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STAFF LaTonya “Keturah Ariel” Malinconico Founder/Editor-n-Chief

Rhonda “Turquioz Blue” Davis Assistant Editor/Blog & Social Director

Karen Thistle Copy Editor

Aldonia Secession

Staff Assistant/ Charity Director

Lamira Fields Feature Writer

Aisha Frazier

Social Network Assistant

Julie-Sarah Desjardins French Translator/ Blogger Crochet Savvy Magazine Facebook Twitter Ravelry

letter from the EDITOR This summer, we wanted to give everyone a new experience in crochet. We wanted to feature a ton of fashionable crochet looks in a mini “look-book� for the season. Many people know that they love to crochet but can not find trendy ways to wear it. So, Crochet Savvy Magazine has put together this mini-mag to give you the boost of creativity that you need in order to master the art of being fabulous with your hand-designed crochet wear! This issue packs a punch with Renaissance Austin on the cover, shows you how to rock this seasons most desired fashion pieces, features Ebony Chappel with her savvy plus size designs, and gives you a look at some of the hottest crochet swimsuits by our girl Aisha Fraiser- who was our very first summer cover girl in 2012. We hope that you enjoy our summer minimag so go out and be a happy hooker lol! -Keturah Malinconico Founder, Editor-n-Chief Crochet Savvy Magazine

meet our STAFF Keturah is a debut author and has been in the hip-hop industry for more than 13 years. An advocate for charity and having joy through trials, she teaches through motivation and inspiration a message of hope and balance for people, especially stay-at-home-moms, who feel that they are completely lost tending to children, husbands and house duties. She currently has a BA in Liberal Arts and MBA in Business Administration and is a graphics designer and networker. She loves to use her creativity through arts, music and crafting (crocheting, knitting & sewing) to encourage others. Keturah currently resides in Toronto, ON with her family. For more about her, check out:

Turquoiz Blue is from Atlanta, GA and is a crochet, knitter, seamstress and graphics/web designer. She loves to check out fashion trends, and looking at vintage fashions, fantasy costumes, and historical dress. She is an accomplished crafter who has had several designs featured in top craft magazines. She can be found on her blog at http:// as well as most social media sites under the name “TurquoizBlue�.

Aldonia has always been creative. To escape life she would find something creative to keep her occupied. Just last year she came across the world of fiber arts; and thought, crocheting looks like fun but refused to make your everyday blankets. With no one willing to teach a left handed person to crochet, she taught herself. After practicing and rewriting patterns she saw online she decided to write her own. She is an active volunteer for the children’s festival and fundraiser of Cochise County and is crocheting winter hats for the teens. She is from Bridgeport, Connecticut and have two loving children.She is also a self taught Left-handed crocheter since 2012. and the owner of Barnwell’s delight in Arizona

Copyeditor Karen Thistle’s Aunt Blanche was the first person to show her the joy and beauty of crochet. During one extended visit, her aunt made a zig-zag afghan to keep Karen’s mom cozy and also a matching skirt, top, and hat created with the same yarn for Karen’s doll. First lesson learned: crochet means love. Even so, Karen became a knitter around 1999—blame it on a failure of nerve; at the time, she felt she needed the security of two needles. In 2011, however, she got tired of having to pass up perfectly lovely patterns just because they were crochet. She grabbed a Boye hook, the book Crocheting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, and a ball of yarn, then started learning the craft in earnest. She’s loving it! Mom now has a rectangular shawl to cuddle up in as well.

Lamira is also new to our staff; born and raised in Washington, D.C, she began crocheting at the age of 14 and was blessed to have two aunts that taught her this beautiful craft. Lamira started out making granny squares and that quickly turned into blankets. Unfortunately, she stopped crocheting around the age of 17 but quickly began again when she became pregnant with her first son at the age of 22. Now at the age of 46, Lamira loves crocheting and cannot see herself without a hook and yarn. She loves to crochet blankets, hats (infant, children, and adult), and scarves. Her craft goals are to learn “Crochet By Numbers” technique by Todd Paschall and the Tunisian stitch. You can find Lamira on in several groups there!

