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URI Pesticide Certification and Training Program Private Certification: if you produce agricultural commodities such as vegetables, fruits, turf, nursery crops, greenhouse crops and apply “restricted use” pesticides to control pests. Commercial License: if you work for hire applying “general use” pesticides to control pests. Commercial Certification: if you work for hire and apply “restricted use” pesticides to control pests. Pesticide Dealer: if you sell “restricted use” pesticides. IPM/ Integrated Pest Management Training : provides information on controlling pest using IPM techniques. Training Requirements: In order to receive the above licenses/certifications, all applicants are required to attend the core training which consists of two days with an exam in the afternoon of the second day. Individuals that would like to become commercially certified are required to attend category training in their specialty area. Core Sessions are all identical training sessions. Attendance on both days is required before the examination can be taken. It is recommended that you attend one session in full, but substitutions can be arranged. Preregistration is required by mail - Use attached registration form - Call Margaret Siligato if you need confirmation.

Fall 2011 Training Schedule Core I Day 1 Day 2 Core II Day 1 Day 2 Core III Day 1 Day 2 Category 2 Forestry Category 3B Turf & Orn Category 3A Shade Trees Category 7A Household Category 7D Vertebrate Category 7B Termite

Oct 6 Thurs./URI Kingston-East Farm Oct 13 Thurs /URI Kingston-East Farm Nov 3 Thurs /URI Kingston-East Farm Nov 17 Thurs /URI Kingston-East Farm Dec 1 Thurs /URI Kingston-East Farm Dec 15 Thurs / URI Kingston-East Farm

8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm

Oct 20 Thurs /URI Kingston-East Farm Oct 20 Thurs /URI Kingston-East Farm Oct 20 Thurs /URI Kingston-East Farm Nov 8 Tues/URI Kingston-East Farm Nov 8 Tues//URI Kingston-East Farm Dec 13 Tues /URI Kingston-East Farm

8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm

URI’s East Farm Location for all Classes Location: East Farm is about ½ mile south of the Rt. 138 and Rt. 108 intersection. Follow signs to Pesticide Training in Building #75 when on East Farm Rd. On Google Maps see: East Farm Road Kingston, RI 02881 on Mapquest it’s near 2150 Kingstown Rd. Kingston Recertification Reminder: Every 5 years you need to recertify by attending Approved Courses. Use the registration form and indicate you are recertifying. Please note that Private applicators need 6 hours each 5 year period and licensed applicators need 8 hours for each 5 year period. Applicators can attend any sessions listed below for recertificaton credits.

For More Information: Margaret Siligato at URI (401) 874-5997 Robin Mooney at DEM (401) 222-2781 x4513 Sign language interpretation/personal FM systems/disability assistance call 72hrs. in advance. For TDD 874-2285

Pesticide Safety and IPM Training Registration Form  Check which session you will attend. Core manuals distributed on Day 1 of Core Sessions.

Type _________Core I

Day 1

_________Core II

Day 1

_________Core III

Day 1

Date/Location Time Thurs /Oct 6/ East Farm/ Kingston 8am-4pm Day 2 Thurs /Oct 13/East Farm/ Kingston Thurs/ Nov 3/East Farm/ Kingston 8am-4pm Day 2 Thurs /Nov 17 /East Farm/ Kingston Thurs /Dec 1/East Farm/ Kingston 8am-4pm Day 2 Thurs /Dec 15/ East Farm/ Kingston

8am-4pm 8am-4pm 8am-4pm

Fees for Core Training Sessions and Recertification. Manuals are required for class. _______Commercial Applicators $ 260.00 Registration includes manuals Included Manuals:_____Core Manual and Core Supplement _______Private Applicator $160.00 Registration includes manuals. Circle one commodity below for testing. ___Vegetable ___Fruit ___Nursery ___Livestock ___Christmas Trees ___Greenhouse ___Turf _______Dealers License $ 300.00 Registration includes manuals. _______Private Producer/Grower Recertification $ 100.00 Registration for Day 1Core - 8 credit hours. _______License Recertification $ 175.00 Registration for Day 1 Core - 8 credit hours.

Category Training Fees Please indicate if you are recertifiying or taking initial exam. C. Order Manual and Enclose Payment Category Manuals must be ordered in advance and mailed before sessions. (if received 1 month before training date, books will be mailed otherwise they will have to be picked up in Kingston,RI). _________Regist $120.00 Category 3A,3B,2 Tree, Turf & Forestry 4 credits Thurs Oct 20 8:00am-4:00pm _________Manual $30.00 2 Forestry Manual (R) (I) _________Manual $30.00 3AShade tree &3BTurf and Ornamentals (not needed for recertification) _________Regist $120.00 Category 7A&D Household & Vertebrate 4 credits Tues Nov 8 8:00am-4:00pm _________Manual $30.00 7A & 7D (not needed for recertification candidates) (R) (I) _________Regist $120.00 Category 7B Termite& Wood Destroying 4 credits Tues Dec 13 8:00am-4:00pm _________Manual $30.00 Termite Manual (not needed for recertification) (R) (I)

_______Total Enclosed Make Checks Payable to URI Call 874-5997 for late registrations. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name______________________________________ Telephone:_________ Address______________________________________________________ City_____________________________ State_____ Zipcode____________ Training session are located at URI’s East Farm Facility 2182 Kingstown Rd. Wakefield, RI 02879 Mail To: Margaret Siligato/ University of Rhode Island/Mallon Outreach Center 3 East Alumni Ave. Kingston, RI 02881 (401)874-5997 email:

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URI Pesticide Training 2012  

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