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Contents 01 Embrace Your Vision 02 What's Your Choice? : New Clubs in Donghwa High School 03 Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee 04 Do You Agree? Or Disagree? 05 EAT, Play and Love 06 Welcome to the Yeosu Expo 07 2012 London Olympic Games: The Great Festival for All 08 You can be a TV Star, too! 09 You're Smiling, But Have Gone to Cry, Right? 10 Blue Jeju, If There's a Base of the Blue


Embrace Your Vision E

very year, the first year students go on an orientation trip. We went to Yangpyeong English Village from March 8th to 9th. We had many activities. First, the principal and the vice-principal opened the proceedings with prayers. Professor 강헌구, the professor of Jangan University, and Ms. 이성미, the vice-chairman of Laugh Laboratory, gave lectures about our visions and encouraged us to set great goals. These lectures motivated us to think about our dreams and goals again. Af ter we ate dinner, Mr. 기연서 teacher provided us with a lot of information about K SAT(Korean Scholastic Aptitude Test). Some of us were depressed at the fact that we must study harder than ever. Thereafter we had a lot of fun recreational activities, which took away some of our depression. We all danced together and sang the latest songs. Though our leisure time was short, we all learned to work together. Then we went back to the dormitory where we played games until midnight. On the last day, we had a Team Power Game. First, we played an O/X Quiz. The winners of the quiz were awarded a bookstore gift-certificate. Then we had a treasure hunt where we had to break a code by finding hints which were hidden throughout the English Village. Finally, after all the activities, it was time to leave. We learned many things: cooperation, setting our goals and self-control. Even though it was a very short trip, it was meaningful and helpful. I hope all first year students would retain this positive attitude until the graduation. by 박은송(1-8), 이영찬(2-7)

What's Your Choice? New Clubs in Donghwa High School There are various clubs in Donghwa High School and each club has its distinctive traditions and history. This year, many new clubs were established for students who are interested in improving their skills. We interviewed teachers and members of these new clubs so that they can encourage other students to join their club.

Global Environment Club, ‘얼쑤’(Earth) This club is for the students who are interested in the preser ving the environment. Its major activity is to have discussions after seeing environmental documentaries. Also, members of this club might get a chance to visit university labs, participate in several other environment competitions and present a thesis at a conference of environmental education. Students began paying attention to environmental issues after seeing environmental movies or documentary programs. This acted as a catalyst for signing up.

Biology Club This club deals with biology. Members have to make their own biology book which provide additional fun in learning biology. Students will participate in a competition related to their environmental exploration experience.

Physics Club, '프린키피아(Principia)' First, 'Principia' is a book written by Newton. The club 'Principia' organizes the 'Donghwa SESE World(Save Energy Save Earth)'. SESE World is a youth club that focuses on how we can save energy. These kind of school projects are supported by the Korea Energy Management Corporation. There will be time set out for the club members to present their studies about physics at the school festival. Their activities will involve a lot of interaction with the clubs mentioned above.

These and many other interesting and professional clubs were established. However, they are having a hard time establishing themselves like the existing clubs. Let's take note of them and support the new clubs. by 안은선(1-12), 오여령(1-12)

Peer Counsel Club

Ms. 이인선, who's in charge of this club, said she formed the Peer Counsel Club to help students to adequately adjust to school life. The Peer Counsel Club already held a campaign for two days on 4/5 and 4/6, participants were given tickets for the school market after completing three missions. Club members are going to prepare a psychodrama or psychological test for the festival, and club members are also planning actual counseling with Donghwa students at the end of the semester.

Essay Club

Ethics Reading Club The Essay Club is recommended fo r s t u d e nt s w h o wa nt to i m p rove their writing skills. They will deal with information related to the KSAT and prac tice expressing themselves. The activities of the Ethics Reading Club are mainly the accumulation of background k nowledge by reading philosophical books. Thereafter, they will write essays or conduct interviews.

String Instrument Club Now Donghwa not only has a wind instrument club with a long tradition but also a string instrument club. If you are interested in learning a classic instrument, we recommend this club for you. Many talented players will help you if you have a hard time learning. The string instrument club has four violinists, four viola players and two cellists. The club's main goal is to gain enough experience so members can participate in worship. The string instrument club will also perform two songs at the school festival.

