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AED 204 Week 4 Assignment Debunking Gender Misconceptions (Uop)

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Assignment: Debunking Gender Misconceptions

路 Resource: Appendix E Individual 路 Due Date: Day 7 [Individual Individual] forum 路 Consider that there are many gender misconceptions in education. For example, some people believe that boys are more suited for and more interested in math and science. Think about other stereotypes that exist related to gender. How do these stereotypes and misconceptions impact education in the United States? What are your beliefs regarding

ability differences between males and females in general and in education? What evidence can you present to validate your viewpoint? Also consider the existing laws that are meant to guarantee equal treatment in education for girls and boys.

For this assignment, address at least three of the following common misconceptions:

Boys are more suited for and more interested in math and science than girls are. Boys who participate in the arts are more likely to be homosexual. Girls are more interested in domestic arts than boys are. Boys are more interested in auto shop and wood shop than girls are. Boys are more competitive in sports and academics than girls are.

路 Check the Main forum to see which discussion cluster your instructor has assigned you

to work with. In this cluster, you and your peers must discuss the impact of at least three of the above misconceptions on education. You must include information from your discussion cluster in your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. · Refer to Appendix E, if you need to, for directions and tips on building a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. · Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation addressing the following points:

Explain ways to "debunk" three of the five gender misconceptions listed above

based on the results of the peer discussion and your own University Library research.

Explain at least one point made by one of your peers in the discussion cluster.

Cite at least one reference from the University Library in your presentation. Use 1 to 2 slides for the introduction; 2 to 3 slides for each misconception; and 1 to 2 slides for the conclusion. The reference and title pages do not count in your overall slide total.

Aed 204 week 4 assignment debunking gender misconceptions (uop)  

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