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PP 31 PP 5231 PP 36 NN PVC 330/350 ECOPACK 15

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FG 10 PP 500

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DESY 33 DESY 66 E7R H11 CP


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MSK 6142 MSK 6127 MSK 6143 MSK 60 MSK 6085/MSK 6090 MSL LOW TACK MASKOPRI

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721 PPDA 730 GDA 704 ETG/734 GRA

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adhesive tapes producer Sicad Group Sicad S.p.a. - Uboldo (VA), Italy Sicad Group with its brand Eurocel速 has been a pioneer in the development of stationery tapes in Europe. Since 1972, starting from office and stationery supply, Sicad has developed its Adhesive Tapes Experience becoming today one of the world leading company in the manufacturing of a wide range of adhesive tapes products. We deliver our global customer base from our factories in France, South Africa, Croatia, Brazil and from the HQ in Italy. Sicad know-how covers all existing coating technologies, our mission is to share with customers our Adhesive Tapes Experience.

BST S.p.a. - Caserta, Italy

Sicad France - Lomme, France

Sipro D.o.o. - Umag, Croatia

Sicad do Brasil LTDA - Capivari, Brazil

Sicad S.A. PTY - Johannesburg, S.A.


stationery home, education, office


PP 2000 Transparent tape for school, office, stationery, home applications and for general purpose use. Easy unwinding and hand tearable, is available in several sizes and packaging.

Ice Tape Invisible matt tape for office, school and home. It can be used for repairs because doesn't show on fax or photocopies. Writable on with pen, pencil or marker, it's noiseless and easy to tear by hand.


home, education, office


Ecophan Highly transparent, noiseless and hand tearable tape with a special backing and a solvent free adhesive. Perfect for all kinds of quality applications on almost all surfaces, it is available in various sizes and packaging. Crystal clear available on request.



stationery memo & highlighting


Memograph Translucent bright coloured tape, for writing and highlighting notes in the office, at home, at school or even in car. Removable and repositionable, it is suitable for highlighting and marking documents, maps, charts and posters. Writable with pens, pencils or markers, thanks to its transparency it allows reading through covered portions. Available in a practical refillable dispenser to cut size to make convenient dimension.

1. Pull

2. Tear

3. Stick

4. Write


5. Remove

6. Re-stick

carton sealing


PP 31 The standard carton sealing tape, with synthetic rubber adhesive. Suitable for all packaging. High adhesion and adaptability. Excellent performance for general use. Available in transparent, brown and white colours.

PP 5231

Economical version of PP31, with thinner backing. Same adhesive properties. High elongation.



stationery carton sealing


PP 36 NN No noise packaging tape, with acrylic adhesive. Recommended for long term use. It has a good adhesion and resistance to ageing and UV. Premium standard version PP4036 available on demand.


carton sealing


PVC 330/350 Carton sealing tape, suitable for use on standard and most recycled cartons. Available in white, brown and transparent version. It has a good adhesion in several applications.

Ecopack 15 Standard paper carton sealing tape. Tamper evident. It gives immediate evidence in case of theft attempt (tape will tear when removed).



stationery reinforcing & palletizing


FG 10 The standard reinforced tape. Single sided tape, medium resistant, longitudinally reinforced, recommended to secure carton boxes or bundles. High resistance to break.

PP 500

Mono-oriented pallet tape with medium resistance, recommended to bundle pallets and for light reinforcement. Good resistance to break.


identification & various


Legaroll Non adhesive film with high elongation, to wrap and protect all types of material. Thanks to its special dispenser, it's easy to use in the professional, domestic and DIY jobs.


Self adhesive envelopes, neutral or printed, to protect shipping documents and invoices. Stick to all types of cartons and pallet films. They are also available in customized version.




Dispenser Table dispenser to be used with an adhesive tape max width 19 mm and 1” - 3” cores. Easy to use and available in several colours. Hand dispenser used to close boxes and with adhesive tapes from 50 to 75 mm, 3”core.Suitable also for industrial applications.

DESY 33 DESY 66 Available in both black and white version


H11 CP


building & industry


MSK 6142 Masking tape with synthetic rubber based adhesive, recommended for simple decoration jobs. Good adhesion. Remove within 24 hours.

