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by croc e moses

Shouts for THROUGH “This book is a pH meter tracking an itinerant pinball while it scribbles through an arena of critical issues. A crash course in wake up calls. A coup de tilt on the mainstream.” – Terrence Le Roux, The Times Chronicle “Swollen….Medium raw……page after page of recovering tongues. Deep tissue massage. Mr. Moses treats you like a great reader.” – Traditional Healers Journal “THROUGH maps the labyrinth of mental loopiness dominating the human collective.” “Existential escapism at its best worst. Watch out. This will blow your mind. Be careful where you sit when you read this.” - Fastforward Dlamini, Sidvokodvo Daily Express “Spoof to the rescue. Based on a true story too.” - Dudu Mshigishi, Out There Book Review


“Wisdom from deeper than the grave. Not that there is really anything left to say.” - Ruth Mendoza, Manyberries Weekly Express “The most up to date seismographic reading of our times. A time capsule for when the fan hits the shit. Oh, my word. Enough said!” – The Ventriloquests Quarterly “I suppose the best place to read this book would be on a transatlantic boat or plane trip. Or even better, in the desert, somewhere where one has little distraction, where one cannot hide and are confined to concentration.” “Fragmented words reflecting a disparate society. Mr. Moses is a natural skeptic. His book is flawed and is not an easy read. Nonetheless it had to be written and must be read!” “A low-fi introduction to poetry – the age old edge.” 2

“This books seems to be some kind of compact repository. It dares to constellate between and contain the most incongrous of subjects - From physics, poetry, economics, philosophy, the absurd, humour, freedom, love, politics, south Africa, song, time, sex, imagination, to anger and prayer. Probably some research done where the wind doesn’t take a holiday.” “Protest writing will never die. Most of this book will give you a migraine. You’d have to read it twice a year for the rest of your life for it to make any sense. Don’t let this stop you from finishing however.” - Blog A Lot “I suppose this books travels through it all - Through the chaos is inter-conectivity, the embrace we are all looking for.” “THROUGH is a suspension bridge that crosses so many dangerous cavities, successfully linking the many hemisfears of our planet. We have before us a new plane on which to interface.” - The Paegan Detective Association 3

Other outpourings: Poems TWILIGHT SUNBURN (2004) CD MELLOWDRAMA (2006)

available at The Book Lounge, Cape Town Xarra Books, Johannesburg Bookart Bookshop, London 4

through A story, an essay, a pome, a game?

by croc e moses (crooKID smugfool)

All words, drawings, doodles, artwork, photos, and book design by croc e moses. 2nd editionŠ 2008 croc e moses SOUND SPRUNG P.O. Box 1465 Sun Valley South Africa 7985 The publication of this book was made possible by THE COMMUNITY PUBLISHING PROJECT which was initiated by NB Publishers and the Centre for the Book, with a founding sponsorship by Via Afrika, further sponsorship by Nasou Via Afrika and the MAPP Seta. ISBN 978-0-620-42469-1 6

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warning! man mined mind made “We have art, so that we shall not be destroyed by truth.” - Nietzsche “The sense within that can understand the language spoken without word” - Hazrat Inayat Khan




Walking, perfumed in car fumes is Madala, his briefcase, three dogs and a beat box. Even though his radio station is in parallax, the Mahotella Queens are still coming through loud and clear…‘Music is the juice from the same pot, same pot…’. And now, to be chased by plastic bags and cornered by the wind in this hungry country sentenced to heart burn. It’s a healthy week of hell in paradise. You’re welcome to esCape Town! The end. Make no mistake there is long mischief at work here! When you weren’t looking, where you weren’t looking, storytelling invoked imagination’s wilderness. Daydream wants to know about Madala. 11

What’s in the briefcase? How to get hands on that pot? At this point we are in the playful hands of symbols and their extended family. How silly. Is this some kind of game? Is this still a story? Game or story, can this be both? Nonetheless between these two overlapping reveries is a blind spot. A moment of funny bone relativity here. As accidental relatives we delineate before a subtle interface. By interactive accident we co-constellate in symbols’ uncharted family tree. You don’t have to believe. Just keep reading. Give patience a chance. Reader and writer, players alike, it does not matter who is who. Here, we are hopelessly privileged in the sport of ink. A charged ball point. 12

This is our predicament. A shared ball point. A dream team of speech bubbles about to play ourselves out face to face at the interface. Hosted by a roving blind spot - our capacitor and our sponsor – hinting that mischief is a team sport story. One game to be won together! Word play game story. This time there is no time. No sidelines. No time outs. No half time. We’re going to take back time to find the time where there is no time. Otherwise ball point becomes a letter bomb, time bomb, mind bomb - A dangerous laxative! By now such deep reading has us storyzoned. There’s no going back. There’s no un-reading. Under the 13

ball point my silent partners, we are bound in spell. Upended, heads down, mouths a gasp, we have started leaking tongues, spilling beans. In rolls, vollies and slip stitches, ball point defies definition on behalf of blind spot. That is the nature of the ball. There can be no game plan. This fugue (itive) is in full harmonic swing. The beans have been taken by the balls. Ball is rolling, screaming and kicking. Steam rolling, full spleen ahead‌




Thank you for winning and thank you for losing, but what’s there to gain? These days there’s nothing left to win. There is only the nature of the ball. There are no more real prizes. Unfortunately right now there’s just real lies and real false prizes. Predictable trophies (predictable as shit). The shiny ones. Shiny pretensions of greatness. Brand new, as in brand spanking fuck you trophies. You know the ones that disgrace the downtown streets of the Mother City. Every fuckin city. Fuck the 4x4 supermodel limousine trophies. Fuck ‘em. Fuck fuck fuck the SUV supermodel limousine trophies. 17

You know, the ones that keep Madala constantly perfumed in car fumes. The ones with the phat takkies. The ones that never go off road. The ones with no mud on their mud guards. Meanwhile it’s the muddy cars that save water. We’re not here to talk about the Vaallies. That’s old school. We’re here to spill beans, shitting on trophies spleen. Like pissing in the bucket seats of trophy convertibles. Anus up against megaphone. Graffiti diarrhea. Dangerous laxatives linger in your neighborhood. Trophies for what anyway? Champions of what? Thank you for winning and thank you 18

for losing, but there’s nothing to gain. Your real prize is that there are no prizes, only viruses. Perpetual virus. How? Why? Well let’s spit it out, spill it out, spell it out. These are trophies for obesity. They are the showpiece trophies of forex currency speculation casino. Currency that has become invisible slavery. Call it global economic apartheid. A cash sport, alive and kicking. You could call it ultra orthodox casino. Some super hot poker that’s stoking human worthlessness. Fucking slot machine minds. All driven to win 4x4 5x5 fuckXfuck supermodel limousine trophies. Super tinted. 19

Alive, alluring and provoking the actual majority. Provoking all of us, generation after generation, to lie and petty crime cheat our way to freedom - Which in the end is just becomes a freedom to fool ourselves (that’s greed). A freedom enshrined in mass media. Mask media masquerading as your imagination. Weapons of mass distraction. TV or not TV? Lies are probably the thing we take most for granted. The prime riddle we never question. Are we therefore witnessing a genetic predisposition to lies and delusions? An addiction to denial? Is this the default human condition? A codependency we can’t live without? 20

Suppose you could say that honesty becomes madness then. The same madness that’s making us twitch in the face of so many bullies (the proliferation of supermodel limousine trophies). More and more petrol guzzling bullies, cruising, showboating, parking in the way of all of us. More and more posing in front of more and more homeless kids, any kids, we are all still kids. And still, down south, Africa south, there are so many kids without shoes. They’re trying to tell us kids that we are the future, when behind our backs they’re plundering the exclusive rights to the future 21

through binding word contracts. They own the rights to the future, because with words they have drilled and monopolized the mining rights to your mind. UNDERMINED. Throwing the ‘Third World’ a lifeline. Always selling, always loaning the ‘Third World’ a license to live. Like they think they can upstage the sun trophy story or something. Inspiration is the sun, sunshine is for everyone. Who exactly are they anyway? It might already be too late to start copyrighting your imagination, to patent dreams. Yet that may be all that we will have left. Your gut instincts may become your only safe bet currency. 22

Money as we know it is quickly running out of value. If you change your money you can change your world. There are alternatives. Do it while you still can. While the madness still makes sense.





