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October 20th, 2012

2012 HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT Functions of the housekeeping department

Management of guest amenities

Responsibilities of each employee and profile



Definition of housekeeping department -------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Functions of the housekeeping department---------------------------------------------------------------------3 Management of guest amenities-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Responsibilities and profile of each employee that work in the housekeeping department-----5 Executive housekeeper---------------------------------------------------------------------5 Assistant housekeeper----------------------------------------------------------------------7 Floor supervisor-------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 Cleaner supervisor----------------------------------------------------------------------------9 Gardener supervisor------------------------------------------------------------------------10 Room attendant------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 Uniform /linen supervisor-----------------------------------------------------------------12 Uniform linen attendant-------------------------------------------------------------------13 Uniform room attendant-------------------------------------------------------------------14 Gardeners--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 Seamstress attendant-----------------------------------------------------------------------16 Editors ———————————————————————————————————————-17 Universidad Tecnologica de El Salvador—————————————————————————18



The housekeeping department in a hotel is responsible for the hotel's cleanliness.

Inspects rooms before they are

available for sale. 

Cleans occupied and vacant rooms.

Communicates the status of guestrooms to the Front Office Department.

Floral Arrangement.

Laundry Services.

First Aid.

Cleans and presses the property’s linens, towels, and guest clothing (if equipped to do so, free of charge or for a pre-determined fee).

Maintains recycled and non-recycled inventory items. 3


All the hotels essentially have a list of amenities that they provide to the guests in every room. The housekeeping department is the intermediary which supplies these consumable goods in each room.

Bathroom Soaps , Sewing kit, Hand/Body lotion, Suntan lotion. Bath/Shower gel, Hair conditioner, Toothpaste/Toothbrush. Washing line, Mouthwash shave, Shampoo, Make-up tissues.

Bedroom Shoes shine kit, Clothes hangers, In-room safe, Television/ Video recorder, AM/FM radio, Stationery, Morning newspaper, Shoe case, Direct company billing, Remote control.

Food and Beverage Amenities Mini bar, Water boiling facilities, Room service, Complimentary wine, Chocolates, Fruit basket, Hot beverage supplies.

Lounge/Desk Area Fax machine, House directory, Desk light, Int’l direct dialling phone, Mobile, Personal computer, Mobile telephones.



Executive Housekeeper

hotel executive housekeeper is responsible for the housekeeping function within a given facility. This doesn’t mean that they handle the actual day to day cleaning respinsibilities, but rather oversee them.

Responsibilities 

Organize, supervise and coordinate the work of housekeeping personnel on a day-to-

  

day operations. Ensure excellence in housekeeping sanitation, safety, comfort for hotel guests. Draw up duty rosters and supervise the discipline and conduct of her staff. Assure proper communication within the department by conducting regular meeting with all personnel.



   

  

Hire new employees, warn employees when hotel policies are violated and discharge employees when necessary. Counsel employees on various duties and work on work related issues. Motivate the staff and keep their morale high. Establish and maintain standard operating procedures for cleaning and to initiate new procedures to increase the efficiency of labor and product use. Search constantly for and test new techniques and products. Maintain an inventory of the furniture, linen, and movable equipment in the rooms and related premises and to ensure they are regularly checked. Organize maintenance and repair of guestrooms.  Deal with articles and a guest may have left behind In a room.  Ensure the provision of proper uniforms for the hotel staff .

· Expert management skills · Stress management and team motivational skills · Recruitment skills · Expert in managing budgets and accounts · Ability to deal with guests · Good communication skills · Good trainer and effective training skills · Excellent time management skills · Expert leader and a team player · Ability to take initiatives · Expert decision making abilities



Assistant Housekeeper

Plan the monthly roster of coordinators, senior supervisor and floor supervisors. Carry out the yearly EPDR for his / her direct subordinates.

Enthusiastic, courteous & helpful to colleagues & customers. Good understanding of the hotel business.

Perform disciplinary action or dismissal cases of employee under his / her charge. Monitor and guide new team member. Coordinate and monitor Preventive Maintenance Program. Plan and ensure the clearings of annual leave / public holiday are up dated on timely basis.

Recognizing differences & team spirit. Adaptability & integrity. Responsible with the willingness to overtake ownership.

Carry out departmental induction for all trainees and housekeeping new team member. Update the job descriptions for all direct subordinates as and when required. Identify training needs for areas of improvement in the department. Review and recommend more effective cleaning methods, materials and agents on a periodic basis.