I make One-of-a-kind, Unique, Handmade, Sexy for all sizes, Bathing Suits, Tops, Dresses, Shorts, Custom Jewelry and so much more. I have been doing this since I was ten years old when my mother taught me how to do a basic single crochet…I stopped for years until about 2004 when I made a bathing suit, just experimenting. A friend of mine liked it so much decided to she wanted to buy it from me and that is house initially Essential Esssences_Crochet and More started. I am mother of two wonderful boy and four stepsons, I am a wife to a great man that has supported me for over 12 years…this adventure into entrepreneurship started about 10 years ago selling things like crocheted Items and fashion jewelry. I have be doing this craft for many years and enjoy even more now then I did 10 years ago…I love creating new things and to see how far I can take my Craft. or www. My Motto is: Happiness; Love and Abundance PEACE AND LUV :)

I’m Julie... aka ACCROchet! I am also mom (& step-mom) to 2 teenagers, almost-wife to a fantastic man, and a communications professional. I live with my family & too many pets in the suburbs of Montreal. I’ve been an avid crocheter for over 10 years, and hope to make you an addict too! ACCROchet. In French, ACCRO means addict. I am a crochet addict. And am I attempting to hide it? Gawd no; quite the opposite! I publish my personal brand of crazy everywhere and for all to see! And I trust/hope you’ll join me. 10 years ago today (no matter when you read this, it’ll always be 10 years ago today) I picked up 2 knitting needles and some yarn my mom had laying around, and I decided to teach myself to knit. 22 minutes later, stressed and discouraged beyond belief I threw the needles across the room and wallowed in self-pity. But then… then I talked to an American friend who was crazy about crochet and she showed me that all I needed was one less tool! Crochet has evolved, has made itself over and is the current up-andcoming fiber star. It is modern and trendy. And so tragically misunderstood. Grab your hooks, people; we’re going to reshape the world one half-double at a time.

media KIT

Crochet is dominating the internet, books and newsstands. However, it hasn’t been until recently that the fashion and style of crochet are truly getting the shine and recognition they deserve. We’re shining a spotlight with Crochet Savvy, a magazine solely dedicated to the vast community of crocheters and the loyal fans of the art. Crochet Savvy is the brainchild of LaTonya “KeTurah Ariel” Malinconico and it is a free online magazine and blog dedicated to the work of fashion and crochet and the independent online retailers of the crochet world. Focusing on crochet, Crochet Savvy features up and coming crochet designers, bloggers, independent yarn suppliers, and yarn spinners and goes behind-the-scenes of crochet with tutorials, book recommendations, and how-to’s. For free, readers can subscribe to the blog and digital magazine, thereby gaining access to resources, deals, coupons, recommendations, and free patterns. For more information on Crochet Savvy Magazine and how to contribute, visit and follow us @ http:// Our staff of seven is close-knit though we live in different locations within the United States and Canada and all of us are avid crocheters. We all have many years of crafting experience as well as other accomplishments. Two of our staff members have business degrees and are designers, with one of them being an accomplished designer with patterns featured in many mainstream crochet magazines. The other has been in the music industry for the past 14 years now. Our newest members include one very creative U.S. Army Wife, and a proud U.S. Marine! Much of our staff are also members of the CGOA or support the

Guild in many ways both financially and/or physically through contests and shows.

