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First Class

A Barnsley Chronicle supplement February 6, 2009 Sponsored by

2 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

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Athersley North Primary: Lucy Kaye, Hayden Sidlow, Aiden Anderson, Callum Williams, Joshua Ward, Joshua Warris, Reece Harper, Chloe Hargreaves, Logan Naylor, Bradley Meyer, Jensen Swift, Cordelia Collins, Jak Edgar, Violeta Lubane, Tyler Penn, Brooke Alcock, Amy Jo Howell, Lewis Winter, Kerris Greenfield, Robyn Lingard, Katie Clifford, Jazmin English, Amber Burkinshaw, Casey Burkinshaw, Bethany Shepherd, Miss Jones, Miss Bentley, Miss Hill, Mrs Robinson. FC21

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Athersley South Primary: Alex Bamford, Madison Barnett, Owen Cooper, Maddison Corbett, Owen Deakin, Ebony Dewson, Summer Dockerty, Jack Frankland, Bradley Fraser, Chelsea Hardcastle, Taylor Hardcastle, McKenzie Hemingway, Montana Hinchliffe, Masmuha Majid, Jamie Martin, John McPhee, Jamie Mitchell, Matthew Nordon, Dylan White, Amelia Waddington, Mitchel Walker-Shepherd, Miss L Darvill, Mrs A Brown, Mrs P Hislop and Owen Ives. FC22 Barugh Green Primary: Mrs C Steele, Mrs G Renshaw, Mrs K Sanders, Mrs H Morgan, Faith Adams, Adam Binns, Aiden Caddick, Beatrice Chappell, Callum Cook, Samuel Crowe, Harvey Fieldsend, Ophelia Forde, Holly Gamwell, Grace Gregory, Alicia Hardy, Adam Harper, Freya Heath, Olivia Holder, Emily Jackson, Ellis Martin-Meigh, Mariehel Middleton, Lewis Newton, Keane Rayner, Harley Shaw, Anya Simms, Joshua Thornton, Charlie Whistlecraft, Zak Whistlecraft, Albert Dyson, Owen Sykes, Lucas Ellison, Elizabeth Sayles, Brooke Hargreaves. FC23

Birdwell Primary School: Rory Lingrell, Daniel Pollard, Ryan Johnson, Millie Cawthorn, Mrs J Bruck, Amelia Sylvester, Kia Richardson, Libby Robinson, Ronnie Levitt, Phoebe Elliott, Kitty Hughes, Calissia O’Sullivan and Harry Whitham. FC24

Cover picture: Fouryear-old Madison Barnett and her teacher Miss Laura Darvill. Picture: Wes Hobson

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First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 3

Birkwood Primary School: Mathew Bell, Joshua Bennett, Libby Booth, Sean Borrowdale, Hannah Ferguson, Konrad Hantzmann, Carly Hodgson, Callum Leek, Teegan Lockwood, Shannon Osbourn, Dylan Parker, Morgan Pearson, Adam Riley, Callum Thompson, Kewell Todd, Harrison Wagstaffe, Miss G Marson, Miss K Westlake. FC31

Brampton Cortonwood Infants’ School: Katie McKnight, Hannah Newey, Brandon Hutchinson, Kinga Zych, Connor Jones, Helen Davison, Eliza Eyre. FC32

Brierley Church of England Primary: Matthew Joburns, Ewan Alcorn, Lewis Myers, Charlie Oldham, Maddison Ramsay, Abbie Bailey, Imogen Walker, Ruby Wheatman, Darcey Wilkinson, Ellie Halliday, Ellie Williams, Ryan Garner, Phoebe Greene, Jack Hawkridge, Jack Sheard, Mrs Biggs. FC33

Burton Road Primary School: Adam Casken Hackleton, Amie Davis, Katie Gallagher, Brandon Robinson, Abby Betton, Aaron Beverley, Nathan Butler, Grace Clifford, Jessica Fisher, Emerson Gibbs, Neve Harrison, Matthew Hartley, Nathan Hill, Maxwell Jenkins, Caiden Lawrence, Alfie Mann, Samuel Mason, Amelia Netherwood, Sophie Sanders, Bethany Sheeran, Daniel Smith, Freya Stocks, Oscar Vellensworth, Mathew Wilcock, Alex Woodhead, Mrs Stuckey, Miss Semley. FC34

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• FREE places for 2 years olds (subject to criteria and availability) • Baby places (0-2 years) now available • Family support and outreach services on site including 1:1 advice and support, adult learning, parent and toddler, baby massage and many more!

