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Mark Jeffery and Guy West

Originated in Northampton

Jeffery West

individuality which sits well with the English-based company and Giles Ellis himself.


their re-workings of traditional footwear styles, Jeffery~West offer a range of traditional gentlemen’s accessories, all also handmade in

too often lacking in men’s shoes, and particularly in shoes that are so well made they do not go to pieces if you look at them twice. Just like

edge styles, overt elegance, fulsome flamboyance, develop innovative new lasts, and utilise an array of leathers and colours, imagination all

having shoes manufactured by Northampton factories with hundreds of years of experience, but that to this history they would welt cutting

From the outset their intention was that Jeffery~West shoes would be imbued with all the craftsmanship, quality, and pedigree available in

The company prides itself on the subtle, understated and precise design behind it’s products. Designs that reflect British austerity and

Every watch, strap and accessory made is assembled with great care and personal attention so that the highest standards can be achieved.

Schofield Watch Company is an independent organisation, run by Giles Ellis.

stand as a testament to great British engineering, impeccable timing and precision. They also encompass an English quirkiness and

In construction and design the Signalman is inspired by the great British lighthouses of the 18th and 19th Centuries. They, like the watch,

QP exhibition to critical acclaim.

Schofield’s debut watches, The Signalman GMT PR and the Signalman DLC GMT PR, were finally launched at the 2011 Saatchi Gallery Salon

would like to wear, one built to his meticulous standards and attention to detail.

background in graphic and product design, Giles Ellis created Schofield Watch Company out of a desire to make a watch that he himself

Schofield Watch Company is the inspiration and creative vision of Giles Ellis, a watch designer based in rural Sussex, England. With a


Shoe Company & accessories

Male Watches

fashion houses choose Fox Brothers' luxury cloth.


Watch designer Giles Ellis

Schofield Watches Rural Sussex, England

others, the Duke of Windsor, Sir Winston Churchill and Hollywood legend, Cary Grant. It is for this reason that many of the industry's most discerning and demanding clients, including London's historic Savile Row tailors and top

Founded in 1772, in its illustrious history 'Fox Flannel' has been worn by all manner of folk and famous faces, adorning amongst many

go to great lengths to ensure that our whole collection is made in Britain using the finest of materials and expert craftsmanship.

and crafts still exist and at The Merchant Fox we wish to demonstrate the classic combination of British made luxury and British design. We

Britain has a rich history of producing and manufacturing some of the finest materials and products in the world. Many of these industries

The Merchant Fox, a celebration of British tradition, design and manufacture.


Menswear clothes & accessories/ Home, interiors & Travel/ Gifts for women

a twelve-person workshop in Walsall. The town and surrounding West Midlands are renowned for their heritage in leather goods

Our main design principle is intuitive functionality. Our modern designs are easy to use and aesthetically correct. Our bags are produced in

considered almost worthless and is sometimes burned.

meat, the breed has EU protected food name status and appears on menus of many of the country’s best restaurants. However the fleece is

The Herdwick has a 1,000-year heritage and worthy reputation as Britain’s hardiest mountain sheep. Reared primarily for it’s specialty


brass Riri zips, cotton, linen and solid brass hardware. These materials are locally sourced to our specification and are natural and

The company began with a simple idea to make bags using the discarded wool of the ancient Herdwick breed.

Other Information and Imagery

Great images on the website, which evoke Britian.

Yarn = Donegal, Ireland/ Tweed finishing = Galashiels, Scotland/ Fleece = Cumbria, England/ Tweed waterproofing = Oldhern, England/ Tweed woven = Pembrokeshire, Wales/ Hereford Cross cow hides = Cherchbi has evolved into a leather goods and accessories brand. We craft modern designs in a robust, traditional quality drawing inspiration Northarn Ireland/ Cowhorn Toggles = Lancashire, England/ English from Britain’s creative, cultural and manufacturing heritage. Our tweed and leather bags and accessories are entirely designed and made in Union cloth woven = Burnley, England/ Saddle leather tanned = Britain. We use the best natural raw materials including vegetable-tanned English saddle leather, our own Herdwyck No.10 wool tweed, Derbyshire, England/ Buckle foundry = Cheshire, England.

Brand Concept

is the owner of The Merchant

Dragon's Den Deborah Meaden

Wellington, Somerset

The Merchant Fox

in 2007.

Established by Adam Atkinson


Produced in Walsall, West

Cherchbi Belts and Bags Their studio is based in London.

Ian Briggs

Co founded by Neill Briggs &

Bac Mono Cars Chishire, England

Jim Marshall

Marshall Bletchley, England

Emily & Lisa in 2006

Lie down I think I love you London

William 'Rath' Pashley 1926


Based in Stratford - Upon -



William Chase

Williams Gin & Chase Vodka Chase Distillery, Hereford

Hardingham Family 2007

Race Cars & road legal supercars


Bags, Shoes and Scarfs


Gin, Vodka & other alcohols

segment of radical, lightweight sports cars. I't an extremely beautiful car!

excellence and performance are of paramount importance, Mono is an aggressive design and will set a new benchmark in the small, but elite

manufactured using the latest racing technology. Aimed at drivers who seek a purist driving experience and for whom design, engineering

Mono is a road legal supercar, manufactured here in Britain. It's a lightweight, ultra high performance, road legal supercar designed and

Mono is our passion and we hope we can help you pursue yours.

key objectives within the automotive industry we are committed to offering a service and ownership experience which exceeds expectations.

BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) Ltd is the British manufacturer of Mono. With a diverse skill set and a proven track record of meeting

Clapton with his distinctive Bluesbreaker tone, then with Cream; to Ritchie Blackmore with Deep Purple and the greatest ambassador of all,

Throughout the 1960's Marshall sound powered the most influential and original guitar players. From Pete Townshend with The Who, Eric

Marshall now moved to Bletchley, Buckinghamshire into 7000 sq.ft. Export sales grew as the success of British bands spread abroad.

by the appointment of a distribution company, exploded. The world was crying out for more Marshall. The solution was another move.

By the end of 1965 a production of 40 amplifiers and 100 cabinets per week was unable to reduce the growing back orders. Demand, fuelled

Marshall Amplification began in 1962 in London England.

design and produce a 'Made in London' brand using quality leathers, traditional craftsmanship and re-working vintage fabrics and objects.

'Lie down I think I love you' was established as a backlash to the ubiquitous, mass-produced, designer rip-off. The company ethos was to

2006. Today it has grown into a global brand, selling worldwide. Their new independent shop was opened at the beginning of April 2009.

ideas can be realised. Emily having completed an MA at Central St. Martins, launched the 'made in London' accessories brand with Lisa in

The duo behind the label are designer Emily, who has the ideas and creative input and her business partner Lisa, who makes sure these

of customers.

to modern materials and componentry to make our beautiful cycles, and ensure that they are of the highest quality for our growing number

They continue to hand-build our bicycles and tricycles at our factory in Stratford-upon-Avon, using traditional manufacturing methods allied

manufacturer, with sales to discerning customers in over 50 countries.

It is this commitment, attention to detail and hand built quality that has earned Pashley its enviable position as Britain's most exclusive cycle

of our time-served manufacturing team, who painstakingly hand build all Pashley cycles here in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Today, our designers continue to create cycles that have a style and function unlike any others. New designs are placed in the capable hands

Pashley has embraced the needs and aspirations of its customers and translated these into what has become a unique range of cycles.

labour of love, using traditional methods to produce the finest, smoothest vodka with true provenance.

The very first bottle of Chase vodka was produced in April 2008 and took two years in the making. Each batch numbered bottle is a true

carefully selected wild botanicals and our naturally pure water taken from our aquifer that runs underneath our orchards.

We press our organically grown cider apples, ferment them into cider, then distil into vodka then re-distil this into gin by infusing eleven

It is a relatively unknown fact that gin is made from vodka. So, unlike other gins, our gin is truly single estate from field to bottle.

have to look further afield for more exotic ingredients (e.g. vanilla and ginger) we insist that they are fairly traded from sustainable sources.

In addition, all our sugar is harvested in East Anglia, whilst all fresh cream needs are met by happy British cows. When occasionally we do

or from a friendly group of like-minded fruit growers in East Anglia.

(depending on how the fruit growing has gone that year), whilst the remainder is purchased from either our family farm in Bury St Edmunds

Reducing food miles is also high on our ‘to do’ list, although we’re fortunate that 30-60% of our fruit needs already come from our farm

or preservatives).

We stubbornly refuse to use anything but the finest available ingredients and never resort to any quick-fix artificial nasties (flavours, colours


Alder Tree was founded on the non-negotiable belief that everything our business did should be done in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

Fruit Cream Ices

Alder Carr Farm near Needham

Alder Tree

On the website it has this cool interactive option for choosing the colour you want for the car - will be great to use within my interactive research.

Really beautiful website that fits perfectley with their vintage theme/ The stock reperesents their design ethos but it is still a little pricey for what it is/ Good Blog/ They also have quite alot of press covergae (all on the website.