Our Resume So far, we have featured novice and professional designers alike as well as interviewed some of the crochet world’s favorites such as Kathryn Vercillo from Crochet Concupiscence and author of Crochet Saved my Life, and Amy Shelton, former President of the Crochet Guild of America and co-founder of Crochetville. We have also featured articles highlighting designer TurquiozBlue from This is Crochet as well as interviewed the fabulous folks at the Crochet Guild of America, designer-Renaissance Austin, Clare Sullivan of YouTube channel BOBWILSON123, Stitchworks’ Brian Milco, Furls Crochet’s Harrison Richards, and many others. This special magazine issue also featured fabulous men in crochet including The Crochet Crowd, The CrochetDad, and Johnny Vasquez of! We also have sections that focus strictly on charity crochet and the organizations that support others. In our Fall 2012 Issue, we featured the story of a women who fought cervical cancer and survived, only to still battle obesity. She later lost over 100 pounds and shared her touching story with us all. We received so much love and support for her story alone that it made us even prouder to do what we do. In the Summer 2013 Issue, our cover featured a more averaged shaped model which inspired many reader emails expressing love for our magazine showing diversity within our crochet community. With our Winter Issue, we have gained many followers because we chose to feature a male cover story to show the other side of crochet. People have also emailed us with much encouragement and support and have let us know that we are the only magazine, whether free or paid, that features the designer and informative crochet stories instead of just patterns. We are very proud indeed to hold that title! WE ARE SMALL AND NEW BUT HERE ARE A FEW FACTS TO INSPIRE YOU: Our fan base has grown steadily on all of our social networks in only two years to include a little over 1,000 likes on Facebook, 114 fans on Google+, 339 followers on Twitter, and 156 members in our Ravelry group. Our Facebook page is very active with many likes and views per day, including tons of comments per post. Our email list has close to 1,250 subscribers, tripling in size since our Summer magazine issue. Finally, the website sees close to 172 views a day, equaling 61,920 views to date. “WE TAKE CARE OF THE INDEPENDENT DESIGNER, THE NEW ARTIST, AND THAT SPECIAL CROCHETER WHO HAS NOT MADE IT INTO THOSE BIG NAME BOOKS & MAGAZINES YET... I LOVE TO SEARCH FOR NEW TALENT; I USED TO DO IT WHEN I WORKED IN HIP HOP & IT IS A GIFT THAT SUITS ME. OUR MAGAZINE BRINGS THE SPOTLIGHT TO HIDDEN TALENT ALL OVER THE WORLD. I SEE CROCHET SAVVY AS OUR OWN SPECIAL PLACE, A SAFE HAVEN TO DISCUSS AND TALK AS WE SEE FIT- INDEPENDENTLY, DOING AS WE PLEASE AND GOING AGAINST THE MOLD, ALL WHILE SUPPORTING OTHER CROCHETERS IN THIS BUSINESS WHO ARE ALSO LIKE-MINDED. THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE FABULOUS & SAVVYDOING YOU AND DOING IT BIG.” -Keturah, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Our History Crochet Savvy began in the Spring of 2012 and has produced ten magazines thus far, including this one and our new Summer mini-magazine, which is one magazine per each season. Gaining followers and supporters, the free magazine and blog also incorporates many charity projects that its viewers can participate in and share with friends via social networking around the world. This online magazine is all

about the designer and fashion and how we as crocheters have the freedom to create and make anything work! Traditional features of our magazine and blog include video tutorials and podcasts from some of your favorite teachers in the crochet world. We post photos and outfits of the day to help foster your creative side as well as tips and secrets for helping you “crochet savvy” in the home, at work, or wherever you are. Crochet Savvy is about fun, fashion, and crochet! We are not just a pattern;we get the story behind the designer to the sweat and tears behind some of the most fashionable and quirky personalities out there, both known and unknown to the big world of crochet. So join us online via your favorite social networks and subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed to get the latest updates in the world of fashion and crochet and continue to “crochet savvy”!