So many private banks. So many suspense accounts. So much misappropriation. So much decapitation. So many suspended bombs. So many vainglorious dreams burning up so much fossil fuel. So much news. So much word play advertising. So many #1 best sellers (books). So little time to read. So much coffee for anti gravity. So many #1 djs. So little music aloud to live LIVE. So much wind. So much hollow traffic (cars with only one person). So many ideas. So much we don’t know. So many steakholders. So much cake at stake. So many decisions. Not much choice. So many marginalized. So many many. So many manies. 27

So many words on paper. So many terms and conditions. So many paper cuts. So many killer dead lines. So many drowning in paperwork . Is this your life story in a game you didn’t choose? Empire’s got you by the balls of your ass. It pump fucks you with shit and lies. Sperming you with red tape(worms). Behind your back empire is raping you. You’re down on your knees constipated and confused. You’re having problems saying ‘NO’. Empire of lies exists and thrives because you will not stand up and take a stand. Madala incidently has taken to walking. Are you banking your head against a brick wall? Are you feeling red for life? Please be careful. 28

Mind your head. There must be other ways to detach from bank’s frost bit cancer kiss. People we don’t need a word license to live. Don’t buy it. Don’t buy into complication. Don’t have to buy into the lying games. Don’t buy into the extortion. Yeh, so many drugs. So many (p)illusions. So much eavesdropping. So much name dropping. So few dare dreamers. There’s so much digital camera clitoral. So many plastic chrome button thingies getting in the way of love. The digital clitoratti addicted to quick click clit. Damn computer still won’t orgasm. 29

So addicted to reflected light. Addicted to reflection. The reflection shines off and on. By and by, on and on…So much shiny plastic trophies getting in the way of love. So many diamonds. So many mirrors. So much attraction to distraction, blindness infection. Bling bling blinded by delights. The reflection shines on and on. We’re blind because we turn a blind eye. Bubbleblind. So many fears. So many tears. So many onion skins. Nest of lies, lies and more lies. Liar upon layer upon lair. Compulsive duplicity. Mythomaniacs at large. Who’s the king of your mirror? Before you answer, remember who your sponsor is. 30



We can’t blame america everybody. It no longer exists. It’s gone to the dogs. Godless dogs. In Dog they trust. Hear that Mr. bush. We know you no longer exist. We say so, because we think so, cause we know so. We no longer donate blood word thought breath to your existence. You’re just a village fool fronting somebody else’s shop. A judas christ mannequin. Star spangled decoy. A cocker spaniel in the cock pit. Dogs stuck in the act. Super phallus quo. Killer dog shit dogma killing our kids. Now the dog shit’s gone digital. Digital divide. Digital apartheid. Careful, its subliminal, dangerous indelible. 33

Star spangled decoys. Sugar armies. So many nano cookies in the bloodstream. So much sticky stagnant mainstream. So many thingys, so much fear getting in the way of love. So much mind made trickery, man made fungi thievery. So much sticky fester in the love river......

Life goes on and with it the lying games continue. Do we remeber this day: “The 2006 World Cup bid goes to, deutchland!?” Dream on South Africa. Rigged global apartheid cash sport. D E M O C R AT I C A PA R T H E I D . Smacks of bad sportsmanship. That’s what it is. A corporate match fixing tradition – A bored game. Frot with WorldWideWankers. Big wank big oink. It’s most probably a few global bankers frot with fraught money. Frot monkey money in the hands of fraught monkey kings. Bean counters. Counterfeit money drunk souls all under the influence of affluence. 35

Ok, we are all under some influence, but this isn’t in accordance with abundance. This is Bushwazee men’s club banking on war. All in the name of cashish. Gambling whores for oil wars. Whore games. Monkey kings trafficking credit. Trafficking humans through foreign currency slavery. Do you get it? Foregin currency speculation is tantamount to modern day slavery. Somebody else owns your government. Someone else owns your money, stupid! Somebody else owns you!! 36

The foreign currency mechanism legally allows empire to inconspicuously extend its palace/brothel of exclusivity to all corners of the earth. The word ‘tourism’ is a spell used to justify implanting into the most beautiful and vulnerable countries a dependency on foreign exchange. It is one big front. A vast invisible subliminal hoodwink. To put it into perspective we’d have to say that tax havens underwrite child sex tourism. Basically it’s tantamount to paedophilia. 37

Money is a strange lover. Always got to stick it somewhere right? Hole in one megability. If it looks good you can fuck it. If you can fuck it you can sell it, if you can sell it you can own it. If you can own it you can kill it. Making a living. Making a killing. Money is human rights issue number zero. O. One ring to rule them all. Prime circle. Prime zero. Noose. The biggest blind spot. Money, the truest lie of all. It’s such a micro whole, we don’t dare let ourselves admit that the money system 38

as we know it is an inbred circulation of psychopathic wealth. It’s gone varicose, the gene pool of insider trading. Sweating sweat shops. Blisters. So much damned up damage ‘Third World’ debt in the throes of thrombosis, desperately wanting to be a renewable resource. Its gonna burst. Re-birth quake on the horizon. New blood new veins - Majority minority stuck with the labour pains. ‘Expressions that have tears like furrows of soil erosion,’ wrote Mongane Wally Serote. The need for spleen ventilation is long overdue. 39

M e g a d o n g a captivity – That’s Afrika. Even though she was sold, mortgaged, branded a long time ago, she is still able to teach. Down here, you definitely can’t take your cows to the bank. Are you still banking your head against a brick wall again? African style capitalism? Slaves to the white sugar hangover? It’s a long walk to freedom. Freedom to be free. Free to recover from our selves and each other. Soapy soup opera winfrey. Yeh, whatever. 40

Madala may still sign documents with a thumbprint and mission for his pension, but he means business. He has three dogs for protection and he has a briefcase. The future is in his briefcase. He knows zenophobia is not the future. He knows the future is underground community banks in the location! Bush banking. In this land of stray bullets and not so stray bullets, in this land where weekends have become funerals, in this land of shifting goalposts, South Africa would do well rather to host the 2010 Foozball World Cup (table soccer). Viva Foolsball. Yebo yes! 41

Slow down. Calm down. Calm down to come down. Great reader, you might be reading a little too fast. Got to make the book last. If you’re getting agitated that’s a good sign. If you’re getting irritated that’s even better. Look up, look up, smell some peoples in the eye…pace and the pulse and the peace. Pace and the pulse and the peace. Keep reading. Give patience a chance. Don’t think to much while you’re reading though. 42

Save energy. Your brain will do the maths, the grammar and even the composting for you. Your mind however is a little more complicated.





Oh, the joys of maintaining a grand state of denial. The spectacle of plastic surgery, theme parks, science of cash sport casino et all. Meanwhile, everywhere you look there seems to be such a shortage of homes. Yet there are so many empty holiday homes. There’s so much rented life. So much time share everywhere.All this so the elite can shit perfume and sit pretty in the Mother City. Everyone else sitting downstream windy in the mother shitty? All this just trophies for obesity and all other forms of plastic sugary. Trophies for obesity. 47

4x4 supermodel limousine trophies. So many Humvees, defenders, raiders, chelsea tractors and all the other SUVs. We need sub dubmarines. Spleen to the rescue. Got to spill spill spill those beans. Reminder: This is bushwazee men’s club banking on war. Aiding and abetting war games. Gulf club gambling whores for war. In other words it’s the collective male snake blow jobbing its own tail. Well oiled wanking. Junkie shuffle. Blowing itself away with the help of some new extreme weather patterns. 48

Big wank yields big oink markets. Black gold blood stains (asbestos still mollesting). Forcing us all to suck petrol pump penus, while the kids sing ‘Who’s your daddy’ in the back of the car. It’s not nice being sucked into someone else’s blow job is it? So many homophobic dictators. So many souls growing up with freedom in the pipeline. Even adults suckling for freedom from a pipeline. It’s on the tits of everyone’s tongue and yet it still will not com. Bred to be natural born suckers. Sucking for success. 49

This is not funk and games, this is fuck and games pedophilia crime. It’s as sick  as fathers raping their sons: Sons raping their fathers. 911 twin turbo castration. Angry prayers in the cock pit. It is a crash course in wake up calls, a coup de tilt on the mainstream. Staged foreshadowing? You rape artists are raping the mystery. Aphrodisiac your thirst sport with someone else’s blood. Get down on your own knees. Start sucking your own blood. Stop shooting up with the blood of our indigenous angels. You drivers of the divide, you keepers of the lie with your 50

international best practice and due diligence. You bean counter junkies, you have made a perversion of poverty. You have made a perversion of human rights and other theories of relativity. Basically because you can afford water, you can afford to take it for granted. You rape artists, You drivers of the divide, you keepers of the lie, you bean counters, you are all still thirsty. Yes you will drown in a bloodless desert of withdrawal, counting testicles. Madala and his loyal but always hungry dogs will appear on the horizon. This mirage will taunt your inability to repent. You won’t be able to escape the delirium of guilt. In the sand will surface messages like this⇒ 51


