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This magazine is edited and published N.O.T.E of Yonghwa Girls' High School Official English Newspaper of Yonghwa Girls' High School / Vol.5 / July 26th, 2012 Publisher : Heung Won Park, Principal / Advisor : Minhee Yoon, English Teacher / Editor-in-chief : Dakyung Lee / Vice Editor : Yeonhee Han Yonghwa Girl's High School / 737, Dong1-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea / Tel.02-933-4335 /,

School Events

Discovering Unknown Jewelry, 'AP system' What is AP? AP stands for “academic planner”, the study planning system of our school which was started in last year. Now 2013 AP students were already selected and next AP students selection will be held next year. This year, freshman’s AP competition rate was 2:1. AP corrects the students' bad study habits to make easier high school life of the students. Through collecting information of students and analyzing it, AP provides helpful advice. Then, how does this useful AP system help students? At first, AP teachers select proper students through an application form when the first semester starts. The application form consists of the process of one's growth and future study plan. AP students are selected by 3 major standards : application motive, diligence, and possibility, which means prospect. Next, teachers call all of the selected students and explain about AP system. Then they give study planners and dream notes to the students. After these, students write down consultation card and fix a date for one-to-one consultation. AP mainly consults about student's study habits and exam grade. Finally, there will be parents cosultation. There are 7 AP teachers, 3 teachers for freshman, and 4 teachers for sophomore. We visited sophomore AP department to receive the AP teacher's advices directly. Here's a small part of interview with Nam-Hyo-Jung teacher, who is in charge of sophomore AP.

In addtion, We choose students who have volition to upgrade their abilities through AP consultation. Thus, students can be motivated by finding their dreams. H Then, What did you feel through AP consultation? N.T Through AP consultation, I realized putting into practice is really difficult for students. I think one strong will is much more important than hundreds of consultation. H Do you have any advices for AP students? N.T Not many, but I want to tell them: STRONG WILL is the most important. H Last, Please give advice for non-AP students. N.T If you guys have a strong will, come to our office and ask your question. We'll welcome you if you really want to meet us! If you want to know about AP more, Visit AP teachers to ask more questions. AP teachers’ office is in School Main Building, on the fifth floor, Educational Guidance department. Why don't you visit AP teachers and ask for help? ※ 용화여고의 AP란 Academic Planner의 약자로, 입시 컨설턴트 및 학습코치를 일컫는 말이다. 학생 들에게 진로와 진학에 대한 정보를 제공, 안내하며 자신의 적성과 능력을 고려한 목표를 설정하도록 도 움을 주고, 그 목표를 달성하도록 지속적인 상담과 다양한 프로그램을 통해 학생의 능력을 향상시키는 데 도움을 주는 제도이다. (출처:

EDIT_ Ye Jin Shin, Hye Yeon Yu

Nam-Hyo-Jung Teacher Interview - with interviewer Yoo Hye-yeon (교사 : N.T / 인터뷰 : H)

H Thank you for participating in our interview. We really appreciate it. N.T It's my pleasure. Nice to meet you. H

Now, I will start my first question. What was the most important standard of AP student selection in this year? N.T I think it was application motive. We can know about the student with application motive first, so it is really important.

Awesome Drawing and Creative Writing Contest get there. Our school held writing, drawing and photographing contest. First, on writing contest, topics were various; sky, forest, friend, happiness, deer, rain...etc. Students had to select one of these. In drawing contest, students must take paint tools. They drew the landscape of Seoul Forest's beautiful places. There were many things to see such as trees, lakes, flowers and trails. Last, in photo contest, students took pictures of Seoul Forest, like the drawing contest. Yonghwa Girls' High school's students who are 1st or 2th grade went to Seoul Forest in May, 2. Students were very excited because it was the first going out after the mid-term exam. We used subway for transportation, and it took an hour to