Math Song Club The Math Song Club writes songs about mathematics formulas so that students can memorize them with ease. Members then produce UCC with the songs themselves. The club turns into a 'a math question class' in the exam period, so joining this club is like killing two birds with one stone. Some of the motives for joining the Math Song Club are 'Mr.한창훈‘s acting and singing', 'Math is fun' and 'Assistance when studying math'.


Why not join a Science Club if you are interested in science? Science Clubs dealing with specific areas in science were established. While the existing '알램‘ club deals with overall scientific knowledge, these clubs deal in more depth with specific topics.

2012 Spring Vol. 14

Science Clubs

, y l f r e t t A Bu e k i L y


Sting Like A Bee

The popular sports days which is loved by all students were held on April, 12th. The principal's speech kicked off the memorable occasion. Everyone had a great time. The competition was held over two days. On the first day, we had preliminary matches for dodge ball, basketball, soccer and kickball. We had the final rounds, Nohdaribalbgi, tug of war and several races on the second day.

The dodge ball matches were keen competitions. One team threw balls at their opponents. Players did their best to catch and evade balls. The more players were out, the more exciting it became.

Teams participating in the kickball competition cooperated very well. The defending teams passed the ball around quickly. The attacking teams did equally well. It was difficult for teams to score a homerun.

In the basketball contest, everyone was enthusiastic. They tricked their opponents skillfully. Sometimes, players lost balls as their skills weren't good as professionals. But their enthusiasm was the same as in professional matches.

The soccer was exciting. Whenever players scored a goal, the cheering became louder. The spot kicks after a tie were the most impressive scenes. It is not exaggeration to say that everyone watched it. We thought as if we scored a goal.

Tug of war was grueling. Everyone leaned back and resisted to the last. They pulled the rope to win. Winning teams embraced each other while losing teams consoled.

The highlight of the sports days were the relay races. Each runner warmed up to prepare for the race. Then, they ran as fast as they could. They passed the limit to beat the other athletes. Some athletes fell during the race. But everyone cheered them on. All the athletes in the obstacle races ran hard. They looked like shooting stars. The two days were so exciting. It gave us a chance to make friends. Also we could learn to respect others. What was most impressive was the small amount of trash on the pavilion. by 안소연(1-15), 박소민(1-15)

Do You Agree? Or Disagree?

Have you ever heard of the debate competition?


Should we regulate SNS? We SHOULD regulate the use of SNS.

We SHOULD NOT regulate the use of SNS.

1. T he use of Social Network Services can harm people emotionally and physically.

1. SNS enables us to share our private notices through the network.

2. People feel nervous and left out when they don't check for new events that keeps coming up on their smart phones.

2. R  egulations will be ineffective and short lived.

3. SNS creates rumors that spread rapidly and people write rude replies. This can cause emotional stress for the victim.

4. If we regulate the use of SNS, we are going to slowly alienate ourselves from the media culture.

3. It can satisfy people's desires.

5. It helps people sympathize with each other.

5. It creates a lot of false advertisements. 6. It stifles free expression of people.

The students argued about this topic very fiercely in the debate competition. As we have mentioned earlier, SNS gives us a great deal of advantages but if we misuse SNS for things such as false and puffery advertising or false information, this may cause serious problems to people and also lose its credibility. Based on these arguments, do you think we have to regulate the use of SNS? What is your opinion? by 안혜원(1-8), 윤예은(1-8)


SNS is a service that can create relationships among people around the world by using computers, smart phones, etc. Using SNS, we can share new information with people, and also, society, individuals, businesses can use SNS in advertising and as marketing tools. However, there are both disadvantages and advantages. The disadvantages are that people can be addicted to SNS easily, and that many businesses can use it for false advertising SNS.

4. It's easier to become addicted to SNS than smoking and drinking.


2012 Spring Vol. 14

From May 7th to 23th, DHHS had debate competition on the topic of 'SNS Regulation'. The students were divided into two groups, those for and those against regulating SNS. The participants prepared their report dealing with two opinionsthose looking at the pros of regulating SMS and those looking at the cons. Eight groups were selected. Then, they had an orientation to learn about the rules on April 17th. After a preparation period of a month, the students showed amazing competitiveness as they were at each other's throats to prove their contention. Let's learn about SNS to understand what the students tried to claim.