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4 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

Carlton Primary School: Millie Charnock, James Chesterton, Koby Cook, Cameron Gill, Katy Greenwood, Isobel Hall, Elena Hardy, Finlay Hobday, Antonia Levitt, Callum Ogley, Thomas Richardson, Logan Rooke, Jude Roper, Joshua Schofield, Lewis Thomas, Jonathon Wightman, Jessica Winstanley, Kelly Connor, Holly Woodcock, Jenny Saxton, Sarah Cox, Lisa Arnold. FC41

Cawthorne Church of England Primary School: Millie Barker, Joshua Carr, Joe Dry, Calum Fenney, Isabelle Haller-East, Alex Herrera, William Khuu, Charlie McLauchlan, Phoebe McNicholas, Herbie Shaw, Mrs Rhodges. FC42

Cherrydale Primary: Miss N Hirst, Mrs J Harrison, Mrs G Memmott, Franco Armstrong, Lucy Birkin, Angel Bradley, Molly Burke, Chloe Cocks, Daniel Edwards, Lewis Evans, Sulaimon Hamzat, Riven Hewitt, Sophie Mason, Callum Mitchell, Deon Roberts, Keane Robinson, Kelsey Scatchard, Owen Smith, Antony Warner, Imogen Wild, Nathan Wright, Judy Yip. FC43

Cudworth Churchfield Primary: Lachlan Allwood, Katie Atkinson, Isabelle Bagnall, Ellie Barnes, Harry Bastow, Matthew Bolton, Robin Chambers, Tommy Clay, Cerys Deakin, Jacob Green, Abbie Griffin, Amy Guettat, George Zhao, Jack Kemp, Eleanor Lowe, Lauren Maltby, Jaeden Midgley, Cameron Murray, Alfie Pritchard, Jude Slater, Wezley Smith, Abigail Sykes, Liam Watson, Natalie Bright, Tyler Smith, Mrs V Davies, Mrs M Deakin, Mrs S McCullough. FC44

Darfield All Saints’ Church of England Primary: Brandon Lee, Billy Wright, Ellie Smith, Ellie Stretton, Harvey Bailey, Joshua Lee, Joshua Seddon, Kye Kitchen, Louis Thompson, Michael Kennedy, Rebecca Kent, Terry-Lee Haddock, Teigan Lang, Brandon Brewster, Matthew Siddall, Julie Copley, Joanne Parker. FC45

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 5

Darfield Upperwood Primary: Lorna Hooley, Dylan Soar, Shauna Morris, Claydon Ridge, Jarvis Timmons, Dylan Rennard, Jack Carver, Deacon Barstow, Benjamin Garthwaite, Kayleigh Greaves, Lewis Merrills, Tristan Oldroyd-Hoodless, Alfred Brookes, Lloyd Taylor, Ewan Evason, George Ellis, Olivia Smith, Isabelle Chipchase, Cameron Drury, Eleanor Horne, Ellie Beaumont, Logan Exley, Sonny Greaves, Marshall Hughes, McKenzie Cavnor, Mrs L A Tabbner, Mrs McHale, Laura Allott. FC51

Darfield Valley Primary: Ellie-Mae Pardoe, Angel Ravenhill, Melissa Wardle, SophieMae Kenworthy, Ella Thompson, Charley Madden, Danniella Hunt, Libby Hale, Jamelia Leigh, Joshua McGinnes, Jack Leonard, Duane Norden, Mr Wilkinson, Mrs Beazant, Miss Hill. FC52

Darton Primary School: Oscar Dewsberry, Charlie-Jo Margison, Isobelle Caunt, Jake Newlove, Catlin Gray, Dylan Webster, Brooklyn Morley, Leonie Caine, Brody Cawthorne-Cole, Milan Szedleck, Chloe Leach, Millie Chapman, Benjamin Lang, Esmee Cullingworth, Nicole Otlewska, Hollie Howard, Megan Bray, Mson Rikkson, Sam Guest, Adam Bimson, Benjamin Shaduwa, Holly Roberts, Miss N Best, Miss N Holden. FC53

Dearne Carrfield Primary: Aiyana Webster-Harrison, Ashley Axon, Callum Spencer, Dominic Trotter, Drew Holmes, Dylan Tutin, Erica Francis-Connor, Eve Johnson, Finlay Evans, Isaac Warboys, Joe Duggan, Koby Smales, Kyle Liu, Laurence Parkinson, Summer Bilton, Mia Duggan, Mrs Cook, Mrs Richardson. FC54

Dearne Goldthorpe Primary: Jack Ainley, Amelia Bernachi, Rebecca Cooper, India Cowles, Taylor Humphries, Dominic Mellars, Callum Squires, Charlie-Mae Stables, Kirstie Suggett, Taylor Utley, Joshua Burns, Tyler Cooper, Brandon Frost, Courtney Owen, Benjamin Rawson, Isabel Woodward, Mrs Firth, Mrs Silcock. FC55

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Tuesday 24th February 2009 – 9.30-11am and 1pm-2.30pm Full day care available from 8am to 6pm in the Children's Centre, 50 weeks a year.