Neighbors from Afar Seoul Metropolitan Government runs 「Neighbors from Afar」 for the purpose of increasing cultural understanding and creating mutual respect among cultures and nations. A foreign cultural teacher will visit a school classroom to introduce and educate Korean children in his/ her country and culture. Yonghwa Girls’ High School requested several countries such as Costa Rica, Morocco, Philippine, Nepal, and Thailand. Once a month, every Friday, Yonghwa girls enthusiastically participated in the international education classes which are delivered by the native teachers from each country. I want to introduce the Costa Rica class and pictures that are taken by Teacher Jun Hee-eun. Elias Molina, a lecturer from Costa Rica and a college student greeted and introduce his lesson. While watching a movie related to the Costa Rica's natural 2 YONGHWA INSIDE

They took them by using digital camera or cell phone. When we finished those contest, we could ride inline skate and bicycle. There were two-people riding bicycle, too. Students enjoyed riding them and had a great time. EDIT_ Hyen jung Hwang, Eun jin Oh

Yonghwa-English- Newspaper- Members, N.O.T.E. environment and its people After asking where Costa Rica is, he introduced Costa Rica's symbolic birds, flowers, animals, places, festivals and traditional costumes etc. Lee Seung-yeun (1st) who is a member of the club of watching good movies said “I have never heard about Costa Rica before, but I was so interested in its culture and nature because I felt the common thing that Costa Rica was colonized by Spain. That’s why they use Spanish as a national language. Even though it takes 20 hours by plane, I hope to go to Costa Rica someday!” General Information of the Program ● Program title : Neighbors from afar ● Location : Classroom of Yonghwa Girls’ High School in Seoul. ● Participation fee : Free ● Program Information - Each class normally lasts for 90 minutes. - The program introduce various countries and cultures, such as their location, language, people, food, sports, play, arts, etc.) - Teachers, we named them cultural ambassadors, are from all over the world

Vol.7 JULY 2013

The Sleeping Beauties : Student Teachers in Yong Hwa Won What's your advice to students who are preparing to go into that field, too? T I think they have to experience a lot of things which are connected with their field and determine to become a teacher. Won Possibly, you have something difficult during the teaching practice period, right? Can you tell me them? T Yes. First of all, I had a sore throat, because I had to talk a lot. Second, I'm not sociable person so it was difficult to become friendly. Won Oh, I think those are really difficult thing, too. Than, lastly, what will you do after this work? T I'm not sure but, I'll have a job which is related to Korean. Won OK, Thank you for your attending interview. Next interviewer is Ji yoon!

Lee Jihyun t.

Here are, student teachers who are hoping to be a real teacher in the near future! Beautiful and smart teachers have long wished great students would come and wake them up like 'Sleeping Beauty'. They are all 12 teachers and they stayed here for a month until April 26th. At first, let's check their basic works in Yong Hwa high school. They have meetings with students in the morning and after class with homeroom teachers to announce some kinds of information. They also observe classes to learn how to teach. Attendance time is 7:20 am. and leaving is 5:00 pm. We interviewed two of them to know about them in detail.

Jung Soo In t. Won Hi! T Hello~ Won I heard you're my senior, teacher. When did you graduate our school? T I'm the 20th alumna. Won Then what is the name of your university? T I'm in Sejong university and major in korean literature course. Won Which part of our school activities were helpful to go that university? T After class activities especially 'Learning statement', my homeroom teacher's cares and encouragements were helpful. Finally, I could get a high score in sham examination. Won Wow... I think I have to participate in that kind of activity too. Oh, also before you said that you majored in Koran literature course, didn't you? Then can you tell me the reason why you major in Korean literature? T First, I could got great score in Korean subject and also it was fun.