Reminder: No half time. No half time like last time. The way we are led to play rat race time game is the biggest White lie. Humanity can only walk a backward destination for so long. Don’t look back. The appearance of more change is actually the reality of things staying more and more the same. More stone bones. Sick history of repetition. So is it all because of genetic corruption? Is our indifference criminal negligence? As long as the blissfully ignorant righteous mainstream is the default religion (pasteurized homogenized), there will always be corporate 53

pharmaceutical dream team golf course monopoly propping up super phallus quo. This is bushwazee men’s club banking on war. Aiding and abetting. Gambling whores for oil wars. Growing in leaps and bombs. Bumper crop. Bank stabbers always at Africa’s back. Cyber imperialism because of technology complicity. Godless dogs bank wanking war. Sado-masochistic marathon squeeze. Drifting acid state political tourniquet. Competition between corporate religions is good for business. It pays dividends. And it keeps our self destruction in business. 54



Fear is the empire. Fear is chemical. Trace elements inbreeding. Big business kiss spreading. Bedding down with empire embedding. Dictated by a cancer of chronic abundance. A bored game - Old money monopoly monarchy. Old money sick of itself, sick of the hiding, sick of the lying. Old money dying. Old funny money refusing to change because there is too much cake at stake. So many steakholders. Old money drowning in its own vomit…sick of cannibalism! The funny money party is coming to end. 57

Is there space for us all in this crazy maze? Is grace still amazing? Can we ever love without lying? Can we ever love without fear of feeling? Without fear of being naked. The fear of life with out lies. Fear of finity. Fear of not enough love, fear of life, fear of death. Even fear of infinity. Fear is the invisible king. Empire is fear based. Fear is the nuclear power station driving globalization, funnelling, siphoning, creaming all energy sources. Nuclear fear of inertia? (Viva freedom from fear, Viva wild life!) 58

Empire is banking on mainstream predictability, mainstream fear. Gimmicks for the guilty gullible. For instance the well managed celebrity solar system. So many model mannequins. Science of pimping plastic to the masses. Sick history of repetition. Pimping humanity into a hybrid slavery of living suicide. Hamsters tredding russian roulette wheels for the imperial cassino (all made in china of course). Danger of a unified hole where the spokes people can’t speak. Not a good thing not a bad thing, for life as we know it is patent pending. Because somewhere somehow something is pumping hard. 59

Something is pumping harder. Pimping markets harder and harder just to harvest trophies, so a few half-manequins can go on canned trophy hunting trips in countries that depend on foreign exchange. Trophies for fat cat vanity. Trophies for obesity. Psychosexual obesity. Say nobessity say nobessity. There’s empire megability on the loose conscripting humanity into titanic believing. Titanic insurance misleading  humanity into titanic demographics. Feeding us hunger, breeding us craving and chasing sweet carrot thought thingy chaos we don’t need. (A karrat 60

is the closest most of us will get to a diamond) Feeding us addiction to our minds. Priming us to believe in lies. Perpetuating separation. Slaves behind bar codes. Sentenced to a freedom to fool ourselves. Trapped in escape. Keeping us chasing the carrot tit of casino and national lottery. Keeping us sucking for success‌leaving us high and dry breathing our own exhaust(ion). Humiliation, eats one alive from the inside. End up starving our hearts. Sewing love anorexic. Violent innocence. Violent ignorance. Its on the tits of everyone tongue. In the global village so much competition. Privilege of choice. 61

Privilege of privacy. Private titillation. Even so much slam poetry competition. Trophies for obesity to keep the global shit ship system flatulent and bloating. Over consumption is the systems’ ballast. Yes shit floats. One up man ship to keep the mainstream shit ship afloat. Civilization is one big floating coffin for mainstream manequins.

So many billionaire millionaires. So many zeros doubling, bubbling in bank accounts. Virtual wealth. So much techno blister burst 62

potential. So many bubbles could self liquidate. Emergent insurgent self-detergent soap sud wealth. Billion bubble drum hatching, dot to dot picture, everything overlapping in clapping bankrupture. Crack contraction. Cracks are just the bigger picture flood hatching. The hi-flying ship of civilization is a titanic mannequin running aground. Here comes the correction, here comes the ground. The ship/ coffin is going down and with it the old money is drowning, self-liquidating. You don’t have to be a captain CEO to know the ship is sinking. Its actually self-scuttling. Things have always 63

been hopeless titanic entropy. It’s not wrong. It’s not right. It’s normal natural empty chaos providing. Present moment spin, flux and reflux flooding. Think or swim drama. Fuck flying learn how to swim. Surface if you need to, don’t panic if you don’t have to. Yes your world as you know it is coming to an end. Yes you are going to die. Slow leak. Brinkmanship. Let the ship go. Flaunt your dieman flaw. Is all this shit really happening because we need it? A good guess is that we need this shit to survive. Some 64

teach that our shit and our suffering become our wealth when embraced and studied in earnest. Ok, so we’re bonded in common wealth shit (evolution). Finding the source of our common wealth shit may be our only portal for survival. Our shit may be our only hope. Sooner or later the shit pyramid of titanic lies will volcanic. Latent super yeast implosion revelations. Soon is enough. Unison of all things becoming their best, all things becoming their worst. Pinball pendulum compost. 65

Maybe we need this impossible situation in order to encourage us to come together and manifest miracles. Keepers of the lie beware. We know we don’t need your truth. We know it’s a lie. We know we just need to start peeling the lies. It’s not long now before the world’s major religions go out of business. Honkey christian muslim jew nigga class middle, spiritual aristocrats, the lot of you heathens, is it not time to excommunicate ourselves from these banners? Excommunicate our selves from 66

flags, from demographics, from american DNA. Fuck flying flags. We don’t belong under flags. Fuck flying with mentally frayed wings. Learn how to swim. While there’s still water. Learn how to jump. Receive the jump become the jump while you still can. Sink into the flow.





There’s an empire on the loop with no justice, just constant justification after word justification. We are all in danger of being sucked into some meglomaniac’s blow job. There are recruiting agents everywhere. Empire has many ways of milking penus. We need protection from the fractal suction and all the species of thought gravity (such wicked hopelessness and humiliation). We can judge all we want. But so what. There is no power left in judgment. It’s too easy to judge. Too easy to point gun finger. There’s no one left to finger. Who am I to judge? 71

Besides, who says i won’t win a trophy? Then I’d be a hypocrite in hippo crisis. But that’s been done before. There are enough species of liars and hypocrites especially since they’re all human. It’s boring. It’s time for something different. But where’s the difference? What’s the difference? What is making the difference? Always split. Split into two. Split into one. One divide. Tripolar disorder. Trizophrenia. Language chaos theory. Will chaos provide? Where does one start? What does one do? There is even no power left in renunciation. It don’t work. 72

There is even no power left in rejection. It just boomerangs and becomes a war of self rejection. It keeps us rejecting ourselves. It keeps us in the recycle of rejecting everything. Sabotage. Addicted to being victims. Brother hood of victim hood. Hoodwinked in the wink of an eye. Addiction to division. Addicted to addiction itself. Bubbleblind mythomaniacs, stuck on the sourface of our souls. If there is activism that is rejection, it is disempowered by every wasted word. Every time we word it and don’t act it, we is killing words’ source of power. We is a shooting foot 73

revolution. Revolution becomes academic. Self sabotage. Reveling in erosion. Wallowing in mire of dust and dire intellect. So much net working, connecting not much rising up uprising. Ye h , b e t t e r h a v e a n o t h e r international conference, another landmark forum. Keep piling on more words. It’s all business as usual. The story of the first African International Delegation (AID) to the first world has begun! The northern hemisphere will be invoiced for this role reversal! AMANDLA!