CrochetSavvy in the Media • Crochetville mentions us on their website and gives us a great big shout out! Thanks to Amy for allowing us to interview her about Crochetville. • We are featured on Kathryn Vercillo’s article on “5 Mags that Celebrated Crochet Saved my Life.” It was a great honor to interview Kathryn. Her book was so profound, and many crocheters have the same story. • Malinconico, Crochet Savvy’s Founder & Editor-in-Chief is honored to become a Guest Blogger on, thereby uniting our cause with theirs and gaining a great network of other crocheters in the process.



cover story Renaissance Austin

Q) What have you been doing since your magazine cover feature? A) Since the last interview things have been going really well. All of the designers at The Collection at Icis has finally closed down, but we have kept our relationships. It was an amazing opportunity to be a part of that pop-up boutique. We ended our season with a large fashion show charity event in which I was able to make connections with Beth Payne, a known rising actress who has just finished starring in a gospel play. I’ve been teaching at Joann Etc., but my last day there will actually be on April 30th because I am transitioning to a new craft studio, Sew Crafty Studios, where I will be teaching basic crochet and knitting to children and adults as well as advanced crochet. I will also be selling finished good there. With the new year comes many new ideas, directions and transitions and on the 30th of this month I will be moving my studio from downtown Los Angeles and have decided to do some creative explorations around the city this summer. I am managing and still teaching at Gather Yarn Shop where I meet some amazing customer, some in which I’ve even maintained close friendships. To bring balance to my life I started taking beginning guitar for adults at Colburn School. It has been amazing. The semester will be ending soon on April 29th.

Q) Do you think that you being on our cover has helped to boost your business a bit? A) Oh absolutely. I believe that all opportunities to be featured are a plus. My audience is always looking forward to Raghouse International progression. They want to know that we are always doing things and moving forward. Not only that but I love Crochet Savvy Magazine and all it has to offer. This allows me to promote the magazine even more. If anything, hopefully others will be introduced to it and become a regular subscriber. Q) Update us on your live crochet event and how did that go? A) “Body Glove� was the name of my live crochet event which took place at Gather Yarn Shop DTLA. This was our Thursday event for the Los Angeles Yarn Crawl 2014. It was so amazing. I had a couple people there that were really looking forward to seeing me crochet live over a real person and that was very encouraging. I was very happy with how the design came out and have just finished editing video from the event. From this event we got the idea to do this more often. It’s the idea of live performance art. I totally became addicted to it and will be pursuing this goal throughout the summer, so I am organizing proposals now to get booked at galleries and boutiques for the live crochet demonstration.

Q) Give us any details on your new designs or patterns for sale! A) Indeed! I am currently building up my account where I will be selling patterns soon. One large tasks I just accomplished is adjusting and streamlining my Chain Reaction collection pattern. I’ve organized it into three sizes, small, medium, and large. This way the pattern will be less confusing and won’t have sizes 0 to 16 on it. That would be way too many numbers! lol. I have also redesigned my Body Knit garment. I added armholes and I actually made it into a hand knit pattern that is seamless. Now people have the opportunity to knit the Body Knit by hand. Before I was making them on the knitting machine. That pattern will be available soon. Q) Where can people find you- location locally and online? A) People can find me in various places online.,, Renaissance C.M. Austin Raghouse International Studios Luxury Knitwear & Accessories 541 S. Spring Street Los Angeles, Ca 90013 Gather Yarn Shop DTLA Chief Crochet Designer/Instructor 453 S. Spring Street, 2nd FL, M1 Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Q) Anything else that you would like to add- any events coming up, classes that you are teaching, etc. A) I have major plans this summer. As I mentioned before I am moving my studio from Downtown Los Angeles this summer and am taking some time to do creative exploration throughout the city. I am looking forward to starting at Sew Crafty Studios and with my new Designer Aesthetic video I will be submitting it to every yarn shop that exist on all seven continents. It seems so ambitious, but this is the summer where I am really looking to work my resources in a major way and with a strong desire to travel and teach more I will be looking for a shop that is interested in having a really great crochet teacher. I’ve already started submitting my design portfolio to independent yarn brands to see about designing for them. I was interested in designing for Shibui, and even though they liked my designs and considered them to be forward they are currently keeping their designs in house. I did get some interest from Quince & Co and will follow up with them soon. Along with these goals I can’t wait until my next live crochet event. It’s all about gaining more exposure this summer. It will be a good set up for the Fall.