Ji Hi. May I ask you some questions? T It's okay. Ji Thank you. Then first, I heard you're my senior too. When did you graduate? T I'm 18th alumna. Ji Can you tell me your university and major? T My university is Seoul university and my major is Department of Physical Education. Ji Oh, I think Physical Education is really unique to girls. Why did you choose that? T Because, I'd love to. Ji And I think the Seoul university is very famous. I heard it's really hard to be a student of that university. How did you get into there? T Almost, I got good grade when I had mock test. Ji I think I have to study more. Can you advise for studying? T I think Planning is really important. And Control yourself very hard. It will be help to your study. Ji Thank you, I will try. During teaching students I think you have a difficult thing. What is it? T Waking up early time is the hardest thing in my opinion. Ji I think you're real sleeping beauty. This is the last question. What will you do after this work? T I will study more and work in international organization. Ji Oh I think that's cool. I hope you can join that organization soon. That's all. Thank you for answering my questions. Thanks for spending times to answer our questions. They answered really kindly. We really enjoyed the times with you teachers. We want them to enjoy at that moment. Thanks, teachers! EDIT_ Hye Won Gwon, Ji Yoon Lee

Let's Learn about Morocco Yonghwa girl's high school have special class for students. We have invited foreign country teachers and have class for students. This time, teacher Amore from Morocco came to Yonghwa girl's high school for 'Neighbors from Afar class' which is one of the most famous program about multi-cultural education. Many students have heard about 'Moroco.' Actually, Morocco is unfamiliar country for us. Amore teacher told that Morocco is located at Northwestern Africa. Because of teacher spoke English, We thought that the Moroccan speak English. But teacher said that Moroccan speaks Morocco Arabic. They also speak French. It's because Morocco was a colony for French before, And Spain is located near by Morocco. So they also use spanish too. teacher said that Morocco is 58th largest country in the world, and the meaning of country's name is Marrakesh, 'The land of god'. Teacher show and tell us about the

meaning of Morocco's flag The red part means 'bravery' and green means 'hope'. By race, they are mix of Arab and Europe and Africa. Morocco have four seasons like Korea. There are many exciting sports for each season. At summer. they ride Z-ski. and ski, snowboard for winter. We can enjoy these sports in Korea too. but there is one special sport that we can't play in Korea. The Desert sport. Morocco have the Sahara desert. so they can ride motorcycle and sand surfing in the desert. In Morocco, people can't eat pork because Morocco is islamic country. Now students learned many useful things about Morocco in short time. Amore teacher's explain was so detailed and good. If we go to Morocco right now, there is no problem because we learned so many things about Morocco culture. after we take this class, many students want to travel to Morocco for enjoy Moroco's nature and healing their mind through traveling. It was very precious time. many students like this class. we can widen the view for global world. and we can experience the other country's culture unless we can't go abroad right now. the best advantageous thing is that native teacher explain directly. I hope we can take this class for a long time.

EDIT_ Da Kyung Lim



School Events


Teacher's day with teacher Ahn!

My Educational Trip to U.K.

Teacher's day is one of the events on May. It's quite similar with mother's day but this day the main factors are the teachers. On teacher's day, we interviewed our Chinese teacher, Miss Eun-mi Ahn. She's in 4th floor office and she also teaches Dok-do class of the first grade students.

We asked a few questions about teacher's day to Mrs. Ahn. Q: What is the most touching case of teacher's day to you? A: Everyone who has thought of me and came to me on teacher's day was all touching to me. Q: Who is the most memorable teacher to you? A: Chinese teacher at my high school, as she(or he) was the only one who have punished me. She(or he ) was a very strict and firm teacher, but I think I was getting closer to Chinese because of her. I still keep in touch with her. Q: Why did you become teacher? Is there any reason? A: I was thinking of teacher as my career since elementary school. I adored teaching little kids and liked job that communicates with children. Q: Is there anything to say to students who would like to become a teacher? A: There are many students who want to be teacher because this job is quite stable comparing to others. However, it will be hard if you become teacher because of that reason. One who loves this major and knows how to treat children with warm-hearted mind should be a teacher! Thank you for responding to our long interview teacher and we love you! All teachers in Yonghwa! EDIT_ You Jin Lee, Mi Rae Jang