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6 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

Dearne Highgate Primary School: Caitlin Craft, Liam Clarke, Rickylee Nichol, Shannon Heath, Amy Taylor, Georgia Jones, Devon Westerman, Melissa Presgrave, Alex Mellor, Shannon Walker, Sean Thai, Aidan Quarmby, Kalen Bramley, Tanya Mortimer, Miss Gill. FC61

Doncaster Road Primary: Casey Asquith, Sophie Bambrough, Alex Barnham, Abigail Bladen, Ellie-Jo Bradley, Aaron Davison, Casey Jackson, Jorja Dunkley, Callum Hall, Lydia Hepplestone, Joshua Horbury, Declan Howson, Paige Ibbotson, Zara Jepson, Rebecca Jones, Luke Jowett, Megan Lee, Kathryn McNichol, Sabrina Molchan, Morgan Stirling, Matthew Silcock, Dion Travis, Mrs Williams, Miss Lawson, Miss Rennison, Mrs Barman, Mrs Ellis. FC62

Elsecar Holy Trinity Church of England Primary: Harrison Cox, Alexial Cutts, Ciaran Doughty, Ethan Duke, Lewis Easterbrook, Luke Evans, Megan Foster, Minipher Grierson, Harrison Herbert, Harry Hinchliffe, Ceejay Hough, Nicky Hough, Samuel Pickering, Isobel Smith, Taya Turton, Mrs Crawford, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Bradshaw. FC63

Gooseacre Primary: Mrs Pitcher, Miss Hoyland, Miss Harrison, Leah Arnold, Caitlin Deakin, Chloe Evans, Ellie Parry, Ethan Mellor, Kady Jordan, Ebony Coward, Molly Hopkinson, Alisha Stewart, Harry Smith, Joshua Groves, Ellie Hamilton-Hall, TommyLee Wolley, Luke Wharton, Courtney Nee, Harry Moffatt, Jack Matthews, Faith Graham, Natasha Charimba, Lewis Sanderson. FC64

Greenfield Primary: Aimee Steele, Annalise Nicholson, Joe Bambrough, Naill Khamis Burtoft, Reegan Pudlich, Ella Hawes South, Amy Watson, Charlie Guest, Ellese Liversage, Leonie Hargreaves, Molly Parkes, Shannon Webber, Isaac Gibson, Ethan Briggs, Hayden Morris, Dainton Morgan, Sophie Loxley, Stella Cox, Emma Bamforth. FC65

Havercroft Junior and Infants : Miss Sherwood, Mrs Saxon, Rhiannon Brown, Brooke Brewins, Harley Webb, Billy Lazenby, Kacey Watkinson, Jack Taylor. FC66

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 7

Heathergarth Primary: Miss Hawkins, Mrs Bennett, Kieran Archer-Langton, Edward Ashley, Eleanor Baker, Ellie Cadman, Paige Caswell, Chloe Caswell, Poppy Earnshaw, Kieron French, Francesca Hampton-Guest, Enya Jordan, William Kelly, Jake Kidd, Sophie Kirk, Hannah Korobka, Owen Lewis, Oliver Lowe, Emily Lowe, Aaron Quinn, Alexander Slater, Bronwen Steer, Harris Tattershall. FC71

High View Primary Learning Centre: Emile Abayo, Nicha Allen, Daniel Barlow, Katie Beresford, Millie Chapelhow, Declan Collier, Tayler Corbett, Jessica Corker, Jay Jay Davies, Millie Foster, Leah Frid, William Gibbs, Jay Grist, Tyler Hall, Kian Hall, Kieran Harding, Jayden Hoyle, Molly Hoyle, Morgan Kelly, Libby Maddison, Jacob Myers, Archie Parker, Declyn Rasburn, Jayden Robinson, Serena Siddall, Will Smith, Emily Thompson, Abby Ullyott, Daisy Vaughan, Samuel Walker, Jack Peake, Daniel Dyson, Erin Hedges, Georgia Watson, Mitchell Wall, Kai Clarke, Lucy Sykes, Lydia Dickinson, Harvey Hunter, Adam Ward, Demi Ingram, Georgia Moore, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Wood, Mrs Alcock, Mrs Stanhope, Mrs Thompson. FC72

Holy Rood Catholic Primary: Aidan Cooper, Finlay Parkin, Thomas Deighton, Alfie Duggan, Osamede Osunde, Jack Wilkinson, Thomas Scallan, Anya Bridges, Olivia Ellis, Alex Binney, Thomas Wilkinson, Alice Higgins-White, Samuel Derbyshire, Logan Phelan, George Gash, William Bright, Brody Drumgoon, Gabriel Brookes, Katy Senior, Edward Watson, Caitlin Ingham, Kimberley Nyaguse, Miss Mackenzie, Mrs Darnborough. FC73 Hoyland Common Primary: Katie Younger, Jessica Steads, Kasey Suttle, Harrison Barnbrook, Ellie Bacon, Elijah Morgan, Georgina Mullin, Mackenzie Cooper, Isobel Bromfield, Benjamin BaileyAddy, Thomas Cooper, Matthew Eyre, Callum Heath, Libby Hewitt, Charlotte Higginbottom, Emmily HIrst, Sophie Jane, Jack Kilburn, Eleanor Laing, Lewis Lang, Macy Lunn, Martin Marshall, James Peet, Ross Porter, Charlotte Richards, Cole Shelley, Samuel Shore, Natalya Taylor, Alex Thackeray, TiaLeigh Varley, Thomas Walshaw, Tegan Woods, Alexandra Woods, Mrs McManus, Mrs Cook, Ms Lloyd. FC74

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8 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

