stanley Crouch, Natasha Hitchens, George Thompson, Ryan Ellis, Ellisa Kime, Reuben Dachtler, Austin Patchett, Joel Devaney, Rhys Askin, Lucy Raynor, Levi Hamphire, Luke Fretwell, Harriet Smith, Mya Appley and Inés Sanchez Plant, Miss White and Miss Stock. PD43542

Penistone St John’s CE picture three: Noah Caines, Dermot Barker, Isaac Whittles, Chloe Lockwood, Luke Roberts, Abbie Parry-Cooke, Lilly Brumby, Jamie Eckford, James Barlow, George Daynes, Charley Deighton-Gregg, Isabel Tomlinson, Tyler Thompson, Marcey Chadwick, Nathan Langley, Rebecca Unwin, Joe Ready, Millie Haighh, George Gill, Mrs Janet Bradwell, Mrs Lisa Hayes and Mrs Joanne Thompson. PD43543

Queens Road Academy: Leyla Aliyeva, Lacey Bentley, Grace Branch, Reon Cobo, Everitt McKenzie, Chloe Fairham, Emily Hacking, Hannah Johnson, Ashley Kennedy, Joshua Kenny, Happiness Makiese, Frank Milkowski, Kalan Osbourne, Kerem Sahinoglu, Olivia Shirt, Gracie Taylor, Charlie White, Oreoluwa Ayannuga, Darcey Ball, Alfie Broad, Ella Buckely, Rowan Evans, Zuzanna Grzelak, Emily Hodgson, Adrian Kaunda, Isabelle Liles, Harry Mcmahon, Denzel Ncube, Cameron Needham, Antoni Orhani, Sophie Scarfe, Lois Scott, Oliwia Silwinska, Maya Staczek, Finlay Taylor, Krystal Watkinson, Maisie Webb, Miss M Cuthbert, Miss R Sanders and Mrs K Rowley. PD43270

Richard Newman Primary: Miss Beech, Mrs Pickering, Mia Adams-Kingdom, Lucas Ainsworth, Liana Allen, Rylee Allott, Jayden Andrews, Austen Atkinson, Amelia Berlak, Chloe Booth, Davi Casper, Elisha Davies, Nicole Day, Jessica Dixon, Brodie Eversedge, Joel Fretwell, Harley Griffiths, Destiny Haigh, Scarlett Kaye, Kal-El Lamb, Lily-May Marsden, Jessica Marson, Summer Mawson, Michael Milburn, Dylan Ngahan, Aaron Parrish, Cameron Robinson, Sophie Sephton, Natasha Shepherd, Cortney Smethurst, Ebony Stanley, Rubie Twigg, Katie Wilby, Bryony Wilson and Kyle Wood. PD43558

Royston St John Baptist CE Primary: Mrs Dalton, Mrs Eriksen, Mrs MacFarlane, Mrs Heaton, Mrs Atherton, Jack Arblaster, Ava Aubrey, Laci Bashforth, Lexi Baxter, Daniel Bradley, William Bradley, Callum Butters, Millie Byram, Abbie Cook, Becci-Mai Copley, Theo Cutts, Molly Drinkall, Harry Fraser, Harri French-Harling, Ben Furniss, Blake Gregory, Alicia Griffiths, Thomas Heselden, Joe Irwin, Ava Lappage, Isaac Marsden, Isabel Oakley, Yvie Ogden, Saffron Orchard-Clark, Brooke Owen, Sally Padgett, Grace Renshaw, Charlotte Simmons, Matthew Simmons, Isla Smith, Lucy Spencer, Mason Trott, Matthew Webster, Archie Williams and Ashton Wright. PD43556

Ryhill Primary: Leah Ball, Libby Birkitt, Lucas Booth, Archie Brown, Leon Butler, Luke Corden, Ashley Crawshaw, Logan Durham, Travis Heppenstall, Amelia Hutchinson, Ruby Jones, Max Kenningham, Ruby Kenningham, Lily Mallinder, Freya Marston, Samuel Massey, Malick Mbye, Alisha-Michelle McDermott, Hannah McSeveney, Starr Miller, Kallum Mullinham, Alfie Schofield, Beatrice Tabbnerm, Olivia Turner, Owyn Tyrner, Emily Walding, George Walker, Ruby Williams, Mrs Greatorex and Mrs Dunford. PD43409