Ok ok, all this ranting is just pulp rejection ranthology. If I reject you, I reject myself because supposedly we are all one. Supposedly there is no one to blame. (N)one. We are all one. But, its too easy to say we are one. We just don’t have any other words or numbers for it because we are more than we can count or say. Who we are, what we are simply cannot be said. We are more than our minds. More or less one. We are six billion different faces of the same divide. Like a coin. This side up. No 75

that side up. All sides are up. All sides rise above. Above up above. We are all from the same penny epi窶田enter. We are all from the same diversity, the same pot melting. Music is the juice from the same pot. Six billion faces of the same music teacher. Six billion and still counting. Arhythmatic. Scatterlings together in one aloneliness. What does one do? Can we melt together? Fractal diaspora? Insolvent identities? Insolvent religions? Music is the juice from the same pot. Small medium at large. 76

It doesn’t add up even if we try. Try trying to try not. There are more ways than one. Try this one. Try that one. You and me is everybody everyone. Where does one start? One and one makes eleven. That’s just parallel lines. Trying to make ends meet. Ends that never meet. Killer dead lines. They never meet unless we bend the rules. The end. Even that doesn’t add up. It never did. It doesn’t add up cause everything and nothing is necessary all at the same time. 77

At the same time there is no time. We are alright, we’re all right, you can’t go wrong. We are where we belong. Yeah, right. You can’t go wrong. Yeah, right. Nothing’s wrong because everything’s as it should be. You are where you is. It is as it is. Every nobody nothing is necessary. Whatever you are, whoever you are, the world needs your song story vision. Some where some how there is something for everyone but not everything is for everybody. Not everything is for everyone. Daring all muslim, 78

jew, christian alcatholics, academics, is ologists, even buddhism ists, the lot of you. Excommunicate yourselves from these word brands and their unhappy happiness. Excommunicate yourselves while you can. Destratify, while the madness still makes sense. Fractal identities blooming insolvent. Excommunicate from money dogma as we know it. Excommunicate from the money trap. 79

Excommunicate from the money lie. Change your money, change your world. Brinkmanship. The pain of an honest madness. Fat lady freak singing great. Let inner freak confess on your behalf. Brave are the culture jammers deconscripting from the fungi law of media religion. Dare to pull plug? Dare to un-subscribe blindness mycelium? Dare to undertow party line? Breaking laws of sintax. Is grammar renounceable? It always hurts. 80

No hard feelings. As far as verbs go, wanting is not having. Enlightenment is for the unenlightened exclusive. So many agents trying to sell the light - Hell bent on enlightenment. There’s so much mind made magic, not much light insight. Have you heard this all before? I know you shouldn’t have to work this hard when you read a book. I hope we haven’t overstretched our imagination. I know I am going on and on. Can’t help it. Addicted to repetition. Addicted to word dependence. Addicted 81

to addiction itself. Can’t help feeding you attraction to word distraction. Make no mistake there is subterfuge at work here. Invisible ink at large. I know it’s a crime even daring to reinvent HOWL. Got to stick to spilling beans. Stick to spleen frontier. Yes up until now it’s all just been seduction. All the right mistakes abstraction. Do we deserve absolution? Do we deserve resolution? Redemption? Do we deserve 82

resurrection. Would there be less poverty if there was less gun trophy vanity? Would there be less poverty if there was less diamond trophy complicity? Would there be less poverty if there was less women trophy slavery?  Would there be less poverty if we admitted universe unknowability. Does inequality have to be the source of our diversity? Are you getting angry? That’s a good sign. Perhaps finally got your full attention primed and expanded. Are you getting restless? 83

Like a fly head banging window pain of glass? Bubble blind? Chasing interface? Are you suffering blind spot, a thrombosis of vision? Suffering timeache. Failing to see through word stereogram? Do you need your eyes checked? Is eyesight (predator perception) overrrated? Do you find yourself settling for digital reverence? Suffering a fool’s miracle at migraine threshold, groping, touching nerves ends of the gap? Snap synapsis. 84

Synapse snaps. Mind your head. Mind the gap. True fear. True lies. white lies black magic grace. Chess bored martyr? Why so many white sangomas. Tri-polar disorder? Is your your anger turning nauseous? Under the shade of a fever tree, deliverance is your indaba‌....with Madala, his briefcase, his three dogs and his beat box! The only revolution left is treelike and fucking celibate – as in stop fuckin each other over. 85

It all comes down to subtlety of depth. Root matters. Let roots take wing. We’re born dying to be airborne. Witness extended family tree of unborn bibles. Exceeding even faith in each other’s pain. Releasing love hope fear…the chaos of allowing, knowing, there’s no waste of darkness.




Word thought traffic is depleting air and sky dream space. Words busy taming the intuition. Thought for food botulism. Brand names clotting. Spawning greedy curiosity. Fake imagination interference. Word language so predictable, habitual, so un-elemental. It’s so claustrophobic and humid breathing stranger’s digital perfume on long beach. There’s less and less space for pheromones. No space to feel feelings. Can’t feel feelings with words. Cant free feelings with words. It’s awkword. 89

Writing and reading all these words might make us culpable. Inciting seriousness this busta rights token white nigga word wastage. Stylus scratching soul surface serious. Sandpaper dangerous mapping word germ genome. Blue printing word grid dictionary of neurosis. Schizo toxins of blue. War of pain. Pasop. The scoreboard thus far is showing symptoms of hit and run words. Large broken radio head at large. Syntax abusive. Grammar subversive. Scissor syllable 90

subliminal. Penknife tongues. Murder weapons.Words are as strong as biological warfare. Word virus, gun virus. Tantamount to gun infection. Shooting each other down with a hailstorm of words in our minds. Pinball word voodoo. Pumping heart shaped bullets in between the lines. Guns in the blood. Holes in the blood. Coming through man slaughter. Can we ever love without lying? We’re not yet bullet proof. Do you see the black indigo inkblots at the scene of the crime. A sorry story sport of blood. 91

Stop gaps in my logic. Yes, its too easy to say. It’s too easy to judge. Too easy to point gun finger. There’s no one left to finger. Itchy bitchy trigger happy tongues in the land of stray bullets. Story of gun games in the blood. Gun virus. Machine gun virus. Machine gun word virus. The gun is not worthy of anyone’s blood stain. Ok shoot my words down. Please stop half killing me. Blood gun spleen. Blood letting spilleen. 92

Any gun every gun is not the voice of people. Gun word virus is the disease of homeless heads. head is homeless. head is homesick without the heart. (trigger(un)happy) If you have to use one way gun conversation, use your song. Sing your gun song. Dream it out loud. Breathe one breath for every soul. Breath is for everybody. Death is for everybody too. All in good time. Your voice is your song, is what’s between your head and your heart. It is tool. It is 93

your truth. Priceless voice song breath, get the treasure off your chest. Beware the words you inhale, the meaning you assume, the thoughts you breath. Beware, be aware breath thinking you. Like halitosis and other puce green lies. Try be aware words tend to want to follow. So often victims of words. Victims of our very own dead rhythm hand-me-down word traditions. There is the (d)anger of being addicted anchored in anger. Even ideas 94

of anger. Hooked on hang ups. Pasop!! Contagious back problems. Co-dependence on words is like falling in love with the mind. Mind fucking. Failing love with our hungry minds. Out of love we fail. Fail better. So many quotations. So many questions. So many equations. So many words. So much marketing. So much PR. So many opinions. So many hooked on words, hooked on hang-ups. 95

So many hangovers. So many pillusions. So many lemmings subconsciously held hostage by the word ‘future’. Cleverness can be a lonely head condition, a lonely hangover. Meat↔words↔drugs. So many steak holders with the brains of mannequins. Real unteligence. So much impotency on the rise. The empire has so many ways of milking penus. It would seem that testosterone is not a renewable 96

resource. And by now we should know that coffee is not the centre of the universe. So much word acne. Not much wisdom. So many second hand words getting out of hand. Living in a time of strange minds. Homeless heads. Homesick without the heart. Living in the age of blister blind spot boil. Is planet earth a blister (suspended bomb) on the universe? We are moving closer towards a time when every moment will be an orgasm of multiple 97

revolutions. Spandau ballet machine gun sneeze, bursting white lies, red lies, black lies, green lies word apocalypse. Beans on the spill. Fresh fire works flowers coming out of hiding. Billion bubble drum hatching, dot to dot picture everything overlapping in clapping bankrupture. Business wont bable to keepup. Busy busi ness obsĂŠlite. When we outlive our words will we outlive the world as we know it? Breath is for everybody. 98

Please don’t buy into me my words. Good chance am lying. don’t buy into me. If you do you’re falling in love with gunpowder mind. As long as there is clock language clock, there’s mind bomb tik volcano. So many lovers in love with their minds. Blind spotted blond minds. Mind the gaps. Price of mind. Prisis. Unwritten cost of thought. Hidden cost of word. Price of mind. The price of ladders has gone up. Mind the gaps. High cost of dying. Slow leak. 99

Malignant tentacles of excessive selfindulgence. For instance this minute taker’s asinine word vanity! Signs of someone sniffing too much gun powder. Don’t buy into these words. Hear me yes, but listen to yourself, throughout yourself. Yes, taste a little distraction from meaning. Taste me with your ears. Hear me but don’t believe me. Believe me you don’t need to believe me. You don’t actually need to believe me. Listen and believe through yourself. Commonly held beliefs make 100

us blind and dangerous. Like normal. It’s a very dangerous word. Rather stick to some constant sense of wonder. Common (non)sense. Got to real this story in. It’s gone beyond reach, out of touch, words out of hand. Too far ahead being left behind. Don’t worry if you can’t follow these words. They’re puffy peacock empty anyways. Don’t let me impress you. Don’t follow me. Follow the birds. Like Madala who is a Moroka Swallows supporter. 101

