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The Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts For Kids Mixed martial arts, or MMA as it’s more popularly known, is now becoming a staple fitness program for kids alongside adults as well. Kids’ MMA has become popular due to the physical, mental and spiritual benefits the sport brings to the table, and we’re going to take a look at what exactly MMA can do for your child. Before we dig in, first let’s clarify what exactly MMA for kids is. Adult MMA is a hardcore sport, that lends itself to creating a honed and powerful body, designed to hit hard and take damage in turn. MMA for kids is not designed for competition, or to foster aggression, but rather train the body, increase mental awareness and build self confidence. Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai and Judo are the three main martial arts that make up MMA, whether it be for kids or adults.Okay, so let’s find out, how MMA training could be the right thing for your kid.

#1. Becoming Physically Fit Life has become sedentary, and kids have become obese, we need to keep them fit. While diets, work out programs and healthy eating do work, most kids find them to be boring. MMA is something kids can really get into and enjoy while losing weight, and they won’t even have to drastically alter their lifestyle. MMA training can burn through calories and fat like a hot knife through butter, and produce visible results within three to four weeks, so not only will it make children healthier and more physically defined; it will do so quickly.

#2. Boosting Self Confidence Shyness, low self-esteem and a lack of social skills all go right out the window with time spent on the MMA mat. Jiujitsu and Muay Thai teach kids the importance of asserting themselves, while training at least twice a week with other people, insures time will be spent interacting socially with people their own age.

#3. Learning Self Defense Self defense is a very important part of any MMA regiment, and teaching kids how to take care of themselves from an early age, is an important life skill in these day. Bullies, strangers in the park, mean friends and various other threats hand around children, and it can’t hurt for them to at least have some basic idea of what to do if things go south.

#4. Learning How to Deal With Bullies Speaking of bullies, they’ve become a serious problem in schools and online, and MMA for kids teaches children how to deal with them in a non-violent but assertive manner. It also allows kids to understand that peer pressure isn’t the start and end of all things, and that they should avoid things that are bad, even if everyone else is doing it.

#5. Life Skills Fine motor skills, a sense of right and wrong, fitness, self confidence and self defense skills are all life long lessons, every child should learn early on. Making MMA, for kids, the perfect conduit for these lessons. Log on to for more details!

The benefits of mixed martial arts for kids  
The benefits of mixed martial arts for kids  

Mixed martial arts, or MMA as it’s more popularly known, is now becoming a staple fitness program for kids alongside adults as well. Kids’...