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 15

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary: Eve Bates, Rose-Arley Blythe, Diego Carmelino, Ryan Clegg, Tyler Conolly, Alycia Davis-Smith, Charlie Duggan, Tyler Hargreaves, Evelyn Holcroft, Connie Howlett, Elfie Illingworth, Alexi Ioannou, Josef Kariuki, Nathaniel Kolen, Lucy Mangham, William Norris, Aimee Overton, Nicola Pilch, Wren Smalley, Nina Wasyk, Mrs Pratt and Mrs Gibson. PD43588

St Helen’s Catholic Primary: Emily Allott, Billy Bamforth, Kaira Bissell, Maxim Brown, Samuel Brown, Enzo Campagna, Mya Dickinson, Eric Frostick, Joseph Gill, Jake Kycett, Georgia Outram, Yasemin Sahan, Connor Sheehan, Charlotte Smith, Sunny Steele, Eva Swallow, Charlie Wade, Lewis Walton, Agnes Warfield and Finley Williams. PD43923

St Helen’s Primary Academy: Noah Armitage, Zara Bates, Harvey Brookes, Ebony Brown, Sophie Campbell, Thomas Clarke, Scarlett Cowlinshaw, Zak Crisp, Lola Davis, Jaxon Dunn, Robyn Frodsham, Lacey Goldsbrough, Dylan Hopson, Ava Horton, Lucy Jackson, Ruby Lemon, Chanelle McNicholas, Ben Sedgwick, Marley Skelton, Sophie Stephenson, Esme Walker, Myley Williams, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Edwards and Miss Hunter. PD43582

St Mary’s CE Primary: Kian Batley, Darcey Beeson, Oliver Brookes, Darcey Clarke, Joe Cox, Amelia Eley-Higgins, Joe Feast, Daniel Gibbs, Evangeline Godwin, Elizabeth Goodchild, Francesca Hall, Charlie Holt, Skyla Howard, Charley-Mae Kilbride, Filip Kiryluk, Beau Langford, Holly Lloyd, Karla Mallinson, Alexsandra Marszalkowska, Amber Medlam-Jones, Patrycja Mrozek, Alisha-Mai Senior, Noah Steele, Molly Scott, Ethan Tales, Cayton Thompson, Matilda Wilkinson, Ruby Wright, Siqi Ye, Victoria Zambrzycka, Mrs S James, Mrs H Ellam, Mrs C Oates, Miss B Marsh and Miss K Abson. PD43917

St Michael and All Angels’ Catholic Primary: Clair Boulby, Mary Betts, Rachel Sung, Thomas Batty, Ellie May Buck, Libby Thompson, Rebekah Waring, Harrison Wood, Nathan Martin, Issac Lee, Kanye Screen, Bobby Nash, Caiomhe Manterfield, Joel Mosely, Grace Smith, Darcey Purdie, Julia Koztuniak and Finley O’Brian. PD43913

Sandhill Primary: Samuel Athorn, Jake Bailey, Chanelle Chappell, Sophie Clarke, Ryan Dinsdale, Daniel Fennessy, Harvey Firth, Daisy Frame, Summer Freyer, Shayla Georgeson, Amelia Gilpin, Lucas Gleeson, Bailey Grayson, Chloe Hardman, Mykielee Hobson, Hattie Hyde, Reece Jones, Freddie Dixon-Lane, Roxanne Martin, James Neale, Ruby Platts, Finlay Roebuck, Jacob Stubbs, Grace Sugden, Hollie Sugden, Finlay Swift, Lewis Wagstaff, Ty Wester, Reuben Whittingham, Miss Saberton, Miss Woodhall and Miss Perry. PD43727