Stunning bikes, but they are extremely expensive. The positive to their prices is the fact you are also buying into the brand and the heritage.

Personal Story

Blog and reciepes provided on the website, their family story provides a personal touch to their brand.

Hose is a new independent label that produces hand screen printed tights, set up by a womenswear and print graduate from Ravensbourne.

three decades.

made 35,000 pairs a week. For

them used to make jeans. They

4,000 good people. 400 of

Cardigan is a small town of

Cardigan, Wales

Hiut Denim

Zeena Shah

Zeena London

Men's Jeans

new wave of including the highly anticipated debut album from "the future of Manchester" (quote: Mani, The Stone Roses) Janice Graham

history of your jean from its creation, through its life with its first owner, and onwards as it gets passed on and handed down.

The HistoryTag helps tell the story of the jeans you own. Each pair of jeans we make will have a unique History Tag number. It can show the

working lives. They are made in Britain. And we only use the best denim from the best mills in the world.

expensive. Certainly you can pay much less for jeans. But our jeans are made by women who have been making jeans pretty much all their

We make every effort to keep our prices reasonable for premium hand-crafted jeans, and in comparison to others we are not the most

higher rise and bigger back pockets than most women’s fashion jeans, this could be the one for you.

However, our slim fit does look good on women and it starts at a 28 (which is the equivalent to a size 10). So if you like a boy fit with a

We created just two fits for men because we wanted to make sure we got great at making jeans before we started offering lots of styles.

the rest.

know how. Use the best quality denims. Cut them with an expert eye. And then let our ‘Grand Masters’ behind the sewing machines do

We make jeans. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. So each day we come in and make the best jeans we

Zeena runs a programme of craft workshops for both adults and children. She has also featured on Channel 4's Kisty's Home Made Home.

around London.

Her goods can be found in stockists both in the UK and internationally and she can often be found at boutique markets and lifestyle events

mill to weave her limited edition blanket collection.

materials from the UK her sticky tape is made in Lancashire, her cards printed in West Sussex and she is currently working with a Scottish

made home accessories, all her products are crafted in her East London studio making each item truly unique. Zeena carefully sources all her

screen printing and her growing pattern collections,‘Zeena' was launched in June 2010. A collection of hand silk screen printed and hand

Having graduated with a BA in printed textile design from Chelsea School of Art and inspired by her love of Scandinavian textiles, fabric,


In short, and twenty-five years from those heady days in Hackney, Acid Jazz Records are thriving – and the label are about to launch a whole

25th Anniversary celebrations - The Acid Jazz Silver Jubilee.

Jumping forward to 2012 and we find the label firmly ensconced in their office at the top of Brick Lane and readying themselves for their

and paved the way for the likes of Mo Wax, Wall Of Sound and Talking Loud.

Formed back in the heady days of 1987 at the start of the ‘aceed’ explosion, Acid Jazz was the first of the groundbreaking new indie labels

McQueen, Holly Fulton, Tom Ford, Radley Handbags, Gieves and Hawkes, Aquascutum and Anderson and Sheppard.

fabric qualities for international clients, including Converse, Hudson Shoes, Abici Bicycles, Billionaire Boys Club, Henry Holland, Alexander

which can be bought by the metre and are sold worldwide. These are woven in a variety of UK textile mills. We also develop a broad range of

The Hills McDougall studio has been designing woven textiles since 2007 creating the Dashing Tweeds portfolio of suitings and tweeds

fabrics and garments that will last a life time.

share a dedication to challenging the menswear market with elegance, colour, heritage, technology, innovation and humour, developing

clothing for the 21st century. The company was founded by photographer Guy Hills and Woven Textile Designer Kirsty McDougall, who

truely original British brand. Opening up a contemporary arena for classic quality fabric we have created a range of tweeds, accessories and

Dashing Tweeds is Britain’s latest tweed textile and mens wear company. We are using all the best British mills and workshops to create a

Hose aims to create subtle and original accessories for a wide range of outfits and occasions.

Peterson in 1987.

Hand printed textiles

Music Label

Tweed textiles & Menswear clothing and accessories.

Screen printed tights

Founded by Eddie Piller & Giles

Brick Lane, London

Acid Jazz

Kirsty McDougall

Hills & Woven Textile designer

Founded by photographer Guy

Dashing Tweeds Primrose Hill, London


Womenswear graduate from

Hose London

They don't source their denim from Britian but it is manufactured here on Britain. They use an organic denim from Turkey and a natural indigo dyed denim from Kuroki Japan. I love the idea of their History Tag, so you can take pictures and memories of jeans and upload them on to the history tag website presenting and displaying the jeans. It can also highlight the different wearers and owners of the jeans, I like the idea of years to come to look back on the days you were wearing your Huit jeans. Re-establishing cardigans manufacturing is also a nice touch to their brand.

She provides workshops at her studio in London for £29 and last upto a couple of hours.

Womenswear and Menswear Knitwear.

Local farmers also donate the fleeces from local flocks, but we do state when we have used these and also we credit the kind farmers who


the Yorkshire Dales.

Howgills, at the western edge of

Her studio is found in the

Laura's Loom

Alan Brooker

cushions and baby blankets all woven from 100% British wool and made entirely within the British Isles.

across the north of England and into the Scottish Borders to create limited edition collections of luxuriously soft wool throws and scarves,

The Howgill Range. This new venture has taken Laura’s Loom into the realm of production weaving, working with small manufacturers

Following a desire to create something beautiful from top quality Yorkshire Dales wool, I launched a new brand in 2008 under the name of

to focus on it full time and so I made the most of it, weaving lots of scarves and trying out lots of fibres, designs and colours.

Centre. The fit seemed auspicious. After 10 years of weaving as an occasional hobby fitted in around work and family I had the opportunity

Dales and where I opened a studio at Farfield Mill, a former spinning and weaving mill now renovated into a vibrant Arts and Heritage

Laura’s Loom became ‘official’ in 2002 when I moved to Sedbergh on the edge of Cumbria, where the Lake District meets the Yorkshire

rugged northern landscape.

from a sustainable natural fibre. All of the designs are my own. Subtle and classic simplicity is my goal. My colour palette is inspired by the

Britain’s remaining woollen industries, and the highly skilled craftsmen and women who run them, to help me create beautiful products

Cumbria and Scotland. Working with yarn spinners, weavers and cloth finishers from Bradford to Galashiels, I aim to make the most of

Laura’s Loom designs a range of interior and fashion accessories using British wool sourced directly from farms in the Yorkshire Dales,


wasn’t long before we were creating bespoke pieces for the theatre stages, TV, events world and occasionally making the odd film

spread about what we were doing, with my close links to Soho and its creative community and Maira’s theatre and events network it

opinions, getting feedback. You design something one day, put it on the market and get the response straight away. Very soon word began to

Magties was in full swing selling designs on Brick Lane in London’s East End. The market was great, meeting people, hearing ideas and


spread about what we were doing, with my close links to Soho and its creative community and Maira’s theatre and events network it wasn’t long before we were creating bespoke pieces for the theatre stages, TV, events world and occasionally making the odd film

opinions, getting feedback. You design something one day, put it on the market and get the response straight away. Very soon word began to

Magties was in full swing selling designs on Brick Lane in London’s East End. The market was great, meeting people, hearing ideas and

create how we felt. We had some really crazy designs back then but that’s where a lot of the initial really clever ideas came.

created was by hand, experimenting with textiles, finishes and construction. This was our creative outlet, something we both used to just

In the beginning we created purely one off pieces, individual artistic creations loosely tied around the theme of accessories. Everything we

finished garments.

help the Monkstone project. We use the best local shearers, experienced spinners and a great local factory and hand knitters to make the

the UK and occasionally Europe.

Throws/Scarves/ Baby blankets/ Yarn & accessories

Is sponsered and she also promotes interesting influential charities Your wool board working for you = The British wool board operates a central marketing system for UK fleece wool with the aim of achieving the best possible net returns for farmers. - The Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust = They are a small charity doing big things to help care for the landscape, economy abd people in this very special place The Yorkshire Dales. - The Campaign for Wool: patron HRH the prince of wales = The campaign for wool is a global community of sheep farmers, retailers, designers, manufacturers and you wth wool lover! The campaign for wool aims to educate as many people as possible about the incredible benefits and versatility of wool in fashion, furnishings and everyday life. This in turn, supports many small businesses and local farmers whose livelihoods depend on the wool industry. - She sources all her wool (except Shetland) directly from farmers in the Yorkshire Dales (bluefaced leicester), Cumbria (Hebridean) and Scotland (Black welsh mountain).