Do you know how dangerous it is to tell you what you do and don’t want to hear at the same time? That makes one truthfool. Truth becomes a function relative to our lies. White red blue brown yellow lies. Shit, balance becomes a dangerous possibility. It’s a dangerous radioactive art subverting syntax, abusing grammar. Especially in an unwritten foreign accent out on a broken limb. Bordering on forgery. Fake book

boomerang gamble trying to write a whole lot of something without actually saying anything. Especially when i don’t yet actually know what i am talking about.





tri polar

polly pollar


The nature of word language is to polarize yet contain. It maintains itself well. For us humans it is difficult. Like splitters head ache and other conflict permutations. However word language is only part of our nature. Therefore it is only part of our nature to be polarized. Even if we are almost completely polarized by words (say ninety nine per cent as in virtually trapped) this is not our complete nature, absolute end of story. We’ve still got one percent, maybe less, to play with. 107

Do these odds sound familiar? Pennies in other words. Ever tried picking up orphaned pennies (long lost luck, anonymous crumbs)? Ever found the humility to give them back circulation? Well, welcome to the odds of fertilization. No longer have to pay attention. Get to play attention. It’s all inspiration. Wealth in penny power possibility. It is the purpose of words to polarize. In turn we polarize 108

ourselves almost completely, ultimately for the purpose of coming together. Fulfilling dualities. Reunion within ourselves, with each other and all that is. Riddled bucket whole. Suffering is hard work. We can’t help it. Art of suffering love’s labour. After a long time, after missing a lot of pennies, depression becomes no longer worth it. It’s not even funny but we are still laughin joker’s wild, trying to find some cents of humor. 109


ten language blackmail


Blah blah blah. Anyone can get fancy and seductive with their words. Remember that’s all this is. Anabolic existentialism. Steroid thought. Trust hormones. Figments of some hyper tense reality. Chemotherapy words. Non sense of infinity. Pasop. beware beware. Don’t buy into these words. Don’t convert. preserve your own wilderness. words are ingredients for distraction. baking soda 113

caustic. Liberties of assumption taken. Language blackmail.Word language is not living, is not loving. Words are not bread. we need fresh bread. old words are dying depleted (lethal dead white bread). the god word is dying dead word exhausted. words are dying dead wood. not even drif word. The last dying days of spent words. verbs on the verge of extinction. dead wood words we still buy into and hide behind. Incessant insistent. 114

Take nobody’s word for it. See for yourself revelations. Where does one start? Could take a minute. Admit discursive voices in our heads. Rambunctious cantankerous. blue print thoughts’ voices. The chasing money blues. Harmonica histrionica. Watch closely the way you use words. Will likely notice we are conditioned to be possessed by words. Furthermore words divide yourself against your self and everything else. Conditioned subtle for 115

doubt, failure and even self-destruction. War of self rejection. Recapitulate. Deconstruct coruption destruction. Map out money trail. Trail of lies. Liar upon layer upon lair. So often victims of our own predictable words, slaves to our meaning, victims of nothing but collective mind made meaning (mind sweats doubt and desire at the same time). Addicted to the brotherhood of hip-hop victimhood. 116

Operation hoodwink. It’s the lie of lazy meaning we subscribe to. We call it believing in our self. When really we are sanctioning belief in collective lies – Mutual mythomania. Our truest lie we believe most. Right now money bluff is the most dependable lie we’ve got as common dominator. Automatic psychosomatic. That’s what makes us sick. Corrupted and abused language mechanism infecting at cellular level. Our bodies beholden to words. Walking 117

contra dictions. Word language fuckin with body’s bio chemistry. Sick history of repetition permutation. Is word language infected with the same HIV mystery? Coffin courier words. Then we pass it on. Passing the buck of bad bone debt. Passing trace element fear, doubt, blackmail, division through every word we speak. Customize otherwise condomise our words? ‘Thy Condom Come’ said Kgafela. 118

Oral traditions of verse, story, and song put to test under the invention of printing press. Languages’ thread of ancient magic, where is it? On the verge of extinction? On the run from persecution? Word language today - the very cherry meat of human evolution pain game is largely commerce communication. 119

It has been allowed to be plucked, plundered, abused, monopolized, genetically modified and left for dead exponential. We’re reduced to living by proxy. Existing via super theory. Living the good life simulated. Ultra refined life movie experience dependent on sub titles. Super conjugated. Post postcard. Irresistible cardboard cereal. Leaving us doped up, and desperately oblivious. 120

Word language has become grand host sole agent for parasite politics. Ticks for taxbite fever. Foreign policy. Genetically modified linguistic hypnosis. Genetically modified radio. pre-meditated meditation. Mind made trust. Mind made magic. Perfectly refined madness. We’re tired sick of blood sport politics attrition. Lying games megability. It’s no fun. It keep us separated like a group areas act. 121

Does that mean english letter word grammar is apartheid? Democratic apartheid? democratic apartheid is suicide. It’s no longer necessary for words to keep us hungover and separated. Maybe words are just something we all have to go through. Like making all the right mistakes init? Like a long walk to freedom? Viva emerging walking class. 122

Word exodus massive. Freedom to be free is forgiving. Free to recover from our selves. Aluta continua. Madala has survived HIV tsunami. Most of his children have not. Aluta continua. HIV tsunami. Positively chosen. unsung freedom fighters. Doing time. doing gutter madness on behalf of you and me. yes your private world as you know it is coming to an end. 123

It’s time to give this polarization some purpose. Whoever you are, the greater world story needs you, great player, and your song perspective. Without the teeter of polarization we wouldn’t have a fulcrum. Without a fulcrum we wouldn’t have some form of balance as a reference point. We would have no leverage to hone in on. We would 124

have no pin point to ball point needle’s bull’s eye. We would have no capacity for contra diction. The nature of balance relies on everyone’s unique perspective of light. So shed some light. Synonymous with equanimous. We can’t just lobotomize the root of all evil word from the equation. It will super weedback somewhere else, in someone else’s cuntry, as someone else’s evangelical phallus quo→ 125

fuck 126

the biggest word in the

hole wide world. 127


eleven ser




The glitch with word is that there is a word for word. Our species has evolved and sophisticated this secret into holy books that we swear upon. We’ve even gone out marketing these books to keep our holy wars in business. A subtle war of words has been unleashed. It let marketing out of the race box. tinderbox pandora. Spellbound in spelling. 131

Words are as fast as light if not faster. Invisible word money pulation. Read between the lines. Money talks. Its money talking between the lines. Words have become the dangerous default brand monopolising your bandwidth attention span. Money markets, banks, actuarials, insurance insanitariums, demo graphics and war are all underwritten 132

by word bones and other human remains. Invisible word money pulation. invisble piratisation. Building bad debt credit through mutual propaganda. Scotoma pathology. Don’t worry if you can’t make sense of these big words. They basically mean we agree to continue investing in blindnest. Holed up in blindnest. Liar upon layer upon lair. 133

Money (underwritten by words!) is the prime reality of living that connects virtually every human on this planet. In real terms almost every activity between humans is interwoven with this default. you cannot escape this heirarchic reality. One cannot eat, move, play, shit etc, without the passport of money, without its interconnected and interdependent circulation. 134

Money talks. Eish, and it always makes cents doesn’t it? Virtually everything we do is in the service and worship of money. More specifically, we are servicing debt. Unbeknownst to us, in every transaction indirectly we are paying off compound interest institutionalised by banks. This is the profit mechanism which guarantees banks exponential growth. 135

Did you know there is not enough money in the world to pay off all the debts in the world? This is the default setting of the money mechanism. Debt is our employer. Baie dankie bass. Business doesn’t make you money, it makes you busy. busy toxic stressfull. Money makes you money, stupid. 136

We now all inherit the same megadonga, the same suspended bomb. We all share the same word trap money trap. we’re all hooked on the hoodwink like junkie addicts. All we know is the abuse, and we keep going back for more. Hustle a bustle a junkie shuffle. Money is a strange lover. The chasin’ money blues. That’s the nature of substance abuse.

