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Terms of Reference Global School Coordinator Position is: Full-time, annual contract Start date: November 2016 Applications accepted until COB October 23, 2016 Based in San Salvador, El Salvador Cristosal Program: Center for Research and Learning, (CEA) Cristosal is a nongovernmental organization that promotes human rights in Central America through research, learning, and rights-based programming. We seek to build common means to empower disenfranchised communities and groups affected by social and structural violence to act for justice, human rights and more democratic societies. The Cristosal Center for Human Rights Research and Learning is a program designed to foster dialogue among key actors and partners in Central and North America by generating knowledge through participative-action-research and learning seminars. The Center seeks to share learning tools and analysis with community and religious leaders, civil society organizations and activists, professionals, academics and decision-makers so that they can be more effective promoters of human rights. The publication of research findings and discussion papers contributes to greater exchange and dialogue on key human rights issues especially for the affected communities and groups who participate in the studies. The Global School, as part of the Center, facilitates week-long experiential seminars that generate new ideas, proposals, and actions by engaging individuals from North and Latin America in dialogue, shared learning, and capacity building to address universal human rights issues. The Global School equips people who feel compelled to act for justice in the world, both locally and globally, with tools for action.

Position Description The Global School Coordinator will design and facilitate the implementation of 10-12 human rights seminars annually with the support of interpreters, course facilitators and other Cristosal staff. The chosen candidate will lead the creative pedagogical and methodological planning for seminars. The coordinator will be expected to develop and maintain strategic relationships and alliances with the seminar participants as well as local organizations who help facilitate seminar workshops. They will be primarily responsible for designing and implementing curriculum and recruitment plans, as well as supporting dialogue processes within Cristosal programming that fully engage our North American and Central American global school alumni around Cristosal’s priority issues. The Global School Coordinator responds directly to the Cristosal Center for Research and Learning Director.

Experience and Skills ● ● ● ● ● ●

Experience in designing and implementing popular education courses or workshops (at least 3 years) Experience with engaging North Americans in issues affecting El Salvador and Central America (at least 1 year) Experience in program planning and management (at least 2 years) Written and spoken fluency in Spanish and English Ability to engage both religious and secular groups and use appropriate curriculum and language to engage them Knowledge of and connection to the region’s history, culture and human rights activism

The Global School Coordinator will demonstrate: ● ●

Deep commitment to human rights, solidarity and democratic dialogue Commitment to Cristosal values and mission

Terms of Reference Global School Coordinator ● ●

Sensitivity to culturally influenced attitudes and behavior and ability to help interpret these between people of different cultures Courtesy, respect and an encouraging attitude toward seminar and research participants as well as other staff and our service providers.

Primary Responsibilities and Tasks 1. Creative pedagogical and methodological planning for seminars ● Design Seminar lesson plans based on the human rights topics that Cristosal offers including, but not limited to: migration and forced displacement, violence and culture of peace, global mission and faith-based human rights approaches, youth and human rights, rehabilitation and reinsertion/restorative justice, protecting and promoting rights of LGBTI people. ♦ Include pre and post in-country seminar sessions in the lesson planning ♦ Work with facilitators to plan content and development of the seminar workshops for the 8 day, in-country seminar ♦ Incorporate popular education techniques in all conversations, meetings, workshops, and reflections ♦ Develop and maintain strategic alliances with Salvadoran organizations and educators who will contribute to facilitating seminars ●

Monitoring and Evaluation of Seminars ♦ Develop and implement tools to monitor and evaluate the outcomes and impacts of seminar participation ♦ Continue conversation with participants ~ How they have implemented the new knowledge they gained during the seminar? ~ Will they return to learn about another topic? Will they encourage someone else to participate in a seminar? Will they organize a group? etc. ~ Provide leadership for a community of “graduates”/alumni from the Global School in North and Central America

Accompaniment of the groups while in country (part-time) ♦ Attend key parts of the seminar to represent Cristosal and promote the organization ♦ Be “on-call” to support staff in cases of emergency or group issues ♦ Facilitate up to three seminars per year on topics of expertise ♦ Provide monitoring and evaluation support for the groups

2. Design and implement recruitment plan with Resource Development/Communications staff 3. Assist the CEA director in hiring, supervising and evaluating Global School staff 4. Coordination of CEA forums, dialogue spaces and workshops ♦

Together with the CEA director define and promote activities that further dialogue on strategic topics among communities, academics, religious leaders and decision-makers. ~ Logistical planning ~ Coordination of space, time, date, food, transport, etc. ~ Convocation of media outlets

Terms of Reference Global School Coordinator ♦ ♦

Coordination with facilitators, experts, speakers, presenters, etc. Design of space, methodology and itinerary

5. Administrative Planning and Reporting ♦ Prepare annual budgets ♦ Present seminar budgets, check requisitions and liquidate checks according to administrative policy ♦ Prepare reports on each seminar 6.

Institutional Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation ♦ Planning for future years and growth of program ♦ Active engagement in strategic planning processes of the GS program and the CEA ♦ Regularly report on seminars and other activities using PME instruments of Cristosal

Organizational Relationships The Global School Coordinator will respond directly to the Director of CEA. He or she will will assist the CEA director in the hiring, supervision and evaluation of Global School staff.

Send resumes or CV in English or Spanish along with a cover letter explaining your interest in this position and at least two reference letters from people who can address your experience and skills in relation to this position to by 5:00 pm October 23, 2016.

Cristosal does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, place of origin, ethnicity, creed, age, record of offenses, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or political or union affiliation. We encourage people of traditionally marginalized groups to apply.

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