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Blending Eye Shadows Blending eye shadow is something that many people have a hard time with when it comes to makeup application. Some of the things that I hear all the time are “my eye shadow just looks like a blob”. Or simply, “ I don’t know how to blend my eye shadows. The secret is really easy. It involves a couple of tools, and a neutral color. The tip is to do a technique called “priming the eye”. Make up artists use this technique to not only blend the eye shadows, but to also bring definition to the eye. It is also a technique that is a time saver. What you will need: A blending brush (this a fluffy looking brush). My recommendations are the #217 brush by M.A.C. A medium toned eye shadow color. Tips: I suggest looking for a shadow that is a medium tone compared to the coloring of your skin. Use a shadow that has no frosted texture to it. Apply the color using the fluffy brush and apply to the crease.(Do this first and don’t do any other shadow colors) That way, when you apply the shadow to the crease, this creates not only a stencil, but a easy way to blend eye shadow. The next step in blending eye shadow is simple. After you apply the crease color, all you have to do now, is apply your shadow the way that you normally would. Any darker color that you apply to the eye, simply blend up and into the crease with the fluffy brush and the colors will soon disappear into each other. This is what you want. You want the colors to run together, not abruptly stop and leave a harsh line. It takes some practice to get use to, but once you get use to this technique, it will prove to be a time saver and a way to get the application that you want, polished, professional and beautiful.

blending eyeshadow blog  

A blog entry that details the makeup technique of blending eyeshadows.

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