Fierce and on Fire

Q) Where did you grow up and how long have you been crocheting? A) I grew up in Harlem, N.Y., and I’ve been crocheting since the age of four4. My mom was a knitter, and that’s how I was introduced/exposed to crafting ultimately that’s how I picked up the craft. I remember making a purse at the age of nine9. My mom said that if someone put something down in front of me that, I had quick hands and was able the pick up the concept and do it. Although my mom was a knitter (that’s how I was introduced to crafting) ultimately d that’s how I picked it up.

Q) Who inspired you to start crocheting? A) I don’t know. God has blessed me with my hands. I paint, do hair, and no one taught me. It is a God givenGod-given talent! However, the comedian/actress Monique inspired me to do a line of plus sizeplussize clothing after watching her movie ‘”Big Girls’..” Q) You have quite a few YouTube Vlogs. What inspired you to start sharing your work? A) My followers! They would always ask me to do a video of various items. They also would ask what I was working on, how were things were coming along, and how did the finished product come out. Q) I have seen your designs on Where do you get your inspirations for your designs? A) Many times, I can look at something and start doing it. It will change as I go along. Sometimes, I see colors and I can envision the designs that I can make out of those specific colors. I love seeing the an item once it is completed.

Q) I love that you cater to women of all shapes and sizes. With an industry that is so focused on women that are a size 6 and below, what, if any, negative feedback have you received designing plus size apparel? A) As a full-figured woman I have made things for myself. So wWhen I started researching things to make, I only saw apparel for small women. So, I said if it I can make it in a small size, then I can make it in a larger size. I used the Double Stitch Twins’ designs as a foundation and added on to make it for me. Although I take measurements, I work better visually. When I receive requests for items, I ask for measurements in addition to a picture. I haven’t received or heard any negative feedback. However, one time my husband was video-ing a fashion show and someone made a comment on the model but not the design or apparel. I get positive feedback because I can design for all sizes and I don’t discriminate. As a matter of fact, I am commended because I can crochet for any shape and size.

Q) In your YouTube video NEW I AM Crochet Vlog, you mentioned that you were doing a two-day fashion show and vending. How long does it take to prepare designs for a fashion show and vending to sell your items? A) It doesn’t take long to do items for a fashion show or vending. I work on a couple of items at a time. Normally, it takes me a few hours or a couple of days to complete an item because I work on them simultaneously. Because I have a large inventory, I don’t worry about selling items or vending. Often timesOftentimes I crochet while models are going on the stage, so I’m constantly working on designs. Q) You had an opportunity to design for the Real House WifeHousewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks. What did you design and how was the experience? A) The experience started off well but didn’t end the way it started. I made her a black cover-up dress. She wore it last season when they went to Angola. It was the topic of the season. The dress was long, about ankle length. It had a scoop neck, the back was to the tailbone and it was an open concept. Q) In your I AM Crochet Vlog 10, you mentioned that the Double Stitch Twins (Monika and Erika Simmons) are your mentors. Has Have the Double Stitch Twins inspired your designs?, if,If so, how? A) They have inspired my designs because they think outside the box! Their books, Crochet Fashionista Workbook and Double Stitch: Designs for the Crochet Fashionista shows show designs for the styles women are wearing today. This isn’t your grandmother’s crochet; this is everyday fashion for today’s

