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Ninth historical "tidbit." Long Beach High School (now called Long Beach "Polytechnic") won the first Califomia State Football Championship defeating the Berkeley High School Yellowjackets by a score of 21 14 on December 27, 1919. The State CIF had tried to play the state football championships for three years prior but was unable to get a game organtzed due to a flu epidemic and scheduling conflicts. Here are some historical "tidbits" from that first Championship game:


From the minutes of the March B. 1919 Stale CIF meeting:


was moved, seconded, and carried that there be no award of a State Championship for football for the year l9l8 because the Spanish influenza had prevented the sections from completing

their schedule."


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Rose Bowl officials organued the game to be held annually atthe Pasadena Tournament Park on the Safurday preceding the New Year's game which in l919 was Harvard vs. Oregon.

The game was played at2:00 p.m. in the aftemoon with ticket prices set at 25 &.50 cents, $ 1.10 and World War I taxes were included. Long Beach defeated Dinuba 4l - 0 in the semi-final game played before one of the largest crowds ever to see a sporting event in Fresno. Dinuba protested the game saying that a Long Beach player was completing his ninth semester of school work which was against the state rules...the protest was not upheld. A "Governor's Trophy" was presented to Long Beach for being the State Champions. Both teams had defeated local "college" teams and Berkeley scrimmaged regularly against the University of California frosh team.

In addition to their official nicknames, many called Berkeley the "Universify Eleven" and the Jackrabbits were refen'ed to as the "Seasiders." Berkeley's uniforms were the same color as the Harvard team and when the fwo squads just happened to practice on the same field many felt it was attempt to scare the Oregon boys who brought three full teams to the Rose tsowl and Harvard only two. 1

920 Rose Bowl" " . Harvard 7 - Oregon 6 Long Beach was favored by three touchdowns because of their bulk...their line averaged 175 pound and the fact that many local Trojan alumni said the Jackrabbits could have beaten USC's fi'osh team. Coach Hunt of Berkeley said his team average was 158 pounds. One of Berkeley's victories was by a score of I 16 to 0 over Tamalpais Union High School and they twice trounced the University of California's J"V's. In their eleven games, Berkeley had scored 524 points and gave up only 51. In ten games, Long Beach had scored 413 markers and



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allowedjust 14. 12,000 fans were in attendance. It was said that Berkeley outplayed Long Beach and made fwice as many yards rushing the ball. One sports writer wrote, "All during the first two periods Long Beach stood up like telegraph poles as to get abetter view of the proceedings...and the Berkeley backs made monkeys of them." Long Beach scored on two long runs and pass for a touchdown and Berkeley ground out two long drives for their scores. There were several holding penalties during the game at crucial times and a "Los Angeles Times" reporter wrote, "A man *ould make alongrun and then be called back for a teammate's


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misconduct." The stars for Long Beach were "Hoggy" Evans, Capt. Chet Dolley and Lawson. The stars for Berkeley were Cheek, Dunn, Witter and Dickson.


Members of Scott High School out of Toledo, interscholastic champions of the East, were also in town on their way to play Everett High School of Washington state for what some referred to as the mythical National Championship. Scotts' head coach Pat Dwyer even gave a pep talk to the Jackrabbits during intermission and, "put some zip" inthe Long Beach linemen. Long Beach was coached by Ed Keinholz and Berkeley by E. P. Hunt. Immediately after the game, the undefeated Phoenix High School of Arizona (six-time state champions) challenged the Jackrabbits to a game played in Long Beach for the Championship of the Southwest. The game was played January 10, I92A on the campus of Long Beach High School. The grandstand had been enlarged and circus seats were obtained to accommodate alarge crowd on the Seasider's field. Phoenix coach Francis Geary, a former 1904 All American at Fordham, also wanted to take on the winner of the Everctt/Toledo game. Long Beach High School overwhelmed the Phoenix High School Coyotes 102 tp 0. The day became known in Long Beach as the "Bie U2ias fifteen touchdowns were scored...running back Tiernan carried for 333 yards and LeFevre covered another 2A5 yards on the gridiron. It was said that the Seasiders where mad about their State Championship game performance. A humorous fwist of the game was told by Harry J. Moore, the first President of the CIFSS Council and an administrator in Long Beach: "A close game had been anticipated and Long Beach merchants had offered prizes of hats, shirts, ties and so forth to players scoring touchdowns. Late in the rout the backs decided that they'd won enough prizes and so allowed linemen to score the remainder of the touchdowns and collect their share of the haberdashery." "Los Angeles Times" February 4,1954