Floor Supervisor

Assist with scheduling and room assignments to ensure proper coverage. Ensure all staff is properly trained and have the tools and equipment needed to effectively carry out their respective job duties. Inspect storage rooms and room attendant carts for neatness, cleanliness, adequate supplies, and good repair. Control expenses and minimize waste within all areas of housekeeping. Complete all paperwork and closing duties such as filling out supply requisitions, maintenance request forms, and updating log books etc. May perform all housekeeping duties necessary including making beds and vacuuming and cleaning guest rooms to ensure guest satisfaction. May regularly assist with deep cleaning projects.

 

  

Speak fluent English, using correct grammar. Maintain a highly positive and friendly image that will reflect well on hotel's overall professional appearance. Basic Computer skills.

Able to work in fast paced environment with attention to details. Able to prioritize, organize and follow-up. Able to think clearly, quickly and make concise decisions.



Responsibilities Cleaning supervisors organize, schedule, and supervisor a variety of activities and tasks and delegate them to many different cleaning workers such as janitors and maids. They assess the cleaning needs, assign tasks, and inspect cleaned areas to ensure the tasks have been completed properly. They also provide equipment and supplies to workers and regularly inventory stocks to make sure supplies are adequate. Some cleaning supervisors screen and hire workers and provide the necessary training. They often recommend transfers, promotions, and terminations. Many cleaning supervisors create reports regarding cleaning needs, expenses, and other related issues.

Training Cleaning supervisors typically need at least a high school diploma and related work experience. Some cleaning supervisors have completed some college and others have obtained an associate or bachelor degree. Many cleaning supervisors begin their careers in entry-level positions and move into supervising positions as they gain the necessary skills and experience. Most employers provide on the job training to enable new cleaning supervisors to learn the necessary policies and procedures. Association and obtain either the Registered Executive Housekeeper (REH) or Certified Executive Housekeeper.

Some employers provide informal training sessions for new supervisors. Many employers require cleaning supervisors to complete regular in-service training to enhance their housekeeping methods and procedures and improve their supervisory abilities. Some cleaning supervisors become members of the International Executive Housekeepers.



This job position required to maintain landscape area and gardens in a hotel as prescribed keeping in mind cleanliness, aesthetic appeal and freshness all the year round through a wellmotivated team of gardeners.

Work performed

Ensure that the prescribed landscaping in terms of gardens, rockeries, waterways, etc. are maintained as per original concept. Brief, schedule and allot duties to gardeners to meet daily exigencies.

Qualification: Ability to work under varying weather conditions. knowledge of types of plants and their conditions.



Scope of job: •Clean guest bathroom and replenish supplies. •Clean guest bedroom and replenish supplies as per room checklist. •Report missing or broken hotel property to the Floor Supervisor. •Maintain a polite, dignified and helpful attitude towards the guests. •Attend daily briefings give attendance.

This position is perhaps one of the most critical in a hotel as it comes under very resident guest’s scrutiny. His efforts in keeping the rooms clean and safe directly contribute to the guest experience.

•Receive allocation of floor and room. •Replenish maid cart with guest supplies, detergents and linen. •Count soiled linen handed over to floor linen room. •Hand lost and found articles to Supervisor. •Make physical check of rooms for preparing the Housekeeping Occupancy list. •Check that all bulbs and switches are working in case of defect of fuse; report the same to Floor Supervisor. •Change the water glasses daily and fill the water flasks.



His / her basic role is to issue uniforms and linen to staff according to systems and procedures laid down by management. Also, to control the movement of soiled and fresh linen and uniforms to and from the linen / uniform room.

Job Specification •Job Title: Room Attendant. •Category: Non - Management - skilled. •Educational Qualifications: High School, preferably with a craft certificate in Housekeeping. •Age limit: 21-35 years. •Physical Qualifications: Healthy and sturdy. •Mental Qualifications: Should do simple counting. •Personality Consideration: personable and wellgroomed. •Language Skills: Should understand English and be able to communicate in basic English.



Scope of job: •Schedule linen / uniform room staff. •Check periodically the condition of uniform and hotel linen. •Assign daily work to tailors. •Devise and maintain an effective control system to issue clean linen and uniforms. •Co-ordinate closely with the laundry department to ensure timely supply of fresh uniforms and linen. •Conduct periodic inventories of linen and uniforms. •Ensure that all linen, uniforms needing stitching, mending are immediately attended to before being sent to the Laundry Department. •Ensure that the Linen Room is kept neat and clean. •Ensure that all linen, uniforms, materials are neatly and systematically stacked and arranged. •Train the staff to perform their duties effectively and, efficiently. •Maintain all relevant records in respect of material uniforms / linen – their storage and

Job Specification •Job Title: Uniform / linen room Supervisor. •Category: Non- Management – Skilled. •Education Qualification: Same as Housekeeping Supervisor. •Age Limits: 21-35 years. •Equipment Skills: Basic handling of sewing machine. •Physical Qualification: Healthy and sturdy. •Mental Qualification: Ability to do quick calculations. •Personality Consideration: Should display administrative qualities. •Language Skill: English. •Previous Experience: Five years in Linen / Uniform Room. •Special Requirements: Well organized.