MSK 6127 General purpose masking tape, suitable for all kinds of simple painting jobs. It has natural rubber based adhesive, with good adhesion even on irregular surfaces. It is compatible with most common paints and lacquers. It's highly conformable and it adapts well to most shaped surfaces. Remove within 30 hours.



stationery building & industry


MSK 6143 Versatile masking tape, suitable for all kinds of general and DIY applications, with natural rubber based adhesive. It has a good adhesion, without residue or tearing. It adapts to most shaped surfaces and it is highly compatible with most common paints and lacquers. Remove within 36 hours.

MSK 60 Multi purpose masking tape with natural rubber based adhesive, for all masking professional jobs in the building and industrial sector, as well as carbody repair jobs. Remove within 48 hours.


building & industry


MSK 6085/MSK 6090 Blue masking tapes especially recommended for outdoor and also internal applications, where surfaces are exposed to UV and moisture. Compatible with most common paints and adaptable to most shaped surfaces. With acrylic adhesive, easy to remove without residues and breaking, they are also water and UV resistant. Remove within 7 days (MSK 6085) or 15 days (MSK 6090).

MSK Low Tack Low tack masking tape, especially developed for use when stenciling or masking delicate surfaces. Easy to remove without leaving adhesive residue and ideal for application on already painted, smooth or delicate surfaces. It has natural rubber based adhesive. Thanks to its flat paper backing, it is recommended for high precision on masking and excellent definition. Remove within 60 hours.



stationery building & industry


Maskopri The masking system for wide areas. Filmic version: a transparent HDPE film linered with a special masking tape. The film is electrostatically loaded to stick to the whole surface. Paper version: a paper film linered with a special masking tape. Recommended for big surfaces like walls, piece of furniture, doors, etc.




700 RDA Double sided transparent tape suitable for fixing of photographs, artwork, paper, books and other work at office, school and DIY. It has synthetic rubber adhesive, good adhesion, it fastens to most surfaces. The film is transparent, so it will not show through work; the paper liner is easy to peel off. Hand tearable.

Transfer Film of adhesive without backing, general purpose, to fix various items. Good adhesion on all substrates (cardboard, paper, leather, fabrics, plastics, wood). Good ageing resistance.



stationery carpet and flooring


721 PPDA Double sided tape for many applications, suitable for fixing samples, general items and felt pads or carpets in any office, school and DIY uses. High elongation and suitable for various surfaces. An economical version, 720 PPDA, is available in neutral.

730 GDA Double sided carpet tape, ideal for work on rough surfaces. It has synthetic rubber based adhesive, with high tack and adhesion. Thanks to its important adhesive mass, it performs in heavy duty and professional applications. An economical version, 729 GDA, is available in neutral.


carpet and flooring


704 ETG/734 GRA Double sided removable tapes, designed for fixing carpets in exhibitions, fairs, stands or at home for short to medium term events. With yellow plastic backing (704 ETG), very easy to use, and with very strong cotton cloth backing (734 GRA). Recommended to remove within 15 days.



770 Profil Double sided black foam tape to mount plates, emblems and profiles. High adhesion and excellent resistance to UV, weather conditions and ageing. High elongation and conformability. Easy to tear by hand.



stationery fixing


771 Foam Tape Double sided white PE foam tape, designed for general fixing, signage, mounting posters and display cards. It has acrylic solvent based adhesive, with an excellent adhesion on most surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It has a good resistance to solvents and temperature.

general & building


200 TPA Plasticized cloth tape, for office jobs, books and beautifully finished handwork. Highly versatile, can be used for many jobs and decorations. It is conformable for book binding applications, it can be used for labelling and it is hand tearable.


general & building


201 TPL General purpose repair duct tape, suitable for “emergency� repairs of fabrics, cards or panels. It has a good adhesion on irregular surfaces and it is suitable for most materials.



stationery general & building


715 Wall Mending Tape Single sided tape for mending applications, including hiding cracks on walls. It can be painted or lacquered with most common products on the market. It is highly adaptable on various shapes and it is suitable for most surfaces.

Isotape Electrical wiring and binding tape, conforms to IMQ IEC 60454-3-1-5/F-PVCP/90. It is self extinguishing PVC. It performs well in most common uses.


Sicad S.p.A. Italy

Company with Quality Management System Certified UNI EN ISO 9001 :2008


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