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Classic Yacht Jobs If you've no experience whatsoever in working on yachts you'll find 2 main types of jobs that you'll be able to get. For boys you are able to become a deckhand (a great deal of manual work and generally cleaning the outside of the boat). If you're a woman you can become a stewardess (ostensibly Get the facts cleaning the within the boat and looking after the guests). The good news is that you could work your way up from there. You will find other specialized jobs including Engineers, Chefs, Captains, Maseurs and so forth but you'll need specific qualifications for anyone. The best way to get a job as a chef on a yacht is to join a crew agency. You’ll find these in most of the world’s major yachting centers including Antibes in the South of France, Palma on the island of Mallorca and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Your application should be up to date and you should have a portfolio including test choices, a selection of different dishes and pictures of some of your masterpieces for potential employers to determine. Another method to find work would be to do the “dock walk” and simply give away your application to ships docked in the marinas. It's important to tailor your CV to yachting, which really is a slightly different structure to traditional jobs. Firstly, your CV must add a picture of yourself. The yachting industry is very service-based, and ergo team impression is very important for your guest encounter (yes, this is a somewhat delicate method of saying that the yachting industry is a bit shallow, but this doesn't mean that looks determine job prospects). It is best to have an image taken of oneself in a white or black polo shirt without any jewelry or other visible distractions, clean-shaven (for boys) and against a plain background. Working like a deckhand is a good way to begin in the yachting industry to see if it is something you really wish to accomplish. It's an entry level place, and it does not demand a large amount of extensive training. On the other hand, you're more likely to get hired as a deckhand if you've Read More a long period of boating or sailing experience and you are ready to work hard. Deckhands may do various obligations, based on the size of the yacht. In general, however, the deckhands are primarily in charge of the exterior of the yacht. Not surprisingly, the prepared yacht was smooth and minimalist. The teak units were perfectly level and unblemished by any accoutrements. As at an Apple shop, the cottage windows were big panes, nearly floor to ceiling, and the key living area was designed to have surfaces of glass that were forty feet long and ten feet high. He had gotten the chief engineer of the Apple stores to design a unique glass that has been in a position to provide structural support. By then the vessel was under construction by the Dutch custom yacht contractors Feadship, but Jobs was still playing with the style. Where will I go from here? You will continue to gain experience and as you do, you should take it upon yourself to sign up in a Chief Stew or Interior Yacht Management style program, property

management, and possibly other management style classes. You will desire to assist the Chief Stew as much as possible and ultimately apply for a position as Chief Stew on a private yacht with an inferior stew staff and then work up to a constitution yacht or other larger yacht with a larger staff and more tasks and administration of budgets, etc.

Classic Yacht Jobs  

If you've no experience whatsoever in working on

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