Hoyland Springwood Primary: Ellie-Mae Armstrong, Alice Hall, Connor Hoylandswaine Primary: George Abernethy, Finlay Allen, Eleanor Brabham, Edward Bramley, Alexandra Moll, Roisin O’Connell, Alexander Thomas, Mrs A Beever, Mrs C Burr. FC82 Barton, Calli Kean, Jake Young. FC81

Hunningley Primary: Mrs Lynn Mathers, Mrs Pauline Dinsdale, Miss Julie Reed, Ethan Barraclough, Charlie Brear, Ellesha Bristow, Shamara Cadman, Liam Davis, Owen Ezeldine, Connor Goodall, Kyle Goodall, Kian Hanson, Leon Hawcroft, Abigail King, Callum Kirk, Katelyn Kirk, Ellie Lawton, Yakub Kraplewski, Ebony Loveland, Callum McGill, Jamie Moore, Bethany Skelton, Mason Sleight, Sophie Watkinson, Ethan Wood, Leah Hunton, Oliver Kempton, Cameron Stevens, Caitlin Steele. FC83

Joseph Locke Primary: Ellie Moore, Kyle Poskitt, Jajay Cook, Anais Langham, Abbie Traviss, Owen Miller, Jake Robinson, Kimberley Jasiukiewicz, Joshua Tahirov, Joshua Haigh, Ryan Bird, Bailey Sanderson, Tyler Brown, Tanya Frederico, Lauren Mathison, Katie Walker, Jensen Knight, Maia Pawson, Daniel Armitage, Cain Mills, Amy Roberts, Rafael Rocha, Joshua Micklethwaite, Libby Hepworth, Lily Barton, Aleisha Walton, Leon Hayes, Abigail Renshaw, Lev Govorukhin, Hazell Mountain, Brenda Garbett, Carole Reed. FC84 Jump Primary: Bernie Todd, Connor Goldthorpe, Regan Hoden, Jenson Barr, Brodie Hardcastle, Josh Methley, Erin Goddard, Mollie May Steeple, Keisha Ponter, Marie Ponter, Dylan Dean, Neil Adcock, Caitlin Knutt, Grace Shutt, Joe Cockerill, Elisha Stevenson, Joshua Pettinger, Steven, Pape, Jemma Smith, Joe Taylor, Mrs C Taylor, Mrs S Caulfield. FC85

Kendray Primary: Lewis Stead, Demi Vose, Darcey Vose, Chad Bray, Shayla Kilner, Charlie Shaw, Bradley Rowe, Katie Postill, Matthew House, Mrs J Robinson, Mrs H Clowery, Mrs V Harrison. FC86

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 9

Keresforth Primary School: Evie Mitchell, Samuel Webb, Mia Lister, Ethan Frost, Jacob Owen, Keira Hill, Georgia Thompson, Samuel Spiers, James Stewart, Ross Jenkinson, Sadie Gaylor, Thomas Barrett, Mrs M Simcox, Mrs K Mitchell. FC91

Kexborough Primary: Libby Richardson, Danae Mason, Benjamin Ashton, Adam Taylor, Anoushay Khan, Amy Dyson, Aaron Draper Thomas, Christopher Pusey, McKenzie Miller, Robbie Storey, Adam Pearson, Ashleigh Senior, Hannah Rolph, Charlie Hart, Ryan Horn, Bailey Brook, Hao Yi Yang, Mrs K Illingsworth, Mrs J Abbotts, Mrs S Anderson. FC92

Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre: Lewis Allott, Luke Barnett, Blake Bentley, Jacob Black, Caitlyn Booker, Ethan Dempsey, Thomas Eyre, Tyler Eyre, Bailey Furniss, Zivan Garner, James Gennard, Lauren Hale, Dionne Hamer-Rigby, Kyle Hastie, Reece Hebblewaite, Joshua Hyde, Courtney Johnson, Paris Land, Teagan Levitt, Ali Minsaria, Natalva Molyneux, Nicole Mugwidi, Ely Myers, Alexandra Prior, Kacey Quinney, Cameron Riddiford, Harrison Robinson, Jake Sleight, Shannon Stewart, Liam Turner, Nathan Whitehead, Kayleigh Wilde, Ebony Wood, Jack Wood, Mrs Karan, Mrs Hoole, Mrs Blackburn, Miss Ward. FC93 Lacewood Primary: Kirsten Devlin, Kyle Speakman, Ben McDonald, Harry Copley, Megan Cumberbatch, Harry Dickinson, Hadleigh Goodson, Oliver Houghton, Olivia Tansley, Jacob Tansley, Charlotte Tonge, Katie Venables, Joshua Webb, Savanna Wright, Connor McKay, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Broadhead. FC94

We recently received a quality assurance award from The National Day Nurseries Association. Their report stated:


“The children have access to positive and exciting experiences to challenge their thinking and curiosity” “Babies are cared for by a familiar carer” “There is a nutritious menu with healthy snacks... ...meals are social events with carers eating alongside”

OPEN 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (Extended hours can be arranged)

“Children’s care needs are well met” “All children were happy” “There is a good partnership with parents” OfSTED Reg. and Inspected NDNA member.

