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the project It is considered that a renovated ending of the village towards Punta da Insua is necessary to provide urbanity to its adjacent area and create a place where the life of the community can be developed. It is decided not to create a public building but a public space. An empty urban container of the life of Caion. This intervention will count with a main building, a public building, the shed, chosen this name by its definition "rudimentary structure to protect something or someone from the outdoors", its materiality and its character linked to the sea, to the ports. On the other hand, the complex will be completed by a building dedicated to shellfish farm and restaurant. Constitutes a remodeling of the current facory. The use is maintained but the container is renovated.









p0.03 p0.01


planta baja

475.59 m²

16 0.00

almacén de crustáceos comunicación vertical: escalera

127.40 m² 38.15 m²

p0.01 plaza p0.02 paseo mirador p0.03 foso urbano

p0.01 hall entrada/ sala usos múltiples p0.02 manipulación p0.03 carga/ descarga

40.12 m² 112.56 m² 65.74 m²

14 0.00

circulaciones montacargas instalaciones

75.87 m² 7.38 m² (capacidad 26p) 8.52 m²

planta baja

comunicacion vertical: escalera comunicación vertical: escalera + montacargas

2527.06 m² 2074.93 m² 887.52 m² - 149.60 m (recorrido) 426.09 m² 20.04 m² 41.75 m²


emptiness the proposal maintains the public character of the place, is its protagonist, and as such his life depends on the life of Caiรณn. Being a small fishing village in the summer months the village life remains very active while in winter the streets and squares are emptied.

the complex is conceived as a container of the life and the emptiness, in relation with the activity and life of Caion

constructions around the proyect site are residenctial blocks unrelated to the architectural tradition of Caion. this buildings create an abandoned sea front which is not helping to promote Punta da Insua as a public space where inhabitants of Caion would be able to enjoy the views. despite the small dimension of the peninsule and the village, the place is an outstanding spot in te coast, and because of this the territorial scale will be used to work in the enclouser.

the enclosures emphasize the contrast of the two worlds, the urban and the nature, with all its exuberance in this area.




circulación aparcam. 7.5 m


r.03 r.05


circulación aparcam. 5m

16 -4.00


468.71 m²

r.01 r.02 r.03

sala comedor barra/ cafetería aseos

172.78 m² 97.66 m² 21.93 m²

r.04 r.05 r.06 r.07 r.08 r.09 r.10

barra camareros cocina almacén alimentos almacén frigorífico recepción alimentos aseos/vestuarios almacén material

10 -4.00

s1.01 s1.02 s1.03 s1.04 s1.05 s1.06 s1.07

678.21 m²

almacén de crustáceos comunicación vertical: escalera

127.40 m² 30.71 m²

circulaciones montacargas s1.08 vestíbulo montacargas instalaciones s1.09 vestíbulo instalaciones

circulación aparcam. 5m

8.91 m² 62.33 m² 20.34 m² 8.36 m² 10.21 m² 38.35 m² 27.84 m²

planta semisótano

tienda congelador frigoríficos cocedero almacén material laboratorios instalaciones

circulación aparcam. 5m

59.79 m² 18.82 m² 18.84 m² 33.91 m² 45.15 m² 71.58 m² 85.61 m² 68.18 m² 7.38 m² (capacidad 26p) 11.82 m² 93.38 m² 5.64 m²

12 -4.00

planta semisótano comunicacion vertical: escalera comunicación vertical: escalera + montacargas área cubierta total

s1.01 área versátil modulación (2.50 x 2.50 m) · aparcamiento

3349.02 m² 20.04 m² 41.75 m²

3349.02 m² 1381.25 m² 72 plazas

retícula estructura pilares (7.50 x 7.50 m)

· compartimentación réticula carriles tabiquería (2.50 x 2.50 m)

s1.02 s1.03 s1.04 s1.05

mín máx foso urbano aseos almacén instalaciones generales

25.00 m² (2x2 módulos) 1381.25 m² (13x17 módulos) 426.09 m² 33.85 m² 59.73 m² 41.08 m²

opening to the landscape the intervention is a grouth from the urban space to the sea. it is Caion which goes to the meeting with the natural surroundings. while in the elevated promenade it is posible experience the views fin a more urban way, in the open ground floor it is posible to isolate yourself and focus only in the horizon. the open ground floor as a room in the middle of the sea.