16 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Shafton Primary Academy: Katie Archer, George Crossland, Lleyton Devoy, Brendan Fagan, Gage Gannon, Brooke Goddard, Rhys Greene, Freya Guy, Bobby Hall, Leo Heaton, Benjamin Hemingway, Jake Jewkes, Kaiden Cullen, Abbey Davis, Maddison Hall, Tyler Crossland, Joshua Roidl, Ellizabeth Mason, Eric de Bart, Harry Lockwood, Cody-Jo Millns, Benjamin Moulana, Charlotte Newton, Jorge Parkin, Archie Riley, Joshua Rodgers, Keira Saffill, Spencer Scase, Jack Seres, Mrs Ward and Mrs Curry. PD43909

Shawlands Primary picture one: Yasmin Alfadley, Jude Brusby, Cerys Cockerline, Paris Cole, Sam Dodd, Diana Gahramanova, Harley Gracie, Blake Kelly, Tyler Kelly, Daniel Kitching, Chloe Lawrence, Bartosz Lidke, Oliver Millar, Alexandra Moder, Freddie Murgatroyd, Roya Namigli, Eden Pendleton, Connor Ramsden, Jay Rushforth, Ava Thompson, Summer Thompson, Syed Mohammed-Waquar, Jacob Weinrich-Cooke, Owen Welbourne, Amber Wollerton, Jacek Wolniewicz, Mrs Isles, Miss Clark and Miss Hill. PD43527

Shawlands Primary picture two: Seth Holmes, Harrison Hunter, Alisha Dunkley, Aimee Lancaster, Holly Wilkinson, William Parkinson, Kelda Heaton, Alfie Taylor-Dey, Connor Haigh, Raymond Clark, Bethany Postill, Deacan White, Poppy Watson, Billy Conway, Kayden Williams, Ethan Shaw, Emma Rutter, Amelia Shaw, Isabelle Hallowed, Bethany Yould, Ruby Morgan, Jack Bates, Leo Margerrison, Noah Gau, Selina Phantha, Mia Wollerton, Miss Mason, Mrs Nemishi and Miss Adshead. PD43271

Silkstone Primary: Albert Simms, Alice Grimley, Amy Nixon, Annabel Sampson, Ava Bancroft, Ben Simpson, Caitling Wilson, Charlie Bulmer, Charlie Maxfield, Charlotte Hardcastle, Colby Aistrop, Darcy Lee, Emily Stewart, Erika Rannus, George Kaye, Harry Temperton, Isobel McLean, Isobel Saunders-Young, Jack Cartwright, Jack Durkan, Jessica Machen, Joel Charlsworth, Joshua Muckleston, Kiera Clarkson, Megan Watt, Niamh Birley, Oliver Moulson, Olivia Ellis, Robert Ayres, Travis Brown, Mrs Ledger, Mrs Roper and Mrs Cale. PD43502

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 17

Silkstone Common J and I: Oliver Firth, Samuel Buttler, Haleena Cotterill, Darcy Preston, Benjamin Booth, Nola Fleming, Amelia Bradford-Walton, Matilda Wilson, Thomas Greaves, Adam Ray, Laura Garbula, Alexander Dougal, Callum Delaney, Joseph Mostyka, Harry McManus, Benjamin Clark, Freya Beever, Neve Garnett, Millie Clegg, Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Turton, Mrs Stancliffe and Miss Harston. PD43503

South Hiendley J, I and EY School: Alex Cooke, Ava Crossley, William Kingsley, Zachary Mawson, Allisia Pick, Summer Roper, Jak Stansfield, Brayden Wright, Robbie Barraclough, Ellie-mai Crackles, Evie-Grace Firth, Cole Jowitt, Annie Kent, Ted Machin, Henry Prescott, Lucas Wakefield, Chester Williamson, George Farrell, Oliver Horsefall, A-Jay Lowe, Lucas Mattison, Oliver Mee, Devon Richards, Zak Smith, Lacey-Mae Stringfellow, Daisy Thomas, Amber Winfield, Abi Graham and Alex Booth. PD43908

Springvale Primary: Lili Barrett, Charlie Baumber, George Birley, Benjamin Bulcock, Isabel Curran, Lucy Davenport, Liam Dickinson, Keira-Leigh Fisher, Eloise France, Isobel Hobson, William Johnson, Oscar Lowe, Terri-Anne Neale, Zachary Painten, Maisy-Beth Pendleton, Brooke Perry, Ellie-Mae Poulson, Elsa Price, Emma Reeve, Libby Silverwood, Benjamin Thorogood, Hattie Tomlinson, Noah Town, Paige Town, Graihagh Turner, Alexander Want, Charlie Wills, Gethen Wood, Sharen Slack, Becky Parr and Rachel Dickinson. PD43545