Designed Localy - I love that they are building awareness from farmers to the manufacturers - they want to help educate as many UK companies as possible to bring their knitwear home and made in the The bespoke design process began the moment the Monkstone Flock was established by Richard Reed and the whole story began. We log UK - Their main aim is to create a relationship between traditional the whole process from lambing to shearing and adding to the flock. Monkstone Knitwear was launched in 2011. manufacturers and farmers to add value to a very special primary The design process for Monkstone Knitwear mirrors that of the farm, using the developing ideas and methods associated with the principles source, wool. They will do this by building relationships between of permaculture. Our design methods have been adapted to work with the wool in a way that is sustainable and natural. This enhances the farmers, shearers, traditional manufacturers and the industry. - On the biodiversity of the farm and we keep to low impact design methods as much as possible. The yarns that the Monkstone Flock offer are Welsh web their main unfluencial links are = for flock sake = Trevayne farmBlack Mountain, Coloured Dorsets and Natural Dorsets. Each season we design based on the yarns we have from the sheep. camping site situated above monkstone beach/the farm that provides 100% Monkstone. their wool & promotes their clothing. Monkstone Knitwear was founded in 2010.

materials are sourced all over

Mens accessories. - 'Made in Britain...What does that London - the products are made mean to you? Quality and originality.' in Kennington, London & the

Magties Studio based in Southwark,


Richard Reed

MonkStone Knitwear Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire.



Paul Holmes


Hype Luggage

Marc Demorquette

Demarquette North Kensington, London

Justin Deakon

Hanbury Street, London

Justin Deakon

Cycling clothing and accessories

Luxery Luggage and shooting products

Luxery hand-made chocolate company

Menswear luxery footwear.

Really lovely products, with really cool ingrediant concuctions. - Their emphasis on quality and traditional craftsmanship has led the to work with a growing number of luxery partners = The Royal Opera House, Tregothnan (Britain's finest private country estate), Fortnum & Mason and Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club.

you stay. The Bicycle Club is open for riders from around the world to share cycling adventures.

cycling. From the Spring Classics to the Race of the Falling Leaves; from your Sunday rides to the Tour itself; the bikes you ride to the places

We at velobici invite you to be part of our Bicycle Club, where you can share with other discerning riders your experiences of all things

use reinforced thumb hole cuffs.

Remo' Turtle neck has a more fitted look and feel that has our body mapping knit design, features drop back rear hem and also has optional

neck and 'Lombardy' cardigan, both garments feature rear buttoned ride pockets and optional use reinforced thumb hole cuffs. Our 'San-

vb seamless 100% Merino wool is manufactured in the UK for quality assurance. Our knitwear collection includes, classic cut 'Milano' 'V'

fabrics, designed and made by experienced professionals using the latest technology in machinery and make up.

whether riding, socialising or working. Our clothing and accessories are made in the UK using the highest quality performance and traditional

Velobici was born from our passion for style and comfort, on and off your bike. We design and manufacture beautifully made apparel,

is cosmetically more attractive but also better for the integrity of the product.

many cases of this on well known brands). Stitches are always doubled back through existing needle holes, a time consuming practise, which

strength where needed, handles and attachments are reinforced inside the product to minimise the risk of pulling away or through (there are

and allows the ability to create designs that would otherwise be compromised, stress points are stitched using techniques that offer maximum

product churned out of a mass production line with profit margin as the main motivation. HYPE do not use cheap labour, do not manufacture

Made in England is a proud declaration of a products provenance, a guarantee of passion, dedication, quality and craftsmanship, not merely a

Paul Holmes has his own reason for bringing manufacturing back to Britain = "I lived in South East Asia for around 10 years, where we were manufacturing shooting and hunting accessories. We supplied to offshore and do not cut corners to save money, quite simply they make the finest products possible. firearm manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers in the USA, Products are for ’life’, designed to withstand the rigours of regular use and manufactured with the same integrity, however, from the Australia, Canada, Europe and the UK, at one point we were supplying stunning cosmetic appearances you can see style has not been compromised. in excess of 16,000 gun cases a year. If you are interested in English luxury luggage, something original, manufactured with passion and enthusiasm, that you will not see everyone A few years ago, we were ‘ripped off’ by a Chinese factory. We had carrying (or carrying a copy), then take a look at the HYPE range. dealt with them for 6-7 years, and I guess I got complacent, paid a Only full grain leathers are used, this is the strongest, most durable leather and over the life of a product, this leather will improve in huge deposit and after numerous delays and excuses, no product appearance developing a genuine character, like you. Leather is ‘skived’ or thinned in selected areas to make the leather more workable materialised, the end result was that we were almost broke.

commited to sourcing as many ingrediants as possible from local producers.

We are proud that all of our products are entirely developed and produced in Britain at our chocolaterie in North Kensington, and we

in the French Alps and our own aramatic blend of honey is harvested from the sweet nector of wild meadow flowers.

know the farmers whose diary herds graze in Cornwall and Hampshire. Homegrown fruit and berries are picked from Marc's family orchad

We carefully select our ingrediants from traceable and ethical sources. The provenance of our fresh cream is paramount and we personally

strict in our selection of producers, who must adhere to only the highest standards in socially responsibility.

We are particularly strict when it comes to choosing the best quality, ethically grown and harvested, traceable varieties. As such we are very

by British born master chocolatier Marc Demorquette.

Demarquette-fine chocolates is the ultimate standard in the artisan production of luxery hand-made fine choclate. Created in 2006 and run

Grade A English leatherboard or British rubber soles and Grade A calf uppers and lining. This is British luxury footwear.

All the product is Made in England and produced using the best in English craftsmanship. The shoes are all Goodyear welt construction with

espresso and burnished chestnut with signature touches of hand woven English silk binding.

wingtips. Using materials including water-resistant suede, autumnal polished oxblood and burnished burgundy, along with our rich burnished

The new collection of double thickness brogues, wholecut lace; wholecuts with tassels and snaffles, double monk shoes, side zip boots and

plans for a second store in the next year.

and boots are the best of British. You can understand why after six months from launching there is already a waiting list on certain styles and

Deakin has spent decades building up good relationships with English suppliers, and so from the soles, to the leather, to the silk, these shoes

suitably eccentric British affair, choosing to work with the best English factories and the best English materials available.

Having embarked on a journey which has led to him being one of the most renowned shoe designers around, he made his next collection a

store in East London. Justin Deakin shoes are a heady mix of tradition and modern styling, with individual imaginative touches.

He is arguably one of the country’s top shoe designers, and has been for over 20 years – so it seems only right that he now has his own

Edward Craven-Walker

Mathmos Poole, Dorset


Peter Bowles & son Charlie

Chelsea Harbour, London

Original btc

Emma Sewell.

Harriet Wallace - Jones and

Wallace Sewell Lloyd Baker Street, London

Founded by Alistair Hook


Meantime Brewery Penhall Road, Greenwich,

Lava Lamps & other lamps

Furniture & Lighting

Textiles - Scarves & Interiors


Still based in Poole, Dorset, we are really proud of our long British manufacturing history and our heritage of invention.

a host of business and marketing awards including two Queens Awards for Export.

from the cult 1960s film Barbarella. Millions of lava lamps were manufactured in Dorset in the 1990s and sold throughout the world gaining

generation. Part of the relaunch included changing the company name from Crestworth to Mathmos in 1992. The word Mathmos is taken

Over a period of years Granger and Mulley bought the business from the Craven-Walkers and successfully launched the lava lamp to a new

formula original models were made with orange squash bottles and the first lava lamp came to market in 1963.

Mr. Craven-Walker originally developed the lava lamp from a design for an egg timer he saw in a Dorset pub. Taking years to develop the

British heritage brand founded in 1963 by the inventor of the lava lamp. Mathmos lava lamps have been hand made in Britain ever since.

detail and standard of design required for their original industrial purpose. Interior and Exterior pendants, wall lights and up lighters are

craftesmanship and the finest raw materials. Authentic and unique, Davey lights are manufactured in England with the same attention to

Davey Lighting = with roots going back to the nineteenth century as a marine lighting manufacturer, Davey Lighting combines traditional

industry and sent to Oxford for assembly, while bone china shades are hand-cast in Stoke-on- Trent.

beautifully unprocessed lights: aluminium shades and bases are hand-spun from sheet metal in the heart of the country's metal-working

instantly comfortable, unassumingly elegant and accessibly priced. Three UK production facilities are dedicated to constructing the

esembled in Oxford from the finest aluminuim, chrome and bone china, the essential collection of table, florr, wall and pendant lights is

Original BTC = Established in 1990, original btc manufacturers relaxed, familiar lighting for traditional and contempory homes. Hand-

birmingham factory specialised in metal fabrication for industrial usage.

made at the group's Birmingham metalworks. - Bought to manufacture lighting components and aid new product development, the

either weathered copper or zinc wire mesh, the 12-piece launch collection includes seating, storage and tables inspired by the school lockers

.Bowles & Bowles = B&B furniture is characterised by functionality, quality of materials and best-of-British craftesmanship. Available in

finishers in Huddersfield W.T. Johnson & Sons Who draw their water from their own borehole in pursuit of the softest and purest water,

The studio works closely with a mill in Lancashire which weaves the larger pieces and batch production. The studio also works closely with a

producing exclusive fabrics of discerning appeal.