Yonghwa Research Project Yonghwa study project (short for 'Yong-yun project') is in progress. Students select their subject themselves and research & find the data for their subjects. This time, the initial screening of Yong-yun project result shows that 19 teams of the first graders, 5 teams of the second graders and a total of about 120 students are selected. Each team choose the interesting and free subject. Then they research for their subject. After a double screening, entrants and winners are selected. 'You-gi-sung' teacher, who is in charge of the Yong-yun project, said that the project goals are that students get developed knowledge and establish the research climate. In addition, he wants students to have heartful mind and cooperative attitude in project. Because Yong-yun project is a group activity. The project is a long-term project progressed by one semester, so students have to get along with their team members and help each other during this period. And this is one of the most important point of this project activity. Another critical thing of this project is the creativity of each group's topic and the way that students research about the topic. For instance, One team, that participates in the Yong-yun project, '온새미로', has been researching its topic using various methods such as the SMS and question investigation. Therefore, due to these points - projest's merits and particular judge standard, participating students have a great deal of enthusiasm for this project. A student ,who participates in Yong-yun project ,'Shin-ye-jin(1-1)', said that "I am pleased to participate in the project. It'll be not easy, But I'll do my best with my team members and try hard to get good result." and represented her strong will to the project activity. The Yong-yun project is composed of the meanings of "Studying school", "Develop of community consciousness through cooperation", "Learning major knowledge" and "Students positive participation and passions." The presentation of winner teams will be supposed to be on July 26th. The Yong-yun project contest is held every semester. So why don't you join this project with your friends who interested in similar major with you? It'll be a memorable experience for you. EDIT_ Chae hui Hwang, Ye seul O


On January 26th of 2012, the first day of friends’ trip to the U. K., sharp wind with melted snow did not discourage our spirits seeking new experiences and adventures. To us, even the notoriously gloomy weather of the U. K. was not as freezing as Korea’s. In the typical British weather, we appreciated the heartwarming, welcoming atmosphere of our host families, villagers in Bognor Regis, the professors of a British university, the staff of Oxford University Press, Minjung Song—my senior who is now doctoral student of Oxford University—, and Prof. Freda Mishan from Ireland.

Learning by Doing After looking around the city of London, including catching some famous musical performances, we moved on to one of the universities, located in the southwest area between Brighton and Portsmouth, From the very first moment to the last day, our host families welcomed us and treated us with delicious foods. We had the chance to soak up British life styles and eating habits. During this program,

Our territory, Dokdo Japan claims Korea have taken over Dokdo illegally, but it is apparent that Dokdo belongs to Korea. There are some truths which prove that Korea has the sovereignty over the islands. On January 28, 1905, the Japanese government decided to incorporate the island as uninhabited and claimed it as a part of the Shimane Prefecture Notification No. 40. At that time, the Japanese government took the measure unilaterally without any inquiry to the Korean empire. Japan claims that Dokdo had been an ownerless land, so they needed to confirm the name and the position of the island where their native fishermen engaged in the fishing industry according to the doctrine of ownerless land. However, Dokdo was not an ownerless land, which was under the effective control of the Korean empire. So, the claim is absolutely void in terms of international law. After settlers mounted up in Ulleungdo, the Emperor Gojong issued the Korean empire order No. 41. to strengthen the administration of the island on October 25, 1900. The contents of the order was renaming Ullengdo to Uldo and regulating Ullengdo, Jukdo, and Seokdo(what is now Dokdo) under the jurisdiction of Uldo's governor. It means that Dokdo was raised to the independent district with Ulleungdo. Dokdo had belonged to Uljin-gun, Gangwon-do before the change of the name and it is found in maps. For example, Usando(what is Dokdo now) is exactly drawn in Donggukjido, made by Jeong Sanggi in the middle of the eighteen century, times of King Yeongjo. Maps existing now mostly belongs to Jeong Sanggi's Donggukjido.

Vol.7 JULY 2013

most of the instructors said we were the best students they had ever taught (Believe or not!). One of the courses was taught by Wendy Superfine, an experienced ELT (English Language Teaching) course book developer. She brought her private notes for editing and revising to class to illustrate her work process of materials development. Even though most of her class content was not entirely new information in terms of learning theory, we got a glimpse into a real professional writer’s life.