from the void to the party due to the seasonality of the occupation of Caion, its character and the scale of the parking lot villa, it is understood that the best programme of uses of this new space would be the romerĂ­a one which can adapt itself to the neccessities of each moment. workshops

concerts from the complete emptiness to a progressive compatimentalization of space through conferences the use of mobile partition walls which hang from the ceilling. storage the different possibilities of uses are understood as possibility of life. cinema sessions

residential cell the residential units are conceived as a progressive response to the needs of the inhabitants of Caión. they constitute the human scale of the whole, which is reflected in its wooden materiality. the dwellings are designed from the greatest flexibility possible. due to their construction on demand, the owner can adapt it easily to their needs, opting for different configurations of the space that the service boxes facilitate. núcleo húmedo


armario para mesado y alacenas almacenaje

célula 4.90 5.50

11.88 x 4.90 m

58.14 m²

11.88 12.50

baño lavadero / tendedero almacenamiento

núcleo húmedo cocina armario para mesado y alacenas almacenaje

baño lavadero / tendedero almacenamiento

58.14 m² 2.15 m²



5.09 m² 3.29 m² 2.13 m²

58.14 m² 2.13 m² 5.05 m² 3.35 m² 1.89 m²

18 +4.00


28.47 +12.45 24.47 +8.45

planta esqueleto * superficie definida por la suma de viviendas que se intalen comunicacion vertical: escalera comunicación vertical: escalera + montacargas

20.04 m² 41.75 m²

construction process . bottle rack

three-dimensional unit . prefabrication

long section. the cell

long section. the shed

facade double structure a new line of pillars is disposed in east south and west faces parallel to the original concrete one. new metallic structure contrasts with the existent one and allows a cleaner building process.

projecting rooms in the north face is not possible to ocuppy the street with new structural elements like pillars, so the new projecting hotel rooms and classrooms are sustained by a metallic structure, connected to the original concrete one, wich works cantilevered.

new holes to install technical building systems are opened too, to adapt the building to its new uses. Pilar HA 30X30

patinillo instalaciones

Pilar HA 30X30

Pilar HA 30X30

Pilar HEB 300

Pilar HEB 300

patinillo instalaciones 2x Viga UPN 300 2x Viga UPN 300

Viga HA 30x30

Viga UPN 300

Viga HEB 300

Viga UPN 300 Viga HA 30x30

patinillo instalaciones

Viga UPN 300

Viga HA 30x30

Viga UPN 300

Viga UPN 300

Viga HA 30x30

Viga UPN 300

Viga UPN 300 Viga UPN 300 Viga HA 30x30

relation space in facade taking advantage of glass surfaces opened in south elevation to illuminate central corridors, this spaces are deisigned also to work as exterior and semi-exterior common areas. instead of a single place where people can relax or spend time with others, different spots are disposed along the facade for this uses. clients from different services of the complex can share space and time toghether, enjoying the views towards the river and the village.

structural project in order to evolve from its current state as a big unitary block, the new structural system represents the explosion of the volume. as new spaces can grow beyond the current structure, the central space inside the building can become a more representative space given the hotel use.

natural lighting glass surfaces are opened in the south facade to iluminate central spaces and corridors





learning center

hotel - rooms





specialized store

hotel - reception

scuba diving pool

+8.83 m


type 3 bedroom

type 4 bedroom

type B studio

Dentro del programa hotelero la variedad de oferta que se pretende se manifiesta mediante la composición del mismo por una agrupación de células independientes. la multiplicidad de respuestas aparece en la posibilidad de combinaciones de éstas, en función de la demanda de los clientes, dando así una respuesta personalizada e individual.

north elevation bedrooms

south elevation bedrooms

Existirán células dormitorio, que resolverán varios casos, como la elección de una o dos camas, y distintos grados de independencia de las partes de la habitación. Células de servicio, serán las unidades que pueden funcionar solas como estudio, con un sofá cama, cocina, aseo y ducha común; o en combinación con otras células dormitorio, combirtiendose ésta en una habitación para supletoria, cocina, salón o estar entre dos dormitorios.

type 1 bedroom

type 2 bedroom

type A studio



+7.93 m

+7.03 m


car park

+5.23 m



+6.13 m

+7.03 m

climbing wall

car park

+5.23 m

exterior intervention an elevanted group of platforms create the access to the indoor parking creating along the ramp which connects quith the street another parking spots outside. above these structures another two platforms hide the parking ones from the park, and work as exterior solarium where hotel guests or foreigners can bunbathe or have a bath in the pools.

flooded basement




D1 ES04 CU02 CU03 CU04 CU05 CU04



AC16 AC12 ES05 AC14 CP04 CP02 CP03


CP01 AC06 AC05








CP02 CP04





AC05 AC06

AC05 AC04

AC04 AC07











07. Secular Chapel Arquia contest, 2016

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Cristina Sarandeses

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