There are many good eating places near Donghwa high school. There are so many that I cannot list all of them here on this small page, but let me introduce a few of them to you, which are the most popular places among Donghwa high school students!

Pork Intestines

Chyu Rice

Many pork intestine eateries are located in Guri market, There are so many pork intestine eateries in one specific street that we refer to the street as “Pork Intestines Street.” It costs about seven thousand to eight thousand won, which is quite reasonable. So, not only students but also adults enjoy pork intestines.

Rice ball is most famous food among Donghwa high school students these days. There is a rice ball specialty store right next to the school. A rice ball costs only one thousand won, and every day you can have different types of rice balls! The restaurant is very crowded, especially at lunch and dinner time. It has ten types of rice balls including tuna mayonnaise and chicken gangjeong. It’s getting warmer these days, so don’t wait too long before you eat it!

Red Thief

‘Red Thief’ is located in Boo-Young Jungang Sang-ga. You can reach it when you cross Do-Nong Station. 'Red Thief' specializes in Teokbokki, Soondae and Odeng. There are other items on the menu but its Teokbokki is most popular. The most crowded time is dinner time when Donghwa high school finishes classes.

Noodle Tree

As you know, noodle is very easy to eat because it’s just the right amount to satisfy your hunger. The popular ‘Noodle Tree’ is located right next to the ‘Red Thief.’ The most representative food is, of course, noodles. But its huge pork cutlet is also famous. Noodles cost about 4,000 won. You can also have delicious soup and noodles. Do you want to have noodles for dinner? The kind staff in the shop will welcome you.

by 김수경(1-11), 박혜민(1-11)

The Yeosu Expo will be held from May 12 to August 12, 2012. Yeosu was selected because of its location, view and transportation. It is located in a strong point between the continent and the sea. Also, it is close to O-Dong-Do, so the view is beautiful. And there are the Yeosu Expo station and new Yeosu port at the expo's entrance. Near the expo, there are also a public station and the Yeosu airport.

There also will be many facilities available such as an Eco Zone, Culture Zone and Water Zone. There are three exhibition categories. One is marine science and technology, another is marine industry and technology and the other is marine policy. And there is Giant Clam that changes its color with the participation of the visitors. It is a much anticipated event. We can get a lot of money from it. Marine transport and marine leports are developed. Marine science technology is developed, too. And we can introduce Korea to the world through the culture, art and performances at the expo. After the expo, Yeosu will be a vacationland and will be emphasized as northeast Asia's showpiece. by 김지현(2-7), 김지은(2-15)


The theme of the Yeosu Expo is "The Living Ocean and Coast". It has also added the idea of "Diversity of Resources" and "Sustainable Activities" to prevent the subject going bigly. The expo has three sub-themes which are "Coastal Development and Preservation", "New Resources Technology" and "Creative Maritime Activities". The Yeosu Project seeks to bridge the divide between the developed and the developing world and build their capacity for meeting the challenges of climate change and its impact on the marine environment. Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea seeks to make its contribution to the cause of the environment, particularly in the area at marine life.


2012 Spring Vol. 14

The concept of the BPA(Best Practice Area) was first introduced in 1851 London, UK. After this exhibition, it was continued by the US, Spain, Portugal, China, etc. With today’s mass media, world expos provide a venue for public diplomacy for both the organizer and the participating countries.