We see everything in terms of money. Our perception is underwritten with dollar signs. Invisible word money pulation. What you think, how you word thunk influences where and how you spend your money. Where and how you spend your money is like casting your vote. The more money you have the more voting power you have. Unfortunately, no such thing as one man one vote. The world reflects 138

what we have voted into existence - One fat monopoly mono culture propped up by mannequins in denial. Most of the the world’s resources and energy go into propping up this facade. It’s our individual and collective addictions that continue voting this monopoly into power. We are its employees indirectly, directly, absolutely. No two ways about it. We swear allegiance to this 139

mindset by virtue of our choosing to incarnate as humans. So off we go into worlds of words, religion, media and continents full of obediant little consumers. We assume our position. The smug private sector takes up the reins monopolising cash flow, gating the distribution of wealth with jobless growth. Whether we know it or not, together we toe the party line, all the time conditioned into assuming 140

the right to infinite economy in a world of finite resources. Nature is quickly becoming a luxary commodity. The more we molest the environment with our blind control, the more we set ourselves up for showdown meltdown threshold. The Great Correction. Money or a miracle? We, the system is perpetuating harm because we are building blind addiction to monopoly. 141

We feed, funnel and cream all of earth’s resources and our energies at all and any cost in order to maintain a grand hoodwink...distracting all from what is really happening... state of the art bamboozlement! This is harmful. And it escalates the more cold turkey is avoided. That is the nature of substance abuse. That’s why we have such inner and outer 142

devastation. It’s not just costing the environement, it’s costing you, your health, your family and your drinking partners. This is a human rights issue. Ourworldreflectsapathologyof word. Words boil down, trickle down to some form of control. A hidden power hierarchy system refining itself through history’s nightmares 143

and technologies. A pyramid word scheme. Word hierarchy megability. One up man ship. cut throat society. Sharp elbows competition. So much monopoly hidden in words. Monopoly sustained through pyramid of lies and fluorescent grey mediocrity. If you learn to master words you can quickly master marketing. Then you can learn to control money. If you know 144

how to control money word alchemy you can control people (and voters). Colonize their instincts. Intuition becomes domesticated through the default institution that is word. Woe, the libraries and litanies of literacy hypnosis. Keep the typing pool full of stories. Pulp maintenance. Maintain tri-polar poly-polar disorder. Distracted. Marginalized. 145

Blindfolded. what’s beyond purdha? More mannequins? Hard to know when numb’s the word. Word perfect soporific. No hard feelings eh. Power = the race to have the last word. To have the last laugh, one would suppose you would have to have the last word. The last laugh and the last word are not far apart. It’s nearly come full circle. Who will have the 146

last word? Who will have the final say? Who will end the game? Who will write the end of the story? Now what team do you wanna play for? If massive control of peoples’ mindsets is maintained, then some gate keepers’ master plan is coming full circle. That makes a ring and a ring master. The power of a ring becoming a full circle. 147

Ooooh the danger of a unified hole (absolute siphon drain). Hole in one megabilitiy. noose. Centrific insider trading. Absessant inbred wealth. Plot thickens blood thickens. Short cuts short circuit da circalation. Holes in the blood. Danger of a unified hole where the spokes(people) can’t speak. Dangerous king doom of word. Dangerous the darkness we cant see. Will words win your soul? 148

Will lies win your soul? There is too much cake at stake and we are exhausting inner and outer resources needed to maintain this party. Globalisation’s jittery gyrations. Hearing more and more people say the world cant carry on the way we are going. Don’t worry your private world as you know it is coming to an end. Keep hearing 149

people say we have to change. So we have to agree on what and where in all this shit lies the root of the imbalance. But that root is so well hidden we’ll never be able to agree. It’s dangerous the darkness we can’t see. It’s the ridde we never question. So shed some light. Sacrifice some addiction. Imagine abstinence suddenly becoming a poplular 150

indulgence. That’s risky imagination. Empire is hierarchy, that is pyramid scheme, that is monopoly, that is addiction siphon, that is a terrifying drain portal to soulessness. Empire is the soul of addiction. Do we want to disappear through that portal? Denying and avoiding the noose doesn’t help. Is 151

this the default human condition? An addiction to denial? A co-dependency we can’t live without? Money or a miracle? Money as we know it is quickly running out of value. Change your money, change your world while you still can. There are alternatives. Never forget, we are priceless. Warriors, activists, knights in shining drama, this is what we’re up against152

The constant presence of teeth. empire and its steak holders throw a miscellany of smoke screens in order to distract itself and its leming pawns from the secret mechanism between money(monopoly) and word science / word industry. Through mutual propaganda, denial industry, exclusive loyalty programs, spin doctoring, white washing, obsfuscation, and all other word 153

veils, it protects itself well. Liar upon layer upon lair. It’s the riddle we never question. For example, who were apartheid’s underwriters? Private banks. And now, bank stabbers always at Africa’s back. Because of words, the invention of the corporation is still a law unto itself. So many profits disguised as losses. The more spin doctor word chefs, the better for cooking the books. 154

Thanks to words, corporations the world over arrogantly enjoy superior citizenship. Money talks. Money circulates like blood flows. But these days it’s old money, old blood, dirty blood. Super synthetic blood. Time for coming clean. time for new blood new veins. Time for new game. New game where you won’t be provoked to match fix or spend all your vital energy becoming strategist. 155

Monopoly is not sustainable, or cost effective. Can we boycot money monopoly? Dont know. Not saying any of this is wrong. There’s just room for huge improvement. Meanwhile the Bristol Mannequin Murderer (Banksy) has successfully culture jammed an international teddy bear auction with the following graffiti→

The joys of not being sold anyfing. Viva the ethics of actual value. Precious just makes pressure. Pressure in the temples of litigation. So many dutch masterpieces in swiss bird cages (bank vaults). Precious just makes pressure. High voltage entropy on the horizon. Social backlash flarepath. backflash to the future. Blixem! 157

Are our words frienemies? Words our modern gollum? Double agent trip ill? Gandalf said that sometimes our enemy is our only hope. Word trap. Time of estranged minds. Honesty is madness. The pain and inconvenience of an honest madness. When we outlive our words will we outlive the world as we know it? Yes your private world as you know it is coming to an end. 158

Keep saying this and see what happens: religions obsélite. history obsélite. national flags obsélite. cartels obsélite. usuary obsélite. magpie middlemen obsélite. corporations obsélite. technology obsélite. capitalism obsélite. money monopoly obsélite. titanic empire juggernaut obsélite. blindnest obsélite. words obsélite. slam poets obsélite. thought obsélite. now obsélite. 159

Worlds of words coming to an end. World Word War - WWW III. The end. Word apocalypse. War of art. War of infinities. The problem with word is there is a word for word. Torture in disguise, blessing in disguise. Kingdoom of word story necessary? Suppose we need this impossibility to cause us to come together. activate quantum miracle magic. money or a miracle. 160

Right now money bluff is the most dependable lie we’ve got. When will pyramid of lies repent? Soon is enough. Heaps of latent yeast anger. dangerous the suspended bomb of mass fury. Better nip that bomb in the bud while we still can. cut to the chase. Old money monopoly monarchy sick of itself, sick of the hiding, sick of the lying. Old money dying. Old funny money refusing to 161

change because there is too much cake at stake. Old money drowning in its own vomit…sick of cannibalism! There goes the american chinese dream. Social implosion of the global blister brain. Invisible volcanic belly sewerage reversal b a c k l a s h. 162

Will we spill beans togetha? Can we step back? Step down in time? Will we be able to leave these man made mountains under stood? Even if Madala is walking and gets taken out by corporate golf balls, empire can never kill off its successor. I have just been cautioned by the umpire for ball point’s excessive demand on the readers’ imagination 163

and for reckless word play. Booked for wordfucking your mind. Booked for exposing reader to unnecessary danger. Booked for breaching the ethics of existentialism. Not a good time for apologies. [REMINDER: the game is never over. The reflection shines on. Press pause button. Stop press. too much information. not enough space for understanding. 164

Time out time out. Close book for a minute. Last chance threshold.] [Your game ranger ghost writer scribe is out of his mind. He/it? is not actually here right now. He/it’s gone mining. He/it’s up to his scalp in debt. Hairline receding, reeling under the nightmare of insomnia, busy scolding him/itself for growing old. (Who does he/it work for anyway?) 165

He/it wishes he could say he/it wrote all of this in a weekend like a true beat poet tour guide. Also he/it’s unable to admit that the plot is thin, lonely and lacking characters and story. And yes, it lacks sex appeal.] [These days poets are pre menstrulists. This poet tour guide knows cause he/ it (the anti-croc) is one of them. King of fools does freak confessions on 166

behalf of you. Page after page spilling tongue. Spilleen on the boil bankrupture - portrait of a poet as a wannabe bank robber. Bank robber sorcery. sniffing too much gunpowder. Inner chimney sweep overheating. Cracked lip service. Charcoal lipstick kiss on your lips, word apocalypse. White lies black magic grace. who will walk the coals. Spirit of silly (s)witchcraft blasphemy. Scratching hyper serious sandpaper 167

dangerous. Malicious decipherous. Waft of cinnamon, at least he/it’s not another spice girl, like EMINEM. Like pinball conducteur, he/it just can’t bear silent hand, a still ball point. Impulsive urge to keep the hole rolling. Lost in word scrabble scramble. non sekwiter mischief. word play substance abuse. Overdosing on rhyme. Poets - They’re as good as scare screw scarecrows. Reveling in 168

their harvest of choice eavesdropping. Over dicing on rhyme. Languishing in their ideal obsession.] [The game is never over, except when the empire gets bust for match fixing. Spin doctor organ donor, spilleen to the rescue. The language of raw beat root blood. Raw for the raw. Anyone can get fancy and seductive with their words. In other words..........→ 169

that’s all these words are: patchwork. designer...............poetry............tourism. cheap petty w a r p. aphorism orgasm stereogram. incestual

immature white lies spirit of silly

spilleen raw



black magic switchcraft

to the beatroot


manifesto. g r a c e. blasphemy.

rescue. blood.

raw for the raw.........heart...................puzzle.

