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P.O.R.T.F.O.L.I.O Cristina Mazilu

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University of Oklahoma ‘13 Oklahoma, USA College of Architecture Major: Interior Design Minor: Architecture

AutoCad Architecture 2010/2012 Autocad 3DS Max 2010 Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Office Suite FF&E Specifications Hand Drafting hand Rendering

Student Competitons:

-Davis United World College Scholar (full scholarship) -University of Oklahoma UWC Non-Resident Waiver Scholarship

SRL “Crinela” Elite Furniture Dealership Intern June 2012-July 2012 Lyceum “Dante Alighieri” Intern July-August 2008/2009/2010 AVD “Trigor” Advertiser June 2007-August 2007

-Interior Design Education Council (IDEC) -IWF Design Emphasis (furniture competition) -Interior Design Education Council (IDEC) -Sooner One Card Student Design Competion

participated participated participated second place winner

Romanian-mother tongue Russian- mother tongue English-fluent Italian-fluent

Interior Design Student Association Publicity Chair August 2012-May 2013 Member August 2011-May 2012 European Student Association President January 2013-May 2013 Secretary August 2012-Dec 2012 The United World Vice President August 2012-May 2013 Member August 2010-2012 Arab Student Association Public Relations August 2012-May 2013 Union Programmikng Board Member August 2011- May 2012

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Madison on Main Cupcake & Coffee Shop

Essential Chic Casual Cafe

Chi Designs Couture Design House

High Heels History Museum

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Daisy Accent Table

M.O.T. Lap Table

Lil’ Steve Kid’s Chair

Hainan Cancer rehabilitation Center


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Design Work

First Level Floor Plan


High Heels History Museum Country: Italy

Name: Heel My Soul With High Heels Building Type: History Museum Location: Milan, Italy Project Type: Individual Year: Spring 2011

City: Milan

“Heel my soul with high-heels� is a high-heel history museum located in Milan, Italy. The three story building will facilitate enough space for the art gallery itself, office spaces, and a vast open area on the top floor that could be used for a variety of events and ceremonies. The shape of the museum is based upon a mixture of circular shapes and forms. A circle, within its own meaning, symbolizes eternity, and this museum represents this, in an original manner. The material selection is centered upon natural elements such as: wood, stone, and glass. The building is open, functional and easy to maneuver in. Through its multifunctional side, the museum will not only serve as a building that holds place to historical valued pieces of art, but also a fun, and artistic location to enjoy the time being.

City: Milan

Building Model


Second Level Floor Plan


Third Level Floor Plan


Runway Perspective


Chi Designs Country: China

Influence: Feng Shui

Chi Designs Logo

Name: Chi Designs Building Type: Couture Design House Location: China Project Type: Group project Style: Traditional/Contemporary Year: Fall 2010

Chi Designs is a fashion house located in China. The main scope of the project was to build a structure that will facilitate enough open space, and areas for a variety of uses. The focal point of the construction is a runway, located on the ground level of the building that will be used for different shows, and ceremonies. One of the main requirements of the client was to base our space planning upon the theory of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a method that guarantees exceptional comfort ,and prosperity though the right space planning. Due to the use of Feng Shui, the main material selection has been made natural. The main material is wood, which is placed practically within the whole building. To create a contrast with the natural presence of wood, the color selection of fabrics has been chosen to be: red, which represents love, fire, and passion; white, which is a symbol of purity, and innocence, and brown which is thought to bring toughness, strong character, and trust. Overall, the space ended up being very open, vast, interesting in its own way.


First Level Floor Plan

Second Level Floor Plan


Building Model


Floor Plan



Essential Chic Country: Greece

City: Rhodos

Name: Essential Chic Building Type: Casual Cafe Location: Rhodos, Greece Project Type: Individual Style: Modern

“Essential Chic” is a café-terrace located in Rhodos, Greece. The material selection represents a uniform mix of hard, and soft elements. The hard materials are represented by wood ,and stone, whereas the soft ones are depicted by leather, and fabrics. The main color selection is based upon the natural range of colors. The main shape of the café is a circle that is centered by a bar area. The bar, though its indistinctive placement, is the focal point of the location. All of the tables are placed next to the windows which will facilitate the clients with more privacy, and an easier access to daylight. The total capacity of the location is of forty people that gives it a feeling of comfort and home coziness for the clients.