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melrtRl I Boakolev ts ln I'Fe lrom qustorlxrue emo ln tho aocof,d rhorrty 1,"r"' ' | ) \! hlrr16 blew The ttre Lorra Seech i noitntr,'., intxtsot-yurrl lrr,,. Llnd plull8sa bt J. Dlcksurr, r: trr"hdon dnd (:haok ndtt.d (,tslrr '1. It wss fourth ,lown aild t*o ', lo 8(t. ilhsteR.l ('l scndlnr lrl'1.r.,'L .,, Cheek lnt,r trf llre rlt. r:, ., , I, ,,utrtr.r cle( te.l ,,, ctrll { \\r'1. .,,.1 ',rr. rrhl.5 wtru Fromotlt s,rr..l, J{A trlnd .1 ond st'.:{ ,",1t,, rvhlch Dl{ed. ",trs ,\'her€tu s(r:,rr:rt llr" sh8lh€s hed I ien g[fr' {h.,ra. gurnlng four to rlr |adt 8t & crRck. '.HOUOY" THEIE. Pfibrp! lho DlycholoatEl Dlay ot th6 &trog Gm6 In th6 ttld quart€r ehen "Iloggy'' Evaro of Lrt Edach otoDDad 8. Dlcksoo oo tho LonI Rqob twentt-yud lb.. Borkoby had e tsd to I'o, bul Elvst,laopped tnto tbo br@ch and qyGd-tho daJ lucf aI' I tlme whon tlo dlshlnF ttcrkoloy back| €610 SolDt 8tlolgolL TYoo anough. Bcrkcl€y Etatlall on uothor mErch qtter Prtcc Eqal 1"rntotl, ud atr.ce.drd In rcachlng rhe tdn.yd.d chalk ltni. lrut li! gdM on thls ldt D&r&dG Worn tsh.rt.r elld lqckod tho Dunch ot tlc tom{r. (:h6k, Dusn. lv|lter afld Dfck{OF I

!2.000 porenr NllneHle.l the rmy. I \r'hlch qq puncrueted slrh thrlll-; lng rutu by tbP l-ns tleuch b6.krl atrd ao@(lonol lrlunalha bY I Berkeley. I tl wg tr (ough S,rrrts lnr Herke_ | ley to lore. ln the rnRtlar ot IArd€ i aalnod th€ northernsrq outclussd I th€ vlctoE (our to one. gsch otl

. n€rkoloy'r touchdo(ns wRa the out-: Jr'om€ of a arml{hr nrlf. h (l.,sr the I I llold. dald mtrrch ri0nststltrg rr(lrlt I I of 8ood. .rld-ftruht,,ilr'rl llno buckr. I

oPg ll.. t"rRdT l to.rm ar'"r ort 1T ,) tuuch. I lirrch "^t j downa In thF llrNt half. the 6r016 st I I thr end af th. aFcohd plrlod .eRdJln8 ll-,f. ({lcr LonF Bsach hrd ror-f tr6 tha reeult ot o I l6t€.ed 'aclntllh(lng {6-tard run hy 'hpI Chel Dollet, B(d a-grltr on d Fk ln - | tnckle buck Ly L€f'ettvte, \hlr'hl n6(trd thlrly-two yards 3nd n c",rre. | I