Work is distinguished by a positive and confident use of colour and an intelligent use of yarn properties and standard weave structures,

exchange of ideas from the dual perspectives of creating textiles for fashion and furnishings.

The studio’s motivation is to design innovative woven fabrics exploiting industrial techniques, the collaboration thriving on a vibrant

College of Art in 1990.

A highly individual woven textile design studio, established by Harriet Wallace-Jones and Emma Sewell, after graduating from the Royal

running at various times in the week, feel free to pop by.

people about it too, that's why we've opened our brewery to the public, so you can come and be a part of the Meantime story. We have tours

When Meantime was just a seed of an idea back in the early 2000's it was always our vision to not only make great beer but to educate

we've found it's usually around six weeks to brew a batch of beer, but it's an art not science.

of the art brewery in Greenwich dedicated to giving our beer the time it needs to come into it's own, however long that time may be. For us

Our commitment to creating great beer has seen us make the largest investment in craft brewing in London since 1930. We've built a state

Apart from inventing the lava lamp he also made underwater naturist films, flew helicopters, drove a fire engine, was a World War Two pilot, a talented accountant, entertained the cast of the 60s musical Hair and owned a naturist camp in Dorset. Mr. Craven-Walker originally developed the lava lamp from a design for an egg timer he saw in a Dorset pub. - It's exciting to think that a little bit of the swinging sixties is still being made in Great Britain today.

About Peter Bowles = A carpenter by trade, Bowles’ grandfather was chairman of Minty Furniture of Oxford, later bought out by Parker Knoll. After learning the ropes at Minty, Bowles’ father launched iconic 1960s lighting retailer Cosmo Designs, employing 13-year-old Peter on his stand at the Harrogate Lighting Fair. - Today, over 70% of Orignal BTC's lights are exported worldwide, with their simple elegance recognised internationally by design luminaries including Andree Putman, John Parson & Terence Conran.

Provided the upholstry for the London overground in 2008 along with the Croydon tramlink the same year. They also provided the winning design for the TFL Underground. - The mill which weaves the bigger pieces is the Mitchell Interflex Limited, it is a family run business with four generations of experiance in weaving the finest quality fabrics from a huge variety of interlinings and specialist fabrics. - W.T. Johnson & Sons is one of the world's leading textile dyeing and finishing companies, through a combination of craftsmanship and innovative technology, we are able to create high quality finishes on an ever increasing range of fabrics.

In 2001 they opened their first pub - The Grenwich Union - It's the only pub in London to sell no national brewers products at all. - They have a really nice diagram about the brewing process on their website.

Family run business


situated in the Bedford

Buckingamshire. The factory is

Tusting Showroom = Lavendon, Olney,

Darius Pocha

Eastbourne Terrace, London

Blake London

Sarah Watkinson-Yull


shoes are manufctred in

She is based in London, the

Yull Shoes

"K" Avery-Stallion

Sea, East Sussex

St Leonards Seaside HQ, St Leonards-on-

Men and Womens bags and luggage - Leather


Womens Heels

Men and Womenswear bags and acccessories

themselves that communicate their own value and quality.

materials become wonderful products, which combine truly original character with unmistakable quality. Indeed, it is the products

the perfect leather for each exquisite piece made in our workshop. In the hands of our talented team of Craftsmen and Women these flawless

many of whose families also share in this heritage. This deep and expert knowledge is the secret ingredient that guarantees the selection of

home to our new generation of highly skilled craftsmen. It is perfectly placed to draw on the considerable talents of local leatherworkers,

leathers for over 130 years. Our current workshop lies close to the original tannery founded in 1875 by our great, great, grandfather and is

generation of the family is now at the helm, following a long line of Tustings who have been tanning, grading and trading the world’s finest

TUSTING is a family firm based in the heart of the English countryside, with its roots deep in the English leather and shoe trade. The fifth

mixing high and low, so when I started a clothing brand I decided I wanted to make the high - and that's what Blake is."

has awareness of current trends but the only dignified way to go is to build your own style brand. When I dress I feel at my most comfortable

masculine pieces that mixes classic forms with graphic design influences and innovative materials. "It's crucial that a stylish man

Feeling that the way forward lay somewhere in-between fashion and tailoring, Darius set about creating a small collection of sophisticated,


Hollywood actor Simon Pegg to model and promote their beautiful blazors and collections.

Twenty years since the first briefcases were produced, many are still in everyday use. They look wonderful, having matured beautifully and acquired the mellow patina and distinctive personality of a classic piece of furniture.

Blake London is a British clothing company founded in 2012 by Darius Pocha. Blake mixes design, luxury fabrics and high technology. BLAKE Great promotional tool of using inspirational men including

The shoes made in Britain are 100% in sourced from Britain. There is only one last (the mould used to make a shoe) manufacturer left and

more classic.

packaging which ones are which and it can be easily told by the price! The Chinese shoes are more fun whilst the British shoes are much

50% of the full range are 100% sourced and manufactured in the UK. The other 50% are made in China. However we are very clear in our

manufacturing high heels in Britain.

2012 she received funding from the Prince's trust to set up manufacturing in the UK. Yull is one of the only independent shoe brands

Sarah says that Yull is 'style over fashion', a break from the current trend-following flow of impracticable and ephemeral shoe brands. In

brand Yull.

She has taken the decision to combine her creative side and ardour for fashion with her business knowledge in the launching of her shoe

icons become money-off tokens and you can trade them in against a new purchase.

If you're lucky enough to own a St Leonards product then make sure you keep hold of its' heraldic badge. Several times a year the badge

stylish packaging and badges on the swing tags depict beautiful heraldic symbols and these too are steeped in meaning.

names are taken from local streets and as the town is steeped in Georgian history, there's a sense of the brand being older than its' years. The

St Leonards is based at Seaside HQ, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex. St Leonards is deeply rooted in its' surroundings. Many of the product's

ready to take the leap of faith necessary to launch as St Leonards at the Country Living Fair in November in 2010.

full time. Having sold her beloved vintage Figaro to fund the first prototype collection and having thwarted a crippling illness she was finally

right production and taking her time to get the materials and components right, she ditched her numerous day jobs to pursue her business

confident men and women who like practical well made products with pleasing proportions. Having spent several years searching for the

feel right regardless of the feverish pace of "fast fashion" and what's "on trend". St Leonards is all about understated stylish designs for self

Former product developer and designer for the High Street, "K" Avery-Stallion has bucked the system and now only designs what she knows

Hilary Lowe

Damason & Slate Pembrokeshire, Wales

Fieldcandy Jersey, Channel Isles

Rhiannon Rowley

showrooms in London.

Manufactured in Wales and

Abaca organic

Sara Cohen

Sara C Sara is based in Brighton

Textiles and interior furniture/decorations


Mattresses, beds and bedlinen

Ethical fashion textiles

wool from sheep and goats, home-grown willow, locally farmed lavender or the slate which inspired our name

traditions and techniques handed down over the centuries. The raw material for our merchandise is sourced throughout Wales, be it organic

This corner of Pembrokeshire, along with the rest of Wales, is a beautiful and unspoilt part of the world where people still take pride in craft

of Welsh air wherever you live.

stylist’s eye to designing and sourcing the best and most covetable of Welsh goods. The Damson and Slate online shop brings you a breath

Damson & Slate is the venture of interior stylist Hilary Lowe, who traces Welsh roots on her maternal side and has devoted her energy and

fresh way to make truly beautiful gifts and interior accessories.

sell really is made in Wales we are actively supporting and encouraging a new generation of craftspeople who are using traditional skills in a

dyed organic wool; a wonderful array of contemporary Welsh textiles and stoneware with many other regional products. As everything we

for Welsh woven blankets and throws; printed linens; hand woven cushions; organic local sheepskins; hand-knits in earthy shades of plant

Three words that sum up Damson & Slate, an online store that celebrates all that is both chic and Welsh. We are the destination site

We source materials and components from responsible companies in several countries. All suppliers must have demonstrable environmental

Education Trust and Greenpeace.

Charities supported by FieldCandy include : The Prince's Trust, Movember, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Tropical Health &

range of totally unexpected designs. We aim to delight our customers and excite anyone who sees our products.