British Styles We also had the opportunity to visit a prestigious elementary school and high school. The president of the school proudly showed us a photo of him shaking hands with England’s Queen, Elizabeth II. At the elementary school, there was a project in which students sent balloons with letters into the sky. The letters inside balloons flew from England to France or Czechoslovakia. Students also received responses from other countries and they translated these into English. We could see how the curriculum functions and how students learned each subject in person.

Feeling the Literature and Culture The land of Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Virginia Woolf, William Shakespeare, and even J. K. Rowling, the author of Harry Potter! You must know those big figures in British literature. There was a 200th anniversary celebration in Portsmouth for the birth of Charles Dickens (1892) who wrote Great Expectations. Actually, we also drank ale (British beer) in Fox where William Blake often drank ale and wrote his poems. In addition, we continued our sightseeing at Windsor Castle, Stratford City, Bath, Anne Hathaway’s House, downtown Chichester, and Cotswold for tracking. Visiting new places has made us contemplate our lives as friends much more.

Oxford University, Minjung voluntarily guided us while using her student card which allowed us to pass for free. Thanks to her, we could go inside of her dormitory and libraries with detailed explanations on the academic endeavors of Oxford students’ lives. We felt the exotic atmosphere of academic enthusiasm and spent a meaningful time in Oxford. Minjung also gave some tips on how it is different to apply for Oxford and Cambridge, such as the online-friendly system and the traditional but difficult way in each college. She shared her agony of the difficulty of writing a doctoral thesis which cannot be compared to a Master’s thesis. This helped prepare us to write our theses and projects right after arriving in Seoul. To me, the most impressive part of her campus tour guide was her love story about how she and her fiancé met at Oxford. All students, Listen to me. TV watching numbs your mind as it prevents you from being initiative, being intellectually challenged, thinking creatively, and using your imagination. How about preparing for the educational trip to your favorite country for your vision? TEACHER_ Min hee Yoon

Visiting Cengage and Oxford I reckon that the two most interesting places to visit were Cengage Publishing Company and Oxford University Press (OUP). We saw the marketing, promoting offices, and distribution system in Cengage, and luckily received ELT books as presents in both companies. OUP provided us with informative seminars on how to coach readers and how books are developed from designing to publishing. In

Details on how Ulleungdo and Dokdo were attached to Joseon are in the report made by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1870, Joseonguk gyoje simal naetamseo. We can infer that Japan already recognized that Dokdo belongs to Joseon (what in now Korea).

ⓒ ▲ Russo-Japanese War(1904-1905) Russia is rep-

resented as bear and Samuri stands for Japan.

Moreover, on March 29, in 1877, the early Japanese national organization of the Meiji era, Taejeongguan commanded "Takeshima and all that cases concerning the island is not related to Japan." "The island is Dokdo". This order is an official document which indicates that the Japanese government acknowledged that Dokdo did not belong to Japan.

This document apparently shows that Ulleungdo and Dokdo is not related to Japan because of incidents in 1693. A Joseon's fisherman had gone to Japan and claimed that Ulleungdo and Dokdo belongs to Joseon twice in 1693 and 1696. In this regard, the Japan´s feudal government prohibited Tottori's fishermen crossing the sea to go to Ulleungdo and Dokdo on January 28, in 1696. It means that Japan acknowledged Dokdo as Joseon's territory.