Scope of job: •Issue uniform to all hotel employees on a one –toone basis •Count soiled uniforms/ linen receiving dirty uniforms. •Maintain records of linen and uniforms movement. •Store uniform and linen according to prescribed methods. •Check for damages when receiving dirty uniforms. •Check for fitness of uniforms as per norms laid down before issuing.

Job Specification •Job Title: Uniform / Linen Room Attendant. •Category: Non – Management – semi-skilled. •Minimum Educational •Qualifications: Matriculate. •Age Limits: 21-35 Years. •Equipment Skills : Nil •Mental Qualification: Should be able to do basic counting. •Personality Consideration : Nil •Language Skills: Local Language. •Experience required: Five years experience in tailoring of linen and upholstery. •Special Requirement : Nil



The gardeners keep landscape areas and garden clean, aesthetically beautiful and fresh through daily schedule as assigned.

Work performed: •Take daily briefing from Head gardener. •Dig landscape area to keep to concept as also for fresh planting. •Plant seeds and saplings as per conditions and concept prescribed. •Lay manure and fertilizers economically ensuring proper coverage. •Water all gardened areas as per daily schedule and routine.

Job Specification •Job Title: Gardener. •Category: Non-Management-Semi skilled. •Minimum Educational. •Qualification: Matriculate. •Age Limits: 18 and above to use basic garden tools, lawn mowers. •Physical Qualification: Sturdy.

•Maintain the nursery as instructed.

•Mental Qualification: Nil.

•Cut, trim, prune hedges, bushes, flowers to enhance aesthetic appeal.

•Personality Consideration: Nil.

•Prepare such flowers, potted plants, wreath, bouquets, etc. as required by the hotel. •Maintain indoor plants as per schedule when assigned.

•Language Skill; English. •Minimum Experience Required: two years as gardener in a reputed nursery, garden, etc.

•Utilize garden tools correctly. •Be punctual and regular.



This job position entails stitching and mending linen and upholstery as assigned and replenishing all upholstery which requires replacement.

Job Specification •Job Title: Tailor / Upholsterer •Category: Non-ManagementSkilled. •Minimum Educational. •Qualification Matriculation. •Age Limits: 21-35 years. •Equipment Skills: Adept at using sewing machines. •Physical Qualification: Healthy and sturdy. •Personality Considerations: Nil. •Language Skills: English •Experience Requirements: Five years’ experience in tailoring of linen and upholstery. •Special Requirements : Nil

Work Performed: •Mend all damaged linen. •Mend all damaged uniforms. •Refurnish all damaged upholstery which is given by the Supervisor. •Estimate the requirement of material and request the Linen Room Supervisor to requisition it from stores. •Withdraw material from the stores and take to the work area assigned. •Pre-shrink all materials which have a tendency to shrink. •Cut the material as per requirement of each partic-



Melvin Cruz

Silvia Oneyda Crespin

Aracely Esmeralda Escobar

Delmy Guadalupe Amaya

Emerson Giovanni Menjivar

Luz Cristina Rivera

We are students of the Technological University of El Salvador . Now, we are in the fourth year of our dregree of English. Actually, we are studying the subject of Hotel Mangament and Tourism. Therefore, we have been acquired the proper knowledge about how work the housekeeping department in a hotel. Accordingly, we want to share the main points of this important area of tourism in our BUGGY magazine. A magazine that covers the principal functions of the department, the management of amenities , the main responsibilites and profile of its employees, and so on. We hope that it magazine could be an important tool for those that enjoy and want to work in the tourism area.



The Technological University of El Salvador is one of the private university of El Salvador. It is located in the department of San Salvador. It is a higher education institution known as UTEC. The university counts with ten buildings, labs, cultural center, libraries and informative centers. Also, a radio called UTEC (970 AM) and a channel ( 33). The university was founded on June 12 th of the year 1981. By an agreement of the Ministry of Education.


Housekeeping Department  

Housekeeping is the department that deals essentially whit cleanliness and ancillary service attached to that.

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