(By the way, patient dictionary misses you)

twelve back words


You see, can’t help it‌ Back to more words. This game story word play attempt will always be so close to not even close. In other words a good try at totality. need to be decompressing. Am still split personality. Schizo trizophrenia gone octagon. Taking things too personal. Burning out spleen pocket from both ends. The end. Trying to refine the square root of part 173

and parcel. Pulling out all the stops. Stop gaps in our psychopatho-logic. 2+2 = 1001. 1001 twin dualities. twin dichotomies. Oh, those terrible twos. Incestual conceptual. Exponential existential. Varicose verbose. It’s about time for something different. Speaking of differences, speaking different, how about getting used to the difference. How bout get used 174

to different tongues, speaking in tongues, mystery mother tongue. Bloomagadgeeautomayseee‌ Singing tongue dreams, dreamsong, talking song. Walking dreams coming unsung. Breath of fresh voice. Get the treasure off your chest. laughing song coming undone. Coming unstitched n fits’n stitches of laughter. Who the laughter fits let them wear it. 175

Singsongdream. Songlines running in the bloodline. Are we feeling jet lagged from our dreams? Look around. Find yourself and others living in paradise whilst going through hell? Suffering blind spot boil? Holes in the blood? Feeling pock marked perforated? Feeling bled for dead, dying dead? Suffering a common 176

redness? Hear red, see red, feel red, taste red. Feeling red for life? Blood letting spilleen. That state where you are immune to words. Find it. Perhaps could start recovering from words. Your words, my words, the world’s words. Serve sentence well. Weaning ourselves of word, 177

clock and metaphor. Unraveling mind made knot of endless trying. Coming undung. Not separating, but unveiling you me everything everyone. Undreaming our words. Political priests eating their word choke. Disinfect our body language from word language and meaning. Sterilize our politics. Fumigate? Start recovering from our selves. Recovering from being born dying 178

to be airborn. Cut to the chase, come down to calm down. Here comes the ground. Rat race, race to the bottom. hard to stay soft. Touching down edgework, trying to make ends meet. Ends that never meet. Never meeting ends. end to end. The end. Endless killer dead lines. Countless death rehearsals. Restless in the endlessness. Home is an edge that’s getting sharper everyday. Crying our 179

selves to pieces on the cutting edge of ball point. Pinballs in a hungry country sentenced to heart burn. Wordtrap.Through words we are sentenced to the myth of freedom. Serve your sentence well. Looking for loop holes? Read between the lines. Most of the time most of the wording crowd don’t know what 180

talking bout. If could take break from talking for a few lifetimes, could probably stop lying. See lies for what they are. Find what you are hiding. Search and wrestle pinball. Just don’t pin it down. Honesty is madness is relativity. Mystery of dynamic solitude. Nature of ball point is to loose ball bearings. To take you to that place only you can go. Explore. Willing poem ranger, 181

finding that place can’t talk about. Adventure terror exhausting the mind made knot of straight jacket skin. Cornered by the wind. Gale force guillotine. Mind on the run. Caught sideswiped off of feet. Our feet don’t fit our fodder’s foot prints. One last step no more foot prints. Its dangerous the darkness we cant see. Coming through the gates of emptiness. Coming undung. One big 182

open. Change of light. Coming through the wreckage. There is no waste of darkness. Even our shadows start changing colour. The only genius is grace. Perhaps journey is our teacher. Learn to love teacher. Play attention. Learn to love learning. Live learning. Learn play love. Let us be more 183

than great pretensions. Lets voice at the edgy edge freeing future. Hark herald hail the impossible. We are brink. Cusp of new cellular alphabet. rebearthquake. Here comes the ground. groundswell of ground breaking corrections. Rebearthquake. Baptised in dust. jems in gestation. who will walk the coals. Can we meldown together? This is where the penny drops. 184

Melting spot. (d)artists popping blind spot. bLEADING EDGE OF BLINDNESt. At this point dare you to burn oxferd dictionary at the stake. Yoo too can be more popular than the beatles. hav loved the beatles. am dung beatleful myself. round n round trying to be 185

profound. pop hermit in a cirfus act. Still full of shit yet shaking your hand. am failure when have too much to say. Jus cant handle the suksess. Whats easy for you is’nt easy for me. like right now, to quit while ahead…that would be real gamble. money or a miracle? Words or a miracle? So what? SO WHAT SO WHAT SOW WHAT


Stairway to what? All the way to heaven is heaven. The price of ladders keeps going up. so, what does this all mean. what does this have to do with you, with me. Something everything nothing. all at the same time. so who what is being helped with these one good try words? Symptoms of interference mind missing the joke jolly joker. Symptoms of a dream. 187

Soul syndrome. We want to be happy but so often we’re hooked on being unhappy. Hooked on hangups. Hooked on word hang-ups. Hungover. Hooked on words for anti-gravity. High time to unhook addiction. Here comes the ground. Maybe addiction is a form of change. How can we love without lying? 188



Gotta go. gottogo teach kerfuffle. Spread play. Flutterby. Spread play without words. Come back down. Back down to find what we’re hiding. Here comes the ground. Crash course in wake up calls. Coming through the ship wreck age. Here comes the ground. may find our selves washed up on the shores of the ocean floor. 191

Surface if you need to, don’t panic if you don’t have to. here comes the ground. ears to the ground. ground gone gong. Pure shore. Ancient ripple wake up call. tired of sleeping. One long queue at the bottom of the ocean. word exodus activists walking song. coming undung. ready to surface unsung. In the wake of 192

fire led by those in wheel chairs, we walk the coals. pure pain primer. EmergeAnSee. Ready to breach dream of thought. bLEADing EDGE of BLINDNESt. shrink back to big.

dream in dream out

songs of redemption. Quest of laying questions to rest. 193

Sinking into the answers. Retiring paradox and projections. Here comes the ground. Hit the ground bounding, dancing, drums abounding. coincidance. like giving birth to a dangerous pome. Dangerous cause its pure. Pure pain primer. who will win your soul. what will win your 194

soul. Here comes the ground. groundswell of ground breaking soulutions. rebearthquake. Can we meldown together? Can we fulfill this contra diction together. dare to you and me. come out of our words adventure. Return words to their source. How? Calling all poets on strike. Strip poetry. dress down dismantle 195

empire. hiku d’état. out phase empire of words. Disengage collective meaning. Don’t need word truth. Need to be stalking our lies. dispell lies imbedding, lies inbreeding. Power down to steady state. How? Could start with words. be still. distill. dispell. shrink back to big. shrink bigger. 196

Destratify dinkum bunkum bedlam. huff puff, blow babylon’s bluff. Deconstruct crupshun destruction. Deconstruct mega donga humdrum maximum conundrum. start over. Start over and over 197

again. and again. Return words to their source game story. One game to be won together. viva anonymous. viva dyslexia. Viva dumbfound. Viva knights in shining drama. Come out from behind finger and long nosed duplicity. Play with, within and without words. See lies for lazy lies. See lies for their truth. 198

S e e t r o o i t a l l. Liar upon layer upon lair.