Situated in safe, secure, stimulating surroundings located in the centre of Barnsley.





01226 200696

Town Centre Location Pitt Street, Barnsley S70 1AL.

10 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

Ladywood Primary: Miss J Mills, Miss K Stubbs, Mrs L Preston, Billy Boydell, Sebastian Brown, Ellie Mae Cooper, Demi Cowling, Morgan Exley, Flinn Hancock, Sheriece Hobson, Hollie Hunton-Boldy, Caitlin Jones, Rio Kirk, Star Laycock, Ashton Mowbray, Maximus Sellars, Roxanna Seres, Isabelle Sharman, Nell Wenham. FC101

Littleworth Grange Primary Learning Centre 1: Miss Rogerson, Kai Robinson, Melissa Dunn, Jessica White, Fallon Doherty, Jaydan Jackson, Stuart Tedford, Emma Jones, Rowan Scargill, Abigail Walker, Luci Scott-Housley, Abby Smith, Maddison Austen, Emily Rouse, Harry Wager, Courtney Coles, Skye Key, Harrison Harper, Mackenzie Keeble. FC102

Littleworth Grange Primary Learning Centre 2: Mrs Gonnelly, Charlie Wilkinson, Harley Chamberlain, Kazia Reid, Kelly Chandler, Lucy Worrall, Ellie Self, Joshua Cook, Elliot Hanson, Hailie McCann, Kiera Cook, Aiden White, Shannah MacDonald, Harrison Wright, Isabelle Bedford, Tyler Johnson, Skye Johnson, Ethan Cobb, Thomas Watson, Kalem Cunliffe. FC103

Mapplewell Primary School: Lauren Ball, Macarthy Campbell, Katie Cooper, Daniel Davis, Harrison Eastwood, Jessica Eden, William Florence, Jasmine Forde, Mia Gledhill, Matthew Harford, Leo Hickman, Matthew Holdsworth, Eva Humphreys, Cameron Johnson, Jakob Littlewood, Harry Lovett, Kacey McNicholas, Owen Pickles, Tegan Powell, Max Quarmby, Layton Ripley, Ellie-Mai Taylor, Brandon Walmsley, Nathan Phillips, Ben Whitaker, Joshua Bates, Ellis Donoghue, Tye Jobling, Sam Dwyer, Mrs Castleton, Miss Blakeley, Kate Harwood. FC104

Milefield Primary School: Lee Thompson, Charley Howell, Kye Padley, Alfie Ballard, Spencer Cooper, Cameron Jones, Nauryn Jenkins, Jordan Tattershall, Joseph Kearns, Tristen Frost, Joseph Lin, Mick Callaghan, Libby Cummings, Lilly Jubb, Kyle Roughley, Aaron Prior, Thomas Goodchild, Daisy McCarthy, Owen Smith, Ross Ritchie, Kiya Foster, Tegan Jephcott, Maddie Smart, Ellie Woodhall, Logan Howell, Mrs L Thornton, Mrs T Parton. FC105

Oakhill Primary: Emily Barraclough, Geordie Arkwright, Mackenzie Arnott, Luke Beaumont, Kian Bligh, Grace Broadhead, Joshua Broadhead, Samuel Chambers, Ruby Callaghan, Joshua Collins, Neve Elsworth, Ellie Fletcher, Chloe Frost, Andrew Garbett, Annalise McKevitt, Maisie Mae Inman, Destiny Kaye, Ellie Kena, Joseph Kuhn, Maxwell Locke, Jack Nuttall, Daniel Seston, Isabelle Speed, Millhouse Primary: Joseph Spencer, Gorgia Smith, Emily Seymour, Sam Katie-Jo Stansbury, Grace Vaines, Jay Ward, Jack Watson, Grace Williams, Mason Wordsworth, Yockney, Georgie Firth, Ryan Pearson, Miss Joanne Broxholme. FC106 Millie Wright, Mrs L Hardwick, Mrs J Pugh, Mrs M Scaife. FC107

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 11

Penistone St John’s the Baptist Church of England Infants: Callum Miller, Martha Faxon-Wastenage, Amy Price, William Senior, Jorja Redfern, Oliver Hoyland, Alex Malloch, Jack Coldwell, Hannah Marsden, Thomas Maunder, Laura McMorris, Leia Kelly, Jack Lenthall, Cameron Harris Malinowski, Jessica Chinnery, Lucy Mott, Peter Crompton, Ellie Simpson, Helena Grant, Harry Smallshaw, Hollie Roberts, Euan Watts, Niamh O’Mahony, Edivi Kipasa, Georgia Whitwam, Mrs Rolls, Mrs Farrar and Mrs Morfitt. FC111

Pipers Grove Primary: Mrs V Hill, Mrs A Swift, Bailey Barratt, Harry Brown, George Davies, Amy Dawson, Olivia Hall, Jake Harrison, Lucy Howson, Aimee Kenworthy, Charlie Kowacz, Kaitlyn Mollart, Harry Smith, Jayden Smith, Eva Steele, Emma Wake, Bond Yang, Kacper Zawadzki. FC112