:B6rkFloy cotttri6.l on touohdilcrA l,\


Cheek and O. trlckcon. r Tbe war llerktl(r (Irove rlft6 .,td 'tunrelj In the L.,r( lt€&6h fo.srrdk


ln lh€ tlrpt hnlf rr,rd6 lt look llk.i curtslnr for ( hp .lnrkrabbltr r.lrl & !:ood lrcturu tiy r-('ach P&l lrs !. r , of Bcot( lll*h-c hrt prov€d s fr r..nrl i


. !n ncod---drrrlil& thc Intcrmlsslon t,rrt dOm€ zllr rntr, thr, ltncnt6nO Serl I| | rL r. rrlrt r.o


t""' i AII d'rrtn{ rlr. rlrrt ts'.' t,^rrn,lnl Ithot/ sto.)d ilI ltk,. 'FlrFr,,t,l' tn,t{.^' tlsu ,,f t,r,.. J rE lf to Spt J hdllc. I ceedtne &nd Irrck<(,n, l.'hcck frrrnn I And q1(rer--tho Ilerhr.ley l,ncki- ' nRdo aonkdta 0l thonr rvlrh tho ahl6 @l6i{nc6 o( s chrrahs llne 8@ch I lo th6€scorrd hslf th€ LonB I'nuble I lltr€ Dlayod lou. and whlln Ito 6ntlNly stno tlto plurlFhrg lterkonrsndged tr. h.rlil , lw backs th"r g!a \ithlrrl 1 rshen rho i I d.tnfelouF e('rlng rllitance. I Uqoa ri'orh * on t ha gMrP (,)r , LonC llc4ch and a corqrp"ndrng; ] lBil of tt lout the t r,nt.Ft lor llerke- ; I ley. I NO ONE KNtt\l' I ' ; ln th€ fourth qtlarrcr (',uchl I ktonhul:r or Lons llFsh renroved I : IaFebyro '.oN thA _proc6edlng-t, i ond uu b6tltu(o! Ebcrrip&t'her-jrrat rwh.v no oro &cmed (o Xhow at tho' I tltlo. for l*Fehvre ls ihq l)ettor I I bsck. lrng' Besct! at th€ tth€ ce I l on (h6 Berkeler' 3l-yEtd lloe. I I lblloy rntrpD6d out hl. stsntrl, and i cr@hed ln!o th6 Serkeley llnc (or l.e threo-yqrd Faln. Then Ebor., J Epachor !(eDpsd up to Doller-. and w_hlsp€rcd ronrerhlnE ln (he lailcr'H r











l- Oo the norl pl,oy Tl6rnsn reRlr€d j I th-o otal, r&n bick o aoe a(eps and. I I tumtnf, ient th€ ball hurtllna down I I the llsld to lascoi. rvho lalcotrod I j ttto the llr end specred lt .rin hbf AptBrcnrly wlthout I I naSor tlp8. I lGlng I E(rlde l4wen le€pl pet playlug 6pollmu, s-(ety meo lor I ; gorkeley ln tho bsck Asld, ond | plqted the batl behbd tho go4l I I


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T.h6 Jit{&rcbbtt toreArdli

lookgd 6lalc..


