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Long Beach Folytechnic High School, founded in 1895 as Long Beach High school, is a secondary school located at 1600 Atlantic Avenue- in Lons - ---e Beach. California. United States.

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['ong Beach Polytechnic [righ school


"Honte of Scholzus & Champions" "Euter to Learn. Go Forth to Sen'e"

The school serves portions of Long Beach. including Estabtished Bixby Knolls, and some parts of the cities of Signal


Hill &


Public high school


Sha*n Ashler'& Victor Jarels


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polytech'ic, (or more co'r'ronry known as Fory), is the flagship high school of the Long Beach Unified School District and the most populous high school in California. It is a large urban high school with rnore than 5,000


Atlartic A|enue.

Long Beach. Cahfornia. USA

Polytechnic has long been distinguished in both District Long Beach Unr-fied School District | . | ,, i .. lrle HALL rnagllet progfatlt acaoelnrcs ano aililettcs. -, and the CIC magnet program boast more total Campus Urban University of California adrnissions than any otlier colors ^ Gfeen and Gold high school in califomia. rn 2005, Sport"ttiurt ut.a Mascot Jackrabbit Magazine named Polytechnic the "Sports School of the Century", which applauds Polytechnic's {,vearbooli ('-aentlect badrninton, baseball, basketball, rootuuri,iruck, cross Website http://l'uu''/ country, and other sports programs. Polytechnic has also received nurnerous prizes for its music program, including rnultiple (6) Gratrmy Awards. Long Beach Foly ltas also sent nlore players to the NFI- than any other high school in the country


Contents q I Interuational Ambassadors a l. I Poly High firsts: a 1.2 Fihning Location a 2 Notable alumni a 3 Notes s 4 References e 5 External links

Knfermation al Anrl bassadors International Ambassadors have been a long tradition of Long Beach Poly High School since 1976 They replaced the traditional Homecoming King and Queen as a result of racial tensions during the 70's. They serve as representatives of Poly's diversity, Ambassadors have also left a legacy that has continuecl



Long Beach Polytechnic High School - Wikipedia, the fi'ee encvclopedia

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to irnprove Long Beach Poly. Frorn recycle bins to painting murals. the Arnbassadors do all they cati to improve and promote the school.

Foly High firsfs:

a Poly High is Long Beach's first hi-eh school ( I 895) a Poly High had California's first interscholastic athletics league (1899) e Poly High had California's first student council, (1906) Poly High had its first fraternity, Comus, founded by ten Poly students ( 1909)

" Poly High had Califomia's first PTA (1910) e e Poly High had California's first graduation in caps and gowrls ( 192 I ) x Poly High is the first Long Beach school to have 2 principals { 1993 ) Filming Locafion

Long Beach Poly has been a backdrop for many TV Comrnercials, Shows, and Motion Pictures. Some of the uses of the location include:

a The Craft (film) (1996) s American Beauty ( 1999)


Arnerican Pie ( 1999)

w The Insicler (1999) w The Other Sister(1999)

e Even Stevens (2002) Epi,socle 3.l5 "The Big Spla,sh" a Sinrple Plan Q0A2) Music I'ideo I'm Just A Kid P.O D (2003) Mu,sic tr'icleo Will You "e Love Don't Cost a Thing (2003) s MTV's MADE eA}q Elti,sode 5.1 furfing Seletm a Mouster Garage (2004) Monster Nation 2 1966 Volkswa-qen Bug / Dune Buggy


Sleepover (200a)

a Cold Case (2004) Epi,socle 1.22 "The Plart" o Juicy Fruit (2005) (.PR l)umnn: Steal,s gum Comnrcrcictl


Coach Carter (2005)

u Reunion

Story (200-5) FitTV Poly Class of 1985's 20th reunion fitness challenge TobaccoFreeCA (2005) Snnker train,s to kick the hahit ('omnrcrcial o (2006) Elti,socle -3.12 Detention m Navy NCIS (2006) Episode 3.18 Bail a Wal-Mart (2006) "School YmtWm"' Back to School (-an4taigpt (ontnrcrcia| s Paris Hilton (2006) Music I'ideo Nothing In This World s Above The Influence (2007) PSA "Min'or" s Wal-Mart (2007) "SchoolYom'Wav" Back to School ('anttrtaippt (omnrcrcial s Miss/Guided (2007) Ashrur kttcher I.t'Pilot c Nancy Drew (2007) a Mind of Mencia (2007) \lurgqln;pe Ol7,n117ir,, e Boston Legal (2007) e Snoop Dogg's Father Hood (2008)


Notable alunnni lrttp ://en. wikipedia. org/wikillong_Beach_Polytechnic_F{igh_school


Long Beacli Folytechnic High school - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Notable aluurni include.

E baseball player

s s



Vll.v, Caureron Diaz, ttj


rapper Snoop Dogg. IjJ E terulis player Billie Jean King, lrJ E rapperNafe Dogg, p football plaver DeSean Jackson, L'l s singer Lupillo Rivera, s Maior League Baseball umpire Charlie Williarns, [4] Spike Jone-s, B actor Van Heflin s actor Percv Daees ltrl-i] u operfl sing-er lrflaiilyn Hortte e politician Harlan Hagen





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mountain clirnber Samantha Larson, [('] urusician Harold Brown singer/musician Charles fufiller musician Dan Reganrem Frofessional skateboarder Terry Kennedy. baseball player Milton Bradley,,^[21 baseball player Randy Moffitt, t-l baseball player Chris Gwyntt, t-r []J baseball player 2007 Hall of Farne inductee Tony Gwynn, baseball flayer Janres IVIcDonald basketball player Mack Calvin basketball player Tyus Edney

a e football plaver Carl Weathers, f7l a football [llayer Ronald Moore e football player Hershel Dennig,lsJ

l''l 'e football player Mark Carrier. [8J football ptuy.t Damell Bing,


a football ptuy.. Marcedes Liwisr.Fl a football player Manuel Wright. L"l a football ptuyt, Winston Justiceu ['11

football player Sarnie Parker. l'l e football ptuy.. Willie McGnest,,Fl s football player Omar Stouttnire, t" illayer Ken-You Rarnbo "e football football player Gene Washington s football player Tony Hill s football player Stephone Faige" e football player Leonard Russell, * football player Marquez Pope, [jJ a football irlayer Larry Croom. * football olaver Paso Toeafau. [')J e football flayer Eail McCullouch. a football player Kevin Brown, w football player Hercules Satele a football player Don Sasa,



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fonner water polo player and Olympian Alan Mouchawar writer Jeanne Wakatsuki Hor,rston [10]

Notes I

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Jrank.o-rg Jeanne Wakatsuki

Refen"ences m Long Beach Polytecirnic High School profile at NNDB LB Poly baseball players at The Baseball Cube s LB Poly is #l Sports High School in America at Sports Illustrated m &4Db: Filming Locations




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University of California adrnissions than any otlier ^ high school in califomia. rn 2005, Sport"ttiurt ut.a colors q I Interuational Ambassa...