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THIS IS MY ODD LIFE Cristian Josué Mejía Reyes



Beauty and the beast the most beautiful movie in the Cristian’s world , this movie is very important for me I ‘ve known this movie since I can remember ,and when I went to the Broadway show I started to dream with that someday I would be part of something like that.



My biggest obsession is clothes, I have no idea why but I CAN’T resist when I see clothes in a shop, so go shopping is one of my favorites activities that I love, I have 40 sweaters , in fact my favorite kind of clothes are sweaters.



Disney is part of my life, I grown up with all of this , for me aren’t just movies, for me is THE CRISTIAN’S DREAM I ‘ve been dreaming with working in this enterprise, animating, sharing my voice ,with music , etc.


He’s my best friend , he’s a good guy and he’s always with me when I need a friend , since I knew him he has been like my buzz lightyear, milio


RIENDS FRIENDS ARE always the family that you choose, and for Cristian is very beautiful to have known all of them and now we are a great family, and I have to tell them thank you.


arry Potter

The boy who lived, I love this saga, when I was I child I used to think that I was a wizard and I was like Draco Malfoy , harry potter is part of my life , I’ve grown reading and watching harry potter.


lse That is the other name of my best friend in this world , she’s Ilse Liliana Monroy Sanchez , she doesn’t like Ilse but I love to bother her sometimes , she’s very special to me and my life would suck without her.



Kamila is de name of my little dog, she has been with me for 6 years and I just know how much I love her , I love dogs they are my favorites animals in the whole world.



The reason of my life, music is my world, I used to play the sax, I have no idea why, but I can’t live without music, a 100% of my life roll around music.


limpyc Games

Is the only time when I watch sports, I guess that is one of the most important events and we have to wait for it 4 long years and for that reason are very important to me, every 4 years all the world is in peace for only a few weeks but I love to see that.



That is the name of my mother , she’s always by my side and she’s an amazing woman actually she’s the best and nobody could do what she has done.



A very important part of my life without school my life would be strange , because in school I’ve been grown up every single day and thanks that I’m a very good person and I’m going to continue doing this for me, and I can say that being in the IPN is one of my biggest pride.



Sometimes they make you feel very upset , sometimes they are very strong and strict with us, but the real situation is that without them the school would be boring and they know that some day we are going to be thank them.



I’m unique like everyone else , for me the reasons are that I’m creative , sensitive and my great imagination all of this is because I never lost my childhood. We are infinites !



The voices of the people are what make them shine, I love voices and guess that the voices of my friends and my family would be the things that I’m going to remember for the rest of my life , specially their laughs .



Wonderful Is all in this life, my friends, my family, my mom and dad, my brothers, everything and without all of this the life would be a boring piece of paper. And remember all the time that everything is beautiful and possible.