fashionista. I would look at their patterns and was able to follow them before I was ever able to read a pattern. Q) Your YouTube video I AM Crochet Vlog 42 Breast Cancer was absolutely amazing! What/Who inspired you to design apparel for Breast breast Cancer cancer and did this inspire I AM Crochet for the Cause? Do you sell your breast cancer apparel to raise money for breast cancer awareness/research? A) My cousin Beth Goodman had breast cancer. You would have never known she had cancer because of the way she carried herself and continued her normal day-to-day schedule. I remembered when she had shaved her head. I didn’t think anything about it because this was Beth, her style, no rhyme or reason. I remember I was with her when a co-worker asked her if she had cancer. When she said yes, I was shocked because I had no idea! Beth didn’t have a problem with letting people know that she had breast cancer. And with her personality you wouldn’t have known she had breast cancer because she was so full of life. Her demeanor never changed! It was at that time I realized more awareness needs to be brought to this disease and to the understanding that breast cancer is not a death sentence. I crochet items for breast cancer and other types of cancer. I make several blankets for those who have various types of cancer. So, if a person requests a blanket or any other item for someone that has cancer,. I will deduct a portion [of the price] is taken off that item and donate it to that particular cancer organization. Q) Your love and passion for crocheting no doubt has inspired many that love the art of crochet. What advice you give those that crochet and want to create designs and build a business selling their apparel? A) When it comes to anything you do make sure you love and enjoy it! As long as you have a passion for it, nothing can take that away. You have to have passion and understand that nothing happens overnight. If you look at it as work, you will get tired. I look at it as; : “I’m blessed to get paid for what I love to do.” Know that God will make room for your talent. God has given me a gift with my hands. If you can think it and tell it to me I can bring it to life. My motto is, “My motto is, “I Am Crochet Designs are handmade crochet designs to be worn, admired, and desired for all walks of life; every shape and size, man, woman, and child.” When you make a mistake, don’t look at it as something you did wrong but a new design. Only you know that you made a mistake. You add to it or take something out of it. If you look at it from this perspective, you will not beat yourself up. Facebook: Ebony Chappel (Pronounced as “Chapel”) Instagram: IAMCROCHET

This season it’s all about crochet sandals, hats, tops, shorts and swimsuits. Everything crochet is appearing in the fashion headlines and runways. Check out our summer crochet look-book based on fabulous sets and collections via Try Polyvore today, its a great website to create sets of looks that you love! Special Thanks to all the folks out there who came up with the sets and collections that we decided to feature!

wear crochet

summer PATTERNS Apple Martini Earrings by: Keturah Ariel

Level: Advanced Beginner Skills needed: Simple hand sewing Working with thin crochet thread Materials Aunt Lydia’s Size 10 Crochet Thread, small amounts of each in 1 MC “French Rose” color and 1 CC “Cream” color for the Rose earrings

• Crochet Steel Hook sizes: 6, 7, 8, or B/1 (1.6-2.25 mm) • Earring closures, for pierced ears, that hang down in some way • Sewing needle and matching cream colored thread for hand sewing • Scissors • Old bangles or hoop earrings for upcycling Abbreviations: • • • •

MC Main Color CC Contrasting Color sc Single Crochet ch Chain

Instructions: Row 1: With MC held to the back, insert your hook through the middle of the bangle/old hoop earring and draw up a loop. Yarn over and pull through both loops. This creates a sc stitch that will encase the bangle. Continue to sc in this same manner for 80-100 sc to create a very tightly bound row of pink around the bangle. If your bangle is bigger than average, you will probably need to create more stitches to cover the whole thing. Regardless of size, when you can no longer see the bangle underneath, slip stitch into the first stitch made from the row, break off the yarn and fasten. Row 2: With CC, sc into every stitch made on the first row. When you have come to the very end, slip stitch into the first stitch of the row. Ch 5, break yarn, and fasten off leaving a long tail roughly 6 inches long. Adding the earring closures: This process will be a little different depending on the type of findings you choose. I chose earring closures that simply hang down. They only have one loop at the bottom for sewing into your handmade earrings. With needle and thread, hand sew the earring closure onto the last chain of the earring. This will make your earrings moveable and dangle in any direction. Then you will simply wrap the rest of the chain around the base of the earring closure until only a little remains. Then knot it or thread it in the needle and sew it onto itself. -ORIf you want your earrings to stay still, attach the earring closure right at the first chain near the actual earring. Then simply wrap the rest of the chain around the base of the earring closure until only a little remains. Then knot it, or thread it into the needle and sew it onto itself. You now have a great pair of earrings for the summer! (This pattern can be used for any type and size yarn as seen with the green pair of earrings in the photo.)

coming soon...August 2014!