and Dokdo are all Usanguk. Donggukmunhunbigo(1770), Mangiyoram(1808), Zeungbomunhunbigo(1908) all says "According to Yeojiji, Ulleung and Usan both belongs to Usanguk and Usan is what Japanese calls Songdo" Japan claims that they reaffirmed its intention to claim sovereignty of Dokdo by incorporating the island into Shimane Prefecture in 1905. In fact, they found military worth of Dokdo during the Russo-Japanese war and they pushed forward with transfer of Dokdo to destroy the Russian fleet in 1904. However, Russo-Japanese War is one of the imperialist wars. Japan and Russia struggled over the supremacy of Korea and Manchuria. So, their contentions are based on imperial logic and it's wrong. As Germany can't claim the sovereignty of areas they dominated during the World WarⅡ, Japan can't claim the sovereignty of Dokdo. It's nonsense. Toward the end of the World WarⅡ, the allied powers agreed on the principles that Japan should withdraw from areas where they had taken away violently before the war when they were dealing with territorial issues after the war. Dokdo is included in these areas. However, Japan claims that they don't have to return the island because it had belonged to Japan before 1910. But, they deprived us of Dokdo in 1905 violently. Hence, Japan, who admitted the Potsdam declaration and signed the surrender documents must withdraw from Dokdo. Now, Japanese students are learning the wrong history, as Japanese text books records Japan's dominium of Dokdo. Japan should stop history distortions and teach real history to their descendants. EDIT_ Yeon hee Han

Furthermore, Ulleungdo, Dokdo, and Joseon are not colored in the Revised Japanese Yeojirojeongjeondo, meaning they are not Japanese territory. Also, contents of Uenjusicheonghapgi, which tells that Japanese northwestern border is Oki island, are written next to the islands, making it clear that Dokdo belongs to Joseon. Ulleungdo and an unnamed island to the right are colored yellow as Joseon and "they belongs to Joseon" is written next to the two islands. Japan's Three countries Jeopyangjido(1785). On the other hand, Japan is colored green. Japan's old maps also prove that Dokdo is our territory. Long time ago, our ancestors recognized Dokdo. There are many historical materials that are recorded "Usan island(what is Dokdo now) is visible." The first Korean historical record concerning Dokdo, "the Chronicles of the Three States" says that Silla's Isabu subjected Usanguk. Sin Gyungjoon's Ganggyego tells Ulleungdo YONGHWA INSIDE


Science & Life

Are You a Cherry Picker?

Rising Incidence of Dementia

Are you a cherry picker? What first pops on your mind when you hear that word? Just a plain red cherry displayed on a piece of cake? Cherry picker refers to people who are only interested in benefits and services that company offers rather than their products. In other words, people who only picks up eating a cherry on a piece of cake. You might recognize them as a selfish person, however, as a continuous recession, the term cherry picker is used to a smart consumer.

Recently, the rate of the patients who are suffering from dementia is increasing rapidly. According to the National Health Insurance Service, the gap between the previous year and the present year can be confirmed. The number of people who received dementia treatment is 214 per 100 thousand population. In 2011, 613 people got the treatment. The number in 2011 is 2.9 times more than that in 2006. The increasing trend can be seen obviously with the graph below.

Increasing progress of Dementia patinet who receive medical treatment

Cherry pickers are not as far as you think they are. They are all around you or maybe you are already the one. For instance, internet shoppers, they go to department stores or bookstores to check out products by their own eyes and they buy them on the internet just for a cheaper price. There are a lot of credit card companies who offer special profits, cherry pickers aim at having all the benefits. However, the credit cards are always abandoned by their owners like cherry pickers in the end. You might wonder why there are so many cherry pickers around us. The cause of this is the recession. People tend to save as little money as they can no matter what the condition is. As for this, cherry pickers are rapidly increasing every year. Therefore companies struggle coming up with the best services they can provide to customers. Free Paid

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The causes of the sharp growth of dementia patients are elder population, the improvement of economic level, and the active diagnosis about dementia. The symptoms of dementia are memory disorder, language disorder, and recognition of space and time disorder. The decline of calculation ability and the change of personality and emotion are the signs. There is the prevention of dementia below.


Android Market


1. Pay attention to your own healthcare. ex) meal, exercise, sleep, etc. 2. Drink enough water.

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4. Avoid head injuries. Prevent high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, smoking, and, alcoholism.



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3. Have right and regular living habits.