Springwood Primary: Megan Bennett, Summer Boughton, Elouise Hunt, Ethan JohnsonPeel, Mallin Kettlewell, Amy Linney, Charlie Oldfield, Hayden Oliver, Mateusz Pieczonka, Esme Prest, Leah Reynolds, Alfie-John Richardson-Lang and Miss K Burke. PD43924

Summer Lane Primary: Evie Alexander, Lucas Alexander, Isabelle Asquith, Charlie Barker, Charlotte Barnes, Jennifer Barnes, Morgan Barnes, Mac Blatchford, Rihanna Bligh, William Chen, Fletcher Craig, Harry De Vine, David Dorsky, Jasmine Elliot, Mia Ferguson, Emma Forsyth, Olivia France, Edward Fullwood, Oliver Gee, Poppy Hall, Darisha Irfan, Isaas Ahmed Khan, Reegan Lee, Neve Mahoney, Patrick Masters, Luke McReed, Brandon Nippers, George Nixon, Lyra Ramsden, Georgia Rawson-Tetley, Reggie Roberts, Austin Robinson, Alfie Scargill, Kiara Sutton, Lily Sykes, Jack Taylor, Harry Watling, Ashton-Lee Wright, George Zhang, Amelia Taylor, Miss Silverwood, Miss Corner, Mrs Miller, Miss Merrett and Miss Hufton. PD43608

Summer Fields Primary Academy: Will Allatt, Bethany Bailey, Sonny-Jay Barden, Harrison Battye, Mason Bentley, Kelsey Blakeley, Finlay Bramald, Freya Brown, Daniel Cave, Judd Devonport, Rosalita Dickinson, Jayden Ellis, Lucy Ellis, Harris Foster, Thomas Gill, Harry Goodyear, Liam Hanks, Dylan Heckingbottom, Jack Holliday, James Holliday, Joseph Locke, Yasemin Ozcan, Jenson Parry, Jacob Poole, Lexi Quinn, Brody Richardson, Amarah Saxton, Amelia Thorpe, Gracie Tinkler, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Yates and Miss Addy. PD43546

18 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Tankersley St Peter’s CE Primary: Mrs Hale, Isabelle Armitage, Alice Asquith, Alice Burton-Shield, Jack Cardwell, Tahmid Chowdhury, Poppy Clifton, Scarlett Cooper, Eliza Dodson, Charlotte Glendinning, Archie Hatton, Killian Hodgson, Paige Lambert, Sienna Lang, Aidan Lovatt, Eden Lovatt, Phoebe Lun, Mason Mallia, Sy Marsden, Nancy Pratt, Isabelle Robinson, Charlie Senior, Charles Sheppard, Alena Thompson, Samuel Wathen, Holly White and Quinlan Ryan. PD43615

The Edmunds Primary: Layla Banner, Lydia Bellamy, Olivia-Mae Burgin, Hannah Coward, Megan-Lea Dagnall, Reuben Daley-Hoyle, Sean Freeman, Jessica Gledhill, Kyle Glover, Blake Guirey, Grace Hamer, Isabel Houghton, Dylan Kanjere, Jayden Matthews, Cian McKenning, Paige Nevins, Ezra Noble, Grace Oakley, Lexy-Kye Remington, Oliver Scott, Scarllett Sherriff, Owen Sykes, Maddison Walker, Owen Williams, Alan Wozniak, Amelia-Mai Wrigley, Sammi Zhou, Mrs Braithwaite, Mrs Roche and Mrs Littlewood. PD43724