FieldCandy is an exciting design-led brand of tents. We are here to inject colour, creativity and fun into the camping space by offering a

Artist, designers and photographers who have designed the tents = TERRY PASTOR - BASSO & BROOKE - JONATHAN ZAWADA - PHILIP GATWARD - GELLAN WATT - FLAVIO MELCHIORRE - TEE LEE JACKIE SPURRIER - RACKET - SI MACLENNAN - ANDY CAHILL - JULIA FieldCandy tents are fun. But they’re serious too. They keep you as dry in the rain and as snug in a gale as any conventional high & MARIA - LUKE BONNER - EMMA BENNETT - ALEX KRUGLOV performance tent. And because we use a good old-fashioned cotton inner tent, you don’t get the condensation that comes as standard with TOMI - EMMA ATKINSON - DREAMS OF GRANDEUR - KITTY FINEGAN most modern tents. You’ll find it’s all very simple. And simplicity gives you more time for enjoyment. FieldCandy is the Registered Trade - JACK MAXWELL - EMILY GOLDEN TWOMEY - JAMES MARRIOTT Mark ® of Outstanding Tents Ltd, based in Jersey, our design office is in the mountains of Italy, and our products are printed, manufactured, DAZERAY - JOANNA BOYLE - MARK GRANT - JOHN WILHELM. This assembled and distributed worldwide from ENGLAND. cheese and mouse design is my favourite.

toxic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

around to our way of thinking and embraced the organic ethos.

These days organic textiles are all the rage. But back in 2004, when Abaca started, it was a bit ´out there´. Thankfully, people have come

Rhiannon Rowley's concern about the chemicals in the fabrics and materials used to create mattresses, led to the development of Abaca. Rhiannon learnt her trade with Alphabeds, a company based in West Abaca has pioneered organic textiles, helping shift public perception from bohemian to conventional and desirable. Our organic ethos has Wales who manufactured pine and beech beds as well as a range of established us as the standard bearer of excellence in a market brimming with average and often highly synthetic products. mattresses. The manufacturing facility for Alphabeds was based at Each of our mattresses is expertly crafted with pure, organic lambswool and cotton, a hallmark which sets us apart from the crowd. All our Dolbantau Mill, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth, while the Alphabeds shop was on products are unique, naturally healthy, free of chemicals and crammed with goodness; thanks to the natural properties of Welsh wool, they Tottenham Court Road. During Rhiannon's time at Alphabeds Ceri are fire retardant too. Rogers was employed to run the London shop, and they soon forged The company produces organic mattresses using the purest organic Welsh wool and organic fabrics. Unlike other mattresses which use an excellent working partnership. Ceri left the Alphabeds showroom synthetic fabrics, Abaca mattresses are made of natural materials without the need for chemicals. No pesticides are used in the production of in 2002, and when Rhiannon left Alphabeds in 2004 to create Abaca the cotton materials used. Each organic mattress is carefully hand stitched and finished. A range of beautiful oak beds complements the it was a natural decision to ask Ceri to become a fellow director. Abaca is one of the first companies in the UK to offer a genuine organic mattress range. bedding range. At Abaca we take great pride in the fact that we only Abaca is one of the first companies in the UK to offer a genuine organic bedding range. The organic bedding products used by Abaca are produced using materials created by traditional farming methods, avoiding the use of highly use Welsh organic wool. We buy more organic wool from the Wool Board than anyone else in the UK.

We design, print and manufacture everything in Britain. Even the small details like our stationery and clothing labels are organic or recycled.

Sara C is an ethical fashion and textile company. We only use organic, natural fibres such as bamboo and peace silk, and eco-friendly dyes.

decide exactly where the print is placed and how the front and back will match. Each garment is then placement printed, hand cut and sewn.

Once we’ve designed a nature-inspired print, it’s crafted so that it works perfectly within the shape of each garment. That way we can

travelling around England in the family campervan – in the middle of winter.

Sara Cohen was a London-based advertising exec and photographer who needed a break from the big city. So she spent seven weeks

Britain using eco-friendly processes and fabrics.

prints are at the very heart of the Sara C brand. Inspired by and respectful of the environment, each garment is individually handmade in

Reflecting the wild beauty of England, Australia and Mexico, graphic natural shapes are infused with bright washes of colour. These unique

Sara photographed and drew what she saw, and the result is her debut collection: Nature’s Edge.

are also rather pricey for what they are offer.

Also make Vinegar = Vinegar making at Aspall became a passion for

Vintage 1930s wooden shoe lasts, crafted by one of the finest shoe factories in Northampton, have been given a quirky new lease of life in the form of table lamps, bookends, doorstops, coat pegs, candleholders and clocks. Each objet d’art is painstakingly restored from a vintage shoe last before being hand-made into a striking design using natural wood.

orchards at Aspall have been organic ever since.

Soil Association in 1946. Near neighbours of the legendary Eve Balfour, Perronelle and Cyril were quick to join the movement and the

bottle that was used by JB Chevallier, the 5th generation Aspall Cyder maker in the 1920s and 1930s.

through the generations to produce the super premium product that it is today. Our striking one of a kind signature bottle is a replica of the

Their products - Cyder = The recipe for Aspall's unique blend of bittersweet and culinary apples has been handed down and developed

bottle used by JB Chevallier in the 20s and 30s. Both Barry and Henry hold esteemed roles within the Cider and Vinegar industry.

that is on sale today and is sold not only nationally, but internationally. In 2000 their efforts saw the relaunch of the cyder in a replica of the

increase four fold in the last 5 years. On joining the company they took to re-formulating the Aspall cyder blend to create the style of drink

fermentation technique that remains unique in vinegar making around the world. The many awards received for Aspall vinegar since then recognise the efforts he made, and the passion for vinegar making remains core to the business today. All our vinegars are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, are preservative free and bottled unpasteurised.

modern production equipment only when a marked improvement in quality can be achieved. Most recently their efforts have seen production John Chevallier in the 1970's when he pioneered a trickle

Since joining the business in 1993, Barry and Henry have worked hard to grow the business and produce premium liquid using the latest

design and make beautiful, individual objets d'art and small furniture to your exact requirements.

White Dove & Wonder offer a bespoke service, allowing our clients to create a unique and timeless piece from our vintage shoe lasts. We can

into furniture (one-offs) and lighting, along with creating bespoke pieces made to order.

While the range currently comprises of four key pieces, Susan and Jimmy constantly see new shoe last incarnations and have plans to expand

designs, then Jimmy painstakingly restores each shoe last before hand-making the striking pieces using natural wood.

Gradually, the pair started to see fresh uses for them and set about making a range of objets d’art. Susan and Jimmy both come up with the

not least because they are an important symbol of industrial heritage.

her business, which she then bought on impulse and a sense of nostalgia. They both agreed the shoe lasts should be recycled and preserved,

At first, Susan and her husband Jimmy had no idea what to do with the vintage shoe lasts, Susan had stumbled upon while sourcing stock for

Northampton, have been given a quirky new lease of life in the form of bookends, doorstops, coat pegs and candleholders.

create stunningly unique, handmade pieces for the home.Vintage 1930s wooden shoe lasts, crafted by one of the finest shoe factories in

Art and antiques dealer, Susan Gaston, has taken her love affair with the trade her family has been in for three generations – shoes – to

Due to the nature of the materials used the outcome will always be different, meaning each product is completely unique.


up-cycled designs have evolved, ranging from bags to belts, furniture to chandeliers, dog collars to key chains and even the famous car tyre

In 2008 Katcha moved from Spain to the UK to begin her company from a studio in Stokes Croft, the arts capital of Bristol. Since then further

and selling them from the back of her fire engine.

Already having previous knowledge of leather-working, Katcha began creating beautifully designed bags that were 100% recycled material

versatile, and it would be a shame to see them wasted.

At Katcha Bilek, design comes first. Using recycled materials is part and parcel of the process: the materials are exceptionally strong and

It is said that Katcha can upcycle anything, and you may be able to spot anything from bike wheels to circuit boards, and headphones to wing mirrors in her ethical art creations. You’ll have to look Based in Bristol, UK, Katcha and her team create alternative ethical designs that are one-of-a-kind. In 1999, Katcha was living and travelling in carefully though, as most of these "waste products" are so expertly a converted fire engine. It was then when her inspiration for eco-crafted products came to light. reinvented that your focus will be on the fabulous furniture, the ' I became so aware of the abandoned materials that were around me and it struck me that, with some imagination, they could be crocodile, or the chandelier long before you notice that these customreconstructed into something beautiful and useful.’ made art pieces are recycled from discarded items.

Thames, or appreciating the attractions of the Ayung, LILIFI can be with you at anywhere, at any time. In heart, body and soul..

Luxurious design and quality infuse each handmade piece with a distinctive signature. So, whether hustling and bustling with the flow of the

recognised everywhere. Please inbox us for your nearest stockist.

LILIFI is fast becoming the bag for every women to wear on their arm, expanding to outlets across the world, the understated design is being

simplistic with hints of the Balinese wild, the SS13 collection is being delivered with a ladylike approach.

the UK and the other in Bali, the result is this! Understated elegance teamed with texture and vibrance. The AW2012 collection is still

Organic = The 6th generation of Chevalliers at Aspall, Perronelle Guild (nee Chevallier) and her husband Cyril were founder members of the

The bags are not as bali inspired as their concept suggests, the bags

dynamism of England. Two small islands that have irrevocably shaped London born designer, Kathleen Reardon. With 2 design houses, one in are nice but I have seen better whilst undergoing this research. They

Established in 2008, LILIFI is a brand inspired by the beauty, tapestry of colours and textures of Bali, twinned with the energy and relentless

Clement Chevallier in 1728)


Interior design & furniture reclaimed and reused


Bags - Womenswear

(Aspall was established by

passed down the reins to them

John Chevallier retired and

Chevallier after their Father

Since 1993 - Barry and Henry

Debenham, Suffolk


Susan Gaston

White Dove & Wonder Produce is from Northampton



Katcha Bilek

Kathleen Reardon

Lilifi Based in London

Jason and Camilla Iftakhar

Swifty Scooters Manchester

quality, the pleasing slim line aesthetic and unique folding mechanism creates both a desirable and practical product.