Richard Newman Primary: Miss Louise Nash, Miss Deborah Lunn, Emelia Abu Alnour, Ellie Aspinwall, Declan Barrett, Chloe Bennett, Abigail Berry, Joshua Brettoner, Tristan Brown-Wagstaffe, Todd Christon, Zak Wilson, Amy French, Lexy Garside, Levi Gray, Destony Hall, Lennon Hall, Joanne Higgins, James Jukes, Elizabeth Magill, Bridget Mavin, Ellie Parrish, Aidan Simpson, Christian Steet, Mitchell Whittaker, Finley Kenny, Quentin Allen, Ellie Twigg, Katie Howker. FC113 Royston Parkside Primary: Abbi Larkin Coucorn, Declan Irwin, Georgia Fletcher, Dylan Elliot, Kamran Jones, Kristian Ledger, Lewis Bonson, Luke Sleight, Macauly Moore, Max Hansson, Oliver Bartholomew, Rebecca Dye, Mrs G Dyson, Mrs A Williams, Miss R Brooks. FC114

Little Jo’s Day Nursery 35 Doncaster Road, Barnsley. Telephone 01226 779199

Quality assured setting

FEES: WE OFFER COMPETITIVE RATES WITH DISCOUNTS FOR FULL TIME PLACES (Please note: this is for advance payments only)

Please read our recent OFSTED report at We are a warm, inviting nursery benefiting from qualified, well established and dedicated staff. Our nursery comprises three separate be met.) units: a baby unit for our 0-2 year olds, a • Holiday club toddler unit for 2-3’s and pre-school for our 3-5 year olds. • After school club • Opening hours 8.00am-6.00pm Little Jo’s has a safe, welcoming outdoor play area • Recently awarded 5 Stars for food hygiene with safety surfacing.

• 12 ⁄ hours FREE to 3 and 4 year olds hours FREE to 2 year olds • 1(20steps forward. Specific criteria must 1


12 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

Royston St John Baptist Church of England Primary: Mrs Dalton, Mrs Garner, Mrs Atherton, Jake Armitage, Seth Attwood, Megan Bailey, Samuel Bywater, Olivia Bramfoot, Lucy Bray, Darcie Brenton, Megan Collins, Millie FrenchHarling, Frederick Cheetham, William Harrison, Adam Hurd, Millie Hudson, Jordan Jones, Sam Kilroy, George Lea, Kieran Snow, Abbey Littlewood, Anna Mountford, Nia Parry, Emily Smith, Imogen Winder, Hannah Smith, Sam Larter. FC121

Royston Summerfields Primary: Kalum Smart, Elijah Yates, Lewis Wood, Matthew Woodcock, Roman Wallace, Tyler MurphyLatham, Ellie Jo Beazant, Abigail Hitch, Katie Bishop, Madeline Manterfield, Milly Bruce, Phoebe Wells, Emma Girdlestone, Mrs D Strobridge, Mrs J Yates. FC122

Ryhill Junior and Infants: Gabriel Scott, Neal Davis, Mason Coates, Ben Broadhead, Reece Midgely, Sophie Billcliffe, Leo Hemmingway, Lewis Blackburn, Mrs Michelle Blythe. FC123

St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School: Connor Binns, Shay Bould, Dominic Brennan, Lauren Brown, Nathan Charlesworth, Chloe Coles, Shona Lane, Rosie Longley, Tristan Lunn, Chantelle McNicholas, Matthew Morley, Cameron Roebuck, Kaitlyn Smith, Lewis Speight, Hannah Symeou, Spencer Walker, Lillie Whitfield, Joshua Fenney, Lean Reeves, Mrs Jones, Mrs Sagar. FC124

St Helen’s Catholic Primary: Berry Auld, Joshua Ayranci, Aimee-Jo Evans, Charlie Fieldsend, Alice Haigh, Luke Haigh, Carys Hukin, Maisie Laughton, Emily Loy, Bradley Millwood, Bailey Sanderson, Chloe Saunders, Jake Saunders, Ryan Saunders, Madison Shaw, Morgan Stear, Reece Taylor, Isabelle Whitworth, Neve Wilkie. FC125

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 13

St Helen’s Primary School: Zak Annetts, Luke Banks, Katie Barrett, Presley Beckham, Ellie Bellamy, Caitlin Brown, Martha Butterwood, Ben Cooper, Jimmi Edwards, Thomas Hartley, Chloe Jackson, Jack Kelk-Schofield, Lewis Lomax, Dami Olaqaye, Reagan Pickersgill, Kyle Pickles, Dylan Smith, Leah Tomes, Holly Turner, Ms A Brown, Mrs S Holling, Mrs S Day. FC131

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary: Richard Bentley, Amber Cox, Jacob Dalton, Ember St Mary’s Church of England Primary: Leonie Mootoo, Matthew Chappell, Thomas Gollings, Harvey Gollings, Jack Hiles, Ruth Nattrass, Ethan Rought, Dillan Spiby, Greg Yates, Mrs Helen Ellam. FC132 Turnbull, Teegan Woolley. FC133


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14 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