EAI.LE.T\I rrtt8f. I Irof Bs&crr rdgda lto f,rst touch-l down carly In tho 0tat quartor. whcD Dolt€y rscolrsd a tunt on tbo fortr-i tlve-ysrd ltno Md thrudod bls mvl t}|rouch a 6qtaf€d 6cld. He (uEbled e h€ wu tqckled tu|t ovcrl rh6 ltno, but dtcksd,hl(rsol( 6p and rell on (he halli llarkolsy. ffio i rlaht bsck and ChedE sent ogsr, thar ball tnveltog olrty y&rd6 {n lhd I plun8'd. . I BROKE APAY. i (Vldo eDtl rund by Ttotrq edl! IJ&l F€trw6. & 'nfto6n.ytrd penalty ou l F€rkol.s lor unncg&ary roughnm' and lhs ball was on tho Brirkclcyl thlrtl-two-yord lln€ aoon ofto'i thol oDonlnF klckotf. fl6rr t*Fobnel r,rok6 Away from tho pdck sftbr hn; atlparently had alD lnto R lFcket' .,t Ilerkelct hcn. anrl outtrolnted thej xe, i,odAry drfenqA H€.kolo!'B s€cond l@chdotn rrs tho resull .f a rixtr'-yard Froc4loo. D'ckaon g(,lng 01,€r. Sller klcked th6 goal. oE ho hsd the fl.rt. Ferk. rl,.)'s thlrrl p'ddlhle touchdowo ble* i Ll,r becaunc. r! nag bosn recorocd, the B€rkelel quarlot'c rnnolil mE. chloeE q,artl ,rttr{Y. There s,.ro r luabolrf holdlnr r'"naltlos triflte rpJ on Itor lr tam! In thP tlBa hlti on.l ln fur'( throuth-: ,'ilt the gr,l,F Some ot rh€B cBhc; rt .rltlcrl rilhFr, paralcularlg whelrl man rforrl.l mal(s a krntr !!n 8nd' ^ l,rPn bd r allPd back l,'r a loem,,r0t6'e hlsc(',tduct The lj-..up &,1d6. h{ |k! l'EB uim' nru, I TL ttlll(, l-O.B Id \rrll drtd t(: ilrl, Frudr \rchrhr,, [ t. rbrE hk (f,Tr: ru',.d 1,. Eu6 nal l^f,t 'tl!.r ld&ts| t.fln rntr.. n Ir l. ttru (, li, t."n fi r- lltu I







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t{ rr il l-3t l^.! B6.i i I o (!t4 r',d.L' a^14tr fot A't'/Uurtl411r-r,,r boa !4.[ ''lh,'. t. Ytll'r rrrl' l,' n l:l.r' Eh..b6 i,tr lrF,rrft l'^i- !w rv Yrlrr F'. lwt.h, j tr.b,n n.r tnru! i,!s l(r rrd- i.&.D r./ ( h..t sln l, r rrrnr, tkrln a.l \_;rbdr!4 Of,r'!t!- r,r\nr. .ddR ,ktr ld.ld. xD,1F $&o. b.d ltr,ri@n: 6nd ndd Ju6. tulti J.Fn.. trsr.tFrd.



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I TIu t-ng Booch couh. altctng on I Itbq,-rldelltrd, had obdErad that ellJ I tho tssrk6lcy backt except thq I {0fclv mfln wcre Dlayln8: rl3ht on I top of tbe lln6. flo scnt Ebsirpdchlr I h to roll Dolley ao fool E€rkeloy j o[ a fako llne lluq(o, wlrlcS would b€ s forwnrd'o4 .,. I


Htgh Schosl ehampionship Football Game ,State

2:15 Saturdey, Dec" 27 T'O IJRNAMENTT PARK, PASADENA S.sat h 3rt. 9p..t.r o.o.t. rid tlt


lttu le iel., Ag*t hsdro - -

Fricet 25c, SOc'.q aad $t.lo, hctadfus War IONG BEA,CH FIIGH 5CHOOL h=ElEf







AI(ITIVfiS TOilAY" !)ucrt Rals tu CIrch

tsitft Long Bcach SuurdaY'

Coach GcarY llfinrs T$cnry Plarcrs roith IIim'

Arinnrns rc lFork on tha Srpsitrr.l FieliL



undlf6r'd roorPxoantE llb!? !n_ Ddlt ldD trlll srtlrc he lbb

Jff "f l"""""'"ffi "f ffi l:l1ll; *i l.lii :#"#*'?,i"7 ttb bE E@ rc-r ::l T**

ol 3ic Eimc 60 drdF ondhlD ol tu $o'bFc ld lo Itd Fhtcd al Th6 @ikt



tcsr iaro Hd t-"J'tr':-.!"#-':.'fi on @ Fdd lloDlo andIt@tradS"ffi rodd.