The Forest Academy: Jemima Adediran, Izzy Arnold, Macaulay Baines, Sean Bennett, Kiera-Leigh Charlotte, Jack Derbyshire, Alfie Devennie, Olivia Dixon, Riley HallsworthTaylor, Johnny Hawcroft, Morgan Hemingway, Ellimaw Hewitt, Grace House, Teisha Jackson, Dominik Kozubal, Devran Mendil, Grace Phillips, Jason Lemuel Sery, Phoebe Shenton, Isaac Sixsmith, Keira Smith, Harley Taylor, Robert Tedford, Jay Thorpe, Charlie Tomes, Kyra Waddle, Jayden Watson, Billy-Joe Whitehead, Mrs Gillanders and Miss McShane. PD43335

The Ellis CE Primary: Eve Andrews, Eliza Austin, Lola Bann, Ruby Brett, Ben Calton, Evie Chapman, Ruby Connelly, Devon Day, George Dixon, Mia Durkin, Darcie Fearn, Miley Harrison, Elias Howard, Freddie Hulme, Logan Kay, Isla Laws, Amelia-Louise Lawson, Samuel McDonnell, Jacob Miller, Jesse Nichlson, Joshua Roberts, Benjamin Rogers, Neve Rowbotham, George Tate-Farnsworth, Holly Thompson, James Wainwright, Maddy Wainwright, Fenn Winstanley, Mr Grayhurst, Mrs Beever and Megan Jones. PD43914

The Hill Primary Academy picture one: Ella Arnold, Perry Barratt, Callum Bentley, Joe Brook, Ellie Cutts, Georgia Easton, Kye Elliot, Ellie-Mae Evans, Maddisan Fox, Corban Grayson, Shawnie Green, Tilly Hatcher-Jones, Charley Hill, Ava Howell, Kacey-Leigh Jones, Joe Kelly, Logan Lackenby, Oliver McDougall, Morgan Phillips, Chloe Riley, James Roe, Ellis Whitelaw, Taylor Willoughby, Miss Sarah Lane and Miss Chloe Ollivant. PD43911

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 19

The Hill Primary Academy picture two: Lennie Barker, Cain Battersby, Levi Beal, Shaynie Bladen, Billy Brettoner, Jack Brettoner, Ethan Brown, Millie Cain, Lincoln Calderbank, Victoria Dombrowska, Olivia Fletcher, Harvey Godley, Harriet Hale, Lauren Hale, Sienna Hill, Jasmine Honeyball, Alicia Jones, Shaun Murray, McKenzie Sugar, Jack Shaw, Fallon Skirrow, Evan Townend, Lily Williams, Alfie Yates, Kaiden Price, Mrs Lackenby and Mrs Robinson. PD43974

Thurgoland Primary: Eliza Benson, Jacob Blantern, Jenson Bromley, Isabelle Burton, Ava Clarke, Annie Faxon, Arthur Fountain, McKenzie-Owen Hastings, Christopher Healey, Charlie Horwood, George Ingall, Olivia Johnson, Anya Lacey, Carlen Marshall, Neola North-Findlow, Lottie Oliver, George Peat, Ollie Pickles, Ava Rhodes-Smith, Josefina Rogozov, Jake Salt, Theo Sibeko, Nancy Simpson, Scarlett Stacey, Nancy Thomas, James Williams, Daniel Wood, Mrs Brook, Mrs Bamforth, Mrs Hulbert, Mrs Adderley and Mrs Denton. PD43554

Thurlstone Primary: Daniyal Anayat, Florence Barnett, Alfie Brandon, Amelia Charlesworth, Morgan Cluthers, Alexandra Entwhistle, Ivor Fergusson, James Gleed, Charlie Hawkes, Isabella Hayes-Hible, Benjamin Hutchinson, Holly Jones, Abigail Jowett, Elizabeth Kiyching, Aiden Kruger, Kristian McKeown, Archie Rawlins, Sam Shaw-Peel, Ellie Strong, Thomas Yates, Mrs Penistone, Miss Meacle and Miss Gillespie. PD43539