The innovative design of the SwiftyONE embodies a blend of timeless British elegance with contemporary relevance. The premium British

quality manufacturing and innovation. The SwiftyONE is designed for life.

we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and support the local economy. We also feel passionately about upholding Britain's heritage for

Swifty Scooters takes pride in its local sourcing policy, and is designed and manufactured in Manchester, UK. By using local manufacturing,

Scooters demonstrates a 21st century relevance to urban mobility, answering the need to save time and have fun.

Swifty Scooters aim is simply to produce the best adult kick scooters in the world. Through the power of design and engineering Swifty

and hand made in Manchester, and carefully assembled by Jason in the Swifty Scooters workshop in Salford.

College of Art, both graduating in 2005. Based in Manchester, Camilla and Jason have endeavoured to source local. Swifty One is designed

Swifty Scooters is a family business founded by husband and wife team Jason and Camilla Iftakhar. They met whilst studying at the Royal

process. Combined with usiongh the finest materials for both durablity and comfort, we ensure every peice of G pPlan Vintage furniture

Every peice of Furniture is handcrafted at their Whiltshire base. Our highly skilled craftesmen follow a 21-stage design and development

range of furniture that draws admiring glances.

With an outstandiing design pedigree and as experts in all things vintage, Hemingway's unique take on our stylish designs has created a

approach to vitage projects.

chairs of the 50's and 60's. It's a collection that embraces the quality and craftesmanship of Gplan. along with Hemingwaysfresh and vibrant

In Collaboration with Hemingway Design, we've now created G Plan Vintage, a stunning range of furniture inspired by our classixc sofas and

talented craftsmen and women.

Some of the biggest names in the business have now abandoned Stoke to manufacture overseas but it’s still home to the world’s most

The towns made the pots and the pots made the towns… and over time they became known as The Potteries.

Over hundreds of years the six Staffordshire towns which make up Stoke-on-Trent developed a ceramics industry which dazzled the world.

cakes and biscuits – than with tea served in beautiful cups?

markets, delis and quirky cafes. What better way to enjoy the produce of the growing number of artisan bakers – or even better homemade

This range of bone china teacups was conceived in London out of greed! Sara was inspired by the city’s flourishing food scene – farmers

centuries envying.

Spode started working with a new material which would turn out to beat even the fine Chinese porcelain which British potters had spent

This is a new edition of teacups and saucers but it draws on four hundred years of ceramics expertise in this country. Around 1800 Josiah

and the rich spectrum of goods on offer has disappeared with them.

many interesting old shops that stocked thousands of unusual fittings and furnishing hardware. Since then sadly, they have almost all gone

When we arrived here over 15 years ago the local manufacturing and wholesale furniture trade had already collapsed but there were still

direct lineage from the originals in the area.

us that our furniture is created in London and as much as possible manufactured here using as many local trades as possible some having

This rich heritage has been a fundamental inspiration for the re-introduction of making as well as the design of our work. It’s important to

buildings that were built specifically to house their workshops, factories, showrooms, warehouses and timber yards.

furniture industry from mid-19th to mid-20th Century. Most of our local urban landscape is largely shaped by Victorian and Edwardian

all displayed on their website. - At ROCKMAN & ROCKMAN we have a huge archive of old catalogues and reference from the 20th Century furniture industry, most specific to the Shoreditch area and some from other related areas like Birmingham and Sheffield.

ROCKMAN & ROCKMAN is based close to the spiritual heart of the old East London furniture trade around Shoreditch, epicentre of the British They provide wonderful catalogues of old British craftesmans work,


Kick scooters


English bone China

Furniture (Tables)

Wayne and Gerardine


G Plan Vintage

Sara Smith


Sara Smith Designed in London, made in



Kate Lennard and Mark

Rockman & Rockman London

Helen gordan

Helen Gordon Oxfordshire

Ali Mapletoft

Designed in Hove

Age of Reason

Denise Lewis



Sean Kyne

Camden for hand-finishing.

before being sent down to

RASMART in Macclesfield

traditional methods by

The silk that is printed with

Well & Truly

Baby and childrenswear/Homeware & Stationary

Women's silk scarves

Textiles/ Furniture/ Homeware/ Quilts/ Clothing/ Jams & Honey/ Nursery items

Men's cufflinks, pocket squares and scarves Well & Truly is an original independent British company focused on the design and creation of premium accessories. The collection

Denise Lewis was born in Newcastle Emlyn, Cardiganshire. She is a

manufactured in the Midlands, nightwear in Anglesey and stationery in Kent using the highest quality materials.

I am passionate about supporting UK manufacture and use various specialist factories to produce my collection. My baby wear is

I paint all my prints by hand in my studio in rural Oxfordshire where I live with my sculptor husband, and three children

the rest of the range.

started to receive many requests for baby wear. I have now diversified and have a range of organic babywear and accessories to complement

proved popular particularly the childrenswear, pyjamas and dresses. I concentrated on developing the children’s side of the business and

produced a series of designs inspired by fairytales and produced my first collection that was exhibited at a major trade fair. My collection

was always my ambition to set up my own business developing my own products and after my third child was born I started painting again. I

I trained and worked as a textile designer for ten years and then worked as a Buyer developing ranges for such retailers as House of Fraser. It

combinations and classic styles. My designs are timeless and non trend led and are pieces to be treasured.

influenced by my passion for children’s vintage stories/ illustrations, and Scandinavian folk patterns and I love experimenting with colour

and organic children’s clothing, including nightwear and dresses,accessories, stationery and interior products. My designs have been

A British designer, product developer and Mum. Inspired by my children to design again I have produced a collection of retro inspired ethnic

in the design process too with Ali spending days drawing in the British Museum and Royal Academy of Arts.

designs, and ensures that sections of the print can be revealed or concealed depending on the wearers mood. London plays an important role

Hidden motifs and surprises are Ali’s signatures. She often includes adventurous imagery like bondage clad Russian dolls in her scarf

paper. Taking inspiration from literature, punk culture, and art, she applies a quintessentially British sense of humour to the creative process.

Designer Ali Mapletoft, a former London film-maker, creates unexpected imagery at her studio in Hove, using bold strokes of pen and ink on

based piece is hemmed and hand finished by a skilled seamstress in Yorkshire, while our hats are made in Sussex using traditional methods.

country to source the finest materials, and only work with the very best UK based artisans who can meet our high standards. Each textile-

Every fine accessory we produce is Made in England from natural fibres like pure silk, wool, chiffon and cotton velvet. We've scoured the

in some of the country's best boutiques.

integrity, creating wearable luxury with a playful, punk twist. Audacious prints and beautiful fabrics define our collections, which are stocked

Age of Reason is a UK accessories label making beautiful scarves, hats and cushions in Britain. As a label we pride ourselves on quality and

delivered to your door.

do is sprinkle them with some contemporary style and design, add some technology to enable you to enjoy centuries of craftsmanship,

Blodwen promises to offer you beautiful hand-made goods, which are traditionally made from natural resources, locally sourced. All we will

that are, wherever possible, organically grown . All our packaging is made from recycled materials, made in Wales.

Blodwen aspires to sell products that are locally made, because we are always mindful of reducing our carbon footprint. We source products

celebrated. We are committed to ensuring bilingual provision in both Welsh and English across all our products and operations.

Blodwen is passionate about Wales, a country with an ancient yet modern language, culture and tradition which continue to thrive and are

purchases that are treasured forever

Blodwen believes in paying for quality - in rewarding artisans for their skill in producing unique, hand-made, beautiful wares - heirloom

maintain their way of life and livelihood.

importance attached to 'buying local', BLODWEN aims to help bring about real regeneration, contributing to rural communities as they

Synthetic fabrics are never used, only the best 100% cotton. Have now introduced my first organic range using cotton that is GOTS certified, free from pesticides and artificial fertilisers.

Age of Reason produces two fashion collections a year. In addition we add to our permanent collection seasonally, as well as producing special limited edition pieces. We create accessories for people who have come of age in their personal style, who love a statement piece and appreciate quality, versatility and longevity.

Aberporth, Cardigan Bay, West Wales.

With its emphasis on adding contemporary design to skills and traditions which have been handed down across the generations as well as the Welsh speaker and has two children. She lives between London and

Blodwen is committed to the preservation and revival of traditional rural skills and the promotion of artisans.