In Iaddltlc b E.q tud lho Fd

*iimtm;ffiu cts arr o&o FotrntulB


Long Easlr Griddcr*

s'ho.rtlt b.lrt6 qllh uta tlltftn|! rtlE r 8dr@! clocn tl llro t4dl dtY htotd$ fe Go F^P anMA!o!9 gkDtrlp ol &c tutlbc lrtr D.w @si H'lgdhott drton tmh lclt lo tlcbq hBm[ D. 1tr94. tttl6. tlldl \sll' tPra ctlGi dld h@; uddq- L Hâ&#x201A;Źli@ HtoY. Xntai fh|@ htoF. Er lt lb, ald bdch (ull_ @c-lL rlto FcI! atr cdualcd do* ol 1@

Long Beach F{igh information gleaned from the lglg, 1920 and I92I or water lilly): school yearb-ooks called caerwles (meaning lofus

OTMALX* Long Beach High School"s fighting team placed an indelible teeord of vietories on the I9l?-20 football escutcheon by defeating the best prep teams in the west and winning the undisputed interscholastic championship of Southwestern United States.

Combining a fast vercStlle backfield with a heavy experieneed line, Long Beach possessed a powerful offensive that, with a single game. exception, scored at least once during the first quarter of every In the twelves games played, Long Beach amassed a total of. 549 points to the otrrponents' 21, and it wasn't until the Berkeley game ihat the locals' goal was legitir.r.ately crossed' Never in the history of western football has a high school team annexedas many championships as has this year's eleven, ar]id a world of credit for the .q,ruJ', marvelous success is due the eoaching of Eddie Kienhole' R.eturning to school after fwo yeats in the serviee, KienholZ succeeded in putting a team on the gridiron that met and def'eated the strongest grid machines in the country, going through a most s ehedule without a single reversal, and ending the seaso{l gruelling "^ u bluze of glory by overwhelming Fhoenix union High school, for six years AriZona state champions, by the record-smashing seore of I02-0. The willingness on the part of every member of the squad to_siyg everything thaiwas in him to bring victory to the Green and Gold, ercated a spirit that refused to accept defeat'

l- --{ i' [l

t eiEe, Adt i:is;rl {-."i&.'{ c1 ct -. lii lsl

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BERKELEY-I4, LONG BEACH_2I At Totrrnament Park. December twenty-seventh, before


nroximately 10,000 people the sndef.eated Jackrabbit machine brot the state championship to Long Beach by besting Berkeley High' Northern California champions, 2l -14" Forced to play on the defensive through almost the entite contest, with what looked tobe ceftain deteat staring the men in the f-ace, the Green and Gold outgamed their heavier northern oFponents rnd led by a single touchdown when the final whistle bleu" The first half was f.eatured by the dazzling broken field running of Dolley and Lef.ebvre" which resulted in two Long Beach touchdowns, and the line-smashing tactics of Berkeley that brought the Crimson-clad waruiors an equal number of scores. With the game tied 14-14, Berkeley continued to pound the local Iine during the third quarter. Their attack advanced the ball in their own terfitory but was inellective when within striking distance of the Long Beach goal, and the score was still the same at the start of the iina| period, The ball was in Long Beach's possession on Berkeley's 35-yard Iine when Phil Tiernan droppedback as if to try a drop kick. Instead of kicking, Tiernan shot a beautiful forward pass over one end "' +he lina The great *owd held its breath in the agonized intensity of the moment; then out of the melee of players leaped Lawson. H3. pulled down the ball and without losing his stride set out upon his twenty -five pard iourney to the Berkeley goal line. The Long Beach crowds on one part of the field were instantlv on theit f.eet" Flere was the moment which every Long Beach student and evety hacker of the local team had been looking for. The stands q/ere in a mad f.renzy as Lawson wormed his way nast all the Crimson players except Cheek, the quarterback, With a straight- arm iab and a sudden side step, limmy elsded the opposing auarter and f.airly hurled himself over the line" Therc still remained a few mintttes of nlay after this nerve-tingling run, but the touchdown had taken the heart out of the Berkeley team and the game ertCed without further scoring.