be aware words breathed. be ware thoughts breathed. who what is breathing us anyway? feel difference between breath and word thought. breathe and breathe well but leave breath 199

alone. breathe on behalf of every body. satellite nostril. Drum breather healer, heal on behalf of every one, live love on behalf of every thing. play attention. out reach. expan attention span. dream in dream out. shrink bigger. one long now. Constant sense of infinity. 200

in own time, in own words, can blue print word prison. sky mine. blues poetry. Soar throat singer. coughing soul catharsis. Returning words to their source. start writing it off. like ‘Third World’ debt - write it off, laugh it off possibility. money or a Miracle. 201

monsanto or Hemp? unlock bigger picture focus. shrink bigger one big open thaw. Make space make space make space. returning words to their source. returnity. sharpen ball point. Where’s it pointing? word exodus. words 202

or a miracle? step through. let ourselves in. receive the jump become the jump. Shrink bigger. out reach. laugh and lift off. let roots take wing. Leaves to the ground painting. creativity is soul’s way of breathing. shrink back to big. come out of words. exorcism. return words 203

to their source. strip poetry omni potent. naked in moon fire. Kiln fired wordless. raku d’Êtat. growing young glowing old. flaunt your dieman flaw. ancient wordless smile baby cries laughter. poet on strike kneeling at brook kissing reflections. always healthy 204

danger of narcissism. we may be gods but we are still human. make space make space. shut up shut up and breakthrough to silence. dynamic stillness throughout. let yourself in. feeling of listening to a still wordless god. let (de)stillness speak. 205

what you hear is between you and your god only. what you hear is between you and infinity.

heart is all ears. whole hearted ear witness. first instrument ears. taste northern lights nectar in both ear wholes. 206

arctic reggae eardrops. who the laughter fits, let them where it. scent of the unsaid. feel free feelings. feel real for real. if able to hear, then might understand. if able to listen, all might heal. may even find can say something by the way you listen. active creative 207

expression in listening. may even be saying something by the way you read this book? do you hav any ink ling you and i might actually be conversation? A medley happening right here, right now in this book? in between the nonsense, through out the 208

pages and the back of beyond? Remember? A shared ball point. A dream team of speech bubbles playing ourselves out face to face at the interface. open book. page after page breaking waves. a listening book? perhaps it’s been going on 209

for a long time. we just didn’t know it. now we do. long life conversation constellating. Long now realizing itself. story of returnity singing itself. pay attention turns to play attention. one game to be won together. could resurrect memory’s wild 210

dead wild ocean drum. sky ocean. sky drum. dare dance. dare sing. dare drum. Rhythm is the, rhythm is the decision. rhythm is r e s u r r e c t i o n. d e c l a r a t i o n of in deep end dance.


c o i n c i d a n c e.

bloom through dream of thought. come full circle. sunrise crop circle. come into a knowing that is from not knowing. this is what it feels like to feel. let yourself in. know what we all need to know: with word thought we 212

don’t know, never will know. admit universe unknow ability. with words truth will not be had. to know without words. to live beyond words. to love beyond words. let yourself in. here and now. In the home of heart. better than our best thinking. 213

gi ve p a t i e nce a chance. now is perfect time. know now is perfect time. now knows no word. know now knows no word. here is now. now is here




O v e r t i m e embrace secret spine. Cold shower horripilations. united states of new clear now. i n f i n i t e now, now re a liz e d . s c e n t of unthought unsaid i m b i b e ! 217

so many fools coming home. so m a n y s p i r i t s . so many sleepy scatterlings. so many coming home. Madala has met them all. so m a n y a n g e l s . so many rusty halos. 218

so many jokers. so m a n y teachers. so many dizzy humming birds. Madala has heard them all. so many so many breathing African light, so many breathing

northern lights. so many coming home sweet home surrender. drum sweet drum, poem sweet poem soon is enough. dĂŠjĂ vu. So many ice breakers.

So many lost arrows. So many stories bumble humble, tumble weed home. Madala knows them. so many players c o m i ng home.

One of them (oracle) is still drumming and painting with old tooth brushes. She doesn’t need the m for h e r te e th . S h e u s e s m a m p o e r. 222

Between blinks, she laughs at the speed of life!




dream in dream out.

sleep talking, walking dream.

glad we took camera s l e e p w a l k i n g, who what is dreaming us anyway. waking sleep, waking dream. what side of the dream to be on (beyond). 227

cross road cul de sac poetry has right of way,

the great dimension of nonsical whimsense.



true potential of digitall butter time travel is no longer needed 228

use local transport. natural if possible

like the verb leopard

a kind of love warp. imagination



plum funk infatuation click refresh button. breath of fresh voice 229

please a rest us and our ball point.

it’s noise pollution indelible.

flower unfolds when we’re talking, writing, reading, not looking.

we’re failure when 230


is too

much to tell.

we can wake up now. if would, probably could. (there’s nothing left to resist dance.

it’s trans sensitive.)

compass of intention. lens. wide angle. delineate. bigger picture focus. alignment with infinity.

poetic counterpoint. 231

refuge in knew spelling mistake portals emerge. made all the right mistake. slow leak. laws of graphity. beautiful c r i m e. cau stick and effect.

imperfection istick. 232

the writing is spelling on and off the Wall. toy songs willing to be

misunderstood .natural



abiding natural nature 233

meanwhile down at one of the few wetlands left

tree frogs

bounce marbles

in cheeky throats,


refinement of intention

straight to the point strelitzia 235

scanning testing words under electron microscope does ball point breathe?

acapella? 236

nothing finding. what hiding? 237

leaning towards learning let words speak their truth distilled under whiskey oath state of unthought word

reading anew



outside where everything is written in cartoon daily returning words to their source prayers without words


how to keep fantasies in perspective without denying destiny. (t r y


n a t u r a l a p p r e c i a t i o n. try natural trust)

still have not yet assumed

the infinite postures of rock


bed rock.

there where

bush metronomes (



take turns reading bed time stories. steady rock steady. harmonics syncopated. 242



conversation parallel


p l a y a t t e n t i o n. p l a y a t t e n t i o n a n d l i s t e n to y o u r p i l l o w


pillow fighter’s 244

gravity of freedom (are we equal when we sleep) 245

rain seed tantric tantrum


r a i n s e ed

flock of ambulances prescription drum thunder clap


human cloud crowded


gun powder mind stormedbrain


messy busi ness

shedding un hooking sacrificing

past mindsets


deserialize seriousness derealise deleriousness 250

the ancestors my f r i e n d

are blowing in the wind 251

sustainable resonance

reel to real laughter

perpetual ocean oldest heart beat 252






sun d

n bass Beat

singingsun shinin drum N bass



shine 253

star shined sky satellite nostrils the reflections rub off

electro magnetic respiration 254


common wealth universe (vowels as transducers) 255

glacious 256

gluidance 257

destination love origin 258

m a g i c mirror

permission 259

ever lightening,


even flammable amplifire sound memory of now echo location pretty echolent, eh? 261

still fear of inertia


take refuge in new restament

nowledge now knows no word


feelingthoughts float



through things

prime original shapeshifter a l l ways fountain head wishing well 265

flood of surplus

uncondition 266

g e n i e s of the steam train gathering k e t t l e d r u m ing

h i k u d’e t a t



ature 268











. 277


GLOSSARY Amandla – power to the people! Baie dankie bass - means “Thank you boss” in Afrkans. Banksy - graph artist satiricist from Bristol, UK. blixem - Afrikaans for lightening, but is also slang loosely translated as ‘hit the bugger’. indaba – zulu word for a gathering to discuss, debate and decide issues in the community. Kgafella o’Magagodi – South African poet from jhb. 279

location - another word for township Madala – is a name that means old man in Zulu Mahotella Queens – South African isicamtho/ mbaqanga group formed in 1964. Led by Mahlatini, who died a poor musician despite being one of South Africa’s world reknown and oldest performing bands. mampoer – traditional Afrikans spirit distilled usually from different citrus fruits. Mongane Wally Serote – South African poet 280

Moroka Swallows - Premier League football team in South Africa. Their team moto is “Dont follow me, follow the birds.” Mother City – Cape Town pasop - means watch out in Afrikans takkies – big fat rubber wheels Vaallies – holiday makers from former Transvaal province who would be all over south Africa during summer holidays usually with there 4x4’s, baakie, fishing rods and Castle laager!


About the making of this book Somewhere in the world there are about fifty copies of the first edition which was printed, bound and trimmed entirely by the artist. The second edition is 200 copies printed and assembled by Fishoek Printers, Cape Town, with a grant from the Centre for the Book (see imprint page). All paper used in this book is recycled. We are still working on finding eco friendly glues and inks and using paper from sustainable sources. The book cover is made from discarded x-ray acetates that have no images on them. Images on an x-rays are a silver emulsion bonded to the transparent blue acetate. These x-rays are normally sent for recycling in order to recover the silver. The photos on the front and back of the book are of the Kakapo ship wreck on Long Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. Not far from where most of this book was written. 282


This book by CROC E MOSES is a pH meter tracking an itinerant pinball while it scribbles through an arena of critical issues. A crash course...