Each piece, from our beautiful silk pocket squares to our striking cufflinks, is fashioned with great passion and care.

finishing. The cuffl...inks are all finished by Sean at his home/studio.

We pride ourselves on producing everything here in Britain - we work with RASMART in Macclesfield for printing and also local ladies for our

pocket squares to our striking cufflinks, is fashioned with great passion and care.

comprises handcrafted products that possess great integrity and style together with practicality and flair. Each piece, from our beautiful silk

Lawrence Tomlinson

Garforth, Leeds


Ian O'Connel & James Rock



Julian Turner and Tessa Weale

Archie Foal London

Kenneth Grange



Race and Road Cars

Hollographic Company

Socks/ Knitwear/ Outerwear and Accessories for Men & Women


launch our cars within a period of four-weeks.

workshops, into the Ginetta stores and finally out onto the road and track. On average we produce 300 cars a year and we design, build and

manufacture everything under this roof from in the Ginetta offices and onto the car production line, through the machine, engine and chassis

Ginetta’s state-of-the-art 75,000 sq. ft. home is based in Garforth, Leeds and was officially opened by Damon Hill OBE in 2007. We


honour of the milestone. It was designed and manufactured alongside Ginetta’s other cars in the company’s new purpose built factory in

capable and above all, great value sports cars. The company celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2008 when it launched the Ginetta G50 in

racing driver and successful businessman, Lawrence’s aims remain in line with the original founders to continue producing innovative,

The company constantly produced cars, but in ever smaller numbers until Lawrence Tomlinson bought the company in 2005. An experienced

with the Imp powered G15 and the Chrysler 1725 powered G21. Both cars underwent full type approval testing.

produced predominantly race or road/race orientated cars. Success with the G4 prompted ever more ambitious designs and further success

Ginetta Cars Limited was founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers. The business was an extension of a passion for motor racing and

Musion’s holographic video projection is perfectly suited to creating an extravagant, unique and truly special event.

There’s nothing more important than making a bold impression, and giving your audiences something to get excited about.

Innovation. Inspiration. Stunning visual spectacles. Musion 3D and fashion go hand in hand.

creative conception through to technical implementation and lights out, you are in good hands.

Our team of experienced Designers, Creative Directors, Engineers and Event Coordinators will be with you every step of the way. From

experienced live events and communicate.

Since 2003, having delivered over 700 successful projects, our patented holographic technology has transformed the way people

connect to your audience in a way never seen before.

Using High Definition video projection, our invisible foil coupled with some clever lighting and of course, amazing 3D content, allows you to

Musion has brought a 21st century twist to an old Victorian theatrical trick called Pepper’s Ghost.

Using the world's finest yarns, Archie Foal has created socks that are both highly durable, warm, soft and elegant. The socks are knitted from

Archie Foal's socks are made in England by a company of master knitters who have been producing shooting style socks since the 1850s.

Outerwear, Accessories and Knitwear again all produced to the very highest standards.

designed and produced to the very highest standards using the finest materials available. The Archie Foal range for Women now includes

Since 2012 Archie Foal has extended their range of clothing to include Outerwear, Accessories, Shirts, Knitwear and Underwear for Men, all


merino/angora mix. Reinforced through the back of the heel and the entirety of the foot, these socks are available with or without button on

Our sock collection also includes regular length and boot length socks for men in various styles knitted from Lamora a super soft

ever worn.

and the entirety of the foot, they are available with or without button-on garters. These stylish shooting socks will be the finest you will have

and with colourful tops, including fairisle designs. Suitable to be worn with breeks or 'plus-fours'. Reinforced through the back of the heel

from wonderfully comfortable wools and wool mixes and reinforced where required. The shooting socks are knee-length in various colours

Archie Foal are famous for their luxury shooting socks, knee length socks and boot length socks for both men and women. Each sock is made

2009 - Anglepoise celebrates 75 years by reissuing the original 1227 design. It receives recognition by being placed on a Royal Mail Stamp

auction. The Giant creates so much interest that it is put into volume production.

2004 - A Giant Anglepoise is produced for the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre. A second is sold to film director Tim Burton, at a charity

updated London black cab, turns his mind to the Anglepoise. His creation is the Type3, a classic in its own right.

2003 - The highly respected product designer Kenneth Grange, responsible for the Kenwood Mixer, the Kodak Instamatic, 125 trains and the

one for production.

1885 - With his three eldest sons, Herbert establishes Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd. One son is made responsible for finance, one for sales and

Dawson family brand.


Dawson Denim

Tony Wyer

Fletcher Boats Wolverhampton, Midlands


Blok knives Derbyshire, UK

Jessica De Lotz


Jessica De Lotz

Claire English


Claire English

Denim workwear - Aprons and Bags


Kitchen Knives



with is family run and is over100 years old. Selvage or Self-edge is also the oldest, most authentic denim woven on the original looms.

We use Red line Selvage from Japan, the red in Selvage was introduced around the 1930’s to denote the highest quality. The mill we work

way affects the owner’s statutory rights.

service in the first six months when any wear and tear created in this time will be repaired by hand here in the workshop. This service in no

been forgotten but we are proud to be able to offer a durability guarantee with each of our products. This log book entitles the owner to a

Each piece comes with a “log book” inspired by the same document from the golden age of motoring. The ideal of being built to last has long

are made in our own specialist workshop in Brighton, East Sussex.

Dawson is our family name. We simply aim to produce the best Workwear we can using our 15 years working with denim. All of our products

produced boats are commonly spray layed relying on building up a bulk of chopped strand mat to provide hull strength.

All Fletchers are hand laid as we feel this produces a better boat and enables us to take advantage of the available fibreglass technology. Mass

warranty so in the unlikely event of a problem you know that any issues will be attended to in a prompt and professional manner.

meaning spares are readily available, and if you require a repair this can be carried out in our factory workshop. We offer a comprehensive

Built in Britain you can actually come to the factory and see your boat being built. Almost everything is produced in house or sourced locally

Builder’ we can offer you a high level of personal service so you get exactly what you expect from your boat.

Fletcher was established in the late 1950’s and remains one of the few volume producing boat companies in the UK. As a ‘Boutique Boat

original Blok knife.

Your Blok Knife will arrive in a handmade box [again, made in the UK] with care instructions and a small card to certify that you own an

the materials used are supplied by British manufacturers... from packaging to heat treatment, its all local.

I design and craft kitchen knives. Knives are my passion and I love making them! Blok is based in the heart of Derbyshire. Where possible,

to sharp edges are the driving force behind these knives. Obsession for fine finish and attention to detail help craft each blade.

Blade is hand ground, finished and tested right here in the workshop. A passion for quality, a love for all things handmade and an addiction

Designed and handmade in the heart of Derbyshire, Blok knives are individually crafted Chef's Knives made from the finest materials. Each

titled The Love Story, 1946.

of the recognition of Jessica's work has grown from her signature, individually hand-stamped and personalised, wax seal jewellery collection,

collectibles, cherished possessions and achingly touching personal stories that she translates within her bespoke jewellery collections. Much

fairs was innate in her and ultimately fuel her creativity. Emotive, evocative and intriguing, Jessica invites you to enter her world of

military history book seller whose antiquarian bookshop was at home, Jessica’s passion in scouring flea markets, car boot sales and antique

Born in London into a large artistic family, Jessica’s interest in jewellery design started at a young age. Largely inspired by her father, a

magpies propensity for gathering themes and stories to incorporate into her designs. She sees herself as a 21st Century bricoleur, adept at

Claire's whimsical designs are informed by her insatiable interest in the narrative potential of the objects that surround us. Claire has a

contemporary culture.

philosophy. Claire's desire to make beautiful ever lasting jewellery is a response to the hectic, disposable and at times superficial nature of

Jewellery designed by Claire combines her interest in curios, collage and fine craftsmanship with a witty, irreverent and playful design

to establish an unmistakably English luxury fashion jewellery brand.

Claire English is a contemporary jewellery designer working from London. The Special Jewellery Company is the realisation of Claire's dream

Stainless Steel - This steel has good resistance to water and mild acids... amongst otherthings, making it perfect for use in a kitchen. 440C is the harder of the 440 range allowing a razor sharp edge. This steel is hardened to 58 HRC. Carbon Steel. - Unlike stainless steel, Carbon doesn't contain any Chromium. This means It can hold & keep a very sharp edge. This steel is hardened to 62 HRC.  Over time, this knife will form a 'Patina' on the surface of the blade. This isn't harmful to the knife, it helps protect it from more sinister oxidation/rust.


Dribblebuster Surrey

A big team of people.