PHOENIX-O, LONG BE4CH-102 The iargest crowd ever assembled for a orep school game in the \X/est witnessed the grcat Long Beach eleven win the championship ,^f .southwestern United States by def.eating the Phoenix Union High School squad by the largest score ever made by a loca| team-102-0. It was a grand and glorious finish to the local gridiron season. Over 12,000 spectators viewed this contest. Although the seating eapaclty of the stands is slightiy greater than half that number, the crowd poured in until there was a mass of jostling humanity encircIing. the field and tugging at the ropes impatiently. fnterest in the game ran high because of its intersectional flavor. Never had a scholastic gridiron clash of such importance been conducted on a southern field. Furthermore, the game furnished the final kickoff of the season which had excelled any of previous years' :nd in the unusually huge crowd were rnany whose desire to be "in" : t the final vrhistle overshadowed their interest in the teams. The game itself was as one-sided as the score inCicates, yet the crowd seemed to enioy it, Phoenix was outclassed in evety s1:ay' Everything worked against the Arizonans. End runs, off-tackle smashes, forward passes, trick plays, all werc used to roll up the total of 102 points. If. any one player stood out above the rest it was Phil Tiernan, Long Beach phantom-like halfback. Tiernan, along with Do11ey, Evans, Monis, Rich and V7i11et, brought his career at Long Beach to a glorious finish in this end-season game, He caused rcpeated exclamations from the stands by his sensational open-field work and Lrilliant end runs. Nothing could stop him-at Ieast nothing the Phoenicians could do. The most remarkable and successful season Long Beach has ever enioyed closed with this gamq and the most brilliant of. al| Long Beach gridiron machines passed down into history. It was an all-star squad and the 1919-1920 Long Bzach High School eleven will alsrays be remembered as the bunch that would not accept,




Hurn'J. Mtxtrc RESIGNS-Horry J. Moore Long Beoch, hos ended long service os CIF oresident. ' Thc, Dholo

:B Presld€ot of thr Callfornta Interscholastlc Federation and over.all sen'Ice of 40 years ln the orftnizatlon' Harry J- Irloore Ir "turnlngl in hh suit." One of tho orsanizers of the Aft€r

CIF, which adminlst€rs PreP lathlctls throughout the Sbte'l I Moore ir bowinr out or office I lbecause hic dutien as asgislantl







I eltuatlv, Moorr


lidentlfied with the orFnizauonl



DreD athletlcs 6lnce 1908'l lwhei he was student body Dree I lldent 8t South Pasadena Highi

lschool, He was taken


lmeeting at Los Ajtgetes PolY-, lecfrnic by bis principal' tjte latel lseth .van Patten. for many lyearn the CIF Southen.S€ctioni lComnisoioner or Athletie. as ai lstudent reprersentative al the l-session which sall; the first PrePi lleacue formed in Southern Cali-; Jroriiia,

tne couaty


lf,'oxc BEACE PoLr IIlrrnsr mecrr'n FoR\rED

| 'tt"."

sitv of \\'ashington"'

pound limit for lishts'ei8ht Par-


PotI and Phoenix'


had been no Previousl ischeduled competltion"' Moorel

lrecaled. "Gemes were ar-J lranned on a catch'astatcbfeo lbast-s. nut out of that 19(E

lmeetlnc came the formadon of -lthe county Leagoe, comPored rf LonE Beach PolY, Los Ange' es Poly, Santa llonica, Pasa' lena. South Pasadena, -{lh2n)ra and Thnoop."

