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Privacy Statement Data must be processed within the law Here at BSFC FM we take data protection SERIOUSLY. To ensure we comply with the law here’s what happens to your data. Data must only be used for specific purposes Only collect the data when listeners enter the competitions, this goes to a database and nowhere else. Data must be adequate, relevant and not excessive You should only take three pieces of information from the listeners: name, EMail address and date of birth. This is enough information for listeners to enter the competition. Data must be accurate and up to date The customer is the one who provides the information so you need to make sure they type in their email address twice to make sure it is correct. Fourteen days after the competition has ended the information will be deleted. Data must be kept for no longer than is necessary The information from the listeners will be deleted fourteen days after the competition has ended to give the database more room and to make sure no data is stolen. Data must be kept secure There are different ways to keep all the listeners information secure: password protected database, CCTV cameras, locks on the computer rooms and firewalls. Data must not transferred The only place the data is transferred in the database and no whereelse. Data must be processed within the law All of the above ensures we process your data within legal rights.

Privacy Statement