Sandhill Primary: Sophie Athorn, James Barlow, Ben Taylor, Rosanna Clegg, Olivia Darley, Ebony Davis, Ellie Emmerson, Charlie Gerrard, Amie Gallear, Chloe Greaves, Amy Jackson, Miller Jenkinson, Hope Randerson, Jessica Robinson, Danny Rutland, Adam Sparks, Hope Sturdy, Lauren Swift, Harry Wingrove, Mrs J Briscoe, Mrs J Hemingway. FC141

Shafton Primary School: Kian Godbold, Samuel Jennison, Emily Greene, Amy Lyons, Billy Lomas, Rebecca Jobson, Mason Clarke, Chloe Sephton, Lauren McQueen, Shannon Thawley, Jonas Lawson, Benjamin, Curry, Aaron Benson, Olivia Horbury, Bradley Wright, Daisy Laws, Daniel Miles, Eleanor De Barr, Abbey Hyde, Lottie Bates, Jack Tonge, Maddie Barker, Mrs Higginbottom, Miss Hayes. FC142

Shawlands Primary: Poppy Abraham, Reid Bennett, Zak Bywater, Joseph Carrington, Abbie Crowther, Lucy Dodd, Joel Hardy, Rosie Hawksby, Katie Hay, Molly Jackson, Morgan Jones, Scarlett Kehoe, Ashley Lawther, Filip Miljevic, Neve Scott, Emma Sykes, Amy Dyson, Kyle Rushforth, Joanna Brown, Mrs Isles, Mrs Price. FC143

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 15

Silkstone Primary School: Alarna McHale, Alex Schrijver, Alexandra Baker, Alfie Eggleton, Amelia Littlewood, Andrew McDonald, Beth Hinchliffe, Emily Jones, Emily Wright, Ethan Wetherell, Jack Doherty, Jenna Machen, Jessica Jones, Patrick Prigmore, Sebastian Barrett, Thomas McLean, Mrs Murray. FC151

Silkstone Common J & I School: Joseph Parker O’Brien, Nathan Wood, Miah French, Jessie Greenwood, Isabel Jones, Ebony Marshall, Clayton Hayes, Alice Fielding, Olivia Bates, Alex Broadhead, Molly Willoughby, Macie Naylor, Luke Hughes, Mrs Thorpe, Mrs Turton. FC152

South Hiendley Junior and Infants: Sam Derby, Harvey Watson, James Dumez Forrest, Daniel Rowland. FC153

Springvale Primary: Joseph Allen, Taylor Barnett, Samuel Beckett, Kai Bond, Louis Wood, Evie Wale, Abigail Taylor, Tom Stead, Celeste Pepper, Erin O’Connor, Bailey Marsden, Brandon Lee, Melissa Jewell, Connie Illingsworth, Theo Hughes, Evie Gray, Jacob Faunt, Joshua Dobson, Jodie Dickinson, Lily Carr, Mrs Royston, Mrs Slack. FC154

16 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

Summer Lane Primary: George Andrews, Shannon Bareford, Emma Brown, Abigail Bruff, Connor Darnbrough, Neve Ellel, Libby France, Thanusha Gorva, Atticus Hirst, Lily Leighton-Kerrin, Soniya Mahapadi, Georgia Mahoney, Finley Martin, Jack Shirt, Luke Southam, Kieran Stubbs, Kyle Wood, Tyleri Cole, Cameron Murray, Sam Parkinson, Richard Phipps, Rebecca Redden, Olivia Robinson, Emily Tyas, teachers Val Wilkinson, Anna Silverwood and Jackie Kwasniak. FC161 The Edmunds Primary: Harrison Gray, Ryan O’Hara, Tegan BarnardThompson, Elisha Rollinson, Christopher-Michael Smith, Kyle Wilkinson, Megan Kilner, Macey Taylor, Phillipa Viyazhante, Amanda Ndebele, Cole Hewitt, Marcelle Brown, Kirsty Markey, Ellie Sidebottom, Bradley Smith, Jake Taylor, Miss D J Whitton, Mrs J Braithwaite. FC162

The Ellis Church of England Primary, Hemingfield: Teacher Mrs T Pollard, teaching assistant Mrs C Beevers, Katie Cairns, Amber Day, Abigail Fenton, Aiden Oakley, Callum Woodruff, Jennifer Pettinger, Millie Beecroft, Grace Ambler, Lewis Hughes, Max Phillips, Ethan Lea, Zoe Palmer, Evie Sanderson, Alex Barker, Freya Waller, Faye-Marie Allott, Dylan Hawes, Mollie Whitham, Erin Hadfield, Oliver Rutter, Ebony Hoyland, Bethany Linney, Mya Holmes, Carys Garner, Tom Chambers, Finn Senior, Peter Mason. FC163

The Hill Primary: Mrs Gregg, Miss Barnett, Bradley Adams, Yoran Alflat, Thomas Ashton, Kennedy Beevers, Reece Billam, Andrew Benton, Joseph Birch, Joshua Blakemore, Zak Brook, Elisha Chapman, Carys Cole, Nathan Creber, Danny Curry, Tamzin Element, Toby Foster, Kayleigh Hampton, Dillon Hardman, Kaitlyn Jones, Carys Kenmuir, Gracie Lister, Bethany Maguire, Leah Rayner, Blake Siddall, Travis Stainforth, William Stanley, Jack Woodward. FC164