Following graduation from

;C in 1913, Moore became a nember of the CIF Southen

iection Council the following

lear and lnrticipated in the for-; mation of the Bay League. com' :osed of Venice, Santa Monica,' tnclewood, Compton, Redondo,l lairdena and HuntinSfon Park.l Then in 1920 he became Presi-l lent of the CIF and the start of; ris lenSthy terB of omce dur'i rrig which Dtany reforms werel

rnstituted for iropmvement ofl leam competition and the Pro; lection o[ JoUDS athletes. I


Ariz-... Ior the southrres! chamPionsntP ln



I:te in the rout the tlar rhey'd w'on pri"* and so allowed

lba"li-" decided

"n"Wtt lhetr'en to


rvhich ocurred onlSr a }'ear after he had tahe! the CIF helr&

I |

IL{RES SUSPE.\-DED FOR L,lrSAlYqfIOIfED GAIIE 1 "I had the unique distinctionl lof haring the Fcbool of wbich I lwas a faculry Eember, LoBg

lprevlous 5rear, and it scheduled lan uosanctioned sase with tv. feretE Wa6h., the northwesl lchaoplon, for the national hlgh lschool championship. As a re lsutt, Poly w:ls suspended for 2


io forth to PlaYerB scoringtouch'



lgreat teaa. State champloD th€


seach mercbants had ofrered o.izes of hals. Fhirts. ties atld

of enll<Ling e:i'Pro baseball pla-vers as tempoftlry

lEeach Pob', sugpended froE Ithe CIF." he reniuisced. 'Tte lsituation vas thl<: Poly bad a

lvhich result€d in

Eflts. Fs$,rg TIES: TOtrCTDOW'\'PRIZEE "A close game had beeu en' ticioat€d." [e sai4 "aud Long






liclory for tJle Jaclilabbi'6'


-4.s for memories. ]Ioore re' callcd an unusual situation

teser bad

t \Ioore also rclated a humor' ious trtist of a game bcts'een

faeultw. The latter ruling' he said, iTas instituted to hatt the


ours aEd


iicioationIrioore also ll"ted loweriDg of the age limit for PreP PardciPa' tion from 21 Years to l9 Years' tlle lustallatlou. of an lnssrancE Droaram and the regulation ibai a coach tnust be a certifi' cated member of his schoolk



. vater buck"t ou the field-

I coach t'as Enoch Faxsha\" \'ho llatcr moved tlp 10 lhe Univcr'

of Dourrds or dieted in order to kelep beloru the l?,tF


I ha'r been

had no

I |



char5'e ofl

for the past


I ire contirued "Everett brought I dom only 12 men for the 5:a-me'

in tbat he constantly:


hish tcboofs hasl

schoot athleticr


panicipation. It replaced the wcicht classificadon Eeth-' od, whiih erdangered a boYsi ;ports-

team" ProbablY

fnest condltioned one I'vel | :ver seeu. voD the i3mq 3?{."


lprevenrd him from marnuln-l ling a direct conhct vtith highl len

-lne l;vereti

POrX-I slsTErlr GnaRDE T.OUTEFtrIJ ArI{I'ETES I In Darticular, Iloore cited thel &ree-poinr s)-stem for det€r'i mininga tloy's dassification forl (arsitt Clrss B or Class Cl

34 Years

score the remarmer

of the touchdo\Hls and cnllecf itheir share of the haberdashI




in addition to


Iloore also had a fling ar c{achina in tjle earllt llr:os. He tutored Long Eeach Pols ial'vee football and baseball teaos, E?g assistart trad< rnen

tor and clached a uGpouri bart<etUatt t€am

shich wonth(

Soqthern Gluornia crowll- uE-t of hls diamond Pupils ms Jacl

Rothrock, later a major leagur

lyear. I zubmitted my resignf ldon from the CIF presidencJ lbut It lvasn't accepted.'l


lfost famous 111E6$s6 ef th€

lackrabbit teanu during these llorleli Drurl", lr'ho .ater becane Sc's 6reat All iears $ere

Lmerican bacR: Jior Larvson, reho eamed All-American end honors at Stanfor4 aud Chet

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High School Yellowjackets by a score of 21 - 14 on December 27, 1919. * Rose Bowl officials organued the game to be held annually atthe Span...

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