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Some months ago, someone I admired and held dear passed away. He had incredible energy, which he embedded in into all his projects, while following his ideals. His passing made me think‌ was I doing what I really wanted to do? Was I happy? I forgot‌ my name is Cristina.

Some organization is needed..

This wasn’t really helpful..

1. What can I do 2. Tools 3. Where will I be

4. What will I be making 5. Who will I be working with 6. The aim

I will travel the world with my glasses while drawing on my computer. I will work in different cities where I will ride bikes and read maps. I will think of math problems, and leaf through books. I will mix architecture with art publishing while creating books and new maps of the places I have explored. I will be happy. And I will have a cat.

* More or less, I can skip cats for now..

** Sara is from Spain but she has been living in Berlin for the past 6 years. We used to work together while I was in Berlin two years ago. We are very good friends.

* Lola, one of my best friends.

Let’s look at the situation rationally:

* Tatiana. We have been best friends since we were 13.

In Barcelona there are big streets cutting the city from one side to the other. In between the streets the blocks are very regular with the exception of the old city, where you can easely get lost.

* Giada. Best friends since we were 9.

One of the speakers at the conference.

It is beautiful to ride the bike in Firenze at night.

I can start with small things on the side, while continue my current job..

.. I can cultivate them..

.. grow them..

.. until they become my current job.

.. Maybe they won’t be my “dream-job” but they will bring me closer to it!

I like cities. I like visiting them, studing them and dealing with them.

I like to do projects for public spaces in cities. But I don’t need to move.

The internet will allow me to work from wherever I am.

I will send emails to people around the world and collaborate on new places.

And sometimes I will travel to join them on the project.

I like maths and codes..

.. and art. I discover programs that, through math, allows you to do art.

I will get better at those programs and play with them.

I like to draw and I will always do it.

I will draw maps of places I know..

.. and of places I don’t know, discovering them while riding my bike.

I love books and I will always buy and read them. Maybe one day I will write my own..

.. and I will be very happy.

And I will have a cat.

no paranoia  
no paranoia  

let's try to do what we like