2012 London Olympic Games:

The Great Festival for All The 30th summer Olympic Games will soon take place in London. It will be held from 27 July to 12 August, for seventeen days. London will become the first city that has hosted the Olympic Games three times. Celebrating the 30th summer Olympics, London prepared very hard to make it a meaningful event to make this Olympics 'green' and 'eco-friendly'. There are some significant changes. Baseball and softball have been dropped and no event has been added. So, there are 26 official Olympic events now. Secondly, IOC decided to adopt female boxing despite controversy over it. But that decision is very meaningful, for it let female athletes participate in all the official Olympic matches. There's a change in tennis, too. Mixed doubles games, which have disappeared since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, have become part of the Olympic tennis matches. So we can see mixed-gender duos in Olympic tennis matches. Korean athletes at the London Olympics have been working hard to achieve their goals- winning medals, and breaking the world, or their records. At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Korean athletes won 13 gold medals, finishing seventh overall in the gold medal standings. And in the 2012 London Olympics, the Korean team aims to win as many medals as possible, ranking tenth or higher. There must be many rising stars in each event. Taehwan Park, known as one of the world's best swimmer, is one of them. He came out of a slump, regaining his confidence and has recorded many good results recently. The Korean National Olympic soccer team, headed by Myungbo Hong, hopes to win a medal. Overcoming unfavorable conditions, Korean national team finally qualified for the London Olympics. And they keep showing their potential and abilities, raising expectations. Also, badminton, handball, archery, taekwondo, judo, and table tennis players have shown strength in their preparation for the Olympics. It's true that medal winners draw the public's attention, and their success story become well-known. And 'sweeping' medals is quite critical. But not only medal winners', but all the competitors' efforts are worthy. Respecting their passion and courage, is what we need to do. In that way, we can make the upcoming Olympic Games the festival for everyone in the world, beyond the competition. by ęš€íš¨ě •(2-7)


Why are audition programs and survival programs so popular? Let’s have a look. First, those programs make us feel sympathetic and get vicarious satisfaction. Not celebrities but normal people like us are the main characters of audition programs. Therefore, viewers can identify with them and be more open. The second is because of the fairness. Participants have an equal chance to succeed and have open competition that everyone can agree with. Survival programs inspire the populaces’ wish for a fair society. Finally, audition programs contain many interesting factors, for example, the programs give us dramatic tension through confrontation. Besides that, it also raises interest by showing the participants’ character and extends over many episodes. There are pros and cons to survival and audition programs. First, the merit of these programs is that people who appear on TV could easily debut as a TV star. Second, if they win the competition, they receive an enormous cash prize. It makes it worth entering for one of these competitions if you have a talent in a particular field. Third, they are coached by famous stars. If an ordinary person is coached by one of these famous people, their skills will improve a lot. They are also an appraiser, so a trainee and a trainer could more accurately check how their ability improves. There are also disadvantages to audition programs. First, there is intense rivalry between participants, so it could cause a lot of stress for most participants. Second, broadcasting companies use one’s hopes and dreams commercially. It could hurt somebody who lost in a cutthroat competition. Third is the interference in a participants’ life. Once they appear on TV, people somehow pry into their personal matters and use offensive words. It can do a lot of damage to a participant. Lastly, when panels select participants, they mostly look at the participants’ appearance. To prevent this, a program called ‘Voice of Korea’ was created. As survival and audition programs are becoming popular, there are both good and bad things. When you watch these programs, try not only to see it as entertainment. See the participants’ passion and their effort. That way you will enjoy these audition programs more. by 이소영(2-6), 강미정(2-7)


Nowadays audition, and survival programs such as K-pop Star, Superstar-K, the Great Birth and Voice of Korea are very popular. Since the cable TV audition program, Superstar-K’s success in 2009, many broadcasting companies plan audition programs, and telecast them. At first, most audition programs were aimed at wouldbe singers. Recently, however, there are a wide variety of areas such as musical, opera, dance, performances, and bands. Even announcers are selected through audition programs.

2012 Spring Vol. 14


Celebrities' recent confessions of their experience with panic disorder drew the public's attention to the issue of mental disorders, especially to panic disorder. Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Ha-neul, Lee Gyeong-gyu, all of whom suffered from panic disorder presumed their main cause was people's excessive attention and anxiety about their popularity. You need to consider the possibility that you might have a panic disorder when deadly fear continues though there's no threat of an accident or natural disaster. Different from tension or anxiety, panic disorder put patients into a state where they continuously foresee the death approaching. What could be the major cause of panic disorder? Many people believe that cowards who are weak-minded are the only potential victims of panic disorder, but this isn't entirely correct. Indeed, cowards may have more trouble than the average person even after they have undergone therapy. People nowadays have insufficient amino acids in their bodies and this low number of amino acids is what causes panic disorder. It comes from a chemical imbalance within the limbic system and chemicals to the GABA-A receptor. Also, psychological factors such as stressful life events and thinking negatively can also trigger a panic disorder. Fortunately, there are various ways to treat it. In the psychiatric clinic, a doctor let the patients find their own causes through self-questioning. A wild silkworm is also a good remedy for a panic disorder as it is rich in nutrients and allows the brain to function smoothly. Still, prevention through continuous self-diagnosis is always better than cure. People nowadays have very hectic life, suffering from its excessive stress and leaving only a small amount of time for introspection, relationships or leisure. We really need to slow down and relax.