5. Keep maintaining healthy brain activities. ex) memorize something, move hands

75% 20%









Source : Distimo, MWC 2010

Similar cases exist in the very recent and hot section, Smartphone application markets. According to a graph above, it indicates how much percentage free apps and paid apps take up in each company. Android market provides the largest amount of free apps. It would be because of the cherry pickers as mentioned before. What happened now? Did the company collapse? The answer is of course not. As it shows in the graph below, people using Android has increased with a significant amount compared to other companies. The overall results tell that cherry pickers take in for one of the major part in companies. Therefore, companies offer the best benefits to the cherry pickers in order to increase their profits. [ Worldwide Smartphone Market Share ]


Others 43% Microsoft 4%

Android 35% iOS 18%

2012 Others 26% Microsoft 8% iOS 18%

Android 47%

Dementia, a disease which makes people lose memories, becomes socially serious illness. With the current of rising prevalence, the number of the patients will increase gradually. The society needs solutions to prevent dementia and support the patients. What can people do for that? We should use our brain actively and break away from stress. Also, we should have healthy and balanced diets. In other words, being careful about your own health is more important than any other activity to protect ourselves from the disease. We should listen carefully to the sound of the increasing prevalence.

Now you are sure if you are a cherry picker or not. But remember, your act decides whether you are a good one or bad one. EDIT_ Hanna Lee


EDIT_ Seung Ju Lee


Recommendation of American Dramas Many people said that watching American Dramas help learning English more fluently. So, here's recommendation of American Dramas which is wellknown and also interesting. The drama that I want to recommend is 'Friends'. It is about lives of six friends. Many people watch it because it includes casual and conversational tone. This can help you have a conversation with foreigners in a real situation. It is better than learning serious and incomprehensible expressions in medical and political dramas. Moreover, you can listen many different kinds of English in 'Friends' because each actors have different tone and stress. Listening to different accent and pronunciation can be beneficial when you travel around the world and meet people living in other countries.

glee. Though story is not detail or thrilling as CSI, but you can enjoy various kinds of music from pop songs to musical numbers.( There are Glee OST Album, so if you liked it, listen it through album is a good way to enjoy music more deeply ) Also, by watching Glee, you get a chance of learning how American students' high school life is. Plus, as we are in high school, we can also feel the same way as the characters in Glee not just learning about their culture but also emphasize them. So, I recommend Glee for those who like music or interested in American students life. Lastly, I'll recommend 'Modern Family'. In 'Modern Family', there are three kinds of family that we can see in modern society. First, kids and their parents, and an old man and his young wife from foreign country with her son ( they're remarried.) Finally, Gay couple. They're all family and the drama is about their daily life. It consists of humorous joke and comic scenes. so it's not bad to watch with your family or your friends. But each episode have its own lesson, and it sometimes give energy to live and think in a better way. so write down the lesson of each episode will help you to both learn and cheer up. This is the end of the recommendation. As I said before, they are all well-known and popular to many people, so it'll be easy to get information after watching them. EDIT_ Soo Min Yoon, Seung Joo Kim

Next, people who are good at English to some degree and have interest in criminal drama watch CSI series. It is one of the dramas that you can concentrate on well. It has many seasons, episodes and exciting plots and consists of CSI:MIAMI, CSI:NY, and CSI:Las Vegas so you can't be bored. It makes you feel excited with process that CSI investigators catch criminals. I want to recommend it to especially to students who want to work in CSI because the drama includes many professional terms and expressions. They are not used in a real situation however may help some students when they really become CSI investigators. Or, If you like singing and dancing, you probably like the drama 'Glee'. 'Glee' is the name of singing club in Mckenly highschool and it's story of the members of

Healing our mind with musical When we are tired of common routines, we are enjoy listening to music and watching interesting things like dances or movies everything. In modern society, people demand a lot of culture desire so every culture part has developing now.

loved by many people since 1972. The same as in Korea, there was a big hit in Korea too.

Today, I am going to introduce about musical. Musical has developed from a drama. mainly music drama call musical. that is from Opera, drama of Europe, operetta etc. musical has developed from America in 19th century, it has simple story, music, dance and line. it has also amusement characteristic and popular too.