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 17

Thurlstone Primary: Tommy Barnett, Anna Fisher, Casey Fisher, Lucia Gonzalez-Faxon, Taylor Gregory, George Hague, William Hague, Joshua Hardman, Samuel Heeley Morgan O’Hara, Isabel Whitham, Shan Wigfield-Turner, Holly Yates, Mrs Carol Penistone. FC171

Ward Green Primary School: Ellie Barton, Michael Benwell, Ebony Deakin, Chloe Denton, Thomas Kaye, Natasha Knowlson, Darcey Le-Masurier, Joshua Midgley, Thomas Midgley, Chloe Naylor, Aston Oxley, Mia Paisley, Oliver Pearson, Ella Pickering, Melissa Richardson, Grace Rowe, Chloe Sinclair, Codey Smith, BeckyLouise Toone, Grace Westwood, Chloe Williams, Min Wu, Kobi Wyatt, Jemima Stainton, Olivia Read, Milly CharlesworthConstable, Grace Denton, Charlotte Chesney, Mrs S Lee, Miss H Smith, Mrs J Laffy, Mr R Midgley. FC172 Wellgate Primary (1): Harry Barnfather, Harry Butcher, Poppy Caunt, Joshua Dack, Finnley Ellis, Tommy Firth, Tori Franks, Sam Haddington, Bonnie Humphrey, Evan Jessop, Paul Meffen, Chloe Neville, Jack Parkin, Hannah Sellers, Cameron Stones, Anna Travis, Abbie Widdison, Lewis Cox, Miss Lowe, Mrs Evans, Miss Smith. FC173

Wellgate Primary 2: Jenson Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson, Adam Bailey, Ruby Barnes, Megan Beasley, Cory Evans, Alex Fisher, William Halliday, Hannah Leamy, Benedict McCormack, Daniel Pearson, Esme Shirt, Matthew Smith, Megan Thorpe, Bailey Travis, Edward Wain, Miss Szpitter, Mrs Law, Mrs Joyner. FC174

18 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

West Meadows Primary: Alix Taylor, Ebony Goulding, Thomas Smith, Spencer Coles, Courtney Andrews, Lewis Woodstock, Beau Harben, Lily Thawley, Harry Winter, Shannon Burbridge, Jasmine Jevons, Leon Markwell, Callum Freeman, Lewis Hargreaves, Kobi Todd, Chloe Newton, Wilthorpe Infants (1): Miss Taylor, James Curtis, Matthew Taylor, Tyler Jo Best, Donal Hamer, Jacob Hughes, Megan Hawksworth, Jaylen Allsopp, Mrs Stephenson, Mrs William Loach, Sam Burland, Evie Addy, Ellie MacFarlane, Grace Rushforth, Lydia Slater, Aimee Cherryholme. FC182 Glover, Miss Beever, Mrs Platts. FC181

Wilthorpe Infants (2): Callum Batley, Rebecca Bentley, Matthew Bottomley, Penny Brown, Joshua Cherryholme, Charles Christie, Louise Cockerill, Maisey Curtis, Emily Dickinson, Grace Dickinson, Summer Dixon, Charlie Etherington, Abigail Gillott, Elisha Gillott, Matthew Goodall, Annabel Lee, James Lee, Bobbie Jo March, Neve Nuttall, Molly Porter, Liam Richards, Leah Riggett-Olah, Lauren Sharp, Leah Speight, Ellie Stott, Hannah Trewick, Joshua Ward, Ethan White, Lauren Wildgoose, James Wilkinson, Mrs E Ellis. FC183 Wombwell Park Street Primary School: Declan Cocking, Rhianna Webster, Ellie Gallagher, Millie-Jo Parkin, Aaron Blackburn, Oliver Schofield, Jack Palmer, George Hamshaw, Lewis Duff, Jessica Coldwell, Joshua Gorst, Kimberley Crapper, Benjamin Purdy, Phoebe Woodcock, Libby Palmer-Harton, Aliyah Williams, Finnley Smith, Maddison Moore, Lucianne McTaggart, Skye Groves, Lily Crookes, Miss Warner, Mrs Greenhalgh. FC184

First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009 – 19

Worsbrough Bank End Primary: Alexandre Rosa, Callum Burnette, Carmen Tomlinson, Charlize Denton, Courtney Holmes, Jessica Kirby, Jordan Healey, Josh Glymond, Kai Green, Liam Williams, Marley Green, Nathan Duffy, Parish Armitage, Rohan Verma, Taylor Firth, Mrs Cutts, Mrs Crouch. FC191

Worsbrough Common Primary: Hope Ashton, Ashton Austin, Stephen Berry, Latisha Burgin, Angel Dawson, Lydon Green, EbenyLace Irwin, Millie Mae Lowe, Ellie Mitchell, Leighony Priestley, Olivia Sewell, Miss S White. FC192

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20 – First Class, Friday, February 6, 2009

First Class - February 6th 2009