by 김가은(2-3), 이호정(2-15)

Blue Jeju,

If There's a Base of the Blue


Approval On the side of approval to build the base, the government and National Defense claim that the construction is crucial for the national interest and the economy. The importance of the Southern Sea of Jeju was highlighted for a supporting reason, as 99.8% of trade is done through this area. Also, as there are a lot of potential underground resources such as natural gas present in the said area, intense ocean research is being done in Ieodo. Therefore, it seems that the naval base is needed not only for the government's benefit but for the country's as a whole. On the other hand, the opposing side counters that the EEZ and the ocean routes should not be protected by the navy but by maritime police. They also contends that construction of the base possess possibility of Korea becoming a victim in the battle for supremacy between the US and China.

Disapproval There is a hot dispute around Gurumbi, a shore with beautiful scenery and various marine species. The opposite side stresses that the construction of Jeju naval base would cause the destruction of the environment. Jeju was, in fact, designated as a nature reserve in 2000 and was registered as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO because of its biological value. Gurumbi will vanish if construction begins. Nonetheless, the navy persists that the Gurumbi shore is located 1.7km out of the Biosphere Reserve Zone. The shore had 'environmental impact assessments' several times in 2007 and 2008 and defects of construction can be compensated. Furthermore, procedure of the assignment to construct the base had gone wrong. Pushing of the policy was so one-sided, and the introduction of the policy was only for the small part of Gang-Jeong village. As a result, it had encouraged division among the village people.

Jeju naval base plan is faced with many problems; selection of location, the lifting of the nature preservation district, and international conflict, but there is currently no sign of a resolution. The government keeps pushing for the construction; while citizens and environmentalist groups are opposing it harder. Enough dialogue is needed in order to remove distrust and anger between the two different sides and to avoid conflict about the base of the Blue. by 김지윤(2-1), 이영찬(2-7)


The Lee Myung-bak administration recently gave the go-ahead to a long-stalled plan to build a naval base on Jeju Island, insisting on its completion by 2015 despite fierce protests by residents, environmentalists and a range of politicians. Whether this plan will strengthen national defense or only harm its natural environment has been a controversy since May 2007, when the provincial government of Jeju Island notified its citizens of the impending construction of a naval base in Gang-jeong, Seogwipo-si.

2012 Spring Vol. 14




Epilogue Can miles truly separate you from friends.... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there? -Richard Bach 이영찬(2-7) Writing an article is often hard and tiring, but on the other hand, I think it's always meaningful and worthwhile work. 김지윤(2-1) I hope this article is useful to readers who are interested in panic disorder. 이호정(2-15) It was hard to complete this article but it gave me a good chance to understand panic disorder. 김가은(2-3) It was hard but it was a meaningful time to write an article. 강미정(2-7) I was so proud to write about YeoSu Expo in Korea. 김지현(2-7) It is such a big pleasure to participate in publishing this journal. Hope Donghwa students enjoy reading all the articles. 김효정(2-7) I wrote an article about audition programs this time. Although it's very strenuous, it was a very rewarding job. 이소영(2-6) Writing an article was so hard, but it was interesting. 김지은(2-15) I feel really great about having completed this journal. And I hope all the students of our school will read this journal with fun. 박은송(1-8) I am glad to see my first article writing published to the hand. I will try to improve the writing skill and write better articles. 안혜원(1-8) I think I had a good experience and I feel excited that someone is going to read my article. I will study English hard to write article better next time. 윤예은(1-8) I wrote the article enthusiastically, and I hope you have fun reading it~!! 박혜민(1-11) It was a special opportunity for me to check my English skill, but I feel sorry for lack of pictures. T^T.. I want to prepare a lot of photos next time. 안은선(1-12) It was so great to make an article for myself. 박소민(1-15) This is my first newspaper in highschool!! It was so exciting. Next time I'll also do my best to write news.^0^ 안소연 (1-15)

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