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I heard a word from inside of me It took so long I hadn’t known How it would feel to at last be free I pray this emancipation is not on loan The breeze informs me of what I can be Of where I can go, anywhere, everywhere The world at my fingertips I can see I’ll see everything and speak of the rules unfair I’ll be a change I’ll make them hear What it was like to locked away No more can he say “it’s for the best, dear” And now at last I have the chance to say All that I’ve thought of I’ll start with this poem Now that he’s gone I will be free With no one else controlling me I soar down the stairs eager to start The life that I feel, alive in my heart But I was wrong it isn’t to be Still there’s no one who can hear me I see him again, and I see what he was My captor, my warden and he holds the key My heart stopped it’s beat, it couldn’t go on I slowly fell down, and gave up at last I ask those in the future to look in the past To make a change and make it last My story ends here with freedom gone and spent But someday we’ll have it and it they’ll know why I went Why I died, because I was so close I lost my treasure before I knew what it was worth


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