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Matt A dancer Shilcock stands wearing with arm a white extended plague and doctor head mask facingatthe thesame Underbelly direction. Festival 2015. | Critical Choreographic Dialogues Residency 7.2 | Image | Image by Gabriel by Reilly Clark Baker

CRITICAL DIALOGUES 7.2 + 8 Critical Dialogues 7.2 was ‘Claiming

Environmental Impact, co-edited by Liz

Spaces: Artists with Disabilities

Lea and Kyle Page examined the the

Redefining Dance’. Following the

profound ways in which environment

impact and continuing to meet the

shapes experience and output in the

needs of artists with disabilities

creative realm. This discourse spanned

Critical Path produced this second

physical, psychological, changing

volume of ‘Claiming Spaces’. It takes

and remote & regional environments,

a ‘danceaturgical’ approach; offering

connection to place, disconnection

choreographers space to think, reflect

from place, vastness, intimacy and non-

and create.

traditional spaces.

Fall back spring forward 2017  
Fall back spring forward 2017