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Welcome to the country of the Eternal Spring ‌

Discover the country that wonder to any‌

The Proyect… “Social Media 4 Social Change” Social media and IT are changing the way people interact with each other, the way companies run their businesses and it’s been the engine of a social change that’s being spread around the globe lately. “Social media 4 social change” is a national project developed by AIESEC Guatemala which aims to provide NGOs with young innovative talent to develop projects using social media and IT as tools to improve their performance.

The country‌ Guatemala is a country of extraordinary cultural richness, the most powerful city in Central America, with a privileged geographic location is a unique country of adventure, unforgettable between its past and present The colorful handicraft markets and their costumes, the hospitality of its people, its beautiful natural landscapes that frame volcanoes, lakes, rivers and mountains, make Guatemala is inscribed in the hearts of visitors. The cultural and historical heritage can be discovered in every corner of the country.

Geography: Land area: 108.889 km2 Population: 14,276,000 inhabitants. Capital: Guatemala City Other cities: Quetzaltenango, Escuintla, Zacapa, Jalapa Political divisions: 22 departments Longest river: Motagua, 486 km in length (Caribbean) Highest Mountain: Volcano Tajumulco, the Cuchumatanes, 4.220m Costs: 402 (254 km in the Pacific and the Caribbean 148 km) Largest lake, Izabal, 589.6 km2 Volcanoes: 38

climate: Known as the country of the eternal spring climate is pleasant allowed to visit any time of year. In Guatemala there are two seasons: the dry season and rainy season, which runs from May to November with heavy rains that follow the clear skies. It is advisable to visit the country during the dry season (November to May)

The current temperature is 9 째 to 20 째 so warm clothing is recommended for year-end period.

Guate is‌ A multicultural country with unity in diversity, Guatemala has 15 million people a small country rich in cultures among which is the Maya, Garifuna and Xinca.

Besides being a multilingual multicultural country because we speak different languages ​have different ways of seeing the world of spirituality and life, and that makes us a most interesting country

Foods : The Guatemalan cuisine has a wide variety of dishes that are recognized as National Cultural Heritage, such as Pepian, the Kaq'ik and Plantains in Mole , other dishes are worth tasting , Chuchitos, Rellenitos de Platano, Torrejas, Buùuelos‌

shopping If you need to buy clothes, furniture, electronics, food (FoodCourt), want to go to the movies, you can find around in shopping malls ... Miralfores, OklandMall, and any Wal-Mart ...

travel Guatemala is a small country, but for all destinations. Whether you like the Mayan culture, extreme adventure or peace and quiet, you'll find something for you. From the Historic Center of the City to Tikal National Park, passing through Antigua Guatemala and Panajachel, Guatemala'll love.

AIESEC GUATEMALA‌ AIESEC born in Guatemala in 1985 since then has developed the potential of young leaders at the universities of Guatemala, Rafael Landivar University Del Valle, San Carlos de Guatemala, Francisco Marroquin and Xela... and with an exponential growth with stakeholders in other universities the country.

our currency … The national currency is "El Quetzal" and is in coin denominations of 5 cents. 10 ctv. 25 ctv. 50ctv and 1 Quetzal, and in bills in denominations of 1 Quetzal, 5 Quetzales, 10 Quetzales, 20Quetzales, 50 Quetzales, 100 Quetzales and 200 Quetzales.

Exchange rate … 1 Dólar = 7.70 Quetzales 1 Euro = 10.25 Quetzales 1 Real Brasileño = 4.10 Quetzales 1 Colon CR = 0.015 Quetzales 1 PAB Panamá = 7.70 Quetzales

Pizza 80 a 130

Coca-Cola 600ml

6 Quetzales


Slice bread 12 a 18

McMenu 38 Quetzales


Liter of Milk 12 Quetzales

Requirements before coming…  Passport valid for at least 6 months validity.  Visa if needed. See the countries that need visa in the following link:  Laptop to get the job done.  International Health Insurance for the duration of stay.  At least $ 500 to stay in the country.  Warm and cold clothes: the temperature can vary a lot depending on the area.  More information about Guatemala:

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Information of Guatemala

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