Ward Green Primary picture one: Eva Bailey, Stevie Burnip, Alec Burns, Alex Calvert, Shelley Chen, Piraveennath Easwaran, Lucas England, Dimitris Glykofrydis, Tia Hazlehurst, Morgan-Lea Horner, Reuben Jeffries, Charlie Latham, Dylan Lomax, Erin Mitchell, Artur Pawlak, Jamie Platts, Oliver Port, James Powell, Seth QuinnLittlewood, Riley Slack, Levi Stanley, Euan Thornhill, Maisie Wilkinson, Miss Hudson and Mrs Gruszyk. PD43515 Ward Green Primary picture two: Alfie Almond, Maizie Atkinson, Lily-May Birtles-Ellis, Logan Davies, Caitlin Elbourne, Luke Fenton, Conner Firth, Levi Goddard, Corey Holmes, George Hewitt, Leon Kemp, Robert Lewis, Sebastian Matze, Marley McFarlane, Liam Oliver, Lewis Robinson, Heidi Simms, Kayla Swann, Cameron Watson, Leah Webb, Miss Kelly, Miss Slater and Mr Midgley. PD43571

20 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Wath C of E Primary: Lily Ali, Ruby Alkas, Lacey Armitage, Liam Atkin, Isabell Balchin, Owen Barkley, Hannah Batterton, Elouisa Bruce, Logan Bullock, Jake Chambers, Sophie Crosby, George Crosby, George Clegg, Lucas Griffiths, Jaden Hallam, Freya Hanby, Elisha Harrison, Olivia Hooley, Poppy Keeton-Williams, Francesca Kent, Molly Knapp, Daniel Lawrence, Lucas Lawrence, Archie Marshall, Isobel Robertson, Louie Rodbourne, Kate Summerell, Layla Wilcock, Lexie Woolfenden, Mrs Horner, Mrs Yates, Mrs Crabtree and Miss Smith. PD43717

Wath Central Primary picture one: James Atkinson, Roberts Bitans, Seth Butcher, Samuel Cahill, Gracie Cook, Adam Cusworth, George Gillespie, Lewis Grainger, Amelie Grindle, Marshall Hobson, Harvey Hopper, Neve Hopwood, Jessica Kurti, Lila Mollekin, Ena Moorhouse, Luis Murillo, Ena Moorhouse, Luis Murillo, Reece Muscroft, Jessica Penrose, Fin Poole, James Robinson, Logan Robinson, Jack Royston, Alex Smith, Cody Stevenso, Kai Walker, Lily Wood and Mrs Acton. PD43612

Wath Central Primary picture two: Jordan Billups, Marla Cocksedge, Reece Code, Rhys Douglas, Mason Durkin, Jayden Edwards, Luke Fileds, Jack Goddard, Darcey Hayes, Lauren Heyes, Katie Hoden, Lucas Horton, Evan Isle, Oscar Lewis, Alisha Lindley, Hannah McComb, Oscar Moore, Leila Reed, Carter Reeves, Arison Rogers, Ethan Ryan, Alexander Simmonds, Thomas Smith, Logan Spencer, Sam Wakefield, Lydia Wood, Mrs Brown and Mrs Hobson. PD43613

Wath Our Lady and St Joseph’s: Thomas Beverley, Jack Bickerton, Evelyn May Blunt, Donna Bwitanda, Gianni Capponi, Seth Cherry, Sydney Cherry, Alex Cooper, Alex Cooper, Thomas Cosgrove, Calleigh Cottrell, Laney Geilhardt, Annabel Goode, Bruce Gray, Milli Houlton-Green, Christiphor Kajekere, Charsie Lunga, Joshua McMaster, Ayaana Musa, Mason Pallant, Mia Poole, Alex Scott, Aisling Senior, Lexi Smith, Molly Stacey, Adrian Wachala, Mary-May Watson, Reuben Wilson and Mrs Evans. PD43610

Introducing our Wednesday

Little Tykes Club... ...wondering what to do to keep the kids happy and busy now that the nights are drawing in? Look no further than our weekly Wednesday Club! Each Little Tyke will get a membership card and our club will be open every Wednesday 4.30-7.30. Tyke Racing, Beevor Street, Hoyle Mill, Barnsley, S711HN @tykeracing

All youngsters aged 6-11 are welcome (height restrictions apply).

£12.50 per week (includes karting, pop and pizza) All members must be accompanied by an adult (over 16)

Starts on Wednesday 16th October We're planning Halloween fun, a Christmas party and every week there will be two karting sessions, pop and pizza for everyone who attends.