Furthermore, there are Les Miserables, Cats, Hair Spray, Miss Saigon, Wicked etc. We can heal our mind with musicals. Therefore, we have to attention about musicals more. Musics dances are going to catch your attention.

Second of all, The Phantom Of The Opera. The Phantom Of The Opera is very popular and successful musical. It is overshadowed by the success of its various film and stage adaptations. This story is about Phantom of the opera lover who is the main character christine. Christine thinks he is divine existence that has heavenly voice and gives a lot of inspirations.

EDIT_ Hong Won Choi

Musical has various merits like wonderful dances with beautiful song. so everybody loves musical. I am going to tell you about popular musicals. First, Mamma Mia is known as a movie, too. It attracts people by interesting story and musical actors and actresses singing songs by ABBA that have been



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<2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week> - Trends of 2013 F/W Season Since March 25th, 2013, 2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week has been held for six days in Yeouido IFC Mall and Hannamdong Bluesquare. This time, there was not enough support of government. So this collection was held in both Yeouido IFC Mall and Hannamdong Bluesquare by the Federation of Korean Fashion Designers to give chances to more designers. Also, many celebrities of the world of fashion raised the temperature of the collection by coming to see the show. There were 74 designers who made the show in 2013 F/W Seoul fashion week. Then blogers and editors chose some shows which were most trendy - Beyond Closet, D.GNAK, Steve J&Yoni P etc. - and we could see in advance the trend of this F/W season through these shows. We can divide the kind of trends into four for this season. The first is 'fur styling'. Fur has been the most loved material in women's clothes. However there is the reason why it gets the limelight more this time. Because both ladies' wear and men's wear showed styling using fur not only in country but also overseas countries. With the fur styling, 'oversized outer' will be loved either in this season. When you choose the oversized silhouette, the clothes whose shoulder line falls roundly and smoothly is good for looking. Also oversized outer has high utilization for good to layered variously. Thirdly, there is a 'Layered Styling' which matches various outers in many folds. When you layer your clothes, you can styling with mixing the different length

Looking for Myself Myself is the person I know very well but at the sametime I don't know who the person I am. Because I have a lot of feelings, characters, and thoughts in my mind. So each of us sometimes feels confusing and can't explain about ourselves. Here is a woman who could express herself through her painting, Frida Kahlo. Self portraits occupy the half of her artworks. There's her life. She experienced abortion, getting divorced, and spinal injuries due to car accident. These bitter memories were painted in her self portraits. She said "I draw myself because I'm so often alone and I myself is the best subjective matter that I know very well." It shows her loneliness. It also can be found from Frida's empty faces. In her portraits, she is staring with her thick eyebrows. It looks gloomy but peaceful because there are monkeys, plants and birds around her. They looks like her friends. In fact, they are considered as her companion. Frida soothed her solitude with them in her paintings. There are some other characteristics of her artworks. She was born in Mexico and therefore, her nationalism appeared. Red, green, white, the colors of Mexico's flag is often used. In Mexico, skull means death, not the end but the another begins. Frida also used skull in that mean with leaves, branches, and thorns which mean vitality. She ignored perspective and proportion. She just depicted her sentiments by combining objective and familiar things with imaginative world. Knowing myself is one of the most important in our lives. However, we're on the way which is very unquiet. Lots of emotion, problems and anxiety of uncertain futures are located on the way. But through these barriers, you can be yourselves completely. Whenever you feel being yourselves, how about drawing self-portraits? EDIT_ Chae won Kang


of outers or mixing outers which have different raw materials. 'Oversized outer' can be used in here. Because autumn outers can be weared in winter. When you try 'Layered Styling', it is good that you make clear by matching different length products of making a little coloring. Last is 'All black'. Black color , chic and attractive, is always loved by many people. But it is nearly tend to common. This time you can be fashionable by mixing leather garments or fur-products. So, Fashion Week holds two times of year, which can facilitate to check the preceding season's trend. Go to Fashion Week, if you are interested in fashion and want to refer to styling. EDIT_ Ji Young No, Hee Eun Chang

yonghwa inside vol.7  

yonghwa inside vol.7

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