East Elevation

West Elevation

Indoor Water Fall

Bar Chairs

Bar Materials

Bar Wood Flooring Bar Material Inner Bar Material

South Elevation


Main Area Materials and Furniture

Main Area Wood Flooring Dining Chair-custom made to the right height Dining Table-custom made to the right height

Interior Perspective

Outdoor Patio Materials

Window Wall Glass Seating Fabric Stone Flooring

Outdoor Patio Perspective


Main Area Perspective


Madison On Main Country: United States of America

State: Oklahoma

City: Norman

Name: Madison on Main Building Type: Cupcake and Coffee Shop Location: Main Street, Norman, OK Project Type: Group project Style: Urban Chic

Main Charachteristics: - family friendly cupcake and coffee shop - casual cafe Material and Furniture Selections: - smoky colors such as black and dark grey provide the feeling of elegancy - rough brick wall and bamboo flooring, create the casual feeling of the shop - fabric selection: grey, patterned commercial grade fabric & smooth black leather

Location: Main Street

Artwork Provided: - big, framed pictures of colorful cupcakes Concept Words: - classy - sophisticated yet simple - urban Feel - comfortable - unique

Logo: Madison On Main


Floor Plan Bar Area Perspective

Wall Surface: Red Brick

Surface Wallpaper

Bamboo Flooring

Bar Pendant Lights


Lounge Area Perspective Furniture Selection -Lounge Area Seating -Seating’s Fabric Covering -Lounge Area Coffee Table

Furniture Selection

-Lounge Area Armchair -Main Area Chair -Main Area Chandelier

Main Area Perspective


Building Model- drawing provided by the architecture student from Texas A&M University and Southeast University


Hainan Cancer Rehabilitation Center Name: Hainan Building Type: Cancer Rehabilitation Center Location: Puyang, China Project Type: Group Year: Fall 2012

Hainan Cancer Rehabilitation Center is a center located on the coast of China in Puyang. The concept of this project was to facilitate, and create a space for patients that are diagnosed with cancer. Our group’s goal was to make the environment as comfortable, clean, and inviting as the patient’s own home. The rehabilitation center will provide the most advanced technology to ensure the patient’s recovery. Inside the facility, patients will be greeted with a warm and cozy atmosphere that is family friendly.

Concept Words: - comfortable - home coziness - high efficient - captive - casual

Logo Design


First Level Floor Plan 26

Patient Level Floor Plan 27

Lounge Area Perspective

Cafeteria Perspective

Bistro Perspective

First Level Material Board


Nurse Station Perspective

Patient Room Perspective

Mini-Gym Perspective

Patient Level Material Board


Furniture Design




Lil’Steve Lil’Steve is the final outcome of a creativity competition. At the beginning of the competition we were given a regular IKEA chair and were asked to transform it in the most creative way possible. Our group’s design represents a kindergarden kid’s chair. Its color and pattern use has chosen to be very natural, simple, and organic. The main colors is brown, and the upholestered seat has been covered by hand-sewed pieced of brown leather. Its size, ease of use and comfort can easily become a kid’s favorite piece of furniture.



M.O.T. Lap Table M.O.T is a lap table/tray that incorporates a modern, and organic design in its appearance. The concept was to create a piece of furniture that would be based on a certain design periord. Table’s appearance has an emphasis on modern architecture incorporated with some organic elements. On the top, the shape of a leaf is represented through the use of shimmering beads and earth tone tiles. Both leaf carvings are supposed to represent the difference of modern and organic elements.



Daisy Accent Table

Daisy is a coffee table with an elaborate shape, and a unique design of a flower. Its shape has been formed by a sequence of organic lines, and a flower pattern. Through the repetition of a teardrop element, the base gets the shape of a stem; meanwhile the top of the coffee table reminds us of the shape of a flower through its center point, and the petals. As a whole, the coffee table is used as an accent piece of furniture that would add to the sophistication of any place.


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