Thegothnan Tea Cornwall and Kent

James Towner - Coston

Chilmark, Salisbury


Designer - Satish Tailor

Founder - Dave M. FairBairn &

Henly -On - Thames

Maple Jeans

Bibs and Baby/Toddler products


Tents and Camping

Motorcyle Denim

purchase, is entirely satisfying. So we'll continue hand crafting premium, armour reinforced motorcycle denim, and leave the

was Creative Director for Puma, and led the design and development of their MotoGP race suit.

tailored finish that washes, wears well and stays softer for longer.

best value dribble bibs on the market. Dribblebusters have no rough overlocked edge. The seams are completely enclosed, giving a smooth

Dribblebuster has made. I am no longer changing clothes 3 to 4 times a day due to dribble". Mums find Dribblebusters are the most fun and

Since those early days we have developed many more designs and have a long list of satisfied Mums who say "What a difference the

looks gorgeous.

grandson can now keep the same outfit on all day, massively cutting down on the laundry pile. He no longer gets chills and to top it all, he

As an experienced dressmaker and designer, I began to experiment with a number of different designs and perfected the Dribblebuster. My

dribble. I found that ordinary bibs didn't really help the problem and besides they hid his lovely outfits.

Dribblebuster was started in 2007 when my first grandson was born, he was constantly getting chills on his chest from the dampness of

Plums are all produced on Tregothnan land and come together to create one delicious final result.

of this in our Tregothnan product range and at our restaurant, Smugglers. Our English tea, Manuka honey, flowers, and Kea

have lived and worked the land. Our tenant farmers offer some of the finest and most diverse produce in Cornwall and Kent and we make use

living and breathing proof that the working estate is as relevant today as in our past. Tregothnan is a place where generations of families

The concept of a working country estate may be one that some people believe has already been consigned to the history books. Tregothnan is

Seasonal British flowersare sourced from the Tregothnan estate and surrounding lands for our range of hand-tied English bouquets.

as growing English tea, a diversity of lands also allows us to produce sustainable coppiced charcoal, Manuka honey and Kea plum jam.

although Tregothnan is believed to be the first place to grow ornamental Camellias outdoors almost 200 years earlier. As well

Inspired by a tradition stretching back generations, we began supplying England’s first and only tea (Camellia sinensis) in 2005,

English tea.

Tregothnan has been home to the Boscawen family since 1335. The Estate, in Cornwall and Kent, is internationally known as the home of

dissipate wind energy. As a tensile structure they can withstand earthquakes. They also take up a small storage space when disassembled.

A portable Unidome is not only a very stable structure but is also extremely lightweight. The streamline curvature of a Unidome helps to

accumulated in corners. Heating costs are reduced substantially. Unidomes are incredible ultra-energy-saving structures.

properties that enable massive energy savings, owing to its shape a Unidome allows the air to circulate by convection without cold air being

any deforestation as the wood is sourced locally from ecologically managed forests.Permanent Unidomes have super thermal insulating

Construction of a Unidome produces minimum waste; it uses environmentally friendly glue with no additives or solvents and does not involve

solutions in the U.K. and in Europe.

market with Podpads. We aim to bring the product and company into the public domain providing marketing and camping and leisure

new company and products are advancing into the commercial sector.With a small but dedicated team Unidome has entered into the festival

Unidome is headed by James Towner-Coston who is both designer and master builder. Supported and advised by Andrew Scott this exciting

Run by Alison - all Dribblebusters are handmade and come in a fantastic range of designs suitable for boys and girls - new for 2011... Liberty print designs!! This year we have been presented with a Gold Award courtesy of the "Loved By Parents Awards". We were delighted to receive the GOLD in the "Best Feeding Accessory" category.

So you can enjoy a Unidome without the need to purchase we offer a rental service for events, weddings, parties and other social occasions.

distractions to someone else…

the stresses of the most determined motorcyclist for years after

Satish Tailor’s a premium denim collector with decades of experience designing active sportswear, and specifically motorcycle gear. Satish The Result: A world first – Hand crafted, Kevlar® lined, premium Japanese selvedge denim motorcycle jeans.

thing well. To craft a product of superior quality, that will stand up to

close to meeting my standards, so I decided why not make some myself.

There is an immense amount of pride to be taken from doing one

even on days when you’re not riding your bike.

British designed, premium motorcycle denim you’ll love to wear

After an exhaustive search, I hired the perfect designer for the project. I couldn't find anything that looked even remotely stylish, or came

looked anything like the denim I had in my closet.

my textile trousers, I found myself in the market for a pair of Kevlar® lined jeans. Well hell if I could find a pair of Kevlar® lined jeans that

London, UK. In order to avoid having to bring a second set of clothes to work so I could go out after work, and not have to walk around in

gloves to distract us. No trying to be all things to all people. Just

That’s it. Nothing else. No cargos, leather jackets, helmets, boots or

At the time, my sanity was maintained only through my preferred method of commuting. Every weekday, rain or shine (mostly rain) I’d jump on my Yamaha Fazer 600, and ride the 100 mile round trip from Henley-On-Thames to

Maple hand crafts premium, armour reinforced motorcycle denim.

(Dave M. Fairbairn) In 2009, I was a desk jockey, grinding it out day in day out at a job I absolutely hated.

Joff and Ollie


Lane The Lake District and

Geoff, Barry and Antony


Co-built motorbikes

Rebbeca Winter

Weymouth, Dorset


Paddy Barnes


Mill in the county of

London and made in a Scottish

Savile Rogue

Homeware and Stationary


Lifestyle and Interior products

Cashmere football scarves

The company are unable to make all of their scarves in Scotland at

We make our products in the UK and Europe wherever possible and

yet to find a factory that can dye the yarn for the knitted scarves in the minimums that he needs and for a reasonable price.

Occasionally we collaborate with other companies and individuals that have a similar perspective and respect for good design and the

Lane products are exclusively designed by Joff and Ollie and are only available from this website or selected retailers that we supply.

and provided the inspiration for Lane.

Lane evolved from a small collection of hand-pulled screen prints by Joff and Ollie. These were well received by the international design press

graphic flair to brands, books, websites, t-shirts and print.

Graphic designers for over a decade, Joff and Ollie have worked with fashion brands, interiors companies, art galleries and artists to bring their

Lane products are designed by Joff and Ollie and made by specialist craftspeople in the UK and Europe.

designed for your home.

mainly in books, advertising and TV and not so much in the home. Lane is a range of products that are inspired by this graphic heritage and

environmental impact. Currently all of our paper and prints are made in the UK and our picture frames are made in Germany. Our signature papers are made by James Cropper in the Lake District – one of the oldest and well respected mills in the UK – and our prints are handpulled by traditional craftsmen in Nottingham.

as graphic designers and their collection of graphic design from around the world. Historically, the great examples of graphic design are found avoid sourcing from the Far East and the Americas to reduce our

Lane is a range of homeware for people who love graphic design. The inspiration for Lane came from Joff and Ollie’s experience of working

Barry is Co-built's designer and runs his own successful motosprt design company. We are proud to announce that Co-built will be


Antony builds the bikes and sources the components, he has been riding since he could walk and has an Hons Degree in Mechanical

company selling his custom built motorcycle exhausts.

Geoff is our fabricator, his recent background is manufacturingF1 racing car exhausts but he has roots in BMX frames. Geoff has his own

We have built a number of bikes for use in the UK shorttrack race series and have plans for many more bikes in the fututre.

specialised motorcycle components.

Co-built is based in Oxfard, England. We build motorbikes from the ground up, modify road and race bikes and make very high-quality

Magazine, The Guardian, The Mail, Vogue Blog, Alan Carr Chatty Man, Celebrity Big Brother, Gok's Fashion Fix to mention just a few!

number of prime time television shows. Here are just a few BBC Home & Antiques Magazine, Red Magazine, Living ETC, Grazia, Heat

We have featured in a number of local, national and international magazines and blog articles as well as had our products featured on a

handcrafted items all made in the UK and produced with care and love by an artist who can turn the most simple motif into an art statement.

screen printed techniques.Her series of handpulled artist prints are all individually signed and are the centre of her collection. Beautifully

Rebecca hand sketches every design and then carefully transfers it to sumptuous wool and crisp linen using both digital and hand pulled

RawXclusive was set up by Award Winning artist Rebecca Winter to showcase and sell her artist prints and bespoke home accessories.

2011 and match donations made by customers to help young people get the opportunities that we had.

inner city sports facilities and the inclusion of the maximum number of people in the game. We have been supporting Street League since

supporters an independent voice in the face of relentless corporatisation of the sport. And we support any initiative that sees the building of

Savile Rogue has developed strong ties with some of the UK’s leading football fan sites and bloggers. We support initiatives that give

selected from cashmere goats in Mongolia, with each goat producing enough wool for a single Savile Rogue scarf every year.

Cashmere wool is one of the most precious fibres known to man. It is uniquely soft and warm without being bulky. Our top grade wool is

just to the match but on any occasion.

football scarves in cashmere wool that were sumptuously soft, stylish and subtly free of club names and logos. Scarves that we could wear not present. Their knitted scarves are made off shore because Paddy has

Savile Rogue was founded in 2006, because we love football but hate garish nylon. Using a Scottish mill we set about making traditional

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Mumfords Marketing Report