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 21

Wath Victoria Juniors and Infants: Robbie Alcock, Daniel Bell, Reese Bowden, Harry Charlsworth, Phillip Coulter, Megan Dale, Brooke Earp, Keynun Gee, Dylan Gibbs, Courtney Gill, Reece Glossop, Oliver Guest, Francesca Harris, Simone Harris, Kiah Harvey, Georgia Jackson, Seeley Keyworth, Fraiser Leader, Oliver Mitchell, Phoenix Parker, Camron Rahim, Summer Saxton, Ellie-Mae Sellers, Abi Teece, Lexx Turnor, Charlie Weldrick, Anya Williams, Mrs Mackinnon, Mr Kaskiewicz and Miss Booth. PD43718

Wellgate Primary picture one: Hayden Hibberd, Connie Taylor, Ceejay Clark, Alex Palmer, Megan Abraham, Jack Barber, Kelsey Naylor, Jacob Buckle, Kara Booth, Jacob Kay, Dylan Parkin, Zack Kaye, Isla Oughton, Maddison Cooper, Kayden MacAulay, Casey Millwood, Mia Millwood, Joseph Armitage, Florence Barnes, Miley Jones, Mrs Carver, Miss Butler and Mrs Alvarez. PD43578

Wellgate Primary picture two: Cody Cunliffe, Eden Arthur, Isabella Schofield, Ruby Beachill, Oliver Makinson, Darci Keer, Nathaniel Hydes, Grace Dack, Andrew McAulay, Holly Newton, Caitlyn Taylor, Archie Stables, Katie Lawrence, Scarlett Waddington, Joshua Buck, Callum Thorpe, Cameron Parker, Mrs Taylor, Miss Cawthorne and Miss Stead. PD43579

West Meadows Primary: Charlie Scholey, Georgia Mylchreest, Ryan Smith, Jake Watkin, Rae-Ella Cowie, Anthony Drury, Darcie Moorhouse, Olivia Haigh, Scott Glaves, Scarlett Taylor, Dylan Bowskill, Enzo Akers, Amy Fraser, Alasdair Kettle, Ebony Evans, Harvey Bowen, Daisy Young, Phoebe Percival, Bailey Whelan, Billy Clark, Maddison Catling, Alex Gregory, Elena Standeven, Ethan Turner, Grace Penton, Joe Ellis, Courtney Burgin, Miss Jobling, Miss Beever and Mrs Draisey. PD43922

West Melton Primary: Megan Callaghan, Isabelle Clarkson, Charlie Crapper, Amber Kettell, Archie Lindley, Georgia Machen, Bailey Nicholson, Brandon Reed, Jayden Robinson, Nathan Rose, Matilda Senior, Stewart Thomson, Arron Tunstill, Leo Tunstill, Ellie Wallem, Ricco Zavario and Mrs Dalby. PD43611

Wilthorpe Primary picture one: Amber Mather, James Cook, Brooke Tait, Jayden Brown, Elliot Mitchell, Jensen Matthewman, Emily Duffin, Josephine Lee, Ethan Clarke, Kathryn Almond, Evie Burns, Katie Billingham, Farrah Vaines, Katie Richardson, Fynn Doak-Smith, Kobie Birchall, George Ward, Leila Salmon, Grace Lindley, Luke Gorman, Grace Vodden, Millie Mooney, Harrison Winter, Morgan Gilling, Hannah Cropper, Nicole Selby, Isabella Wilby, Olivia Hepworth, Jacob Musgrave, Reuben Jones, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Summerfield and Mrs Nielsen. PD43559

22 – First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013

Wilthorpe Primary picture two: Molly Sidebottom, Kaydee Powers, Heather Charlesworth, Oscar Markey, Luke McCarthy, Lola Gorringe, Ruby Harrison, Lucy Connelly, Caleb Fallis, Finn Vaughton, Summer Rivers, Amelia Woodhouse, Nathan Marsh, Ellis Fretwell, Isabella Cutts, Ava Barker, William Nyuke, Riley Hood, Nicole Bailey, Dolci Hilton, Gracie Fearn, Molly Kaye, Austin Moran, Liam Dowling, Zoe Price, Brandan Bilynskyj, Rugile Radisauskaite, Mrs Brook and Mrs Newton. PD43561

Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre picture one: Dylan Baldwin, Bailey-Wilson Barker, Dylan Brunt, Chad Cadman, Shauna Cadman, Faith Corbett, Charli Downing, Elijah Eardley, Evie Evans, Janet Gill, Ruby-May Goddard, Thomas Hewitt, Liam Mitchell, Alfie Peace, Aleksandros Perzynski, Jakub Pociecha, Linden Popple, Kacie Mai Riley, Lucas Statterley, Izabella Spencer-Ward, Daisy Taylor, Maisie Temple, Oliver Tinker, Lewis Wood, Miss Green, Miss Farrar, Mrs Akyel and Mrs Moreby. PD43278

Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre picture two: Kira-Leigh Allott, Ewan Berry, Corey Boyall, Harry Cook, Katie-Mae Cooke, Rosie Cummings, Airen Dawson, Shane FellMitchell, Jake Fowler, Mckenzie Furniss, Megan Hastie, Kean Hill, Kaden Hudson, Isabelle Hufton, James Hyde, Evie Kilner, Alex Kitchen, Noah Lee, Amelia Marrow, Georgia Mitchell, Cody Pearson, Mia Ryott, Mitchell Thompson, Zac Ward, Darci West, Mrs Oldknou and Julia Powells. PD43510 Wombwell Park Street Primary: Miss Clementson, Mrs Clark, Mrs Fitchett, Mrs Dodson, Mrs Godany, Isabella Andrews, Jake Aspinall, Nathan Campbell, Emily Cane, Ava Dabbs, Charlie Deakin, Natalie Deakin, Holly Denton, Elizabeth Drabble, Daniel Flood, Sophie Flood, Gracie Gallagher, Jessica Goodison, Jude Hall, Trew Hill, Jack Holden, Mkenzie Hopkinson, Daniel Jebson, Teddie Jones, Harry Kosnik, Layla-Mai Lax, Jayden Linacre, Kingston Platts, Tobias Rose, Harrison Ruckledge-Askey, Morgan Schofield, Teofilo Seeviour, Aaron Swayne, Holly Sykes, Erin Tidy, William Webster, Tommy Whitaker and Edie Wilkins. PD43564

First Class, Barnsley Chronicle, Friday, October 18, 2013 – 23

Worsbrough Bank End Primary: Theo Fletcher, Kian Phipps, Tom Bell, Melissa Kershaw, Kaitlyn Walker, Ocean Bray, Max Evans, Leonita Ibrahimi, Lacey O’Keefe, Katie-Lea Bamforth, Harry Birkinshaw, Lexi Ibbotson, Sharmain Randle, Liliah Beadman, Daniel Hughes, Zionn Clarke, Dean Watson, Victoria Burgess, Mollie Cochrane, Ellie-Mai Wood, Maya Piecyzkolan, Ashton Jones, Reigan Cavill, Lucy Hauge, Olivier Kanigowski, Tahira Metcalfe, Prince Ngole, Joe Wright, Leslie Moore, Miss Gagen and Mrs Healey. PD43723

Worsbrough Common Primary picture one: Cody Bambrough, Ebony Lally, Tillie Waddington, Taylor Beevers, Dannan Faulkner-Keenan, Ayo Faud, Blaze Pemberton, Joseph Corbett, Alexis Corbett, Sophia Coe, Aiden Webb, Igor Bonkiewicz, Bartosz Dzuiba, Pheobe Cook, Keaton Marriot, Rowan Martin, Lewis Harthill, Mrs Louise Proud and Miss Leanne Mather. PD43523

Worsbrough Common Primary picture two: Mason Gray, Tito Hijazi, Ankai Zhang, Malaika Chen, Jaime Brightmore, Logan Campbell, Aaron Hamilton, Bailey Swift, Kiera Scorgie, Brooklon Ellis, Archie Lusha, Kenya Oldhman, Vincent Smith, Luke McInnes, Blake Ripley, Agata Bula, Keely Johnson, Mrs Stockdale, Maddison Mawson and Miss Hines. PD43594

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