Sunburst Vacation Scarf by: Lorene Haythorn Eppolite

This scarf can be worn in a variety of ways, as a bathing suit wrap or a head wrap for hanging out on the beach, or a dress up wrap or even a cowl for evening dinners. It is a simple design that will go well with any outfit. This vacation scarf can be made in any size. This size requires only one hank, in order to achieve larger sizes you will need an additional hank. The best way to measure for what size you will need is to measure your hips at their widest point and subtract 10. That is how long, in inches you will make your beginning foundation chain. My hips measure 34” so I made my starting foundation chain 24”. I did not use specific measurements in this pattern so that it can be easily adapted. Since the colors are what I really wanted to stand out in this pattern, it is a very simple design and will be easy to change size. Materials: Darn Good Yarn’s Anamika Silk/Silk Cloud yarn in Sunburst 4.0mm crochet hook small needle to weave in ends Finished Size: 26”x26” or any size you choose

Abbreviations and Stitches used: st- stitch sp- space sl st- slip stitch insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over and pull through stitch, (two loops on hook), pull loop closest to hook through other loop fdc- foundation double crochet Chain 3(counts as 1st fdc). Yarn over and insert hook in 3rd chain from hook. Yarn over and pull up loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 1 loop (this is an important step but easy to forget). Yarn over and pull through first two loops on hook (two loops remaining). Yarn over again and pull through last two loops on hook. This completes the second fdc (remember your 1st ch3 counted as the 1st fdc) hdc- half double crochet yarn over, insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over and pull through stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over, pull through all three loops dc- double crochet yarn over, insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over and pull through stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over, pull through first two loops on hook, yarn over and pull through last two loops

Pattern 1.

Foundation dc a chain to desired length (I made mine 100fdc or 24”)


Ch 2 (counts as 1st dc). Dc in 2nd st and every st across (100)

3. Repeat line 2 until your length measures the same as your width (this was 68 more rows in my case at which point my scarf measured 22”x22”) 4. Check for squareness. To do this you can fold your piece in half from corner to corner, there should be very little, if any overlapping. Fold in half corner to corner again and recheck. If your piece is not square you may need to remove or ad a row or two. 5. In corner, where you finished. Ch2 and 2hdc in same sp. 1hdc in between every post around. 3hdc in corner. Crochet along next side *1hdc in 1st sp. 2hdc in next sp. Repeat from * around with 3hdc in corner. Crochet along next side. 1hdc in between every post around. 3hdc in corner. Crochet along last side *1hdc in 1st sp. 2hdc in next sp. Repeat from * around. Sl st into the top of the ch2 to join round. 6. Sl st into next st. Ch2 and 2hdc in same st. 1hdc in every st around entire piece, placing 3hdc in every corner. Sl st into the top of the ch2 to join round. 7.

Repeat line 6, 3 more times for a total of 5 hdc rows around entire peice

8. Sl st into next st. ch3 and 8dc in same sp. *Skip 3sps and 7dc in sp between posts. Repeat from* around entire piecie, placing 9dc in each of the 3 remaining corners. Sl st into the top of the ch3 to join. 9. Optional finish- sc in ever st of clusters and 1sl st in between clusters, all the way around entire finished peice. This is optional but I believe it gives the piece a nice finished look. You have completed your Sunburst Vacation Scarf. Here are just some of the ways you can wear your scarf, but the possibilities are endless.

As always, have fun and…Happy Hookin’

aisha’s fab swimsuits featuring our very own Aisha Fraizer once again for her wonderful work on her swimsuit line!

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Crochet Savvy Magazine June 2014 Summer  

This issue packs a punch with Renaissance Austin on the cover, shows you how to rock this seasons most desired fashion pieces, features Ebon...

Crochet Savvy Magazine June 2014 Summer  

This issue packs a punch with Renaissance Austin on the cover, shows you how to rock this seasons most desired fashion pieces, features Ebon...