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How to write a make-up blog worth reading In Twelve steps or less Cristin Massey 1/22/2012

Twelve steps to help you write a blog with strong content and pizzazz. How to make your blog look good from grammar to design to content. A no holds-bar approach to make-up bloggers everywhere.

How to write a make-up blog worth reading in Twelve steps or less

1. Decide on a single topic. Try and keep each blog covering only one subject or topic. 2. Teaching or reviewing? Whether you’re going to teach your readers a technique or reviewing product be consistent with each blog. You want your readers to always get the same quality information every time they visit your site.

3. Gain experience- . With so many wannabe make-up artists online and on YouTube, you’ll need to make sure that you have an advantage. That advantage is experience. Go take a class, or get a private make-up lesson. Be honest with yourself—if you don’t know how to execute a look successfully this will show in your blog and readers will lose their trust in you.

4. Picture this- Use pictures as often as possible to show your viewers the looks you are creating. 5. Links- whenever possible try and find a link to whatever product that you’re featuring so your viewer can easily locate the item or information without having to go on an unnecessary Google hunt. 6. Video killed the radio star- if your going to YouTube as a way to do facilitate techniques to your viewers I suggests that you link them directly to your blog page, instead of trying to have two separate areas for information. It will look more professional and it will be a great add on for your followers.

7. Don’t be modest- Somewhere on your blog you need to include an informative section that describes your qualifications as a make-up blogger. Unfortunately there isn’t a way for the internet to stop imposters “teaching” and “reviewing” make-up products for the public. So go that extra step and let your audience know all that you have achieved and or know. 8. Decorate-Design is important- Keep the design of your blog looking sleek. Don’t use cutesy fonts like curlz MT, keep it looking simple and classic like Times or Helvetica. This font will not only make your blog look sleeker, but it will actually be easier on your reader’s eyes. Don’t believe me? Do some research on typography.

9. Photo Shoot-Post a picture of yourself in your about me section. I find that this always make readers feel more relatable to you if they see that your not a perfect model, what I mean by that is a normal person who loves make-up. In this industry women can be easily intimidated, even on their own home computers. 10. Grammar- while you might not be a Pulitzer Prize winning author, you still need to make sure that your posts don’t contain grammar errors—much like design will help your readers have a more enjoyable reading and learning experience. 11. Find an Editor- Spell check doesn’t always get every mistake. Also, it helps to have other eyes on your work. Use someone that you can trust to be brutally honest. 12. Have fun! Don’t forget that this is the reason that you have started writing a make-up blog in the first place.

Meet the Author Cristin Massey has worked as a make-up artist for almost a decade with top make-up brands in the Industry. Working behind the scenes at fashion shows, photo shoots and creating her own freelance wedding company she has done it all. While holding a position with MAC cosmetics she was Creative Director in charge of artist relations and training and development. This equates to many hours of education and teaching product knowledge and understanding of the ingredients widely used in the cosmetic industry.

“Getting a degree in Journalism seemed like the next logical step in my career as a make-up artist. I was soon being asked to edit friend’s make-up blogs and produce quality video blogs, it just seemed right. I didn’t know exactly what would come of it, but here I am!”

Aside from being a competitive make-up artist professional, Cristin has always been a writer at heart. She gave a career in Journalism a second thought when she was asked to be the resident make-up artist for her local News Station. That quickly changed into writing and producing weekly segments involving make-up and fashion trends. She is in her last year as a Journalism and Media student as well as Public Relations. Her vast knowledge of both industries and diversified education, make her a sought after writer, trainer, and make-up artist. Cristin Resides in Southern California with her Family and Dog Riley.

A brief Example of one of Cristin Massey’s make-up blogs.

“I want RED”, she said

In fashion the trends move fast. Right after Christmas the spring trends make their debut all over the runways, print, and internet. Make-up is no different, in some cases the make-up is the inspiration behind an entire fashion collection. In other words, make-up if a key component to fashion and vice versa, however, the wonderful thing about make-up is it is much more affordable than the expensive clothes that go frolicking down the runway. As a make-up professional that has been in the industry for almost a decade, I can attest to the fact that the trends this season are very good. Nothing is un-wearable. While some of the trends are still daring, they can all be achieved by anyone who wants to flaunt the new trends of the season. The first trend of the season for spring 2012 is RED lips. While this may seem unseasonal I will assure you that the trend is being seen in all different hues of red. With this trend it is important to keep in mind that red lipstick in fact does look good on everyone. I have never put red lips on someone that didn’t look complimentary. The key is to choose the right one for your skin type, and there will be more than one. So if you are going to have someone help you, try a make-up artist at your local make-up counter. Whichever brand you choose just make sure you have an idea of the type of red that you want to wear. If you don’t it could become a challenging task to try on numerous red lipstick. By that time you lips will very well be stained with color and could become chapped. These artists can give you an unbiased opinion as opposed to a friend or family member. People who know your current make-up style might hinder you from trying something new.

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How to write a makeup blog in 12 steps or less  

A buzz piece that delivers step by step information on creating and writing an excelent makeup blog.

How to write a makeup blog in 12 steps or less  

A buzz piece that delivers step by step information on creating and writing an excelent makeup blog.